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Need ftp server

Posted: Tue, 2nd Sep 2003, 1:21am

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Hey guys,

I just recently got an ftp program that lets you upload your sites via...FTP!!! I've also finished up a site on Dreamweaver MX and it is now ready for publishing. Does anyone know were I could get a free ftp hosting site so I can connect to it and publish my site?
Posted: Tue, 2nd Sep 2003, 1:21am

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the first one that came to mind
Posted: Tue, 2nd Sep 2003, 12:11pm

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I hate those hosting things, got alot of banners i use tripod. works great for me i mean the ftp is as soon as u load. quick and easy. no troubles with the site at all!
Posted: Tue, 2nd Sep 2003, 6:30pm

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ukpcnet do a very good deal on hosting for only a small amount check this list out :-

The Light Plan features:

200mb Web Space
3gb Transfer Per Month
60 pop3 Email Accounts
50 Email Lists
Unlimited Email Forwarders
Unlimited Auto-Responders
4 MySQL Databases
2 Sub-Domains
2 FTP Accounts

cPanel - £2.25 monthly or £20.00 annually
Ensim - £1.50 monthly or £15.00 annually

Ive used ukpcnet before and it is very good and very stupid prices smile.

Cya, Callum_Slade tard
Posted: Wed, 3rd Sep 2003, 12:13am

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Hey check us out at

Everyone who has hosting from us has connection to their web space on the server with FTP. You can FTP all your files through an FTP program directly to the server 24/7 as well as have multiple access account to your server through FTP.

We offer very fast servers that are perfect for filmmakers needs at affordable prices. Check us out.

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Posted: Wed, 3rd Sep 2003, 6:03am

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I'm in with HollywoodWoody. I just signed up with them last week and got a Gig of HD space with 2 Gig of Bandwidth for a very low price. I put up 200 MB of movies yesterday and loaded them up from work (where we hav a T1 line).

My 800 MHz eMacs were loading them at 200k/sec. Made the 30MB movies fly!

Posted: Thu, 4th Sep 2003, 12:01pm

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Here is another free host

It's a bit like Tripod in many ways, except they don't stick banners all over the place.