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FAQ: When I import a DV file all I get is an error? FIXES

Posted: Sun, 29th Jun 2003, 11:05pm

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Joshua Davies

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PROBLEM : When I import a AVI Microsoft DV file all I get is a little blue square.
This is our most common problem and it has a few simple solutions. The problem is that AlamDV2 requires VFW (video for windows) codecs to work correctly. Microsoft's DV codec is a direct show ONLY codec which means AlamDV2 doesn't ever get the video data. Nearly all other codec makers include support for both VFW and Direct Show but Microsoft doesn't in its standard DV codec - silly.

SOLUTION : Use a different codec.
There are 2 main ways you can go about using a different codec. The easiest and best way is to install a better DV codec. The Microsoft DV codec isn't actually very hi quality compared to those by MainConcept and Matrox. The MainConcept DV codec costs $50 but is the best on the PC and can keep good quality even after many saves - try the demo. There is a Matrox DV codec avalible for FREE on some of there severs which is also very good. Once these codecs are installed you don't need to convert your movies - all your DV clips will start working in AlamDV2 automatically!
The other alternative is to export your video from your video editor in a codec that does support VFW (pretty much all of the other ones will). If you are hoping to export back to TV in the end then you want to keep the quality high so use a lossless codec like "None Compressed Frames" or "Huffy". This will let you work on your video in AlamDV2 then simply export from AlamDV2 in the same codec, import that file into your video editor and convert it back to DV - simple smile

NOTE: To export Uncompressed from Premiere you need to select Microsoft AVI rather than Microsoft DV AVI - this should now give you the uncompressed frames option.
Posted: Fri, 28th Jan 2005, 5:33pm

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"once these codecs are installed" How do you intall a codec? I have downloaded the Mainconsept H.264 Encoder demo, that one you told us to download. But it coverts into MPEG... Is what I downloaded the "codec"? If it is not, where to donwload it?

What to do??

Explain in "English"!

Posted: Wed, 20th Apr 2005, 7:34am

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Yeah dude, the matrox one says it has installed the codecs. But Alam wont recognize them or somthing. Whats goin down here?
Posted: Mon, 27th Jun 2005, 7:59pm

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please explain in english.