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Stalker Nightmare

Posted: Thu, 7th Aug 2003, 1:38pm

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A man is having dreams about a killer. His doctor comes over to show him that there is nothing to be afraid of...but there is.
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Posted: Thu, 7th Aug 2003, 3:20pm

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all i can say is:
WOW. your movies just keep getting better and better. I liked this one better than the original Stalker. This one had more of a suspensefull feel to it. I like the little AlamDV cameo in there. biggrin
I gave it a four because some of the acting could have been better. I know im not one to talk about bad acting... but i am.
But definately keep up the good work. You've alread surpassed me in movie making skill. You could go far with this so just keep at it! biggrin

O and cant wait for the Agent 2!
Posted: Fri, 8th Aug 2003, 12:11am

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I am very impressed with your improvement in skills. Although it still looks like you could use a tripod alot of the shakey camera worked well. The cinematography is well above what I would expect from someone your age. What you need now is a decent script and shooting location. If there was an award for most improved you would not win it because you would not be elidgible since it would be named for you. In fact from this point forward I will refer to the most improved as the jessy award winner keep up the good work. At this rate of improvement you will be a major force in Hollywood by the time you are 21. smile
Posted: Fri, 8th Aug 2003, 12:51am

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I agree with the other posts, this is your best editing so far. Still, I think I would be doing you a diservice if Ididn't point out a few things that you should think about for next time.

1. If you can try to use manual focus as your auto focus was doing a lot of jumping around.

2. Maybe I missed something but did the psychologist live in the same house? Why would he write his report in the clients house?

3. My feeling is that the Jaws theme is so strongly connected to that movie that it hurts what you are trying to do, build suspense.

I liked how you suggested the sword stabbing. Sometimes not seeing it is as powerful as seeing every gory detail.

I am really looking forward to your next production. Tell us your ideas for you next short please.
Posted: Fri, 8th Aug 2003, 3:40am

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this movie is cool!
Posted: Fri, 8th Aug 2003, 1:22pm

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Nice Job!

What I liked best about this was that it had a complete, well thought out story. So many films here are just an action sequence with no story. I really thought the dream sequences were very well done. Your suspense had a Hitchcock feel, with the use of shadows and imagery suggestion. The acting was just fine, although could be improved, but I didn't really feel that it hindered the story.

The main suggestion would be to spend as much time working on the non-dream sequences as you did with the dreams. It was as though the dream sequences and the non-dream ones were shot and edited by two different people. The dream ones looked very professional and well edited while the non-dream ones seemed like they were just kind of thrown together.

All in all though, very good work! Can't wait to see more. A four from me. -Shon
Posted: Fri, 8th Aug 2003, 10:58pm

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This was a good film again. You're becoming a person on here, which seems to make good movies, and get better. And for which you will get alot of respect for!!!

I think you're editing and so far, is getting alot better, and the shots them selfs you seem to be experimenting alot with. Which is nice. Like the shadow on the door, which on of the guys gets killed. One thing though. i think the next thing now. Is to try and some of the shots more steadier. It's not i guess a big problem. but it does take away some of the smartness out of it.

One thing i have to say though. If i had some doctor that came around, and took an analysis of me, went into my bedroom and started messing with my AlamDv i would kick him out ! razz i thought it was funny, how he knida took over you're room. Why didnt he just leave oh well hes dead now!!!

Keep it up.
Posted: Sat, 9th Aug 2003, 12:47am

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Rating: +1

Much better than your older stuff. I think the key thing here was a less heavy emphasis on effects, but that one blood plug-in you had for the pantry scene detracted from your overall product. If you had to include the blood plug-in, here's how I would've filmed it:

From a side view, the kid steps up to the pantry, and reaches for the doorknob (or whatever you have to upen it)

Cut to an extreme close-up of the hand twisting the doorknob. As it turns, and starts to move out of the frame, the shot cuts to a Point-Of-View (POV) shot from the kid's perspective. The door opening motion should continue fluidly between the handle shot and the closet shot.

As the door sweep open, we see the stalker standing there, sword raised above his head, held in two hands. He starts to swing the sword down the moment the doors are clear. This should all take place as fast as possible. The less we see, the better. We only want enough time to detect motion.

Now, two shots follow very quickly, shown only for a few frames each.

The stalker's POV, with the sword flying toward the kid's face.

And a side, close shot of the kid's head, as the sword slices down the middle, with an alamdv smoker (it's in black and white) qreatly sped up, appearing from behind the head as the sword enters it. The head should also start to snap back. This has all taken place in the blink of an eye, with no time to soak in detail.

And then the kid wakes up.

Now, tell me if you would have found that better or worse.
Posted: Sat, 9th Aug 2003, 2:39am

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much better, thank you everyone for the helpful and nice comments. Right now im working on 3ds max (still cant get that bone thing!) well anyways thats all for now, tell you about are next project when we start. PEACE
Posted: Sun, 17th Aug 2003, 8:51am

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well, uh for starters I think that you gotta work on the consistency of your shots. I mean i can't lie I used to make this same mistake when i was your age. When the kid is walking into the kitchen, with every new angle he appears to have stopped walking and then started up again after the camera guy says "GO" that's a no no. I suggest have the character walk into the view from off screen and then edit all the different cuts together in a seemless way to create cinematic bliss!

Also the SHANK sound of the sword isn't really working with me. I'm not sure what you could put instead. But find something. This was alot more digestable then your last stalker flick. But it's still hard to swallow. Maybe with your next film you'll make just as much of an improvement as you did here. I give it a 3.


PS. someone's said this before. But taket he Jaws music out! PLEASE.
Posted: Sun, 5th Oct 2003, 9:40pm

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what is the music during the dream sequences called?
Posted: Mon, 6th Oct 2003, 5:49am

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what happened to the butcher thing? like the dude in the hockey mask?
Posted: Mon, 6th Oct 2003, 10:44pm

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what butcher thing? and what is the music?
Posted: Sat, 11th Oct 2003, 6:23pm

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the butcher thing is for another movie, the music is the theme song from nightmare on elm street.