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News Bar!

Posted: Fri, 1st Aug 2003, 11:01pm

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Hi all.

I was wondering if someone could make a plug in like the ones you see on the news when they highlight the person that are being interviewed.
For example FOX - News have a bar that comes at the bottom of the screen highlighting the name ect.

Thanks in advanced.
Posted: Fri, 1st Aug 2003, 11:09pm

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there are a few of those in the plugins section. i suggest you look there b4 you post. if those arent what your looking for then i guess you can email me a picture of what your looking for and i can make a pugin. is my primary email.
Posted: Sat, 2nd Aug 2003, 1:42am

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Well you can download Movie Maker 2, it does what your talking about. You can get it at the microsoft website but you have to have Windows Xp. Hope this helps.
Posted: Mon, 4th Aug 2003, 9:55am

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I searched around and couldn’t find anything of interest.
I am currently making a DVD, and on the DVD I'm going to put in short interview clips.
So the bar should be for highlighting the name of the person interviewed.

Do you guys have any suggestion for this kind of problem?
For the plug-in that I just downloaded it seems that I can't write custom text inside them.
Do you have any solutions to these kinds of problems?
I found this program while searching the net, but it is unfortunately too expensive for me.

Jessy: Hi thanks for the input, but I had a hard time finding out how to do it in Windows Movie Maker 2.
If you have a small tutorial or something it would be most appreciated.

Thanks for all help!


Posted: Mon, 4th Aug 2003, 10:12am

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Can't you just type in the text you want in your video editing program, like titles? It won't be so flashy but in most "making of" programs I've seen all the name tags are simple type, not flashy news text style.

If you have Premiere, though, if you go into New Title, you can add a rectangle, choose the fill colour, & type your text on that, then size the rectangle how you want.
Posted: Tue, 5th Aug 2003, 12:05pm

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That turned out to be pretty good actually, thanks for the input.