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Somewhere I Belong

Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 11:17am

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My pastor at my church came to me asking if I could do a music video from the song "Somewhere I belong" by Linkin Park. He wanted me to portray someone who felt isolated from the world and angry with God. This is what I came up with... He used this movie in a bunch of talks he gave around the country. I didn't use too many AlamDV effects but they are there, especially when he starts terrorizing his appliances. Hope you enjoy.

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Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 1:26pm

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Excellant work!

I relly enjoyed that! It's nice to see fellow music video producers out there! This was very good indeed, great pacing and imagery. The effects were used perfectly. I hope to see more. -Shon
Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 3:24pm

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that was awesome. completely. 5 from me.
Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 3:41pm

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very nice

and I don't even care for linkin park. . . .
Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 8:09pm

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Julie A Beyl2

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awesome movie man

i got some questions

how do u do the camera shake thing!! i saw it in fight club and it is a tight effect how is that done?

oh yeah how did u get that shot of the guy at the coffee table moving regularly while everyone else is in fast motion?

i was speechless man. good work
Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 8:47pm

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Yea, I am ashamed to say that for the shakey earthquake effect, I had to use IMovie. It's pretty much the only video editing, compositing program out there that I know of that has that sort of shaky effect that you don't have to fool with manually. It's actually a really nice effect.
For the parts where he is moving slow and everyone else is moving fast:
The first part, when he is just holding his head down on the table, that was ten minutes of footage of him just being perfectly still sped up to 4500%. And for when he lifts the cup to drink, he's just doing that perfectly slow. It kind of looks weird though because you can see his chest move up and down extremely fast from him breathing. Thanks for your comments though.
Posted: Thu, 17th Jul 2003, 10:25pm

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I really liked the editing of this ALOT. I think that the fact that his world was unstable made the shaking effect very necessary. Also I liked how some parts of the movie were in the dark. Like he had a void in his life. I just think the whole thing is brilliant. I think the duct tape over the mouth was alittle bit too literal tho.
Posted: Fri, 18th Jul 2003, 1:28am

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And the lip synching.

I really don't like that song. I don't like the guy who sings - he's annoying.
Posted: Fri, 18th Jul 2003, 2:06am

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great music video, jirwin

unfortunately i read your reply about the fast moving background and regular moving character before watching, and unfortunately it wasnt as stunning,

but overall there were good shots and editing.

good luck with future projects

ILYKDP smile


Although i enjoy MechaForce's movies, he seems very full of himself.
All he could post was things he found annoying.
Anyway, seeya.
Posted: Fri, 18th Jul 2003, 6:40am

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dude... that was awesome! I love this movie, and it doesn't even look like it's made for church! 5 from me!!
Posted: Wed, 30th Jul 2003, 8:38pm

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The editing, camera work, and effects were great and I thought you did a good job of portraying the message and feeling of the music. I really liked the quick shot of the guy screaming in the doorway near the end (3:22).

The duck tape and some of the lip-syncing just didn’t sit right with me…
Posted: Thu, 7th Aug 2003, 6:05pm

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Very fine job....

The constructive criticism: I would have used a tripod for more of the shots, where you could of course. Following the talent down the street couldn't use one. I would have used the shake effect just a bit less.

The praise: Great story and feeling. Great editing. Good color and use of light and dark.

Overall a very nice piece of work, and I look forward to seeing more from you. It's so nice to see something on this site that is more than kids whacking each other with light sabers.
Posted: Tue, 12th Aug 2003, 7:37pm

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Great job, i love the use of the camera and your shots, in my opinion the shakeness you had was perfect added a great effects. I always look forward to your works. Keep it up.. smile
Posted: Tue, 12th Aug 2003, 8:06pm

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Would have been a 4 if it weren't for the lipsyncing. I know its hard, i've failed at it too. wink

great editing though!
Posted: Thu, 14th Aug 2003, 11:07am

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when developing media gadget somehow i ended up using this music video to test it all the time, so I must have seen it roughly about 100 times biggrin

very good work, it think it works really pro.. of course if it were a real music vid. There would be clips of Linkin park playin the song mixed in. But I can see that as a pro music vid.