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ive create a decent blood plugin

Posted: Tue, 18th Mar 2003, 10:06pm

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peter huish

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after finally creating a working plugin i came up with these blood plugins. 1:when someone gets shot a bullet hole appears and blood runs down the clothing or whatever. the blood doesn't come out bright red either, it comes out blood colour. if any of you have played soldier of fortune 2 i used the blood colour from that. 2: blood splatter, blood runs down walls or stays there. nice dark blood same as before. post some replys and tell me if you like the sound of them. there not up yet, due to my zip compresser mucking up
Posted: Wed, 19th Mar 2003, 12:27am

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Hey that sounds great to me. I am in the process of making a movie and I need a good blood plugin for some shots. The colors of the ones I have now are too bright and your plugins sound like they would be perfect replacements. Please put them out soon.
Posted: Wed, 19th Mar 2003, 8:45am

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Cant wait to see them. Blood plugins have been debated for a long long time. Half the battle is using them correctly, but if your versions make it easier to do that then we will be very impressed.

Prehaps you could post some example shots of where you've used them.
Posted: Fri, 21st Mar 2003, 3:18am

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*Crosses fingers*
Posted: Wed, 30th Jul 2003, 1:10pm

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hey, i think i have a couple of good ones being reviewed. well, not good, but a fairly dark color.
Posted: Fri, 1st Aug 2003, 1:42pm

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arch evil

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Blood is nice!
Evil Dead II blood is nicer!

Love to see some more blood plugins, some people have posted decent ones, but the more the merrier, isn't that what they say?