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HDSLRs Around FXhome

Apr 2010641rogolo

Poster/Logo Requests

Aug 2007307Atom Community Project - MUSE Film!

Mar 2010291Pooky

FXHome Remakes!

Dec 2004261Aculag

Hauntfest Film Challenge :: We have a winner!

Oct 2005217TimmyD

Calling All CG Experts!

Nov 2004196Aculag

Splinter Cell Remake: Production winds down...

Nov 2005180ben3308

Project Diary: "Motive" -Teaser A

Feb 2007176Sollthar

An anti-piracy idea: Hey! Filmmakers watch out…


It's Finally Here. New Film: The Hit (Now With Quicktime)

Sep 2005149Bryce007

LOVER BOY - production thread FULL FILM PAGE 10

Nov 2010142swintonmaximilian

Video game horror action scripts and 3 million dollars

Jan 2005139mikec10305

The Official Logo Request Thread

Nov 2006138NickD

Hauntfest Film Challenge

Oct 2005136miker

Fantabulous, Inc. ?!

Jul 2006131Garfield Street

Roswell 1847 Cowboy film I've shot

Jun 2007120b4uask30male

Your upcoming film projects for 2004

Jan 2004118wdy

Building a Stabilizer

May 2004111Aculag

3D Modeling

Jun 2005110Vault FX

Big Fish

Jan 2004106Cypher

Looking to start a Fan Film competition.

Mar 2003103gpmovies

Madison Street Boys-NEW UPDATES!

Aug 2007102Atom

UPDATED Hey Check This Out !

Aug 200798Bucees

UK replica guns laws changing

Jan 200397Simon K Jones

Has this forum lost the way?

Jun 200796b4uask30male

My Stargate fan films have been banned.

Oct 200496b4uask30male

Your Location (US)

May 200795SilverDragon7

the masque of the red death - production thread

Oct 200993swintonmaximilian

Sollthar's Filmmaking Guide 2

Jan 200793Sollthar

Summer Movie Projects?

May 200693xperiment

Warning Nudity!!!

Dec 200593nanafanboy

your logos

Feb 200492kungfukid

Silenced Weaponry

Aug 200791black ronin1228

The New Official Logo Request Thread

Apr 200789Thrawn

Are you a Productions or a Studios?

Mar 200588Jetwise

Help with creating a set

Jan 200588Vault FX

The Friendship (END OF THREAD!) no more response needed

Sep 200487Atom

The 5 Second Video Contest, "Be Cool"

Feb 200585Atom

Me and Mt friends....

Aug 200485Atom

Halo Movie

Nov 200484Hamm Media

What Are You Planning for 2005?

Oct 200484Frozenpede

The Day After Tomorrow

Nov 200384blaine

Who uses a Mac? Vista?

Mar 200883EvilDonut

GL2 Users Unite!

Aug 200683ben3308

Attack of the Clones Trailer

Mar 200282Orion

Holiday Movie Marathon - 5 month UPDATE

Dec 200780ben3308

First Revolutions Reviews!!!

Oct 200380kungfukid

"Imminent" SHORT FILM

Jun 200679Bryce007

Superhero Harry TRAILER HERE NOW.

Aug 200578b4uask30male

Vegas or Final Cut?

Jul 200876RyanMichael

The Atomic 2008 24-Hour Video Race > NOW ONLINE!

May 200876Atom

Ultimate List of Free Software!

Feb 200676Oeyvind

FXHome Remakes Submission And Discussion Thread

Sep 200576Aculag

Promoting movies & finding an audience

Feb 200773fxmaniac

Bamf! The Nightcrawler Tutorial!

Jan 200473Aculag

Inventory < A New Short!

Jun 201071FCRabbath

The Ultimate Filmmaker's FAQ 5! Articles/Links/Tutorials!

Jun 200670Arktic


Oct 200470Frozenpede

Part one of my first almost zero budget web series Jack Cage

Dec 201069Mad Mike

Scribble presents 'The IInd' production diary!Yay

Apr 200769mercianfilm

My 35mm adaptor

Jul 200669hatsoff2halford

I must be the luckiest man alive!

Jul 200469Atom

Canon gl1 of HV20

Jan 200868RodyPolis

A very cool story,

Nov 200468xbreaka

Anyone interested in a little 3D work?

Jul 200268Cypher

Episode II Review for Scope Entertainment

May 200268Neo

Disconnected < Film Release

Sep 201067FCRabbath

The WW2 film idea

Dec 200667Goldwing Productions

The Oscars (we want a nice clean fight :-P) -or do we? :)

Mar 200267Cypher

3D Studio Max and YOU

Oct 200466A Pickle

XHA1 Or XL2?

Oct 200865RyanMichael

Seven Jedi FX Help

Feb 200865Menehune Jedi

DVX-100 Vs GL2 ?

Jul 200765FatalFracture

Professional Look?

Jul 200565angelx

Logo Help

Mar 201164bradleymaustin

Best HD Camcorder for $2500 or less?

Feb 201064JUIDAR

DROP ZONE-Copernicus

May 200764Soonis

What Brand of Camera do you use?

Apr 200664NickD

What's your current project ?

Mar 200564Remco Gerritsen

Filmmaking is deadly. <video link now included>

Feb 200464er-no

How far have you made it?

Apr 200763PillowBruise

Ultimate Directory of Amateur Films and Studios

May 200663NickD

Sorry for the lack of uploaded SFX.

May 200563Sharp

Giving film that "movie" look

Oct 200263danial_02

Canon Sony or Panasonic?

Nov 200462sazdmz77

Coming Soon - Cloud Pack

Jan 200861GeeksGoneBad

Looking for someone with FX1 in the UK. (PAID cameraman)

Mar 200761b4uask30male

"Rain" Amazing Short film!

Oct 200561ssjaaron

what hdv canon camera sould i get

Dec 200860AwesomeFist

Buying a New Camera

Oct 200760irishcult

Atomic Demo Reel Test!

Jun 200760Atom

Is FinalCut Pro Good or Sony Vegas

Jan 200760PLANB

'24p' versus 'high definition'

Jul 200660TVK

Light Of Eden - Preview

Oct 201059FCRabbath

3D Fly

Jan 200659coldside

What Do You Use? (hardware/software)

Aug 200559Vault FX

What is the best video camera you own?

Apr 200459Ryan

Please could someone help

Dec 200359Anonymous

Terminator Makeup!

Jul 200359AndrewtheActorMan

Bored? Try this filmmakers challenge!

Jun 200458chuter

Forgotten Horror Film Festival

Nov 200557ssjaaron

Canon GL2 [XM2] vs. XL1s

Dec 200357SFX-Spaz

I am sick of this Star Wars fanfilms. Are you?

Jun 200656hulkis2001

What programs do you use to edit your movies?

Nov 200356Brettsta

Artdesign of my Superhero-Film

Feb 200356Sollthar

the community comes together

Aug 200256b4uask30male

Character Development in screenplays

Apr 200955Sollthar

Make an 85min feature film with 200 dollars!

Jan 200855PMiddy

The Worst of Times

Jan 200755SilverDragon7

Atomic Demo Reel 2008

Sep 200854Atom

Reign of Destiny - Pre-production

Mar 200754Balketh

Fall Filmmaker's contest!

Nov 200554film freak

What are you planning for 2006?

Sep 200554Frozenpede

Wassup? Me and my movie

Jun 200454thakods


Aug 200753Biblmac

Toy Guns May Be BANNED!

Jan 200753NickD

Download my Light Saber sounds here right now.

Mar 200453Sharp

Best Canon under $2000?

Feb 201152JUIDAR

Laptop or desktop to make movies?

Oct 200752Plainly

Jedi Remnant Thread

Jul 200652King of Blades

Posters for Films

Sep 200452BobErnest

Get Your Spots While They're Hot!

Oct 200352Pooky

Video Camera Ideas?

Oct 200951SuburbanElement

Free blood stock for all!

Jan 200851Rawree

Blank Firing Gun!

Aug 200451Aculag

Star Wars Rip Off's are annoying

Nov 200251jirwin

Combined-Trailer for AlamDV2

Aug 200251Sollthar

Short VFX Test - Muzzle Flash, Fire + Lens Flare

Apr 201050mattio

Where can I find realistic guns?

Feb 201050djswallow

Panasonic GS150 Users

Jun 200550TommyB

failed ideas

Feb 200450Frozenpede

whats a good name for a secret agent girl?

Jan 200350Coureur de Bois

2 HOURS - Production Thread - TEASER TRAILER UP!

Apr 201149miker

Arms Race - steampunk short film

Oct 201049Simon K Jones

Looking for Pro suggestions for a new camera

Jul 200849Bflat5

"Expendable" (2 more new scenes online)

Feb 200849doppelganger

"Solitude" Update: A FEW NEW THINGS...[9-17-07]

Aug 200749WorldFamousFilms

Pinnacle Studio 9

May 200449Ryan

Skin Deep - my fxhome production log

Nov 200648er-no

Is the iMac for me?

Aug 200648Super Cameraman

What Inspired You to Make Films, and How Did You Start?

Jun 200648NickD

Canon XL2

Jul 200448gent23mj

Using copyrighted music... on a nobudget film?

Jun 200348nicmar

Joe's TFN picks

Feb 200248averagejoe

Fire effects on stairs

Aug 200947MrGoodbomb

Shortfilm "The Wild", by NCC

Jul 200947Sollthar

Video I Made

Sep 200847Poseidon1231

MB3 Production Thread: SHOOTING HAS BEGUN!

Jan 200747NickD

...going to get lynched for saying this

Jun 200447dirtygeeza

Shadowlight-FX: FX for your movies

Jun 200447Rawree

Which camera would you guys pick?

Apr 200447Kevo

Script Help

Apr 200447Aculag

Any films in the pipeline?

Jan 200347Two Gunned Saint

Ultimate Useful Links/FAQS/How To Thread

Jul 200247Hajiku_Flip

When did you consider yourself a Filmmaker?

Oct 200846irishcult

3D Robot

Jul 200846RodyPolis

Final Cut Pro OR Adobe Premiere?

Jan 200546Chop Suke

Adams Bros. DVD is Out!

Aug 200446Atom

The Punisher

Mar 200446blaine

Replica guns needed.

Jan 200346er-no

What camera do you have?

Dec 200246neo_man89

COSMIC VILLAGE \ NEW teaser|trailer

Mar 201145doppelganger

Hv40 Vs 7D

Mar 201045Sick Boy

Requested Animation

Jan 200945PLANB

Are you serious?

Jun 200845doppelganger

Editing Programs

Oct 200645Multiwagon

Way to make more money?

Aug 200645xperiment

FILMS -What are you working on?

Nov 200545miker

new camera

Aug 200445Evman

Laptop Question

May 200445Denise CookXClam

Ultimate List of Music Resources

May 200445Gibs

Premiere vs. VV

Apr 200445jstow222

The Secret To Filmmaking!!

Oct 200245MechaForce

Disconnected - Production Thread

Aug 201044FCRabbath

Canon 7D test footage

Nov 200944Rockfilmers

Camera Help...Which One?

Mar 200844Magothy Entertainment

Guardian Angel Studios Presents Superboy

Aug 200744Biblmac

First Poster for the movie "IKARI"

Jun 200644JUIDAR

CGI with real scene

May 200544shadu

Help Needed! 2 characters same actor!

Jan 200544EGcoolman

De-Evolution Studios Feature

Jul 200444Evman

UPCOMING MOVIE-----'Career In Crime' (click for details!)

Feb 200444movieguy5

Trying to do make it look like film, what do u think?

May 200344Andreas

Blender Issue (have I used this title before?)

Oct 200943Terminal Velocity

Carpe Diem Episode 4 - Web series

Jun 200943RodyPolis

The Dark Knight Returns -Atomic's New Batman Movie

Sep 200843Atom

Best Film Editing Software...

Feb 200843VFX maniac

Who here can make AlamD plugins? (And soon)?

Jan 200743Link123456

Canon GL2's On Sale!

Nov 200643Dancamfx

Computer Specs

Oct 200643Anne

Some CG - What do you think?

Nov 200543SMB

UFO FX and Ice freeze shot

Jul 200543Job

Just wondering. How much have you spent on your equipment?

Mar 200543DPUMA8

Visual Concept Updated **Location Shots and Composite Test**

Aug 200443Serpent

Cheap guns for your movies.

Aug 200443Slick

The FXhome Effect Challenge

Aug 200343AndrewtheActorMan

Premier or Final Cut?

Jan 200343Anonymous

The Winter War- Production Thread

Feb 201142DVStudio

Atomic's Batman Sequel

Jan 200942Atom

'Vanetine Revenge' production diary

Oct 200842Rockfilmers

Hot Fuzz

Aug 200742Bucees

35mm Lens adaptor for Gl2

Jul 200742Dancamfx

3ccd Camcorder.

Mar 200742ssj john

Red Camera

Apr 200642LilCaesars

What do you use to put films together?

Nov 200542pcremag

i wanna see a film that uses the thunderpipe fx!

Sep 200542shiftd

Snappy New Logo in Powerpoint

Nov 200442TimmyD

TS Special Effects 5! or maybe 6!

Oct 200342MechaForce

Best Computer specs for HD footage editing.

Jun 201041nitrox

Atomic's Batman Trilogy- YOU VOTE!

Jan 200941Atom

Final Camera Decision

Sep 200841The Duelist


Jun 200841The Duelist

T rex Troll and Hero fight

Dec 200641b4uask30male

New Movie > "The Phone"

Aug 200641ben3308

Panasonic GS250/150/400 USERS!

Oct 200541TommyB

worth getting vegas?

Jun 200541jotoki

Napoleon Dynamite

Aug 200441CX3

28 Days Later shot on XL1?!?!?

Jun 200441tmaynard

Catwoman Film - First test shot

May 200441CMBmovies

Sound editing

Feb 200441shadu

MakeUp FX Tutorial

Jun 200341Sollthar

Lightsabers under water?

Jun 200241Namoreh

Are these Camcorder's ok to start with?

Feb 201040JonnyT93

Got some funds!

Apr 200940PLANB

Darkwood < New Short

Mar 200940FCRabbath

Adding damage to filmed street and buildings?

Jan 200740tommynator

Are blank guns worth it?

Oct 200640alpha54

Explosions for battle scenes

Aug 200540Kristian

I need critiques.

Apr 200440Aculag

Flame Behind Letters... where did the flame come from?

Oct 200340Pooky

4K Firmware for the Canon T2i/Canon 550D

Dec 201039miker

Canon T2i

Jul 201039The Nemesis2161

Film Character Name

Jul 200739strider4660

A new cam, on budget

Jun 200739TAH

dual moniters?

Mar 200739doppelganger

eye effects

Aug 200639Multiwagon

Judge my Grading please?

May 200639JUIDAR

The Sean Beeson Music Pack Vol. 1 - Free Music

Apr 200639filmcomposer

Wow, Xl2

Nov 200439Clapter

Dell XPS

Jul 200439aaron 99

that hollywood movie look..

Dec 200339elementcinema

What type of camera?

Nov 200339Anonymous

Whats with the sudden rush of copies?

May 200339Obi

DVD Authoring...

Mar 200339smier33

The Endgame, does it really suck that badly?

Feb 200239sidewinder

Editing Programs

Apr 201138Viktorious

Short action movie

Jul 200838Bolbi

Project.One - Last copies available.

Jun 200638er-no

23 (based on tv series 24)

Apr 200638b4uask30male

Projects - whats everyone here up to?

Feb 200638Rehab

My 35mm Adapter * WARNING PICS*

Sep 200538sk8npirate

Ultimate Sites for Free Sound Effects

May 200538Mellifluous

3d with Video

May 200538EddieOue5

What do you guys think of Maya..

Nov 200438TommyB

apple's "garage band"

Oct 200438ssj john

Getting video off DVD

Jun 200438Evman

PhLogan Productions "opening"

Jun 200438PhLogan

is this any good.....

May 200438mastersmithson

Whats your plan to make it big time.

Apr 200438b4uask30male

What makes a good Trailer

Feb 200438ssjaaron

Stories...Plot...Something a bit Diffrent

Jan 200438AndrewtheActorMan


Jul 200238Sith_Knight

Yoda lightsabre handle...

Jun 200238TMM

Bad actor messes up scene. HELP!

Nov 200937TheCoyote

"Only the Good Die Young" (teaser)

Nov 200937doppelganger

Pus Wanted

Aug 200937The Chosen One

Is Effectslab capable of "good" grading?

Apr 200937No Degradation

Purchasing Help? Effects Lab v Composite Lab.

Mar 200937Airsoft Studios

FULL ZOMBIE MOVIE 6min. (comments & criticism wanted)

Aug 200837doppelganger

Film Logo

Nov 200637Thrawn

STALKER, fate uncertain

Aug 200637ssj john

First poster!!!

Aug 200537Maxy

need 3d program

Aug 200537bat25

Fun with Latex!

May 200437Aculag

40 force points for a logo

Mar 200437aaron 99

How Would 'YOU' Do It? (3D Q)

Dec 200337TAP2

Anyone into making armor? Any kind

Apr 201136Viktorious

Family Holiday Camcorder?

Jul 201036StupidLikeAFox

Chosen - NOW ONLINE!

Feb 201036RodyPolis

Plant and trees dying

Jul 200936RodyPolis

Cheapest Camcorder Ever!

Jun 200936TheOutlawAmbulance

Yet another camera suggestion thread

Aug 200836gulfy32


Jul 200836FCRabbath

Atomic Productions- The Road Ahead UPDATED

Jun 200836Atom

Camera reviews

Mar 200836Rabbit Hole Pictures

Land of Choas Trailer.

Dec 200636b4uask30male

Anyone else get fed up with their film near the end.?

Oct 200636b4uask30male

Group Effort Project....

Jan 200636aggies2005

New Camera Xm2

Oct 200536ashman


Mar 200536bhwfprod

Hamm Media Website Up!! Halo Movie Preview

Jan 200536Hamm Media

can i use SW footage?

Jan 200536silencer

I made the Bullet Timing Sound Effects.

Mar 200436Sharp


Dec 200336obi191

OZ Fest - Online Film Festival $100 for first place

Sep 200336wdy

Advanced : Interlacing Guide

Aug 200336TAP2

Short Film Competition Rules

Feb 200336Riese

where to buy uk video cameras

Sep 201035Mad Mike

My Friend, My Enemy - Production Thread

Aug 201035Thrawn

The Atomic Guide

Nov 200935Atom

I stepped up to the next level. usefull info here.

Jul 200935b4uask30male

Anyone Use Pinnacle Studio?

Sep 200835RyanZ

Suggestions for which camera to purchase

Jul 200835FXhomer8277


Mar 200835Merrick

Assassins of New York City Movie Update

Aug 200735RodyPolis

Any need VO for movie trailer?

Feb 200735The Skull Hunter

Exclusive look at Upcoming Thriller (Now with Teaser)

Feb 200735Bryce007

Selling your films on FXHOME?

Oct 200635b4uask30male

Canon GL2 experiments (Images contained within)

Sep 200635visualchaos

Software that will convert 30fps to 24fps

Apr 200635JUIDAR

New Mcfly video

Nov 20043503ruby

3d Intro... Help please

Sep 200435Jagg

Good place to host your movies

Aug 200435Calminaion

Would would you do, sack the actors ?

Feb 200435b4uask30male

Your amatuer films needed for project.

Feb 200435b4uask30male

Making People Cyborgs!

Sep 200335Pooky

Agent Smith lookalike available

May 200335Vega70

Back to the future 3 effect

Jan 200335Animaster

new change to the cinema

Dec 200235b4uask30male

Would you pay to watch live streaming from a film set?

May 201034b4uask30male

Canon 550d: adds ons? fx work? low light? other stuff?

May 201034Wishing Staff Studios

ideas for a movie

Jan 201034bassiebe

What are you using?


Need Matte Paintings or CGI

Jan 200934JasonX1024

Rip DVD WITH Subtitles

Apr 200834Tuffy

GL-2 HELP! Tape Deck noise... is there really a problem?

Mar 200834Ouellette

You there; i want you in my movie!

Feb 200834Avenging Eagle

Help with True HD capture please.

May 200734b4uask30male

remake of old film

Apr 200734b4uask30male

Bachelor's Degree in Film

Apr 200734BringPopcorn

Good Location For A Lightsaber Film ?

Mar 200734The Editing Room

A video i made was on national T.V

Mar 200734jgtrox2

my indy map test

Jan 200734doppelganger

Sneak Preview Of New film

Aug 200634Bryce007

Movie title ideas?

Mar 200634Daarzak

SFX Section Updated.

Jun 200534Sharp

Panasonic AG-HVX200!

Apr 200534Aculag

make people red and blue ???

Nov 200434devilskater

XL2 and DVX100a

Oct 200434MovieGuy334

So why do u make movies again?

Oct 200434baseer

MY First Time color correcting

Jul 200434Cutty201

video quality and film look

Jun 200434directorshock

xl-1 or gl-2

Mar 200434Ozea

the trailer to the movie i was an extra for...

Jan 200434ilykdp

Lightsaber shadow

Dec 200334fertesz

What is the best 3D graphic software?

Jun 200334Anonymous

New project -- possibly need help!

Apr 200334air7walk

Blue-Screening Programs

Jun 200234Sith_Knight

Film feel in your movies!

May 200234Chrislad

If my movie has a Princess Zelda init would Nintendo sue me?

Jul 201033JUIDAR

Panasonic HPX 2700 Camera Test

Dec 200833CX3

Shooting a burning building

Dec 200833fxmaniac

Help with military clothing

Aug 200833JasonX1024

getting that dull look

Mar 200833RodyPolis

Jumper Effect..check it out

Feb 200833FXhomer27378

DIY 35mm Adapter Finished + Tutorial - version 1.01

Dec 200733Serpent

Your Location (UK)

May 200733Avenging Eagle

equipment hire

Apr 200733fxmaniac

My latest film!

Mar 200733Aculag

Future Movie Thing... any ideas?

Jan 200733Penguin

Advice for Car Chase

Apr 200633the new godfather

Wall Run Effect?

Apr 200633angelx

Prime Editiing Software

Dec 200533Fierro Films


Oct 200533ashman

Filming Needs, Wants, and Everything Else

Sep 200533irishcult

Share your Video Camera Setup

Mar 200533Serdar3500

Stock Footage

Feb 200533LilCaesars

Yet another CG callout....

Jan 200533NuttyBanana

What do you use?

Jan 200533Cyberiusx

3D, keying, bottomless pits... it's all here (FX test)

Sep 200433effstops

good chromanator test clips??? greenscreening

Aug 200433jmill8886

i need a logo

Apr 200433NickD

All I Hear And See Is Matrix

Feb 200433Anonymous

Check this out

Feb 200433Bryce007

Built a steady-cam for $9

Dec 200333Serdar3500

Just Ordered my new GL-2!!

Aug 200333Coureur de Bois

FXhome help?/

Jul 201032Mad Mike

Looking for a new camera (yes... ANOTHER camera thread)

May 201032Jabooza

Which FXHome product for starting out?

Dec 200932FXhomer79929

Saw an advert for my old film.

Aug 200932b4uask30male


Aug 200932TheOutlawAmbulance

nearly got taken to the loony bin by the cops

Jun 200932videofxuniverse

"PEDRO" -Please tell what you think?

Sep 200732Hugo3

Free Stock Effects

Aug 200732The Chosen One

Do your friends know what you do?

Jun 200732Chief Corn

our film starting pre-production

Mar 200732fxmaniac

Post Production setup

Mar 200732doppelganger

Q:If you had $300 for either a Cam or 1 semester Film School

Jul 200632marcus u

more than just grading to get that FILM look.

Apr 200632ashman

In Need of a Deep British Voice to Narrate

Mar 200632JUIDAR

GL2 vs XL1

Jan 200632shadowninja1028

Great Gun Sound Effects From Bf2!

Dec 200532the new godfather

Canon XL H1 *New*

Sep 200532wdy

Splinter Cell Fanfilm

Jul 200532Zea

What do you pay for your website?

Mar 200532DPUMA8

Getting cast and crew?

May 200432cott4477

U people loaded?

Apr 200432Anonymous

Pooky's get your spots while they're hot...story ideas

Oct 200332tommach

Tryin to get a good lookin gunshots! help

Sep 200332Anonymous

How do people get such big force meters?

Jun 200232Chrislad

Movie Scripts

May 200232Idgas

Reverse Matrix Effect idea

May 200232Radar

We need somewhere to put the Silent Hill preview!

May 200232sidewinder

SHORT: Strike at Dawn | production thread |

Feb 201131Strike@Dawn

Mattebox/Follow Focus/Rails on ebay?

Feb 201131RodyPolis

Kickstarter Funding for a film

Jun 201031therpgfanatic

My Big Movie Script.

May 200931sir alex

Mayan Pyramid(finished)

Jun 200831RodyPolis

DIY Dolly I made with pictures and demo video

Apr 200831BlueSmudge

Poor Man's Steadicam

Mar 200831Jabooza

100,000 budget...What to Buy? -UPDATE -

Feb 200831Dancamfx

Scary Town Names

Jan 200831Phantom48

Special Essentials ...fake?

Jan 200831losiek1993

looking for movies to edit!

Nov 200731DVStudio

Jabooza vs. The Penguinator - CANCELLED

Nov 200731Jabooza

New Pics* 3D werewolf character

Jun 200731nanafanboy

Macbook Pro Now or Wait?

May 200731wdy

What would be better?

Apr 200731Thrawn


Mar 200731fxmaniac

Will this work?

Mar 200731doppelganger

The Bridge < New Short

Feb 200731FCRabbath

Any females with a digital camera that can help me out?

Jan 200731ectoace

things you can't do in your film if you want it on TV.

Oct 200631b4uask30male

have you ever been offered DVD's in the street?

Sep 200631b4uask30male

Fingerman The Feature Film from Cobra Productions

Jul 200631ajjax44

SNEAK PEEK at new Movie in Production

May 200631JUIDAR

julius caesar car bombing Improved edit

Apr 200631the new godfather

human torch like character?

Jan 200631notoriusc


Nov 200531ssjaaron

You all time FX Home favorites.

Sep 200531miker

XL2 for less than $2000?

Jun 200531Bugclimber

Attention all film makers!!!!!

May 200531jjuerss

How can I get a movie look in vegas 5

Apr 200531GuitarsRule89

3D Bullet Models

Mar 200531mikey156

PhotoRealstic video/images: Yet another 3D Question

Feb 200531cinemafreak

Check this out peeps

Feb 200531Serdar3500

Extreme slow motion

Jan 200531Squid

Terragen, anyone?

Nov 200431ben3308

ONLINE-CASTING for Feature Film "NightCast"

Nov 200431Sollthar

Do you make a film with fx's in mind.

Oct 200431b4uask30male


Aug 200431ben3308

matrix 3

Oct 200331ari


Aug 200331ggbros

So you wanna be a filmmaker?

Jul 200331Obi

You wanted wolverine you go

May 200331wpl

How can i make a actors head get chopped off in my movie?

Aug 200231ggbros

First Pictures from "Face to Face"

Jul 200231Sollthar

Vegas Video or Adobe Premiere?

Jun 200231Destroyer

succubus movie (Offtopic discussion from "the test"

May 200231Samsung

Cinema Movies are LAME!!!

Apr 200231Anonymous

What cams do you all use? A mini-guide!

Apr 200231Chrislad

Magic Bullet / The Orphanage

Apr 200231Neo

Darkest Days - Production Thread

Apr 201130StrikeEmStudios

Knock Knock: Production Thread

Oct 201030The Strider

10 Minutes - Short Action Film

Apr 201030StupidLikeAFox

Need Heroes Teleporting Effect Help...AGAIN!

Dec 200930Ban Danna

Top 50 Movie Effects of All Time

Jan 200930Simon K Jones

How to prepare for a shoot

Oct 200830RodyPolis

Help with script!

Aug 200830RyanMichael

Cloverfield Effects

Apr 200830Filmaker92

The hundred thousandth post...

Apr 200830pdrg

My script is complete I need voice Overs

Mar 200830videofxuniverse

"The Asset/Expendable" production thread

Jan 200830doppelganger

A Must Watch

Jun 200730joshh

Directing and acting in a movie

May 200730Rockfilmers


Apr 200730Link123456

Too young?

Feb 200730fxmaniac

i want a 3ccd camera...but which one?

Sep 200630skywalker dan

GL2/XM2 HDV Successor!

Jul 200630Pooky

New Resident Evil Fan Film

Mar 200630Bryce007

Day to Night questions

Jan 200630mojaba

CGI City

Jul 200530angelx

software based motion capture?

Feb 200530Sollthar

3D graphics and Dual CPU Question

Feb 200530cinemafreak

The best way to start a film?

Dec 200430TommyB

Read this if you want 48Khz Saber effects.

Mar 200430Sharp

Camera suggestions for purchase?

Feb 200430elementcinema

Can Chromanator work without greenscreens?

Jan 200430Anonymous

Mass battle software

Jan 200430webhog421

Favorite Movie Music?

Dec 200330Pooky

blue/greenscreening problem

Nov 200330fertesz

xm2 or xl1?

Jun 200330Greyo

Favourite film scores?

Nov 200230Klown

Your registry might be corrupted. (Code 19)

Jul 200230dirtygeeza

Twisted Studios needs your help in its next production!

Apr 200230sidewinder

MiniDV and the Big Screen

Nov 200130Craig

Production Thread: G.O.D.

Mar 201129Sollthar

New equipment?

Jul 201029nerfgunnerz3

Jump through window?

Nov 200929joe billy

'Roulette' -AE's new film

Jul 200929Avenging Eagle

Mac iDVD burning trouble...

Nov 200829The FE

Is this legit?

Sep 200829RyanMichael

Vietnam Movie...

Jun 200829JasonX1024

Canon HV20 - On Clearance at Circuit City

Jun 200829Super Cameraman

New Year, New Movies. What's Everyone Working On?

Jan 200829Atom

Portal - Complete with music video

Oct 200729Ste

Smoke machine advice

Oct 200729adamlightandmagic

What cam to buy and reasons why?

Oct 200729Demonicy

One Cam - Gonna be a problem?

Jul 200729StrABullet

neat movie idea

Jun 200729SlickV19

selecting a new laptop...

Jun 200729the new godfather

Stereo or surround?

May 200729Merrick

my short film

Apr 200729fxmaniac

Suburban Plight - re-edit: feedback wanted

Aug 200629effstops

Looking For Short Horror Story Ideas

Aug 200629Viking

suit change?

Jun 200629notoriusc

Freeway greenscreen testing

Jun 200629the new godfather

Rate of Fire

May 200629CurtinParloe

The Muzzle Flash-Gun-Thread/Competiton

Apr 200629mattio

Why isn't anyone making Spiderman Fan Film? Is it too hard?

Jan 200629hulkis2001

The future of Filmmaking

Jan 20062990hitpoints

Excited about Chromanator...

Sep 200529Fill

Star Wars Fan Film - Possible Buildings

Jul 200529Vault FX

how do I create a 'Force push'?

Jul 200529alexanderj

Ending Title Sequence:help!

Apr 200529mikec10305

FIlm company Logo

Mar 200529silencer

Little test movie I made: Cards

Feb 200529Pooky

A Movie Idea- "Dead Voices"

Feb 200529Justin10139

Community Movie

Nov 200429The video machine

Great Community

Nov 200429NickD

Ideas Ideas Ideas

Sep 200429MovieGuy334

Motion Ships

Aug 200429Serpent

Cool Trick for Gun Smoke

Aug 200429Evman


May 200429b4uask30male

microphones? A little Help

Jan 200429Riese

Andrew's Bullet Hit "Squibs''

Jan 200429AndrewtheActorMan

Walking Through Solid Walls

Jun 200329Raymund

SVCD - Menu?

Apr 200329TAP2

Episode 3 Title

Apr 200329Aculag

Help with new film in ENGLAND

Dec 200229b4uask30male

Uzis for X-mas

Dec 200229supersmasher

Weapons, You KNOW you want them

Nov 200229jirwin

Men in Black II

Jul 200229codabar


Jul 200229Rawree

Ghostbusters Movie

Jul 200229Ghostbusters

Prop Swords?

Jun 200229Greyo

Cinema 4d or 3d MAX?

Mar 200229X

Alamdv2 Trailer

Feb 200229av11d

Computer Production thread (Q & A)

Mar 201028Fxhome Dude

Opening Credit Spelling Question

Jan 201028Nuwanda

Filming in Casinos

Jun 200928Avenging Eagle

The Adventures of Oscar and Johnny script.

Jun 200928sir alex

Movie Trailer. My first film. Lots of visual effects.

Dec 200828FXhomer64798

External Sound

Jul 200828Direktor

What type of film is easiest

Feb 200828Artic

How to make aliens like ones from war of the worlds

Nov 200728DVStudio

The Ultimate Camera Guide (V0.5) -LOCK REQUESTED-

Jul 200728Phantom48

My first Full movie is out (my "Indiana Jones" fan

Jul 200728doppelganger

How do I earn money off of my videos?

Apr 200728Thrawn

Music Video Project

Mar 200728SilverDragon7

BF2 models in movies

Feb 200628Zephlon

Fxtest3! and Music Video!

Feb 200628ssjaaron

USA Short Film Grants?

Aug 200528nanafanboy

A Film Festival I won!

May 200528ssjaaron

regarding MGM and call it a series

Feb 200528b4uask30male

The Unwritten Rule Trilogy DVD is now available!

Aug 200428Stepladder

Anyone know how to get that matrox dv codec?

Jul 200428Unbreakable

28 Days Later film question

Feb 200428Anonymous

Rating issue

Feb 200428Frozenpede

Shotgun Mic on a cam with no Mic input?

Jan 200428Troy


Jan 200428FiveIronFrenzy

Chromanator Tests

Jan 200428Brettsta

Making 16:9 into 4:3

Dec 200328Coureur de Bois

10 reasons why you should own Alamdv2

Oct 200328jessy

Let's Get Something Straight...

Oct 200328Aculag

Black And Red Glow

Sep 200328Pooky

Need an idea

Aug 200328neo_man89

My newest movie idea.

Jun 200328ggbros

Bullet Time Test

Jun 200328AndrewtheActorMan

What kind of camera you using?

Apr 200328Unbreakable

Explosions So Big They'll Blow Your...

Feb 200328MechaForce

alam creates startrek film

Aug 200228b4uask30male

I'm looking for punch wooshes, bullet zips etc.

Jul 200228sidewinder

Damn you Sollthar!

Mar 200228v6proz

Tell me what YOU think

Mar 200228Cypher

Achieving The Film Look

Feb 201127Viktorious

Merricam: Converting a Tripod to a Steadicam

Jul 200927Merrick

Getting hit by Car

Apr 200927RodyPolis

Fxhome Product Help

Mar 200927Airsoft Studios

Carpe Diem - Trailer #2

Feb 200927RodyPolis

Fake Guns

Sep 200827Biblmac

Compositing problems (green screen)

Aug 200827cottonproductions

Camera Microphone?

Jul 200827Jabooza

How do you make action in films?

Mar 200827b4uask30male

productions name help

Dec 200727RyanMichael

Best NLE

Nov 200727The Duelist

High-Def. Question

Sep 200727King of Blades

got an idea we could all benifit from.

May 200727b4uask30male

New Coptime Trailer

Apr 200727joshh


Apr 200727Horcruxes88

My film is on SKY TV on 27th Feb.

Feb 200727b4uask30male

Quick super jump test [UPDATED]

Feb 200727swatdojo

Better Mic

Dec 200627Penguin

PR Redo

Dec 200627xperiment

Poser 5 is Free through Sept. 8th!

Sep 200627Serpent

Fight test movie, looking for comments

Apr 200627blh

Vue 5 Awesome natural 3D environments Application

Feb 200627mattio

Brand New Teaser For "Imminent"+Hosting Request.

Jan 200627Bryce007

Explotion - pls help!

Oct 200527frankv

firelight Movies - Fire FX

Aug 200527Vault FX

Should I write a 3D animation program for filmakers?

Jun 200527Roozer

Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy trailer!

Feb 200527Pooky

HDV or not?? DCR-VX2100 vs HDR-FX1

Feb 200527nicmar

Vue3 for free.

Nov 200427Sharp

FXTV poll

Oct 200427boffa86

Quick attempt at HP commercial effect

Sep 200427KungSanGun

Found bones on film location...what action should I take?

Sep 200427wdy

Film Festivals! (?)

Aug 200427Aculag

sword stab effect

Jun 200427tylerw

Designing Monster / Alien Sound Effects.

Jun 200427Sharp

Prep Software.

May 200427Cutty201

Preparing to make my movie

Apr 200427Cutty201

My new movie's Title sequence

Apr 200427Ryan

That Film Look tutorial youve all been looking for!

Apr 200427elementcinema

Ultimate Guide to Video Editing Applications

Jan 200427Axeman

Editing Software Tips

Dec 200327Brettsta

Maya Metal Skeleton Model?

Oct 200327Pooky

Power Corps Feature Version Teaser

Sep 200327JohnCarter

Bullet Time!

Sep 200327Pooky

Size Of Movie And Free Site To Put It On???

Aug 200327Pooky

Who here likes horror movies?

Aug 200327Howloween18

Troopers Teaser

Jul 200327b4uask30male

The Passion Trailer

Jul 200327Greyo

Green Screen Room

Jun 200327cott4477

Martial Arts Movie Teaser

Jun 200327Anonymous

Firewire from the Soundblaster card

Apr 200327Bob Page

So what exactly can AAE and Lightwave do?

Sep 200227neo_man89

Movie ideas

Aug 200227raider

Mass Driven CGI

Aug 200227Phage

List Of Useful Links : Read Before Posting

Jun 200227oliciv

Put up bluescreen in a garage - how?

Jun 201026Sick Boy

How to develop characters for short film.

Dec 200926RodyPolis

Best way to export and physically send footage (mail)?

Sep 200926MrGoodbomb


Aug 200926davlin

10,000 Film Contest

Aug 200926FXhomer99627

Carpe Diem Episode 9 - Series Finale

Jul 200926RodyPolis

Audio, DVD's, and Labeling

Feb 200926Pixel edit

Mos Isley test shot.

Jan 200926Moonloon1

WWII Prop and Costume Resources

Sep 200826mikeh

A LOT of work needed but is camera alright?

Jun 200826PLANB

Filmmaking books

May 200826The Siege

can someone create titles for me?

Mar 200826b4uask30male

Best Camcorder to Buy

Feb 200826Vault FX

Mac or pc

Jan 200826Horcruxes88

Canon XL-2 Users



Oct 200726Quvoo

The Legend Of David - Release

May 200726FCRabbath

Sound effects program

Mar 200726Dark Pivot

Are you, YOUTUBE?

Oct 200626ssjaaron

READ ME: Bryce is FREE (For now) -Now works with OS 10.4

Aug 200626Serpent

What Do You Like In Action Movies?

Aug 200626xperiment


Jul 200626xperiment

Voice Audition for "Lord Qordis" in my movie...

Jul 200626King of Blades

success in film?

May 200626ProFilms17

very good sabre fight requires FX - ing

May 200626blh

what makes feature films better?

Apr 200626destron

X3i : Divinity - Production Diary

Feb 200626CX3

Scare FX - State-Of-The-Art Horror Sound Collection

Feb 200626MikeNovy

How many people here have a HI DEF camera

Jan 200626b4uask30male

Pick One (Please)

Oct 200526TommyB

Dementor or Ring Wraith 3D Render

Sep 200526Jeremy Davidson

Google Video Upload

Apr 200526pzgamer825

Tips For Digital Grading

Jan 200526Brettsta

what do you call an Epic film

Dec 200426b4uask30male

New Car Explosion Test!

Sep 200426cantaclaro

NightCast.Net online!

Aug 200426Sollthar

Color Graded Fottage 2

Jul 200426Redhawksrymmer

FX Test Video

Jun 200426ssjaaron

Hero fans: Seminars on this hit film!

Oct 200326Anonymous

Really Cool Title Effect (video Attached)

Sep 200326insomnia

My Newest Idea

Aug 200326ihateemo

check out my bullet+rings

Jun 200326divaid2001

Widescreen Mode...

Oct 200226smier33

Twisted Studios DVD! What?

Jul 200226MechaForce

Star Wars Sound Effects

May 200226Gibs

Screenplay writing / Story board software?

May 200226pauly

Scope Entertainment now open!

May 200226Cypher

3d Bat Flying

Mar 2011252xZProductions

Teaser for new short 'After Midnight'

Dec 200925Rockfilmers

Any ideas for first person Camera shots?

Dec 200925nuyawk

Can I do this Without Quicktime?

Oct 200925The FE

check it out

Jul 200925nerfgunnerz3

Storm troopers vs. clone troopers and Anikan-geonosis

Jul 200925sir alex

An Appeal to All My Friends at FXhome

Jul 200925FXhomerTony


Jun 200925JUIDAR

AIDAN 5 Takes third place at Miami International Film Fest

Mar 200925Bryan M Block

how can i get my friends to make movies with me?

Mar 200925Lerman Productions

STAR WARS based films? Why we buy FXhome?

Mar 200925Moonloon1

What Do The Studios Use?

Nov 200825cinemafreak

exploding dog effects test

Mar 200825nitrox

Stormtrooper outfits

Mar 200825MillerBros

Sony Vegas question

Jan 200825RodyPolis

USA Field Producers...

Oct 200725pdrg

Anyone want to get a sneak peek at a new MB3 scene?

Jul 200725NickD

'Summertime Killer' production blog

Jul 200725Avenging Eagle

Anthology of Blood Teaser Trailer.

Jul 200725nanafanboy

Best Non-linear editor

Jun 200725The Duelist


Jun 200725mercianfilm

Rating Boxes

Apr 200725Pixel edit

Should I enter a short film or make a 2 hour blockbuster?

Apr 200725PLANB

Canon Cameras

Mar 200725SilverDragon7

stuck for film ideas...

Mar 200725japan1

The best way to get financers for a movie

Feb 200725The Siege

Spare Change < New Short

Dec 200625FCRabbath

Great camcorder with NO! tapes or dvds

Dec 200625doppelganger

Concept Art for my film...

Nov 200625xperiment

How do you come up with a name for your group?

Nov 200625Kolchin

What Genre of films to do like to see on FxHome?!

Aug 200625Professsor

Help with logo scene

Aug 200625Zero767

Logo designer WANTED!

Jul 200625Professsor

24p camera vs. "film look" software

Jul 200625drummin dude

Superhero Harry, first 15 minutes online now

Jul 200625b4uask30male

Q:Going to film school or not? With todays technology, Why?

Jul 200625marcus u

Flame on

Jun 200625SGB

New logo that I made

Jun 200625visualchaos

Script for my SW movie!

Jun 200625King of Blades

Show Us Your Video Editing Setup

Apr 200625NickD

Release Forms

Apr 200625Garrison


Dec 200525bizzardstick

Ebay FCP, is this possible?

Nov 200525BlueSmudge

DivX Create Bundle free

Sep 200525Empty Lunchbox

Star Wars Fan Film - Ideas Help

Jul 200525Vault FX

anyone on fxhome forums is making the move to HD ?

Jul 200525jotoki

Finished Clapperboard

May 200525Underdog Productions

60s style movie editing

Mar 200525GuitarsRule89

Glidecam Gold V-8 Special with a vest only $179???

Feb 200525nicmar

Airsoft Guns

Jan 200525obidean

3D Rendering

Dec 200425Sniped

3D animation for a logo - please help!

Sep 200425sciedou

Airsoft Guns - Props - Electric Blowback - $15.00

Aug 200425ZenActing

Is it the Lighting?

Aug 200425Clapter

Vx2100E help

Jun 200425billy3d

Magic Bullet Suite Alternative...

Mar 200425Anonymous

Working together!

Feb 200425Aculag

Having A Little Fun

Jan 200425Anonymous

Can't get 3D scene to look real (3DS MAX)

Jan 200425DigiSm89

where can I get gun props?

Dec 200325wpl


Dec 200325Kaede11

Tips for buying a computer?

Nov 200325BackOfTheHearse

5.1 embedded movie, possible?

Nov 200325Thegame826

How do you do sommersaults or stunts?

Nov 200325Anonymous

Prosthetic Limbs!

Jun 200325Mantra

Beginning Project...Now

Jun 200325Roxygirl577

Idea's for an action movie.. Please help

Apr 200325DarkJedi07

I need help to blow stuff up!

Feb 200325sidewinder


Dec 200225Kyeju

Free DVD of Stargate Earthbound

Dec 200225b4uask30male

Fight Techniques?

Aug 200225Greyo

Need help with footage for a music video!!!

May 200225Anonymous


Mar 200225fishboy_uk

Beyond FXhome: what are you working on?

Nov 201024Simon K Jones

Airsoft Guns Spraypainting Help

Jan 201024TheOutlawAmbulance

Poseidon1231 Movies

Sep 200924Poseidon1231

Light of Eden - Final Trailer

May 200924FCRabbath

Water Effect?

Mar 200924Airsoft Studios

HV30 camera

Feb 200924junfanjohn

Horror Film Ideas.

Oct 200824Mattex Films HD

A Decent Tripod For Under £30

Aug 200824Adman

Which camera should I get? I need help selecting a camera.

Aug 200824Leon215

Cheapest HD Camera?

Aug 200824MoltenWhale

Music Video - Shooting this weekend

Jun 200824er-no

35mm Adapter for Sale

May 200824Serpent

Diy Cnc

Apr 200824GeeksGoneBad

Atomic Dolly Test

Apr 200824Atom

Movie Releases < Three New Shorts!

Feb 200824FCRabbath

Shooting with the RED camera system- stills online

Dec 200724Bryan M Block

Christmas Film Anyone?

Dec 200724Tommy92L

Battle for the Stars: I need voice actors

Nov 200724video fx universe

FXmaniacs questions

Oct 200724fxmaniac

Best-looking practical (not digital) body hit from moonrock

Oct 200724MrGoodbomb

Should I do it? Halo 3 combat remake.

Sep 200724Tommy92L

Best editor?

Jul 200724Zero767

Latest Project

Jun 200724Rockfilmers

Depth of field?

May 200724doppelganger

Ready to do Voiceover for you project

May 200724The Skull Hunter

First 3D area

May 200724SilverDragon7

movie name needed

Apr 200724gangsta

Final Cut Studio 2

Apr 200724Dancamfx

I need advice on camcorders

Apr 200724Ballowall

film or digital camcorders?

Feb 200724lonesn1per

Gun Replicas

Nov 200624cjbalways

Poster Poll!

Jul 200624Garfield Street

Grading Advice

Jun 200624Harvey

Speak Of The Devil < Release

Jun 200624FCRabbath

Voice Effects

Apr 200624The World Is Yours

Pimp Party

Apr 200624pcremag

What should I buy for 3D animation?

Mar 200624GuitarsRule89

CGI Shell casings (emtpy rounds) and or Shattering Glass

Feb 200624blh

Preset Library for EffectsLab DV

Dec 200524Thriller


Nov 200524Serpent

here is a fantastic website for you film makers.....

Feb 200524peter huish

Ultimate Airsoft and Replica eshop list.

Jan 200524er-no

I need some CG work done for free :o)

Jan 200524silencer


Dec 200424Redhawksrymmer

Programs used for opening credits?

Dec 200424sthach83

XL2: A Review.

Dec 200424tmaynard

Frame mode

Sep 200424Evman

What's Your NO.1 Advice?

Aug 200424TAP2

to interlace or to not interlace

May 200424thecarpets

Still from first movie

Apr 200424hippa03

5 cops surrounded

Mar 200424boffa86

Model Guns

Feb 200424Frozenpede

Tron FX

Feb 200424Anonymous

Film Look Tutorial - Anyone interested in helping?

Jan 200424TAP2

Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow Trailer

Dec 200324blaine

computer stats needed to handle video files

Dec 2003244036Douglas


Nov 200324SFX-Spaz

Quick opinion

Oct 200324SciDog

night vision

Sep 200324Viper54

Ultimate FAQ II (Come here first)

Aug 200324Hajiku_Flip

Original effect contest

May 200324voiceoverwizard

Absolutely hilarious Matrix Parody I found

May 200324Kyeju

Matrix Bullet Time Tutorial!!

May 200324mighty_joe

To go blue or green that is the question?

May 200324voiceoverwizard

The Matrix: Escape

Jan 200324CMHS

RedFruit II Teaser Site Online!

Jan 200324Cypher

Laser to camera phenomena

Sep 200224andrewlogan

Some discussable thoughts...

Aug 200224Trinity-Studios-Gmbh


Jul 200224b4uask30male

More Steady

Jul 200224Andreas

original light saber usage

Jun 200224Succubus


Mar 200224Cypher

gun sounds

May 200124mighty_joe2001

Cheap Lighting?

Feb 201123Azulon'sAssassin

Copyright question.

Nov 201023Azulon'sAssassin

Free HD DSLR Cinema Workshop with Vincent Laforet

Apr 201023Axeman


Apr 201023iFilmer

225 for a damn green suit!

Mar 201023jakaiden

Safe but realistic sword fights

Dec 200923Viktorious

Final CONNECTED poster before filming begins.

May 200923Atomatonn

Sony Vegas 9.0 vs Pinnacle Studio 12?

Apr 200923No Degradation

3-D: The Future of Movies

Mar 200923jawajohnny

What's your favorite effect to make?

Feb 200923DVStudio

How well would this work?

Dec 200823Singwolf

Buying a new HD camera.

Nov 200823Paradox Pictures

SCARLET'S WITCH- Production Blog

Sep 200823FCRabbath

I Want To Do That!

Jul 200823JasonX1024

First Demo Reel

Jun 200823Travis Kunze

Gun Sounds

Jun 200823Bflat5

THE BOURNE FINALITY - Exclusive Trailer Here!

Apr 200823PMiddy

A scene from Athology of Blood. Tell me what you think.

Nov 200723nanafanboy

Best way to remove orange tip off a gun?

Sep 200723ChromeHeart

Panasonic HVX200

Aug 200723Josh3B

Cry as I Die- a visualized poem

Jun 200723KA Productions


Apr 200723Thrawn

GL2 or XL2

Mar 200723doppelganger

2nd scene of my Indiana Jones Fan Film (comments wanted)

Feb 200723doppelganger

Replica fire arms and the law

Feb 200723strider4660

Star Wars Crystals

Feb 200723Balketh

Organising a Digital Studio

Jan 200723Hugo3

60 Jib "The Poor Man's Jib"

Dec 200623outerringz

What Camera Should I Buy?

Oct 200623DavidLittlefield

Wanna help me out? Need Cast and Crew for film project...

Oct 200623TMR

Ever wanted to write a comic?

May 200623nanafanboy

Looking for good DVD Burning Software

May 200623jrg2134

WON! Utah High School Film Festival!

May 200623ssjaaron

My New Muse: Hysteria *Music Video*

Apr 200623ssjaaron

Fullscreen to widescreen

Apr 200623lwmedia

Earth space shot

Mar 2006235kiPpY

I hate Pinnacle Studio

Feb 200623The Artur

is this a good idea for a movie?

Dec 200523robosays21

Color Changing programs?

Dec 200523irishcult

Free 3d animation

Dec 200523SGB

How to do Good Title Animation

Oct 200523Jrad

Spy Series Title Suggestion

Jul 200523angelx

Program Recommendations (NLE)

Jul 200523Rabbit Hole Pictures

Help with some filming ideas based on pre-vis

Jun 200523RudyPicardo

Microphone question

May 200523Kristian

Canon Xl2 .VS. Panasonic Dvx100A

Apr 200523Squid

Painkiller Begins Production

Apr 200523JohnCarter

Small question on film-making, how to film this cold scene?

Feb 200523joetrix571

is there any such thing as a voice changer?

Feb 200523peter huish

Nightcrawler effect method...

Jan 200523Vampiricyouthv

What could I do to improve my site?

Dec 200423cinematography

Just a little something...

Dec 200423Calminaion

Music Videos (How Did They Do That!)

Nov 200423homedogjedi

Should we put or AlamDV3 in our credits?

Oct 200423b4uask30male

An Easy Guide to Good Compression (with pictures)

Oct 200423Hybrid-Halo

Secondhand GL2

Sep 200423Serdar3500


Jun 200423The Muffin Man


Mar 200423Anonymous

I want footage on 3ccd vs 1ccd!

Mar 200423nicmar

Whats the next hit?

Feb 200423Frozenpede

Automated Camera Shake?

Oct 200323badkerning

Cool Project!!

Sep 200323Pooky

Hanging someone to death

Sep 200323rjfox56

How to do 3D?

Aug 200323neo_man89

A clone test

Jul 200323AndrewtheActorMan

(1) Stop asking about cloning and (2) watch this.

Apr 200323Aculag

All downhill...

Mar 200323Hajiku_Flip

No Arguments Please, What is the best animating programme?

Feb 200323TAP2

Skeleton Army needed !

Aug 200223Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Help with Film Idea

Jul 200223Greyo

DV Camera recommendations?

Jul 200223Klown

How to make cool CG???

Mar 200223domdino

Must Every Frame Be Keyframed?

Dec 200123Anonymous

Work experience with pdrg

Mar 201122mattio

Nikon P100

Nov 201022Terminal Velocity

Rails~ production updates

Oct 201022Rockfilmers

first movie with my boy

Jul 201022boc

Half Life: Beyond Black Mesa teaser/fan made short film

Jul 201022miker

Impossible Special Effects

May 201022Paradox Pictures

Aerial photography/filming with RC helicopter

Dec 200922doppelganger

Win a free Movie Trailer Voice Over

Jun 200922voiceoverwizard

blood and gore

Apr 200922RyanMichael

Serious Help With Windows Movie Maker.

Mar 200922Airsoft Studios

SSJAARON is back? And has a new video!

Mar 200922ssjaaron

Poll: Do you apply grading effects before/after adding VFX?

Mar 200922debris11

Light Of Eden < Trailer!

Dec 200822FCRabbath

a project: story of havema

Dec 200822AwesomeFist

Someone to help me out

Oct 200822MoltenWhale

Type of spfx computer program for SW fan film question...

Sep 200822TannerBoyle

Music Video - Brays - 'Sin'

Sep 200822er-no

Problem with after effects that I can't seem to fix

Jul 200822Atomatonn

Shooting locations being destroyed!

Jul 200822The Nemesis2161

Experienced orchestral film composer available

May 200822mderrico

2:30am: Atomic Improv Test

Apr 200822Atom

What editor seems better?

Jan 200822PLANB

New HD camera RED pro but cheap-ish

Dec 200722b4uask30male

Jumping off a bridge, Bourne Style

Oct 200722tictacattack123

How to make a Musical?

Jul 200722Super Cameraman

HD cameras

Jul 200722fxmaniac

Ok people do the STAR WARS but wheres the TREK?

Jul 200722Elliptical Productions

I need some zombie sounds!

Jul 200722japan1

Your Site

Jun 200722KA Productions

I am new and need some help!

Jun 200722Biblmac

Stock Footage keying problem :/

May 200722Tuffy

Effect: Me in the TV

Feb 200722Anne

Film Projects of 2007

Jan 200722Limey

car crash

Oct 200622Orin Warren

Giant Insects!

Jun 200622Junuc Kleen

The Quality of Terragen

Jun 200622B3N

How to create an awesome logo (Tutorial)

May 200622Pooky

Need a Good Website for cheap cameras

May 200622EVW2K

Very first short film...need some advise/comments

May 200622Clark Kent

New Independent FILM in the making, check it out!

May 200622JUIDAR

Fake blood... with no Food colouring?

May 200622Pooky

Greenscreen Keying Help

Apr 200622alpha54

Cardboard Armour Costume *Finished with Pics*

Mar 200622Serpent

NightCast needs photoshop wizards!

Mar 200622Sollthar

$6500 budget, what would you buy?

Jan 200622FXhomer2855

Need To Buy New Semi-pro Cam And Have No Idea Which!

Nov 200522ogrus

I want to buy camera lens...

Nov 200522Fill

Hi Def Sony Camera!

Nov 200522cjbalways

Laptop suggestions

Nov 200522epeterson

"Archangel's Fall" Review

Sep 200522Zeolahn

what is the best editing program for PC

Aug 200522alexanderj

green screen needed !!!!!

Aug 200522Maxy

My Logo Any Advice?

Aug 200522mattio

My Ghost Film

Jul 200522TommyB

3d model of latest dalek design

Jun 200522jotoki

Blank firing guns

Jun 200522Squid

Prey Alone*Crazy independent FILM*

Jun 200522ssjaaron

Affordable 3d with camera matching....dont say blender.

May 200522jotoki

StarWars Movie style...

Mar 200522Vertigo38

Magic Bullet

Mar 200522hatsoff2halford

Why Havnt You?

Mar 200522Frozenpede

Best Camcorder for Semi Pro Filmmakers?

Mar 200522Kal

where would i find 35mm film cameras?

Jan 200522Chop Suke

Rendering For Television

Jan 200522GuitarsRule89 trustworthy???

Jan 200522jmill8886

Text Beaming

Jan 200522Arcwave

Easiest modelling/animation software?

Jan 200522Vampiricyouthv

Your Most Complex FX Scene?

Dec 200422TimScott

Car Interior Lighting....

Dec 200422TimmyD

Crazy Idea

Nov 200422Sniped

PLEASE I NEED HELP! In finding a certain piece of music

Sep 200422Shredder

Compositing Competition

Aug 200422billy3d

CG and water

Jul 200422tylerw

Adobe Premiere versus Vegas Video 4.0

Mar 200422kidschlocko

RAM for 3D

Feb 200422Denise CookXClam

No-Budget Filmmaker Seeking Advice: Equipment

Jan 200422cinematography

Cropping footage for widescreen

Jan 200422Gibs

Shooting Professionally on Digital

Jan 200422Coureur de Bois


Jan 200422robholtby

12 OR 16Bit Sound?

Dec 200322TAP2

How to do realistic shell ejection?

Nov 200322Anonymous

My studio name...

Nov 200322Pooky

Premiere Exporting Error????

Oct 200322Pooky

Need Help with Flashbacks??!?!?!

Sep 200322SunriseSeagull

Movie ideas

Sep 200322Anonymous

War Film

Sep 200322Viper54

Specs for Vid Editing PC - Any suggestions/advice ??

Jul 200322LightsCameraAction

Another Test to see....

Jun 200322AndrewtheActorMan

Come on in and join the matrix hype...

May 200322gpmovies

Need voice actors.

May 200322Andreas

ew, video is ugly

May 200322Animaster

Episode 3.141596 -- Coming Soon!!!

Feb 200322Robersdee

I want a mac!

Feb 200322billy3d

Script writing

Jan 200322Fight

Creating a Good Movie Fight

Dec 200222curran

Now LET'S HELP "B4".....with PREMIERE

Dec 200222davlin

guns in public

Dec 200222mighty_joe2001

the most realistic recoil

Sep 200222metellius

Building a website

Jul 200222Greyo

Fake Guns (props)

Jul 200222ripascbr

Company Logo

Jul 200222Platinum

Link to Your Site

Jul 200222Impulse Entertainer

New script. Whaddaya think!?

Jun 200222Hajiku_Flip

Advanced Editing Technique.....

Jun 200222Anonymous

New Camcorder Purchase

May 200222DSteven

Video Capture question

May 200222Cypher

Croma keying in Premiere or AE

Mar 200222Anonymous

Tutorials wanted - not what you think

Jan 200222fallen

Need some Back to the Future effects help!!!

Jan 200222Chev

Terminator And T-1000

Jan 200222allyse

Matrix-Spin Tutorial (With editing alone). The EASY way to a

Dec 200122The Game


Jul 200122codec3

Mercian film presents 'The fall of Britannia' (Working title

Oct 201021mercianfilm

"Film Look" Help Needed

May 201021Ban Danna

Would this be possible to do with VisionLab and Blender?

Oct 200921Fxhome Dude


Jul 200921Poseidon1231

Flip Mino HD

Jul 200921TheOutlawAmbulance

YouTube Total Views.

Jun 200921Mattex Films HD


Apr 200921FCRabbath

Need audio help quickly!

Apr 200921ChromeHeart

Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Challenge

Apr 200921Adman

What is a very good, cheap video editor?

Mar 200921Brianator

Bathroom mirror.

Mar 200921spydurhank

least favorite phase of film production

Feb 200921Rockfilmers

Manipulating Images in Gimp

Feb 200921JasonX1024

Alien updated

Jan 200921Dragonskinstudio

problems uploading HD footage in windows movie maker : (

Dec 200821Atomatonn

Please Make me a movie

Nov 200821FXhomer64233

AfterEffects vs VisionLab Studio

Aug 200821Fyx

WE WON the Columbus 48Hour Film Competition!

Aug 200821Bryan M Block

New Camera?

Jun 200821JasonX1024

Making Film with School, but no 'Special' Camera - Advice?

May 200821Jambuster

Trailers wanted for the M8S3 Premiere!

Apr 200821TMR

Know any kidnapping films? Writing script...

Mar 200821Mellifluous

Assassin...Check this out!

Mar 200821FXhomer27378

Zombie Film need extras

Feb 200821videofxuniverse

help with movie name

Jan 200821be56


Jan 200821MichaelRees987

How is this for my first DVD cover in GIMP

Nov 200721Pixel edit

I'm starting a hemo stock need your help

Nov 200721RodyPolis

A Tracking Test

Sep 200721Evman

You new this was coming...(HP related) -NO SPOILERS-

Jul 200721Elliptical Productions

Free After Effects Stuff

Jun 200721SteveW

No clue what to write.

Jun 200721BringPopcorn

i am filmming models to look real

Jun 200721Niall Horn

Under water camcorder bags

Jun 200721Rockfilmers

Protect your film with copyright. Reason #1

Jun 200721ashman


Jun 200721mercianfilm

Creatoon Free

May 200721Dalemations

Movie ideas

Mar 200721Poseidon1231

how to make Prosthetic Limbs

Mar 200721tommynator

Beginner Question - Starting from Scratch

Mar 200721LostS

What to do with lots of styrofoam?

Nov 200621NickD

Company Logo

Nov 200621devilskater

star wars fan films

Oct 200621Matrix Revamped

URGENT : Intellectual copyright

Oct 200621SyroVision

Buffy Shot, how does this look?

Aug 200621SyroVision

Selling Canon GL2 Mini-DV Camcorder

Aug 200621andrewzennfilms

My first Claymation clip

Jul 200621film freak

Check out Julius Caesar, its Done!

May 200621the new godfather

Legal to rip from movies?

May 200621Xaritor

Test Shots

May 200621ajjax44

advice: student film on respect for earth.

May 200621the new godfather

"BROKEN" Feature Film VFX Test Clip w/ Breakdown

Apr 200621BROKEN2005

Whatever anyone says, DON"T SEE ULTRAVIOLET!

Mar 200621filmmakerfinley


Feb 200621Harvey

Proper Grading

Jan 200621alpha54


Jan 200621justaddwater

Special FX OR NLE

Nov 200521mattio

Hollywood Camera Work

Nov 200521WithSwissCheese

One Way < New Short Short

Nov 200521FCRabbath

Feedback on my zombie effects please NEW! VIDEO UPLOADED!

Nov 200521neo_man89

Need a Script

Oct 200521ustedalen

A Couple FX Tests (Post yours if u have any as well)

Aug 200521CX3

Title test sequence for SUPERHERO HARRY

Jun 200521b4uask30male

Lightsabres legal ??

Jun 200521Richard Summers

Sugar glass

May 200521Squid

What is the best rendering format ?

Apr 200521GuitarsRule89

3D fire ball

Apr 200521shadu

Premiere pro .mov help

Mar 200521silencer

The film industry

Mar 200521mod_007

How do i go about getting a licence to make DVDs?

Mar 200521biohazardxbw


Jan 200521Maetrix66

The give B.R.U.K a home appeal

Oct 200421chuter

FBI Warnings, This Film is rated, stock footage?

Aug 200421johnson5jr

How to Make Characters Disappear

Aug 200421ZenActing

Depth of Field

Jul 200421Blissman

Super 8mm and Sync'ing Sound

Jul 200421Cutty201

Shadowlight-FX in action!

Jun 200421Serpent

Creating a blue/green set

May 200421rdelavega

Buying New Computer

May 200421The Muffin Man

Jump Cutting

May 200421cantaclaro

Light Saber Clashing… I Need info.

Mar 200421Sharp

Matrx shelves (2)

Mar 200421cotsosdel

Connecting a second Monitor for Playback?

Feb 200421wdy

Explosion Compositing Test

Feb 200421billy3d

New Free 3D Motion Tracking Software

Jan 200421jjuerss

What do u think of my 3d integration test?

Jan 200421streetsk8erdc

Music Software

Nov 200321neo_man89

Got a tough one for ya

Oct 200321Pooky

One of Andrew's calls for help.

Oct 200321AndrewtheActorMan

Fighting Game Overlay

Oct 200321Pooky

Help Help I need i need

Sep 200321Slick

Lord of the Rings fan film

Sep 200321rypcat

Ultimate Film Credits Glossary

Jun 200321Obi

Chroma Keying!

Jun 200321AndrewtheActorMan

need matrix movie sounds help!

Jun 200321divaid2001

"Whoosh" Sound Effect

May 200321Robersdee

Problem with my Camera

Apr 200321Master Yoda


Apr 200321cantaclaro

Plugins of women dancing around altar

Jan 200321Anonymous


Dec 200221wpl


Dec 200221Gunshot2099

Armed police track down Alamdv film makers

Nov 200221b4uask30male

DVD+RW Burner anyone???

Oct 200221smier33


Jul 200221specialeffectsguy

I'm Firing Blanks!

Jul 200221spotless

Terminator 2

May 200221sfbmovieco

Quicktime compression help wanted

May 200221amblix

Question for Sollthar

May 200221Anonymous

Looking into a new camera

Jul 201120Azulon'sAssassin

A few questions

Dec 201020DX6channel

Changes to the FXhome cinema!

Aug 201020Simon K Jones

Sollthar's Drama Guide: Script and Acting

Aug 201020Sollthar

Down Time shot with Canon 7D

Jun 201020b4uask30male

sony hdr cx550v anyone know about this camera

Apr 201020Wishing Staff Studios

What Do You Use?

Nov 200920The Nemesis2161

Any suggestions on how to achieve this effect?

Jun 200920Poseidon1231

Music websites

Jun 200920BST1Productions


May 200920FCRabbath

The Legend Of David - HQ

May 200920FCRabbath

My movies

Mar 200920sir alex

My Film "Going"

Feb 200920Rockfilmers

Vote for my new logo

Feb 200920Avenging Eagle

Vegas Platinum Pro Pack for $70 on Amazon

Dec 2008203Brodio

WW2 Film Ideas!

Oct 200820JasonX1024

Crack Down - First Movie

Sep 200820VisionscapeFilms

Question for XH A1 users

Aug 200820Bflat5


Jul 200820Bolbi

Camera Issues /Camera Drama

Jul 200820JasonX1024

18th century ship help (The Horseman)

Mar 200820Bryan M Block

Your Green-Screen Studio?

Mar 200820FXhomer36282

3d in Movies

Mar 200820Crav3r

Buying replica guns - V.C.R ACT 2007

Feb 200820Nutbar

Best codec for storage/playback of High Definition Video?

Jan 200820John Harrower

iMovie is being a REAL plain

Dec 200720MrGoodbomb

Ganster Film

Nov 200720PLANB

The Keys to Comedy

Nov 200720Bucees

Tough shots/camera movements

Nov 200720Merrick

Thrown Away < Short film

Oct 200720FCRabbath

Grading test

Sep 200720RodyPolis

Stop motion movie help!

Aug 200720Cerberes

New member, saying hello and some questions... Lots of 'em

Jul 200720MrGoodbomb

A full 13 Track CD – Coming your way next week.

Jul 200720Sharp

Suggestions For a Good NLE?

Jul 200720Plainly

Please aid me in my list things to do!...

Jul 200720strider4660

Before and After Greenscreen Test

Jun 200720KA Productions

Burning down the village scene: ATTEMPT 2

Jun 200720Link123456

Making a professional-like DVD

May 200720Anne

Some Info for all you Sony VX2100 Owners out There

May 200720RodgerDodger

Need Pg-13 full page rating box to edit.

Apr 200720Pixel edit

Help with movie name? Please?

Apr 200720Penguin

Argh... Capturing problems with my external hard drive

Mar 200720Anne

Want to make movie but no money!

Feb 200720Orin Warren

Film Crew WANTED!

Feb 200720TMR

Non linear editor

Feb 200720The Duelist

Blood Stock FOOTAGE

Feb 200720JTGFIlms

bullets hitting water?

Feb 200720doppelganger

Sweet Video

Oct 200620rathgeber films

cuting of my arm!

Oct 200620TheFilmMaker

movie productions logo needed

Sep 200620PillowBruise

Any movie producers free that want to help make a movie?

Sep 200620StarZ

Night scene on sea

Aug 200620hippa03

A camera matching test

Jul 200620visualchaos

Voice of The Demon

Jul 200620The World Is Yours

Space for Set Construction?

Jun 200620nanafanboy

Need rights for music in my films

Jun 200620the new godfather

Itunes to MP3

May 200620epeterson

The Beam

Apr 200620xperiment

Old 80s Look

Apr 200620Rocenos

Editing Software advice.

Apr 200620Professsor

Dedicated Fx User First Feature Film Finished

Mar 200620greenfireproductions

Bryce 5.5

Mar 200620SGB

is this flash good

Feb 200620Zephlon

Digitally getting rid of orange tip of fake guns.

Feb 20062090hitpoints

How do I intergrate DV into older film?

Jan 200620silencer

Particle Illusion vs. VisionLab HD

Dec 200520bizzardstick


Dec 200520SMB

American Idiots 2 - The End of All Things

Nov 200520Evman

"Film" look / "Film" sound

Nov 200520Underdog Productions

[PICS] Muzzle Flashes

Oct 200520Remco Gerritsen

Star Wars Timeline

Sep 200520alexcull

music video look is tthere a way?

Aug 200520saiyan84

Lionheads New Product

Aug 200520SMB

Design A Poster Please!!!!!

Jul 200520Justin10139

A script idea, tell me what you think...

Jul 200520alexcull

File download problems?! (was "answer quick!")

Jun 200520alexanderj

how do i get 3D model in my movie, please help pleaseeeee!!!

Jun 200520victor11

Jedi clothes

Jun 200520Obi Wan Kenobi

Help to make a logo

Apr 200520ustedalen

Effective way to Slow-Mo a clip

Apr 200520jackpea

Soundtrack, before or after?

Mar 200520cott4477

How to make realistic bullet hits

Mar 200520DPUMA8

Good Film Editing Software

Mar 200520Kal

APU Project...Some cool 3D stuff

Mar 200520Rawree

Movie pls

Feb 200520joebine

Digital Blood Squibs

Jan 200520nanafanboy

Morgue Scene

Jan 200520digitalshadowfilms

How well does Chromanator handle DV?

Jan 200520Robert Cranford

falling off a cliff shot help please

Jan 200520silencer

tell me what you think of my art!

Dec 200420nanafanboy

Web Design Software

Dec 200420MovieGuy334

Anyone know how to lower audio quality in Audacity-Important

Nov 200420viper3139

Final Matrix Bullet Trail Tutorial

Oct 200420swatdojo

Intro for "Time Bandit"

Oct 200420Katsu

Mpeg 2 Must Die!!!!!!!!!

Aug 200420gent23mj


Aug 200420CX3

Eye Reflection Test

Aug 200420ben3308

3d integration test

Jul 200420starX

need help with different types of fx

Jun 200420anim8tor


Jun 200420sk8npirate

Film Dusts and Scratches...I want ::tear::

Jun 200420Cutty201

War filter

May 200420Tobbger


Apr 200420Calibretto

My Feature's Script

Apr 200420ihateemo

Sabers in the real star wars movies?

Mar 200420Evman

What should I do?

Feb 200420wdy

Camera Comparison

Feb 200420MovieGuy334

College Tv show Graphics. NEW INTRO!

Jan 200420IxLoc

Some Chroma Fabric

Jan 200420jstow222

The Result of 'How Would YOU Do It?"

Dec 200320TAP2

Need your help with an animated logo

Dec 200320wdy

Making logo for free

Nov 200320nemphiz

Swedish Tigers (uniform pictures)

Oct 200320Tobbger

USE THE FORCE! oh wait I have none

Jul 200320MATT PUGH

Intellectual property agreement - does this effect my movie?

Jun 200320Anonymous

Look at my Matrix Poster

Jun 200320neo_man89

BIG experiment.

Apr 200320TAP2

Quite a Challenge

Apr 200320Mr_E_Man


Apr 200320devilskater

"Han Solo Switch Parody" in the Atomfilms contest.

Mar 200320unclepain

Filming in Widescreen

Mar 200320LightsCameraAction

Good Music...

Jan 200320domdino

Anyone want to add Surround Sound to their films?

Jan 200320TAP2

Need Opinions!!!!!!!

Jan 200320Magic_man12

How to get famous?

Nov 200220Klown

Any Full-length movie plans?

Oct 200220CTLW83

HELP!! Strange outline on bluescreened image...

Jul 200220Chudphantom

panning around a mirrior without getting into shot.

Jul 200220justakid

Impulse Entertainment

May 200220Succubus

morphing - (read before you pass up)

May 200220Shrubber

What Special Effect do YOU, want to learn next?

Jan 200220kingpiin

I have an idea for a DIY Dolly.

Aug 201019RodyPolis

Shockwave, Darkside

Jul 201019jawajohnny

Open Source Video Editor - Heads Up

Jul 201019No Respite Productions

Thanks to FXhome

Jul 201019moranatol

My "first" feature film

Mar 201019chbaum

NEW "So Alone" ...again (watch footage!)

Dec 200919doppelganger

Need Harry Potter effects help!

Dec 200919Ban Danna

Advice for Hosting of Videos that Run over 10 Minutes

Aug 200919FXhomerTony

VideoCoPilot-Action Essentials 2

Jul 200919JasonX1024

New Carpe Diem Screenshots!

Jul 200919RodyPolis

iPhone storyboard App.

Jun 200919ashman


May 200919Poseidon1231

green screen cloth or chrome key?

Apr 200919godsglory777

Cheezy Horror Movies

Apr 200919JasonX1024

Light Of Eden - Blog & Previews!

Feb 200919FCRabbath

Getting Loan To Make A Movie

Dec 200819Nath01

Beach Landing and Superheroes Questions

Dec 200819JasonX1024

New Untitled Project < WARNING lots of Screenies!

Nov 200819FCRabbath

New Showreel

Oct 200819Arktic


Sep 200819prokidsfilms

Short Clone Test Effect- comments? *Finalized Video (link)*

Sep 200819DVStudio

video quality bad

Jul 200819nerfgunnerz3

Music Composing

Jul 2008190 0 0TheDirector0 0 0

when would it be okay to add music thats not instrumental?

Jun 200819Atomatonn

Upcoming movie

May 200819IPresents

Making a video B&W but keeping ONE thing in colour

Apr 200819FilthyRichy

No Audio! HELP!

Apr 200819DeeSeeAreEssAre45

Developing Series- Special Effects Man Needed + Scriptwriter

Mar 200819Luk3

Filming on public locations

Feb 200819fisher


Oct 200719BStudios

could someone please make me a cool class of 2012 title intr

Oct 200719Pixel edit


Sep 200719FXhomer37083

Need hel on script! Writers block...

Jul 200719The Nemesis2161

my new short please watch

Jun 200719joshh

A message to every fxhomer

Jun 200719nanafanboy

Sony Acid or...?

Jun 200719Big Rob


Jun 200719zero eric

Halogen Lamp?

Jun 200719Merrick

Saber Effects.

May 200719Slayerking

Bad Quality Video

May 200719Slayerking

Why "film look"

May 200719Merrick


May 200719Elliptical Productions

MY zelda movie. (I sound like such an idea thief!)

May 200719NinjaBros

Is this possible?

May 200719Merrick

3D and Live action?

Apr 200719mercianfilm

Lightning Flashes

Apr 200719Obi Wan Kenobi

First Person View in a movie... Why not?

Apr 200719doppelganger

Where can I get free web hosting/web space?

Apr 200719Jabooza

Here's a T-Rex and live action compositing video.

Mar 200719hulkis2001

how to redgester you comany

Mar 200719fxmaniac

a good place to find sound effects?

Feb 200719morph5690

2D & 3D Artists Wanted!

Feb 200719Captain Amazingly Incredi

Motion Tracking

Feb 200719Jabooza

radio sound effect

Feb 200719videofxuniverse

Detonation Films HD

Jan 200719Dancamfx

School "Action" Project!

Jan 200719SpaDeKo

Need good actors or stuntmen?

Jan 200719blh

revolver test clip

Jan 200719doppelganger

Low budget corner, Ideas and tips!

Dec 200619Spirit

Final Movie Poster for: IKARI

Nov 200619JUIDAR

Car Lighting... ARGH!

Sep 200619Jazzmanian

Removing Handrails from a scene

Sep 200619yosterman

looking for the best script writer on fx home

Aug 200619StarZ

Asteroid SFX help please

Aug 200619Jazzmanian

Question About Digital Cameras

Jul 200619angelx

Raw Footage of Star Wars

Jul 200619Black Ink Productions

New camera. need some suggestions.

Jul 200619Zero767

Low Budget Film Crew Busted

Jun 200619Jazzmanian

Bank Robbery

Jun 200619EVW2K

Building prop weapons cheaply

May 200619tsavage

My rebuttal against Holocaust revisionists...

May 200619bBrown

Final Cut Express

May 200619SGB

Audio Sync slips when encoding to DVD

Apr 200619Evman

Gonna start blue-screening

Feb 200619pcremag

Official Superhero Harry Trailer online

Feb 200619b4uask30male

24 Test

Feb 200619jfbiscardi

Morph test, am I doing it right?

Feb 200619SGB

Boxing Movie 2

Jan 200619jessy

best martial arts scenes

Dec 200519bizzardstick

Predator cloaking effect

Dec 200519Vertigo38

Amazing Lightsaber Ignition Light Everyone Needs!!!!!!!

Nov 200519mattio

Anybody See Or Make Any New Stock Footage?

Nov 200519Thriller

My first test Lightsaber "film"

Nov 200519pcremag

Star Wars Composite LAVA STOCK FOOTAGE, ASH, SMOKE!!!!!!!

Nov 200519mattio

Converting Plugins with Adobe Premiere 1.5

Oct 200519irishcult

Suggested Film Editors...

Sep 200519Jerb41

What the Heck is .mp4

Sep 200519cooldude

Shooting in 16:9 or 4:3

Aug 200519trakked

Cap Guns

Jun 200519Pooky

Video Compression

May 200519swatdojo

SONY HDR-FX1 HDV Handycam®

May 200519Geofke2103

Impressive GL2 (XM2) Movie

Apr 200519cantaclaro

Thing from space

Apr 200519hippa03

Need help turning movie into DVD

Mar 200519silencer

What video/sound editor do you use?

Mar 200519trottd02

How do u get your "productions,etc..." copyrighted

Mar 200519Kal

Practical Models/ 3D models

Mar 200519cinemafreak

Chromy and ADV3 or after effects

Feb 200519NickD

Lighting Solution for my greenscreen?

Jan 200519Master Yoda

Error (Codec Issues)

Jan 200519User

Comedy Overload

Dec 200419Frozenpede

Amateur Studios List

Nov 200419NickD

Video Hosting

Oct 200419tsm615

No external mic jack

Sep 200419TazFilm

KILL BILL with AlamDV lightsabers...

Jun 200419SwamiCA2K3

Another Cinema 4d Test

May 200419AndrewtheActorMan

Your Favourite Movie Titles

May 200419Spanish Prisoner

New Logo

Apr 200419jstow222

Shoulder Mount

Apr 200419Serdar3500

First Trailer For My Film

Apr 200419badkerning

The GL2's mic... Hum?

Apr 200419Brettsta


Apr 200419Aculag


Mar 200419Vault FX

Zed removing all my movies

Feb 200419jessy


Jan 200419devilskater

Free Video Editor

Jan 200419Anonymous

4:3 or 16:9?

Dec 200319Anonymous

CGI dinosaurs

Oct 200319tommach

call me a cop

Oct 200319b4uask30male

posters for my movie

Oct 200319kungfukid

Want slow-mo gunshot sounds -HERE-

Oct 200319jessy

Need Voice Actors for a Matrix inspired short film

Oct 200319Chainsaw Films

Opening Title For Cinderella

Sep 200319Exclamation

College Station looking for great indie programming.....

Sep 200319Anonymous

A T-1000 Bullet Hit Clip!!

Jul 200319AndrewtheActorMan

Audio Editing

Jul 200319LightsCameraAction

First AlamDV test -working url

Jul 200319Merola

Should I sell up my PC and get a mac?

Jun 200319Obi

Action music question! :)

May 200319domdino

bullet trails/ripples in photoshop

Apr 200319ckossoyan

Final Cut Pro 4!!!!!!

Apr 200319cantaclaro

any other "yanks"out there?(besides me)

Mar 200319grendell

Taking it seriously.

Jan 200319er-no

New Voting System

Dec 200219X

I got a meeting with a bad-ass editor!! :) :)

Dec 200219spotless

Adobe Premier Nightmare

Nov 200219curran

green lightsabres

Nov 200219b4uask30male

Legal p2p

Aug 200219raider

Check This Out - Film title idea

Aug 200219Phage

Burning DVD's

Jul 200219codabar

Movie Recomendations

Jul 200219X

Canon GL2 (Pics inside)

Jun 200219Hajiku_Flip

black cinema stripes

May 200219sonic


May 200219Andreas

Neo needs a new toy!

Apr 200219Neo

AlamDV2 Quick Tutorial (21/12/2001)

Apr 200219Joshua Davies

General quality questions

Feb 200219SFDex

Muzzle flashes and co

Jun 200119Anonymous

lack of people to be act as characters.

Aug 201118crazyeights

I'm making a short film, but the beginning seems... bad

Apr 201118Lerman Productions

Removing Subjects From a Video

Feb 201118Sagerman

Panasonic GH2

Jan 201118Sick Boy


Sep 201018Viktorious

Faceless - A New Short

Aug 201018FCRabbath

Infiltrate I Short Action Movie

Jul 201018StupidLikeAFox

Tripod Dollies.

Jul 201018RodyPolis

Modern Gods < A New Short!

Jun 201018FCRabbath


May 201018The Nemesis2161

Displaying film in its entirety for free - options?

Apr 201018Captain Amazingly Incredi

HD Camera Slow Motion Test

Aug 200918Mattex Films HD

Howie Do It

Jun 200918ben3308

choosing video camera

Apr 200918fertesz

Levitation Effect?

Mar 200918Airsoft Studios

3D software

Mar 200918sir alex

A useful font for filmmakers

Mar 200918nfsbuff

clip from "Watchmen" (Prison break)

Feb 200918doppelganger

Fighting Fantasy books, anyone tried making a film?

Jan 200918b4uask30male

My CGI palm trees

Jan 200918Rockfilmers

Addiction (2008) -Directors Commentary

Dec 200818ctbullet

Another 35mm Adapter Thread

Nov 200818DavidLittlefield

Stop motion questions pt 2: The Reckoning

Nov 200818MrGoodbomb

Total Update of Red Product Line

Nov 200818jmax

legal music

Oct 200818CBeast

Which editing software is better?

Oct 200818new kid

Visual Effects Side Job?

Sep 200818Snook360

ON SET MOVIE PICS - "The Day The Earth Stood Still

Sep 200818Dancamfx

Expensive Stuff

Sep 200818JasonX1024

Stabilizing your shots

Sep 200818RodyPolis

A bit of work for some experienced users

Aug 200818agent47

Nuclear or Atomic explosion

Jun 200818darthmaul21

Exporting to DVD to be played on projector

Jun 200818FreshMentos

The Fast and the Furious 4 - On set Pics

May 200818Dancamfx

Script sample?!

Apr 200818Maxy


Apr 200818MoltenWhale

Last Patrol

Apr 200818D3L3T10N

Making Prisoners

Feb 200818RodyPolis

Name Idias

Feb 200818T L O A C P

Roswell 1847 Exlcusive interview on SKY TV.

Feb 200818b4uask30male

Cool t-shirts for filmmakers...

Dec 200718FXhomer38094

First attempt at a lightning bolt

Dec 200718Xcession

'A Turkey's Thanksgiving'

Nov 200718Rockfilmers

Games Workshop clamp down on fanfilm

Nov 200718Simon K Jones

Creativity-block breaking film

Oct 200718Bryce007

Need FAST Opinions on College Portfolio Film

Oct 200718Evman

I am SICK of this

Sep 200718Tommy92L

the rules of fanfilms

Aug 200718fxmaniac

Free stock footage dvd - normally $549!

Aug 200718petet2

The *ULTIMATE* camera guide - WIP thread.

Jul 200718Arktic

looking for effects artists

Jul 200718David Henson

Writing your own music- first time

Jul 200718hatsoff2halford

Share original music?

Jun 200718Big Rob

Burning down village scene: Your opinion

Jun 200718Link123456

Warning about using prop guns in public places...

Jun 200718FXhomer11964

My latest Video- Please watch!

Jun 200718coldside

Davlin's Sin City in Poser

May 200718davlin

First Fight Scene, critisism wanted

May 200718doppelganger

Logos and Copyright Infringement

Apr 200718Balketh

Need a good camera CHEAP!

Apr 200718Merrick


Mar 200718fxmaniac

"Nostalgia" screenshots

Mar 200718Goldwing Productions

Inspiration for writing.

Feb 200718BringPopcorn

Grading Advice: PIC INCLUDED

Feb 200718NickD

An issue about Realistic Gun props in public

Jan 200718PLANB

How did they make hobbits look so short in Lord of the Rings

Jan 200718hulkis2001

Panasonic 3CCD Camera Questions

Dec 200618Super Cameraman

Anthology of Blood: New production blog added

Oct 200618nanafanboy

best 3d terrain program

Oct 200618jojodungy92

Loss of quality

Sep 200618Multiwagon

Assault Rifle Test - Feedback please? :)

Aug 200618alpha54


Aug 200618B3N

Little Stop-Motion animation

Aug 200618destron

Need computer purchasing advice!

Jul 200618Professsor

Quick Clip From "Ikari" How Are We Doing?

Jun 200618JUIDAR

Best mini-DV camera on the market today

Jun 200618rdelavega

Little black barz

May 200618Penguin

FASAIRA - sci-fi in the making!

May 200618Oeyvind

The Blankety Blank Movie Contest

May 200618nanafanboy

Does a good film HAVE to have a sentiment?

Apr 200618TommyB

Screen Writing Program

Mar 200618Gnome326

Creating a Boom Mic

Mar 200618Serpent

We need you!

Mar 200618TMR

There is a reason they hire stuntmen...

Mar 200618Bryan M Block

Help Coming Up With Film Title

Feb 200618cinemafreak

CG boulder effect

Feb 200618ryanprickle

Breaking windows

Feb 200618Pooky

Best Title Animation Program?

Jan 200618Thriller

"real" $150 lightsabers

Jan 200618the new godfather

What 3D application is best

Dec 200518GuitarsRule89

Product advertising in movies

Dec 200518JamesyBHOY

Motion Tracking

Dec 200518SMB

Need help deciding on which camcorder to purchase

Dec 200518Mr Jack

Recommended file hosting sites?

Dec 200518marcdjc

Fake windshield

Dec 200518stuntman boza

Who will buy VisionLab?

Dec 200518AAAx2

Fantasy Films

Nov 200518Frozenpede

how do i compressing mpeg video ??

Oct 200518the new godfather

3d animation Start

Sep 200518irishcult

BLOOD TITLES?????? - Super Awesome!

Sep 200518Thriller


Sep 200518Roozer

Film Studio/Film Company

Sep 200518Vault FX

**Sneak Peek** X3i Ep6 Scenes

Aug 200518CX3

Production Company logo Help

Aug 200518angelx

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