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Buying New Camcorder

Aug 200518Fill

How do you make a Movie in 3D?

Aug 200518jrg2134

Initial Productions "paradox" and other videos

Aug 200518ssjaaron

Pyro Productions Logo Help

Jul 200518shadowninja1028

Demo Reel

Jun 200518coldside

Planning Help! - Writing a Script

Jun 200518Vault FX

Airsoft, very quick question.

Jun 200518Squid

Anyone know the tricks of Sin City????

Jun 200518cjbalways

Planning A Duel

Jun 200518Chris Grant

"Footsteps" - £7500 Feature Film

May 200518ghevans

Avante-garde Trailer

Apr 200518Bryce007


Apr 200518silencer

A Few Cobra Production Projects

Feb 200518CX3

Could someone do 1 free 3d shot?

Feb 200518NickD

What program is best for sound editing

Jan 200518silencer


Jan 200518homedogjedi

Music in Films

Jan 200518jstow222

Is 3D S Max just as powerful as others?

Jan 200518Vampiricyouthv


Jan 200518tylerw

Composer for hire

Dec 200418filmcomposer

Free NLE

Dec 200418The Artur

Star Wars Revelations Film Premiere release

Nov 200418panicstruckpro

Smoke Test

Nov 200418sk8npirate

"Exiting" out of a phone

Oct 200418tomekkr

Anyone have any clue on the new HP commercial

Sep 200418ElDiablo

what is DiGIC DV?

Sep 200418mastersmithson

The Hacker Thread

Jul 200418devilskater

Newbie Computer Question- Should I buy this?

Jul 200418kingdaywalker

Lightsabers, or swords?

Jun 200418Aculag

Free Beginner 3D/Graphic Program

Jun 200418mthoward

Sound Effects - Royalty free 2.5 gigs worth

May 200418polemarch

GL2 and VX2100 With a TWIST!

Apr 200418Brettsta

Need company name

Apr 200418NickD

My Tv Show X3i (The First 5 Min) Rough

Apr 200418CX3


Apr 200418ihateemo

How to build your very own bluescreen studio...

Apr 200418devilry

My First Finished Project - Check It Out

Mar 200418Skital

Capture/Import/Export Settings..

Mar 200418elementcinema

DV Codec Recommendations?

Mar 200418Serdar3500

voice morphing software

Feb 200418Anonymous

Wich 3D prog. is free and best?

Jan 200418Cirian


Jan 200418fertesz

3D films.

Jan 200418Anonymous

Chromanator vs. Premiere

Jan 200418FiveIronFrenzy

Vegas Video Size Limitations

Dec 200318TAP2

have you watched your film ?

Dec 200318b4uask30male

Things to improve on in our next movie.

Nov 200318jessy

Any gunfight/Matrix movies out there?

Nov 200318Serdar3500

Questions about a Film Project!!!

Oct 200318SunriseSeagull

Only 1 month till OZ Fest closes!

Oct 200318wdy

HELP! I need a video capture card!

Sep 200318Conspiracy Studios

t-1000 bullet sound

Aug 200318Coldfuse

Terminator 3 Rules

Jul 200318Coldfuse

The Terminators

Jul 200318Cypher

Voice dubbing, make it more "real life", etc..

Jun 200318nicmar

My New Zombie Movie in London Please Help

Jun 200318Anonymous

Really Wierd

Jun 200318Cypher

Matrix Distance Jump

May 200318Anonymous

grab avi from a DVD Disc

May 200318b4uask30male

Script Exchange

Apr 200318Aculag

Script Writing Software

Mar 200318LightsCameraAction

Making A SteadyCam

Jan 200318fallen

Storing my Camcorder

Dec 200218Anonymous

Movie Tributes and Tarantino.

Nov 200218Two Gunned Saint

Script writer looking for work.

Oct 200218Xfurball

Bad Luck

Sep 200218Cypher

Gun light flashes

Aug 200218Venger

Anybody know how to extract sfx from games?

Jul 200218Anonymous

Help with action movie screenplay

Jul 200218Anonymous


Jun 200218Cypher

Nvidia TVout

May 200218Cypher

Matrix morphing. I'm confused!

Apr 200218Lorax

Bullet wounds/blood spurts

Mar 200218Anonymous

TUTORIAL: How to make an Imitation Mortar (LIVE) with one si

Mar 200218The Game

Live Effects

Nov 200118The Great One

Resolution Problem

Oct 200118Orion

My first DSLR short film!

Sep 201117FXstudios99

video quality on putting it onto movie maker

Feb 201117alexAVFC96

Sell my HV20 for a DSLR?

Dec 201017mattio

Help a brother out, brother.

Aug 201017Aculag

The cutest At-At video you'll see today

Jul 201017alienux

Slow Motion Program?

Jul 201017RodyPolis

I'm back.

Jun 201017miker

Solitary - Feature Film

Apr 201017Ste

Few Questions about rendering videos

Mar 201017ZackGavin

Incase anyone is interested...

Dec 200917Singwolf

Truth Is Beauty - The CINEMA Look With HVX 200 and Red Rock

Sep 200917FXhomer81002

Rode Videomic & Rode SVM

Aug 200917TheOutlawAmbulance

Bone cracking sound fx

Jul 200917RodyPolis

Grainless video in dark?

Jul 200917doppelganger

Need help animating credits please help!

Jun 200917JUIDAR

Best camcorder under £2k ($3k) for getting that 'film look'

Jun 200917Jeppo

Nameless film. 2min 30sec (My best so far)

Jun 200917doppelganger

Quick flying test I did

Jun 200917Poseidon1231

Bryce 5.5

May 200917BST1Productions

Smooth camera movement, motion tracking etc

Apr 200917Sick Boy

Camera Issues

Apr 200917Mattex Films HD

My First Real Film

Mar 200917Angry Chair

House 2001 Short Film - Trailer

Mar 200917Shadow013

Atomic's 'Heat' (in 60 Seconds)

Feb 200917Atom

Need a male voice with a British Accent!

Feb 200917JUIDAR

A quick question i really need help with

Jan 200917Pittcrew

Panasonic AG-DVX100B

Dec 200817Travis Kunze

Artwork need for Fxhome Cinema release

Dec 200817DarthKomar

Do you like my videos?

Dec 200817Lerman Productions

Vegas Pro 8 vs 6

Oct 200817RyanMichael

Fxhome Magazine

Sep 200817matchyman

Rode Stereo Condensor Microphone

Aug 200817DavidLittlefield

Killing Imagination NEW (final teaser & poster)

Aug 200817doppelganger

Video speeds up

Aug 200817itsaguything70

Recording live shows

Aug 200817Bflat5

3D Alien Body (WIP)

Jul 200817Quvoo

Terminator: Genesis

Jun 200817Bucees


May 200817acproductions

"The turning" a short on abuse/divorce. advice?

Mar 200817Zephlon

MiniDV Problem: Choppy playback

Mar 200817The Siege

Cgi help

Feb 200817Artic

adding 3D Creatures

Feb 200817RelaxRelapse

Canon XM2 Questions

Jan 200817Balketh

best NLE under $200

Jan 200817Phantom48

T.v. look: Film?

Dec 200717FXhomer12185

Why is my green screen doing this!

Oct 200717Tommy92L

Visual Effect: Realistic Dinosaur

Oct 200717bBrown

DV Megapixel quality question.

Oct 200717LatinGuyNY

How Do You Make A Good Trailer?

Sep 200717JUIDAR

Adobe Premiere Pro VS Vegas 8

Sep 200717JUIDAR

WALLBALL! -Presenting a Documentary of Epic Proportions!

Aug 200717Evman

Want to buy good lighting kit? Where?

Aug 200717RedLynx908

Muzzle Test

Aug 200717Frosty G

Who to contact?

Aug 200717Phantom48

This may sound crazy, but...

Aug 200717RedLynx908

What kind of movie to make

Jul 200717PLANB

Filming Nudity

Jul 200717nanafanboy

Realistic Weapons in Videos

Jul 200717Frosty G

My vertical dolly rig

Jul 200717SlothPaladin

Movie Funding

Jul 200717tictacattack123

Trailer for horror short "The Projectionist"

Jul 200717MikY

REAL Alpha channel problems

Jun 200717Link123456

New here ... but not to film making

Jun 200717DAD

Next Projects

Jun 200717FCRabbath

Dastoli Digital Releases OMEGA 35: an original sci-fi short

Jun 200717dastolidigital

Your budget?

Jun 200717mercianfilm

Camcorder help

Jun 200717Merrick

A massive army

May 200717NinjaBros

Portable Lighting

May 200717RedLynx908

How's This Green Screen?

May 200717Zea

Good camera mic?

May 200717mikeh

Reduce camera shake?

Apr 200717RicanJoe

avi or quicktime

Apr 200717Merrick

Tips On Cop Series

Apr 200717joshh

Comment my Script: 'Revenge Vendetta'

Apr 200717Avenging Eagle

A Guide To Stop Motion

Apr 200717fxmaniac


Apr 200717nanafanboy


Apr 200717fxmaniac

MACHINIME (muh-sheen-uh-mey)

Apr 200717TechLord

Length of script vs. length of movie - Rule of thumb?

Mar 200717The Siege

Hp Commercial effect

Mar 200717ssj john

Cardboard + Duct Tape + Newspaper = Decent Stunt Dummy!

Jan 200717Super Cameraman

Star Wars: Another Galaxy Thread

Jan 200717King of Blades

songs from Games?

Jan 200717Orin Warren

3D animation - please help

Dec 200617NinjaBros

is the GS300 worth it?

Nov 200617Zero767

Ragdoll Physics: Floppy Craziness!

Nov 200617nanafanboy

Visual Chaos FX Production Logo

Oct 200617visualchaos

HD plugin that will rock your world.

Sep 200617Bryce007

Poor quality with iMovie

Sep 200617The Duelist

Dark Times

Sep 200617Maxy

Does anyone know how to make an authentic force choke

Aug 200617Searandrage

VisionLab used in Website element...

Aug 200617JoeyLawrence

How do Pros shoot in the dark?

Aug 200617TommyB

Gun shot sound effects?!

Aug 200617rstudios

Composite lab test

Aug 200617B3N

Optical Flow Effects

Jul 200617EVW2K

Trying to find Epic music.

Jun 200617Balketh

Fake Glass Test (Warning, big images)

Jun 200617EVW2K

Video Capturing Tool HELP! Sony MiniDV Camcorder

May 200617sixstrings0283

Can someone give me a hand with this? (severed hand prop)

May 200617Squid

Good Camera?

May 200617Orange3289

Nearly Finished Fanfilm Need Help

Apr 200617alexanderj

Premiere or Vegas

Apr 200617Phelix

correcting badly filmed footage

Mar 200617SGB

Easiest and unexpensive Greenscreens?

Mar 200617jrg2134

Flip4Mac is now free (Quicktime WMV plugin)

Jan 200617Alex Reeve

My Homemade Camera Crane with Test Footage

Jan 200617ragnar

making someone dissapear

Dec 200517bizzardstick

Lightsaber glow question

Nov 200517pcremag

Final Either/Or

Nov 200517TommyB

Assistance with Grading Sample

Nov 200517RudyPicardo

Crossing the line help

Oct 200517ashman

Canon GL-2 only $990.00!

Oct 200517film freak

Sea battles

Oct 200517Kolchin

Game footage capture tools

Oct 200517Kolchin

Intel/Atom Films Contest

Sep 200517Aculag

Animation Master

Sep 200517Fill

My New York Film Academy Production

Aug 200517Sniped

What do you guys use for your final renders?

Aug 200517alexanderj

Premiere Elements Help With Star Wars Opening Crawl

Jul 200517Vault FX

WANTED: Deep voice for a trailer! :)

Jul 200517nicmar

SCD 107 Camera Question

Jul 200517Zea

My intro to my next movie

Jul 200517Tommy Gundersen

script idea (need opinions and help)

Jul 200517Rabbit Hole Pictures

Price Rite Photo

Jul 200517Bugclimber

Mmm... FREE Screen capture!!!

Jul 200517A Pickle

Realistic Production Plan?

Jun 200517Spartan 117

Good Space Videos

Jun 200517Jeremy Davidson

DVD Case Inserts... the fancy kind....

May 200517TimmyD

Catwoman & video hosting..?

Apr 200517CMBmovies

Photoshop 7 Vs Paint Shop Pro 8

Mar 200517Vault FX

A company logo in trade for a gmail account !!!

Mar 200517Remco Gerritsen

What is the difference between Adobe Premiere 7.0 and 1.5?

Mar 200517DPUMA8

Bored? Try this new filmakers challenge

Feb 200517chuter

Animals talking:Ala Babe

Jan 200517trevinator13

Short Film Needs Future Video F/x Designer...

Jan 200517filmgeekdirector86

XL2= First Camera???

Jan 200517coldside

Is there a way to convert without losing quality?

Dec 200417Bassler1

The Power of Chromanator: Cloning yourself

Dec 200417SFX-Spaz

Quwestion: how to get grass in front of cgi object

Dec 200417b4uask30male

Speed Up/Fast Forward?

Nov 200417jstow222

Mechanical Mayhem- TRAILER

Oct 200417effstops

The Contract

Oct 200417joebine

What do THEY do?

Oct 200417TimmyD

Voicework for my new film, ROGUE.

Sep 200417Calminaion

Getting analog film on my computer

Sep 200417aaron 99

Cinema Stills

Sep 200417Deepcoiler

GL1!?!!?...GL2!?!!??! Holy crap what do I do?!?!?

Aug 200417cantaclaro

best 3d app for 50-250$

Aug 200417xbreaka

Microphone Hum Problem!!!!

Aug 200417Denise CookXClam

Split Screen Cloning Questions

Jul 200417ben3308

Fitting A Lense?

Jul 200417TAP2

A question about business

Jul 200417Bryce007

New Cobra Productions/Mafia Films Demo Reel

Jun 200417CX3

VHS through VCR to computer? (HELP!!!)

Jun 200417tmaynard

UK People

Jun 200417Solidus

Nightlighting, But No Electricity

May 200417Marek

Creating Animatics - How?

May 200417adamlightandmagic

A Soldier's Breathe

May 200417TheRenegade

Film Music

Apr 200417MrShmoe

3d work, again

Apr 200417Serpent

Web hosting

Apr 200417GavSalkeld

That Film Look Effect !

Apr 200417Anonymous

Grrr...Trouble with bullet stop scene

Apr 200417tdmonster99


Mar 200417Evman

Filmed by a Canon xl-1s

Mar 200417mardock

How To...

Mar 200417mthoward

Wheels for a moving tripod! (Attached images..)

Mar 200417nicmar


Mar 200417Evman

What annoys me

Feb 200417timmy

External Hardrive

Feb 200417Anonymous

Production Logo? Or no?

Feb 200417Anonymous

matrix sound fx

Feb 200417Anonymous

Gore test 2: And lots of it

Feb 200417jessy


Jan 200417Bryce007

building new computer.....

Jan 200417DigiSm89

A Weak/strong Test Clip

Jan 200417CX3


Jan 200417robholtby

My chromanator tests

Jan 200417jessy

Poster size?

Jan 200417webhog421

Aerial Shot Over Forest

Jan 200417Cypher

Recommend a good DVD program?

Jan 200417EmpireSB

Nother Split-Screen Question

Nov 200317cyclone3000

Rewinding Effect!?!!?!

Nov 200317SunriseSeagull

28 Days Later Cinematography

Nov 200317chuter


Oct 200317Coldfuse

Hiding Wire Work

Oct 200317CX3

check out my trailer for my movie :)

Sep 200317streetsk8erdc


Sep 200317Viper54

Films Genre's

Sep 200317wdy

a film shot in only one room all the time?

Sep 200317Spanish Prisoner

Camera Angles

Sep 200317Glyn

Something i thought about, free royalty free music

Sep 200317Coldfuse

Teasers and Trailers

Aug 200317Glyn

New movie: The Stocker

Aug 200317Anonymous

What kind of camera should i get?

Aug 200317MovieGuy334

Lots of Blood

Aug 200317b4uask30male

American Adult voice Needed

Jul 200317b4uask30male

Movie Scripts

Jul 200317spheerix

Production Name

Jun 200317MovieGuy334

Sound Effect Needed

May 200317LightsCameraAction

Lights for outdoor films

May 200317wdy

Best movie editer!

Apr 200317blaine

Kodak mc3

Apr 200317callumslade


Apr 200317THEent

Another Filmmaking Website

Apr 200317BackOfTheHearse

USB or What?

Apr 200317jstow222

LightSword fight with AlamDV2

Mar 200317sat0426

FLOW - Trailer Online

Mar 200317Bobbert

Have Any Movies On This Forum Made It To The Big Time Yet ?

Feb 200317Anonymous


Jan 200317nickcelestin

Life after alamdv, is there jobs out there

Oct 200217b4uask30male

wolverine claws

Oct 200217wpl

what is CGI

Oct 2002174Jex

Gun fight music (was: Does anybody know some good...)

Sep 200217devilskater

How do you deal with actors who never turn up?

Sep 200217Two Gunned Saint

Where can i buy lightsabers?

Aug 200217domdino

How does this sound?

Jul 200217BrickMovies4U

Intense car chase music?

Jul 200217Anonymous

Does anyone know how to make skin-putty?

Jul 200217sidewinder

A rant about cam quality.

Jun 200217Chrislad

Alam in a feature-length

Jun 200217jarar1

Scope Entertainment

Jun 200217Neo

After Effects Help

Apr 200217Anonymous

Car chase?

Apr 200217Wheels03

Blender BAD news!

Mar 200217X

true 16:9 support?

Jan 200217bigbubble

Maya/Alias offering FREE download for non-commercial use

Jan 200217jamesstone


Aug 200117The Great One

Stabiliser/mount for Canon 550d

Apr 201116NuttyBanana

I need Help with Castle Scenes.

Jan 201116Viktorious

Another Camera Question

Nov 201016Viktorious

Just a bit of fun with my son

Sep 201016Mad Mike

Any one here use work lights?

Jul 201016RodyPolis

Strange lens flare

Apr 201016Helge

De-Evolution Studios Presents: Without Love

Apr 201016Evman

Lovely compositing

Mar 201016pdrg

Storyboarding - the app way.

Feb 201016ashman

HDV connection help?

Feb 201016SuburbanElement

Film Clutter

Jan 201016Randomlard101

Trailer for the book "The Contimplation'

Dec 200916Rockfilmers

Shoot with Peter Jackson's crew - for free!

Dec 200916pdrg

Royalty Free Music and Sound Affects

Sep 200916Filmguy2008

Sci-fi series

Sep 200916NovaProducteur

"So Alone" Its finally started, thank God.

Aug 200916doppelganger

Firewire HV20

Aug 200916TheOutlawAmbulance

Place to upload 150meg flv file for viewing?

Aug 200916JUIDAR

New Film I did

Aug 200916Poseidon1231

How to convert mp4 files to avi?

Aug 200916Airsoft Studios

HDD Camera Problem

Jul 200916Mattex Films HD

Camo Costumes and Titles

Jul 200916TheOutlawAmbulance

Storm Troopers vs. Clone Troopers.

Jun 200916sir alex

Literature on Writing

May 200916Serpent

New music video. just looking for some feedback

May 200916Randomlard101


Apr 200916No Degradation

Any tips on how to create a war simulated battlesceen?

Mar 200916Airsoft Studios

Camera Problem

Mar 200916PLANB

How legal...

Dec 200816Singwolf

Daylight filter gells.

Dec 200816Mike Q

Ok, so should I buy this?

Dec 200816Singwolf

What is the best standard definition video camera?

Dec 200816ikmalrawks

Font requested

Nov 200816RodyPolis

Untitled Zombay Film

Nov 200816ctbullet

WW2 Color Grade (EffectsLab Pro)

Oct 200816Smoof7Productions

Sony Vegas question

Sep 200816RyanZ

Half-Life Movie!

Sep 200816MoltenWhale

How do you switch camera views?

Sep 200816Lerman Productions

The Cinematic Feel...I finally got it down!

Sep 200816Tommy92L

Fxhome credit movies in 16:9?

Aug 200816fertesz

The Horseman Trailer Is Released!

Jul 200816Bryan M Block

Who wants to make a movie?

Jun 200816Admiral Puffinfresh

New VFX website! -The VFX Lobby -

Jun 200816mattio

Suicide Clip

Jun 200816Tommy92L

Comedy Help Needed!

May 200816DeeSeeAreEssAre45

camera used for tv.

Apr 200816FXhomer12185

Making my own music/ACID Music Studio

Feb 200816RodyPolis

Why fanfilms?

Feb 200816the Fiddler

Anyone ever make a proper making off

Jan 200816b4uask30male

key out only non moving things

Jan 200816Bucees

On-screen countdown - any ideas?

Dec 200716few-regrets

My first feature film score - free download!

Dec 200716Michael Law

Star Wars Question

Nov 200716Pixel edit

My Problem

Oct 200716RodyPolis

Light shining through blinds

Oct 200716PBSS

Assassins In NYC First Huge Problem and Update

Oct 200716RodyPolis

Anyone want to help me with my Heros film? All heroes needed

Oct 200716evg2005

What was your FIRST movie like?

Oct 200716tictacattack123

Advice on Green Screen

Sep 200716Physt

head shot effect

Jul 200716StrikeEmStudios

Outtake Censorship

Jul 200716Avenging Eagle

Are you waiting for this movie?

Jul 200716jdmkenji

Movie trailer music score

Jul 200716jdmkenji

Need CGI person to do train.

Jun 200716Ste

REDUX: 48 hour competition film :REDUX:

Jun 200716Mellifluous

who can tutorial this!

Jun 200716FXhomer26013

Bryce 5.5 for free

Jun 200716SGB

Nuclear explosion effects test

Jun 200716ops101ex

Safely Exploding an object

Jun 200716TAH

7200 Or 5400rpm

May 200716RicanJoe

Possible Cloning?

May 200716Slayerking

Vegas 7 workflow with effectslab pro

May 200716star5

Need good logo designer! Pay force for good result...

Apr 200716Elliptical Productions

Movie editing program?

Apr 200716FXhomer3743

New film idea! (tell me what you think)

Apr 200716doppelganger

Samurai Costume

Mar 200716RedLynx908

Getting sharper videos on YouTube: howto

Mar 200716the Fiddler

Covering up poor quality footage

Mar 200716Big Man

Extracting subject out of background!

Mar 200716SunriseSeagull

The Heist [film idea]

Mar 200716The Siege

Logo ideas / request- designers?

Feb 200716Bryan M Block

"I need a producer/money/etc" threads - START HERE

Feb 200716pdrg

How do you make stock footage?

Feb 200716Jabooza

Incubus Contest < New Video

Feb 200716FCRabbath

New Microphone

Feb 200716Tuffy

So many Camcorders! Yet so little money...

Jan 200716Oboys

Comedic PSAs

Jan 200716Anne

Directing Help - Regarding Acting

Dec 200616Serpent

Makeing your own music

Nov 200616Orin Warren

Need Tips on Stop Motion

Oct 20061603ruby

Plot Idea for my Movie

Oct 200616Silentfox

Grading test with CG birds

Oct 200616nanafanboy

Which camera for filmmaking newcomer?

Sep 200616Jaster

24p and Hi Def

Sep 200616cooldude

some questions about 3ds max 8

Aug 200616Jamie yu

Beginner) a stupid quesion about invisible man effect

Aug 200616Jamie yu

What type of 3d program is better?

Aug 200616VRBstudios

Software the professionals use.

Aug 200616SpaDeKo

how to make props - a few links.

Jul 200616destron

Shooting "civilians" in public (with a camera...)

Jun 200616Jazzmanian

Buying a new camera

May 200616EVW2K

Good explosions

May 200616Farroosi

I need major help with an explosion

May 200616Jack422

Need some cgi stock footage...

Apr 200616pixelboy

Film Company Logo

Apr 200616druguer

Tips for Making A Music Video

Apr 200616cooldude

Betacam or hdv?

Feb 200616Lior

NightCast Bullet Impacts

Feb 200616alpha54

Sound Editing

Jan 200616gulfy32

FX Help for feature Film

Dec 200516digitalshadowfilms

Force Jump fx test

Dec 200516alexanderj

Splinter Cell New Beginnings

Nov 200516shadowninja1028

Make things freeze

Nov 200516SGB

Free Stop Motion

Nov 200516SGB

Armored Vest

Oct 200516mattio

Capturing widescreen problem.

Oct 200516BuckskinBelly

My first Minidv camera (AG-DVC7)

Sep 200516magic mat

Lights & Lighting Setup

Sep 200516Vault FX

Whats songs are these?

Sep 200516wdy

Callout for 3ccd camera, London Area

Aug 200516Hybrid-Halo

Charmed Effects Help

Jul 200516Vault FX

Camera Purchase!!!!

Jul 200516chase

Cheap GL2

Jun 200516Boyocs

Mic Extension Problem

Jun 200516Bugclimber

What 3d Program Do you use?

Jun 200516MovieGuy334

Buying a greenscreen, need some help.

Jun 200516jorge777

Stock Footage [now Finished]

Jun 200516SMB

Metal Gear Genesis film

May 200516alfredbang

A Beginner's Guide to Depth of Field (DOF)

May 200516Hendo

pinnacle wont render ?

May 200516Gaz

Micro what?...ohh, a talky stick. (Help me choose a mic!)

May 200516Squid

New Dennis & Ronnie Demo Reel

Apr 200516Aculag

Cheap 3D Camera Match Moving!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 200516dvvidpro

Time For Tomatoes! (New Movie)

Mar 200516Aculag

3ds max 7 question

Mar 200516Greg Webb

Unseen Evil 2 weeks to release POSTER

Mar 200516silencer

Star Com

Mar 200516Landon

More realistic guns in no-budget movies

Mar 200516Katsu

How do you make words appearing on paper?

Mar 200516Frozenpede

What Should I Use For Fake Guns??

Feb 200516cinemafreak


Jan 200516NuttyBanana

Looking for a costume shop for futuristic armour

Jan 200516b4uask30male

Making a midi File from a Wav

Jan 200516Riese

How important is camera matching software?

Jan 200516Vampiricyouthv

Pinnacle's Liquid Edition 6.0

Dec 200416jtkirk86

The "impossible" shot: Crash zoom into an eye

Nov 200416Sonic007

Movie Novelty!

Nov 200416TimmyD

Photoshop intros

Oct 200416lunamask

My first attempt at green screening...

Oct 200416ssfoxhound

The Beast Within ( very good dino in this film )

Oct 200416b4uask30male

Matrix "door"

Oct 200416tomekkr

Just Show Me By First Step

Sep 200416abrintod

NY Film Academy

Sep 200416Deepcoiler

HDTV Coming to Europe

Sep 200416jjuerss

XL1s (Int) Vs. XL1s (USA)

Aug 200416wdy

I found some Quicktime export settings! :)

Aug 200416Pooky

good film editing program

Aug 200416homedogjedi

Russian Ark. An entire feature film single shot.

Aug 200416Hajiku_Flip

Static Shock Costume

Jul 200416Atom

Timeless Moment

Jul 200416Pooky

The Last Seduction

Jul 200416mmmprod

Get your stuff shown on TV!!!

Jul 200416Cypher

Lighting Question

Jun 200416Achron

Super 8 ... any of you guys know?

Jun 200416Cutty201

[UK] Our 1st Feature Film in post-production - Images Inside

May 200416polemarch

Help, I need a good name

May 200416Solidus

Morphing Software

May 200416El-Diablo

Hollywood Fliter?

May 200416Calibretto

TUTORIAL: Destroyed City

Apr 200416wpl

How many Tapes have you used?

Apr 200416Coureur de Bois


Apr 200416TAP2

mafia movie problems

Apr 200416Anonymous

Best DV codecs

Mar 200416Anonymous

Adobe Premiere Capture Problem

Mar 200416Brettsta

Thinking about the GL2.

Mar 200416coolpugs

Chroma Paint

Mar 200416jstow222

Your help and opinions needed

Mar 200416wdy

Trailer Voice

Feb 200416elementcinema

Widescreen Bars

Feb 200416Brettsta

typical costs?

Feb 200416Cypher

Introduction of a soon to be new member

Jan 200416Anonymous

Trinket ( Short film )

Jan 200416b4uask30male

after effects or chromanator

Jan 200416jessy

Weapon of choice video, hillarious

Jan 200416ssjaaron

DXM Fan?

Jan 200416blaine

'Sam Spade: The Low, Down of It' Preview

Dec 200316Aculag

Thoughts wanted....

Dec 200316williamvilliers

Adding Depth Of Field

Dec 200316TAP2


Dec 200316jstow222

Darkened Force Unofficial Teaser

Dec 200316Kyeju

feedback on commercial!

Dec 200316Cyi101

XRL mics?

Nov 200316SFX-Spaz

Help, bullet time but with camera shake

Nov 200316b4uask30male

Sophisticated questions

Nov 200316Anonymous

Blur in, blur out ?

Nov 200316Pooky

Need help with virtual dubb

Oct 200316b4uask30male

Rising From the Dead...

Oct 200316AndrewtheActorMan

Idea for independent filmmakers starting in 2004

Sep 200316wdy

Arrow Effect !

Sep 200316FilmMaker1982

Need help with lighting equipment

Sep 200316Coldfuse

Obtaining Music Copyright Permission?

Aug 200316rob

Matte Paintings?

Aug 200316davidmalyn

Music in movies?

Jul 200316Mancha de Grasa

Twist for around here...

Jul 200316AndrewtheActorMan

Matrix code effect...its not what everyone asks trust me

Jul 200316streetsk8erdc

What camcorder to buy!

Jul 200316Obi

Copyrighting Scripts?

Jun 200316Greyo

Need some opinions here guys

Jun 200316CX3

Cheap guns here!

Jun 200316CoolKabe

seeing myself in the helmet..

Jun 200316Andreas

What do they use in real films?

May 200316TAP2

Need Voice Actors Part2. the tryout

May 200316Andreas

3D films

May 200316jstow222

Please suggest a GOOD editing program...

Apr 200316j_a_d

I have been enlightened

Apr 200316Kyeju

server space

Apr 200316Marek

Big News at Scope!

Apr 200316Cypher

Premiere was a success!

Apr 200316Andreas

Camera Stabilizers

Apr 200316rmendoza

Face To Face - Finished

Mar 200316Sollthar

Minidisc as external sound??

Mar 200316michaelh2951

Urgent Message About Zombies

Mar 200316MechaForce

Its coming.....3/14

Mar 200316Robersdee

Help....cannot find any bullet models.

Feb 200316TAP2

Halo Productions is back and better than ever

Jan 200316arnoldrocks

Happieness is a program called ALAMDV

Jan 200316b4uask30male

What Alam Movie Is This?

Jan 200316Retromedia


Dec 200216Anonymous

"Deep Voice" Effect?

Dec 200216Anonymous

Whats everone up to?

Oct 200216Kram1563

Good One Liners....?

Sep 200216domdino

I Need A Host!

Aug 200216slipstreampictures

Opening Titles

Jul 200216Cypher

Censorship in the UK

Jul 200216codabar

Very real legal stuff

Jul 200216codabar

impulse ideas

Jun 200216Succubus

Andreas [AjPictures] website now open...

May 200216Andreas

How can I create a clip like so?

May 200216Solidus

Gryphon morph

May 200216Greg17

Zombie makeup

Apr 200216mighty_joe

Free Video Developing Software

Apr 200216cmatt

BetaCam SP vs. Digital 8... whats your opinions

Apr 200216amblix


Apr 200216mdtcool

Star wars text!

Apr 200216Anonymous

horsey hijack is the coolest

Apr 200216Binjder

software recommendations

Mar 200216Gizmo_melb

Soldiers of Sweden

Mar 200216Vega70

Metal Gear Redux

Mar 200216sidewinder

CGI Attack Test 1

Jan 200216Simon K Jones

explosion making trick

Dec 200116Sollthar

Any body see TWO-NESS

Jul 200116averagejoe

Final Cut Pro

Jun 200116The Tick


Jun 200116codec3

Molding and Casting non-symmetrical things

Jul 201115Azulon'sAssassin

Is this a good fan-film series idea?

Dec 201015Azulon'sAssassin

New visuals and what not for live shows

Sep 201015doppelganger

Ken Burns effect

Sep 201015KevinGregg

Production Diaries listing

Aug 201015Simon K Jones

Harry Potter Orphanage Scene

Aug 201015StupidLikeAFox


Aug 2010152xZProductions

Need help finding a good color scheme for my series help!

Jun 201015JUIDAR

annoying dog walkers

Apr 201015videofxuniverse

Sci-Fi London 48 hour challenge

Mar 201015Simon K Jones


Feb 201015daftendirekt

35mm Adapter or Lighting kit.

Jan 201015Dancamfx

Is there a way to kill a dog for a movie?

Dec 200915RodyPolis

Another which camera should I get thread...

Nov 200915ChromeHeart

intro graphic software?

Oct 200915Orin Warren

Anyone have thoughts on the Canon 7d?

Oct 200915sfbmovieco

"Bad, Bad Mr. Shankly" (full film)

Oct 200915doppelganger


Sep 200915Bryce007

The Best Green Screen

Aug 200915ZekeCraft655

Sony Vegas Slow

Aug 200915Shanghai

Sony hvr z5

Jun 200915Mike Q

Stock Footage?

Apr 200915No Degradation

Let's Just be friends..a funny little short.

Feb 200915FCRabbath


Jan 200915cavickers

Logo help

Nov 200815Mattex Films HD

My Photo's

Nov 200815RyanMichael

Carpe Diem - Web Series (promo)

Nov 200815RodyPolis

8 Hour Render Times in Vegas

Oct 200815sfbmovieco

Buying After Effects or Premiere

Oct 200815mikeh

The Power of Love

Sep 200815StumpMovieMan

Doctor Scrabble < New Movie

Sep 200815FCRabbath

P2 editing

Aug 200815Mellifluous

JVC GZ-HD6 or Panasonic HDC-HS9 or Sony HDR-SR12

Aug 200815Wishing Staff Studios

School hasn't started... But already need help.

Aug 200815SuperCameraman

radioactive mutations

Aug 200815MoltenWhale

SWAT uniform

Aug 200815RodyPolis


Aug 200815acproductions

Futuristic Hall

Aug 200815RodyPolis

FREE 3D software...

Aug 200815Bryan M Block

Understanding The Lingo...

Jul 200815JasonX1024


Jun 200815JasonX1024

Green Screen / Flying

May 200815Buatha

Getting out of your grave

May 200815RodyPolis

3d models

Mar 200815riftmaster

Different types of grading

Mar 200815Crav3r

Coming soon

Mar 200815videofxuniverse

Canon HV20

Mar 200815Joecool1081

posting movie

Mar 200815Nate F

CGI farming, motion tracking - serious advice needed!

Jan 200815pdrg

Camcorder/External HD wont cooperate-help

Dec 200715Anne

How are Imation DVDs?

Nov 200715Christofer Matthias

Lightsaber making

Nov 200715DVStudio

CG on live footage test

Nov 200715pscamm

Lighting in the woods

Nov 200715Merrick

Welcome Stranger < Short

Oct 200715FCRabbath

Companies to film my DVD ?

Oct 200715Richard Summers

anyone know anything about digibeta

Oct 200715b4uask30male

Does anyone have vue 6

Sep 200715RodyPolis

My film is accepted in the L.A film festival, you're invited

Sep 200715b4uask30male

Listen - New Film

Aug 200715FCRabbath

Motion Tracking

Aug 200715Motoman

The Preview Info Before Trailers

Aug 200715WorldFamousFilms

Hardware help core 2 quad vs. core 2 duo

Jul 200715Superman09

3D space ship fly by...need a little help, Ok a lot of help

Jul 200715AzGunrunner

Requesting a 3D spacecraft model

Jul 200715pixelboy

XL2 vs GL2

Jul 200715KA Productions

CG Stock Footage

Jul 200715SlickV19

Teaser - Internet-series - Extraordinaries!

Jun 200715hedetoft

GREAT FREE royalty free music.

Jun 200715Phantom48

Lost In Your Eyes < Short Film

Jun 200715FCRabbath

external mic for filming a wedding?

Jun 200715the new godfather

My first serious film, opinions wanted

May 200715Andysykes

Soundtrack by Moby for free

May 200715Tuffy

Filming in a church?

May 200715mercianfilm

Opinion on video editing software..

May 200715Taniko

Light rays

May 200715AG Productions

storyboard software

May 200715shadu

A Couple Questions About Prosumer Camcorders

Apr 200715FreshMentos

Clone Effect Test

Apr 200715swatdojo

Spiderman Web Effect!

Apr 200715strider4660

A Fake Rocket Launcher

Mar 200715Hugo3

Looking to help out some people

Mar 200715NickD

Whats your favorite Genre?

Mar 200715doppelganger

Exclusive Spider-Man 3 footage... until 9pm 3/6/07 only

Mar 200715jfbiscardi

3D programs/star wars

Feb 200715FXhomer34433

Music Rights

Feb 200715Christofer Matthias


Dec 200615Horcruxes88

The Filmmaking Book FAQ: Updated 11/20/06

Nov 200615nanafanboy

Is this an awesome script?

Oct 200615Silentfox

University Greenscreen!

Oct 200615cjbalways

Best PC for film making? +Help with AE?

Sep 200615Stee

Rode NTG-2

Aug 200615Libo

I give up. I admit i need help with this horror movie.

Aug 200615hulkis2001

How do you get the best rendering out of Sony Vegas?

Jul 200615Thriller

Top Nice Lightning Effect

Jul 200615SpaDeKo

Camera and budget-spending needed advice

Jul 200615Garfield Street

Check Out My "Special OPS" Trailer

Jun 200615Christofer Matthias

Super awesome Superman effect explanation (with Brando!)

Jun 200615Pooky

Fiva Film Festival winner

May 200615hippa03

Red Mark on Actress, Your thoughts?

May 200615SyroVision

Getting a Tripod and Shooting in Widescreen

May 200615Harvey

Need a high quality amera for ski movies

May 200615the new godfather

best dvd format

May 200615j man

Camcorder $800 and Under?

Apr 200615NickD

Quadruped Criticism

Apr 200615SlothPaladin

Cheap Shell Ejecting Rifle

Apr 200615zguy95135

V For Vendetta Knife Trail

Apr 200615BasementProductions

New Real Bullet Casing Stock!

Apr 200615mattio

Custom made 3D Animations for your movies

Mar 200615FXhomer7519

Anyone feel like helping out on a movie?

Mar 200615Two Gunned Saint

need u help man in premier pro

Feb 200615FXhomer8887

Awesome opportunity to add to your resume and portfolio

Feb 200615FXhomer6591

The Immaculate Cigarette Throw..

Jan 200615Thriller

Our Film for 24 our Film festival

Jan 200615ssjaaron

External Mic connected to a PC

Jan 200615ForeverYoung8

can you do stop motion with a camcorder?

Jan 200615Hillsong London505

What's the difference between bluescreen/greenscreen?

Dec 200515jrg2134

"All By Himself"-New(ish) Movie

Nov 200515Atom

Sneak Peak Lightsabers

Nov 200515mattio

Sony Vegas Title Animations.....?

Nov 200515Thriller

Tripod Recommendation

Nov 200515cinemafreak

3D composition help!

Nov 200515shadu

Help with zombie movie.

Oct 20051590hitpoints

GS250 Arrived!

Oct 200515TommyB

Separating a song from Vocals

Oct 200515obidean

Starship Troopers Effects...

Oct 200515JDC

Fake Trailer

Sep 200515FCRabbath

new production company logo animation

Jul 200515alexanderj

Microphone for recording sound effects

Jul 200515viper3139

My next movie...

Jun 200515Tommy Gundersen

How does this look?

Jun 200515neo_man89

I built myself a dolly cam

Jun 200515SMB

Digital ramping

May 200515Squid

I Like it

May 200515nimboden


May 200515Bugclimber

Follow a Bullet?

Mar 200515Kristian

Where do you guys get those guns and other cool props?

Mar 200515DPUMA8

Which Camera

Feb 200515TVwriter23

Motion Tracking Software suggestions and Maya 6 help

Feb 200515RudyPicardo

Bullet Shot

Feb 200515LilCaesars

A Question for my fellow Blenderheads

Feb 200515Maetrix66

Asking for short CG work (just title intro) for movie

Jan 200515tomekkr

fire look on actor

Jan 200515shadu

Demo of my Animation/VFX Work

Jan 200515VisualFXGuy

War movie

Dec 200415Sniped

After the Christmas Money comes...

Dec 200415FiveIronFrenzy

New Movie im shooting soon.

Dec 200415jackpea

Downloading trailers of

Dec 200415steelglass

Just a thought on explosions, and a quick question

Nov 200415viper3139

What's next?

Nov 200415JAD7272

Sleeve Gun Rig?

Nov 200415Kid Entropy

is it worth asking permission to film somewhere.

Nov 200415b4uask30male


Nov 200415mod_007

3d bullet casing test

Oct 200415A Pickle

old school way of filling a house with smoke

Sep 200415thecarpets

What type of greenscreen?

Sep 200415sciedou

Scary mp3's

Aug 200415Klut

Laddy Fingers in the barrel of a broken airsoft gun.

Aug 200415Clapter

Action advice

Aug 200415Mr_E_Man

PREMIER rendering

Aug 200415Denise CookXClam

Has anyone ever seen a decent Spiderman fan film ?

Jul 200415b4uask30male


Jun 200415Vertigo38

Color Corrected Fottage

Jun 200415Redhawksrymmer

Problems with lines when video is in motion

Jun 200415sk8npirate

Cropping in premiere

Jun 200415Evman

[New] SFX Sequences in War Crimes

May 200415polemarch

What is better: Panasonic AG-DVX100A or Canon XL1S

May 200415thecarpets

Matte Shot - Or I Think It's That

May 200415TAP2

Bullet hits on drywall

May 200415Anonymous

Wire removal

Apr 200415Anonymous

Please rate this.

Apr 200415Ryan


Apr 200415Slick

new way to make fire in films

Apr 200415wpl

Making your video 3D

Mar 200415Kevo

Anybody else working with dual monitors?

Mar 200415Serdar3500

simulating bullet proof skin

Mar 200415TheLiggi

Camera Question: PAL NTSC

Mar 200415Brettsta

Light Meters

Feb 200415adamlightandmagic

Use the force

Jan 200415ceogar

The Drop-Off

Dec 200315cyclone3000

Making good looking fog... a little tutorial.

Dec 200315Redhawksrymmer

Soy Español

Dec 200315gexpir

best way to safely film fist fights?

Nov 200315rocketman

Techtv video making

Nov 200315CoolKabe


Nov 200315shadu

BEST wind protection for high speed car shots out window?

Oct 200315Anonymous

By day, Andrewtheactorman..but by night.....

Oct 200315AndrewtheActorMan

Bullet-time: Simplified

Oct 200315Marek

Right to use a song, Contact?

Sep 200315Andreas

Whats ur Ideas for best program to produce quality titles?

Sep 200315Coldfuse

OZ Fest still happening?

Aug 200315wdy

Terminator 2 bullet effect help

Jul 200315streetsk8erdc

How to put text on top of a movie?

Jul 200315Pooky


Jul 200315MATT PUGH

The definative bullet time sequence

Jul 200315otteypm


Jul 200315MATT PUGH

matrix fate New website and movie to view

Jun 200315Anonymous

the matrix game sounds have to be encode somehow...

Jun 200315divaid2001

Ouch! I've Been HIT!!! (look!)

Jun 200315AndrewtheActorMan

If its not one prob, its another

May 200315static2k

Good, C H E A P Cameras?

May 200315jstow222

Very Interesting Commercial! (Honda)

Apr 200315MechaForce

Verbatim Begins

Apr 200315sfbmovieco

System Trouble

Apr 200315billy3d

bullet stop

Apr 200315fanofthepeople

Xl-1s vs dvx100

Apr 200315Anonymous

Effects From the Matrix ?

Mar 200315curran

666!!!!! Giving In To Peer Pressure

Mar 200315MechaForce

Opening Crawl

Feb 200315MidnightJester

Has anyone used Cinlook yet??

Jan 200315Chrislad

I need voice work!

Jan 200315BrickMovies4U

Cinema Announcement: Turicon

Jan 200315Sollthar

which guns?!

Dec 200215billy3d

Sound editing

Nov 200215VengeanceGOD


Oct 200215danial_02

Embarassing question

Oct 200215Anonymous

Matrix move: the next level ;)

Oct 200215patrickmagic

Blue screen best material

Aug 200215Anonymous

Vietnam Movie

Jul 200215sfbmovieco

Other Ideas

Jul 200215Rawree

2 questions

Jun 200215DigiSm89

deflecting lasers with a lightsaber

Jun 200215Anonymous

Uploading movies to the web/

Jun 200215Hajiku_Flip

Lighting in the woods

May 200215X

Lighting At night

Apr 200215warwind45

Sound effects for Lightsabers/Laser

Apr 200215Anonymous


Apr 200215robust282

Episode 2?

Apr 200215Anonymous

Doctor Who films

Mar 200215CARDINAL

the matrix-spin around movie

Feb 200215sidewinder

Srotyboarding and preproduction

Jul 200115codec3

"Playmates" - short film

May 201114Jonathan Damborg

Help buying Jib

Apr 201114RodyPolis

Help with a scifi military costume

Apr 201114DX6channel

Hard to decide between what I have and what equipment I shou

Feb 201114evg2005

I need some audio advice!

Jan 201114Azulon'sAssassin

camera that can shoot 60fps

Jan 201114Linnagex

Need help with word graphic effects please!

Jan 201114JUIDAR

How To Get SpeciaL Effects ?

Jan 201114Sufian796z

Dark Mark help

Dec 201014Azulon'sAssassin

Interdimensional Adventures (working title)

Sep 201014SlothPaladin

How to make an actor look like Colossus or Iceman

Aug 201014evg2005

Royalty Monopoly On All Mpeg2 & H.264 HD Camcorders

May 201014Joshua271987


Apr 201014acproductions

How to Kill a Bonsai Tree?

Mar 201014Serpent

Looking for an HD camcorder...

Mar 201014ZackGavin

Iron Man Repulsor Blast Sound Effect

Mar 201014Buchanan Brothers Films


Dec 200914Serpent

studio lights

Dec 200914sir alex

Is this the ultimate car chase? vfx and greenscreen short

Nov 200914FXhomer111705

Tricky blood scene

Oct 200914MichaelOmegatron

IKARI - finally completely uploaded!

Aug 200914JUIDAR

Cgi on video

Aug 200914Cyan

Editing second Short Film 'White'

Aug 200914Rockfilmers

Lighting Kit

Jun 200914RodyPolis

I fight a cartoon

Jun 200914Poseidon1231

How do you make two objects clash?

Jun 200914Brannon716

Here Is my new flying video

Jun 200914Poseidon1231

Back to the Future...

May 200914matthewfuller999

Steadicam JR

May 200914Serpent

Redoing voices

May 200914Sick Boy

Filming/lighting a scene at night?

May 200914doppelganger

Got into NCSA

May 200914Goldwing Productions

Motion tracking in FXhome?

Apr 200914The Cyber Controller

Create a force field on VisionLab

Apr 200914Whitelighter

Gunfire Shells?

Mar 200914Airsoft Studios

How do i acquire the rights to use a copyrighted song?

Mar 200914JUIDAR

FXhome experienced fx artist to produce fx for short film

Dec 200814smoorns

The FXHome Unofficial 2008 Holiday Contest~

Dec 200814Tommy92L

Help!- Need site to upload video for free.- 625 mb file

Oct 200814RyanZ

Do XLR adapter reduce quality?

Oct 200814Breadfish

Photos from our new film "Hobo Pirates"

Oct 200814Jrad

Does anybody know of any MAC animation programs

Oct 200814boavampire

Sony HVR-HD1000U Digital High Definition HDV Camcorder

Sep 200814prokidsfilms

Does this look good?

Sep 200814Poseidon1231

Good filmaking books?

Sep 200814mikeh

"Single Shot" Poster Feedback

Sep 200814nfsbuff


Sep 200814nerfgunnerz3

A lot of questions...

Aug 200814PSFreak

How do you make Dvd menus?

Aug 200814retardchimp

Clamp lights, good or bad?

Aug 200814RodyPolis

Wild Wood Part 1-Short film

Aug 200814RodyPolis

What Visual Effects Are You More Likely To Buy?

Jul 200814Vault FX

Film Grading (detail in topic)

Jul 200814tidge2008

Company Name & Logo

Jun 200814Vault FX

XL2 - 30p footage appears as interlaced

Jun 200814Elijah

Editing software?

May 200814Don Condios

motion tracking

May 200814riftmaster

Which would you Buy?

Apr 200814irishcult

Local Film Festival - EXCITED

Apr 200814Balketh


Mar 200814T L O A C P

Healing Brush from Photoshop...

Mar 200814Staff Only

stop frame animation

Feb 200814Artic

Documentary film - impacts on media

Feb 200814lwmedia

cheap wire rigs?

Feb 200814fxmaniac

I need to find a place to get cheap fake guns

Feb 200814Artic

Canon xl2 shaky effect

Feb 200814FXhomer12185

DV Rebels Guide

Jan 200814Bucees

You are not suggest Pro Gear is required to be professional?

Jan 200814neoglitz

Music for Your Film

Jan 200814chchaisson

Rain Hitting Camera + Other Questions

Dec 200714Krammit

Canon HV20 VS PV-GS500

Nov 200714Roboticinfo

Original music?

Nov 200714Merrick

Talking animals

Nov 200714gcjennings

Mirror Sunglasses show camera, can After effects remove it?

Oct 200714Wishing Staff Studios

A Preview Of Some New Dennis & Ronnie Shorts!

Oct 200714Aculag

How to make Fire on your and or over your hole body

Sep 200714Pepita2202

Just an Idea I got

Sep 200714RodyPolis

After all these years...

Sep 200714Ouellette

CG animation software

Sep 200714Poseidon1231

Painting Test

Aug 200714RodyPolis

First try at grading... I need help.

Jul 200714doppelganger


Jul 200714PLANB

Studio lights

Jul 200714mercianfilm

getting a location

Jul 200714dudewitmoves12

Movie Trailer Music - check it out

Jul 200714Big Rob

New Site

Jul 200714FCRabbath

Video Copilot Designer Sound FX

Jun 200714rudemen

Spider-Man web phisical effect

May 200714Jabooza

Fight sequence help?!

May 200714Maxy

Need mission impossible effects help

May 200714FreeZ

green screen

Apr 200714Joecool1081


Apr 200714doppelganger

recording sound seperatly?

Apr 200714doppelganger

Star Wars after opening crawl look to mustafar

Apr 200714Pixel edit

Green < New Film

Mar 200714FCRabbath

vampire deaths

Mar 200714fxmaniac

i need a composer to make me music for film score

Mar 200714joshh

Need cgi/2D animation maker

Mar 200714Link123456

High school electives

Mar 200714KA Productions

How would you achieve a disco mirror-ball effect?

Feb 200714RobSpratt

Vegas Help

Jan 200714Multiwagon

Looking for zoom mic

Jan 200714NickD

Matrix Slow-mo (probably has been asked before)

Jan 200714destron

indiana jones or james bond

Dec 200614doppelganger

Going Pro! (errr... well... sort of I guess)

Dec 200614Jazzmanian

Mini-DV Tape Erasure and Maintenance

Dec 200614Jazzmanian

Live action stop motion

Dec 200614Simon K Jones

Understanding Colour Sampling (4:2:0, 4:1:1, etc)

Dec 200614Hendo

Canon Optura 50

Nov 200614Armageddon1212

Need advice on a rather ambitious effect.

Nov 200614pixelboy

The HDV Knowledge Thread.

Nov 200614Bryce007

Anyone know of a Free AVI to Flash converter?

Nov 200614HexadB

The Blankety Blank Movie Contest: #2

Nov 200614NickD

movie Ideal

Oct 200614Orin Warren

Is This Camcorder Good Enough ?

Oct 200614SpaDeKo

Heroes - Frozen Shot

Oct 200614tomekkr

Could some one create 3D wolves for me?

Sep 200614Horcruxes88

CG Stock Footage

Aug 200614JackPot

video camera -> computer

Aug 200614Anne

Spinning Baseball Footage

Jul 200614cooldude

Direct Interaction Cloning

Jul 200614epeterson

please name the 5 top camcorder

Jul 200614silentassault4

running/walking without space?!

Jun 200614Maxy

Final Jedi Remnant poster

Jun 200614King of Blades

The Right Camera for Me

Jun 200614Balketh

Need 24p! New camera

Jun 200614EVW2K

credit roll

May 200614rathgeber films

Cast and Crew needed...

May 200614TMR

Best Camera?

Apr 200614destron Reliable? Or not...

Apr 200614Squid

Resources for Shoe-String Budgets

Apr 200614destron

Spoofing Question

Apr 200614angelx

Ripping Software

Apr 200614NickD

would you buy fxhome storyboard software?

Mar 200614ashman

Camera care

Mar 200614blh

How to convert video into MP4 for iPod?

Mar 200614rathgeber films

Vote for me!

Feb 200614sk8npirate

Prop idea, need some feedback

Feb 200614Cyborg Commando

Creating 3D models

Feb 200614isr raviv

3D test

Feb 200614shadu

Some pictures I made woo

Jan 200614pcremag

Your opinion on shot sequence

Jan 200614RudyPicardo

Help with DVD Authoring!

Jan 200614ben3308

In need of some inspiration.

Jan 20061490hitpoints

Filming with HD tapes with MiniDV cams

Dec 200514Fierro Films

open exe on mac

Dec 200514SGB

Urgent Advice Needed (GS250)

Dec 200514TommyB

Stock Footage

Nov 200514SMB

Who is interested in a canon GL2?

Nov 200514Marcopolo1

How to get minor financing for movie projects?

Nov 200514Pooky

"Alice in Wonderland" Effects...

Nov 200514angelx

Something Wrong with Quicktime?

Oct 200514cinemafreak

Cheap Blue screen

Oct 200514SGB

My DV Challenge entry

Sep 200514sk8npirate

should i submit a film?

Sep 200514ashman

A Star Wars Script Idea needing Opionion.

Sep 200514alexcull

Production check list

Sep 200514trakked

Need Good Menu Program

Sep 200514marko508

Small Car Chase

Aug 200514LilCaesars

Myronic Studios new logo

Aug 200514Bugclimber

Canon XM2 - bring objects closer?

Aug 200514davidnagel

Discreet Combustion?

Aug 200514andrewzennfilms

JVC GR-DV3 noise problem

Aug 200514mattio

How to film dark scenes

Jul 200514Sting939

do you know this lightning sound effect

Jul 200514alexanderj

My New WebSite

Jul 200514lonepigs

Just a note for those with ALAMDV2 Plugins >stock footage

Jul 200514Bryan M Block

Help With Logo (Adding To The Multiple Logo Topics)

Jun 200514LilCaesars

New Logo

Jun 200514jfbiscardi

The 3.00 Depth of Field solution for Mini DV cameras...

Jun 200514Bryan M Block

Google video, I got email back telling me off.......

Jun 200514b4uask30male

3D Question??

Jun 200514lonepigs

This will make you smile, actors paying on ebay

Jun 200514b4uask30male

nice visual effects footage

Jun 200514yellowmello

24p Native Converter

May 200514AAAx2

How to make some effects?

May 200514Cyborg Commando

How to stream a quicktime video?! Or embed it in a webpage..

May 200514Coldfuse

Some free space needed for new movie

May 200514hippa03

All White shot

May 200514yellowmello

Moving DVD menus...program?

May 200514silencer

End titles ( credits ) how would you do this ?

Apr 200514b4uask30male

help,. what's it called ? light reflector ?

Apr 200514b4uask30male

What did I do wrong?

Apr 200514GuitarsRule89

Angry Shadows < My Newest Movie

Apr 200514FCRabbath

Software features, recommendation.

Apr 200514scowles

Posters Need Critique

Mar 200514Madmanmatty

Greenscreen Backgrounds

Mar 200514Zea

Comments on my model

Feb 200514obidean

Motion Backgrounds needed

Feb 200514GuitarsRule89

More proof of the greatness of HDV

Feb 200514cantaclaro

My First Post

Feb 200514Bernie Juice

Can One Upload...

Jan 200514Frozenpede

hey tell me what you think of my website

Jan 200514johnson5jr

Sound Contintuity.

Jan 200514Vampiricyouthv

sony 2100 or canon GL2

Jan 200514jmill8886

Compositing Program

Jan 20051403ruby

Yup, I'm stupid!

Jan 200514b r o k e n f a i t h

Advanced Compositing

Jan 200514cinemafreak

Blender Tutorials

Dec 200414Vault FX

Old 'what cam' question

Dec 200414Zirk

Clone interaction tutorial

Dec 200414tomekkr

Microphone Solutions

Dec 200414b r o k e n f a i t h

Where is your NLE?

Dec 200414Jetwise

HP Notebook

Nov 200414rmw

Contract of Evil at

Nov 200414monkey

Director's Commentary on DVD

Oct 200414Deepcoiler

Lightsaber video contest

Oct 200414jimsteele


Sep 200414A Pickle

Last thing I need for my video.. please help

Sep 200414ElDiablo

Lighting discussion...

Aug 200414Z28Jerry

Bluescreen or Greenscreen

Aug 200414sk8npirate

Another 3d Integration Test

Jul 200414neo_man89

Top of actor's career

Jun 200414Ryan

Zombie Film

Jun 200414simon603

Bladerunner Fan Film Teaser is finally avalable

Jun 200414HindSight Films

Sound Engineering - Help!!

Jun 200414gent23mj

A Sniper's Story

Jun 200414TheRenegade

To overlay or not to overlay...

May 200414Brettsta

flaming sword effects

May 200414Ice_Man

MakeUp Question: Making Someone look older

May 200414Cutty201

Upgraded to Vegas 5.0+DVDA2?

Apr 200414Anonymous

Could somebody make me a logo? I will give force

Apr 200414spyannel

My first movie needs a host!

Mar 200414elementcinema

Large 3d City Prob.

Mar 200414Denise CookXClam

portable greenscreen

Mar 200414fertesz

Problems with studio 8

Mar 200414aaron 99

imovie hates my canon xl1s

Feb 200414Anonymous

Where'd you learn it?

Feb 200414Jagg

My first film gigs!

Jan 200414wdy

Trailer comentary

Jan 200414robholtby

60's batman

Dec 200314enigma747

Lighting tut

Dec 200314SFX-Spaz

Laser fire sound effects...

Dec 200314Unbreakable

How many frames should muzzle flashes last?

Dec 200314Underdog Productions

video cards?

Dec 200314kungfukid

improved poster (56k users warning)

Dec 200314kungfukid

Finishing the film, AVI or?

Nov 200314Anonymous

Peter pan,Shrak 2 movies

Nov 200314blaine

Me + Stop Motion = ?

Nov 200314Pooky

Real Big Problem!!!

Nov 200314ckossoyan

Effects for film

Nov 200314devilskater

OZ Fest Cancelled

Oct 200314wdy

4 Days till OZ Fest

Oct 200314wdy

Add realistic titles to a building

Oct 200314Anonymous

beginning of my script

Oct 200314kungfukid

Color-Correction Test and Digigrade Question

Oct 200314Cypher

Official International Movie Thread!!!!

Oct 200314Pooky

"Batman Beyond Batmobile" test flight

Oct 200314cmgoetz

Safety Is Our Last Priority!

Oct 200314sidewinder

Gun Hit Sounds

Sep 200314Pooky

The Last Day

Sep 200314Julie A Beyl2

Whats some good action music

Aug 200314jessy

choping head off with vegas 4, paint shop pro, AE

Aug 200314jessy

Voice Altering

Jul 200314DaShadow

What are some programs the allow you to paint on video.

Jul 200314jessy

Night scenes, how do I do?

Jun 200314Marsupilami

Having problems getting started

Jun 200314owen rixon


Jun 200314johnson5jr

reverse action

Jun 200314shadowsong

Slicing off limbs

May 200314Impulse Entertainer

Airsoft Spring Guns Question

May 200314wdy

I REALLY need suggestions on a firewire card..

May 200314El-Diablo

Power Corps. aka Space Marines

May 200314JohnCarter


Apr 200314Two Gunned Saint

Recommended CD-MEDIA?

Apr 200314TAP2

Just starting out on my own!

Apr 200314davidmalyn

Matrix, Bullet Time Effect

Mar 200314SuperFly

make a movie with a still image?

Feb 200314Anonymous

What type of Movie would you like to make?

Feb 200314DW Peters

A Quick Thought

Feb 200314sfbmovieco

Calling all Plugin Guru Kings and 3 D Modeling Creators

Feb 200314Anonymous

Good 3d Modelling Programs

Jan 200314ciabt


Jan 200314wdy

Matrix shot

Jan 200314Marek

Good sites to download free leagal action music?

Jan 200314Anonymous

New movie making it's way to the top not just on AlamDv

Dec 200214gpmovies

Psycho 3D models needed

Dec 200214davlin

I am the sound man!!

Nov 200214danial_02

video match question

Oct 200214wpl

Star Wars Rebel Alliance - Offical Announcement

Oct 200214X


Sep 200214dgulbransen

Filmlook2nd Question :-)

Sep 200214Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

laptop, any good?

Aug 200214Greyo

Wire rigs and green screens

Aug 200214Anonymous

At what resolution and framerate do I save for tv viewing?

Aug 200214zironi

important final cut pro question

Jul 200214ty2k55

Poser 4

Jul 200214mighty_joe2001

Best Bets for 16:9?

Jul 200214PoloKuo

mpg, mov, wmv what the best to use. ?

Jun 200214b4uask30male


Jun 200214Cypher

Losing limbs...

Jun 200214KissSpooky

do 3rd party aftereffects programs work in premiere 6.0?

Apr 200214amblix

recommended microphone for filming

Apr 200214justakid

Hey dudes, we need some help with exporting image squences i

Apr 200214sidewinder

Improving quality

Mar 200214Pooch

Premiere Effects

Mar 200214MrComputerGuy

Greenscreen Car Shots

Feb 200214Robbie

Real-Time Cards

Jan 200214spotless

light gels

Jun 200114


May 201113Viktorious

Western X - Green Screen, Miniatures , Digital Mattes

Dec 201013spaghetti man

Photo realistic 3D models

Dec 201013chbaum

Lightworks- Tutorial and First Look

Dec 201013DVStudio

'Flat' Filming Question

Dec 201013PLANB

Lightworks (free NLE) getting closer!

Nov 201013pdrg

Stock Footage worth it?

Oct 201013FXhomer129135

Trash Day

Aug 201013FCRabbath

Awe Inspiring Short

Jul 201013rogolo

Stuck on Story

Jun 2010132xZProductions

Replica horse necks

May 201013Viktorious

On Location Audio Problems

Apr 201013The Flying Fox

How to make those movies!

Apr 201013StupidLikeAFox

Drawn < Short Film

Feb 201013FCRabbath

Poor man's tracking

Jan 201013Struker

What would you do?...silly destructive fun...

Jan 201013Gino East

Tips for Color Grading

Oct 200913ChromeHeart

Creating a boom mic with microphone and mic stand

Oct 200913evg2005

Which editing program do most FXhome users own/use?

Oct 200913FXhomer51171

PC Set Up

Oct 200913Brobin

overlaying Voices

Sep 200913Sick Boy

Realistic Looking Props:

Aug 200913ZekeCraft655

Help me buy a new computer

Jul 200913MoltenWhale

sound effects needed for fighting and gun shots

Jun 200913ahartwig01

Get making your movies ready for our premiere!

Jun 200913TMR

Here's a weird one... Man vs bear?

Jun 200913MrGoodbomb

Very short storm trooper battle.

Jun 200913sir alex

Beginner needs a good quality HD camera for reasonable price

May 200913ChrisHutchy

Yay for me!

May 200913pdrg

need feedback (short clip)

May 200913ChromeHeart

Green screen help needed

Apr 200913meast1431

VisionLab and Adobe After Effects

Apr 200913ChromeHeart

sound f/x

Apr 200913godsglory777

Chase scene + Muzzle Flash!

Apr 200913mattio

Bass sounds

Mar 200913PLANB

Space Ships, Aliens & Zombie Monkeys!

Mar 200913iggy35

How do I do focus when using a greenscreen?

Feb 200913Lerman Productions

Remove music from a song

Jan 200913Joecool1081

letter box vs. pan and scan

Jan 200913Rockfilmers

Thoughts on a picture I edited...

Jan 200913Singwolf

i would like to buy.

Jan 200913FXhomer94601

3d render of Batman tumbler

Jan 200913danielchallans

Fight Club Effect

Dec 200813Joecool1081

Making a game-to-movie video

Nov 200813Sick Boy

Software Choice

Oct 200813Shanghai

Major Updates! <Check it out!

Oct 200813FCRabbath

Practical Effects.

Oct 200813JasonX1024

Sound from camera

Sep 200813RodyPolis

Sound Capturing set up

Sep 200813No Respite Productions

Any tips?

Sep 200813Randomlard101

Entry Level Professional Camera Purchase Advice.

Sep 200813D3L3T10N

starwars fan film how-to tutorials

Aug 200813cdolsen

Choosing A New Camera

Aug 200813The Duelist

Anyone use sketchup?

Aug 200813RodyPolis

One Actor = 2 Characters?

Aug 200813Howe Studios

I suck at movie scripting. HELP!

Jul 200813DeeSeeAreEssAre45

Got me a CRAZY special Effects job!

Jul 200813Travis Kunze

OFFSPRING Music Video...your thoughts on it?

Jul 200813Zephlon

red camera, what can you edit it on?

Jun 200813b4uask30male

Cheap Fluorescent: 5000K or 6500K

Jun 200813Gibs

Designing me a robot

Jun 200813RodyPolis

Am I outdated?

Jun 200813Tommy92L

What can effects lab do?

Jun 200813IPresents

Need Help finding that Free Movie Planner

May 200813Elliptical Productions

Contest Short

May 200813JasonX1024


May 200813Poseidon1231


May 200813Darth Fughog

MK-V "Alien Revolution" Steadicam - AMAZING

Apr 200813Arktic

firewire/usb hub

Apr 200813FXhomer25705

Dalek voice

Apr 200813riftmaster

Music Copyright Issue

Mar 200813BlackIceFilms

Which low budget camcorder should I get?

Mar 200813goddard996

Bullet Destroy Object

Mar 200813Crav3r

ruined city

Feb 200813Artic

Another request for opinions on Vegas Studio

Feb 200813petet2

"film look" test

Feb 200813fxmaniac

Scope - Short film for NYU - Feedback - FXPerience Rewards

Jan 200813Serpent

A Few Questions Regarding the GL2 (XM2)

Jan 200813FreshMentos

Got a camera for Christmas, opinions?

Dec 200713MrGoodbomb

Script for battle sequences?

Dec 200713King of Blades

Seeking Video editing software that is free

Dec 200713troyesleygann

harness search and setup

Dec 200713FXhomer12185

Movie Ideas Needed!

Dec 200713Poseidon1231

Laser test i did

Dec 200713Poseidon1231

Short gun fight test

Nov 200713Koradin

Call for Low-budget Film Submissions for Critique...

Nov 200713Microfilmmaker Magazine

Action Audio Pro - Action Sound FX!

Nov 200713mattio

Apple Color or Visionlab Grading (be honest)

Nov 200713demoncheeseball101

Importing Mini-DV to computer

Oct 200713Dead Iris

Suicide effects clip (black humour)

Oct 200713video fx universe

Sound effects - Body Hits, where can i get some?

Oct 200713evg2005

good web hosting for cheap

Sep 200713jumpin joe

Proper settings for 24P

Sep 200713JustJon

Best place for "merch" DVD cases, shirts, pins, po

Sep 200713MrGoodbomb

Please comment on my 3D model.

Aug 200713Whong

REAL muzzle flash

Aug 200713AzGunrunner

IN need of a CGI artist/animator

Aug 200713JUIDAR

What do you think?

Aug 200713Biblmac

New video with FXhome

Aug 200713Joecool1081

Prop Hypodermic Needle & Syringe Created - After some ad

Aug 200713LightsCameraAction

'Summertime Killer' Teaser Trailer Released*

Aug 200713Avenging Eagle

In need of high quality digital stuntmen!

Jul 200713mrbret5

Which Camera?

Jul 200713The Nemesis2161

help wit movies

Jul 200713dudewitmoves12

Lego and FXhome

Jul 200713japan1

My new trailer

Jun 200713SlickV19

Numerous Files with Same Name

Jun 200713Evman

'tales from the hive'

Jun 200713FXhomer32004

is this a scam?

Jun 200713Rabbit Hole Pictures

How to reverse a clip in editing

Jun 200713lunamask

Heinz Commercial Contest

Jun 200713Aculag

My MAJOR work 3D Animation

May 200713FXhomer53491


May 200713Jazzmanian

fake guns

Apr 200713FXhomer17851

need a new microphone with minijack!

Apr 200713Tuffy

New Script

Mar 2007135280 Productions

Best Panasonic 3CCD Camera?

Mar 200713mikeh

Visual Effects and Prop builders

Mar 200713The Editing Room

Stop motion is the game

Mar 200713Orin Warren

When you only got one camera...different angles possible?

Feb 200713Oboys

Have any of you Star Wars fanfilm makers seen this:___ ?

Feb 200713the Fiddler

Special Effects Montage

Feb 200713Tom D

Curious if anyone Knows good gun shot sound effect web sites

Jan 200713JTGFIlms

2007 Academy Award Nominations

Jan 200713Magic_man12

Music Rights

Jan 200713Serpent

should I get sony vegas?

Jan 200713Orin Warren

Who has a camera dolly? are you happy with it?

Dec 200613b4uask30male

File compression in Adobe

Dec 200613Jazzmanian

life size dummy help

Dec 200613doppelganger

New Project

Dec 200613King of Blades

Needed Sound Effect for Titles

Dec 200613wdy

To HD or not to HD?

Dec 200613SGB

Alternative Capturing Device

Nov 200613LilCaesars

Hello my dear Filmmakers, heres some sound for you

Nov 200613FXhomer6045

A Neat Little Greenscreen Trick

Nov 200613jmax

Need Costume Ideas

Nov 200613NickD

Heroes flight simulation

Oct 200613Cadaver

i need a back story for my war film.

Oct 200613StrikeEmStudios


Oct 200613notoriusc

New War Movie

Oct 200613King of Blades

How do i lower my movies file size?

Oct 200613hulkis2001

How do you have 2 or more of same characters in one shot?

Sep 200613hulkis2001

elemental powers

Sep 200613notoriusc

I m about to start a career?i need ur advice!

Sep 200613Dilly2

Need help: shot 1 scene but each actor is looking different

Sep 200613b4uask30male

visionlab hd+icarus 2.07+ blender 2.42

Sep 200613lonesn1per

100 day's as a sheep

Sep 200613ashman

what's a good camcorder?

Aug 200613FreshMentos

White Expanse?

Jul 200613SuperCameraman

Panasonic PV-GS500

Jul 200613epeterson

Composer Logged On

Jun 200613Sid Barnhoorn

One person, Multiple Characters in the same frame

Jun 200613Jamac83

GL2 Specs

Jun 200613Balketh

Where To Get Good Green/Blue Screens For Chroma-Keying...?

Jun 200613TVK

In need of Nightcrawler smoke effect.

Jun 200613notoriusc

Blankety Blank submission thread.

Jun 200613nanafanboy

Fake Money?

Jun 200613hatsoff2halford

Which camera is right for me?

Jun 200613SFrace23

How high should a lightsaber be on your body?

Jun 200613NickD

sound software

May 200613Xaritor

Which paint to use ?

May 200613Lior

plane jump?

May 200613ProFilms17

Good example of greenscreen and motion tracking

May 200613Hendo

Need film story ideas about WW2 bunkers

May 200613Jrad

Arab/Israeli/Eastern man yelling

May 200613Spency

Thinking about Airsoft

Mar 200613pcremag

Whats a good program for making titles?

Mar 200613Spawnn

Good Camera for about $1000

Feb 200613Jrad

Help to Render in Maya 7!

Feb 200613mattio

VIdeos on iPod

Feb 200613SGB

I need help finding a Hollywood Clapboard

Feb 200613GuitarsRule89

Need Feedback for a Documentary

Jan 200613Evman

Angels And Demons - Your favourite/ideal shots for a trailer

Jan 200613devilskater

What makes a good Duel?

Jan 200613alexcull

Why Did My Thread Get Deleted?

Jan 200613cinemafreak

2gb space & bandwith? FREE!

Jan 200613Lithium Kraft

software question

Jan 200613Hillsong London505

Need help with idea....poll question

Dec 200513aggies2005

Black and white with color???

Dec 200513irishcult

Harry Potter logo

Dec 200513Oeyvind


Nov 200513chipmandoo

Roommates < New Short Short

Nov 200513FCRabbath

Even More Fantastic Star Wars Stock Footage And Fights!!!

Nov 200513mattio

Free homemade Sound Effects

Oct 200513irishcult

Greenscreen, where art thou?

Oct 200513Kolchin

great place to save movies!!!!!

Sep 200513ashman

Creating Superior Mattes (with After Effects and others)

Sep 200513rypcat

Terragon Help

Sep 200513mattio

My Muzzle Flash

Aug 200513The Chosen One

Buying Sony Vegas 6

Aug 200513mattio

Hyperspace Tunnel

Aug 200513Chris Grant

a little help needed here...Camera selection

Jul 200513fiverfilms5

Summer Sale

Jul 200513rickblackmon

Stock Footage

Jun 200513sk8street65

Choice: TSOCM New RE-EDIT Preview New UPDATE!

May 200513Justin10139

hi def camera's anyone know anything about them ?

May 200513b4uask30male


May 200513Bugclimber

ANOTHER Cam decision request. - sorry!

May 200513Chrislad

Super imposed windshield hits...

Apr 200513Squid

B&W film with one colour character?

Apr 200513Greyo

Sin City Style Color Alteration

Apr 200513chemical_penguin

What's the best affordable 3CCD DV Camcorder?

Mar 200513juancfig

Number 1033-ES (New Movie)

Mar 200513cantaclaro

Severed Leg Effect

Mar 200513viper3139

A possible good free-hosting

Mar 200513Tommy Gundersen

Light saber props available

Mar 200513jimsteele

Backyard productions ( two brothers ) on TV today 5pm

Mar 200513b4uask30male

Purchased XL2

Feb 200513memphisrainz

Excellent Lights for filming, very cheap and portable

Jan 200513b4uask30male

About Terminology....

Jan 200513VisualFXGuy

What is everybody working on?

Jan 200513Frozenpede


Jan 200513Squid


Jan 200513Vampiricyouthv

Converting 30fps video to 24fps using Premiere

Dec 200413cinematography

win $1000

Dec 200413Frozenpede

Film schools in canada?

Dec 200413Klown


Dec 200413rdelavega

Analog-digital conversion help

Nov 200413aaron 99

Dvd Authoring

Nov 200413mod_007

Matrix: Agent dodging effect - please help ! URGENT !

Oct 200413Sonic007

Does Hardware Encoding make a difference?

Oct 200413dirtygeeza

greenscreening problem

Oct 200413fertesz

matrix bullet trail

Oct 200413swatdojo

suggestions on how to do this FX - pic coming out arti-water

Sep 200413justakid

movie compression

Aug 200413fertesz

Aug 200413wdy

is it possible to simulate 8-16 FPS in post?

Aug 200413justakid

Newspaper - Retitling

Aug 200413Evman

Neck Crack Sound Effect

Aug 200413mthoward

A Rather Unordinary Trailer

Jul 200413Cypher

program to do dvd ?

Jul 200413boffa86

Need recommendations for a good capture-device...

Jul 200413SeraAmadis

Samurai Monogatari - Update

Jun 200413ghevans

My second REAL dvd

Jun 200413Cypher

is this any good?

Jun 200413mastersmithson

Film Look suggestion..

Jun 200413Klown

editing in premiere pro: widescreen mode or not?

Jun 200413thecarpets

Outdoor Lighting

Jun 200413terrytate

More SFX uploaded.

Jun 200413Sharp

Tsunami Render : Your Opinions?

Jun 200413TAP2

!!Color Correction!!

Jun 200413mardock

FXHOME Cinema set a New Standard?

Jun 200413TAP2

23.9fps vs 29.97fps

Jun 200413gent23mj

Adobe Premiere Pro Requirements

May 200413DigiSm89

sound clip of people fighting

May 200413thecarpets

Your summer film plans?

May 200413Klown

A few queries

Apr 200413owen rixon

Flashback scene...

Apr 200413IxLoc

From pinnacle to my 8X External DVD burner

Apr 200413aaron 99


Apr 200413Evman

Sound in Adobe premiere 6.0

Apr 200413Evman

CSB Product Logos!

Mar 200413Aculag

how would i transfer Windows media?

Mar 200413Evman

28 days later

Mar 200413mardock

what camera???!!!

Mar 200413sami6877

Uncompressed run slow.... RAM problem?

Feb 200413Pooky

Ideas for a Zombie-movie

Feb 200413Anonymous

I've really lost it now...

Feb 200413Aculag

Cutting heads off

Feb 200413tdmonster99

Chromanator's Power!!!

Jan 200413cantaclaro

XL1 vs Sony

Jan 200413blaine

Hot Shoe on the GL-2

Jan 200413wdy

Good Cameras

Jan 200413FroDittyBro

Voice Question

Jan 200413Coop


Jan 200413wdy

How do i make it look like some has got run over

Jan 200413Anonymous

Firewire Connection

Jan 200413SFX-Spaz

Good software

Jan 200413webhog421

Will This Work?

Dec 200313jstow222

Bullet Casings

Dec 200313Brettsta

BMW short films, car chases Amazing!

Dec 200313ssjaaron

Strange FCP problem with Titles

Dec 200313X

AVI or WMV on mac?

Dec 200313Marek

Green Screening Advice?

Nov 200313Sting939

Hell boy trailer!!!

Nov 200313blaine

How do I build a green screen?

Nov 200313rocketman

Keeping your video clips interlaced.

Nov 200313TAP2


Oct 200313wdy

covering a face...

Oct 200313leok

After Effects Question

Sep 200313Anonymous

New microphone.

Aug 200313devilskater

My new short

Aug 200313TGPO

Cheap Greenscreen

Aug 2003134036Douglas


Aug 200313Sting939

How to build a 6$ green screen!

Jul 200313mod_007

Hosting movies/internet bandwidth

Jul 200313gamesdv

Idea's needed for 3D effects

Jul 200313b4uask30male

Actors needed in England ( again )

Jul 200313b4uask30male

Any one with msn?

Jun 200313blaine

Your opinions on these cameras do make a difference!

Jun 200313Anonymous


Jun 200313jessy

Bungee Jump

Jun 200313b4uask30male

Another Maya question.

May 200313neo_man89

bullet zip sound

May 200313Riese

Extract color from entire scene except for one object

May 200313OneDanShow

If you liked "A day in the life of..."

May 200313IxLoc

Nedd suggestions from experienced Fan Film creators!!!

May 200313Reilley

Good Movie Music?

Apr 200313Sting939

Comments on a short film; No AlamDV effects...

Apr 200313Klown

Making movies from Flight Simulator

Mar 200313Mellifluous

Shutter Speeds

Feb 200313DissolvedBoy


Feb 200313TAP2

Best future movies?

Feb 200313Andreas

Terminator-Robot model

Jan 200313neo_man89

Adobe Premiere Exporting Help!!!

Jan 200313wdy

Bluescreen Lighting and Materials

Jan 200313Coureur de Bois

Getting film grants from your local cable access

Jan 200313sidewinder

help with photoshop import

Jan 200313nickcelestin

MiniDV Resolution

Jan 200313goober99

ya know what's wierd . . .

Jan 200313Ice_Man

Dangit! Stupid Premiere! Skipping Problems.

Jan 200313Hajiku_Flip

Does neone know how to...

Jan 200313gpmovies

Stranger: First 2003 film!

Jan 200313Cypher

fighting music

Dec 200213billy3d

Fastest Commercial Ever Made!!! - Riesen Chocolate Chew

Dec 200213Cypher

Cost Effective Chroma Keying

Dec 200213Kyeju

AlamDV Cinema Shake Up

Dec 200213moebius

wire harnesses

Nov 200213wpl

HELP converting avi to Mpeg

Nov 200213Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Choreographing Fight Scenes and Speeding Up the Whole Scene

Nov 200213curran

How I make a glowing aura ?

Oct 200213Sokar

Personall top 10 movies ever!!!!

Oct 200213v6proz

BTTF Effects/Plugins [Please Excuse the Multi-Post]

Sep 200213tk42solid1snake

Bluescreening problems

Sep 200213rmw

War Film Help

Sep 200213mighty_joe2001

View my Wrestling film

Aug 200213Greyo

Adobe After Effects

Jul 200213_MOUSE_


Jun 200213Rawree

need a hand with animating lego spaceships doing fly-by's...

Jun 200213TMM

Typing text

Jun 200213Anonymous

Photoshop and Layers (Filmstrips)

Jun 200213Mc.Face

Wide Angle Lenses

May 200213Radar

CINELOOK: Would YOU like a copy?

May 200213MechaForce

Need to create an army

Apr 200213MrComputerGuy

Final Cut Pro 2

Apr 200213Neo

A place to download Gryphon Morph!

Apr 200213sidewinder

DV footage on pc doesnt match - colour wise.

Apr 200213justakid

Quicktime or windowsmedia?

Mar 200213v6proz

Lara Soft

Mar 200213patrickmagic

Placing computer generated explosion between the actor and

Mar 200213lucas

My new Fan Film is online!

Mar 200213unclepain

Image quality sucks! (Nåh)

Feb 200213Anonymous

nned help making someone walk through a wall

Feb 200213jedilos

Muffy And Jebediah: Episode One

Feb 200213Simon K Jones


Feb 200213RCG81187

Outputting at high quality/original frame rate?

Feb 200213Anonymous

Bluescreen trick! ;)

Dec 200113Animaster

Jedi Scum movie

Dec 200113janovesaevik

Sound effects

Dec 200113Spawn

What does it take to make Final Fantasy?

Aug 200113codec3

green screen VS blue screen

Jun 201112Kacezero

Filming night scenes.

May 201112RodyPolis

Live Green Screen.. Help

Feb 201112TvReagan

Teaser Trailer for my First Feature Film

Nov 201012rcstudios_film

WWII Zombies film: format issue - need expert help!

Nov 201012WWIIZombies


Oct 201012Randomlard101

Crazy About You - Short Film

Oct 201012FCRabbath

Still problem with entering movie into the box office

Sep 201012Viktorious

TURNING POINT: Part II - Production Thread

Aug 201012miker *Updated* with Dolly and Tracks Tutorial

Aug 201012Serpent

Quick question about bluescreen

Jul 201012Sick Boy

Popular focal lenghts in film

Jul 201012Sick Boy

Here's a new, better alternative to your HDSLR

Jul 201012Pooky

Black and white viewfinder

Jul 201012Cfrench77

Best Cheap, 64bit, Noise Reduction Plugin?

Jun 201012the Fiddler

DC White House in Chaos!

Apr 201012evg2005

gas/oxygen masks

Apr 201012Toruk Macto

New Firmware for Canon DSLRs! RAW Movies+More

Apr 201012rogolo

Protecting my camcorders lens...

Mar 201012ZackGavin

It's the moon! Download.

Jan 201012pdrg

Graphics Cards

Jan 201012Singwolf

Compositing question

Jan 201012MrGoodbomb

Western X Web Series

Nov 200912spaghetti man

Adding text/titles/incidental text to movies

Nov 200912FXhomer32004

Any body with a great camera eye here?

Aug 200912strider4660

Devil's Parsley- A new short film by Steve Keider

Jul 200912Phantom48

Militant - HD

Jul 200912FCRabbath

HV20 Rig + Custom Jib

Jun 200912Serpent

The Parking Lot Incident...

May 200912Cyan

Special effets makeup

May 200912Poseidon1231

Liquid latex

May 200912Poseidon1231

Writing a script

Apr 200912MoltenWhale

Aliens vs predator video

Apr 200912videofxuniverse

Scarlet's Witch < Short Film Release!

Apr 200912FCRabbath

Filming on a construction site - anyone done this before?

Apr 200912Pooky

New Video Project- pics

Apr 200912DVStudio

Punching without actually punching

Mar 200912Terminal Velocity

Super Speed?

Mar 200912Airsoft Studios

Adobe Premiere Elements 7

Mar 200912JasonX1024

World Builder: amazing VFX short film

Mar 200912aargh

Capturing HDV with Vegas

Feb 200912Christofer Matthias

New Cinematography Reel

Feb 200912ajjax44


Feb 200912Poseidon1231

what camera to start independant filmaking is best for me?

Jan 200912FatalFilms

My first tect clip using VisionLab...

Jan 200912Gino East

Mastering Audio, Voice and ADR

Jan 200912Balketh

Looking for Guns!

Jan 200912Fergus T

Cloning and Lightsabers

Jan 200912StupidLikeAFox

Horror Test by Penguin and I

Dec 200812Jabooza

DOF Adapter Has Arrived

Dec 200812sfbmovieco

Getting The Attention Of Hollywood

Dec 200812Nath01

How to Rotoscope without hours of work?

Nov 200812mwmoviemaker

Contest, Contest, Contest

Nov 200812joseperezg

Action/ Thriller Idea

Nov 200812PLANB

How to film like their are several cameras (perfessionally)

Nov 200812Kolbe Productions

Halloween Special!

Nov 200812FCRabbath

Special Effects (Real or Not)

Oct 200812Travis Kunze

New Nightmare On Elm Street Movie

Oct 200812JasonX1024

Anyone have something like this?

Oct 200812RyanZ

'Behind Closed Doors' -48 Hour Film Entry

Oct 200812Arktic

The Shootout

Sep 200812The Siege

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