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What is your prefered DV codec for export?

Posted: Sat, 8th Mar 2003, 3:22am

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I am just curious as to what is the prefered DV codec for export. I've been using the Matrox codec but haven't been completely satisfied with the results..
Posted: Sat, 8th Mar 2003, 4:30am

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I'm using the Pinnacle DV2 codec, which works pretty well. When in doubt, go 'uncompressed'! biggrin
Posted: Sun, 9th Mar 2003, 2:42am

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Bob Page

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The only lossless YUV codec I know of is the AVID codec... and its OS9 only.

And it has no comprsession...

Moving right along we have component video, this a 422 codec which means there is significant (50%) loss on the chroma, again no compression. This is not a good codec to use if you want to scale later... its okay if you don't plan to scale after encoding into it.

Moving right a long we come to the high quality YUV codecs

DV and MJPEG and PhotoJPEG, they all have significant loss as they are essentially the same as JPEG compression.

JPEG compression does introduce artifacts which cause loss of efficiency.

Moving along we come to the RGB codecs...

PNG, None and Animation.

Animation is my favourite as it is truly lossless (except for the fact that you lose going to RGB, but all the tools go to rgb anyway at this point)

BUT Animation is big.

PNG and None should be just as lossless as animation, but won't have the compression.

None of these codecs are very fast (i was never impressed by them)

MJPEG/PJPEG and DV are going to be the fastest...

Its possible that one day the best intermediary format will be 3ivx D4... but not today.

Sorry, but if you're encoding RGB (ie mm2d outputs RGB) then the best codec is animation. If you're encoding YUV (like perhaps... finalcutpro outputs) then the best codec is AVID 444.

There are no satisfactory YUV codecs (lossless, with compression)

Sooo, your best option for serious compression with minimal loss is probbaly MJPEG at 100%, but realise, there will be loss.
Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 8:01pm

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It really depends on what format you deliver to for choosing your export method.

Bob made some good points.

I only use Quicktime codecs, so I can't offer info on codecs outside of QT's capabilities...I use a form of M-jPEG that is hardware dependent for capturing and distribution most of the time, otherwise it's DV or MPEG-4.

Some codecs are unsuited for some types of media: a DV camcorder can only record in in that case the decision is made for you already.

cds can't play full frame video so you have to choose an optimized codec for that distro method.

As said Bob before, for truly losless compression use Animation @ 100%.

DV is a really good choice because it uses less disk space.

Your choice depends on how you acquire video and how you intend to distribute it.