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Flying Baby

Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 10:28am

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This is my first movie i have ever made. It doesnt really have a story line but it shows alot of effects that can be used in bluescreening and alamdv. enjoy:)
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Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 11:05am

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Yes, this wasnt the most realistic flick in the world, but it was very entertaining! 4 from me!
Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 11:29am

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this is the most disturbing film i've ever seen. you spent your time making this?
Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 12:32pm

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First of all Xcession, dont be so rude. How is this Disturbing. He/she is using there baby bro/sister. in the film, which you actually see being held. by what looks like the dad. and is basically, just trying out some skills. well.... Hey hows it going viper!. i can see you went with the effects alot on this one lol. and the baby a common feature. I think because its youre first movie, you shouldnt worry too much what people say. you will have a long time ahead to. the effects were quiet funny and entertaining, again like you said no plot. so i wasnt going to take it to seriously. I think the next step, if anything is more testing. try making some test where youre experimenting, with camera views. And seeing how you can edit them and so on. of course do it with youre own 'panaz' well, hope you have fun!
Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 1:20pm

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I only gave this movie a 1 but don't be disheartened. I'm sure you will improve as you try more stuff out. Its a lot better than some people's first attempts.

I also thought the babies everywhere was a bit odd but funny when the tie fighter flew in and they shot at each other. I was half expecting all the babies at the end to start sending out coloured smoke like the red arrows razz
Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 6:56pm

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That was nuts tard hehe quite fun though

Mark biggrin
Posted: Wed, 27th Aug 2003, 7:30pm

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lol... how.. origional smile
Posted: Thu, 28th Aug 2003, 2:11am

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Yes, i disregard the bad comments:P i was simply testing adobe premiere and alamdv out, alam dv 3 hopes to have better interface, I am now working with after effects and will achieve better effects, this movie did not take that long to make, simply a test, and the blue screening was just a blue sheet hung on the wall:p works alright, ill take tips on "LIGHT THE HELL OUT OF THE BLUE SCREEN" because the shadow distorted it some. but thxs for the replys and hope to make better movies to come:)
Posted: Fri, 29th Aug 2003, 1:38am

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joe or fred

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The baby effects were sweet...
but the Star Wars effects were ass.

Rock On.
Posted: Mon, 1st Sep 2003, 3:01pm

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A cute little film that my 3 year old really enjoyed. The flying baby's 2 dimensional nature was a bit unappealing, but nonetheless worth the download-at least according to my 3 year old! smile
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 4:41am

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Yes:P kids that ive shown have loved this, like screaming happiness:P

glad to hear
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2003, 10:20pm

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Of course it apeals more to little kids... but does it apeal to me? OF COURSE IT DOES! HA! Flying babies are awesome...
Posted: Tue, 9th Sep 2003, 7:15pm

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5/5 just for origionality. Superb biggrin
Posted: Tue, 9th Sep 2003, 11:11pm

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That's the weirdest thing ever!

Posted: Tue, 9th Sep 2003, 11:47pm

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"i concur...." ha
Posted: Fri, 12th Sep 2003, 7:03pm

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Lycanwood Productions

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That was by far the most lynch-ian thing that I have seen on here.

I have no idea what the hell was going on. I was entirely scared when the second baby came out during the beginning. I screamed and tried to hide my fear. smile