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decent blood

Posted: Sat, 15th Mar 2003, 8:25pm

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peter huish

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what i need is a decent realistic blood plugin, no of the blood effects are very realistic, so please help me
Posted: Sun, 16th Mar 2003, 3:34am

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You have now noticed the problem with digital blood effects.

To get a decent blood effect, what you have to do is film it using fake blood. It is relatively cheap and easy to get, or you can make it yourself fairly easily as well. For a blood effect to look real, to 'sell' the effect to the audience, it has to interact with the person (or animal) it is coming out of. Blood runs. There is not really any way of creating that effect digitally so that it will decently match your actor in the scene. So try practical blood, in most cases it is not that hard, and it will look much, much better.
Posted: Sun, 16th Mar 2003, 5:26am

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check this site
it might help you