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I made a Quantum Leap Plugin, But there is ONE problem..

Posted: Tue, 10th Jun 2003, 8:40pm

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Jealous Flesh

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It is about 3 seconds long, 75 frames thereabouts. Now with this pesky tiff format, every frame is at least a Meg. Can I use Jpeg for Plugins?

I dont dare compress the images due to how I got it.. let me explain.

I found an ep of the show where Sam Beckett does not leap into a person place or thing, but into empty space, the leap matrix just disappears into infinity against a black background. Now either I make the black transparant (which my software isnt quite up to doing) or you guys can just chroma key out the black or bluescreen it or whatever.

Now this was the last episode of the show, the last leap we saw. I get the leap, reverse the footage it so it leaps OUT of space, then leaps back in. Loopable (not that you need to loop a leap, but whatever.)

Now this was the last ep as I said, from 1993. I captured the video from a video I taped in 1993.

THIS FOOTAGE IS FROM A TEN YEAR OLD TAPE. I captured it at maximum quality and it is good enuf, but It isnt perfect. Inherent imperfections of a tape with ten years to degrade will no doubt become apparent if I attempt to compress the frames in any way.

Can I use jpeg for plugins? (Sure I can find out just by trying, but that would ignore all the combined experience here.) I have only one plug in to my name, which was an easy one frame Nebula Background. Any hope here?

Want me to mail the video to someone and they withdraw the footage? (I want credit of course, and the nifty lightsber icon. Malone? Can I have a lightsaber Icon for my Nebula Background plug in? PLEASE? cool )
Posted: Tue, 10th Jun 2003, 8:48pm

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If you don't want to save your alpha channels, a JPEG is just fine!
Posted: Tue, 10th Jun 2003, 9:08pm

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Yeah, what mecha said, although jpegs will be lossy so it wont be the same quality as the original. Sounds like your tiffs are uncompressed for them to take up 100MB. There should be an option to save them with LZW compression which should greatly reduce the filesize. LZW is lossless compresion so you wont lose any quality that way.

and yeah, you should have got an icon, silly thing is on the blink again, ill try and sort that out for you
Posted: Wed, 11th Jun 2003, 2:21am

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By all means, do whatever you can to get that plugin made! I love that effect smile biggrin
Posted: Wed, 11th Jun 2003, 9:47pm

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Here here, big fan and would love to use that in somethig.

Spike cool