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Realsitic saber plug-in download help

Posted: Wed, 26th Mar 2003, 8:18pm

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I am having trouble downloading the "Realistic Prequel Saber" plugin
can anyone send it to me or give me an alternate link?
Posted: Wed, 26th Mar 2003, 8:25pm

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it works for me..
Posted: Fri, 28th Mar 2003, 1:13am

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works fine for me too..right click on the guy aboves link and click "save target as..." if left clicking it doesn't work... works for me sometimes.
Posted: Sat, 26th Apr 2003, 10:10pm

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Why not visit my web site, I have the sfx for all AlamDV users to download.

by the way, it is still under construction. I will notify you when it is finished. Please tell other users if they want l saber sfx visit: