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Request: Castles

Posted: Fri, 21st Mar 2003, 3:21am

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Well, after I saw the stone tower, I got this idea: castle plugins. Ya know, the classic, gothic, dark stone castles of the days of old. Any thoughts? Anyone able to make some?
Posted: Fri, 21st Mar 2003, 6:09am

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It's possible. It would be much more complicated than the stone tower, but it seems feasible. Don't expect to see one from me any time soon, though, 'cause I just don't have the time. sad Maybe someday. smile
Posted: Fri, 21st Mar 2003, 7:08am

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I'm sure i could do a few after 1st april, good idea.

i'll add it to my todo list.
Posted: Fri, 21st Mar 2003, 11:43am

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It's only a model... biggrin ahem.
Posted: Fri, 21st Mar 2003, 6:03pm

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I did a castle establishing shot last week using a still photograph to which I added a water effect to the lake and a few birds flying by. It turned out pretty convincing. Perhaps a lake plug-in with a feathered horizon would be helpful.