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throwing blades

Posted: Thu, 6th Mar 2003, 8:33pm

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I see that some more blades were submitted. The only issue is, if they were to be spinning, you'd need a motion blur.

From now on, you guys need to add motion blurred variations to the objects like throwing blades, and keep in mind that you can't just use a picture of a blade for a plug-in. It needs to be rendered as if it is flying through the air. You can still have non-blurred objects for when they get stuck in someone. razz
Posted: Thu, 6th Mar 2003, 10:10pm

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The New Guy

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Thanks for the tip I'll keep that in mind. smile
Posted: Fri, 7th Mar 2003, 7:30am

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Thinking out loud...... If you were to place one of these blades in and tween across the screen as if thrown wouldnt it create its own motion anyway? ie) The blade spinning as it moves will blurr as it goes?

Maybe I should test it tonight myself.
Posted: Fri, 7th Mar 2003, 4:59pm

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alamdv doesn't work that way. the blade will look out of place, as it will be perfectly clear. alamdv doesn't add motion blur like 3d animation programs can.

tweening across frames won't give motion blur