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Problems in Cinema

Posted: Thu, 31st Jul 2003, 4:27pm

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i submitted my movie and on the movie management area it says "live". and i checked to see if it was in the movie archive and it is but it doesnt say my movie on the movies added in the last seven days list at the cinema entrance. i would like people to watch it but i dont think they are going to if they dont know its here. its right here
Posted: Thu, 31st Jul 2003, 4:32pm

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Hmm...I think your funboxes are goofy. I see your movie in the 10 Newest Movies box. Make sure that's what you have your funbox set to. But don't worry, it's there wink

Edit: Although you've maxed your hourly bandwidth and now the link won't work sad You should really find a good "professional" place to host your movies. PM me and I can tell you about a good one. biggrin
Posted: Thu, 31st Jul 2003, 4:39pm

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The cinema entrance page is only updated at the end of the day. Your movie will appear on the list tomorrow