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ALAMDV Official Release

Posted: Wed, 28th Mar 2001, 12:47pm

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ALAMDV is now on the shelves for purchase. Current build number is 130, which is sure to go up as we add even more incredible effects. The shop, courtesey of NetBanx, is now operational, ALAMDV costs a mear £45, thats around $65 US. There are 2 types of download,
- Minimum: skeletal version of the program with no plugins. They can be downloaded later
- Normal: comes with a handful of plugins, the rest can be downloaded off the site.


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Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 7:06pm

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Sweet! Now I'm going to go and buy AlamDV!
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 7:45pm

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Whoa, this program sounds cool! I think I'll wait for AlamDV 2 though. And on a sidenote, who is that malone person? he smells funny. crazy
Posted: Sun, 2nd Feb 2003, 8:14pm

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Bob Page

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tard What AlamDV is release? biggrin