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Not my first, but my first on the site.

What should be the title of my film?

Mr. Abernathy's Big Mistake47%[ 7 ]
"Where's my wife?"27%[ 4 ]
Killin' Time7%[ 1 ]
Shopping Trip20%[ 3 ]

Total Votes : 15

Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 12:57am

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Before the end of April I will be posting a film on the site. It's not my first film, in fact it's far from it, but it IS the first that I have ever put online. I hope that it will be popular. It is an action comedy about a guy whose wife goes missing and he goes on a rampage trying to find her. Basically, it's a stupid rehashing of every other action movie plot line, but hey! it works. Now.. I need a title. Vote, yeah?
Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 1:04am

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Mr. Abernathy just because of the title, it sounds neato. I hope you get it done ASAP. If you need any help, ask me and I'm sure I'll give it.
Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 1:49am

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I like "Shopping Trip" this sets up a mundane setting, where unexpected things will happen. Plus that has a comic kind of sound to it.
Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 2:01am

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Shopping Trip reminds me of a name for a movie that Steven Segale (forgive the spelling, I know you don't care anyway) would be in. Think: Half Past Dead, Fire Down Below, Under Siege. Tell me something of the plot by just reading the titles. You can't. I think Where's my wife would have been a better choice now.
Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 8:32am

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How about

Dude! Wheres my Wife? razz
Posted: Thu, 13th Mar 2003, 7:05pm

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malone's got the money shot in the izzo to the down beat ya'll flap jacked and nine 5 of two pennies!


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