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Jedi Halo Effect

Posted: Fri, 25th Apr 2003, 10:54pm

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Hey-I'm looking for a good way to create the Jedi "One with the force" blue halo look. I don't think there's a plugin...but if there's something that would work, or if someone could make one, please let me know.
Posted: Sat, 26th Apr 2003, 12:21am

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Do you have After Effects? If you do, then you can do it pretty easily, but it will require you to shoot it on a blue/greenscreen. Key the footage, then color adjust it to turn it blue- lower the opacity, then apply the glow plugin and keyframe the glow amount to make it shimmer. Anyways, that should get you in the ballpark. Tweak to taste.
Posted: Sat, 26th Apr 2003, 10:27am

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He can do it just as easily with photoshop. (do you have that?)