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AlamDV Advertising

Posted: Sun, 27th Jul 2003, 4:51pm

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Hey I'm not sure who I talk to for this, but maybe we can work something out and over at Rush Multimedia we can do some advertising for AlamDV. Gotta any ads or banner for ads. Hit me back and we can work something out.
Posted: Sun, 27th Jul 2003, 5:27pm

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Well I don't think there is an official banner, not yet anyway. Although I could be wrong. oink But I decided I'd make a test banner just in case they didn't have one and wouldn't mind if they let you use it:

Like I said, you can't use that until they give the go-ahead. But if they don't mind, the banner's there for all. biggrin
Posted: Sun, 27th Jul 2003, 8:41pm

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If wanted to do some advertisement....I think they would do it themselfs. Not let someone else do it.
Posted: Thu, 31st Jul 2003, 7:21pm

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Fxhome pretty much gets there advertisements automatically through us telling people about it and such. Then through magazines hearing of it and websites, yada yada. But I'm sure that They wouldnt mind people putting banners on there site. it means more cash for them cool