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Do you have any use for a glass-breaking plug-in?

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Posted: Tue, 15th Apr 2003, 5:17am

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First off, I can't spell, so live with me, ok? Thanks. Next, I'm not sure if this is available at all yet, but I can think of hundreds of uses for a glass-breaking effect. Do you agree? I mean, multiple angles, breaking in, breaking out, from the side, front, all that could be amazingly useful. Only problem is where the pieces go. Perhaps a large quad is necessary? I really don't know, but I'd really appreciate some answers. Thanks again.
Posted: Tue, 15th Apr 2003, 6:40am

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The only one remotely close to that that I can think of is the one where there's the bullet hole made in the glass. A good plugin, but not what you're looking for I don't think.
Posted: Tue, 15th Apr 2003, 6:58am

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There is an fantastic BulletHit on glas made by Axeman. Look at it Here

Look how he has made.
Posted: Tue, 15th Apr 2003, 8:08pm

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solther made alot of glass breaking plug-ins