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CSB sponsor major student film festival

Posted: Fri, 16th May 2003, 9:32am

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Simon K Jones

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Shorttakes Film Festival 2003

We are excited to announce our participation in the 10th annual Shorttakes Film Festival, to be held at UCLA on May 22nd. As a celebration of student filmmaking, Shorttakes was a natural choice for us to sponsor, seeing as so many of our users hail from student backgrounds.

What is Shorttakes?

Now in its tenth year, Shorttakes was begun at UCLA in 1992 to act as a showcase for the remarkable and all-too-often unseen talent that was being nurtured at the renowned university. The event was a success, also screening short films by Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton and Bryan Singer, and has gone from strength to strength each year.

This year the event has accepted entries from colleges and universities throughout southern California and promises to be a memorable occasion, with esteemed industry figures on the judges panel and strong support from local and international companies.

Admission is free, so if you're in the Los Angeles area make your way to UCLA on Thursday evening!

Check out the full details at the official Shorttakes website!
Click here to find out more about UCLA.
Community growth

Just as Shorttakes reaches its 10th anniversary, so we are also nearing an important milestone - namely, the 10,000th person to join the website.

Some of the old timers may remember a time when there were a mere handful of users in the community, back when AlamDV1 had just been released. To have come this far is a remarkable achievement - and it's great to see that a lot of the familiar faces on the forum have been with us since the beginning.

Time moves on and the release of our new G6 products draws ever closer. Once has launched and the new products are released there will be a big leap in the size of the community. The important thing will be to retain the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the forums, which shouldn't be too difficult with the help of all the regulars here. It is an exciting time and we have an even more rewarding and active community to look forward to.

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Posted: Fri, 16th May 2003, 9:48am

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To bad i live in sweden..

I'll sure hope it will be the same in as it is in alamdv's forums... You just have to love it.

Good luck. I'll be here.. forever! biggrin
Posted: Tue, 20th May 2003, 11:45am

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Would CSB Digital sponsor casting events and things like that? Since your a film-making company, why not have mini showcasing events where we can show our work in front of small audiences? Just an idea.