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soooo... firewall chat problems...

Posted: Sat, 5th Jul 2003, 2:32pm

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i know there have been several topics posted about this, but there is no firewall chat in the chat program... malone, could you please put in that feature, if you can...
Posted: Wed, 9th Jul 2003, 7:43am

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The firewall chat isnt what you think it is. All it did was connect on port 8080 instead of port 6667. This helped people in offices that had firewalls that blocked outgoing connections on port 6667 but not 8080. It wont effect you if you have a personal firewall

I only knew of 2 people that actually needed that feature and both of them have now fixed it so they no longer have to use it.

If your office is blocking port 6667 i suggest you speak to whoever is in charge and ask them if they can change it.