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Ghost Soldiers

Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 10:37am

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This is a trailer for a movie I am currently trying to film for a senior project. It is extremely ambitious for a first time project, but it is the challenge that makes it worthwhile. Should be done by April/May of 2004.

All scenes were filmed in Maine and composited by myself on Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere on PC, and Shake and Final Cut Pro 4 on Mac (and of course Alam DV). Incidently does anyone know what that clicking at the end of the .MOV file comes from? It definately was not in the soundtrack, and didn't show up when I made an .AVI file. No matter what kind of .MOV compression I used the clicks were always there. Any thoughts?

My greatest inspirations: probably the battle scene in Forrest Gump, and any part of Enemy at the Gates.

My biggest challenge: finding good actors. Very difficult; almost impossible.

If you visit my web-site be nice. Websites aren't my thing, so as you will see it is very simple. I just have one because I need a place to call my home on the web. Check out my movie poster as well:



More Info
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 11:13am

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I'm assuming that by "senior project" you mean, Senior in college, not high school, right? Because that's some dangerous looking stuff you got there. Overall looks very nice. It was too quick for me to really say anything detailed about the effects, other than that firey explosion with the two guys looks a tad too orange to me. Might just be me. Good job, good job. I'll give it a 3 just because it's so damn short.
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 11:17am

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Wow man

That looked very very cool

Ive been thinking of doing a war film for some time and i think that inspired me.

The part at the beggining where the shots are going into the water looked nice, and the shot with the two people with the red background looked very cool.

5 from me because im very impressed

Mark biggrin
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 1:06pm

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Very impressive!!

Nice work! 5 from me
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 3:11pm

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looking forward to the final film! 4 from me! biggrin
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 3:13pm

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Spanish Prisoner

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yeah, it really lookod good, but when I watched again, there weren't really that much scenes, most of the time you praise your unfinished movie. and you praise yourself by voting for your own movie with a 5 point rating.


Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 3:15pm

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(feel free to vote and comment on other peoples films wink
Posted: Sat, 6th Sep 2003, 4:36pm

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loved the explosive stuff. but what did u use for the water hits? Fire crackers? hehe
Posted: Sun, 7th Sep 2003, 12:05am

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Wow i'm looking foward to seeing this!

~Jedi Master Rob
Posted: Sun, 7th Sep 2003, 12:16am

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Yeah, there weren't many scenes, but the ones that were there looked VERY cool. I can't wait to see the finished project.

But where did you get the explosive from, like the ones used in the water. They were really cool. Did you make them, or buy them from somewhere?

I gave it a 5. Keep it up.
Posted: Sun, 7th Sep 2003, 12:27am

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Looked cool, what kinda let it down for me, was the simple fact. You said that the film will be done April/May, then u have titles used from an other film, saying it will come out in christmas. Woulda been nice if you had done the titles urself, but eh, you can learn. Anyway nice little trailer love rain scene and night scene
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2003, 5:24am

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I really liked this trailer. I ment to put 4 stars but was moving too quick and put 3 by accident. I'm sorry. But more good votes will push you up on the charts. Sorry.

Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2003, 1:00pm

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Very pretentious for a handful of shots.

I would like to reserve judgement for the finished piece.

Impressive pyrotechnics.

Some good lighting.

Not much else to say unfortunately.
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2003, 2:07pm

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Lycanwood Productions

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This was a good trailer.

I loved some of the shots that you had, especially the grainy night looking shot that you had. The way the lighting was on it was great.

I checked out the avi version and there was no sound for me so I downloaded the quicktime and it worked fine save for the clicks that you mentioned at the end.

Can't wait for this movie to hit.
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2003, 2:14pm

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I could be wong but what I saw was some decent titles, a couple of shots of a guy dressed as a soldier running and shooting(nice muzzle flashes), and some run of the mill fireworks. All edited together VERY well with the voice track from something else(I am guessing ripped from the trailers on some DVD you rented).
Posted: Mon, 8th Sep 2003, 2:30pm

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Looks very professional. Nicely edited.
Posted: Wed, 10th Sep 2003, 12:55am

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Denise CookXClam

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well, some of it was good but i think u guys really need some more people in it or at least show duplicates of urselfs from afar for an enemy or something. and also it'd be much more original if you came up with some original music and not the stuff u pulled out of that ither trailer.
Posted: Thu, 11th Sep 2003, 7:59pm

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Two Gunned Saint

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That was pretty damn impressive, I see you have access to loads of stuff. Nice production values (well good props and that). Sunset and rain, looked great. Explosions BOOM!!!!, great stuff. Not quite enough people and camera movement though. A bit better arranging of the shots would improve it alot. Hmmm what else was wrong with it?... errr......ummmmm...... there was a weird clicky noise at the end.

Good, very good. Shame it was only 30 seconds long.

4 stars for a 30 second long trailer is real good going.
Posted: Sun, 14th Sep 2003, 5:19pm

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Can you tell me what you used for the bullet hits in the water? If they were firecrackers, how did you get a nice line?
Posted: Thu, 25th Sep 2003, 2:23pm

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I really liked it. Especially the text at the end, with the blue shifting behind the words GHOST SOLDIERS. How did you do that? It was really cool.

Really great stuff there!
Posted: Thu, 2nd Oct 2003, 6:37pm

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he got the backlit volumetric light effect by using the now cliched Shine, or a variation of effects to reproduce Shine

not too bad. I'm assuming these are supposed to be US soldiers? if so, what are they doing carrying SiG SG 550s? razz

one last thing. . . . not that Kate Beckinsale isn't easy on the eyes, but what's with the poster?
Posted: Fri, 27th Aug 2004, 9:27am

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What are the songs in this movie?

My favorite is the one played during the credits.. I think it is called 'America the Beautiful', but I don't know the artist.. Someone plz help me out! I want that song!