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stuntmen, a bit more acrobatic

Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 5:16am

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arch evil

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This post is free for anyone, but I (and most others I'm sure) feel that B4uask is quite the man at creating stuntmen, especially for use in long shots and background.

So without any further ado;

How about some stunt men that do somersaults or acrobatics before landing.

For example, a (easily disposable) stunt man (comes in a pack of six! razz ) may be in the proximity of an explosion and while getting blasted forwards and upwards the body rotates (backwards or forwards) in the air and then the stunt man lands on his back or crumples in a heap.

Another example, might be that when a stunt man is shot or hit or whatever that he lifts off the ground a little but spins on a (relatively) vertical axis, like a top before falling to the ground.

Just ideas that could add some spice to the background of some fight scenes etc.

I would suggest dressing them in non descript clothing/costume too, but that can also be changed later.
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 2:30pm

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The stuntmen that he has made already are really good and probabley hard to make. I think it would be a bit to hard to make what you have stated. But hey if you wanna try making some stuntmen like that then good luck biggrin

cya tard
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 5:37pm

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no, that wouldn't be especially difficult to make.
and the reason he's asking, is more than likely because he doesn't have the capabilities to do it himself.
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 10:47pm

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And (sorry for the proceding rant) um.. Alamdv is not a cheap excuse for a 3d program. Though his current stunt men are good, B4uask does NOT need to make more. When you make a plugin of... say, a stuntman falling, it takes a 3d app to make. When you make a plugin it is a 2d "drawing". Thus you would make a 3d person, turn it into 2d and ultimately making it less realistic. So go get a 3d program and make some stuntmen for yourself, or if you get poser, ask b4 to give you some of his stuntmen models for you to animate. Also, i would suggest reading this thread.
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 10:49pm

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Posted: Mon, 1st Sep 2003, 10:27am

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arch evil

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In the event that I may have asked for something unreasonable, I'm soooo sorry.
However, I did say for 'especially for workin in the background' (thus, not necessarily 'making the scene', but supplementing it instead (to paraphrase from the suggested thread). Also, working in the background would not necessarily need highly detailed models, umm because they're not the focus.
And another comment, if the plugins are there already (e.g., stunt men, 3d space crafts, people and animals, etc, there's even a category named '3D Renders'), you can't expect people to not be inspired or influenced to think that this it a feasable request to ask for such plugins.
Also, is it not in the best interests of the program and its developers to cover a wide range of effect instead of limiting it to lightsabers and muzzle flashes?
Might I also point out that film is a 2 dimensional medium, (this is most brought to light when viewing some fight scenes which utilise the lack of depth (that's the third dimension) to 'fool' the audience's eye into believing that 3 dimensions are represented, which is exactly what B4's models do.
Finally, I will just say that, people requesting these types of plugins are more likely than not (I always prefer to give the benefit of the doubt) aware that the plugin is a substitute for the real thing and the reason for the request is simply because that person doesn't have the means to use or create the real thing.

Sorry, if this sounds rude, but I don't consider such a request unreasonable. Asking for the 'matrix bullet time effect' I would consider unreasonable but to request an expansion of a plugin that already exists, that is not an unreasonable request.
Posted: Mon, 1st Sep 2003, 1:38pm

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Hey, its no problem. But, like someone said in the thread i linked to: It does seem like people are starting to use alam for things that could easily be done in a 3d program. +1 from me up there^^^ for taking the time to right that out (and for having the guts to contest me wink )

Posted: Mon, 1st Sep 2003, 1:42pm

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This is true and while I dont like the 3d plugins myself, a lot of people do not have access to the 3d programs or the ability to make them so if it helps them then why not?