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Better subject lines for posts

Posted: Sat, 15th Mar 2003, 8:09pm

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If people would stop putting the subject title as "help" it would help the people that you want to help you. It is driving me crazy tard crazy
As it says in the AlamDV Support & FAQ's Fourm: "Also give posts accurate titles to aid other users searching for help with the same problem."
Posted: Sun, 16th Mar 2003, 4:54am

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Agreed! biggrin
Posted: Thu, 27th Mar 2003, 5:19am

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I don't especially like it either. Most of the time we mods correct subjects that are dodgey...

of course somtimes we just delete them twisted
Posted: Thu, 27th Mar 2003, 8:44am

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Yeah, its becoming a bit of a problem. Im considering putting a warning next to the subject box for when the new site goes up.

The other thing that irritates me is when people use the subject as the first line of their post. So you get topics which read "I was walking down the street one day..." and the message starts "...and I got attacked by big wibbly purple aliens". So from the subject you have no idea what the post is about.

Maybe I should rename it from "subject" to "summary" or something
Posted: Thu, 27th Mar 2003, 11:21am

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"Summary" - good idea!

Also, I think we ought to know more about these big wibbly purple aliens smile

Posted: Wed, 2nd Apr 2003, 5:49pm

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Yeah i agree dude they should not say "help" they should say more of what they need help with so it would help you guys out! So people who keep doing this dont be so lazy and write a better description than just help!!!!