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Welcome To Your Brain

Posted: Sun, 13th Apr 2003, 10:18am

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Jealous Flesh

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So I am in grad school when I get LEGACY OF THE SPELLMASTER finished last October, right? And to show it off I work selected scenes from Legacy into a presentation I had to give, using the two characters to demonstrate our prejudices about what we think is good and evil (not that Legacy made it that hard to figure out who was who, but it did get my audiences attention).

That led to me showing the whole movie to one of my professors, the chairman of the whole Education Department. He says it was in his mind all over Xmas break, and when I see him in January he says, "I want you to make a documentary for me, and it will count for credit."
And I say, "How much creative control do I get?"
"All of it," he says. And I grin an evil grin.

I am in grad school for Education, so I can be a world famous small college town university professor someday. My Professor had written this article for publication about the perfect educational system, his Theory of Everything. About how why sitting students in nice neat rows of desks is stifling to their creativity and is the absolute wrong thing to do. He wanted me to turn his paper into a video.
With FX
With movie clips
With bluescreening

And this is, like, a class.

So what you have here is a tour of the human brain, metaphorically speaking (Any relation to a 3D Simpsons episode is completely intentional). I spend 10 minutes pointing out what pieces we use for thinking, for learning, and what parts of our brain help us and what parts attempt to hurt us or slow us down, parts of the brain with other agendas (no one ever said learning was easy).

Now this is Part II of my total documentary. Part I was me walking thru regular classrooms pointing out what the teachers were doing wrong. The WHAT of the problem (and no FX whatsoever). Part II here is the WHY of the problem, why do teachers fall so easily into the old stereotypes of totalitarian classroom management.
Part III (when I am done) will be the SOLUTION to the problem, and may have a substantial number of FX in it as well.

So you have the middle story here. You didnt see the beginning and cant see the end, but I made all the Parts of the documentary to be self contained. This part makes complete sense all by itself as a tour of the brain. But if it helps, the last thing I said in Part I before it ended was.......

"If someone could tell us what the real problem really is, then that would be just swell." (Cue Part II)

Now as for the entity you may recognize at the end....
I hope the quote at the end gives you an idea how Part III is going to start out. After this is online, I will post a more detailed explaination about what the end means. A certain somebody is attempting to avoid stereotyping by playing the role of one of the parts of the brain. An often ignored part. He has a big role in Part III, which I may upload eventually as well.

Now this movie, Part II of it, comes in two parts. Get part 1 of Part II and then part 2 of Part II. Easy right? This doenst have the white knuckle action of LEGACY, but offers some brain food (literally) instead. Hope you find it a pleasant surprise and change of pace from all the severed limbs floating around here.

More Info
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 1:27am

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man you don't know how hard that is to vote on tard havn't seen anything like it before on this site eek . give me a little bit I will come up with a vote wink
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 1:50am

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I'm not going to give it a vote because I'm not really sure what to do. It's really int. .. . oh i got it.

+3 for interesting.
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 4:23am

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Jealous Flesh

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Not the usual thing is it? When in doubt, vote on how well the bluescreening is.

At least do me a favor and counter that fruit loop who gave me zero stars. What does he want in a movie anyway, the same predictable schlock? He'll probably have a heart attack when he sees Part III.
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 7:35am

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I found this to be a thought-provoking piece that accords largely with my own views on education. I particularly appreciate Jealous Flesh's argument for a holistic approach to nuturing intelligence, and am myself, a victim of the stifling of creativity he speaks so vehemently of biggrin

That said, I too am lost as to how to vote lol The content was great, but unfortunately I found the audio slightly too ambient (a condition perhaps worsened by compression?) and the bluescreening rather rough. A bit more matte feathering would probably have improved the quality somewhat.

Heck, I think it still deserves a 5, for daring to tread where no other AlamDV film has ever trod before lol
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 2:19pm

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I'd have to agree with moebius on the sound and bluescreening. Since I'm more of a sound guy, I'll tell you my thoughts.

A lot of the sounds started to fight for the limelight, e.g. the good doctor (!) is talking and then a brain function is revealed and starts to make it hard to hear the good doctor. To combat this effect, use EQ to remove a small amount of the most common speech frequencies from the other sound, i.e. 1KHz and 3KHz.

I also thought he sounded too 'thin' and very reverb'd. Remember, reverb pushes sound back from the speakers, rather than forward. Use a small amount and balance your "wet and dry" mix to the right effect.

Apart from that, I found this real cool! Very interesting.

Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 5:29pm

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I would have given it a high 3 or 4 on the blue screen work but, I gave it a 5 because of that guy that gave it a 0. He should be slapped. Nothing unless someone put NO work into it should get a 0.
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 5:35pm

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Jealous Flesh wrote:

the fruit loop who gave me zero stars
I know why he gave you 0 stars. He has no brain so, he got affended because you were talkng about people that had one. smile
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 5:37pm

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interesting topic for a film in alamdv..The bluescreen was well done..and like everyone else says difficult to vote on crazy

I didn,t learn any of this ay school as i wasn,t bothered at the cheers for the lesson...
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 6:57pm

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Once again Jealous Flesh has pushed the envelope just a little bit wider. I think it is refreshing to see something completely different on this website. I mean after all, the purpose of this is to show how versatile the software is right? I mean come on, how many movies do we have to see of somebody having a lightsaber fight? The dingleberry that gave this a zero must be of little imagination or maybe he actually didn't know what he was doing because he rides the short bus everyday.

Either way, I voted a 5 to offset the 0. It probably deserves closer to a 4, for sound issues that someone coherently pointed out earlier. But still, one step at a time. The blue screen looks great and the movie was actually interesting subject matter. Let's not forget, he did this for a class.

Keep pushing that bubble Flesh!
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 8:55pm

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Even though everyone seems blown away by the bluescreening, I'd have to disagree.

It appears that you forgot to set the white balance of your camera, giving you a grayish looking bluescreen. We did that with our movies, way back when we first started. Also, it appears that you were filming a little underexposed for propper keying. Crank up the iris size, but try to keep the shutter speed as high as possible to avoid motion blur. It should almost appear too bright on the camera.

Also, I think that a few effects were repeated too much. You know, maybe a shadow would have made the ground seem much more solid as well.

Anyways, those things are complicated, and take a lot of time. You seemed to know what you were doing for the rest of it, such as editing, alamdv effects, and audio, which I thought was fine.
Posted: Mon, 14th Apr 2003, 9:19pm

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Jealous Flesh

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I wrought myself trying to kill the shadow, yet you can still see it on the close ups of the feet. Maybe in hindsight it looks cool. Except it opens up a whole new problem of which planet is the one that is causing the shadow, and should I have one shadow for every planet? Not to mention the Pillar of Consciousness, which I suppose was bright.

In trying to get the light just right, notice the Daimon entity when he first appears, and opens up his hand...

I am a perfectionist trapped in a realists body.

I was fighting my software from time to time. If ever the music was too loud, it was STILL on its lowest setting, whereas my voice track was on its highest. And when I add the reverb I get feedback. crazy

This movie business is hard stuff.

Well Part III is movie making back where it should be... In my living room. The original set for War of the Spellmasters is going to be the site of the Daimon of my brain.

Daimon = Muse = Inspiration. The brainstorming part of your brain that screams at you over and over::: "CREATE!"
Part III I will make the metaphorical scream a little physical.
Posted: Tue, 15th Apr 2003, 10:12pm

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ill show u the outside world one day lol im jk wiked effects
Posted: Wed, 16th Apr 2003, 10:23pm

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Wow, JF! Again I find myself intrigued by your use of FX. Who would have ever thought that ALAMdv plugins would become symbolic representations of Human Consciousness and it's physical counterparts crazy

There are parts that might need polishing (as in the blue screen work)however, that is relatively minor in my opinion. It is very cool to see your work really changing the ideas most of us have when it comes to ALAM FX cool

Interesting approach in how to visually resolve complex archetypes. Truthfully if one really thinks about it, how in the FREAK do you really attempt to describe much less show it. I dig the subject matter and I hope you decide to post the "solutions" to the inadequacies of current educational practices.
Posted: Sun, 18th May 2003, 3:27pm

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This is so cool!
Posted: Wed, 17th Mar 2004, 2:04am

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