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Movie Editors

Posted: Mon, 3rd Mar 2003, 7:57pm

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Ok im wondering what editor did they use for "The Mummy"? Also what r some good 3d applications to buy a roung $600. Im thinking about cinema 4d. Im just wondering is there any mummy meshes for cinema 4d or any other editor?
Posted: Mon, 3rd Mar 2003, 9:32pm

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lord of the rings used AVID

most use Avid.
Posted: Mon, 3rd Mar 2003, 9:48pm

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yoyoyoyo b4 i havnt talked to u in a while.
Posted: Tue, 4th Mar 2003, 7:28am

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I been really busy with hard drive problems, braodband problems and making the new stargate film.

Hope your well