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Music Video I made

Oct 20089irishcult

Premiere Elements Crash!

Oct 20089mikeh

Quick chroma key question

Oct 20089Pebbleheed

Release documents or waivers for extras

Sep 20089The FE

3d Bullet in Blender?

Sep 20089RyanMichael

Hey guys, check out my Animations.

Sep 20089Superlightspeed

Preset for a Ninja Movie?

Sep 20089RyanZ

Requesting a voice over

Sep 20089retardchimp

Batman Screen Test Feedback Needed

Sep 20089strider4660

Vietnam Project Released!

Aug 20089JasonX1024

Hi all.. !... UPLOAD - Logo Signature Tunes.

Aug 20089Sharp

My Vegas Tutorial (Letterboxing)

Aug 20089RyanMichael

Video Camera Help

Aug 20089new kid

Boris FX?

Aug 20089jrg2134

changind between editors

Aug 20089Artic

can somebody help me !

Aug 20089riftmaster

Free website

Aug 20089Snook360

Buying a MacBook, suggestions?

Aug 20089MrGoodbomb

Ideas needed for action/adventure film...

Jul 20089Howe Studios

Replica Weapons...

Jul 20089JasonX1024

Just shot some driiving "out my drivers window" fo

Jul 20089RyanZ

Cinematography / DP DVD

Jul 20089EvilDonut

How does this look?

Jun 20089Lukemax

Is this screen usable?

Jun 20089Qbeck

Horror Sound

Jun 20089PSFreak

Do you want to ask the writer of INDIANA JONES a question?

Jun 20089doppelganger

3d model

Jun 20089RodyPolis

Celtx releases version 1.0 finally -

Jun 20089Bryan M Block

real muzzle flashes

Jun 20089Mazzman004

Help picking new editor

Jun 20089DeeSeeAreEssAre45

'Tron Glow' Assistance/Input

Jun 20089iggy88

WMM importing help!

Jun 20089DVStudio

Free animated background site

Jun 20089goddard996


May 20089riftmaster

Want High Quality Sound Effects for Free?

May 20089Filmaker92

Camera Jib

May 20089SilverDragon7

mini dvd 'capture/ripping' trouble

Apr 20089the new godfather

screen recording

Apr 20089riftmaster

Original song for a movie.

Apr 20089Hugo3

A short Animation i made

Apr 20089razerlazer2

Information on movie budgets

Apr 20089RodyPolis

fXhome Wipe Test

Apr 20089Supadave

Would this be a good camcorder to get ?

Mar 20089goddard996

doctor who titles

Mar 20089riftmaster

Need to make a logo that is animated for my Production Com.

Mar 20089Pixel edit

First Proper 3D Model !

Mar 20089devilskater

Stock Footage packs

Mar 20089Avenging Eagle

Stock footage

Mar 20089lunamask

Sound Effects

Mar 20089Filmguy2008


Mar 20089The Nemesis2161

Giving zombies a greesy look for a film

Feb 20089hurler1348

visual effects artist needed

Feb 20089tally

fly by of a city

Feb 20089Artic

How can I achieve this "Saving Private Ryan" effec

Feb 20089Zephlon

True Purpose: Irremeable - Movie Project

Feb 20089SilverDragon7

Skateboard Trick in Slow Motion

Jan 20089GeeksGoneBad

Lucky Pig, a 35MM adapter test short

Jan 20089RicanJoe


Jan 20089Biblmac

grading in different kind of screens

Jan 20089RodyPolis

balancing Tripod for moving shots

Jan 20089DVStudio

Music Video: Never Leave Me Alone

Jan 20089er-no

DoF Video Tutorial

Dec 20079ashman

Production Stopped: Cant get right Fight Sound? Any help

Dec 20079Wishing Staff Studios

Script Descussion

Dec 20079PLANB

From iMovie to Quicktime to YouTube (not so easy)

Dec 20079MrGoodbomb


Dec 20079Cougar

3d Animation software.

Dec 20079Regor Hammer

Making a music video with iMovie and Garage Band

Dec 20079MrGoodbomb

Intro request

Nov 20079Tommy92L

Digital Characters

Nov 20079DVStudio

The Eye (Remake) Trailer Music?

Nov 20079wdy

DIY Matte Box Build Plans (Free to cheap)

Nov 20079Serpent

could someone make me an animated studio logo please

Nov 20079Pixel edit

Anyone live near New Mexico and want to work for a few days.

Nov 20079b4uask30male


Oct 20079A l e x

3D animation

Oct 20079RodyPolis

Need Help with Scene

Oct 20079epeterson

The Russians want my Satellite (Im serious)

Oct 20079video fx universe

Reflect Media LightRing and Material

Oct 20079Greybro

Need 3D Models created- will pay with force!

Oct 20079deltadirector38

For Anyone Familiar With Greenscreening, and Special CGI

Sep 20079tictacattack123

HD editing.

Sep 20079ashman

Where do I get Gels and Diffusion

Sep 20079SUP159

How Is This Done?

Sep 20079magic mat

"Target Terminated" (1:30) short test movie

Sep 20079doppelganger

Invasion Of The Tronborgs (finished!)

Sep 20079NinjaBros

Video file format problem.

Sep 20079EMS

Anybody Going To A Game Soon?!

Aug 20079JUIDAR


Aug 20079notoriusc

photoshop question

Aug 20079RodyPolis

Light meters?

Aug 20079MrGoodbomb

i need a logo

Aug 20079gangsta

would you recommend this camera?

Aug 20079szczepanski

flying carpet

Aug 20079RodyPolis

My film was shown at 20th Century Fox Last night.

Aug 20079b4uask30male

Shotgun Mic for GL2

Aug 20079Dancamfx

need help with an effect

Jul 20079RedLynx908

Between the Lines hits IMDB

Jul 20079ashman

Reverse motion

Jul 20079Biblmac

My new CD is now available. Enjoy *

Jul 20079Sharp

2 questions about buying a camera

Jul 20079Plainly

The Hulk

Jul 20079Biblmac

How to add shadows?

Jul 20079Link123456

good quality film

Jul 20079dudewitmoves12

Minature models or VFX Modeling

Jul 20079PLANB

grading problems

Jul 20079RodyPolis

Not sure how to complete this shot...

Jul 20079nbguitar

Sound FX software?

Jul 20079Tryst

Filming a Night-time Fireside Scene

Jul 20079NickD

To Hide and Seek-A suspenseful horror

Jul 20079KA Productions

What camera should I Get

Jul 20079FatalFracture

WARNING MUST READ HV20 Potential Buyers!

Jul 20079neoglitz

shooting in low light

Jul 20079Nutbar

Realistic dynamite/c4

Jun 20079dawookiehunter

Sony Vegas, help

Jun 20079doppelganger

What situation of a movie could be made up

Jun 20079PLANB

Some 3D Models

Jun 20079Phantom48

Bogus (short film)

Jun 20079Christofer Matthias

Vue 6 - Tardis

Jun 20079Elliptical Productions

The fire is awesome!

Jun 20079FXhomer26013

Some CG Blood

Jun 20079The Chosen One

Animating a Gun

Jun 20079Tuffy

20 Minutes or Less-3 minutes of laughs

Jun 20079Mustachio

Tutorial: making clones in effects lab.

Jun 20079Phantom48

More helicopter 3-D animations

Jun 20079PLANB

Some help please..

May 20079SPCDixon

MiniDV cassettes

May 20079Plainly

Were can I buy a greenscreen?

May 20079FreeZ

Finding a location...

May 20079Jaster

Needed composer for cop series

May 20079joshh

Shutter speed?

May 20079mikeh

Clone Interaction

May 20079The Editing Room

my three year old film idea

Apr 20079fxmaniac


Apr 20079Joecool1081

How to make a Muzzle Flash glow appear on a person

Apr 20079mohahm1978

CGI Maker needed urgently

Apr 20079Link123456

need new computer

Apr 20079Orin Warren

My stockfootage site- suggestions?

Apr 20079lwmedia


Mar 20079Horcruxes88

Test video for Editing

Mar 20079DavidLittlefield


Mar 20079SGB

Thinking of buying the XM2.

Mar 20079mercianfilm

a good cheap editor

Mar 20079morph5690

Dark Dealings - Online Now!

Mar 20079Ste

What Do You Look For in a Key?

Mar 20079jmax

Reborn Studios Demo Reel

Mar 20079doppelganger

Casting - Need Help

Feb 20079rstudios

Video Capture Problems

Feb 20079AG Productions

Camera and converting software.

Feb 20079FXhomer36178

Thinking About Starting MIDI

Feb 20079cinemafreak

The Fight Within

Feb 20079coffee

Rewind look...

Feb 20079SilverDragon7

Dummy parts.

Feb 20079BringPopcorn

VideoMic Gain Problem

Feb 20079NickD

Anyone with knowledge of makeup effects?

Jan 20079Mellifluous

Which software out of these two can do good composing

Jan 20079PLANB

How would you stop the blurring in Dv Camera when filming?

Jan 20079hulkis2001

Looking for new tripod . . .

Jan 20079NickD

Masking With Vegas

Jan 20079Christofer Matthias

Possibly helpful forum ""

Jan 20079cdolsen

2D to sort of 3D animation on still images here!

Dec 20069b4uask30male

creating a cartoon

Dec 20069AaronP

Looking for 3d vintage cars

Dec 20069Mellifluous

a problem with the ground .

Dec 20069tommynator

Free Script giveaway

Dec 20069Frank Grimes

Data transfer rate problem

Nov 2006990hitpoints

a programe for making a logo ?

Nov 20069tommynator

Matrix Recreation

Nov 20069notoriusc

HD footage shows up with Horizontal Lines on moving shots

Nov 20069b4uask30male

camera charge

Nov 20069Tommy92L

Want The type of greenscreens that the pros use?

Nov 20069VRBstudios

Women Tied to Traintracks... music?

Nov 20069SyroVision

The Secret of M. Night Shama-Lama-Ding-Dong!

Nov 20069nanafanboy

Orc sounds

Nov 20069drspin98

The Undead Thread - BE A ZOMBIE!

Oct 20069nanafanboy

Animation production video blog

Oct 20069SlothPaladin

Cannon GL2 on $980

Oct 20069DavidLittlefield

Head bash sound effect

Oct 20069Zea

Need help with mask animation!

Oct 20069mojaba

Music videos

Oct 20069Orin Warren

My Film Links

Oct 20069rathgeber films

needin force push

Sep 20069Matrix Revamped

Fade in/out (Adobe premier)

Sep 20069Spirit

Trouble Exporting Audio from WMM

Sep 20069Christofer Matthias

Dawn of the Dead [2004] opening credits [I DID IT]

Sep 20069neo_man89

scary mask

Sep 20069Spinynorman

Best Way to execute Digital/practical Blood FX.

Aug 20069Bryce007

New Mic

Aug 20069xperiment

Composer available

Aug 20069Herman Witkam

A question of copyrights...

Aug 20069sharkbait

train animation

Aug 20069Pyromarius

question bout greenscreening

Aug 20069notoriusc

Shot Gun Test

Aug 20069JT9

My £2 Lightsaber Tutorial!

Jul 20069Arktic

New Film, Currently Writing.

Jul 20069Rabbit Hole Pictures

Movie Idea.

Jul 20069Garfield Street

some really cheap airsoft guns for your movies

Jul 20069jgtrox2

Easy way to get DVD video into Vegas?

Jul 20069the Fiddler

Digital Color Grading

Jul 20069EVW2K

My new studio logo

Jul 20069B3N

video pixalized when enlarged. how can this be stopped

Jul 20069FXhomer19941

Editing and file sizes.

Jun 20069Venger

Production Woes / Blog...

Jun 20069Bryan M Block

Playback issues In Pinniacle 10

Jun 20069notoriusc

I need Adobe Premiere Elements Opinions

Jun 20069jmc042

Canon XL2...

Jun 20069King of Blades


Jun 20069Maxy

How to get a realistic stab.

Jun 20069obidean

unwanted noise?

Jun 20069Maxy

True Fluid Head tripod stiff?

Jun 20069NickD

Need help with flying shot

Jun 20069Gman 007

which one to buy dvd, dv, 4gig microdrive

May 20069directorshock


May 20069NickD

New Short Film: Revenant

May 20069Mantra

I need help converting WMV. Would someone help me please

May 20069FXhomer2032

Rank newbie question on audio stripping

May 20069Jazzmanian

THX and Other Openings

Apr 20069lonepigs

green screens

Apr 20069friend

Fight Scene Camera Shake...How To's?

Apr 20069Thriller

The Big Idea

Apr 20069brennanmceachran

speedy background effect

Apr 20069viper3139

A Harsh Life

Apr 20069FXhomer906

What's Yer Mic Like

Apr 20069sfbmovieco

Visual Effects Help

Apr 20069LilCaesars

Composer For Hire, or looking to license out some music

Mar 20069filmcomposer

Need DVD Help

Mar 20069dorrito2001

Blank Firing guns without the danger!

Mar 20069JDC

Anybody got xray footage

Mar 20069geigel1

Big huge greenscreen question

Mar 20069SpankyMcCranky

What software do they use for the screen capturing in tuts?

Mar 20069hulkis2001

Dvd Menus and Motion Backgrounds

Mar 20069Thriller

Looking for HD cameras - price not a factor!

Mar 20069GuitarsRule89

.mv4 -> .mov conversion software?

Mar 20069iggy88

Tips on making a Movie-Poster

Mar 20069pcremag

Character Animation Test

Feb 20069Serpent

Human Modelling

Feb 20069SMB

Little CG piece

Feb 20069SMB

how they do ghost? qution

Feb 20069FXhomer8887

Final Cut Pro - exporting problems!

Feb 20069Thonhaugen

Bored on a Sunday...

Feb 20069outsiderlookingin

Screenwriting Services

Feb 20069sfbmovieco

Creating a Crowd

Feb 20069FXhomer187

MY 3d design

Feb 20069Cuddles

I'm looking for a rating template

Feb 20069GuitarsRule89

Making wooden swords look realistic

Jan 20069notoriusc

Sony Vegas

Jan 20069Thriller

New fanfilm site up!

Jan 20069mojaba

Question: How to eliminate echo's in movie, like cinema movi

Jan 20069FXhomer8434

What to use for lightsabers

Jan 20069Zephlon

What Equipment?

Jan 20069Stepladder

Strobe Effect

Jan 20069viper3139

My movie in cinema keeps getting rejected!

Dec 20059lilphil212

War Of The Worlds style FX in EffectsLab*Pro*?

Dec 20059pcremag

Xternal Mic 4 the GL2 Recommendations?

Dec 20059I3i9 Ni9

Another but Cheaper Camera Question

Dec 20059cooldude

Newbie - wants to get started

Nov 20059sanjuro

Ulead Cool 3d

Nov 20059epeterson

Buying Greenscreen Idea

Nov 20059mattio

writers group?

Nov 20059fletch137

Good or Bad Idea

Nov 20059TommyB

look at this if you need help with story boards

Oct 20059ashman

capturing in adobe premier 6.0

Oct 20059Rabbit Hole Pictures

Matrix Freeze?

Oct 20059Fill

Digital Video to VHS tape help plz

Oct 20059JoelM

Editing Problem

Oct 20059dorrito2001


Sep 20059Jrad

Tons of hits and fun to watch - check it

Sep 20059jessy

sites with spudguns

Sep 20059cdolsen

Music Video Project, take a look!

Sep 20059ben3308

Work-in-progress movie, looking for comments and tips

Sep 20059ashman

Making Blood

Sep 20059Frozenpede

Help with Script/Story

Sep 20059Vault FX

Boxing Effect Test

Sep 20059jessy

3D world test - Opinions?

Sep 20059Anonymous Tipster

Stalker (concept)

Sep 20059ssjaaron

Widescreen in Windows Movie Maker

Sep 20059Rabbit Hole Pictures

First Person Angle- Mirror

Sep 20059Zea

clone fight test

Sep 20059alexanderj

ADVANCED CLONENING (the best bits the end!!!!)

Aug 20059magic mat

shaky footage!!! help

Aug 20059Maxy

Lost Touch Teaser/Trailer

Aug 20059FCRabbath

Seismic Charge

Aug 20059Chris Grant

Tiffen filters for camera/video camera

Aug 20059The Chosen One

Film Experimentation

Aug 20059guarddog

Voice Actors wanted for new Lego animation movie

Aug 20059jonky64

My first 3D integrated into a movie (Fixed Link)

Aug 20059Bugclimber

Premiere Music skipping Issue

Aug 20059Evman

The Gimp 2.2

Jul 20059Jeremy Davidson

Anybody in the UK willing to help with filming?

Jul 20059er-no

M4A1 Sounds

Jul 20059Jrad

sound editor

Jul 20059GeneralGrievous

I need Music and sound effects for my movie

Jun 20059Saber132

Consumer HDV

Jun 20059LilCaesars

My New Logo

Jun 20059lonepigs

Rocket Smoke Trail

Jun 20059lonepigs

Which one?

Jun 20059Empty Lunchbox

500 MB Free File Storage

Jun 20059Zea

Tricky Shot (Genius Needed)

Jun 20059TommyB

I need help finding a song for my SW Movie

May 20059jrg2134


May 20059rickblackmon

How to make 3d and moving text?

May 20059xoric

best way to get sound from minidisk to premiere Pro 1.5

May 20059jotoki

I bought Sony Vegas. Free Tutorials?

May 20059DPUMA8

Displacement Map

May 20059Escobar Esposito

bryce 5

May 20059yellowmello

stunt samurai swords???

May 20059jmill8886

"Telephone" Horror/Comedy Needs Paid F/X ARTIST.

May 20059filmgeekdirector86

How to make a clapper board

Apr 20059Underdog Productions

2 EPIC finished

Apr 20059b4uask30male

Biased but interesting - Cinelook Vs Magic Bullet

Apr 20059Chrislad

Photoshop 7.0???

Apr 20059coldside

I want to stretch my actor...any thoughts?

Apr 20059fletch137

Suggestions requested on an effect

Apr 20059BackOfTheHearse

help with dvd and rendering

Apr 20059knubs

Stargate Sheetmusic!!!

Apr 20059coldside

Importance of Writing Things Down

Apr 20059LilCaesars

Mixing NTSC and PAL : Disaster!

Apr 20059TommyB

On the lookout for a snazzy mini-dv camera, suggestions??

Mar 20059Elly

Max Payne Parody

Mar 20059Zea

I need good saber sounds like art of the saber has

Mar 20059Staff Only

Where can I find good Kung Fu sound effects?

Mar 20059DPUMA8

Blender 3D integration

Mar 20059joakim192

Please Help Me Find This

Mar 20059GuitarsRule89

What is the best DV Codec? Microsoft, Matrox, MainConcept?

Mar 20059nicmar

Splitscreen plugins for premiere

Feb 20059Underdog Productions

Anybody Have A Cockpit Front View?

Feb 20059hypnotic01

Nightshot Color Correction

Feb 20059GuitarsRule89

blender downloads

Feb 20059obidean

pvc frame for green screen

Feb 20059NickD

i didnt no where else to put this..but just a pet hate...

Feb 20059peter huish

Movie costumes.....

Feb 20059NuttyBanana

Compressing a file HELP! Important

Jan 20059mikec10305

host your movies from your computer!

Jan 20059xbreaka

Tutorial: Interactive Lighting

Jan 20059VisualFXGuy

Running on the spot when compositing?

Jan 20059Vampiricyouthv

Action Movies

Jan 20059coldside

Embedded Quicktime Players

Jan 20059stqagehanduk


Jan 20059LilCaesars

Your favorite codecs? Compression methods?

Dec 20049tmaynard

First green remove attempt after buying Chromanator

Dec 20049rdelavega

Logo help!

Dec 20049sthach83

Reversing video playback...

Dec 20049ben3308

Creepy or Cute?

Dec 20049Maetrix66


Nov 20049The Artur

Homemade Day for Night filter?

Nov 20049homedogjedi

Please Help! 3d Logo...

Nov 20049TimmyD

want suggestiions to emulate car head lights flooding other

Nov 20049justakid

Vegas Video Cloning

Nov 20049shiftd

Program similar to Motion Perfect for Mac os X

Nov 20049tomekkr

is there a place where bands let you use there songs ?

Nov 20049b4uask30male

How to capture footage with best quality?

Nov 20049SunriseSeagull

Need help lighting greenscreen in garage

Oct 20049rocketman

Making a artificial sunset?

Oct 20049shadu

Any sounds you need

Oct 20049raven100

How can I get around the 4GB AVI problem?

Oct 20049GavSalkeld

Dance With Death

Oct 20049PhLogan

need static footage!

Oct 20049Master Yoda

Tutorial : Star-Wars style scrolling text in Movie Maker

Oct 20049Arktic

Need to find a time counter to run on film.

Oct 20049ghevans

Question About Telephoto Lens

Sep 20049Gibs

Preview Guy Voice Over

Sep 20049Clapter

A few things...

Aug 20049Calminaion

Great site for filmmaking

Aug 20049GeeksGoneBad

Feedback on this vid

Aug 20049Clapter

Greenscreen Problem

Aug 20049jjuerss

greenscreen stand

Aug 20049Clapter

DVD mastering

Aug 20049hippa03

online storage space ?

Aug 20049D Unit

Quick Question

Aug 20049neo_man89

Difference in Mirror

Aug 20049ZenActing

720 * 480 equivalent of 16:9

Aug 20049Evman


Jul 20049Evman

Widescreen And Lighting Questions

Jul 20049Denise CookXClam

Nice CCD

Jul 20049Ryan

Creating plugins

Jul 20049Raynor

Letterbox? or True?

Jul 20049Evman

Models for Blender

Jul 20049Ryan

Spiderman LEGO Film

Jul 20049PhLogan

MIDI files

Jul 20049Klut

Premiere Help

Jun 20049Ryan

Be Original!!!!

Jun 20049owen rixon

Audio Cleanup?

May 20049PhLogan

Sony Hi8

May 20049dakevil

Need Lightning/Electric sounds FAST!!!

May 20049Sting939

Usb Import

May 20049ggbros

Best Video Card

May 20049sfbmovieco

Questions about editing 16:9 footages!

Apr 20049SunriseSeagull

Adding to end of .mov without re-exporting the whole thing

Apr 20049static2k

A Stupid Final Cut Pro Question...

Apr 20049CX3

FCP 4 Save Problem

Apr 20049Brettsta

Film look Settings

Apr 20049Underdog Productions

Canon MVX3i (Optura Xi) or Panasonic NV-MX500B (PV-DV953)

Apr 20049Freaky

$100 in NYC

Apr 20049Serpent

Premiere Help!


any suggestions of a movie title ?

Mar 20049boffa86

(Urgent) Help Cleaning up some Audio

Mar 20049Coureur de Bois

Chromanator Q

Mar 20049mthoward


Mar 20049webhog421

Artificial sunset

Mar 20049cotsosdel

Spinning Planet in After Effects

Mar 20049ragnar

Looking for good movies

Feb 20049Frozenpede

I’m back… and now for my promise.

Feb 20049Sharp

complete lightsaber tutorial for alamdv?

Feb 20049davetan

Chromanator Astralprojection Test

Feb 20049Jagg

Complement to montego's movie nineteen

Feb 20049carda

Color Correction of Skintones

Feb 20049Gibs

Anyone got a phone that plays video mp4

Feb 20049b4uask30male

Progressive Mode vs De-Interlacing

Jan 20049jjuerss

3ds Max Help

Jan 20049Anonymous

Video compression help

Jan 20049FiveIronFrenzy

winterfresh commercial

Jan 20049fertesz

16:9 format problems

Jan 20049dawookiehunter

Bush In 30 Seconds

Jan 20049wdy

Has anyone made a crash mat?

Jan 20049Glenn

Premiere Pro sound

Jan 20049Colincsl


Jan 20049jstow222

Compression Help

Jan 20049Aculag

That "dark room" look?

Jan 20049krazyk9999

What can I film in England? Legal....

Jan 20049b4uask30male

Rendering in VV

Jan 20049EddieOue5

My Test

Jan 20049FiveIronFrenzy

Rebel without a Crew

Jan 20049Coureur de Bois

Movie content

Jan 20049Anonymous

Choice of music Help!

Jan 20049webhog421

Making films

Dec 20039robholtby

Help pleasee....

Dec 20039streetsk8erdc

DV camera

Dec 20039owen rixon

title effects..

Dec 20039elementcinema

Best movie codec for best quality and compression!!

Dec 20039elementcinema

CCTV effect

Dec 20039terrytate

Favorite Movie

Dec 20039obi191

Smoke effect

Dec 20039SFX-Spaz

Time Team ( Short film )

Dec 20039b4uask30male


Dec 20039fertesz

Shooting day-for-night with AlamDV2?

Dec 20039jedicowboys

Final Cut Pro plug ins & filters?

Nov 20039newfoundmass

OutDoor Lighting

Nov 20039Magic_man12


Nov 20039Brettsta

Opening Animation Test (Check It Out)

Nov 20039OneDanShow

sound effects sources

Nov 20039rocketman

Graphic Design...

Nov 20039smier33

Film Laws

Oct 20039Anonymous

A gory test i made when i was bored

Oct 20039jessy

Interested in reading script?

Oct 20039tommach


Oct 20039Coldfuse

Realistic Bullet Hits

Sep 20039Succubus

Free PHP-hosting and programing?

Sep 20039Tobbger


Sep 20039ggbros

Changing speed of movie

Sep 20039shadu

Flashbacks or Dreams in Black and White Picture?!?!

Sep 20039Spanish Prisoner

Looking for a streaming video network provider

Sep 20039wdy

Recording dialogue

Sep 20039LightsCameraAction

Need your opinion on my documentary idea

Sep 20039wdy

I found a new use for the lightsaber plug in!

Sep 20039ggbros

number o' bullets

Aug 20039ggbros

Make your own shock mount!

Aug 20039Aculag


Aug 20039ckossoyan

Please help find music sounds LIKE this trailer FIXED LINKS

Aug 20039photogeek


Aug 20039gpmovies

Adobe Premier help

Aug 20039starX

Logo / title

Jul 20039b4uask30male

Film Guide, Enjoy!

Jul 20039wdy

A Simple Steadycam Solution

Jul 20039moebius

adult voice actor needed

Jul 20039b4uask30male

Sound and mood-music site?

Jul 20039Tobbger

Need help, with finding plugin

Jul 20039Coldfuse

Quick Tip for cheap "neo" digital image from numbe

Jul 20039mediamaffia

A reason to watch out for traffic

Jul 20039AndrewtheActorMan

UK Digit Magazine - free program goodies

Jul 20039Mellifluous

What Apps?

Jun 20039Black Knight

Creating Titles

Jun 20039LightsCameraAction

Star Wars Fan Film - Need Cast/Crew

Jun 20039totalufo

Capturing 24p, would this work?

Jun 20039Andreas

I got the DVX100, I just got it! :D

Jun 20039Andreas

Sound: boom mics & mics

Jun 20039Anonymous

Matrix Screen

Jun 20039Exclamation

What kind of cameras do you guys use?

May 20039ZikoSuave

2 questions

May 20039neo_man89

ghost affects

May 20039Anonymous

How do you guys light your movies?

May 20039ZikoSuave

lightshow beta video

May 20039Jagg


May 20039Anonymous

How would people feel...

May 20039davidmalyn

News about WCS2

May 20039Bob Page

Perfect Slow Motion

Apr 20039THEent

War Movie...???...!!!

Apr 20039j_a_d

any idea of achieving this effect?

Apr 20039ckossoyan

Programs for Animated movies. (u can also see my new teaser)

Apr 20039Andreas

the quality this terrible one when I will export for the ado

Apr 20039vander2000rj

Posting tutorials?

Mar 20039Anonymous

Canon XM-1 vs Canon XM-2

Mar 20039Andreas

Neo's Pimpin

Mar 20039ihateemo

bluescreen question

Mar 20039nickcelestin

Which Camera Should I Get

Mar 20039TVwriter23

I can't contain myself anymore.

Mar 20039er-no

Mov Files...

Mar 20039wdy

Solthar, did you make Bomb Squad? Can you help?

Feb 20039Anonymous

Xm-1 ?

Feb 20039Andreas

Download Free Music For Mac?

Jan 20039Anonymous

Need some help

Jan 20039LightsCameraAction

BEst CODEC to use for exporting to DVD. SVCD and VCD

Jan 20039broderp

Virginia Tech Film Festival (Progeny Film Festival)

Jan 20039jirwin

Batch actions in photoshop

Jan 20039McFace

Short Films

Jan 20039Rawree

Need an Intro Logo for your next movie?

Dec 20029berlin2232


Dec 20029jstow222

Cameras for Keying??

Dec 20029supersmasher

Affordable Non-Linear Editing Software

Nov 20029Anonymous

Help how do i know

Nov 20029Dereksplace

AE- Ripple certain areas, cross dissolve

Nov 20029danmec

How to make a bullet trail (Take a look at this!)

Nov 20029neo_man89

sony I-link > usb or something

Nov 20029ada1989

Making a person disappear (Formerly: Help, How do I????)

Oct 20029smurfkilla


Oct 20029Anonymous

Alamdv Title in Movie

Oct 20029devilskater

What makes a good Lightsaber?

Oct 20029AndySutton

How do I remove my movie?

Sep 20029lukeskyslacker


Sep 20029Sith_Knight

eerie music?

Sep 20029Kram1563

Remove Traffic Noise from shot film

Aug 20029X

Bluescreening with Ulead Videostudio 6

Aug 20029JBOX

¿ What is the best software to create profesional TITLES ?

Aug 20029Sokar

Couple of Questions...

Aug 20029Anonymous

ScopeFest Summer 2002 Results

Aug 20029Cypher

I need an effect...

Aug 20029Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

would you like to see full "call it a Stargate" fi

Aug 20029b4uask30male

dvd disks & cases

Jul 20029b4uask30male


Jul 20029Hajiku_Flip

Object (EXPLOSION) behind ACTOR

Jul 20029FilmMaker1982

Low Budget Lighting That's Light on Your Wallet

Jul 20029PoloKuo

Light saber glow

Jun 20029Riese

Photoshop Filmstrip Help...

Jun 20029Anonymous

Battle Sequences and that "Choppy Look"

Jun 20029PoloKuo

Recording sound

May 20029Chrislad

to de-interlace or to not de-interlace

May 20029justakid

I need bullet casing dropping sounds!

Apr 20029Anonymous

Shell casings... with motion blur???

Apr 20029Anonymous

What's All the Commotion?

Apr 20029Pooch

I don't know about any1 else.....

Apr 20029arniie

audio software?

Mar 20029Anonymous

Action Movie! Need Help!

Mar 20029Anonymous

What is the best 3d program?

Mar 20029v6proz

A pic of my Leech Droid :)

Mar 20029Animaster

Free Version of Maya Available

Mar 20029Axeman

Adobe Photoshop

Feb 20029RCG81187


Jan 20029zappatilias

Matrix Blur

Jan 20029Defcon1

Quicktime Compressor ?

Nov 20019criz

Editing software

Oct 20019mighty_joe2001

Fill effect Forward vs Duration

Sep 20019ppm

Lightsaber pass-behind/creep around

Aug 20019obrian93

Forge Scene Help

Jul 20019Anonymous

DIY LED Cinema Lights and Physical FX Tutorials!

Dec 20118realmpic

Best Camera For A New Filmmaker?

Jul 20118Red S Lovely

The Board < 48 Hour Film Festival Entry

May 20118FCRabbath

Special Effects Makeup

Apr 20118Viktorious

Screen for Video Editing?

Mar 20118RodyPolis

Avid Vs Premiere

Mar 20118Luk3

HDTV as monitor?

Feb 20118RodyPolis

Survey - University production

Feb 20118B3N

Best Camera Instructional Video Ever. (Arri Alexa)

Feb 20118Pooky

About to order my 550D/t2i

Feb 20118mattio

I need the help of the British! (voice over work)

Jan 20118doppelganger

Driving Exterior Footage

Dec 20108Chao2

Are Blank Firing Guns Safe to use?

Dec 20108generalesoo

Online storage space for movies?

Dec 20108FXstudios99

Dementor help anyone?

Dec 20108Azulon'sAssassin

T2i/550D Firmware Flash

Nov 20108pdrg

Pirates The Musical

Oct 20108FCRabbath

Auditioning actors

Sep 20108swintonmaximilian

HV20 broken... fix?

Sep 20108Bolbi

Rendering with VisionLab

Sep 20108Viktorious

Great T2i and 7D Deal Going Down (Part of it ends in 72 hrs)

Aug 20108Serpent

How to Record Broadcasting Quality Voice Tracks

Aug 20108MyCreationTV com

Letterbox Footage Issues

Aug 20108Squid

FINALLY ONLINE after 4 years! My film MOTOR LODGE

Aug 20108Bryan M Block

Water bending Effect

Jul 20108ajburr

District 9

Jul 20108IPresents

Why I love my NLE

Jul 20108pdrg

All presets have disappeared

Jul 20108Crazy Director

Wanted - good tilt-shift video that *YOU* made

Jul 20108pdrg


Jul 20108Sick Boy


Jun 20108PLANB

Color Correction Monitor

Jun 20108Serpent

How would you stage a motorcycle crash?

Jun 20108RodyPolis

'Roulette' is finished!

May 20108Avenging Eagle

Canon 550D Problem

May 20108nitrox


May 20108ashman

"Leviathan chronicles" the new Web-series by spect

May 20108NovaProducteur

Buildings destroyed

Apr 20108iFilmer

Script Frenzy

Mar 20108Thrawn

maybe or maybe not

Mar 20108Toruk Macto

Sound Effects

Mar 20108FXstudios99

Poem/Novel Rights

Mar 20108ChromeHeart

Anyone use Acid Pro?

Mar 20108RodyPolis

How to do voice distortion in Vegas?

Feb 20108RodyPolis

Biggest collection of short films

Jan 20108The Siege

Punch Sound Effect

Jan 20108Terminal Velocity


Dec 20098nitrox

Shell Ejection!

Dec 20098ZekeCraft655

How do you get your filming started?

Dec 20098PhollettProductions

Lighting for B&W

Dec 20098ChromeHeart

Need Music for your film?

Nov 20098FXhomer99055

Taking snapshots from your NLE...

Nov 20098Biblmac

Blender animation I did

Nov 20098Poseidon1231

Blood spot on camera

Nov 20098MichaelOmegatron


Oct 20098Poseidon1231

Professional Music Composer Available

Oct 20098FXhomer79512

Background Noise

Sep 20098Chao2

Mixing 35mm adapter and no adapter?

Aug 20098doppelganger

Sky's short doc, making of my film

Aug 20098b4uask30male

ShortFilm "KSME"

Jul 20098HandsomeScholars

New camera

Jul 20098Poseidon1231

"Escaping the Family" (cannibal/horror) teaser

Jul 20098doppelganger

FXhome's The Greatest! FXhomer's are True Professionals!

Jul 20098FXhomerTony

Sci Fi Project with guarunteed release

Jun 20098blh

3DS Max Lip Sync Test

Jun 20098Mattex Films HD

Perfect Encoding Settings

Jun 20098JUIDAR

Motion Tracker (as seen in the movie ALIENS)

Jun 20098Nuwanda

BOX - New Film released

Jun 20098Avenging Eagle

Think before I buy

Jun 20098PLANB

help with after effects

Jun 20098RyanMichael

New Camera - Canon HF100 - Need Help!

May 20098Vault FX

Help with making D Day film

May 20098Shanghai

Understanding Aspect ratio?

May 20098Richard Summers

A new Video I did

May 20098Poseidon1231


May 20098PLANB


Apr 20098The Siege

What is keyframing an effect?

Apr 20098No Degradation

Alone Diaries

Apr 20098Shadow013

anaglyph animation

Apr 20098Rockfilmers

Stock Footage

Apr 20098Terminal Velocity

Creating DVD Covers

Apr 20098No Respite Productions

Help a fellow film-maker out with a story!?

Apr 20098strider4660

War Footage Test. Composting and Cloning

Apr 20098StupidLikeAFox

Movie Sound Tracks

Mar 20098FXstudios99

Youtube Subscribe Button

Mar 20098RodyPolis

Most wanted 3d models

Mar 20098RodyPolis

music for movies

Mar 20098Lerman Productions

Mic Lights - cheap

Mar 20098pdrg

How do I have 1 person teleport with 2 people on screen

Mar 20098RahOmega

Hands-on special effects

Feb 20098Goldenjabba

Lie to me

Feb 20098Rockfilmers

Slow Motion Video Question...

Feb 20098Gino East

Best article in years about digital camera technology

Feb 20098pdrg

B&W Question

Jan 20098ChromeHeart

How To I Render My Projects In Widescreen!

Jan 20098somenun

Question about Canon HV20 & YouTube

Jan 20098MoltenWhale

Actor shot in head with "prop"

Jan 20098Bryan M Block

best camera for the price

Jan 20098druguer

red camera or hd transfer to 35mm Post Production Services

Jan 20098optical camera service

New Logo

Jan 20098StupidLikeAFox

Marketing & Profitability of Amateur Film?

Jan 20098bsperan

Introduce myself

Jan 20098Nuwanda

Cannot get trimmed a DV-AVI movie in MS Movie Maker

Dec 20088askmaxim

Vision lab Premium Bundle, changing contents?

Dec 20088GBP4563

Matte Paintings

Dec 20088JasonX1024

Keeping a subject in real time but speeding everything else?

Dec 20088davidmalyn

New web series shot for fun you can be part of.

Nov 20088b4uask30male

My Pictures

Nov 20088RyanMichael

Cable for HV30 HDV/DV to 6-pin firewire?

Nov 20088Moonloon1

Extinction Trailer

Nov 20088videofxuniverse

Camera Trouble

Nov 20088Shadow013

My New Website

Nov 20088Phantom48

Need advice

Oct 20088BobsUrUncle

Need a voiceover ASAP please

Oct 20088Dasmiguel

Ben's "A Good Man is Hard to Find" >Production

Oct 20088ben3308

After Effects Animations and Special Effects Testers

Oct 20088ctbullet

The Rode NTG-2 with an XM2

Oct 20088The Flying Fox

2009 Newport Beach Film Festival - Call For Entries

Oct 20088newport

Styrofoam Heads

Sep 20088Poseidon1231

LOTS of Good free stock photos and sound effect sites

Sep 20088DVStudio

Questions regarding Video Quality and Compression

Aug 20088The Strider

I got some ?'s

Aug 20088Tommy92L

Please give helpful suggestions on my model

Aug 20088Quadsworth

25% off Action Audio Pro + Free AE Grading Presets!

Aug 20088mattio

AI1 and AI2: What's Changed? (WARNING: A LOT OF PICTURES)

Jul 20088Evman

Can't find this at AlamDV2 Plugin library

Jul 20088RyanZ

Website for storing higher quality films

Jul 20088cottonproductions

Sony Vegas 8.0 Platinum edition question

Jul 20088ChampMM JRMMA

movie for money

Jul 20088nerfgunnerz3

Fake Blood

Jul 20088Poseidon1231

Anyone want any aircraft footage?*

Jul 20088Avenging Eagle

green screen

Jul 20088Mazzman004

Fake blood and brass cartridges

Jun 20088FXhomer51589

graphics tablet

Jun 20088Lukemax

Greenscreen set-up?

Jun 20088Lukemax

AVCHD support video editor

Jun 20088new kid

Will a low-end MacBook be enough?

Jun 20088MrGoodbomb


Jun 20088Travis Kunze

live web show help

Jun 20088jgtrox2

Ok I need some help here...

May 20088FXhomer59498

Adding still images into moving picture

May 20088FXhomer75254

Blender Two questions

May 20088MoltenWhale

Humble request for Camera advice

May 20088FXhomer30877

Best way to create a fake body?

May 20088SpankyMcCranky


May 20088riftmaster

Best video capture and exporting formats?

Apr 20088Roboticinfo

shootout music

Apr 20088The FE

any one want a green screen

Apr 20088matchyman

Quick Test

Apr 20088Poseidon1231

Any advice on a zoom microphone I should get?

Apr 20088Atomatonn

"IN the Hands Of Another" Short Thriller

Apr 20088Alliedfilms

4:3 to 16:9

Apr 20088White Eagle Entertainment

Why get a Shotgun Mic?

Mar 20088Balketh

Aspect Ratio Question

Mar 20088Howe Studios

Do you get Fxperience for submitting a movie?

Feb 20088MillerBros

What Headphones ?

Feb 20088pscamm

Found an affordable 3ccd 1080p/24p video camera

Feb 20088Big Rob

Horror Movie Ideas

Feb 20088RelaxRelapse

Can someone convert a 3D model for me?

Feb 20088Link123456


Jan 20088White Eagle Entertainment

New PC for movie editing

Jan 20088Lukemax

Good camera under 800

Jan 20088RodyPolis

3D characters: Bryce or Blender better?

Jan 20088Plainly

how to shoot good shot

Jan 20088RodyPolis

Premiere Pro CS3 problems-unexpected crash.

Jan 20088justaddwater

Help With Camera Purchase... [ANSWER]

Jan 20088FXhomer37765

Short FX/Composite Clip Feedback please

Jan 20088neoglitz

UFO Effect

Jan 20088Joecool1081

CG Earth (C & C)

Jan 20088Avenging Eagle

Between the Lines hits Youtube

Dec 20078ashman

3DS Max Landscape I modelled

Dec 20078video fx universe

Has anyone got the Sony PMW-EX1?

Dec 20078b4uask30male

i wanna morph into a dinosaur

Dec 20078LeekoTV


Nov 20078cdolsen

Sound trouble with Microphone Recording...Help !

Nov 20078Wishing Staff Studios

Simple video animation program?

Nov 20078the Fiddler

MiniDisc Recording Question

Nov 20078cinemafreak

Ghosts help

Nov 20078FXhomer24158

Some Script Questions.

Nov 20078Dead Iris

Sony HDR-SR7E new camera?

Oct 20078Lukemax

Miking a Horse?

Oct 20078RodgerDodger

Camera Dilemma!

Oct 20078doppelganger

I need real help guys

Oct 20078RodyPolis

Video Tags?

Oct 20078WorldFamousFilms


Oct 20078TAH

Any tips...?

Oct 20078Randomlard101

My first advertisement. "A school project"

Oct 20078Whong

Fearful Symmetry Films presents: His Master's Voice

Oct 20078FSFilms

Best Filming Format

Oct 20078tictacattack123

Stab Sounds

Sep 20078Zeolahn

Stress and pressure due to filming

Sep 20078MrGoodbomb

VideoTrace - What do you think of it?!

Sep 20078Fingon

Working with stock footage

Sep 20078Bflat5

harry potter

Sep 20078Horcruxes88

movie 300 grading style

Sep 20078mad eye

UPDATE: Early Departure Live Music Video

Sep 20078Serpent


Sep 20078Rabbit Hole Pictures


Aug 20078joshh

Steric acid for bullet hits?

Aug 20078MrGoodbomb

Urgent 3D Help

Aug 20078david311272

Question about gl2

Aug 20078doppelganger

cheap guns for props

Aug 20078JJStudios


Aug 20078Poseidon1231

Motion blur/streaking?

Aug 20078the Fiddler

Slow Motion

Aug 20078WorldFamousFilms

Blender question: textures

Aug 20078Plainly


Aug 20078Biblmac

Meteor Hit.

Aug 20078Biblmac


Aug 20078nevill

Earth stock footage

Aug 20078BringPopcorn

Rain Machine

Aug 20078notoriusc

Check out this Chroma test

Aug 20078RodyPolis

cartoon animation

Aug 20078joshh

custom costumes

Jul 20078Biblmac

Deinterlacing Programs?

Jul 20078A l e x


Jul 20078Tryst

Karaoke from a certain musical about a High School URGENTish

Jul 20078Super Cameraman

Tracking motion dot program?

Jun 20078Elliptical Productions

Sound - What software

Jun 20078Pebbleheed

Your Location (Canada)

Jun 20078Quvoo

My very first sketch comedy! :D

Jun 20078Whong

Film Music and Sound Design: real Quality, check it out !

Jun 20078roamin

Davlin has lost his voice.

Jun 20078davlin



Original Music Score

Jun 20078neoglitz

3D Stereo camera lens adapter

Jun 20078Rockfilmers

Question about music.

Jun 20078Phantom48

help with Depth of Field

Jun 20078joshh

Help With Depth Of Field adapters.

Jun 20078RicanJoe

Test Shot

Jun 20078RicanJoe


Jun 20078RicanJoe

My New Short Film

Jun 20078joshh

Arrgh! Troubles with AlamDV2

Jun 20078lunamask

fantastic four, silver surfer

May 20078ramavalanche

Can a Get Some Feedback On My Progress Please

May 20078Slayerking

Props! Sets! And Acting! Oh my!

May 20078Rockfilmers

May 20078SilverDragon7

sony digital Recording

May 20078RicanJoe

Video Format Issue

May 20078Big Rob

Video Files

May 20078Joecool1081

Cheap 3D animation softwear

Apr 20078Plainly

Short film that my friend, his little brother and me made

Apr 20078Jabooza

VHS to Computer to DVD

Apr 20078Squid

Charred victim effect?

Apr 20078rocketman

For all you FCPers

Apr 20078Anne

Is it possible to make an action packed short?

Apr 20078PLANB

Exploding Tape Recorder

Apr 20078Super Cameraman Freebie

Apr 20078Thrawn

Maya or Cinema4D

Apr 20078FXhomer19678

First trailer for Black Lung Devotion (my new movie)

Apr 20078BackOfTheHearse

Music ?

Apr 20078doppelganger

pay on projects

Apr 20078fxmaniac

High quality lightsabers

Apr 20078Pixel edit


Mar 20078The Editing Room

Need help with some crowd simulation

Mar 20078mercianfilm

Movie Making Manual

Mar 20078The Siege

computer generated water anyone know what

Mar 20078RigomrtsFX

Another ? On my External HD

Mar 20078NickD

Star Wars Sound Effects

Mar 20078FXhomer21706

Trey vs. Adam

Mar 20078Dark Pivot

Camera that interacts well with editing/fx software?

Mar 20078griffus21

XL2 or Sony VX2000?

Mar 20078AaronP

A couple movies

Mar 20078SilverDragon7

TV as a second monitor

Mar 20078NickD

Editing Programs.

Mar 20078xanetia

Why wide-angle?

Mar 20078BringPopcorn

What's your location filming setup?

Mar 20078NickD

Stargate sg1 effect

Mar 20078Trekdude

Slow-motion look

Feb 20078SilverDragon7

Fox Television Reality TV (Like American Idol for directors)

Feb 20078outerringz

Treasure of the templars- "on the lot"

Feb 20078Ouellette

page to host your movie

Feb 20078Goldwing Productions

Hmm... how?!

Feb 20078Zero767

how would you blow someone's head off?

Jan 20078demoncheeseball101

Pyro Technics

Jan 20078KA Productions

A Project

Jan 20078Goldwing Productions

does anyone know of any free morph software

Jan 20078RigomrtsFX

G for Goblyn final link

Jan 20078shadu

indiana jones map sequence help

Dec 20068doppelganger

Anyone think of a good name for a sound division?

Dec 20068LightsCameraAction

a camera problem

Dec 20068tommynator

Why Action films?

Dec 20068CurtinParloe

Final Cut Express

Dec 20068Anne

MPEG Compression

Nov 20068epeterson

how to's...ghosts,freeze, fly, needed.

Nov 20068TAH

DV or HDV?

Oct 20068jojodungy92

where are all the sound effects at?

Oct 20068jojodungy92

Dropping Frames During Capture

Oct 20068Gibs

New Sony HDV camcorder HDR-FX7E

Oct 20068petet2

Desert explosion test

Oct 20068jojodungy92

realistic blood hits needed

Oct 20068filmguy415

Is HD better than Film?

Sep 20068TommyB

The late great ALamdv2

Sep 20068coricaman

Dolly/Tracking Shots

Sep 20068rstudios

Hdr Fx-7

Sep 20068Serpent

Is this camcorder good enough ? -JVC GR-D320

Sep 20068SpaDeKo

Casino Royale trailer!

Sep 20068xperiment

The Perfect Color

Sep 20068Zea

Your opinion on Pro Apps

Sep 20068Gnome326

Would you like to see my head explode?

Sep 20068neo_man89


Sep 20068FXhomer25938

Audio Effects Software

Aug 20068Jazzmanian

lightsaber props

Aug 20068Josh the Squash

FXHOME credits

Aug 20068ryanprickle

Making a dove...

Aug 20068sharkbait

Video Upload

Aug 20068rathgeber films

FilmMaker Career

Aug 20068SpaDeKo

Shadow matting?!

Aug 20068Maxy

Metallic whoosh sound effects?

Aug 20068angelx

In need of set creation advice.

Aug 20068xperiment

SuperKids poster

Aug 20068B3N

making light streaks

Jul 20068ssake

How could I do this?

Jul 20068notoriusc

24 Fan Fic

Jul 20068FXhomer8277

Is this worth posting in cinema

Jul 20068Zephlon

v for vendetta reopened

Jul 20068BasementProductions

The Beam Production

Jul 20068xperiment

More Sites of Interest!

Jul 20068Professsor

Problems Capturing HDV In Sony Vegas 6.0

Jul 20068TVK

FX Vault...?

Jun 20068coldside

camera help

Jun 20068jgtrox2

New Trailer Finished !

Jun 20068the new godfather


Jun 20068Serpent

Understanding the color removal process for green screening

Jun 20068Jazzmanian

Seeking opinions on logo

Jun 20068xperiment

Amazing anti-aging effects from X3

Jun 20068Pooky

new logo

Jun 20068notoriusc

Samurai/Katana Sword Props

Jun 20068angelx

how do I get lightsaber effects and some other sound effects

Jun 20068FXhomer4900

Want To Help?

Jun 20068airhead1790

Advice on new movie

Jun 20068johnny resch

Yay, Feature Film Internship!

May 20068shadowninja1028

Need a 2 pop!

May 20068alltheshway

Earthquake Tutorial?

May 20068EddieOue5

motion capture alternatives

May 20068bat25

Computer cloning

May 20068VRBstudios

Need help finding a song!

May 20068alltheshway

Fighting Light Settings on (very) Low End Camera

May 20068Jazzmanian

Please judge this clip. Shot with Fotolenses.

May 20068FXhomer7018

Quick idea for a short film...What do you think?

May 20068Stoic

Keying in Premiere pro

May 20068EVW2K

How Do I Do Videos With Paintshop Or Photoshop?

May 20068goat000

ideas for detective show

May 20068Frank Grimes

Help with Address book

May 20068SGB

Quicktime ActiveX

May 20068epeterson

Help Vegas Error Message

Apr 20068epeterson


Apr 20068xperiment

Tutorial - Cinema4D Bullet Time effect

Apr 20068SMB

Your FANFILM on Prime time TV. (No catch)

Apr 20068b4uask30male

Looking For A Lighting Kit

Mar 20068Harvey

Futuristic World

Mar 20068angelx

camera effects

Mar 20068airhead1790

another 3ds max question

Mar 20068Zephlon

video games effects in movies .

Mar 20068isr raviv

How do you make those cheesy animations?

Mar 20068jrg2134

Stunt dolls

Mar 20068pcremag

my movie is too big

Mar 20068rathgeber films

Any cool effect Ideas

Feb 20068brennanmceachran

Birds dancing to the Tequilla song

Feb 20068pixel876

3D modelling?

Feb 20068Oeyvind

24 style split screens.

Feb 20068ChromeHeart

A must for budding filmmakers!

Feb 2006803ruby

Flying with Google Earth

Feb 20068ForeverYoung8

Victor Von Doom Effect ------- Well sort of....

Feb 20068visualchaos

which tape to use?

Feb 20068drspin98

Slow motion sound?

Feb 20068tomekkr

Car Hit

Feb 20068FXhomer4252

lightsaber rotoscoper needed

Feb 20068darthkyle

Shooting the stars and moon.

Jan 20068ChromeHeart

3d Help....AGAIN :D

Jan 20068devilskater

Concealing handycams for "candid-cam" filming

Jan 20068ogrus

cinema 4d price?

Jan 20068Hillsong London505

Recording your own Stock Footage, What to do & What not

Jan 20068Vault FX

Want a FREE copy of Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 VE ?

Jan 20068Arktic

Cinema 4D tutorials

Jan 20068shadowninja1028

Muscle uip a character

Jan 20068saiyan84

Panasonic DVX-100A quick questions.

Dec 20058Squid

iMovie Export Quality

Dec 20058Obi Wan Kenobi

crop a video

Dec 20058kimmer

Question about Audacity Audio Software

Dec 20058ForeverYoung8

Home Made Studios: Revelations Poster

Dec 20058Jeremy Davidson

any ideas for a tricky shot...

Dec 20058Spanish Prisoner

Terminator 2 style effects

Dec 20058pcremag

Projector: Help needed.

Dec 20058Chrislad

Compositing a false 'flip' for a film

Dec 20058lilphil212

Tape Deck

Dec 20058Serpent

Looking for Title work help on new fan film

Dec 20058mojaba


Nov 20058bizzardstick


Nov 20058Daarzak

All you low budget needs!!

Nov 20058magic mat

Title animation

Nov 20058Tommy Gundersen

Making a WWII movie

Nov 20058Saber132

AlamDV / EffectsLab SFX crew needed for established pro team

Oct 20058polemarch

Home Made Studios: Espanol Pluma

Oct 20058Jeremy Davidson

From close up to space

Oct 20058Underdog Productions

ww2 guns muzzle flashes

Oct 20058ashman

Hosting film clips in cinema

Oct 20058ashman

Swushing Sound

Sep 20058irishcult

My First Matte Painting/Digital Background

Sep 20058Vault FX

Guns legal in UK?

Sep 20058ashman

Bullet trail...

Sep 20058NuttyBanana

Metal Gear Solid Opening

Sep 20058mattio

terregan animations (send yours if you have one)

Sep 20058mattio

Cool Saber Props

Aug 20058Fill

Help With Makeup Effects

Aug 20058Harvey

BF2 Models in Blender

Aug 20058LilCaesars

Voice Actors Needed for new movie

Aug 20058Redhawksrymmer

Movie File Conversion

Aug 20058Fill

Tricky effects question !

Jul 20058devilskater

Need help with divx and After Effects

Jul 20058GuitarsRule89

Videowave 7

Jul 20058The Chosen One

Modern Day Military Clothing

Jul 20058Jrad

miniature advice

Jul 20058drspin98

Arrow Wound

Jul 20058viper3139

Overlaying Mask Question

Jun 20058Zea

Cinelook or MagicBullet?

Jun 20058coldside

The Inheritance of Time (Movie)

Jun 20058Lithium Kraft

submitting y movies

Jun 20058alexanderj


Jun 20058adamlightandmagic

Cinema 4D 9, Should I Upgrade?

Jun 20058Vault FX

Your opinion?

May 20058coldside

What can and can't be shown in FXHome's cinema? Stereotypes?

May 20058DPUMA8

Particle Emmiter Libraries

May 20058pboniface

sony vegas (.sfk)

May 20058yellowmello

How do i create that cool zoom

Apr 20058silencer

Need Logo!

Apr 20058Justin10139

About my film projects, storyboards, scripts etc

Apr 20058Mellifluous

Free Script Writing App

Apr 20058Serpent

Hosting Your Movies

Apr 20058sk8street65

Loss Of Quality in darker areas

Apr 20058Zea

Creating a Soundtrack

Apr 20058BloodRoseStudios

Movie Idea

Mar 20058LilCaesars

looping in 3ds max

Mar 20058Riese

Website hosting and domain registering

Mar 20058lanasidoog

The TV Look

Mar 20058SFX-Spaz

Cloning again. I know! But I searched!

Mar 20058coldside

DVD sales?

Mar 20058coldside

Voice Editing Software

Mar 20058mikey156

Prop cell phones…

Mar 20058Calibretto

MP4 Compression Settings

Mar 20058Coureur de Bois

Widescreen Quality Loss in Vegas MovieStudio?

Mar 20058pzgamer825


Mar 20058trottd02

Shotgun Muzzle Flash

Mar 20058Coop

Force run?

Mar 20058silencer

Question about effect in The Grudge

Mar 20058tomekkr

help! how to put songs onto a vhs ski video!?

Feb 20058adonis

Hey you martial arts fans. UNDERCUT

Feb 20058Cypher

Fake Heads?

Feb 20058Maetrix66

What would you want to see as extras on a homemade DVD

Feb 20058b4uask30male

:(..Clone with AE or APP1.5 ...

Feb 20058joebine

Animating in Cinema 4D Help

Feb 20058The Artur

Compters programs/visuals in movies

Feb 20058tomekkr

What Camera

Jan 20058GuitarsRule89

Sound Effects

Jan 2005803ruby

Sony Vegas 5 - External Monitor

Jan 20058Xe2

FXhome Continuations

Jan 20058Frozenpede

How powerful is AlamDV?

Jan 20058Vampiricyouthv

Matrix Effects Committee?

Dec 20048brendanf

Director Player Error Index out of range. Continue? Yes No

Dec 20048grazio

First Project

Dec 20048TrebuTa

Bourne Series music?

Dec 20048homedogjedi

props - try here

Dec 20048cdolsen

SVHS-C in HuffyUV 720X576 PAL through a Svideo connection?

Dec 20048Vampiricyouthv

Label Creator program? Any advice on a good buy?

Dec 20048DPUMA8

No More Late Fees at Blockbuster!

Dec 20048blaine

Pipe kick move

Dec 20048tomekkr


Dec 20048steelglass

Any Suggestions for Headphones??

Dec 20048DeezNutz24

Effect Contact Lenses

Dec 20048Arktic

What is the Best $200-$400 miniDV camera?

Dec 20048Steeb

First Down Lines

Dec 20048Brettsta

Kill Bill 2 effect

Nov 20048tomekkr

speed up video

Nov 20048flipsidekrew


Nov 20048Stoker

Help needed for video project

Nov 20048RudyPicardo

Frame Forge 3D

Oct 20048scannon

The Lake Remake

Oct 20048Deepcoiler

Mini-DV Film Festival

Sep 20048ragnar

Converting my Video to DVD

Sep 20048THEJACKEL123

Got an internship.

Sep 20048PhLogan

saber lenght

Sep 20048Klut

Monster Voice

Sep 20048Captain_Kirk

Creating Custom DVD's

Sep 20048Mr Pencil

Napoleon Dynamite Music

Sep 20048Deepcoiler

Dummy Ammunition

Aug 20048monty

Really great camera!

Aug 20048Calminaion

How to do revolver muzzle flash and smoke?

Aug 20048rocketman

To Any 3d users, Help!

Aug 20048lonepigs

Simple question

Aug 20048hippa03

cheap green or blue screen

Aug 20048directorshock

Best Audio software

Aug 20048SuperFly


Aug 20048Serpent

6pin IEEE 1394

Jul 20048rmw

The trouble with S-Video...

Jul 20048ben3308

What's wrong with my camera?

Jul 20048wdy

A good airsoft site?

Jul 20048blaine

Camera through walls/windows

Jul 20048brendanf

terragen sos

Jul 20048cotsosdel


Jul 20048owen rixon

Shutter Speed vs Exposure...WTF?

Jun 20048Cutty201

After Effects Hell (Masking)

Jun 20048TAP2

Tsunami : More Advice? and Q's for 3D Gurus

Jun 20048TAP2

sound effects

Jun 20048greatscott

Cheap Software e.g premiere, photoshop etc

Jun 20048Greyo

Quicktime Player AHHHH!

Jun 20048Denise CookXClam

3d realism

Jun 20048EddieOue5

More editing application questions

Jun 20048Ryan

Space city scenes/scapes

May 20048hippa03

Predator Fans come here

May 20048I3i9 Ni9

Motion Controlled Camera Rig... any ideas?

May 20048Gendou

Filming a computer screen.

May 20048IxLoc

Easiest way to go from VCR(Composite) to computer(Firewire)?

May 20048JasonSly

mac osx 3d software

May 20048NickD

Free old commercials

May 20048joylessdissolution ??!!??

May 20048Denise CookXClam


Apr 20048Howloween18

Frame Software?

Apr 20048owen rixon

Copyright for music...the real law..

Apr 20048wdy

sound effect help please

Apr 20048Anonymous

Blood Squibs

Apr 20048Anonymous

Camera shake in post production

Apr 20048Underdog Productions

Speakerphone sound effect

Apr 20048Denise CookXClam

CD/DVD movie burning software?

Mar 20048Howloween18

How much would you pay for scripts?

Mar 20048Anonymous

Star wars ship sound effects

Mar 20048robholtby

"What If" coming March 26

Mar 20048Serdar3500

Matrxi question

Mar 20048boffa86

Video to still image series

Mar 20048Anonymous

Trailer? or no

Mar 20048FroDittyBro

Hosting requested for THE TROJAN WAR

Mar 20048Kyeju

Chromanator Question

Mar 20048mthoward

Short flick I made...

Mar 20048Klown

capturing, dvd authoring problems..

Mar 20048elementcinema

film filmed in L.A.

Mar 20048mardock

Problem with Terragen and Alamdv2

Feb 20048carda

Background Music

Feb 20048Anonymous

Image Stabilisation

Feb 20048LightsCameraAction

My trailer

Feb 20048robholtby


Feb 20048chuter

blueyonder pwp

Feb 20048chuter

-Jessy- Could someone help me out with some space

Feb 20048jessy

Need a place for your movie? I found the perfect places!

Feb 20048jessy

Read the first few pages of my new script (easy read)...

Feb 20048Unbreakable

Need 3d Modelers

Feb 20048krazyk9999

help with making and animating a soccer ball via 3ds max

Feb 20048justakid

forced perspective test

Feb 20048Frozenpede

Movie Poster

Feb 20048kotram

Camera for sale (Canon GL-1)

Feb 20048Axeman

What was..

Feb 20048Bryce007

I was wondering

Feb 20048Frozenpede

Interlaced video

Feb 20048rmw

Mirror Chromanator Test

Jan 20048sfbmovieco

Looking for some audio help

Jan 20048Ben

easy diy star wars costumes

Jan 20048obi one

I'm looking for Storyboard software.

Jan 20048Pribooster

character studio help

Jan 20048Jonis

where 2 find matrix style leather

Jan 20048Anonymous

Chroma Keying with a Mac

Jan 20048ripascbr

Avid Express Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro?

Jan 20048wdy

Lost n Space - retracting helmet

Jan 20048Anonymous

video game sound

Jan 20048chuter

Were can I download full music themes?

Jan 20048Anonymous

Subtle Plugins

Dec 20038owen rixon

Movie Ideas...

Dec 20038elementcinema

Premiere to DVD - HELP!!

Dec 20038LightsCameraAction

Adobe - Matrix - Colour Correction

Dec 20038memphisrainz

Intro to a PSU tv show.

Dec 20038IxLoc

Vegas Video

Nov 20038neo_man89

bluescreen fake blood

Nov 20038jessy

Vegas Video Plugins?

Nov 20038jstow222

DV Capturing - Distortion

Nov 20038TAP2

Thoughts on the new Sony DVD camcorders????

Nov 20038Trailer Park Boys

Best dv camera?

Nov 20038DigiSm89

Newbie question on film formats

Nov 20038Anonymous

How would i make a person fall into 2 peices

Nov 20038Anonymous

types of movies

Nov 20038ssjaaron

Documentary about a transsexual!?!

Oct 20038SunriseSeagull

Animated graphs

Oct 20038Coureur de Bois

Head chop Test: Stalker slashes his head, it goes flying off

Oct 20038jessy

New website, check it out

Oct 20038jessy


Oct 20038Viper54

Ultra-Budget, "Blue" Style lighting.

Oct 20038TAP2

Shine effect with Vegas 4

Oct 20038jessy

Anyone know some good horror music

Oct 20038jessy

Questions about shooting the TV or Computer screen!!!

Oct 20038SunriseSeagull

Movie collaboration

Sep 20038tommach

Photoshop Help

Sep 20038jstow222

3D software?

Sep 20038Ichi The Killer

Recording your PC Screen

Aug 20038jjuerss

What kind of mic

Aug 20038HandsomeScholars

3d Studio Max or Lightwave? suggestions plz

Aug 20038Viper54

how to make Scrolling credits

Aug 20038Ichi The Killer

SFX crew needed to join SET for our 2003 feature film

Aug 20038polemarch


Aug 20038Redhawksrymmer

about the nightcrawler effect.

Aug 20038arch evil

Low sound without slowing down

Jul 20038Viper54

Day-to-Night Filter?

Jul 20038Anonymous

How do i make effects stay on their place?

Jul 20038comandoran

10 mb Server Space???

Jul 20038rypcat

Action / Horror fans I need your help

Jul 20038Ichi The Killer


Jul 20038MATT PUGH

adding sound

Jul 20038Anonymous

Zooming in with a 3D bullet

Jul 20038Anonymous

dont waste 600-1000$, ill tell you what to get that is 70

Jul 20038jessy

Mask for horror film

Jun 20038wdy

What equipment does hollywood use to film movies?

Jun 20038dnx000

adobe after effects recommended?

Jun 20038jessy

How long do Uploads take?

Jun 20038DaShadow

DXM and

Jun 20038sidewinder

animating a mask in AE

Jun 20038Movie_Manic

A good sound effect site

Jun 20038mighty_joe

import videoin Adobe Premiere 6 LE

May 20038blaine

Time to Let out my secret

May 20038Kyeju

need more help!

May 20038davidmalyn

Film Permit

May 20038Aculag

which ones first editing or fx

May 20038aaron 99

Filming shots, and editing!

Apr 20038Obi

Fairly Advanced Question

Apr 20038TAP2

if you need music

Apr 20038dawookiehunter

"The Ring" face blur...?

Apr 20038Coureur de Bois

Stuttering Video Playback

Apr 20038Gibs

Got a big Adobe Premiere 6 problem!

Apr 20038allyse

Invisible Man Effect

Apr 20038cyclone3000

Sound Fx

Apr 20038serleejususa

My Stop Motion Light Saber film...

Apr 20038Unbreakable

Some Help

Apr 20038Exclamation

Help: hear sound while working in After Effects

Mar 20038b4uask30male

Encoding/codec question

Mar 20038sat0426

One clear summer day....

Mar 20038Aculag

I need some help with my story!!!

Mar 20038LightsCameraAction

Dis Sucka's BUSTED!

Mar 20038MechaForce

New Intro Video - Please Have A Look!

Mar 20038Predinator

Filming props

Mar 20038Serdar3500

chromanator movie?

Mar 20038Redhawksrymmer

SFX editors

Mar 20038Anonymous

Light Filters

Feb 20038ijohnson33

Place to get tons of free, high quality sound fx?

Feb 20038blank

calling b4uask, billy3d and morbiues - urgent !

Feb 20038Anonymous

broadcast quality titles what progs should i use?

Feb 20038justakid

Analyptic Work?

Feb 20038TAP2

Non-AlamDV film

Feb 20038CurtinParloe

Night Shooting

Feb 20038arch evil

"The Lord of the Onion Rings" Revealed (C) Madcube

Feb 20038Seth

Boring Night- Thinking

Feb 20038ihateemo

...another quick thought...

Feb 20038Klown

Compare our movies....

Feb 20038Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Base SoundFX

Feb 20038TAP2

IMPORTANT: need bleep noise

Feb 20038Cypher

MiniDV Questions

Jan 20038Klown

Some SoundFX needed!

Jan 20038Anonymous

"Borrowed" SciFi Sound Effects

Jan 20038dprendergast

Alpha key in matrix tutorial

Jan 20038leok

Inform the Police and Authorities Before Filming ?

Jan 20038Anonymous

Horror Movie - Need Some Gory Bits

Jan 20038Anonymous

where to get a Clapper

Jan 20038Anonymous

Song Help...

Jan 20038smier33

Imagination Station

Jan 20038goober99

Silencer Sound FX

Jan 20038neo_man89

My meeting with a bad-ass editor

Jan 20038spotless

LOTS of Textures

Dec 20028Kyeju

Saucer Attack Usa

Dec 20028Retromedia

is this a good camcorder

Dec 20028wpl

Where did it go??

Dec 20028jstow222

How long should they hold?

Dec 20028Andreas

A Single shoot full movie..

Dec 20028Andreas

Thumb Wars facial effects

Dec 20028bmonger


Dec 20028jirwin

Neone who likes star wars read!

Nov 20028gpmovies

night for day

Nov 20028Anonymous

Newbie photoshop question (filmstrips)..

Nov 20028Klown

promblem 2

Nov 20028bauza

a question to make watery titles ?

Nov 20028b4uask30male

Soap Opera's

Nov 20028jirwin

£100 Digital Video Camera

Nov 20028Rawree


Oct 20028devilskater

Cheap Stock Footage???

Oct 20028danial_02

The Two Towers trailer music

Oct 20028danmec

Spooky clouds

Oct 20028Venger

How make a heat environment ?

Oct 20028Sokar

Jedi Droid and Lighting Question

Oct 20028Kyeju

Getting into a ship.

Oct 20028owen rixon

How To Green Screen

Oct 20028Majicman


Oct 20028Cypher


Sep 20028zappatilias

Making glass

Sep 20028danmec

Who has used my COruscant Background

Sep 20028DarkJedi07


Sep 20028devilskater

Light Sabre Sound Effects

Sep 20028edwardjosh

Just wondering about compositing...

Sep 20028Tim

Hidden Script, New one Made?

Sep 20028Sith_Knight

In need of a foley artist

Sep 20028Greyo

web servers

Sep 20028wpl

Hey veiw my trailer for THE CLERK..

Aug 20028ahunter

3D Jargon

Aug 20028Gibs

A tongue like a Toad

Aug 20028danmec

Cinelook? For music video?

Aug 20028Anonymous

Lightsabers(A Solution)

Aug 20028andrewlogan

shot selection vs coverage

Jul 20028Greyo

Links for all

Jul 20028codabar

Premiere 6.0 Capture Problems - HELP FAST!....please!

Jul 20028Chev

Is there a way to optimize the sound so it can be THX.......

Jul 20028DigiSm89

Found cool site for starwars backgrounds

Jul 20028DigiSm89

Advise me, oh great ones (Christmas production)

Jul 20028scotman74

Sound Sytem

Jul 20028X

Speed in Premiere messing up background

Jul 20028X

Quicktime playing errors

Jun 20028Greyo

Script Writing Troubles?

Jun 20028Hajiku_Flip

what should a rail gun and projectile look like?

Jun 20028Phage

Star Wars Props

Jun 20028andrewlogan

Good Sounds

Jun 20028Celestial_Wizard

Perfect Sound effect website

Jun 20028Anonymous

Awesome OSX Divx players

May 20028Radar

THE TEST Tutorials online

May 20028Sollthar

Poor Man Filmmaking

May 20028sfbmovieco

need foam latex

May 20028Ben

anyone use 3ds max?

Apr 20028Lorax

Anyone know how to build something to do thie (creepy)....

Apr 20028amblix

ghost effects

Apr 20028Anonymous

Video stabalization problem

Apr 20028Riese

Movie poster font

Apr 20028Vega70

SoldierVSreaction? and top movies

Apr 20028v6proz

trails on bullet

Mar 20028lucas

Basement Dogs Creator?

Mar 20028warwind45

Exporting Help

Mar 20028Anonymous

Explosions + Igniters

Mar 20028Platinum

star wars ship!

Mar 20028Anonymous

keeping imported clips the same size in premier.

Mar 20028justakid


Mar 20028billy3d

Importing/exporting quality results question

Mar 20028Anonymous

Baby Bat Girl - the full version!

Mar 20028Simon K Jones

Exporting Whole DV Clips to Stills

Mar 20028acm12

Beretta gun sound

Mar 20028Vega70

newbie needs help!

Feb 20028frodojojo

making someone disappear

Feb 20028Orion

DV Codec + help file support

Feb 20028BDOG

Need program to make voice sound like robot/computer

Jan 20028X

good job on Turicon!

Jan 20028billy3d

picture quality on export.

Dec 20018Gabba

How to make a Computer to Explod

Dec 20018Scuba

Final Cut Pro 3!

Dec 20018av11d

Twisted/Bootleg studios movie reviews?

Dec 20018sidewinder

Having trouble even running ALamDV

Dec 20018Anonymous

Shatter Effect how to...?

Nov 20018Anonymous

Studio DV?

Nov 20018Polycount82

new version with new serial code

Nov 20018stan913

First try in 3D

Oct 20018patrickmagic

Here's one for ya...

Sep 20018The Great One

Ground Zero

Sep 20018sidewinder

MAC to PC (capture solutions)

Sep 20018Anonymous

Where can I find machine gun replicas in the US?

Jul 20018dicky c

H.P. Lovecraft's "The Thing on the Doorstep"

Jun 20018Dark Overlord of the Univ

Sugar Glass?

Oct 20117Orin Warren

Is professional voice acting necessary?

Sep 20117Sick Boy

"September Sun" -AE goes HD

Aug 20117Avenging Eagle

First steps after almost 20 years...

Jul 20117chbaum

Free sound FX download?

Jul 20117Azulon'sAssassin

Editing Video Sequence or Music First?

Jul 20117FXstudios99

'Within' -My latest short film

Jun 20117miker

Compositing help

Jun 20117SPCDixon

TV Flicker on a face

May 20117chbaum

Are these lights any good?

May 20117Avenging Eagle

Getting hit with arrows, knives or swords.

Apr 20117Viktorious

Short Film Stories

Apr 20117Terminal Velocity

Anyone use these lights?

Mar 20117RodyPolis

Spaced (Web Series) Production Log

Mar 20117Travis Kunze

Who wants a Super16 camera?

Mar 20117Avenging Eagle

New or Repair Computer

Feb 20117Shanghai

Need Music for your film?

Feb 20117Ricky Garcia

'Exhibit D' >New Music Video from Atomic

Jan 20117ben3308

Is this camera good for shooting short films?

Jan 20117Azulon'sAssassin

Camera Jib

Dec 20107DX6channel

Computer won't recognize video files

Dec 20107Viktorious


Nov 20107Sick Boy

Film Survey

Nov 20107riftmaster

Pronunciation changes in post (?)

Oct 20107Avenging Eagle

Surrey and South West London Film Club needs YOU!

Oct 20107jjuerss

Expecto Patronum SFX

Oct 201072xZProductions

Synchronizing visual effects to music

Sep 20107Helge

Anyone local to me? Volunteers required

Sep 20107Mad Mike

Film Riot

Sep 20107PhilWesson

Stock Footage

Sep 20107acproductions

sony vegas help

Aug 20107Mad Mike

Green Screen and Camera Matching together?

Aug 20107shoepie

Lighting Advice for Small Room/Studio

Aug 20107No Respite Productions

filmming my first test film with my T2i

Aug 20107The Nemesis2161

Script Anyone?

Jul 201072xZProductions

Windshield Videomic Help

Jul 20107TheOutlawAmbulance

Need legal/location advice.

Jul 20107mikeh

Short Clone Action Scene

Jul 20107StupidLikeAFox

Jupiter Clouds

Jun 20107Chao2

My New Script - Feedback

Jun 20107TheOutlawAmbulance

Helicopters for film

May 20107Serpent

Looks like...

May 20107The Nemesis2161


May 20107Fudge Dog

Free fighting Sound effects

Apr 20107StrikeEmStudios

Picking out a Zoom Lens.

Apr 20107Singwolf

3D Bullet with blender

Apr 20107FXstudios99

I'm looking into getting a new camera, but what to buy?!

Apr 20107luke774

super 8mm

Apr 20107Toruk Macto

CGI Horse

Mar 20107Nuwanda

failed to open zip problem

Mar 20107FXhomer159430

Sony Vegas Pro~Help!

Mar 20107TheOutlawAmbulance

What to look for in high-quality headphones ?

Feb 20107NickF

Avatar of me!

Feb 20107PLANB

Anybody use the Canon HV40?

Feb 20107Struker

Could someone animate a picture?

Feb 20107RodyPolis


Feb 20107StupidLikeAFox

Audio Buzz/Hum Problem

Feb 20107rstudios

My Experience With 48 Hour Projects Of Late

Jan 20107Adman

After Effects Explosion, Motion tracking, Compositing Test

Jan 20107Mattex Films HD

Make-up FX on Set : Acne

Jan 20107MovieMagic

Yes I Need Your Help Once Again

Jan 20107JonnyT93

Priori Incantatem TUTORIAL

Jan 20107BlackPyro1994

really basic question on how to import on my new camcorder.

Jan 20107FXhomer59351

Graffiti Effect

Jan 20107Galdors

Where to get good armour

Dec 20097Viktorious

Sony DCR-SX40

Dec 20097Poseidon1231

Excellent FREE sounds...

Dec 20097Fxhome Dude

Lens and interlacing questions

Dec 20097Randomlard101

Voice dubbing

Dec 20097Zorn8

From Camera to PC Lighting

Dec 20097evg2005

A 126-LED On-camera Light Panel-for only $31.96?

Dec 20097RodgerDodger

Adobe After Effects CS4

Dec 20097Ban Danna

Mike and Morris TV

Dec 20097MikeandMorrisTV

How to make your actors look older than they really are

Dec 20097Viktorious

My New Vegas Intro

Dec 20097TheOutlawAmbulance

I need help in the Heroes teleporting effect!

Dec 20097Ban Danna

Lens Help §~

Dec 20097SuburbanElement

I need to make an intro scene for my movie, no idea how to..

Nov 20097Matt Technician

Some embarassingly basic questions regarding interlacing...

Nov 20097pixelboy

Books on Practical Effects and/or Cinematography

Nov 20097Terminal Velocity

A request for camcorder advice...

Nov 20097pixelboy

Music making programs.

Oct 20097Viktorious

"Creating a demon face" tutorial

Oct 20097evg2005

brand new røde boom-kit. anyone need some sounds recorded?

Sep 20097JornLavoll

Acting/Improv Skills

Sep 20097Mattex Films HD

'Roulette' needs composer(s)

Sep 20097Avenging Eagle

Short test with hand motion tracking.

Sep 20097spydurhank

New movie...

Sep 20097NazmiVFXEditor

Shooting with LED lights

Sep 20097Overthefields

Top Gear Cameratest

Sep 20097The Siege

Any ideas for an Invasion of the Body Snatchers short

Sep 20097philip

I have an evil rabbit, quick video

Aug 20097Poseidon1231

HOW to do THIS?

Aug 20097MyCreationTV com

Composing my own film score

Aug 20097evg2005

New to CompositeLab Pro

Aug 20097FXhomer66074

Short Film-Electric TV. Static Light. Ebullient Man.

Aug 20097jed490


Aug 20097Bryan M Block

wedding music

Jul 20097drspin98

Sound Mixing Problem

Jul 20097RodyPolis

Who wants to read my script?

Jun 20097Avenging Eagle

Post Production_Grading Problems want to create a pro look

Jun 20097DavidFrommi18

Buy A Credit

Jun 20097No Respite Productions

The Bet < Animation

Jun 20097FCRabbath


Jun 20097Faceless Productions

Rethai shortfilm "intro"

Jun 20097Jonathan Damborg

Battle Simulation/Crowd Simulation Software

Jun 20097Snook360

Here Is my new flying video #2

Jun 20097Poseidon1231

Green sheet

Jun 20097EBC films

Does Anyone Have Any Scripts/Ideas For A Short Film?

May 20097JonnyDrummer1994

What software to use for my short movie?

May 20097camerabuddha

Where Are The Best Sites To Post Films?

May 20097JUIDAR

ADR - effects used to make it sound more natural?

Apr 20097Pooky

The Dead Creeper

Apr 20097Shadow013

Quantum of Keys - have a look

Apr 20097thepinster

help with masking

Mar 20097Lyle

Hard shot

Mar 20097PLANB

New Tutorial- Card through arm

Mar 20097Poseidon1231

Card trough arm

Mar 20097Poseidon1231

Battle For The Stars

Mar 20097videofxuniverse

First location shoot

Mar 20097HandsomeScholars

Softboxes and umbrellas

Feb 20097Paradox Pictures

Feedback on scenes

Feb 20097StrikeEmStudios

High Definition Cameras

Feb 20097Pixel edit

Transmission of Filmdata

Jan 20097devilskater

I need help with this 1 part of my movie

Jan 20097Qbeck

It's that time of year again!

Jan 20097FCRabbath

World War 2 Movie

Jan 20097JasonX1024

Old Age Makup Help

Jan 20097Coureur de Bois

Ever Hear of This Site?

Jan 20097JasonX1024

No greenscreen harmed (test)

Jan 20097Moonloon1

Pertaining to special effects workflow...

Jan 20097dsexton72

Hv20 Ntsc/Pal

Dec 20087thesimulatedcity

HD Render settings?

Dec 20087Atomatonn

Help for a music video

Dec 20087sfbmovieco

Person rolling down stairs

Dec 20087RodyPolis

Video Quality?

Dec 20087Pepita2202

my first crack @ Vision Lab Studio

Dec 20087badmonk

Music Video ( HV30 ) Check it out!

Dec 20087FXhomer2191

Video format detection software for mac?

Nov 20087Moonloon1

DVD Architect

Nov 20087Joecool1081

IKARI - update Theatrical Trailer

Nov 20087JUIDAR

Bored? Watch a hilarious short currently playing on flights!

Oct 20087Anthonyb

Trailer for a movie I shot

Oct 20087ajjax44

20th century fox sign

Sep 20087prokidsfilms

Awesome VoiceOver Guy I know

Sep 20087RyanZ

What He Saw- Short Test Film

Sep 20087Tommy92L

Behind the scenes of 'Life's a Spiral'

Sep 20087hippa03

Vimeo problems

Sep 20087cottonproductions

Green Screen?

Sep 20087Quadsworth


Sep 20087riftmaster

Very Cool Star Wars Opening Crawl Generator

Aug 20087StumpMovieMan

Which is the best camera for Green/blue screenwork?

Aug 20087Wishing Staff Studios

My first attempt at Broken/Extreme Text looks

Aug 20087Snook360

New video camera

Aug 20087Pepita2202

I need help finding this background image

Aug 20087Lerman Productions

Invisible Lighter

Aug 20087Poseidon1231

Is there some way to track your project?

Aug 20087Sam Larsen

Hoped I could get away with it...

Aug 20087pdrg

The Perfect Lie - Production Log

Aug 20087FCRabbath

would any one be intrested doing some visual fx work

Jul 20087matchyman

Looking for HD camera guys!

Jul 20087Mattex Films HD

Garageband Jam Packs Samples?

Jul 20087Jabooza

hows this flying man effect ?

Jul 20087FXhomer4492

Please Help! Looking for Sound Effect!

Jul 20087Phantom48

my new intro video

Jul 20087videofxuniverse

Making a logo?

Jul 20087Z films

Anyone know of any good sneaking around music?

Jul 20087RyanZ

Final Cut Pro Capturing

Jun 20087The Nemesis2161

Damage caused by projectiles

Jun 20087FXhomer51589

How to make someone and objects fly/float. And light add-on

Jun 20087evg2005

alternative "think" road safety advert

Jun 20087videofxuniverse

Official Caelum Pilot Thread

Jun 20087NinjaBros

Need to know what all equipment i would need to make my film

Jun 20087evg2005

Slightly useful site I made

Jun 20087Tommy92L

Indiana Jones Style Effects

Jun 20087WSN Productions

Grading stage

Jun 20087hippa03

matte painting

Jun 20087riftmaster

GET IT! FREE Plugin for "cartoon" /Scanner Darkly

Jun 20087Bryan M Block

Horror: Helpful Hints

May 20087JasonX1024

A Dark Place

May 20087Ste

I recommend these programs

May 20087Filmaker92

sound editor

May 20087McLovinCrunch

Pretty awesome site...

May 20087Thrawn

Miniature Explosives

May 20087RPN Productions

I pray this video will hit the internet

May 20087EvilDonut

.IFF not compatible with Vue 6. Any Ideas?

May 20087Jambuster

Premiere Pro CS3 Crash at Startup

May 20087justaddwater

What Pc components to focus on?

May 20087druguer

Hey Fish Eye effect?

Apr 20087Pepita2202

3d world

Apr 20087matchyman

15,000 film contest

Apr 20087PLANB

arguing music

Apr 20087The FE

Hosting Movies?

Apr 20087Christofer Matthias

New retro sci-fi serial adventure

Apr 20087rocketman

After Effects help

Apr 20087Joecool1081

Blood spurt stock footage

Apr 20087Rockfilmers

Help With Some Composite Shots

Mar 20087Christofer Matthias

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