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How to put images in posts?

Posted: Thu, 22nd May 2003, 12:10pm

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Hey guys!

I cannot for the love of me figure out how to put pics in post. I see the Img button, I try to use it but nothing works. Also, I am trying to switch HTML on but it won't work either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Posted: Thu, 22nd May 2003, 1:25pm

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have you got webspace that you can upload a picture to, ( alamdv does not hold your picture, it only allows a link thus seeing a picture that is hosted somewhere else )
Posted: Thu, 22nd May 2003, 1:27pm

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We dont allow HTML on our forums as it tends to cause problems. You should be able to use the BBCode easily enough to add images tho. Take a look at the BBCode FAQ. Basically you want something like this

Posted: Tue, 6th Jul 2004, 8:23pm

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Just a test, if it works.