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Is it worth it?

Posted: Sun, 27th Apr 2003, 3:09am

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i have been looking at this website for a while and never could afford the product, i downloaded the demo and used it for a while. now i have a few questions. For those who have bought it, is it worth it? how does the lightsaber system work? is it hard to use? my favorite alamdv movie is spellcaster and would i be able to do thase effects?
Posted: Sun, 27th Apr 2003, 3:12am

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It is very worth it. I started in a similar position as you seem to be. The lightsaber system is the same as the rest of it, and it's easy to use. I actually first looked at spellmaster as well. Yes, you can do some of the effects from that pretty well without too many problems. It is certainly worth it if you will want to make movies.
Posted: Sun, 27th Apr 2003, 5:44am

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Garrett Lofgren

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You won't be disappointed with it, I guarentee it.
Posted: Sun, 27th Apr 2003, 8:56am

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I think you can tell a lot about this program by looking at the days that people joined, most of the people that joined when alamdv was created are still here !!!

Another good reason to buy is you will get Alamdv3 FREE ( when it's out )
Posted: Sun, 27th Apr 2003, 11:27am

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This is the best purchase for the movie I've ever made software wise. I've only been using Alam for 2 weeks but have already pulled off some cool stuff on my movie with it, namely very realistic gun flashes.

The lightsaber stuff works pretty much like Macromedia's flash as does the overlay animation aspectr of Alam in general. I.g. You place the effect in frame 1 where it should begin and then polace it in frame 10 where it should end. Alam then tweens it and tries to place it in the correct spot in frames 2-9. You then go in and make a few key frame tweaks and you're there.

The learning curve is really very small.

Posted: Sun, 27th Apr 2003, 7:06pm

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This program is awsome! The lightsabers r REALLY easy and very good quality.
Posted: Wed, 30th Apr 2003, 6:45pm

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Wait, how do you tween it?

I just went through my 18 second video and copied the effect over from the previous frame for all 200 or so frames.

How do you do this easier way?
Posted: Thu, 1st May 2003, 11:18am

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Yes ALAMDV is worth buying... so get your copy as soon as possible because you will get +200 Force points more.

hope this helps answer "is it worth it?"
Posted: Wed, 7th May 2003, 7:03pm

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Simon K Jones

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Tweening is automatic. Simply place your effect, extend it over however many frames you need, then place the start and end points. Then place additional keyframes if you need the animation to be more specific.

It's all in the manual, but the quickest way to learn the program is probably via the video tutorials, which can be found here: