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Rotoscoping sabers never felt so good...

Posted: Thu, 20th Mar 2003, 1:19am

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OK- I know this might be old news to some of you, but I have recently rediscovered the joys of rotoscoping sabers in AlamDV2 using the Alam1 interface. I know- I just used "rotoscoping" and "joy" in the same sentence, but I had been trying to roto sabers in After effects for a while and found the process to be literally 4 times longer and much harder.

I basically rotoscoped using the Alam1 LS Straight Soft blade and I probably did 90 frames in less than 15 minutes. I exported that sucker as a quicktime animation on black background and brought it into After Effects and screened in on my footage. I duplicated the layer a couple times and applied different values of gaussian blur, then applied a Color Channel effect to give it a custom glow, and WOW- Alam even applies a slight rounding to the saber corners which is cool. I can give the saber core a slight blur in After Effects and it smooths out the jaggies nicely.

Thank you guys for making such a great program. Why isn't every effects package this easy?

Posted: Thu, 20th Mar 2003, 8:35am

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I like doing sabers in Photoshop personally. It produces beautiful results
Posted: Thu, 20th Mar 2003, 5:53pm

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I found that Ryan W.s technique makes FAR better sabers than alamdv makes. I gave up on alams sabers when it would create new frames and my video would be completely out of sync with the sabers. So now I do my sabers in AE and they look spectacular. I like doing as much as I can in one program. I still think Alamdv is an incredible source for explosions and other effects. Anyways I'm glad your happy but dont get pissed when your sabers get out of sync in AE.
Posted: Thu, 20th Mar 2003, 8:05pm

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Strange, I didn't experience any additional frame issues- and I'm actually doing a combo of Alam and Ryan's method, so I kinda feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds. The ease of rotoscoping using Alam and the control that after effects gives for the glow, color, etc.