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Posted: Fri, 7th Mar 2003, 2:47pm

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i just downloaded blender 3d
and now i need help on how to use it rolleyes
looks pretey complacated,
any help to get started?
Posted: Fri, 7th Mar 2003, 3:33pm

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take the blender learning path. Go to
Posted: Fri, 7th Mar 2003, 3:39pm

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Well, here is a Blender forum-
but more than likely people are just going to tell you to read the manual first. I mean, your request is pretty vauge and it sounds like you should spend some time at least trying to learn some of the basics before you go and ask for help. People are more willing to give you a hand if you have tried doing some things on your own and just need some guidance. It's just some forum courtesy.
Posted: Fri, 7th Mar 2003, 3:56pm

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Bob Page

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the first tutorial you should check :