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Check Your website link in the memberlist

Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 6:35pm

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I was looking through the different website links in the members list just to see what they looked like, as I am redesigning my site to get rid of the old Geo-Cities Page Builder look. I noticed many of the links include in the URL the sad This causes the link to fail since it is looking for the site on CSB's server, where they obviously are not located. All of the links are not like this however. For instance Solthar's site is ok but both sidewinder and mechaforce's links are bad. Perhaps they need to be entered in tto the database again?
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 7:43pm

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off topic,

Did you get my entry for the effect contest?
Posted: Sun, 31st Aug 2003, 7:56pm

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i wrote about this 2 days ago