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I can't login !

Posted: Wed, 25th Jun 2003, 7:40am

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With th new website, apparently you have to put your name and passw again... I lost it , so i asked for a new one, received it fine, and try to connect since yesterday. It says password or login incoreect... I CAN'T LOGIN ! what can i do ?
Posted: Wed, 25th Jun 2003, 8:04am

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I found my old password, and it is working fine... The new one didn't work at all... ! a bug ?
I am back ! razz

Posted: Wed, 25th Jun 2003, 8:11am

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Sorry, yes there was a bug. I apologise for the problems it has caused, but Ive managed to fix it now. Nice to have you back with us smile

If theres anyone else who has been sent a new password that doesnt seem to work, please give it another try. If it still doesnt work please post your username below, thanks