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Is AlamDV a good Programm ?

Posted: Sun, 13th Apr 2003, 12:32pm

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Hello Guys

I have a few questions .

If I want to make a Effect with AlamDv is that really so easy ?

For example I have a Video and I want that there is Fire coming out , does it work only with the programm AlamDV or do I need another programm like After Effects ?

How old is AlamDV Version 2 ? When is the next Version coming out ?
Can I get that Version too on a CD ?

It would be very nice if you let me know if Alamdv is a good Programm for Gun Effects and if its really easy to use ?

Thank you
Posted: Sun, 13th Apr 2003, 12:38pm

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Simon K Jones

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The only other kind of program that would be helpful would be an editing program, but if you're working with video on your computer I expect you already have that. AlamDV2 is a stand-alone program, and does not need anything else to run.

AlamDV2 has been out for about a year now, and AlamDV3 will be coming out in a couple of months. If you buy AlamDV2 now, you get a free upgrade to AlamDV3. smile The program will be available from the website, not on CD.

AlamDV2 has lots of gun muzzle flashes which have been used by lots of people to great effect.

From my experience, AlamDV2 is one of the easiest programs out there, but I'll let other people on the forum tell you about their experiences with it, as you could say I'm a bit biased. smile
Posted: Sun, 13th Apr 2003, 4:58pm

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AlamDV is one of the easiest programs out there. I use both Commotion and AlamDV, and some effects, like fire and muzzle flashes, are a lot easier to do with Alam. All you have to do is download the plugin, then drop it into your movie, export it, and you're done. It's also a lot cheaper than other programs, and that's a plus. wink
Posted: Wed, 23rd Apr 2003, 10:19am

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Trust me guys, STICK WITH ALAMDV!
Posted: Wed, 23rd Apr 2003, 9:38pm

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is alamdv a good program?
No it isn't that's why we have all bought it.
Posted: Sat, 14th Jun 2003, 9:37am

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AlamDV is simply the easiest to use FX software available. Can't wait for Alam3 (especially as it's for OSX) smile biggrin
Posted: Wed, 25th Jun 2003, 1:24am

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"Is AlamDV a good program" Well yeah ofcourse you can't get much better than this. Affordable, Easy to Use and reliable. Having a copy of it enables you to be a gold user in their online cinema and community as well. It also won't be long until AlamDV3 comes out and if you already have AlamDV2 you can save some bucks biggrin ....goto the button up top that says "Online Shop" and BUY IT TODAY! biggrin