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Jabba the Hutt

Posted: Sat, 14th Jun 2003, 3:16pm

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Does anyone know of a Jabba the Hutt plugin? If not, could someone make one of Jabba slithering forward, from the side view. And stills from many angles.

Posted: Sat, 14th Jun 2003, 3:40pm

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hey i got a wonderful idea...

MAKE IT YOUR SELF!!!! its really not that hard. i was like you until i actually tried to do something for myself. and i found out it was extremely easy! just read the tutorials and make it for yourself because then if you upload to the site you MIGHT get force for it.
Posted: Sat, 14th Jun 2003, 4:48pm

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Here you will find a Jabba the hut modell to animate:

Good Luck! biggrin
Posted: Sat, 14th Jun 2003, 10:55pm

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I don't have 3ds max! I may try to make a Jabba plugin myself anyway, without the 3ds max model thing! If someone can make a plugin with that model that would be nice!
Posted: Sat, 14th Jun 2003, 11:02pm

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Is ti just me or is ALAM turning into a cheap sub for a 3d prog?
like isn't making an animated plug like this just the rendered vid of a 3d animation put into ALAM with loss of quality?

i always though of ALAMDV as like stuff to add to a scene not make it
lasers and trails and flashes etc....nt like cg characters

but i guess ppl can use it how they please

if osmeone made the jabbe thing moving and sent it to you on a blue backround the same thing or am i missing something?

Posted: Wed, 18th Jun 2003, 9:15pm

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Look, I can download that model and animate it and turn it into a plugin, which is fine, but as explained ... with people-type characters it is really hard making a plugin that is useful to a lot of people because the angles of the shots taken may nto suit everyone. That is why the best way to get an effect like this happening is to produce you movie, put in light sabre effects in Alam and then use your 3D software composit and add 3D effects.

IF I get time then maybe I will put the plug in together ... IF ....