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whiting out eyes and better bullet hits

Posted: Wed, 25th Jun 2003, 10:27pm

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I am working on a feature length zombie movie.I would like a simple circular effect with a transparency slider to cloud the pupil and iris for certain close-ups.To give that zombified look.Also,I am looking for a good bullet impact effect.I am using traditional blood tubing ,latex etc. but in lieu of squibs I would like a subtle impact effect before spraying blood.Please e-mail me at and be sure to check out
Posted: Thu, 26th Jun 2003, 2:45am

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Mark P Warman

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I picked up a pair of contacts called 'white out' from and there cheap and great!
Posted: Thu, 26th Jun 2003, 10:58am

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if u got photoshop and alot of patience this ma help