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New Movie! -A Wonderful Day

Mar 20087T L O A C P

Stuck Stuck Stuck...

Mar 20087AXE

Text Tracking in Final Cut Pro 6?

Feb 20087wdy

Boom stick

Feb 20087D3L3T10N

Looking for help with a big project! :)

Feb 20087JUIDAR

Storyboard artist/illustrator needed

Feb 20087pdrg

alternative blood recipe needed

Feb 20087videofxuniverse

converting from windows to quicktime

Feb 20087Darth Stazz the Powerful

Help with multiple 3d software

Feb 20087druguer

shooting in 24p

Jan 20087RodyPolis

more stills online AND a clip from the RED CAMERA

Jan 20087Bryan M Block

HVR-A1U or HVR-Z1U or other opinions?

Jan 20087FXhomer12185

Effects question

Jan 20087SpankyMcCranky


Jan 20087White Eagle Entertainment

Film Strip Effect

Jan 20087Zea


Jan 20087White Eagle Entertainment

Render looks degraded

Jan 20087Xanikoo


Jan 20087video fx universe

Filming in High Humidity

Jan 20087FXhomer25906

Input Helicopter

Dec 20077Krammit

Post Sound Enhancing

Dec 20077Serpent

questions =D Please answer

Dec 20077Crav3r

A new movie im making

Dec 20077Videoace123

Imagine this productions new WEB site and trailer

Dec 20077shadu

Great Film Makking Book!

Dec 20077Rockfilmers

Small scale model spaceships from everyday items

Dec 20077druguer

PowerDirector/JVC Everio

Nov 20077FXhomer55469

FXHome - Great Work!

Nov 20077Thriller

Clay and Real

Oct 20077Poseidon1231


Oct 20077MrGoodbomb

Phantom of the Opera

Oct 20077RyanMichael

Sony Vegas 6.0 question

Oct 20077VRBstudios

Sound effects

Oct 20077Poseidon1231

Tips on car conversation

Oct 20077RodyPolis

Air compressors

Oct 20077MrGoodbomb

22" TFT monitor

Oct 20077devilskater

Question for the Canon HV20 owners out there

Oct 20077DaFlea

Music software

Sep 20077RodyPolis

Dragon Ball Z effects

Sep 20077Dorl

hi8 digital 8mm tape player (VHS) ?

Sep 20077Zzanitari

Interpret footage

Sep 20077Merrick

Looking for some software

Sep 20077Phantom48

question about "reflecting boards"

Sep 20077RodyPolis

Morphing software?

Sep 20077Digital Boy

Trailer Music

Sep 20077Goldwing Productions

Film Makers Logo

Sep 20077Cerberes

Vegas 8 is here!

Sep 20077the Fiddler

FREE Production Music Downloads

Sep 20077The Chosen One

Shooting an entire scene in daylight and turning it to night

Sep 20077MrGoodbomb

compressing, codecs, ?

Sep 20077Quvoo


Sep 20077pdrg

3D artists needed for fanfilm

Aug 20077Jucemar

Vegas Pro 8 announced

Aug 20077Redhawksrymmer

mpeg/audio combination help. A friend in need.

Aug 20077ashman

firewire vs usb

Aug 20077mr gyro2

South Park animation

Aug 20077Joecool1081

Sound Effects

Aug 20077Joecool1081

stock footage for explosions and other effects

Aug 20077mr gyro2

Conducting a Protoype Analysis for Uni. Can you spare a min?

Aug 20077Mike2176

New Stop Motion Short

Aug 20077Dalemations

Every FxHomer should read this

Aug 20077RedLynx908

Lighting in the middle of nowhere

Aug 20077Pooky

Help with camcorder Internal mic!

Aug 20077RicanJoe

SSJ Transformation

Aug 20077JUIDAR

Pure Motion

Jul 20077Biblmac

Keeping Widescreen in FCP..

Jul 20077cooldude

space battle

Jul 20077FXhomer17851

stock video

Jul 20077Rockfilmers

Need to get that "film" look

Jul 20077RedLynx908

free animation programs?

Jul 20077gangsta

The Magi (I need some feedback)

Jul 20077NinjaBros

My New Movie Trailer

Jun 20077Phantom48

Raw Footage? Need Test Footage

Jun 20077Termin8or123


Jun 20077Evman

Checking Royalty Status of specific music

Jun 20077Jazzmanian

my youtube videos

Jun 20077whelshizer

Free Poster

Jun 20077SlickV19

Lighting - Show Me Please!

Jun 20077Balketh

Final Cut says i dont have enough disk space, when i do

Jun 20077cooldude

Bullet Smoke

Jun 20077SlickV19

New VFX Test.

Jun 20077SilverDragon7

Need help converting video files

Jun 20077videofxuniverse

Pinnacle Studio

Jun 20077Joecool1081

dialogue sound

May 20077ramavalanche

3D Particles

May 20077jumpin joe

Help with iMovie

May 20077Penguin

Charmed house explosion?

May 20077FXhomer12185

Movie Logo Ideas

May 20077Quvoo

Rate/Review my script

May 20077MichaelRea0

urgent help needed with 3d models

May 20077david311272

bullet hitting metal SFX

Apr 20077The FE

Need Plannet Animation of Mustafar

Apr 20077Pixel edit

Stop Motion

Apr 20077FXhomer47110

Scriptwriting Question

Apr 20077rstudios

is it illegal?

Apr 20077fxmaniac

JVC GR-D270, good camera?

Apr 20077japan1

magix upgrade Q?

Apr 20077morph5690

bountry hunter voice effect?

Apr 20077HELPME

My first entirely CG project

Apr 20077fallen

I need some help

Mar 200775280 Productions

Sound Effects

Mar 20077ssj john

ftp with all presets

Mar 20077cdolsen

invisible edit

Mar 20077Horcruxes88

Amazing Introduction

Mar 20077Thriller

DVD burner recommendations?

Mar 20077rocketman


Mar 20077Goldwing Productions

Getting Ready to make a camera Purchase

Mar 20077BlueSmudge

Switching from PC To Mac Tips?

Mar 20077irishcult

Exporting music to Windows Movie Maker

Mar 20077Videoace123

How do I make lots of angsty rebles

Mar 20077Big Man

Getting a Mac

Mar 20077KA Productions

Yet another movie idea

Mar 20077Lithium Kraft


Feb 20077fxmaniac

Computer Recording

Feb 20077Thrawn

Detonation Films HD is Up!

Feb 20077Dancamfx

Good deals on XH A1 in the UK?

Feb 20077jjuerss

Scriptwriting - Passing Time

Feb 20077rstudios


Feb 20077MikolajD

Playing Sound/Music In After Effects

Feb 20077TVK

anyone do there own sound tracks

Feb 20077RigomrtsFX

Newbie question

Feb 20077FXhomer15356

a DVD BURNING question! maybe you can help...

Feb 20077the new godfather

Any cheap softwares to create "creative" font?

Feb 20077Oboys

im having some trouble making a star wars film opening crawl

Jan 20077Crazyfx studios

How to make a person fly? (useing greenscreen)

Jan 20077Oboys

Bond Film

Jan 20077Goldwing Productions

Looking For Harness

Jan 20077Thrawn

Hexagon, Bryce and Carrara?

Jan 20077cinemafreak

Canon GL2 still image question

Jan 20077visualchaos

DIY filmmaking equipment

Jan 20077NickD

does anyone know how to make a fake ear

Jan 20077RigomrtsFX

Looking for advice on another effect (fangs)

Jan 20077pixelboy

Starwars practice pic

Jan 20077Underdog Productions

Looking for grading software

Jan 20077NickD

GL1 vs. GL2

Jan 20077Schafe

my new vid

Jan 20077StrikeEmStudios

An idea for a script or a plot for a Martial Arts movie?

Jan 20077Whong

Using my External HD

Jan 20077NickD

Free 3d software beta

Jan 20077Axeman

revolver and pistol stock footage

Jan 20077doppelganger

Camera issue... Anyone heard of anything like this?

Dec 20067Squid

check out my commercial i made for this contest

Dec 20067doppelganger

filmmaking for dummies

Dec 20067doppelganger

Need help with These questions

Dec 20067Gman 007

Sony camera to computer

Dec 20067MovieMaster

Website to boost my own morale

Dec 20067NinjaBros

Lost Tutorial!

Nov 20067Armageddon1212

SW: (untitled) Topic

Nov 20067King of Blades

what do you think of this camera?

Nov 20067skywalker dan

Me and my friends story!

Nov 20067Zero767

Contest Q's

Nov 20067swatdojo

MB3 Production Thread

Nov 20067NickD

Bogen Tripod on Ebay! Pretty Cheap Too!

Nov 20067NickD

3d water artist needed

Nov 20067notoriusc

better quality through firewire than usb 2.0 with miniDV cam

Oct 20067Orange3289

AVI / MOV conversion and compression in MOVCreator or other.

Oct 20067Jazzmanian

easy bullet hits?

Oct 20067demoncheeseball101

Camera/Vegas Help

Oct 20067Thriller

Legal question

Oct 20067drspin98

What's the best approach

Sep 20067FXhomer3441

Questions About Windows Movie Maker

Sep 20067Thrawn

cool music for cool action movies

Sep 20067Matrix Revamped

Webpage advice

Sep 20067Daarzak

3d car help

Sep 20067notoriusc

Detonation Films Unit K-4 added! Updated Sept. 8th!

Sep 20067film freak

Sound editing (Premier)

Sep 20067Spirit

Lines through my shot.

Sep 20067obidean

Spy Movie Style Intro

Aug 20067Super Cameraman

Cinema 4d help! please!

Aug 20067VRBstudios

What format / compression to use for the web?

Aug 20067petet2

Need a new camera

Aug 20067NickD

Fireball Sound Effect

Aug 20067moneyball32

Hotshoe Extender?

Aug 20067Super Cameraman

Quality music for Film and TV

Aug 20067Michael Law

How do you 'perspective warp' a clip/image stream?

Aug 20067Searandrage

Music rights

Aug 20067VRBstudios

16mm 'orange burn' effect

Aug 2006703ruby

Stargate Models

Aug 20067Zero767

Artists Wanted* for "Buffy : Forgotten Memories"

Aug 20067SyroVision

Underwater camera housing!

Aug 20067Maxy

Specific Sound Effects

Aug 20067FXhomer29665

how could i do this? part 2 not a continutation

Jul 20067notoriusc

Compressed gas bullet wounds

Jul 20067MagikGraphix5878

Hollywood Special Effects book;

Jul 20067SpaDeKo

Combine Forces with a Writer

Jul 20067sfbmovieco

3d artists needed !

Jul 20067GlennS


Jul 20067Garrison

Searching For Excellent Quality Mic and DTE Storage Unit.

Jul 20067Balketh

Check out my film, "Black & White"!

Jul 20067urbium

Camera Purchase Question

Jul 20067drummin dude

The Short Filmz Vol.2

Jul 20067pcremag

Filming with dowels...

Jul 20067730 Studios

Title Copyright Question...

Jul 20067angelx


Jul 20067The Blue Devil

I'm back! (I hope)

Jul 20067King of Blades

Problem with my software

Jul 20067FilthyRichy

Digital Matte

Jul 20067Maxy

energy ball problem

Jun 20067hulk8888

Good Preview Music

Jun 20067Balketh

Rotoscoping advice

Jun 20067PillowBruise

tut on making pvc pipe look like wood for prop weapons

Jun 20067the new godfather

Cutting someone in half. Would this method work?

Jun 20067Venger

Panasonic AG-DVC7

Jun 20067Gman 007

VEGAS5 Question - Plz Help!

Jun 20067SyroVision

Need someone to render an ELPro project!

Jun 20067alltheshway

using adobe pro. 2.0

Jun 20067rathgeber films

Any one need clips?

Jun 20067Garfield Street


Jun 20067AaronP

Quick Initial Grading Look

Jun 20067Jazzmanian

I need a good HD cam. (not film cam)

Jun 20067GuitarsRule89

Movie Set?

Jun 20067Garfield Street

hooded jedi robe?

Jun 20067shmede

How to make this Film Look Effect?

Jun 20067Ereniku

Special effect Question

Jun 20067swatdojo

Help for Film School Test!

May 20067Ereniku

LOTR: A Lot More Stuff Happens (aka Combat Alfalfa)

May 20067NickD

Who says you need to have good equipment to make a movie?

May 20067PillowBruise

Dastoli Digital Releases MADDOX TRAILER

May 20067dastolidigital

Advice on render quality

May 20067druguer

How to make blood/burns

May 20067FXhomer17871

Would someone rotoscope (in the future)?

May 20067NickD

16:9 widescreen pixel measures

May 20067lwmedia

Canon XL1 £550, to good to be true?

May 2006703ruby

29.97 and 24p together?

May 20067FXhomer7743

Microphones, on a (very small) budget?

May 20067Pooky

A website with lists of free software

May 20067Kolchin

All about "Stock Footage"?

Apr 20067Sepulcretum

movie idea

Apr 20067Hillsong London505

i ordered a 3200+ and got a 2200+

Apr 20067the new godfather

How was this effect created please?

Apr 20067rdelavega

24 Style opening

Apr 20067NoClue

Film Scoring Software

Apr 20067Phelix

Poster Edges

Apr 20067Zea

Holding a casting session today ...

Apr 20067Bryan M Block

fps changing in Final Cut Pro 5?!

Apr 20067Obi Wan Kenobi

Recording video directly to computer

Apr 20067Roozer

3ccd camera: PAL or NTSC?

Apr 20067mattio

Movie companies that want to join forces?

Mar 20067TMR

The Calling < New Movie.

Mar 20067FCRabbath

Video Matte/Mask Problems

Mar 20067irishcult

Audio Technica ATR-55 Shotgun Microphone

Mar 20067cooldude

Filtering Video in Photoshop

Mar 20067ben3308

Blood Effects

Mar 20067B3N

credits for fxhome

Mar 20067airhead1790

Strobe Light for Action Movies

Mar 20067Christofer Matthias

detonation films

Mar 20067isr raviv

cloth or board?

Mar 20067Stoker

Pirates Of The Caribean II

Feb 20067Oeyvind

Footage of some Panasonic DVX-100 shots

Feb 20067devilry

How do you make lightning using Effects Lab Pro

Feb 20067Knightsong

I need help streaming videos without wasting bandwidth.

Feb 20067Lior

Prep your actors, how do you do it?

Feb 20067ashman

Shh. Very short film

Feb 20067hatsoff2halford

Transitional Noises

Feb 20067Thriller

Need help deciding on a new camera

Feb 20067alpha54

Need help filming with airsoft guns

Feb 20067GuitarsRule89

sony HDR-HC1E or canon xm2

Feb 20067theone

particle illustion SE, is it worth it?

Feb 20067SGB

Questions on EffectsLabPro

Feb 20067Zzanitari

Speed it UP!

Feb 20067irishcult

How can I get government people in my film?

Jan 20067GuitarsRule89

Looking for a 'vintage' sound filter of some kind

Jan 20067JoeyLawrence

sound effects

Jan 20067j man

What's best for the badguy?

Jan 20067Oeyvind

in need of a little help

Jan 20067Hillsong London505

Editing 5.1 surround sound

Jan 20067ashman

Free, unlimited hosting!

Jan 20067coldside

For new york film makers

Jan 20067Lior

Is it a good idea to be independent

Jan 20067GuitarsRule89

What is best for lighting a scene?

Jan 20067GuitarsRule89

Props needed for SciFi Movie

Jan 20067GuitarsRule89

Looking for a monk or druid robe

Jan 20067Lior

Car cutting (not real term) and other editing tricks...

Dec 20057Serpent

Noob Help!

Dec 20057Jrad

Wormhole Help

Dec 20057Stepladder

Need a title for a movie?

Dec 20057GuitarsRule89

Quicktime Squeeze

Dec 20057cinemafreak

Looking for Camera Help

Dec 2005790hitpoints

Terragen Planets 2!

Dec 20057JT9

Mind Light - In Pre Production

Dec 20057wdy

DCR-VX1000 old, but good? Parent of 2100

Dec 20057BlueSmudge

New Feature Film Begins Production.

Dec 20057Bryce007

Have A Role In Slash Movie 3

Dec 20057Aculag

I got permission for those great free sound effects...

Dec 20057Bryan M Block

Selling music?

Nov 20057Epicadven2

Lightsaber dismemberment effect?

Nov 20057pcremag

enquiry into recording sound

Nov 20057ashman

Sony DSR-390 Broadcast shoulder mounted Pro Camera for sale

Oct 20057polemarch

Making Practical Titles

Oct 20057Aculag

Ripping a DVD

Oct 20057wdy

Tranquilizer sound effect

Oct 20057mattio

New Movie: The Dinner Party

Oct 20057Aculag

Animation Software

Oct 20057marko508

Countdown Reel

Oct 20057Calminaion

FCP launch problem

Oct 20057Andreas

How to make planets in terragen with version 9.41.

Oct 20057JT9

Stock Footage Needed

Oct 20057irishcult

How to convert daytime into night

Sep 20057zachxx


Sep 20057Frozenpede

Translation Help, Please!

Sep 20057angelx


Sep 20057ragnar

DVD Case and DVD Label

Sep 20057marko508

Dose Anyone Know How To Make A Space Battle Cene

Sep 20057TheFilmMaker

Why Motion Picture School? Long Post!

Sep 20057jamesstone

need peoples opinion on camera

Sep 20057mighty_joe

Superhero challenge

Sep 20057fletch137

Title Animation Software

Sep 20057Zea

Fasten images in Vegas

Sep 20057mattio

Borrest Stump

Aug 20057knubs

Still hunted

Aug 20057shadu

High Jump

Aug 20057irishcult

How to make the burst of energy

Aug 20057irishcult

Rope tricks question

Aug 20057guarddog

Adding movie clip to web-site?

Aug 20057rocketman

Superfast running!

Aug 20057Kristian

Software to make Muzzle Flashes

Aug 20057janno

War Footage

Aug 20057Jrad

Cinema 4D Help!

Aug 20057simon603

The Who's who in film making

Jul 20057The Chosen One

How do I achieve that 'frame-blended' look in VirtualDub?

Jul 20057ben3308

Force field effect

Jul 20057angelx

Need 3ds max help!!! PLZ

Jul 20057ssj john

'The Dukes of Essex'

Jul 2005703ruby

How do you make stock footage???

Jul 20057Fill

alternative to recording to tape

Jul 20057chase

Anyone have a blood squirting sound effect?

Jul 20057DPUMA8

Vegas 6 or Premiere Pro on a Mac?

Jul 20057Harvey

My New DVX100a

Jun 20057LilCaesars

Camera tracking dots

Jun 20057anim8tor

Teaser for up coming summer project

Jun 20057jfbiscardi

WANTED: voice actor!

Jun 20057Aexis

firelight Movies Stock Media - NOW AVAILABLE

Jun 20057Vault FX

Movies in a specific universe

Jun 20057Cyborg Commando

Avi Codecs

Jun 20057Kaede11

Effect of Man On Fire

Jun 20057Justin10139

Video Header

Jun 20057MovieGuy334

Oranize video files

May 20057yellowmello

What is "S-Video"?

May 20057Underdog Productions

Panasonic NVGS120 3ccd

May 20057hippa03

Changing the Hertz on the computer monitor

May 20057coldside

IMPS - The Relentless (Troops 2) released.

May 20057Rawree

Importing Error! Help Please! Desperate!

May 20057cooldude

my new cam

May 20057yellowmello launches!

May 20057Madmanden

A Sneak Peek At Our New Film...

May 20057Aculag

Lighting Glow - Film Graininess

May 20057JKDKnife

has anyone burnt a dual layer home made dvd ?

May 20057b4uask30male

Does Pinnacle support AlamDV and?

Apr 20057Jediknight89

Capturing HDV

Apr 20057GuitarsRule89

Dragonball z or gt

Apr 20057in the now films

Call For Scripts

Apr 20057digitalshadowfilms

Capture video of a game

Apr 20057Remco Gerritsen

Audio Restoration?

Apr 20057pzgamer825

Adobe Premiere 7.0 audio problem

Apr 20057joakim192

Just a problem...

Mar 20057Tommy Gundersen

Question About Widescreen

Mar 20057Bryce007

3CCD Camera

Mar 20057Magic_man12

The Game Genie 2

Mar 20057tmaynard

Lightsabers and tweening (help!)

Mar 20057wattofan

Whats the best DVD making program

Mar 20057silencer

dv tape glitch ( drop out ) on hard drive ?

Mar 20057b4uask30male

Rolling Scenery

Mar 20057Zea

How much green screen back lighting?

Mar 20057rocketman

Does anyone know how about the Canon XM1?

Mar 20057Kal

Physical way to shoot this?

Mar 20057Maetrix66

Could someone identify this song?

Feb 20057tomekkr

Newb editing question, Easy one though, Trust me.

Feb 20057Taniko

Movie Hosting

Jan 20057Frozenpede

Creating shatter effect in After Effects 5.5

Jan 20057rocketman

Camera Static

Jan 20057GuitarsRule89

Stock Footage

Jan 20057GuitarsRule89

firewire capture problems

Jan 20057jmill8886

Television Copyright

Jan 20057Squid

Premiere export problems

Jan 20057Evman

CG Compositing Question

Jan 20057tdmonster99

anyone got any non-stain blood mixes

Jan 20057peter huish

Sound question.

Jan 20057pboniface

AlamDV Workflow

Jan 20057Hybrid-Halo

Need help with DV to PC quality

Jan 20057silencer

camera crane ( jib )best place to buy ?

Jan 20057b4uask30male


Jan 20057Vampiricyouthv

How to shoot best a night

Jan 20057EGcoolman

3D Layer in After Effects: Cameramovement is not "smoot

Jan 20057Katsu

Feature Length Hosting?

Jan 20057coldside


Jan 20057thewizzard25

Reason to export as Alpha channeled images instead of native

Jan 20057Vampiricyouthv

Computer Programs?

Jan 20057coldside

Help with Raiders like Map Animation

Dec 20047ragnar

site to upload movies!

Dec 20047boffa86

Is this a really good deal or is it too risky?

Dec 20047Vampiricyouthv

Anybody know anything about this?

Dec 20047jfbiscardi

vegas luma key

Dec 20047steelglass

Adding A reflection to glass?

Dec 20047Greyo

Need evil background for wrestling

Dec 20047geigel1

Music video idea

Nov 20047viper3139

U2-Vertigo Music Video, How did the do that?

Nov 20047viper3139

How do I put blender onto my movies?

Nov 20047obidean

Night Vision Overlay?

Nov 20047viper3139

Filmmakers Challenge Entry

Nov 20047ghevans

Need a Camera ?

Nov 20047The Artur

making movie need help

Nov 20047marcel

home made jib for sale on ebay

Oct 20047b4uask30male

Antique guns replica ??

Oct 20047joebine

Good costumes

Oct 20047HandsomeScholars

GL2 import options

Oct 20047gent23mj

Anamorphic Lens?

Oct 20047Aculag

Free NLE

Oct 20047sigerson

Premiere 6.5 URGENT help !!!

Oct 20047hippa03

9 routes to becoming a director.

Sep 20047TimmyD

Looking for Wood hitting Wood sound effects!

Sep 20047SunriseSeagull

do i have some sort of disease?

Sep 20047xbreaka

Suggestions on capture card..

Sep 20047Ryetsu

Ghost Trails on Blue Screen

Sep 20047Mr_E_Man

Motion sickness?

Aug 20047Bowie

Lotsa Video Tutorials

Aug 20047Rawree

down with blue/green screen! up with orange screen!

Aug 20047cdolsen

need help with bullet time morph!!

Aug 20047johnson5jr

Camera video qulaity.. Need help!

Aug 20047borismcbadger

Billing for a Commercial

Aug 20047Denise CookXClam


Aug 20047ZenActing

Santa Claus Mockumentary .... thoughts?

Aug 20047Klown

Really need help with a chroma keying problem......

Jul 20047Conspiracy Studios

Final Fantasy 7 Screenshot needed!

Jul 20047tmaynard

filter to all clips

Jul 20047brendanf

Eye Blinking Effect?

Jul 20047tmaynard


Jul 20047sciman

morph problem.

Jul 20047theone

Greenscreening with a TRV340?

Jul 20047krazyk9999

my current project "return to eden"

Jul 20047xbreaka

Film makers web site

Jul 20047pboniface

Premier exporting back to the MiniDv casset

Jul 20047Slick

Need a host, will someone be so gentle to help me ??

Jul 20047Lupus Worax

Filming Location

Jul 20047gent23mj

Speed up your computer (XP users only)

Jun 20047Ryan

realistic gun shots?

Jun 20047thecarpets

Harry Potter Dementors Effect?

Jun 20047badkerning


Jun 20047TheRenegade

My Music Video

Jun 20047wdy

Colour Correcting Software

Jun 20047simon603

I got Premiere!!!

Jun 20047Ryan

Converting file

Jun 20047joylessdissolution

Compositing Stop-Motion w/Chromanator

Jun 20047iggy88

Gun replicas

Jun 20047Calibretto

Roman numerials for 2004?

Jun 20047rocketman


Jun 20047Ryan

Vegas 5 or After effects 6

Jun 20047rdelavega

Wire Removal Software

May 20047ben3308


May 20047Howloween18

Index out of Range?

May 20047JPW

Editing Q - mixing a freeze frame with motion video

May 20047justakid

After effects Text?

Apr 20047ssjaaron

VERY IMPORTANT premier ques

Apr 20047Denise CookXClam

Writing a Script

Apr 20047wdy

3 step lighting

Apr 20047ari

Need someone to say a line for my film NEED TODAY!

Apr 20047wdy

export options for the web

Apr 20047Evman

Pinnacle 9 help

Apr 20047Divine

Progressive increasing speed

Apr 20047Anonymous

Muzzle Falshes and Explosion

Mar 20047brendanf

New Short Film

Mar 20047wdy

Uploading Movies To Your Website

Mar 20047mthoward

Test For An Experimental Short

Mar 20047Aculag

my movie

Mar 20047mardock

medieval background

Mar 20047shadu

Terragen and greenscreening

Mar 20047Erico

Can you figure out where I used Chromanator?

Mar 20047jessy

sword soundfx

Mar 20047tylerw

Portable monitors

Feb 20047daigoro

Suspiciously cheap Prop Weapons

Feb 20047Rawree

The Passion of The Christ

Feb 20047wpl

Weird 3d model request...don't laugh!

Feb 20047tdmonster99

Creating Good MPG2 for DVD - How? (Vegas)

Feb 20047adamlightandmagic

How can i take stills from a rm file

Feb 20047wdy

Film look

Feb 20047Jagg

Making Stills

Feb 20047ripascbr

What would you do?

Feb 20047MovieGuy334

Music Problem

Feb 20047MovieGuy334

My webcam

Feb 20047jessy

Film noir on digital film?

Feb 20047krazyk9999

Free, simple 3D program

Feb 20047jaycoolyea

Low, low budget lighting?

Feb 20047Troy

A newbie at Chromanator

Feb 20047FiveIronFrenzy

Lightsaber help

Feb 20047johnmccmo

Help! Where to find a clip of static?

Feb 20047Troy

What song to use?

Feb 20047fatdu4

Some free music i made for you guys.

Feb 20047jessy

For your matchmoving needs..

Feb 20047drdespair

The "Nice" Range

Jan 20047jstow222


Jan 20047FiveIronFrenzy

david fincher- auteur

Jan 20047chuter

Exporting in Premiere

Jan 20047Anonymous

My geocities site doesnt work, why?

Jan 20047jessy

Why does Premiere do this?

Jan 20047Solidus

need some help here, Can someone Key my footage for me?

Jan 20047kungfukid

video tests frame rate too high for web

Jan 20047masoud

Fallen Angel

Jan 20047ajjax44

What editing software supports MPEG-4 format?

Jan 20047Howloween18

My Documentary

Jan 20047wdy

Premiere Exporting Problems

Jan 20047Anonymous


Dec 20037Andreas

A Very Short Test

Dec 20037Brettsta

Bio-Morph Masks

Dec 20037Mantra

Blue Screening Made Easier via Chromanator ?

Dec 20037Anonymous

scary sound

Dec 20037Brettsta

Preparing for my first documentary

Dec 20037wdy

Problem with cloning effect

Dec 20037shadu


Dec 20037blaine

Propss for Movies

Dec 20037Brettsta

Making still images like video

Nov 20037TAP2

Stalker VS Joshua

Nov 20037Anonymous

Filming In Dark?

Nov 20037Denise CookXClam

VCD question

Nov 20037Trailer Park Boys

how to make camera flash effect....

Nov 20037justakid


Nov 20037blaine

Best pro video camera to start fiming with

Nov 20037Anonymous

DAZ Gorilla

Nov 20037Pooky


Oct 20037Anonymous

Make knives, heads ect. fly in vegas

Oct 20037jessy

Shopping spree! Going to the proverbial next level :O

Oct 20037Hajiku_Flip

Sound program to remove music from background?

Oct 20037Daveeyboy

Effect and scene in the eye

Sep 20037shadu

Ghosts, how to make?

Sep 20037tommach

Ding Dong Death trailer

Sep 20037jessy

sound effects

Sep 20037donkey

Progressive Mode Vs Effects

Sep 20037chuter

The reason I've never submitted a movie

Sep 20037Coureur de Bois

Wire Removal - How?

Sep 20037scannon

tracer bullets

Sep 20037Viper54

Very good special effects site

Sep 20037jessy

Premiere Pro

Aug 20037Mellifluous

The Intro in Snatch ????

Aug 20037Anonymous

A new codec.

Aug 20037Redhawksrymmer

I need your help - Audio Cables

Aug 20037Ichi The Killer

(Ultimate FAQ III Article) - Software FAQ -

Aug 20037Hajiku_Flip

what kind of camera do i need

Aug 20037Anonymous

Important Question

Aug 20037ihateemo

fake wounds

Aug 200374036Douglas

Why is it that MAX is so hard to learn?

Jul 20037MATT PUGH

Matrix Noises for the wossshing sound of bullets ?

Jul 20037Anonymous

New Online Series

Jul 20037Samsung

Writers Block

Jul 20037sfbmovieco


Jul 200374036Douglas

Green Screen test

Jul 20037mod_007

Whats the term for two videos on the same screen?

Jul 20037jjuerss

Need some help/direction with some effects

Jul 20037LightsCameraAction

after effects

Jul 20037moirebass

Stalker movie here

Jul 20037jessy

Movie resources ?

Jul 20037Merola


Jul 20037Animator

Need some response on an action adventure trailer

Jul 20037Coldfuse


Jul 20037bhladeoghrass


Jul 200374036Douglas

Looking for some 3d help

Jun 20037johnson5jr

Quick Question 'bout sabers

Jun 20037golffur15

Computer monitor to camera?

Jun 20037Merola

how 2 create camera views through scopes or binoculars?

Jun 20037Anonymous

16:9 with sony TRV-900

Jun 20037Merola

Another Adventure into Be-heading.....

Jun 20037AndrewtheActorMan

need to talk to the kid who made the bullettime effect

Jun 20037divaid2001

After Effects Trouble

Jun 20037static2k

Voice Actors Needed

Jun 20037El-Mariachi

Music Help

Jun 20037MovieGuy334

Announcement: ProZ first advert!

Jun 20037v6proz


May 20037Anonymous


May 20037rjfox56

Does this look good (stuff made for movie)

May 20037Andreas

MainConcept or Huffy codec?

May 20037Venture

Film Look Tutorial

May 20037Kram1563

Prop guns

May 20037gent23mj

other than adobe 6.5??

May 20037Anonymous

OZ Fest?

May 20037wdy

Will this work?

May 20037TAP2

Adding bluescreen in AlamDV + masking

Apr 20037blank

Wind Reduction

Apr 20037Chev

Dont know how

Apr 20037Vertigo38

Interested in "Animating" a film?

Apr 20037Aculag

Latest Script

Apr 20037Greyo

Can someone help me out?

Apr 20037davidmalyn

bullets in 3d max

Apr 20037fanofthepeople

Film Contest

Apr 20037alamfan

X-wing sound effects

Apr 20037rsepara


Apr 20037TAP2

last frame

Apr 20037bmx-men_


Apr 20037TAP2

cloning actors in one shot in premiere

Apr 20037fanofthepeople

Call me a Psycho film

Apr 20037b4uask30male

How did Sollthar make that car tumble down the street...

Mar 20037El-Diablo

Equilibrium guns...(maybe a few force points)

Mar 20037Fight

New Movie Bits From Retromedia

Mar 20037Retromedia

another matrix agent effect

Mar 20037ckossoyan

Movie Quality Filters

Mar 20037Solo2K

Teleportation - the Nightcrawler way

Mar 20037danmec

"Bomb counting down" effect

Mar 20037Andreas

It just gets darker.

Mar 20037ijohnson33

4gb limit on avi

Mar 20037b4uask30male

Computer Controlled Mini DV Camera Boom

Mar 20037Garry Osborne

Blue Screening In Premiere

Mar 20037Chilly Willy

person falling into boxes

Feb 20037Anonymous

SteadyCam Test II

Feb 20037ragnar

I found a cool Shine tutorial!

Feb 20037neo_man89

Calling all CG animators!!! ASAP :)

Feb 20037amblix

Help and Ideas for my Movie

Feb 20037LightsCameraAction

Low Budget Effects

Feb 20037TAP2

Ad Ideas

Feb 20037Bob Page

Waking Life Style Filters

Feb 20037MechaForce

Black and White / Color

Jan 20037ijohnson33

Voting in the AlamDV cinema...

Jan 20037Klown

Video Format for the internet...

Jan 20037wdy

Two new Scope films.

Jan 20037Cypher

Professional BNC Connectors

Jan 20037goober99

ARTICLE - How to Create A Great Action Movie !!!

Jan 20037curran

greenscreen with premiere

Jan 20037Anonymous

Need High Quality Shots and Voice Work

Jan 20037cyclone3000

New website?

Jan 20037timoteobc

A nice 3D site..

Dec 20027Andreas

X-ray effect

Dec 20027neo_man89

Making audio sound like fighter pilot to tower transmission,

Dec 20027Inker

how to make a souliette effect?

Dec 20027justakid

Amazing movie - Militia 2

Dec 20027Xfurball

Need help with video about toy scalping!

Dec 20027air7walk

Craig: How to cut a showreel

Dec 20027spotless

blood splatter's the easy way!

Dec 20027billy3d

Barrel Sequence

Nov 20027Anonymous

Arggg, Where Is It!!???

Nov 20027jirwin

Please respond!!

Nov 20027neo_man89

Photoshop Question

Nov 20027Anonymous

I need sounds...pre-diarrhea, and I'm serious :)

Nov 20027Anonymous

What do I type in to find the right sound.

Nov 20027b4uask30male

Here's your chance to add your weblink

Nov 20027b4uask30male

29 seconds of I Dunno - Part 2

Oct 20027DarkJedi07

New Lego Movie

Oct 20027JBOX

AWESOME Lego James Bond Spoofs

Oct 20027BrickMovies4U

In Premiere -Equalize sound?

Oct 20027X

How can i host my movie?

Oct 20027ada1989

Music Request. 15 secs 4 a trailer

Sep 20027X

what software can i use to back up data on a dvd-r

Sep 20027b4uask30male

Sunglasses reflection (was: hOw do ...)

Sep 20027devilskater

Interacting with yourself

Aug 20027asbestix

Black Reign

Aug 20027Phage

Hip-Hop Video Effect (Trinity-Studios-Gmbh Spin Off)

Aug 20027dirtygeeza

Star Wars Music - Original and Clasical

Aug 20027X

I can only capture at 320x240

Aug 20027zironi

How to make a professional movie for no money Part 1 of 2

Aug 20027codabar

Found cool site for 3D Mesh links!

Jul 20027DigiSm89

Minority Report Prop Gun

Jul 20027Match


Jul 20027Anonymous

How do you do your lightsaber?

Jul 20027Sith_Knight

Film being made. YOU can be involved. Oh wow.

Jul 20027codabar

Sound question: XLR or non?

Jul 20027PoloKuo

Speeding up sound

Jul 20027Spork Knight

I made a R2 Unit out of..

Jun 20027Andreas

Minority Report

Jun 20027Cypher

24 Fps

Jun 20027Spork Knight

A Premise...

Jun 20027Crossfire

My beard keeps falling off

Jun 20027Anonymous

Spiderman Parody

Jun 20027Hajiku_Flip

Sound FX

Jun 20027oliciv

Sugar GLass Recipe

Jun 20027X

Question primarily for Hakiju Flip, but open to anyone...

Jun 20027Anonymous


Jun 20027Animaster


Jun 20027Sith_Knight

am making 3d models of structures from pictures

May 20027billy3d

Exporting to Camcorder tape (Digital 8)

May 20027Anonymous

Question from a noob (ABOUT GUNS)

May 20027Movies4U

Good mophing programs?

May 20027Venger

Some Plot Ideas..

May 20027maxsmoke

Please help if you can

May 20027Idgas

Snorri Cam....

Apr 20027Neo

3D max, premiere and Alpha channals...

Apr 20027Vega70

Equpiment used on BCC's 'The Test'?

Apr 20027Anonymous

learn about Premiere!

Apr 20027Andreas


Apr 20027Cypher

Moving mouths in front of picyures

Apr 20027Anonymous

I hate pepsi!

Apr 20027MechaForce

multiple 'same' people on one screen question

Mar 20027justakid

WMV movies

Mar 20027av11d

need a program for Slow-motion

Mar 20027Anonymous

More Photoshop Questions

Mar 20027Anonymous

Powermac G5

Mar 20027Cypher


Mar 20027Anonymous

Trailer featuring missile

Mar 20027dagnole

A little help with Photoshop filmstrips please?

Mar 20027Devilman

Question for sidewinder and/or MechaForce!

Mar 20027v6proz

Movie submission - "THE FIGHT"

Mar 20027ImdurC

I'm search of a camcorder.. any advice

Mar 20027Anonymous

Just a general bang at quicktime!

Feb 20027domdino

Hoth Fantasy Fulfillment question.

Feb 20027sidewinder


Feb 20027ensignrobert

Strata 3d Studio for FREE (Macintosh version)

Jan 20027codec3

i really need help

Jan 20027billy3d

Matrix Effect breakdown, and composite test

Jan 20027kingpiin

is this possible

Jan 20027billy3d

please help me

Dec 20017mighty_joe2001

My Movie i uploaded

Dec 20017Timescape

Blood AND The Matrix

Dec 20017allyse

Hide in-ignited saber sticks in photoshop?

Dec 20017ChillFactor

Question in After Effects

Nov 20017av11d

DVD menus

Nov 20017mighty_joe

Making a Lightsaber Handle

Oct 20017robhart

Studio DV

Aug 20017Lawrie

Holographic Images

Jul 20017Spawn


Jul 20017IronChef

Romeo and Juliet music

Jun 20017mighty_joe2001

help with fire

Jun 20017mighty_joe2001

NYU portfolio film!

Oct 20116Randomlard101

3d modeling software

Aug 20116EJR32123

Mr. Fox visits

Aug 20116davlin

User movie submissions

Jul 20116evg2005

'The Resistance' Teaser Trailer (Still a working title)

Jun 20116RisingTideStudios

SketchWork TV - E3: "THE HERO TRIAL" (HitFilm)

Jun 20116SketchWork

DIY Camera Dolly's?

Jun 20116Biblmac

Denotation films good quality?

Jun 20116Azulon'sAssassin

Twins Episode 2: Awakening

Apr 20116RealFlorian

Clocked Out < New Short

Apr 20116FCRabbath

Green Lantern

Mar 20116FXhomer69920

Anyone want to play with a tracking vehicle London?

Mar 20116pdrg

Question about compositing space craft/jet cockpit backgrnd?

Feb 20116rockstarbd82

Current state of consumer 3D video cameras - opinions?

Feb 20116bartman

Grading HD Stock Footage

Jan 20116Viktorious

interesting 3d package

Jan 20116cdolsen

Could Someone Help With Animation

Jan 20116Viktorious

GRADE / Some effects required for feature film

Jan 20116blh

Renting VS Buying?

Jan 20116Travis Kunze

Relatively Cheep Camera That Does What I Tell It

Dec 20106FXhomer98905

Cybrlink Power Director Recovering Files

Dec 20106Viktorious

VisionLab and HD

Dec 20106Viktorious

Dementor Troubles

Dec 201062xZProductions

Robin Hood movie ive written i live

Dec 20106FXhomer41269

opensource nle

Dec 20106cdolsen

Canon XH-G1

Nov 20106engel003

Deathly Hallows Disapparation/Apparation

Nov 201062xZProductions

Widget-like Video?

Nov 20106Sagerman


Nov 20106MyCreationTV com

Being an extra

Oct 20106Travis Kunze

Anyone do documentaries?

Oct 20106rogolo

How do I enlarge something

Jul 20106vrani6


Jul 20106austin44

Looking for an HD Camera Under $400

Jul 20106Chao2

Black & White - Test Footage

Jul 20106miker

Latest Project ONLINE Now

Jul 20106Bryan M Block

New film shot and edited entirely on iPhone 4

Jun 20106er-no

3D effects in After Effects?

Jun 20106jawajohnny

need a motion tracker

Jun 20106bryman16

Internet Movie Firearm Database (Imfdb)

Jun 20106The Chosen One

Using VisionLab in animation

Jun 20106Dalemations

The Innocence of War - WW2 Short Film

May 20106ctbullet

Good, inexpensive music generating program?

May 20106ZackGavin

Freebie - Useful document for music video makers

May 20106pdrg

Sci-fi short starring Brian Blessed

May 20106Marcovanbelle

My Latest 48 Hour Short (SFL 2010)

May 20106Adman

'offline' problem with VLAB

Apr 20106Toruk Macto


Apr 20106rstudios

Water in stopmotion?

Apr 20106doppelganger


Mar 20106Viktorious

Artificial Close-ups

Mar 20106Terminal Velocity

Free wardrobe, good locations and free production software

Mar 20106parkesproductions

DVD Creator for Mac

Mar 20106rstudios

On set effects

Mar 20106PLANB

Video capturing software

Mar 20106Paradox Pictures

Audio Inquiries

Mar 20106Thrawn

TeamBay - my way shortfilm

Mar 20106PekingEnte

New Comedy Review Show

Feb 20106ctbullet

Teaser trailer now online

Feb 20106Bryan M Block

Clone Action Scene

Feb 20106StupidLikeAFox

Title problems

Feb 20106djswallow

DVD > .Avi?

Feb 20106Singwolf

Probably funniest sound effect library for your post prod.

Feb 20106MikeN


Jan 20106doppelganger

"Freeze" Drink Commercial ( Some VFX & Twoneil

Jan 20106FXhomer73119

How can I make this clip better?

Jan 20106Lerman Productions

Got my camera

Dec 20096Singwolf

"File 168" Shortfilm - Feedback and comments?

Dec 20096Whong

Recording Interview Audio

Dec 20096irishcult

Opinions Please! (Green Screen Testing)

Dec 20096Liberty Films

Smear Look

Nov 20096MichaelOmegatron

Quick Special Effects Reel My Friend And I Made

Nov 20096luke774

Safari tripod

Oct 20096ChromeHeart

Prores and XDCAM footage on the same timeline in Final Cut?

Oct 20096wdy

Transfering SFX to another user.

Oct 20096Singwolf

Liquid Latex

Oct 20096Viktorious

Live chroma key manipulation?

Oct 20096BuckskinBelly stock

Sep 20096teenagelobotomy

Lego Star Wars - Jedi vs Sith Part 2 - The Escape

Sep 20096Angry Chair

Helpful FXhomers

Sep 20096FXhomerTony

Use of wind

Sep 20096PLANB

FS200 Camcorder?

Aug 20096Rollercoasterfreak

XP 64bit

Aug 20096Bucees

Creating AWESOME planets in photoshop

Aug 20096Rockfilmers

Need advice on flying with miniDV tapes

Aug 20096Avenging Eagle

Messing with liquid Latex

Aug 20096Poseidon1231

Will you criticize my film for me?

Jul 20096strider4660

Need help with stock footage!

Jul 20096Benbru

Toy Soldiers- a short film

Jul 20096Poseidon1231

Utilizing gaming keyboards for post-production

Jul 20096Singwolf

A short film i did

Jul 20096Poseidon1231

How Many GHz Do I Need?

Jul 20096cooldude

Atomic's "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" Production Thread

Jul 20096Atom

A Sincere Apology.

Jul 20096FXhomerTony

New Dead Creeper

Jul 20096Shadow013

Little Backdrop Issue

Jul 20096Terminal Velocity

Appreciating the 'art' of the Producer

Jul 20096Jeppo

YouTube Upgrades

Jul 20096FCRabbath

Professional cameras

Jun 20096sir alex

BATMAN: Arkham asylum

Jun 20096CONA H

My big movie script.

Jun 20096sir alex

Script (now in the CORRECT forum)

Jun 20096BIMO

55 Free Sound Fx Sites!

Jun 20096TheOutlawAmbulance

European or American Model?

Jun 20096knubs

twinkle in the eye effect

May 20096FXhomer100598

Back from Cannes...Aidan 5 is now LIVE!

May 20096Bryan M Block

Need Help Making a DVD Cover

May 20096JUIDAR

Promo Video

May 20096FCRabbath

VisionLab Effects Demonstration

May 20096GBPpro

How do you set an effect behind an object?

May 20096No Degradation

I need an opinion on this fight scene...

Apr 20096No Degradation

Color Grading in CLab/ELab and Premiere CS4

Apr 20096Snook360

Where To Get Your Movie Printed on Film?

Apr 20096The Nemesis2161

Bryan gets a new camera rig

Apr 20096Bryan M Block

Need Cheap Durable Guns

Apr 20096Joshua271987

help please!

Mar 20096acproductions

Batman & The Joker

Mar 20096Moonloon1


Mar 20096godsglory777

Title Issue

Mar 20096Terminal Velocity

Pencil Through arm

Mar 20096Poseidon1231

In need of a serious 3d artist

Mar 20096druguer

Caller- Web Series Opening

Mar 20096Adman

How Do I Create A Powering Up Effect?

Mar 20096ADHaase7

Light Of Eden < Short Film

Mar 20096FCRabbath

Character Animation

Mar 20096SGB

Black to White

Mar 20096ErikGambill

Is "shutter" what I thinkit is? How do I stop it?

Feb 20096Lerman Productions

The Fragile Strain re-edit (first 3 minutes)

Feb 20096aargh

Dawn of D-Day WW2 Project

Feb 20096JasonX1024

In need of specific sounds.

Jan 20096BringPopcorn

Sound tweaking

Jan 20096Mike Q

Datavideo Dual-Color LED Chroma-Key Ring Light?

Jan 20096Moonloon1

Question about Gimp.

Jan 20096spydurhank

Recruiting digital FX people for a horror film...

Dec 20086Massive Ego

What happens when Your friend comes comes over?

Dec 20086spydurhank

Motion tracking test done in Vision Lab.

Dec 20086spydurhank

need specific blood effect

Dec 20086bartman

Portal Season 2

Dec 20086Ste

AVCHD for sony vegas 7 ?

Dec 20086Jonathan Damborg

Rare Encounter with Two Snow Leopards

Dec 20086Shearer30

I'm in quite the pickle - please help me decide.

Nov 200863Brodio

look what's moving in next store!

Nov 20086Rockfilmers

Cutting Off Limbs

Nov 20086JasonX1024

Wind sound

Nov 20086RodyPolis

Funny Super Villain's

Nov 20086MoltenWhale

College portfolio compression help...URGENT

Nov 20086Ouellette

T2 Effect

Nov 20086matchyman

Where do you get a picture for your name in Forums?

Nov 20086Kolbe Productions

Which camera should I get.

Nov 20086BobsUrUncle


Oct 20086Maxy

How do you match the lighting between CG and real-life?

Oct 20086mwcartoonist

Excellent free DVD authoring tool

Sep 20086pdrg

Muzzle Flash Elite - VFXLobby

Sep 20086mattio

Jumpers - Mini-Movie (Check It Out!)

Sep 20086FXhomer2191 - free stock

Sep 20086rudemen

Gunshot blood!

Sep 20086Biblmac


Sep 20086FXhomer58814

Anime-style Background watchamacallit

Sep 20086druguer

Planning an Animated Film - Where to Find Artists?

Sep 20086Snook360

Sony FX7 Returns for $1999 List

Sep 20086Tim L

Short Demo Film

Sep 20086DVStudio

where can I find a white background?

Sep 20086Lerman Productions

"Make Bank" my new short. Take a look!

Aug 20086BlueSmudge

check sample clip of my own special effects

Aug 20086FXhomer4492


Aug 20086neckro

Computer too slow to handle HD footage?

Aug 20086Floro Solo

Masking help!

Aug 20086Springerdude11

Free desktop video capture software?

Aug 20086Kie77

Interaction with 3D objects?

Aug 20086Thrawn

I've got an axe to grind

Aug 20086BackOfTheHearse


Aug 20086Artic

Black borders on Youtube videos

Aug 20086cottonproductions

Over the Fence (Please give feedback)

Aug 20086retardchimp

AVI Files

Aug 20086Joecool1081

Looking for some good "Crowd" Sound Effects

Aug 20086ForeverYoung8

Shooting Sunrise/Sunset

Aug 20086Quvoo

Horror Lines?

Jul 20086JasonX1024

Upcoming Movie

Jul 20086IPresents

So I'm going to make a movie

Jul 20086fedefrank

How Do You Make Those Cool Text Animation Videos?

Jul 20086cooldude

Where can I get a "Burning Fire" sound effect?

Jul 20086Lerman Productions

Shooting Dart

Jul 20086RodyPolis

Rendering in HD in Sony Vegas?

Jul 20086Ste

Bullet Sounds

Jul 20086thevidkid66

Live-Action / Animation Test

Jul 20086Dalemations

Composite Lab Pro/Sony Vegas Platinum

Jul 20086Biblmac

A series on FX home rather than trailers or films

Jun 20086evg2005

Just take a look

Jun 20086Z films


Jun 20086FXhomer51236

Do you think this would work?

Jun 20086RyanZ

Ok i really need help

Jun 20086jgtrox2

HD Camera

Jun 20086Vault FX

Zombie Movie Qs

Jun 20086JasonX1024

robot arm?

May 20086jesseborchert

Need composer for retro-serial music

May 20086rocketman

URGENT - Record Scratch Sound effect

May 20086Avenging Eagle

Our films new logo - your view?

May 20086Link123456

Silver.Dragon7's Free Effects

May 20086SilverDragon7

New Camera help

May 20086MoltenWhale

3D Star Trek, your thoughts/feedback?

May 20086Jambuster

Amazing New Iraq Documentary

May 20086FXhomer47294

Movie Poster

May 20086RPN Productions

invisible man

May 20086FXhomer61811

The best movie editing software

May 20086ikmalrawks

Realistic Gun effects

Apr 200861501

Script Critique

Apr 20086D3L3T10N

Writing Thriller

Apr 20086Xim

How To maintain High Def?

Apr 20086BlackIceFilms

Effect help

Apr 20086Poseidon1231

Help with Music Video

Apr 20086rogolo


Apr 20086Poseidon1231

Solid State Audio Field Recording - Which one ?

Apr 20086pscamm

Confliction framerates

Apr 20086Cougar

Vegas Pro/Camera Qs

Apr 20086DeeSeeAreEssAre45

Need a Title...[ANSWERED]

Apr 20086AXE

camera stabalizer for $1

Mar 20086cdolsen

Voice overs

Mar 20086Biblmac

Need Logo

Mar 20086Poseidon1231

Explosion Test

Mar 20086Joecool1081

A Change - Production Blog

Mar 20086FCRabbath


Mar 20086VFX maniac

digital to 35mm

Mar 20086VFX maniac

Dolby Digital Effect or AC3

Feb 20086VFX maniac

How is this done, its from Back to the Box.

Feb 20086KingPumkin

Damn, wrong capture format.

Feb 20086Adman

Assassins In New York City back on track

Feb 20086RodyPolis

sitcom laughs

Feb 20086Darth Stazz the Powerful

Script writing assistant program - FREE

Feb 20086Big Rob

Matte Painting Tutorials

Feb 20086The Chosen One

March Videomaker magazine online tutorial featuring...ME :-)

Feb 20086Bryan M Block

buy blade replica weapons

Feb 20086Artic

3d modeling software

Feb 20086White Eagle Entertainment

Set Construction

Feb 20086jmax

Teaser Poster - Death Silencers

Feb 20086Dead Iris

Military Costumes and More - CHEAP

Feb 20086Dead Iris

british independant film makers

Feb 20086videofxuniverse

'4:02' -Production Diary

Feb 20086Avenging Eagle

Camera Zipline?

Feb 20086wdy

Working with Greenscreens

Jan 20086jessy

Advanced make up

Jan 20086RodyPolis

Budget Motion Control rig - Is anyone intrested?

Jan 20086Junuc Kleen

Ugh a few questions.

Jan 20086FXhomer23351

Using guns in movies

Jan 20086Bflat5

Different shots put together

Jan 20086Horcruxes88

Well, hmmmmmmm. I got nothin'

Jan 20086Shadowlord

test video(violent, again)

Jan 20086StrikeEmStudios

Exporting from Final Cut and from CLab

Jan 20086cooldude

TV Line Effect [TUTORIAL]

Jan 20086A l e x

Unmask effect

Jan 20086Joecool1081

Horizontal Lines in my Movie?

Jan 20086Zombietrp

The Notes We Left Behind

Dec 20076SNI BRI

Lens Hood?

Dec 20076doppelganger

Help with Film Effects and Ideas

Dec 20076Howe Studios

Sound FX Software?

Dec 20076Travis Kunze

3D Title making software for you

Dec 20076Bryan M Block

For the Effects lab demo

Dec 20076whereintheworld

Flying board test

Nov 20076RodyPolis

Portfolios/Demo Reels

Nov 20076Anne

Pleasantville Effect with 2 colors

Nov 20076epeterson

Real News Channel logos (MTV, NBC, FOX)

Nov 20076evg2005

Sony Vegas problem

Nov 20076Quvoo

Short Film Trailer

Nov 20076Christofer Matthias


Nov 20076Ste

A flash on scenery around a weapon being fired.

Nov 20076Krammit

Lighting question

Nov 20076Horcruxes88

AVCHD Fix with Final Cut Express (Apple Users please Reply)

Nov 20076RyanMichael


Oct 20076chipmandoo

which camera / format to use?

Oct 20076mikeb8

Microphones - Stereo Vs. Mono

Oct 20076Oboys

DVD Formats

Oct 20076Avenging Eagle

Applying a mask to a face...

Oct 20076Quvoo

Harry Potter Spell Effects

Oct 20076luke774

Geeks Gone Bad

Sep 20076GeeksGoneBad

house explosion

Sep 20076Horcruxes88

Deals on Vue6 Esprit & Poser

Sep 20076the Fiddler

Predator Costume

Sep 20076Bucees

Black and white and Color

Sep 20076Poseidon1231

DIY Rig and Mounts

Sep 20076sfbmovieco

Has this grading gone right?

Sep 20076Whong

Camera Work help

Sep 20076RodyPolis

Canon GL2 vs Sony DCR-VX2100

Sep 20076Oboys

I need to know how to make this scene

Aug 20076Poseidon1231

Airsoft guns

Aug 20076Tryst

turning things to dust effect help

Aug 20076fxmaniac

Found GL2 for $1300

Aug 20076RedLynx908

I know it's short, but how did I do?

Aug 20076LeeMaisel

I can't get one of these without FXHome Approval...

Aug 20076StrABullet

Need stock footage for something blowing hole in roof

Aug 20076RedLynx908

Blood Effect

Aug 20076idirectyoutoshoot

Sound Effects

Aug 20076Biblmac

hologram help

Aug 20076nevill

Free Musical Stings?

Aug 20076Super Cameraman

Green Lantern.

Aug 20076Biblmac

Good lenses

Aug 20076The Nemesis2161


Aug 20076Biblmac

My first Giant test

Aug 20076RodyPolis

POV Shot

Jul 20076devilskater

How do you do it?

Jul 20076Phantom48

Best DVD Making Software

Jul 20076FXhomer17851

A Fake Head

Jul 20076Super Cameraman

Battle Scene?

Jul 20076SlickV19


Jul 20076Biblmac

cartoon animation

Jul 20076joshh


Jul 20076Biblmac

How difficult is 3ds Max?

Jul 20076mercianfilm

invisible boards

Jul 20076notoriusc

Website help

Jul 20076RodyPolis

Camera for sell

Jul 20076dawookiehunter

Can anyone speed up this clip for me?

Jul 20076film freak

depth of field

Jul 20076joshh

Can someone advise me on a camera

Jun 20076japan1

DVD Cover

Jun 20076SlickV19

New Movie Poster

Jun 20076Quvoo

Plasticine Animation Help

Jun 20076japan1

Need help compressing a movie while still keeping quality

Jun 20076Blackfang

Im just getting started

Jun 20076j4d3

Layered Render Test

Jun 20076Avenging Eagle

Location Location Location!

Jun 20076Elliptical Productions

NV GS400 or XM2?

Jun 20076dungmeister

Need some advice

Jun 20076HandsomeScholars

Pan's Labyrinth-Text appearing effect- How is it done?

Jun 20076KA Productions

My first tests using FXHome products.

Jun 20076cory

Tiny effect

Jun 20076Joecool1081

How does this look?

Jun 20076LeeMaisel

Securing a company name?

Jun 20076Fill

mics and recorders help

Jun 20076joshh

Divx Pro Free, Limited Time!

Jun 20076mattio

Sandman test

Jun 20076tyguy2021

Stock Footage Source

May 20076LostS

whiteboard viewing screen

May 20076notoriusc

Thanks To Silver.dragon7

May 20076Slayerking

endorphin animation (first and last)

May 20076doppelganger

Capturing in MPEG with Vegas

May 20076Christofer Matthias

Loss of quality

May 20076Horcruxes88

Adding a mic input to camcorder?

May 20076RicanJoe

Question About High Def

May 20076Adman

orange barrels

May 20076Joecool1081

cheap sound recorder

Apr 20076Merrick

Need help with the hologram effect

Apr 20076Elliptical Productions

Movie Cuts

Apr 20076Joecool1081

The Haiku Menace playing at Seattle Art Museum

Apr 20076SlothPaladin

help with scripting a sitcom

Apr 20076japan1

Flying Star Wars Title

Apr 20076Pixel edit

Filters for Century Optics .7x lens.

Apr 20076BringPopcorn

HOMO FINALIS (short movie)

Apr 20076matpainter

Force Lightning

Apr 20076The Editing Room

Sound Effects

Apr 20076PillowBruise


Apr 20076Joecool1081

Dragging and Dropping Items Into AE's Timeline

Apr 20076TVK

Importing PFHoe into After Effects

Apr 20076mattio

Progressive scan cameras

Mar 20076Andrew37

Altering alpha channeling

Mar 20076Link123456

FCE Help: Firewire Preview Widescreen Problem

Mar 20076NickD

Auditioned to be in a feature film

Mar 20076Goldwing Productions

Oxford International Film Festival

Mar 20076ajjax44

Help With Lighting For Mini Dv Camcorder


Patching a Yamaha keyboard to a Behringer mixer

Mar 20076RodgerDodger

school project

Mar 20076fxmaniac

the making of nightcast

Mar 20076fxmaniac

PFHoe Motion Tracking free in March's Digit magazine

Mar 20076jjuerss

need nuke stock footage

Feb 20076StrikeEmStudios

Menu Transitions

Feb 20076knubs

The mark of Jedi master Zorro

Feb 20076Paulcan38

list of uk airsoft shops

Feb 20076skywalker dan

I am looking for Indie film makers near Michigan

Feb 20076The Skull Hunter

AVCHD...Sony's & Panasonics Crutch

Feb 20076mavic19

I'm Letting the Audience (and my peers) Speak

Feb 20076King of Blades

need help with mic's

Feb 20076joshh

So I've been asked to score a film that will be airing on TV

Feb 20076Bryan M Block

any know good web pages for sound fx

Feb 20076JTGFIlms

Best online video site

Feb 20076lawlerzon

multiple effects in one scene?

Jan 20076MarkBray1970


Jan 20076Horcruxes88

Computer Brands

Jan 20076cooldude

Free Short Film Competitions

Jan 20076TSFilm

Guns sounds, buying.

Jan 20076KA Productions

NC Cinema Stock Footage Effects?

Jan 20076ccirelli

Need help making a futuristic city

Jan 20076mikeh

Where or what programs create those film trailers ending

Jan 200764Starters

help with fonts in vegas please

Jan 20076doppelganger

Audio editor for explosions, muzzle fire, and music

Jan 20076Luke Skyfocker

Blender tutorials *THE BASICS*

Jan 20076Link123456

Crew of Two - Duality?

Jan 20076rob

Need News Studio Background

Jan 20076sgtsubmarine

A sound/video editing program with Surround Sound possibili

Jan 20076ZoiN

DVX or XL2

Jan 20076Goldwing Productions


Jan 20076strider4660

What's the best way to capture frames for stop motion?

Jan 20076film freak


Dec 20066Uuris

Magic shoe laces

Dec 20066siyrobbo

Low Shot Steadicam

Dec 20066chipmandoo


Dec 20066knubs

Help Capturing Non-Native Widescreen (I think...)

Dec 20066Serpent

WIP Images for Swerve Audio Intro Logo

Dec 20066visualchaos

Cobra Productions - *X3i: The Unseen Scenes*

Dec 20066CX3

gun props

Nov 20066Snaffle J. Bean

Sony ECM-HGZ 1

Nov 20066Remco Gerritsen

Script Smart

Nov 20066Jaster

TG2 Release's 12/15/06

Nov 20066JT9

Need help for my 2 up-coming projects...

Nov 20066TMR

Cracking columns or pavement effect

Nov 20066Lycanwood Productions

Theme Music in Flstudio

Nov 20066Super Cameraman

Whats the best software to stabilize footage

Nov 20066b4uask30male

Sliging someones head

Nov 20066jpnaranjo

Please give feedback on our stop motion vid!

Nov 20066FXhomer2298

The American Chopper Spoof- With Sock Puppets!

Nov 20066Big Man

101 Best Free Downloads

Nov 20066epeterson

Need Help Making A Fancy Website

Nov 20066JUIDAR

3D Water Snake Effect

Nov 20066JUIDAR

Made a film in our lunchbreak!

Oct 20066jjuerss

Heart's Atlantis (2006)

Oct 20066Maddogz

Effects Help

Oct 20066Blanche and Stella

Drugns'n Guns Trailer

Oct 20066Pyromarius

Sound problems

Oct 20066Multiwagon

Can someone make me an animated Logo?

Oct 20066NinjaBros


Oct 20066jojodungy92

Music Rights Question

Oct 20066VRBstudios

Difference importing video from wmm or premier pro?

Oct 20066Orange3289

Mult theme movie

Oct 20066Orin Warren

WOW! seriously great fonts

Oct 20066brennanmceachran

A program for sound effects.

Sep 20066Cas10

Studio logo

Sep 20066B3N

Sound Effects

Sep 20066The Duelist

70s music...

Sep 20066ryanprickle

Premiere's 6.5 timline

Sep 20066hippa03

Zooming in to a picture

Sep 20066Orange3289

Two new shorts from Dastoli Digital

Sep 20066dastolidigital

Cannot import my movies using my camera

Sep 20066jjp26

Film Problems With The Web

Sep 20066Lycanwood Productions

Shoot a clip for me please :)

Sep 20066SpaDeKo

productions logo

Sep 20066PillowBruise

night vision

Sep 20066FXhomer150

Needing HELP on 2 distinct special effects

Sep 20066RedLynx908

What is the name of this trailer?

Sep 20066geigel1

How do they do the wand light in Harry Potter?

Sep 20066Horcruxes88

Film + 3D Animation: How do they know ?

Sep 20066SpaDeKo

I need your opinion

Sep 20066RobotFish

Help on Recording Sound Effects

Sep 20066RedLynx908

Need some songs-quick!

Sep 20066RodgerDodger

Shoot in 16:9 but shows on computer as 4:3

Aug 20066Orange3289

green screen?

Aug 20066rathgeber films

Anyone have exp. in the pixelcorps?

Aug 20066jbanker

Cheap but Good Microphone?

Aug 20066Super Cameraman

Panasonic PV-GS500?

Aug 20066Super Cameraman

Solumn of Samurai

Aug 20066MagikGraphix5878

YoungCuts Film Festival – in Toronto on August 26th

Aug 20066Madmanmatty

Ninja Costume? Free? Quick?

Aug 20066Super Cameraman

About ready to hire this out...

Aug 20066FXhomer7651

submitting a film

Aug 20066Gman 007

Terminal Effect?

Aug 20066pskizizzzi

Add water (with reflection) to you film FREE

Aug 20066b4uask30male

When's the next Halloween movie contest starting?

Jul 20066Viking

need stock footage

Jul 20066B3N

Searching for stuff

Jul 20066Multiwagon

Posting a movie.

Jul 20066Garfield Street

Hi def questions

Jul 20066b4uask30male

Camera recomendation

Jul 20066Rabbit Hole Pictures

Cheaper Matchmoving Idea!

Jul 20066lwmedia

Laser blasts

Jul 20066FXhomer17014

Video Head Replacement

Jul 20066cooldude

General Camera Purchase Question...

Jul 20066King of Blades

Need to buy a camera!

Jul 20066SpaDeKo

Fighting Sound Effects

Jul 20066TVK

Widescreen problem

Jul 20066Spirit

Cheap matchmoving for Poser 6 or Vue

Jul 20066lwmedia

Stock Footage

Jun 20066visualchaos

How wants Adobe Production Studio worth £1500 for £500?

Jun 20066Professsor

Still shopping for a new camera, But...

Jun 20066Taniko

Need help finding a name :)

Jun 20066alpha54

Movie Studios and Mini DV

Jun 2006690hitpoints

Matrix effect?

Jun 20066AG Productions

Help! Acting

Jun 20066xperiment

Grocery Store Wars: Hilarious Star Wars Spoof

Jun 20066film freak

DOF And Shooting On A Greenscreen

Jun 20066Harvey

super returns!

Jun 20066Maxy

need to know where to get sounds

Jun 20066videofxuniverse

Firewire cable help!

Jun 20066Gman 007

Killer Instinct, a short film

Jun 20066mod_007

RODE Videomic and Coldshoe

Jun 20066NickD

How do you make a green screen?

Jun 20066Gman 007

Premiere Pro sound issues, anyone know solution?

Jun 20066Mellifluous

Good News Backround

Jun 20066Orange3289

xmen characters?

Jun 20066notoriusc

Program to add "widescreen" bars to 16:9 video

May 20066NickD

Copyright question

May 20066Dchen005

Tribute - Music Video

May 20066FCRabbath

My best fx test yet PLUS The Ultimate Guide to Havoc

May 20066Big Man

Cyborg Decapitation

May 20066SGB

how does rotoscoping work? in general.

May 20066FXhomer3921

How do you create the illusion of force pull

May 20066Gman 007

Look at this neat free software!

May 20066NickD

Capture problem in fcp

May 20066FXhomer7743

How do I make a healing effect?

May 20066Big Man

Advice: Introducing Characters

May 20066Jack422


May 20066EddieOue5

What's with camera prices?

May 20066Roozer

fast motion sfx

May 20066destron

bass thud

May 20066ChromeHeart

Nochole Kidman & I..Thanks to compositelab! hehe

Apr 20066rdelavega

Speakers for my Mac

Apr 20066NickD

Music Video Effects

Apr 20066angelx

a quick giude to grading and color correcting video

Apr 20066the new godfather

Great site for props/costumes

Apr 20066NickD


Apr 20066Christofer Matthias

Do I need to sign a form to make a film on an MMORPG?

Apr 20066Patriot2011

Change of story in Metal Gear Solid The Rise Of A New Blood

Apr 20066JT9

looking for mini dv deck

Apr 20066ashman

Sound Problems

Apr 20066Phelix

Very "newb" question (DV-Tape)

Apr 20066Spirit

Essential Equipment

Apr 20066alpha54

TCP Cinema Page not updating...

Mar 20066SyroVision

New filmmaker - Looking for some help?

Mar 20066Jack422

the mighty boosh moon, help needed!

Mar 2006603ruby

My first cloning test

Mar 20066Big Man

Help with Music/Recording (Mac)

Mar 20066CX3

Request for Exploding Trees

Mar 20066JUIDAR

Video Editing and EffectsLab/CompositeLab

Mar 20066SUP159

Could sombody help me out please

Mar 20066Justttt

camera man required today...LONDON

Mar 20066blh

Adding Smoke Effect to muzzle flash

Mar 20066airhead1790

Sound effects!

Mar 20066Professsor

The ring

Feb 20066rdelavega

CG animation

Feb 20066SMB

DVD & hard disk videocameras, anyone experienced these?

Feb 20066Mellifluous

Shell Cases Needed

Feb 20066alpha54

Star trek style weapon hits

Feb 20066bat25

Darth Vaders Shuttle Landing

Feb 200665kiPpY

3D college recommendations?

Feb 20066I3i9 Ni9

Any good screenwriters/story adaptors here?

Feb 20066BackOfTheHearse

Where do you buy your gear?

Feb 20066FXhomer2855

red filter for int shots

Feb 20066ashman

Making a Plugin, need a question awnsered

Feb 20066Spawnn

Indiana Jones sounds.

Feb 20066ryanprickle

I finally found funding for a movie....need input please.

Feb 20066aggies2005

Am I in the wrong program?

Feb 20066wdy

Making A Screenplay

Jan 20066SUP159

turorials for truespace 3 needed

Jan 20066Kolchin

The Million Dollar Movie Project

Jan 20066Alex Reeve

Does this DOF look real?

Jan 20066SlothPaladin

Capturing Video

Jan 20066LilCaesars

Can someone help with animation please

Jan 20066silencer

Old School Film Reel Effect with AAE

Jan 20066Cjad the Nord

Video Forum 2006

Jan 20066PaleRider

Question about green screen

Jan 20066ForeverYoung8

Tie fighter sound origin?

Jan 20066PaleRider

Connect Keyboard to Garageband

Jan 20066SGB

Fxhome advertising (Admins- read this!)

Jan 20066coldside

Superman-Style Flying Question

Jan 20066ForeverYoung8

west coast film schools

Jan 20066xWilliamSchultzx

3D space scene

Jan 20066trevinator13

lego star wars

Jan 20066GeneralGrievous

Anyone thinking about Distribution?

Dec 20056GuitarsRule89

Green Screen Question

Dec 20056MovieGuy334

CGI doubles

Dec 20056magic mat

New Panasonic HVX200 Footage

Dec 20056outsiderlookingin

bleeding porfusely

Dec 20056knubs

How to show the monitor window in premiere in an external?

Dec 20056Kristian

"The Hit: Special Edition" Coming to DVD

Dec 20056Bryce007

Estimated Release Dates?

Dec 20056pcremag

Wedding Video - Tips and filters

Dec 20056Underdog Productions

3d model

Dec 20056bizzardstick

Terragen 2 Update

Dec 20056JT9

Video from stills (I.E. Lego movies)

Dec 20056Roozer

Camera Comparison

Dec 20056sfbmovieco

Polaroid Opening?

Dec 20056Frozenpede

Best Weapon Prop Site (Confirmation)

Dec 20056CX3

THX font?

Dec 20056knubs

Fight Club Song?

Dec 20056wdy

searching for a typical sound effect

Nov 20056maasland

Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers Released

Nov 20056dastolidigital

A little X3i Fun

Nov 20056CX3

Looking for exhaust smoke stock footage

Nov 20056ashman

Need Voice Over

Nov 20056wdy

Looking for Splinter Cell intro video by ben and Atom

Nov 20056shadowninja1028

Lightsword questions *FIRST TIME POSTER/USER*

Nov 20056pcremag

Could I interview someone?

Oct 20056Jack422

Renaisances Films

Oct 20056Kolchin

Sound Effect Recording

Oct 20056Vault FX

Fighter Plane Scene

Oct 20056Chris Grant

Testing out some editing effects ::MOVIE::

Oct 20056jessy

Super Hero Short Film for Senior Project

Oct 20056Jack422

New site showcasing short films

Sep 20056nasonrumfield

Whats the best type of camera?

Sep 20056shiftd

Making someones head fall off

Sep 20056marko508

Film school

Sep 20056mod_007

The Ultimate Guide To Filmmaking

Sep 20056joakim192

Star Wars Text Intro

Sep 20056marko508

Help with "test screening" for Episode Alpha

Sep 20056RudyPicardo

Shooting at 24 fps-Dropped Frames

Sep 20056EddieOue5


Sep 20056irishcult

Transparet Waves

Aug 20056Kristian

Anyone want Counter Strike Sound Effects???

Aug 20056mattio

'chopping arm/head off 'tutorial in after effects 6.0

Aug 20056alexanderj

Low Budget Gun Props

Aug 20056mattio

Viking / barbarian Music ?

Aug 20056Gaz


Aug 20056film freak

Jet Stream Studios - Logo improved

Aug 20056SMB

compositing software

Aug 20056Maxy

JVC GR-D290 problem

Aug 20056Ultimate gamer

ELISE Premiere

Jul 20056Cypher

In Search of Microphone

Jul 20056Klausky

Storyboard Template

Jul 20056LilCaesars

How to get accurate Lightsaber movement?

Jul 20056Skellington

surround sound recording. Not a question about mixing

Jul 20056jotoki

Story board

Jul 20056trakked

Sword prop

Jul 20056XDanTheManX

Free hosting for sound FX?

Jul 20056Bryan M Block

Where can I find "60 Second" Films?

Jul 20056TommyB

website design help (was: 'here to help')

Jul 20056ben3308

Rotoscoping Test

Jul 20056cwiehl

Need help with Vegas 6. MPEG 2 is very blurry

Jul 20056DPUMA8

Star Wars Costumes and Props

Jul 20056alexcull

Star Wars backdrops?

Jul 20056Jeremy Davidson

Need help with Quicktime

Jul 20056GuitarsRule89

Effects and Logos

Jul 20056chipmandoo

Compositing Question

Jul 20056Shinagani

Lightsword props to improve your films. [ANSWER]

Jun 20056cwiehl

Advice/Suggestions for a plot

Jun 20056TommyB

Script for upcoming movie

Jun 20056AAAx2

The start of my new script...

Jun 20056coldside

new site

Jun 20056cdolsen

HELP: my own film from 8.5gb to 4.7gb disc

Jun 20056b4uask30male

looking old on film

Jun 20056cjbalways

pixel size ?

Jun 20056Richard Summers

PC Restore

Jun 20056LilCaesars

wuts with fim?

Jun 20056robosays21

Sony Vegas won't recognize AVI video.

Jun 20056DPUMA8

cinema 4d textures

Jun 20056peter huish

Stage pics: with nobody on it wanted !

Jun 20056Remco Gerritsen

my film : The Murderer Who Got Killed.

Jun 20056robosays21

Help uploading to my school's server from my Mac

Jun 20056Coureur de Bois

i need help

May 20056Dan D

OSX> .avi to .mpg?

May 20056iggy88

Capturing AV from a DVD

May 20056LightsCameraAction

DOF Machine: Prototype to create 35mm-style DOF

May 20056Hendo

how to blow things up in cinema 4d

May 20056anim8tor

Is this a good deal?

May 20056Kristian

£400 pound film chosen for Cannes

May 20056jjuerss

Magic Bullet Download

May 20056jstow222

Adobe Premier Elements: Custom DVD Menus?

Apr 20056Gnome326

Glidecam Smooth Shooter REVIEW! (Steadycam+vest = Sweet!:)

Apr 20056nicmar

underwater scenes??

Apr 20056jmill8886


Apr 20056Redhawksrymmer

Please Help. Camera Glitch

Apr 20056GuitarsRule89

Help Finding the Theme Song in the Background

Apr 20056Justin10139

Stargate question???

Apr 20056coldside

Hyperspace test - comments please

Apr 20056CurtinParloe

*1837* My second "movie"

Apr 20056joebine

Music Making Software, which one ?

Apr 20056Gaz

Idea to Break Into the Industry

Mar 20056Frozenpede

The Techniques of DUSSO and other DVD's

Mar 20056joakim192

Creating the BBFC opening screen

Mar 20056silencer

Feedback needed about a short film...

Mar 20056mirceagoia

What's the deal with SciFi3D?

Mar 20056wattofan

Fire wire port help!

Mar 20056mod_007

War Cries/Screams/Chant

Mar 20056brendanf

Props! i need a pistol, another pistol and then a smaller 1

Mar 20056Kal


Mar 20056mikey156

How do you make things fly? Like throwing a car away?

Mar 20056Kristian

Special Effects

Mar 20056Kal

custom gravestone

Mar 20056fertesz

Scanlines? Interlace/Deinterlace?

Mar 20056mikey156

Steadycam with vest $1399 - (Smooth shooter by RainArt)

Mar 20056nicmar

Scary Sounds

Mar 20056Zea

Icarus Download

Feb 20056Coop

seeking winmorph help

Feb 20056fertesz

Using Soundtracks

Feb 20056silencer

2 EPIC segment 7

Feb 20056b4uask30male

Analogue connection

Feb 20056NuttyBanana

making music video need help!

Feb 20056boffa86

Re-recording dialogue?

Feb 20056Master Yoda

AF presents... Sparted

Feb 20056Serdar3500

Converting 3d files

Feb 20056The Artur

Anyone know a good sound edit program?

Feb 20056johnatkins

documentary question(s)

Feb 20056Empty Lunchbox


Feb 20056ectoace

Playback Speed

Feb 20056GuitarsRule89

Capturing Video Problem

Jan 20056GuitarsRule89

Disappearing Props Test Shot

Jan 20056Jagg

Parts of Ideas

Jan 20056Frozenpede

Help, Dotted line across map effect how ?

Jan 20056b4uask30male

backing up dvds as avi. files.....

Jan 20056jmill8886

Sound FX for Horror Movie

Jan 20056Frozenpede

Unseen Evil coming soon check it out

Jan 20056silencer

Split screen test actor walking completly around himself.

Jan 20056b4uask30male


Jan 20056Jagg

Can't export as widescreen with Premiere

Jan 20056Underdog Productions

Adobe Photoshop CS?

Jan 20056Greyo

Professional Color Monitor for Post!

Jan 20056SunriseSeagull

Camera Bodykit?

Jan 20056b r o k e n f a i t h

Marketing Your Films Online - Scam?

Jan 20056wdy


Jan 20056coldside

war sound effects

Jan 20056ssj john

Need help hosting my movie

Dec 20046Greg Webb

GS400k Japan

Dec 20046Godfather

Nero Supports?

Dec 20046knubs

CG help: 4 legged spider thing walk cycle.

Dec 20046nanafanboy

Mirror reflections (or wanted lack of)

Dec 20046Z28Jerry

Light saber sound effects?

Dec 20046knubs

PS2 Ripping possible?

Dec 20046sthach83

Car sound effects?

Dec 20046brendanf

Can't get full quality out of iMovie 3

Dec 20046tomekkr

Looking for a Video for a song I wrote.

Nov 20046Sharp

Lotsa Music

Nov 20046Deepcoiler

Ripping part of a DVD by time

Nov 20046LightsCameraAction

Breaking an actor into particles?

Nov 20046rocketman

scope cross hairs

Nov 20046sniper3

Blade Runner Fan Film begins principal photography TODAY!!!

Nov 20046HindSight Films

4.2GB Of short films divx

Nov 20046THEJACKEL123

Foley Question

Nov 20046MovieGuy334

Changing floors effect

Nov 20046tomekkr

Good, simple 3d Program

Nov 20046NickD

Kong behind-the-scenes videos

Nov 20046Simon K Jones

real aerial overhead shots from getmapping

Nov 20046b4uask30male

Sound effects help

Oct 20046flipsidekrew

crop circle video with 2 objects ( anyone seen it ? )

Oct 20046b4uask30male

Chromakey room solution.

Oct 20046cjbalways

Canon GL2 Expert

Oct 20046gent23mj

The Best Pc Dvd Writer Out

Oct 20046dirtygeeza

opening green screen of trailer

Oct 20046TazFilm

about copyrights

Oct 20046sciedou

How to extract video and audio from DVD?

Oct 20046tomekkr

Need help with animation logo!

Oct 20046sthach83

Cool DVD Capacity Theory

Sep 20046sigerson

Punching, lightsabers, gun, sounds.

Sep 20046obidean

3D Keying??

Sep 20046lonepigs

Linux multimedia live cd

Sep 200464036Douglas

Making Lightning

Sep 20046Achron

Needs tips for grant/donation request letters.

Sep 20046Hajiku_Flip

Tips on how to shoot a Metaphorical film

Sep 20046Chris Lim

AOTE Movie Poster

Aug 20046Calminaion

New movie maker in Hawaii

Aug 20046lunamask

DV vs Beta vs DigiBeta? vs wtf?

Aug 20046Cutty201

3D Studio MAX 7

Aug 20046neo_man89

Car Sound Effects

Aug 20046brendanf

Sci-fi retracting helmets

Jul 20046RedMenace

making a video smaller for overlaying onto another video

Jul 20046scannon

Analog to Digital Passthrough

Jul 20046Mr_E_Man

Premiere problems

Jul 20046Evman

You touch my Talala and Mario

Jul 20046PhLogan

Firewire Question

Jun 20046OneDanShow

Sound Requests

Jun 20046LionHeart

Jack's Back (my first short)

Jun 20046aenigma

Annoying Green Line

Jun 20046sk8npirate

Adding the 'Max Payne' treatment to an image?

Jun 20046ColdTom

Chromanator question

Jun 20046I3i9 Ni9

Terragen Tutorial

Jun 20046TAP2

best camera for less then $1000

Jun 20046kungfukid

The Hacker

Jun 20046devilskater

World War II Uniforms

Jun 20046Kevo

The M41a Pulse Rifle – Designed.

Jun 20046Sharp

Movieplanner 2

Jun 20046Sauja

My Computer won't recognize my camera...

Jun 20046BackOfTheHearse

Atlantis teaser

Jun 20046b4uask30male

I need a Script

Jun 20046gent23mj

How I can transform a photo in a stars on sky

May 20046Sokar

Looking for a host

May 20046merob247

filming in progress

May 20046raider

compression compression compression

May 20046chuter

bluescreening, plz help!

May 20046divaid2001

Premiere Microsoft DV crashing problem!

May 20046brendanf

Premiere 6.5

May 20046Serpent

DVD Background

May 20046Denise CookXClam

Film Challenges for 2004

May 20046LightsCameraAction

Need plane schematic

May 20046Xel

Recommended DVD's

May 20046pboniface

-Aperture- Short 8 min narrative.

May 20046IxLoc

Zelda Movie

May 20046merob247

Lens/Filter question

May 20046Klown

Book: Secrets of Hollywood Special Effects

May 20046Tobbger

Nokia 5210 commercial

May 20046Tobbger

New film: Pourchasse (hunted)

Apr 20046shadu

Gimp, have you used it ?

Apr 20046b4uask30male

Converting to AVI

Apr 20046Anonymous

imdb rating

Apr 20046Andreas


Apr 20046Evman

Film Rating

Apr 20046rjfox56


Apr 20046ihateemo

QTVRs extracting

Mar 20046fertesz

Stupid premiere problem

Mar 20046Denise CookXClam


Mar 20046mardock

Sound Effects dilema

Mar 20046Mr Anderson

Muzzle Flashes In Films

Feb 20046TAP2

Prototype Matrix FX, & another super film site

Feb 20046Mellifluous

Is Zed Dead?

Feb 20046Anonymous

Apple White reflection effect and Matrix white effect

Feb 20046Anonymous

8mm tapes and Hi8 tapes.

Feb 20046Two Gunned Saint

homemade stabilizers

Feb 20046Anonymous

Scottish Television and Film courses!

Feb 20046adamlightandmagic

Bullett sound fx

Feb 20046Frozenpede

Free Afer Effects and Premier Tutorials?

Feb 20046fatdu4

Sony DCR-TRV950....

Jan 20046Vega70

After Hours (Revisions 2 and 2.1 are up!)

Jan 20046IxLoc

sugar glass bottle

Jan 20046cotsosdel

making karaoke style subtitles...

Jan 20046Anonymous

matrix bullet trace

Jan 20046fertesz

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