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Babylon 5 3DS meshes?

Jan 20046montego

How to record ur television?

Jan 20046Coldfuse

Inanimate objects in a movie

Jan 20046cott4477

Free webbhotell with no ads and atleast 5mb of storage??

Jan 20046Jonis

The Matrix Paintball - check my short film out!

Jan 20046Chainsaw Films

tga to tiff with alpha help

Jan 20046b4uask30male

Creating DVD's...

Jan 20046elementcinema

My new site and Project!!

Jan 20046nemesisfilms

Mini Dv Mike

Jan 20046Serpent

chromanator help, Equal frames?

Jan 20046jessy

chromanator: help

Jan 20046jessy

Wedding logo

Jan 20046devilskater

Blocking shots for dialogue scene?

Jan 20046Troy

My First Movie Upload

Jan 20046Artifex

Movie sounds

Jan 20046MrShmoe


Jan 20046Anonymous

Tripod selecting

Jan 20046Serdar3500

Trick your white balance!Make it look like the Matrix

Dec 20036blaine

BIG question.. Spiderman2 trailer CODEC?

Dec 20036elementcinema

I've Been Had

Dec 20036Cypher


Dec 20036TAP2

Importing and Exporting with Alamdv 2??

Dec 20036elementcinema

Hailstone Productions Intro clip

Dec 20036kungfukid


Dec 20036Kaede11

Matrox and Radeon?

Dec 20036X

Kung Fu 3 Opening Scene

Dec 20036TGPO

sloo moo

Dec 20036Brettsta

Mac to Windows

Dec 20036Brettsta

Final Cut Express

Nov 20036Mr_E_Man

New short video under production!

Nov 20036Serdar3500

Quality Editing software

Nov 20036Directornewbie

new found inspiration

Nov 20036OneDanShow

Camera cranes/jibs

Nov 20036rmendoza

Other Cinema's

Nov 20036jjuerss

green screen annoyances (question + poll)

Nov 20036beyond_studios

How to make objects flying?

Nov 20036kaju74

Interview i really need.

Nov 20036Viper54

Fan films can we sell them, ........yes ....

Nov 20036b4uask30male

Flyin to Earth

Nov 20036Anonymous

Movie that never got on fxhome

Oct 20036ssjaaron

Head chop off practice, tell me what u think

Oct 20036jessy

stock footage

Oct 20036Anonymous

Need Song from Mortal Kombat Soundtrack (the movie)

Oct 20036Daveeyboy

Good 3D animation

Oct 20036shadu

Muzzle Flashes and Tracers.

Oct 20036ggbros

Crash pads

Sep 20036Anonymous

Brit in the LA area...

Sep 20036Vega70

Noobiest Question Ever!

Sep 20036Pooky

Freelance Editing

Sep 20036MovieGuy334

Pioneer dvd-r update (WARNING )

Sep 20036b4uask30male


Sep 20036devilskater

Deflicker Or Deinterlace

Sep 20036Nachtfalke

Fake blood

Aug 20036johnny

Just Bought Alam DV2 :)

Aug 20036callum_slade

Having The Same Person In A Shot Twice

Aug 20036Anonymous

Smoke question

Aug 20036shadu

Blow Up Question

Aug 20036Sonecor

High Quality License Plate Pics for Your Next Production

Aug 20036goober99


Aug 20036wdy

First Movie Finished - Any comments welcome....

Aug 20036LightsCameraAction

When Will Alam DV3 Be Released?

Aug 20036callum_slade

Star Wars Text?

Aug 20036Pooky

DivX Pro

Aug 20036mod_007

Blue SCreen

Aug 20036Anonymous

downloadble video tutorials

Aug 20036Viper54

Big Question For Solthar!!!!!

Aug 20036ihateemo

Just a bit of fun

Aug 20036jjuerss

how masks work

Jul 20036Anonymous

Image Format Question

Jul 20036jjuerss

Importing with qicktime on pc

Jul 20036blaine

Any tutorials on screen, display stuff

Jul 20036Coldfuse

Morphing question

Jul 20036shadu

Fake Cement

Jul 20036Alien_2k


Jul 20036jjuerss

Some 'Back To Basics' Questions about Capturing to your PC??

Jul 20036LightsCameraAction

Deus Ex Machina Font

Jul 20036cyclone3000

Camcorder Buyer's guide

Jul 20036HandsomeScholars

Steadycam w/ west?

Jul 20036Madmanden

Aquiring realistic looking gun props

Jul 20036Mr_E_Man

An add on to the parody movie

Jun 20036CX3

Question about program...

Jun 20036golffur15

Gun Flashes in dark rooms

Jun 20036Hybrid-Halo

Matrix Code

Jun 20036Anonymous

The Slowmotion concept

Jun 20036billy3d

text fx

Jun 20036moirebass

Sound Mixer

Jun 20036LightsCameraAction

Ghost effects

Jun 20036Kram1563

Buying a Mic

May 20036Kyeju

Tween Speed

May 20036ragnar


May 20036Obi

How would I?

May 20036Anonymous

Portable Televisions (Again!)

May 20036TAP2

Anyone know where to get free 3D models of people?

May 20036blank

The effects in DUALITY

May 20036Anonymous

how i can?

May 20036Anonymous

Blue / Green screen room for use

May 20036b4uask30male

3 pc's into 1 question

May 20036b4uask30male

Is Windows Movie Maker any good?

May 20036davidmalyn

Bluescreen Backgrounds!

May 20036Majicman

laws etc.

May 20036Anonymous

Distorting Your Voice

May 20036curran

Good Film Resource Sites

May 20036wdy

Sounds of Screaming Demons and Zombies

May 20036curran

You konw you are a starwars geek if...

May 20036blaine

Need Reveser software

May 20036devilskater

star trek transporter effect

May 20036jaster_mereel

Slow/Fast motion freeware

Apr 20036Majicman

How do you distort your video to look like water ripples?

Apr 20036Anonymous

Ninja Turtles Costumes

Apr 20036Majicman

Flow Released

Apr 20036Bobbert


Apr 20036davidmalyn

Camcorder problem

Apr 20036Greyo

On music...

Apr 20036pl

3D film with glasses in after effects

Apr 20036b4uask30male


Apr 20036davidmalyn

??? Gun?

Apr 20036davidmalyn


Apr 20036Mr_E_Man

New capture card needed

Apr 20036Rawree

In the matrix jump...

Mar 20036El-Diablo

Real Blood Spurt

Mar 20036LightsCameraAction

Check out theanimatrix!

Mar 20036X

P A N C A K E S is coming

Feb 20036Cypher

Film Class Curiculum

Feb 20036Coureur de Bois

Whoever made the MGS2 Movie....

Feb 20036TAP2

Real Swords....mmmmm

Feb 20036John Harrower

Tips for filming a computer screen?

Feb 20036smier33

Camera lens stuff - faking it?

Feb 20036adamlightandmagic

Live action Cel-Shading Plug-in

Feb 20036Coureur de Bois

Camera Problems

Feb 20036MidnightJester


Feb 20036ManUtdRcks

Tidal Wave....?

Feb 20036TAP2

Web hosting

Feb 20036gpmovies

Cheap metal lightsabers?

Feb 20036Redhawksrymmer

Video effect in LOTR

Feb 20036Riese

Premiere Question

Feb 20036wpl


Feb 20036bauza

scripwriting tips

Jan 20036Bob Page

Crash Mats

Jan 20036DissolvedBoy

Opacity advice and help.

Jan 20036Rotting Bob

3D Title Animation help

Jan 20036Cypher

Key to making your plugins loopable

Jan 20036billy3d

Need high-quality bulletshell image

Jan 20036Cypher

New WWII Movie

Jan 20036cyclone3000

Fighting bg music!!!

Dec 20026billy3d

Where to host other than

Dec 20026Klown

Capture Card For Analogue Camcorder ?

Dec 20026curran

Adobe premiere Help

Dec 20026Greyo

Fan films. net or . com ?

Dec 20026b4uask30male

3d studio max

Dec 20026mighty_joe2001


Nov 20026smier33

Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2

Nov 20026Anonymous

What Digital Camera should I buy ?

Nov 20026Anonymous

stealth suit/preditor effect!

Nov 20026Spam_Daddy

Cropping Video

Nov 20026danial_02

v6ProZ needs backup. Compressor help!

Nov 20026v6proz

hard drive size smaller than should be ?

Nov 20026b4uask30male

Film being made in London. Anyone want to take part?

Nov 20026codabar


Nov 20026bauza

Alam Cinema Top 5

Nov 20026BrickMovies4U

Credit effects

Nov 20026Xfurball

Doppler Effect

Oct 20026danial_02


Oct 20026Animator

Photoshop Question...

Oct 20026smier33

Matrix sound fx needed!

Oct 20026neo_man89

Rebel Alliance Web Page Now Open!

Oct 20026X

The sleep/Dream FX. HELP!

Oct 20026Andreas

Aluminium Movie Swords wanted...

Oct 20026Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

plot problems

Sep 20026zappatilias

We need a comprehensive audio tutorial

Sep 20026andrewlogan

Credit on a film

Sep 20026X

Mic setups

Sep 20026Phage


Sep 20026bauza

Dinosaur plug-ins

Sep 20026bauza

Where can I...

Sep 20026CoolKabe

How Stuff Works!!

Sep 20026Andreas

3d help

Sep 20026wpl

Digital camcorder and Computer

Sep 20026Movie_Manic

Where to find meshes for plug ins.

Sep 20026b4uask30male

Camera Choice

Sep 20026zappatilias

Metal Gear Solid

Aug 20026punkmisfitsguy

Dialogue writer needed?

Aug 20026Greyo

Gradual speed change in premiere 6

Aug 20026danmec

Know any voice changer programs?

Aug 20026Greyo

Link your site on my site

Aug 20026TakeFlight

LSK's CS released

Aug 20026LskProductions

White Line Around Rendered ALAMDV frames

Aug 20026jirwin

Micing a player in a football game.

Aug 20026Riese

The writings on the Wars

Aug 20026danmec

Project Greenlight

Aug 20026jarar1

"Death's Divorce" - Overall Best Entry Scopefest

Aug 20026Greyo

Pic qual differs camera, tv, tv

Aug 20026X

Chroma Key materials

Aug 20026adamlightandmagic

Jumping over hedges!

Jul 20026danmec

Bluescreening with Adobe Photoshop...

Jul 20026Anonymous

Free 3d program

Jul 20026Greyo

Found cool program for converting 3DS files into Blender...!

Jul 20026DigiSm89

Found cool site for 3D mesh.

Jul 20026DigiSm89

Why and how you sell your film

Jul 20026codabar

Darth Vador Voice

Jul 20026davlin

Adobe Premiere picture problem

Jul 20026mighty_joe2001

Newbie question

Jun 20026Maximus SPQR

Filming a computer moniter or TV set

Jun 20026hai44100

Multiplicity Effects

Jun 20026Spork Knight

Everything you need to know on Costuming/Props/Lighting/....

Jun 20026Hajiku_Flip

Lightwave 3D Users

Jun 20026Hajiku_Flip

Help with 3d Max - Rebel Hanger

Jun 20026X

Maya on Coverdisks

May 20026Vega70

A crazy idea for better slowmo

May 20026Kid

Need Help Exporting To Photoshop

May 20026Anonymous

Professional Quality 3D Software

May 20026kevinmcpoland

New Guy Film Tip #2 - Filming more explosions :)

May 20026Azrael

Space on the web!

May 20026v6proz

YEAH!!! I just got a Sony CCD VX1000 from ebay

May 20026amblix

Star Wars Text Effect: Animation Master???

May 20026Anonymous

The Star Wars Fan Film Awards on Sci-Fi Channel

May 20026jamesstone

(Quicktime) Video Compression... Help! :D

May 20026Anonymous

How can i do the "Imperator Holo-Effect"?

May 20026Yawa

Premeire 6.0 vs 5.0

Apr 20026Cptnchaos


Apr 20026kakeman

Film FX problems... Keeps crashing premiere

Apr 20026amblix

Simple Animation

Apr 20026Vega70

Big Trouble in Little China

Apr 20026Kid


Apr 20026Andreas

Need Gryphon Morph.....

Apr 20026cantaclaro

I'm entering the world of 3d

Apr 20026RCG81187

Scope Entertainment

Apr 20026Cypher

moving morphs and codec question

Apr 20026justakid

Flyingpod Products

Apr 20026J Elizondo

QuickTime 5 - Improved DV Quality on Mac

Apr 20026Joshua Davies

After Effects: What is it? Tutorials?

Mar 20026X

Sound effects

Mar 20026Riese

Widescreen Compression in Premiere 6.0

Mar 20026Chev

Help needed on project

Feb 20026Vega70


Feb 20026Crossfire

How can i make the fade effect????

Feb 20026S-Cript

Ascendance titles song-What was it?

Feb 20026sidewinder

Action too fast for DV cam... help :|

Feb 20026justakid

TURICON - full length stream

Feb 20026Sollthar


Feb 20026billy3d

Blue Screen

Jan 20026hai44100

Forming a Martial Arts Stunt Team

Jan 20026Anonymous

need color help

Jan 20026billy3d

Creating a black background of my image

Jan 20026Anonymous

Codecs, Compression, Rendering, etc

Dec 20016ChrisNYC

SUGGESTION: Option for automatic fill effect duration or man

Dec 20016The Game

How to make movies from image streams...

Dec 20016Joshua Davies

Cut off limbs

Dec 20016hai44100

Speed Up

Nov 20016hai44100


Nov 20016patrickmagic

Cannot import properly into FCP

Oct 20016minorstrachan

how do I compress a file after I'm done adding the effects?

Sep 20016Anonymous

Slowing down effects?

Aug 20016Genius03

A screen capture and some info about AlamDV2 !!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 20016Joshua Davies

Windows .AVI import?

May 20016Sammy

Still no HitFilm for Mac huh?

Dec 20115iggy88

Call for Entries - 2012 Boomtown Film & Music Festival

Oct 20115boomtownfest

A few questions about greenscreening, 3D, and some effects

Oct 20115Azulon'sAssassin

Modern warfare helicopter animation

Aug 20115dhepayne

Stock footage

Jul 20115FXhomer57724

shapeways - 3D Printing

Jul 20115Aculag

Getting a new video card?

Jul 20115FXstudios99

Best budget tripod?

Jul 20115DX6channel

GH1 hacked Vs. GH2

Jun 20115Avenging Eagle

Getting a nice falling scene usin the green

May 20115Jesus O Rubio

What is a good HD camcorder?

May 20115Happy Samurai and Company

Vegas Movie Studio Problem

May 20115Terminal Velocity

Continuum Studios / Bridge

May 20115Travis Kunze

Green Screen Help

May 20115tay231

Problem movies

Apr 20115Utuayey

which camcorder

Mar 20115Mike Q

Acoustic Guitar score - free service

Mar 20115rhensley

Out of Focus Shot

Mar 20115DVStudio

I have returned - And I’m in search of your cherished revi

Feb 20115Zephlon

Fxhome Grading in a No-Buget Workflow

Feb 20115djswallow

web series ?

Jan 20115Linnagex

Codec and size question

Jan 20115juneau

"Wherever You Will Go" Cover Music Video

Jan 20115ctbullet

help i need to know how to do this effect

Jan 20115Amentahj

DSLR Stabilization rigs

Jan 20115FXhomer82347

REMINDER: Aidan 5 web series preview starts TONIGHT

Dec 20105Bryan M Block

Video Files Aren't Being Recognized

Dec 20105Viktorious

The Perfect Sound (Short Film I made shot on a 7D)

Dec 20105FXhomer102557

CS3 and AVCHD format?

Nov 20105Viktorious

The Death Star Over London

Nov 20105Kie77

Bullet holes on a body

Nov 20105Warnezllc

PAL Widescreen 'Aspect Ratio'

Nov 20105pscamm

Clean Slate advice

Oct 20105Shanghai

Muzzle Flash

Oct 20105AlaskaAce1996


Oct 20105FXstudios99

Is there anything other than fullscreen mode in Fxhome?

Oct 20105baconisyummy1

DSLR vs video camera

Oct 20105Sick Boy

Real life 1st person shooter

Sep 20105Poseidon1231

Guy fits a circa-1908 lens on his 5D

Sep 20105Pooky

'Roulette' on 2-Disc DVD! [Trailer Inside]

Sep 20105Avenging Eagle

Short Sci-Fi Tester

Sep 20105StupidLikeAFox

Text In VisonLab?

Sep 20105Viktorious

New Music Video!

Aug 20105Randomlard101

Stock footage Egypt / Jordon

Aug 20105Salmo

Film/Budget Guide

Aug 20105FCRabbath

Realistic Pirate Ships Ahoy!

Aug 20105MyCreationTV com

Canon T1i VS Nikon D5000

Aug 201052xZProductions

Gunshot effects wanted

Aug 20105Toruk Macto

How do I cut a scene in half?

Aug 20105VerendumProductions

RE: Vision Effect Plugins, any thoughts?

Aug 20105The Nemesis2161


Jul 20105Happy Samurai and Company

Solitary Is Here! Out Now!

Jun 20105Ste

I am amazing.

Jun 20105StupidLikeAFox

Shooting a Music Video...

May 20105Travis Kunze

Creating Your Own Lens Adaptor?

May 20105The Nemesis2161

Finally buying the Canon eos 550d-lets hope its great

May 20105Wishing Staff Studios

WebM - your new friend!

May 20105pdrg

Prolonged fire help.

May 20105iFilmer

Movie Parody Contest from

May 20105TubeTape

Question about cloning

May 20105Sick Boy

Where to get Free Background Animations for your projects

May 20105Logan Kenesis

Latest works

May 20105StrikeEmStudios

Priori Incantatem Help Needed

May 20105Ban Danna

Call for Entries!-Fashion films/shorts

Apr 20105talenthouse

How do I make a person do a super jump using Vision Lab?

Apr 20105JUIDAR

Zoom H4n and HD DSLR's

Apr 20105Axeman

blender help

Mar 20105Toruk Macto

Face camouflage

Mar 20105R.A.P

Feedback on video

Mar 20105Sick Boy

weird effect on vLab

Mar 20105Toruk Macto

smashing windows

Feb 20105djswallow

Anime Studio Animation Software Free

Feb 20105Dalemations

Anyone fancy earning some cred/force for a 3D job?

Feb 20105pdrg

I need help on Scripts

Feb 20105Tgdrake

Filmmaking apps for mobiles

Feb 20105SteveW

Sound Effects?

Jan 20105Tgdrake

Ash-covered landscape

Jan 20105Avenging Eagle

Movie title Ideas For Skate video

Jan 20105FXhomer127224

RED Scarlet prototype

Jan 20105Rockfilmers

Film Pending FXHOME Cinema

Jan 20105leonado2

An awesome keying + compositing showreel

Jan 20105Arktic

Configuring External Monitor

Jan 20105rstudios

Buying a new camcorder...

Dec 20095CTFPlaya360

How to get a modified clip back to PE7.

Dec 20095Struker

Can video editing software recognize new codecs?

Dec 20095Joshua271987

The Price of Christmas- A Documentary Film by Steve Keider

Dec 20095Phantom48

Good music for trailers

Dec 20095evg2005

How to make grades lighter and darker

Dec 20095evg2005

Secret Service @ white house

Dec 20095MikeandMorrisTV

Light bulbs

Nov 20095Paradox Pictures

AUDIO - Level Guide

Nov 20095ashman

Safe(r) bullet hits - body and wall

Nov 20095pdrg

Assualt on Igenous raw footage,

Nov 20095Fxhome Dude

Some technical advice needed

Nov 20095Adman


Oct 20095Viktorious

ADR Help

Oct 20095Christofer Matthias

"The Clock" The Movie - Story and Soundtrack

Oct 20095Arturas

Great exposure for you and 10 free music for your film

Oct 20095FXhomer125147

looking to buy a Manfrotto Tripod... need advice though :D

Oct 20095ChromeHeart

A couple questions regarding lighting on set

Oct 20095ChromeHeart

Arrow effect.

Sep 20095Viktorious

a stupid final cut pro question

Sep 20095daigoro

Canon 7D - 1080p, 24fps, 1700 USD

Sep 20095Redhawksrymmer

Music video problem

Sep 20095Bucees

Anyone use camstudio?

Aug 20095spydurhank


Aug 20095Lukemax

frames per second

Aug 20095BST1Productions

Under water camera case test

Aug 20095Poseidon1231

Free Green Screen Footage

Aug 20095The Chosen One

What Is The Best Program For Adding Sound Guys?

Aug 20095Apocalypse Studios

Real Music, Real Musicians

Jul 20095FXhomer84620

Green Screen / Jet Boots Test Clip...

Jul 20095Gino East

Some of my FX's Tests

Jul 20095Mattex Films HD

Fake blood/gore test

Jul 20095Singwolf

Distibute your content

Jun 20095blh

Recreating the 2009 star trek transporter effect

Jun 20095Big Rob

Need ideas on new project

Jun 20095RodyPolis

trailers, which one do you like?

Jun 20095ahartwig01

Help with Sony Vegas

Jun 20095BST1Productions

Composer Needed!

Jun 20095Shadow013


Jun 20095FCRabbath

Special Effects work needed.

Jun 20095RodyPolis

Losing HD Quality?

Jun 20095knubs

Clone test

Jun 20095lwmedia

My Anonymous Script

Jun 20095Terminal Velocity

Mic Help?

May 20095No Degradation

Question For Script Writers

May 20095The Nemesis2161

I've been waiting and watching...

May 20095Atomatonn

Minidv Tapes

May 20095BST1Productions

Which is best.

May 20095camerabuddha

Credit Music

May 20095SGB

Right choice?

May 20095TheOutlawAmbulance

Time Lapse

May 20095Cfdfirecar27

A new short film...

May 20095matthewfuller999

Anybody know of a good sound effect for a flashback?

May 20095No Degradation

5.1 Surround sound editing program

May 20095Pixel edit

Something For The LOTR Fans

May 20095pscamm

How do I capture lots of scenes with using one camcorder?

May 20095No Degradation

How To Create Flashback Effect

Apr 20095Snook360

Any have or know where I could get an outline for credits?

Apr 20095JUIDAR

GL2 Question - 4:3 or 16:9 Mode for Wide Lens

Apr 20095Snook360


Apr 20095JasonX1024

Transparent Background help

Mar 20095oreofred

Call For Entries

Mar 20095FXhomer75338

sci-fi costumes

Mar 20095djswallow

Attack of the Emoticon, New movie i did

Mar 20095Poseidon1231

What are good settings to film something with the Canon HV30

Mar 20095MoltenWhale

My Showreel

Mar 20095Avenging Eagle

Short Funny Clips!

Mar 20095FCRabbath

Superhero Mutant

Mar 20095PLANB

Something short.

Mar 20095FCRabbath

Free licensed corporate background loops

Feb 20095pdrg

Could somoene be so kinda as to make me a small credit intro

Feb 20095PillowBruise

Ever Heard of Naked Juice?

Feb 20095knubs

Its the "If I had the budget" Thread!

Feb 20095The Flying Fox

Super Strength Effect

Feb 20095JRPT

The hunt Begins (movie)

Feb 20095shadu

My muzzle flash placement and other fx(need opinions)

Feb 20095druguer

FXhome Awards nominations NOW OPEN!

Feb 20095Simon K Jones

Teen Movie: The Day I Died

Jan 20095StupidLikeAFox

various intros

Jan 20095videofxuniverse

Question about stock footage and effects lab pro.

Jan 20095luke774

Free Royalty-Free Music

Jan 20095The Chosen One

Need Help with Waiver/Liability document

Jan 20095Coureur de Bois

check them out

Jan 20095nerfgunnerz3

1 kick fight scene.

Jan 20095spydurhank

Concept Art.

Jan 20095spydurhank

HV30, FCP export problem.

Dec 20085Moonloon1

How to Get Audio to Sound Like It's Being Played Over Radio

Dec 20085jmax

Updating a YouTube file?

Dec 20085Evman

I need an image layer

Dec 20085videofxuniverse

stunt simulator

Dec 20085matchyman

How many of you use Carrara 6?

Dec 20085MoltenWhale

Using Spore to animate creatures

Dec 20085FXhomer88905

I'm in Intern!

Dec 20085Rockfilmers

XH-A1 Test

Dec 20085D3L3T10N

i need test footage

Dec 20085AwesomeFist

Sony Handycam video quality

Nov 20085ikmalrawks

LCD Monitor while shooting?

Nov 20085Moonloon1

Sibling Vs. Sibling -short

Nov 20085JasonX1024

small cheap jib/crane

Nov 20085prokidsfilms

Darkwood < Teaser/Trailer

Nov 20085FCRabbath

Question concerning my camera

Nov 20085DonrWolfeye

Free XSI Training

Oct 20085FrancisESC

Greatest Film Titles!

Oct 20085Mattex Films HD

What if I wanted to upload a 30 second clip from a Game?

Oct 20085Orin Warren

Truespace Opions

Oct 20085Travis Kunze

where can i buy replica world war 2 unifors other than ebay?

Oct 20085BobsUrUncle

Ahlgrens biler (Scandinavian candy) Commercial contest

Oct 20085KKB-FILM

Software on amazon

Sep 20085RodyPolis

Are my videos good?

Sep 20085Lerman Productions

Hand On Fire

Sep 20085StupidLikeAFox

Has this ever happened to you (XH A1 users)

Sep 20085Bflat5

death star over san fransisco

Sep 20085videofxuniverse

Female Directors

Sep 20085StupidLikeAFox

Getting rid of sensor noise

Sep 20085pdrg

Quick hit test

Sep 20085Poseidon1231

I want to look as if I'm in a news studio

Sep 20085Lerman Productions

Cool Program For Animation

Sep 20085The Chosen One

Matte Paintings

Sep 20085StupidLikeAFox

Anyone have a moving health bar?

Sep 20085RyanZ

Web Series?

Sep 20085MoltenWhale

to work on a movie (film)

Sep 20085Fireshoter

Sound Effects For Not Free

Aug 20085JasonX1024

Freedom Fighters Scene 1 + 2

Aug 20085ctbullet

"Off Beat" My new student film! Check it out?

Aug 20085Jrad

Video from Camera...

Aug 20085str4bullet

2 Questions that I need answering...

Aug 20085strider4660

How do you get rid of lines on footage

Aug 20085Sam Larsen


Aug 20085Artic

New movie- Vessel (un-finished)

Aug 20085Atomatonn

turn water into ice

Aug 20085FXhomer46381

how to make fake guts you tube removed them ?

Aug 20085RigomrtsFX

Photoshop CS3 extende, perfect for untraditional chromakeye?

Aug 20085The Nemesis2161

New Video - The Pablo

Aug 20085RyanMichael


Aug 20085Singwolf

JVC Everio GZ-HD7EK?

Aug 20085Mattex Films HD

AFI DALLAS International Film Festival

Jul 20085FXhomer77991


Jul 20085JasonX1024

sin city look. how !?

Jul 20085FXhomer85421

EffectsLab Pro Shadow

Jul 20085MoltenWhale

Dalek death ray & death

Jul 20085riftmaster

Sony Vegas iPod rendering

Jul 20085BlackIceFilms


Jul 20085riftmaster

8mm Good Quality?

Jul 20085angelx

Anyone have sound effects for "screeching tire", a

Jul 20085RyanZ

Terminator sound effects

Jun 20085Bucees

Help with finding Tarn's Invisible displacement tutorial

Jun 20085ChampMM JRMMA

panasonic nv-sg75

Jun 20085FXhomer32004

Video Problem. need help please

Jun 20085Atomatonn

Green screen running

Jun 20085Biblmac

Snow Effect.

Jun 20085Mattex Films HD

How do you mask out the hair?

Jun 20085FXhomer41665

War Movie

May 20085Poseidon1231

Some Seriously Impressive Effects

May 20085pscamm

Lightsaber fight in the office

May 20085Kie77

Modern War Film

May 20085D3L3T10N

Blood splatter effect

May 20085FXhomer18866

best divx settings?

May 20085videofxuniverse

High Definition Video Camera

Apr 20085carda

'4:02' Trailer is here!

Apr 20085Avenging Eagle

I put an electric hand blender into my eye

Apr 20085Kie77

Has anyone finished the visitor 2 voice recordings

Apr 20085videofxuniverse

A new site that pays you for making videos...

Apr 20085Big Rob

IBM enters the HD ring

Apr 20085EvilDonut

Digital headshot/explosion

Apr 20085MrGoodbomb

The Only Weapon - Music Video

Apr 20085nanafanboy

DVD Burning

Apr 200851501

Found this on Ebay

Apr 20085Bryan M Block

sounds and music

Mar 20085White Eagle Entertainment

Low budget camcorder

Mar 20085Brokensamurai

Best HD (1920x1080) codec?

Mar 20085RafaLL

Another chroma question

Mar 20085Bflat5

Free Music for Filmmakers

Mar 20085FXhomer30944


Mar 20085Ste

The 300 effect

Mar 20085Spirit

Text Software?

Mar 20085Mattex Films HD

The VFX Show - visual effects podcast

Feb 20085Mellifluous

3D/stereoscopic site visit

Feb 20085pdrg

voice cloaking [ANSWER]

Feb 20085Filmguy2008

help with some backgrounds for film

Feb 20085Condornojoeg2

Editor required using vegas, paid, DVD release.

Feb 20085b4uask30male

Getting focus with wide angle

Feb 20085RodyPolis

cod4 nerf spoof - intro title help needed

Feb 20085PillowBruise

Black Smoke

Feb 20085FXhomer36248

Animation for VISIONS

Feb 20085fisher

How to make gun silencer

Feb 20085PLANB

Maya and Blender

Jan 20085ForeverYoung8

Opinion for camera

Jan 20085FXhomer12185

SEEKING alam dv artist for movie work.

Jan 20085take12tom

After Effects and Visual Lab

Jan 20085Krammit

Thruster for 3d spaceship in 3ds max

Jan 20085druguer

Capture help

Jan 20085Joecool1081

How do you make skeletons and other monsters

Jan 20085Shadowlord

Looking for VFX work- ColdSide Digital opened

Jan 20085coldside

filming in bright sun

Jan 20085RodyPolis

Problems with the Dvx-100

Jan 20085ssj john

video convertor

Jan 20085RodyPolis

Best low-budget video camera?

Jan 20085Zombietrp

UFO footage

Jan 20085DVStudio

Need plane radio chat sounds

Dec 20075video fx universe

My first HV20 footage DOF test

Dec 20075doppelganger

Questions about vehicles etc..

Dec 20075serleejususa

green screennig outside

Dec 20075RodyPolis

fake walls, fake wood etc.

Dec 20075FXhomer12185


Dec 20075video fx universe

Cinelerra Video Editor - Any good?

Dec 20075John Harrower

Need a editor for my film

Dec 20075FXhomer34781


Dec 20075The Nemesis2161

iMovie HD - Sound going out of sync with HD Mpeg 2 footage

Dec 20075John Harrower

mic question

Dec 20075drspin98

Production Company Logo: Help

Nov 20075angelx

Looking for video camera

Nov 20075Randito3

half-life2 characters in film

Nov 20075FXhomer39059

Live Directing and Vision Mixing (Production Switching)

Nov 20075pdrg

I have to make a short

Nov 20075RodyPolis

nee an audio editing program

Nov 20075video fx universe


Nov 20075Xanikoo


Nov 20075b4uask30male

Poll regarding the Creative Commons Attribution license

Nov 20075enoonsti

How to shapeshift like mystique from x-men

Nov 20075evg2005

Creating CG light

Nov 20075Dead Iris

Looking for 3D animator to help on film

Oct 20075the Fiddler

Sisters Cd Please Comment and View

Oct 20075RyanMichael

Choppy Video Export from Adobe After Effects

Oct 20075TVK

Live Video

Oct 20075RyanMichael

exposure problems

Oct 20075joshh

Video size ?

Oct 20075Richard Summers


Oct 20075RyanMichael

contracts and other inporant papers

Oct 20075fxmaniac

Canon XL2 Microphone

Oct 20075Super Cameraman

back to the mic mount...

Oct 20075xanetia

Kanye West "The Good Life" Music Video

Oct 20075Atom

Costume Help

Oct 20075tictacattack123

Problems uploading videos to youtube

Sep 20075Orin Warren

Won't get into the cinema

Sep 20075Mr_E_Man

comedy Movie Series

Sep 20075gangsta

Is it even possible to clean a lens?

Sep 20075Bflat5

Problem exporting movie to widescreen in iMovie

Sep 20075Jabooza

My videos!

Sep 20075RyanMichael

please look at this pic

Sep 20075Horcruxes88

Panzer Corps Sneak Peek

Sep 20075Ceramite

Getting shot effect

Sep 20075RodyPolis

Kalimari! Trailer 1

Sep 20075Big Man

What about this camera?

Sep 20075The Nemesis2161

Need help with classic backlit shot

Sep 20075RedLynx908

Heres a new video i made a few days ago

Aug 20075Poseidon1231

Steadicam units?

Aug 20075MrGoodbomb

3D Alien Tripod

Aug 20075Joecool1081

Question about simulating a flood

Aug 20075SpankyMcCranky

elasticity and invisibility

Aug 20075FXhomer24158

Japanese demon mask

Aug 20075notoriusc

Mortal Kombat special fx

Aug 20075yosterman

The Monster Squad 300 mashup

Aug 20075nanafanboy

3d model

Aug 20075Horcruxes88

Shared Key

Aug 20075Jujubee307

Young Filmmaker's Academy - Metropolitan Film School

Aug 20075Jaster

Helicopter Stock footage

Aug 20075Poseidon1231


Aug 20075Biblmac

Sound recorder

Aug 20075Rockfilmers

Need to simulate light from a fire cast on suroundings

Aug 20075RedLynx908

Looking at a HD camcorder (Canon XH-A1)

Jul 20075DavDxn

Too Good To Be True?

Jul 20075crazymonkey01


Jul 20075Biblmac

Fleece Greenscreen?

Jul 20075SlickV19

help with movie

Jul 20075Freeman H L

Radio Voice sound effect.

Jul 20075ChromeHeart

Anthology of Blood gets a little attention

Jul 20075nanafanboy

Bike Sound Effects

Jul 20075Quvoo


Jul 20075Joecool1081

The Kiwi

Jul 20075RicanJoe


Jul 20075joshh

Muzzle Flash, Slide Movement Tutorial

Jun 20075The Chosen One's newest short

Jun 20075jmax

What is anti-aliasing?

Jun 20075Biblmac

another copyright question

Jun 20075Phantom48

My first Movie

Jun 20075RedLynx908

Fake glass

Jun 20075TAH

Keys Animation

Jun 20075chipmandoo

Sound Effects.

Jun 20075Phantom48

URGENT HELP!?- Video problem in AE 7 pro

May 20075coldside

ADR and dialouge queshtions

May 20075Merrick


May 20075Rockfilmers

Things to Do In Between Film Making Projects

May 20075RodgerDodger

Time stop?

May 20075epeterson

A Request From A "soon To Be Film Maker"

May 20075Slayerking


May 20075LostS

Will Ferrel's Funny or Die

May 20075nanafanboy

Free Voice Over Site

May 20075The Chosen One

Recording sound seperatly question

May 20075doppelganger

Camcorder Cases

May 20075Anne

eliminate glare?

May 20075doppelganger

Where can I get the original lightsaber sounds ?

May 20075tool time

WARNING: MacBook Pro Battery Overheating

May 20075Dancamfx

Transitions music

May 20075Kinsinger1

I am selling world war props and costumes

May 20075b4uask30male

Pixel Corps Summer

Apr 20075Serpent

need people to help with cop series! its your big chance

Apr 20075joshh

need help establishing a camera shot/move

Apr 20075skywalker dan

What free Program would I use to create a video tutorial?

Apr 20075Pixel edit

ideas needed for short film entry

Apr 20075skywalker dan

Sound filters? For CB's Walkie talkies etc.?

Apr 20075nuyawk

Final Cut Pro Studio 6 - May

Apr 20075Xel

star wars text

Apr 20075Kinsinger1

Need an image of an actors pass

Apr 20075Pixel edit

Canon 24F mode - any issues in VisionLab Studio?

Apr 20075ASTempleton

Theatrical sounds aren't free are they?

Apr 20075PLANB

Question about FanFilms

Apr 20075Goldwing Productions

Site with free models

Apr 20075Pixel edit

External Mic Question

Apr 20075doppelganger

How do they do the limbs cut off scenes?

Apr 20075hulkis2001

Shooting with a Redrock M2

Apr 20075Omnihouse

Lighting striking?

Mar 20075HELPME

Need Advice on Purchasing a DV Camera

Mar 20075FXhomer4609

JVC GR-DVF-21 help please

Mar 20075yooperlou

How to do Various Super Power/Action Movie Effects

Mar 20075jfreedan

External hard drive

Mar 20075AG Productions

Anyone have one of these?

Mar 20075NickD

USB Dongle

Mar 20075lwmedia

Upgrading RAM but dont know what to get? Check this out.

Mar 20075Anne

Realistic Looking Bomb

Mar 20075rstudios

a adobe premiere question

Feb 20075tommynator

Anybody know tutorials for Matchmoving in Maya?

Feb 20075hulkis2001

Echo concept trailer

Feb 20075dawookiehunter


Feb 20075Black Ink Productions

How can i improve next time.

Feb 20075kelmyster88

Looking For "Tire Screech" and "Car Crash

Feb 20075TVK

What mic?

Feb 20075Adman

Ambience Sound Files

Feb 20075NickD

Test clip, James bond style

Feb 20075FXhomer2191

My first movie. Feedback appreciated.

Feb 20075MikY

mask grading question

Feb 20075FXhomer2191

Need Help WIth JVC Everio Camera!

Feb 20075mikeh

Adding A Film To Cinema - .Mac?

Feb 20075ccirelli

Lightsaber Choreography Contest V Has Begun

Feb 20075NickD

Bamf sound effect

Feb 20075DJP444

Can't Select "Stabilize Motion" in After Effects 7

Feb 20075TVK

The Movie Spoof 3 Has Been Released!

Jan 20075NickD

Vegas help

Jan 20075obidean

Tripod for Canon XL-1S

Jan 20075BringPopcorn

Portfolio Critique

Jan 20075Colincsl

I'm selling world war costumes and props

Jan 20075b4uask30male

greenscreening tutorial

Jan 20075ari

2 problems with buying gun props

Jan 20075PLANB

question on buying effects lab?

Jan 20075doppelganger

Greenscreen tips? +Camera Addons

Jan 20075Armageddon1212

A request for movie prop sites

Jan 20075PLANB

How do they make composite 3d objects in the video?

Jan 20075hulkis2001

MB3: Help Needed

Jan 20075NickD

Is this a script worth writing?

Jan 20075FXhomer17632

Fake plane inside-view, How to ?

Jan 20075SpaDeKo

UK Lighting stores

Jan 20075SteveW

Resources: Dollies, Cranes, Stabilizers, DOF adaptors, etc

Jan 20075SteveW

Download visual marker here (Motion caputer software)

Jan 20075b4uask30male

Film Technique/Effect

Jan 20075fleller

how do i get a movie onto the internet

Jan 20075Tom D

indiana jones grading help

Dec 20065doppelganger

Canned Laughter

Dec 20065angelx

Film Music

Dec 20065roamin

Davlins gone LOGO

Dec 20065davlin

Analog to Digital

Dec 20065Black Ink Productions

Replacing Backround

Dec 20065Thrawn

Help with Everio-G camcorder

Dec 20065King of Blades

Lost Sounds

Dec 20065rstudios


Dec 20065DavidLittlefield

Urgent Sound assistance

Dec 20065Ouellette

USB video capturing...

Nov 20065ryanprickle

A cool intro I made *Updated*

Nov 20065Tommy92L

need help with green screen

Nov 20065tommynator

Big Contest for Reality Filmmaking Show

Nov 20065swatdojo

Nice chroma-green paint

Nov 20065HexadB

Cool Effect on 'The Good German' ad, n-e-1 know how (link)

Nov 20065mundizzle

Original orchestral film music

Nov 20065Michael Law

Vue 6 Xstream and Infinite Pre-Releases

Nov 20065JT9

HDV or DV? for a documentary I'm shooting, help please...

Oct 20065FXhomer8230

Premiere Pro 2.0

Oct 20065RaiseR RoofeR

Anthology of Blood- New Feature Film

Oct 20065nanafanboy

Two Questions

Oct 20065Thrawn

Video Editing help! Beginner here, thanks...

Oct 20065FXhomer12241

Who's filming these christmas holidays?

Oct 20065jojodungy92

Looking for writers

Oct 20065FXhomer15229

smallville superspeed sound

Oct 20065RobotFish

The DAVE School.

Oct 20065Thriller

calling for 1 to 3 min horror shorts

Sep 20065lupolux

Script Writing Question

Sep 20065Orange3289

car hit effect

Sep 20065Cayenne

choices of a jedi (our new film)

Sep 20065shmede


Sep 20065Zea

the power of blender!

Sep 20065Maxy

New York video diary

Sep 20065Redhawksrymmer

I need help makeing an opening credit.

Aug 20065cjbalways

Special OPS poster

Aug 20065Christofer Matthias

Free Useful Online Generators

Aug 20065The Chosen One

What email address do I use to contact the FXhome team

Aug 20065Lembi3

Superkids poster updated

Aug 20065B3N

Can someone give me a tutorial? I am completely new at this.

Aug 20065Searandrage

lightsaber help plz!

Aug 20065FXhomer2235

Looking for specific atomic explosion

Aug 20065jjuerss

Help needed with film!

Jul 20065Zero767

Wilhelm Scream Download?

Jul 20065Jaster

Kung fu/fighting sound effects

Jul 20065moneyball32

Stunt lightsabers and editing software questions

Jul 20065FXhomer2091

Cutting off limbs [ANSWER]

Jul 20065FXhomer2091

Mac Commercial Music

Jul 20065Super Cameraman

Very quick question about lighting...

Jul 20065TimmyD

EDIT: does any1 no were i can find rights to battle of the..

Jul 20065VRBstudios

the matrix agent's moves?

Jul 20065haythem2005

Vocal Remover Help

Jul 20065Jeremy Davidson

Voice Artist for Meteor needed

Jul 20065Stee

Programs That Can VidCapture HDV

Jul 20065TVK

Deinterlacing in Adobe Premiere Elements 2

Jul 20065petet2

Maya? and a few other programs and questions

Jul 20065EVW2K

Teaser for my new film online- finally!

Jul 20065Bryan M Block

'The Thing' -in Lego

Jul 20065Junuc Kleen

Film Freak's Photoshop Tutorials!

Jul 20065film freak

Capturing Video In Vegas

Jul 20065TVK

Star Wars: Jedi Remnant project cancelled

Jul 20065King of Blades

Quick question on PAL vs NTSC

Jul 20065Taniko

Sound Card

Jun 20065B3N

Your tip for my movie..!

Jun 20065Levity

Yet another camera usage question

Jun 20065Jazzmanian

continuance looping

Jun 20065kimmer

Shotgun mic question.

Jun 20065Venger

how do u create a link to your clips?

Jun 20065VRBstudios

Bar hitting flesh sound?

Jun 20065obidean

Can you fly?

Jun 20065Gman 007

file extenisions

Jun 20065notoriusc

What programs do you use for sound?

Jun 20065jgtrox2


Jun 20065xperiment

Studio Logo

Jun 20065AaronP

RODE Videomic with Hot Accesory Shoe and 1 more question

Jun 20065NickD

Look out for new movie Padawans.

Jun 20065Gman 007


Jun 20065starfan

How do you make a preset.[ANSWER]

Jun 20065Gman 007

Reflection Effect

May 20065VRBstudios

Night Crawler Effect

May 20065VRBstudios

3D Animation

May 20065VRBstudios

hey how would I do the matrix camera trick with Fx products?

May 20065Xaritor

Film program

May 20065Forbes

Matchmoving / Motion Tracking

May 20065lwmedia

Helpful Production Documents and Resources

May 20065ajjax44

To make the lightsabers more visible...

May 20065AntiGrav

The Unit-K Thread EXPLOSIONS & SMOKE for your films

May 20065mattio

T for Troll

May 20065shadu

MB3 Website Launched/in PREPRODUCTION!

May 20065NickD

How To Build Miniatures - Tips and Tricks

May 20065destron

KIng Kong: Color Grading

May 20065EddieOue5

Sollthar's smoke

May 20065ChromeHeart

Cheapie SFX question

May 20065Jazzmanian

Logo Intro Help

May 20065dorrito2001

I am requesting some footage.

May 20065visualchaos

movie sizes and formats

May 20065j man

Help?lights for blue/green screen?

May 20065theillestmc12

Auto Off Cylinder Lock

Apr 20065LilCaesars

Is this a good on camera light

Apr 20065viper3139

3D Bird Request

Apr 20065NickD

Should I buy a matte box kit for VX2100?

Apr 20065viper3139

What do you think of mah FREE-DEE?

Apr 20065neo_man89

Standard Sound Levels?

Apr 20065druguer

Building Stunt Lightsabers for Star Wars fan films

Apr 20065jonseidemann

Pops and Cracks During Capture

Apr 20065LilCaesars

Editing Computer Setup...Help!

Apr 20065Phelix

FANtasm Movie

Apr 20065mjdixon

How do i reduce the size of AVI file.

Apr 20065FXhomer9244

Earth shot?!

Apr 20065Maxy

3D "War of the Worlds' Tripod For A (Very) Short Film

Apr 20065bBrown

3ds import question.

Apr 20065Lior

background static

Apr 20065Klausky

The Levion Guard - concept preview

Apr 20065Maxmoon

energy punches-fx test

Apr 20065Maxmoon

Eerie carousel music needed

Apr 20065SUP159

Consumer HD for a reasonable price?

Apr 20065TommyB

Need help with titles for new film

Mar 20065B3N

Intensifying pro wrestling scene

Mar 20065geigel1

If anyone needs help

Mar 20065Galed

Animating a logo

Mar 20065Professsor


Mar 20065chipmandoo

Flowing water

Mar 20065JadenKepp

Cult movies - free, legal download

Mar 20065Hendo

what program should i buy?

Mar 20065rathgeber films

Need help making a logo

Mar 20065JUIDAR

Camera Lenses

Mar 2006590hitpoints

can i enter my movie

Feb 20065rathgeber films

PANASONIC NV-GS500EG-S, What are your thoughts?

Feb 20065Vault FX

Star Wars FanFilm

Feb 20065eLto

Anyone do voice work?

Feb 20065ForeverYoung8

My test music video

Feb 20065yellowmello

Looking for a camera

Feb 20065Deepcoiler

Getting Green suit, where do I get one?

Feb 20065Spawnn

Laser plugin in Alamdv2

Feb 20065Spawnn

windows movie maker fonts

Feb 20065ryanprickle

Sony DSR-PD170 or Panasonic DVX100a

Feb 20065hatsoff2halford

Please help me with compositing in Adobe AE.................

Feb 20065hulkis2001

Adding sounds in After Effects?

Feb 20065alltheshway

Script Writing, Difference between INT. and EXT?

Jan 20065Jeremy Davidson

Tips to a short film

Jan 20065Oeyvind

Creating newspaper headlines?

Jan 20065rocketman

** - The Unfortunates - A short comedic drama.

Jan 20065Hajiku_Flip


Jan 20065mjdixon

Can Some One Help Me With Terragen:)

Jan 20065TheFilmMaker

converting DVD to usable format

Jan 20065wpl

Two Gunned Saint found alive and almost well.

Jan 20065Two Gunned Saint

ulead question

Jan 20065Hillsong London505

Heart beat sound effects?

Jan 20065knubs

Snow overlay needed

Dec 20055silencer

Medal Gear Solid Sounds

Dec 20055Thriller

Some overlays for ELab (and probrably CLab)

Dec 20055Daarzak

Magic Bullet Editors

Dec 20055sfbmovieco

Lightsaber sounds

Dec 20055B7i7l7l

Tutorial: VirtualDub Noise Reduction

Dec 20055Ryan

Treatment Writing

Dec 20055wdy


Dec 20055SMB

Getting a good host for your movie submission for FXHOME

Nov 20055lilphil212

Happy Days TV add

Nov 20055magic mat

The Helpful Film Glossary

Nov 20055wdy

Greenscreens in UK

Nov 20055angelx

Shotgun mic help

Nov 20055dorrito2001

Getting DVD On computer

Nov 20055masonwells

How does one use stock footage in EL?

Nov 20055epeterson

Saber Still clashes?

Nov 20055magic mat

DVD burning issue

Nov 20055Movie_Manic

I want to build a steady cam

Nov 20055ashman

Final Cut Pro HD GUIDE

Nov 20055Juan31

Blood spurt stock footage?

Nov 20055guarddog

Day for Night help using After Effects 6.5 or Premiere Pro

Nov 20055ashman

Holly Jolly Blow Out

Nov 20055Frozenpede

Camera Help

Oct 20055epeterson

muzzle and composite tests with 3d untextured model

Oct 20055ashman

The National Film Challenge

Oct 20055mavic19

Maximum length for movies

Oct 20055Patriot2011

Getting rid of unwanted noise

Sep 20055SGB

Eviscer8 poster

Sep 20055ashman


Sep 20055alecrossel

DVCAM capture on MiniDV deck?

Sep 20055Andreas

Need Stock Footage? Here are some Links

Sep 20055Thriller

Handheld Look?

Sep 20055angelx

3dsmax or Cinema 4D?

Sep 20055Lithium Kraft

Hand-to-hand combat cloning

Sep 20055eladrin

Blurry video from Vegas 6. Do I need a better video card?

Sep 20055DPUMA8

Replacing backgrounds (was: Is it possible?)

Sep 20055zyper

Were do i get more effects?

Sep 20055unhipjuffowupp

3d tutorials?

Sep 20055magic mat

check this out!! send your movies to.......

Sep 20055alexanderj

Lightsaber test

Aug 20055XDanTheManX

pelenor fields

Aug 20055anim8tor

Behind the scenes video clips

Aug 20055RedMenace


Aug 20055Vault FX

Good lighting Utility?

Aug 20055Zea

A cheap lightsaber prop to make

Aug 20055michelerusso

Chroma-Key Question

Aug 20055carda

BLast code for 3dMax

Aug 20055shadu

I need a free web site to post my films here.

Aug 20055JT9

Any interest in a web site selling props?

Aug 20055Parker Skiba

Audio Levels on consumer level camcorders

Aug 20055BlueSmudge

cloning in sony vegas

Aug 20055alexanderj

Need Help With!!!

Aug 20055mattio

Step by Step Guide to make Smoke in EffectsLab

Aug 20055cooldude


Aug 20055Jeremy Davidson

Nightvision Sound

Jul 20055Zea

Fullmetal Alchemist- OUR MOVIE!

Jul 20055Big Man

How to Vanish A Cage

Jul 20055geigel1

Positron: Open source video editor spin-off from Blender

Jul 20055Hendo

DVD Authoring, HELP! DSP or Encore or anything!

Jul 20055sthach83

WACOM Graphic Tablet

Jul 20055Vault FX

Video Capture Device Recommendation

Jul 20055Big Man

Question regarding HDD's for DV

Jul 20055Raul

A good video composing program...

Jul 20055alexcull

news room background?

Jul 20055SPCDixon

Really Good Deal On Batteries

Jul 20055LilCaesars

Man Vs. Man: The Grand Fight Short Film

Jul 20055Justin10139

Getting a good scene cut and sound in a film...

Jul 20055alexcull

War Props Galore!

Jul 20055alexcull


Jun 20055AAAx2

Lightsword Test: Feedback please :-) [ANSWER]

Jun 20055cwiehl

Looking for an intro for my company

Jun 20055gonzoish79

Any good camra programmes??

Jun 20055JDC

That slowmotion effect

Jun 20055Visti

help me

Jun 20055happygilmore

Problems with sound n such

Jun 20055knubs

Help with converting a final draft file to a word file?

Jun 20055Greyo

Buying a Cheap GreenScreen

Jun 20055lonepigs

music intro

Jun 20055knubs

Need a GOOD video converter

Jun 20055Remco Gerritsen


Jun 20055scoober

Engine Glow

May 20055Greg Webb

Make up help....any help greatly appreciated!

May 20055rilocay


May 20055SMB

Can I convert NTSC to HD

May 20055GuitarsRule89

backrounds without the chromanator

May 20055xoric

mask in vegas

May 20055yellowmello

Never asked for key file location

May 20055KungSanGun

Location help needed in SE England (West of London)

May 20055jjuerss

Max Payne effect

May 20055tomekkr

Get your short films shown on Trains!

Apr 20055jjuerss

Nada < Teaser

Apr 20055FCRabbath

Pinnacle Movie Box - Information Wanted

Apr 20055pzgamer825

My handycam - to light colors

Apr 20055Remco Gerritsen


Apr 20055Tommy Gundersen

Camera Problem

Apr 20055GuitarsRule89

Camera Crane Ideas

Apr 20055LilCaesars

Unseen Evil Premiere was great!

Mar 20055silencer

Need some advice

Mar 20055hatsoff2halford

Agent dodging effect - sound itself

Mar 20055tomekkr

Sound Effects Deal

Mar 20055LilCaesars

Still Hunted Trailer

Mar 20055shadu

"A Communication Breakdown" - My new Short

Mar 20055Coureur de Bois

What 3D program did UNCLEPAIN use in Prodition?

Mar 20055jrg2134

Broken Camera question

Mar 20055nanafanboy

I might start that fanfilm...

Mar 20055CurtinParloe

Filming Laws

Feb 20055GuitarsRule89

zero budget video monitor

Feb 20055rocketman

Is mental ray only for dual cpu?

Feb 20055cinemafreak

Camera Dead

Feb 20055chipmandoo

Depth of Field

Feb 20055EelcoG

Mpeg2 Quality

Feb 20055steelglass

2 EPIC Trailer

Feb 20055b4uask30male

FCP HD rendering problem

Feb 20055Coureur de Bois

Cheap editing program needed

Feb 20055obidean

Any Tutorials?

Jan 20055GuitarsRule89

Gun smoke suggestions

Jan 20055rocketman

Adobe Premiere Pro Problems

Jan 20055davidnagel

Camcorder quality and green screen compositing?

Jan 20055rocketman

new 250gb hard drive only shows as 128gb, help please

Jan 20055b4uask30male

Timing when filming clones?

Jan 20055Vampiricyouthv

Split screen in Vegas 5

Jan 20055steelglass


Jan 20055TimmyD

Holiday Video Feedback Please

Jan 20055Xe2

How much better is Lightwave 8 compared to 7.5

Jan 20055Vampiricyouthv

Sound Effects

Jan 20055LilCaesars

Suround sound at BestBuy

Dec 20045steelglass

DVD Encoding software

Dec 20045elementcinema

Help! Problems with premiere

Dec 20045baseer

Premiere And The Christmas Curse Part 2

Dec 20045cjbalways

Encore dvd help.

Dec 20045thewizzard25

Flash MX 2004 help?

Dec 20045FiveIronFrenzy

Location, location, location

Dec 20045terrytate


Dec 20045nanafanboy

Audio Damping...

Dec 20045TimmyD

Writing Text in FCE?

Dec 20045BountyHunter185

anyone know a video tutorial for 3ds max ?

Dec 20045b4uask30male

A Little Quiz, Help Please.

Dec 20045jstow222

Calling any wanna be actors in the south east/kent area!!!!!

Nov 20045Shredder

Calling all FX Xperts

Nov 20045Indiefilm88

Reflector or diffuser for lighting green screen?

Nov 20045rocketman

Need advice/help for effects I'm shooting TONIGHT :-)

Nov 20045lands

3D city needed!!!

Nov 20045nanafanboy

Magic Sound

Nov 20045ustedalen

The ultimate free stock footage archive

Nov 20045xbreaka

DVX100 vs DVX100A??

Nov 20045CX3

Car Mount

Nov 20045Aculag

Ripp old games....?

Nov 20045Cirian

DVD jittery movements

Nov 20045hippa03

Title questions...

Oct 20045TimmyD

Geen/Blue Screen Supplies

Oct 20045chipmandoo

sound effect add process ?

Oct 20045haklia

Super 8 Ignorance.

Oct 20045tmaynard

Scary Movie Competition?

Oct 20045Thechess

My first maya render,(very basic but my first attempt)

Sep 20045xbreaka


Sep 20045pingpeppy

pc filming

Sep 20045Klut

tape to film

Sep 20045marinosC

How to make agent dodging effect?

Sep 20045tomekkr

Video Compression

Aug 20045Denise CookXClam

Audio w/microphone problem

Aug 20045Denise CookXClam

The Vectorization of our Nation!

Aug 20045cantaclaro

Trv 950/hc1000

Aug 20045Serdar3500

Light Dimmers

Aug 20045MovieGuy334

Screenplays for Everyone! Yippee-Horray!

Aug 20045Mr Pencil

greenscreen confusion,

Aug 20045xbreaka


Aug 20045silversnake

Books On Visualfx and Compositing?

Aug 20045billy3d

Tripod Needed!

Aug 20045ben3308

Roles Of The Production Team (LIST)

Jul 20045TAP2

Attention Mac Filmmakers

Jul 20045CX3

Vegas Video HELP

Jul 20045gent23mj

The problem with lack of sets

Jul 20045Zirk

removing train horn from audio

Jul 20045johnson5jr

Creating and Interactive CD

Jul 20045wdy

I need a host!!!

Jul 20045Underdog Productions

Cultural Menace Trailer - my first upload.

Jun 20045ghevans

Short film made in 48hrs

Jun 20045CMBmovies

Anyone here willing to host?

Jun 20045BackOfTheHearse

Through TV to real Pic

Jun 20045devilskater

Program Flow Of Rock Concert

Jun 20045faith

Saturation in Premiere 6.0

Jun 20045Ryan

Capturing from a lesser camcorder

Jun 20045Greyo

how do you isolate a specific colour?

Jun 20045ghevans

Reinstallation Problems (not Alamdv)

Jun 20045The Muffin Man

....Just an idea.....

Jun 20045ben3308

interactive cd

Jun 20045IxLoc

Plastic models

Jun 20045roxics

Changing Mono to Stereo

Jun 20045Kevo

Bulletproof Vest

May 20045terrytate

Final Cut Express, help asap!!!

May 20045Mr_E_Man

Has anyone done this before?

May 20045Solidus

Finally got some free time.

May 20045Sharp


May 20045merob247

This would be cool.

May 20045TheRenegade

Greenscreen Question

May 20045geigel1

whoosh sound effects

May 20045brendanf

Sony Mic's

May 20045Denise CookXClam

Help is needed with a scene

May 20045Viper54

Need help with gun fights!

May 20045HandGrenades

PSP 7 lightning shape

Apr 20045fertesz

Andrew Wants Comments on this 3D Clip!

Apr 20045AndrewtheActorMan

Battle Of Troy Opener

Apr 20045Viper54

Premiere Pro audio help

Apr 20045Viper54

AG-DVC30 and the AG-DVC80

Apr 20045Kevo

New Jurassic Park Movie in London

Apr 20045Anonymous

3ds max

Apr 20045brendanf

Good Muzzle Flashes in AlamDV 2 Video Tutorial

Apr 20045Pooky

Animating countdown...?

Apr 20045Klown

Photoshop Question

Apr 20045neo_man89

Applying makeup to actors?

Apr 200454Jex

What is the best format to export whitout lossing quality

Apr 20045Anonymous

Armed police turn up again..... but

Apr 20045b4uask30male

A simple question about premier

Apr 20045Pugz

How to convert Quicktime VR into image?

Apr 20045Anonymous

"Trade Secrets" - some interesting tips!

Apr 20045Arktic

Blaster bolts

Apr 20045Vertigo38

URGENT!!! Sound problems

Mar 20045Evman

Digital Camera Sound fizz

Mar 20045Nobody

3D Question

Mar 20045brendanf

Walden Media

Mar 20045Frozenpede

Advice on Media Edit Pro

Mar 20045Anonymous

Blue Screen

Mar 20045Mr_E_Man

Making A Production Logo

Mar 20045mthoward

Studio Name

Mar 20045mthoward

an audio adaptor..

Mar 20045elementcinema

how to make your film look professional.

Mar 20045fanofthepeople

Which movies to keep?

Feb 20045Redhawksrymmer

how to import targa sequence

Feb 20045Maurice1705

Strategic Commander!

Feb 20045adamlightandmagic

changeing video type

Feb 20045kungfukid

Full Sail

Feb 20045Frozenpede

how long for posted movies to be on webpage

Feb 20045FroDittyBro

Putting footage on a plane in 3d max

Feb 20045N8man

can anyone point me in the right direction

Feb 20045raven100

Behimd the scenes...

Feb 20045Frozenpede

Geocities Problem...

Feb 20045FiveIronFrenzy

Web site help

Feb 20045MovieGuy334

here's an idea i had - how easy would it be to do....

Feb 20045justakid

Free music

Feb 20045Howloween18

Alamdv3 features..

Feb 20045Bryce007

Troops 2

Feb 20045b4uask30male

working with 3d

Feb 20045tdmonster99

Final Cut Express (Please Help!)

Jan 20045Mr_E_Man

Mind, Body and Spirit

Jan 20045Cypher

how good can u do this with chromanator?

Jan 20045jessy

Chromanator gore test

Jan 20045jessy

Adobe Premiere Plug-ins..

Jan 20045elementcinema

Original Pranksters II

Jan 20045Brettsta

Sound Effects and Audio help.

Jan 20045pboniface

star wars backgrounds please

Jan 20045jessy


Jan 20045gent23mj

Hollywood Sound Effects

Jan 20045Mantra

Cinema colors

Jan 20045Mr Anderson

Adrenaline movie

Jan 20045kotram

Save money on lighting equipment!

Dec 20035MovieGuy334

About making things dissapear...

Dec 20035jstow222

Dvd Writing Prob

Dec 20035Anonymous

Documentary on the State College Theatre

Dec 20035IxLoc

Question about Premiere

Dec 20035neo_man89

FCP4 Browser Window

Dec 20035Brettsta

White Balance

Dec 20035TAP2

Tape Deck

Dec 20035MovieGuy334

"Beyond" Batmobile cockpit

Dec 20035cmgoetz

How would I....

Nov 20035neo_man89

Putting background on video

Nov 20035Kram1563

Questions About Animation in Perspective...

Nov 20035Superman

Creating the Star Wars Hologram/Projection Effect?

Nov 20035Superman

I won $$$$

Nov 20035wpl

new codec needed with AlamDV3 in Windows XP?

Nov 20035rocketman

X Ray Test

Nov 20035Andreas

help buying a please

Nov 20035streetsk8erdc


Nov 20035Vertigo38

How do you create real 3D ship views?

Nov 20035carda

On-site or in studio bluescreening?

Nov 20035tommach

morphing clips

Nov 20035ssjaaron

Matching Colour in Clips

Nov 20035LightsCameraAction

Combine clips

Oct 20035Anonymous


Oct 20035Viper54

need help and fast!

Oct 20035Coldfuse

Game Of Death / Kill Bill

Oct 20035Ichi The Killer

Voice altering?

Oct 20035CoolKabe

Poser Tuts??

Oct 20035Pooky

How Do I Create a Super Speed Effect?

Oct 20035Greybro

Video Camera

Oct 20035Monkey_Boy

"Mobile Ghost Effect" from The Ring and House on H

Oct 20035cmgoetz

Need help finding this...please help

Sep 20035streetsk8erdc

GRRRR Firewire "BEEP" noise

Sep 20035TAP2

Aces Still Goin Places: The Stocker Trailer #2

Sep 20035monkey

Motin Blur from Center?

Sep 20035Pooky


Sep 20035Tobbger

Looking for 3D Animator to do visual effects for my film.

Sep 20035badkerning

Making nice muzzleflashes.

Sep 20035Redhawksrymmer

3d glasses

Sep 20035Anonymous

Need Help Urgently!!!!!

Aug 20035Anonymous

Help With ALAM DV2

Aug 20035callum_slade

CGI question for my upcoming films "PURE EVIL" and

Aug 20035MATT PUGH

Scriptwriting links please!

Aug 20035Madmanden

Where to get a Clapper Board

Aug 20035Ichi The Killer

War Crimes (2003) Feature Film needs cast/crew

Aug 20035polemarch

sick of copyrighted garbage...

Aug 20035Anonymous

(Ultimate FAQ III Article) - Light FAQ -

Aug 20035Hajiku_Flip

Cross software 3d models

Aug 20035optikal

How To Morph Voice?

Jul 20035Pooky

Pyro Productions Logo

Jul 20035AndrewtheActorMan

3d s max question, restoring toolbars

Jul 20035jessy

I want more like this site!

Jul 20035Tobbger

PC Speed Testing

Jul 20035LightsCameraAction


Jul 20035Tobbger

For the Canadians in Ontario...

Jul 20035gpmovies

Rolling Credits

Jul 20035Anonymous

New website

Jul 20035jessy

vote for next movie

Jul 20035jessy

Jedi Training Lessons

Jul 20035Solo2K

Problem with my new cam

Jul 20035Black Knight

Movie intro

Jul 20035Robslob

I need ideas for a shot

Jul 20035Riese

Trailors for forthcoming release

Jul 20035Solo2K

Problem in Premiere

Jul 20035Kram1563

bryce 5l, reccomended? Hard?

Jul 20035jessy

Cell phones

Jul 20035CoolKabe

Recording from a movie?

Jul 20035Black Knight

Vegas Video 4.0 and White Room

Jul 20035gent23mj

Favour needed on after effects logo opening

Jun 20035Coldfuse


Jun 20035AndrewtheActorMan

World War 2 Movie

Jun 20035Julie A Beyl2

What to do with your big production

Jun 20035wdy

Noob AE effect question

Jun 20035Anonymous

Distortions and such effects needed...

Jun 20035Anonymous

Dumb dumb photoshop question....

Jun 20035Klown

If you didn't like my Matrix Poster then.......

Jun 20035neo_man89

Looking for a camera.

Jun 20035IxLoc

Actor Required For New Zombie Movie

Jun 20035Anonymous

whats all this +6 +3 what is that for

Jun 20035jessy

A pic of a city from this angle.. help

Jun 20035Andreas

Go-motion help

Jun 20035owen rixon

DVD burnin' software

Jun 20035Andreas

I take it all back...

Jun 20035Obi

I found out what kind of sounds they are.

May 20035neo_man89

sound problems

May 20035mighty_joe


May 20035Marek

Frontline Studios logo

May 20035Obi

Check this out

May 20035toyPYROmachine

How can i do this effect from a *gasp* GAP commercial

May 20035photogeek

Think this will work for an "Agent-Morph" type eff

May 20035blank

Poser 4 Question

May 20035sonicXecution

For everyone who needs space for their films

May 20035wdy

Simple Adobe Premiere question...

May 20035Anonymous

Maya question

May 20035neo_man89

Adobe free video tutorials?

May 20035Anonymous

How do you...

May 20035davidmalyn

Blender 3d Models

May 20035Majicman

need info for editing and sound

May 20035shadu

I cant see the community fun box's

May 20035blaine

Calling all Screenwriters

Apr 20035Greyo

New Films by Scope!

Apr 20035Cypher

Where to buy tunt swords (rubber, Plastic)

Apr 20035Majicman

Royalty free music for free available !

Apr 20035ericgui


Apr 20035goober99

Matrix Effect

Apr 20035gent23mj

The SUPER film makeing website

Apr 20035wpl

Who Wants To See A Non Fiction Fanfilm?

Apr 20035Jealous Flesh

Help - getting camera

Apr 20035DarthMaul1138

New Morphing Application For Mac OS X

Apr 20035macdude22

make a plugin

Apr 20035admiralty

Music-Composer needed

Mar 20035THEent

NEED HELP ! before April 2

Mar 20035THEent

AWSOME 3D Studio MAX plugin!!!!

Mar 20035Anonymous

magic bullet for the PC

Mar 20035ckossoyan

Copyright on TV...

Mar 20035Andreas

Settings for exporting from imovie 2

Mar 20035George Matthews

The Greatest Movie Ever Made 2

Mar 20035John Harrower

How do i do that blur on tarn's pic's ?

Mar 20035Andreas

animating bit maps

Mar 20035jfbiscardi

How to Blue Screen In Photoshop ?

Mar 20035curran

Suspense Music - Infact any film music.

Feb 20035TAP2

Animated Narration

Feb 20035jstow222

Film Look

Feb 20035spiderchan

Animation to Video

Feb 20035goober99

Haunted House trailer

Feb 20035Greyo

No download of "stargate earthbound"

Feb 20035sasibr

Trigger Street

Feb 20035mrfobar

Lightsaber replicas for sale!!!

Feb 20035Anonymous

Special FX Fansites?

Feb 20035TAP2

Compressing Your Movie with VirtualDUB

Jan 20035arch evil

loading codecs when installing programs

Jan 20035leok

Strange Problem

Jan 20035neo_man89

Converters for avi to wmv

Jan 20035wdy

where can i get star wars sounds?

Jan 20035Anonymous


Jan 20035goober99

Music help

Jan 20035devilskater

Jeenious Wars Obliteration Is Complete!

Jan 20035John Harrower

Start Trek fan script info

Jan 20035Greyo

Vampire Dusted

Jan 20035Retromedia

RedFruit 2 enters Post-Production!

Jan 20035Cypher

Chopping off head with saber

Jan 20035Robersdee

LOTR sounds

Jan 20035Majicman

Shadows in 3D Studio Max

Jan 20035blank

number of votes

Dec 20025Bob Page


Dec 20025beyond_studios

New Star Trek Fan miniseries

Dec 20025Greyo

How do i bluescreen of greenscreen?

Dec 20025firefox

Rebel Alliance available for download

Dec 20025X

Bryce 5 droids

Dec 20025CTLW83

Hey, take a look at this

Dec 20025ada1989

Tips On Camera Angles

Dec 20025curran

New Cool Site -

Nov 20025av11d

Voting-Get To It!!!!

Nov 20025jirwin

Rebel Alliance available fore download!

Nov 20025X

A water scene question ...

Nov 20025Sokar

Capturing Video?

Nov 20025Anonymous

Premeire Importing probs

Nov 20025CaptHowdy

Cutting Off Heads

Nov 20025CaptHowdy


Nov 20025Anonymous

November - JW Obliteration

Nov 20025John Harrower


Nov 20025bauza


Nov 20025Anonymous

Lightsabre needy

Nov 20025jstow222

A nice collection of tutorials.

Oct 20025Andreas

Free NTSC PAL converter link

Oct 20025b4uask30male

Another Hi8 question!

Oct 20025Anonymous

Greenscreen Problems

Oct 20025Neo

Jeenious Wars - Obliteration - October Update

Oct 20025John Harrower


Oct 20025wpl

Matrix question

Oct 20025Anonymous

how do I make alpha channels

Oct 20025devilskater

Make money for your film!

Oct 20025wpl

Blue Folder = Perfect Bluescreen

Oct 20025DarkJedi07

TMPGEnc problem

Oct 20025ada1989

Bullet trails?

Oct 20025Anonymous

Drunken Photoshop challenge

Sep 20025codabar

system problem!

Sep 20025billy3d


Sep 20025bauza

TMM told me to post this, he said you will listen

Sep 20025hoopzbound

Turning your film black and white

Sep 20025Venger

After Effects Question...

Sep 20025smier33

Another war film question

Sep 20025mighty_joe2001

Cyclops vs Cyclops

Sep 20025danmec

Lightsaber Ignition Action

Aug 20025zappatilias

Where to buy guns

Aug 20025fullthrottle888

John Lasseter

Aug 20025owen rixon

How to do soft lens effect...?

Aug 20025Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Sound environnement in your movies

Aug 20025EmmanuelFR

A question ... Clouds videos

Aug 20025Sokar

Do u Know that music?

Aug 20025Greyo

Credits with outtakes

Aug 20025danmec

Blue screen without the blue screen?

Aug 20025Anonymous

007 films

Jul 20025Rawree

Penultimate Useful Links List (PULL, ho ho ho)

Jul 20025codabar

Sword/Saber Choreography Help

Jul 20025Hajiku_Flip

Guide to Star Wars Filmmaking

Jul 20025bigjgrimz

Make Your Own Video Sleeves

Jul 20025bigjgrimz

Getting shot....

Jul 20025Anonymous

Blood tweening

Jul 20025Rawree

A Quick Question

Jul 20025Anonymous

MS DV codec v's MainConcept DV codec Test results

Jun 20025BDOG

Catastrophic Smoke

Jun 20025Hajiku_Flip

what can i use to change 30fps to 24fps

Jun 20025b4uask30male

Anime style background

Jun 20025TheLimey

Max res that Alam can handle?

Jun 20025Platinum

Final Cut Pro 3

Jun 20025scoop70

vampire dusting from alamdv trailer

Jun 20025Greyo


Jun 20025Vega70

Sound issue & bullet time swirls (was:Two Questions...)

Jun 20025Anonymous

Coming soon...Canon GL2

Jun 20025PoloKuo

Hey Sollthar, what morphing program do you use?

May 20025sidewinder

3D Question. a few questions.

May 20025X

need pics! (ariel photography of new york )

May 20025Anonymous

Death Star Hanger

May 20025bigjgrimz

AVI to Mpeg

May 20025Anonymous

HOw to do i get the gun flashes in AE!

May 20025abdarrules

Host for Films



May 20025Andreas

The answer to film softenss available October 2002

May 20025amblix

green screen effect

May 20025Anonymous

How do i do the MI2 mask pull effect please help

May 20025ChesterLC

Fighting sounds

Apr 20025Anonymous

Is there anyway to convert a .mov movie into mpeg on a mac?

Apr 20025Dan545


Apr 20025MechaForce

Another question for Sollthar

Apr 20025mighty_joe

Green glow

Apr 20025Cptnchaos

need help with bryce4!

Apr 20025billy3d

How can i make a Matrix move???

Apr 20025embi


Apr 20025Andreas


Apr 20025Anonymous

is after effects considered a 3d program?

Apr 20025sfbmovieco

Need Music?

Apr 20025GodDjango

Footage in Cinema 4D XL

Apr 20025av11d

How do I get Cinematic Quality??

Mar 20025Anonymous

Ghostbuster Gun Effect

Mar 20025Anonymous


Mar 20025justakid

Referral Fee!

Mar 20025AshamanHo

Question to Sollthar

Mar 20025Anonymous

Lighting a greenscreen

Mar 20025Anonymous

Lost my serial numbers for registered DV2

Mar 20025Anonymous

Does anyone want to...

Mar 20025Cypher

Bullet Time and AlamDV

Mar 20025Anonymous

Helicopters and aircraft.

Mar 20025majordirector

Green / Blue Screen

Mar 20025Neo

Predator-esque camoflauge

Mar 20025ChillFactor

need to picka mindv CAMcorder

Mar 20025Anonymous

Night/dark lighting techniques/filming techniques.

Feb 20025sidewinder

putting MPG files together

Feb 20025Orion

Beginner's tutorial, please contribute...

Feb 20025Inker

Need Ideas for Film

Jan 20025FLiP

Battledriod Voice

Jan 20025zappatilias

1 Person in Different Spots.

Jan 20025FLiP

Matrix Bullettime Sounds

Jan 20025zappatilias

Got Another Question - Glowing Eyes....

Jan 20025BackOfTheHearse

Posting Videos in Cinema w/ Premiere

Jan 20025FLiP

What is the best way to compress my movie in QuickTime?

Jan 20025billy3d

Kung fu fight

Jan 20025hai44100

Good job on StarGate Sandwich

Jan 20025Anonymous

Terminator 2001 part 2

Jan 20025Timescape

Vampire Dusting Tutuorial?

Jan 20025Anonymous

DV Codec problems with AlamDV2

Dec 20015Joshua Davies

You call it CGI I believe

Dec 20015GodDjango

Futuristic Weapons

Dec 20015Anonymous

Terminator skin

Nov 20015mighty_joe

Import and Export AVI Formats

Nov 20015CableGuy316

Quicktime effects

Oct 20015otteypm

Quicktime is SCREWY. HELP!

Sep 20015Anonymous

Overlays? What are they?

Aug 20015Genius03

Sounds and Alamdv2??

Aug 20015Spawn

exporting to tape? what prog do u use?

Aug 20015Anonymous

Need Light Saber Sound Effects

Jul 20015Daveeyboy

Star Trek transporter beam

Jul 20015glemon

'Long Delayed Echo' -AE's Super 16mm short

Feb 20124Avenging Eagle

Bloody Shame: Short Comedy Film

Jan 20124ctbullet

New Mac Compatability with Lab Programs

Dec 201142xZProductions

Freestyle Snow Sports - Dubstep Video

Dec 20114ctbullet

Kuzmacinema Feature Script Competition

Nov 20114Myana

How to make a fork or knife stick in a person.

Oct 20114Viktorious

Rendering keeps freezing

Jul 20114FXhomer118195

Brand New Rode Mic has background noise

Jul 20114Viktorious

Six film makers wanted for music project

Jul 20114Yashrlt

Rendering Farms

Jul 20114Travis Kunze

What to look in a Microphone?

Jul 20114Viktorious

Windows 7 and Mic Problems

Jul 20114Viktorious

TT 700w Halogen Kit vs Work Lights

Jun 20114FXstudios99

DIY cheaper than Rosco piant?

Jun 20114matchyman

Video capture dilemma

Jun 20114lwmedia

New Music Video!

Jun 20114Randomlard101

SketchWork TV - Episode One - Enjoy

May 20114SketchWork

Creepy Lunchbreak

May 20114Dybvik

Free Production Music!

May 20114RodyPolis

Not sure where to post this. What do yout hink of my intro?

May 20114wildcats8100

60 FPS camera

Apr 20114Randito3

Looking for some footage - can you help?

Apr 20114Arktic

AIDAN 5 update

Apr 20114Bryan M Block

Harry David - Modern Day Romance - First Music Video

Mar 20114ctbullet

filmaker in distresssss!

Mar 20114FXhomer111117

Blender for Netbooks/Laptops

Feb 20114FXstudios99

soundtrack help

Jan 20114drspin98

Doom Digital's Youtube Channel

Jan 20114Doom Digital

Icarus + Final Cut Express?

Jan 20114joe billy

Transition Effect Name?

Jan 20114wdy

My Little Reality

Jan 20114Tommy92L

Panasonic HDC-TM55

Dec 20104FXstudios99

Requesting a voice over

Dec 20104retardchimp

Hey, just a few questions. Need some advice too.

Dec 20104Azulon'sAssassin

Clapper Loader/Focus Puller advice please!

Nov 20104Avenging Eagle

Vegas 10 help anyone low memory issue

Nov 20104Mad Mike

wings3d help.

Nov 20104Toruk Macto

Turn voice volume up

Nov 20104MyCreationTV com

Looking for CGI expert for a feature length war film

Nov 20104Storms Edge Productions

Meaning of crew delegation?

Nov 20104FXhomer130439

How do they achieve this?

Oct 20104wdy

After Effects HD help

Oct 20104Movie_Manic

'A Father's Revenge' Production Thread

Oct 20104Doom Digital

How to make someone float or hover

Oct 20104evg2005

How to make a music video

Oct 20104JemarcusOgletree

The Mobius Alley (promotional animation)

Sep 20104SlothPaladin

Vegas Rendering Problem

Sep 20104Zorn8

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platninum tutorials

Sep 20104yosterman

Digital Matte Paintings - Western X Web Series

Sep 20104spaghetti man

Usb and firewire ports.

Sep 20104Viktorious

Best way to convert from vegas?

Aug 20104Mad Mike

Title Sequence in Western X

Aug 20104spaghetti man

Dr Who tunnel

Aug 20104MDTVProductionz

SGP Man - Production Thread

Aug 20104Shadow013

Which processor is best suited for video editing on PC?

Aug 20104JUIDAR

Sci-fi pack or green screen pack?

Aug 20104jediwhiz3

Beach (Greenscreen)

Jul 20104JemarcusOgletree

Cloning, invisibility, and flying

Jul 20104austin44

hit by a car

Jul 20104austin44

Pedro The Lion - New Music Video

Jul 20104miker

The Last AirBender

Jul 20104JemarcusOgletree

Transition Effect?

Jul 20104wdy

Boujou Help

Jul 20104Bolbi

Parallels Desktop 5.0 for Mac - File Transfering

Jun 20104Singwolf

100% Free Film Scoring

Jun 20104Luke Labus is Awesome

Script Writing

Jun 20104Viktorious

Stock Footafe

Jun 20104Creative Media Production

Another AVCHD Question

Jun 20104myklgrant

The Last Airbender

May 20104Phoenix Studio Production

Live Chat with LOST Editor

May 20104SneakOnTheLot

"Explicit Exchange" -My first short film

May 20104NickF

Affordable motion control in the near future?

May 20104Axeman

How to make someone explode

May 20104evg2005

Can you do slow motion in Visionlab studio?

May 20104Arron_53

Action essentials 2

May 20104Poseidon1231


May 20104Jam Pot Studios

invisible skateboards - spike jonze

May 20104deano1174

Formatt Magazine - animated flipbook AE tutorial by me!

May 20104Arktic

Cheating the autogain controlls on your camera (7D, t2i)

May 20104Rockfilmers

A Request For HELP (VFX Artist)

Apr 20104CX3

Pitch Your Idea And Win $15,000

Apr 20104FXhomer66877

Short Film - Shot on Canon 5D - What do you think?

Apr 20104rcstudios_film

A Little Bit Of Matchmoving

Apr 20104pscamm

Demon creation

Apr 20104Mad Mike

magical smoke

Apr 20104Toruk Macto

Daniel's Pen - New Short Film

Apr 20104Ste

Flying WIP

Apr 20104StupidLikeAFox

Terminator Sound Effect

Mar 20104Metro City Mayor

Stop Motion Animation in Sony Vegas

Mar 20104FXstudios99

How to create moving shadows around an actor

Mar 20104evg2005

aerial footage remote helicopter with Canon 5d / 7d

Mar 20104b4uask30male

lavalier microphone

Feb 20104fxmaniac

Land of Chaos film, wizards, dragons

Feb 20104b4uask30male

THAT Dr Who time tunnel thingy

Feb 20104Vega70

Best Camera Support?

Feb 20104FXhomer34140

car hit effect

Jan 20104FXhomer41269

Some of my new movies

Jan 20104Poseidon1231

special effects presets

Jan 20104Toruk Macto

Hv20 import into Vegas

Jan 20104TheOutlawAmbulance

I Need Help With Human Torch Effect

Jan 20104Amentahj

Last call for Trailer/Promos/Teasers or Ads

Jan 20104TMR

MiniDV tapes £2 for 2

Jan 20104pdrg

Time-lapse footage of London

Jan 20104Movie_Manic


Jan 20104BIMO

Recommended Standard Definition Camcorder

Dec 20094movinforward

Music composing

Dec 20094PLANB

Whats the best Lens to buy for camera

Dec 20094evg2005

Lighting panning shots?

Dec 20094Jabooza

Interested in composing music for a short film for free.

Dec 20094Remco Gerritsen

Codec Pluggins Question

Dec 20094The Nemesis2161

Storyboard paper - make your own...

Dec 20094pdrg

Record scratch sound effect

Dec 20094royohz

Money for virals - wooshii

Dec 20094pdrg

Movie Magic (the show)

Dec 20094The Chosen One

Action essentials two

Dec 20094C92094

Antique car scenes, but no antique cars...

Dec 20094pixelboy

Project Updates and premieres and other stuff..

Nov 20094Bryan M Block

royalty free greenscreen people in motion

Nov 20094will22

Avoiding reflection in window

Nov 20094ChromeHeart

Broken glass door.

Nov 20094FXhomer92801

Rip arm off

Nov 20094PLANB

camcorder date/time font

Nov 20094videofxuniverse

Help With Some Old Noir Esq Music

Nov 20094The Nemesis2161

Slit Scan Photgraphy

Oct 20094Chao2

Sony Vegas Plattinum 9, rendering?

Oct 20094Biblmac


Oct 20094Joecool1081


Oct 20094TheOutlawAmbulance

Question Regarding Smoke Effect.

Oct 20094FXhomerTony

About using greenscreens, what colors can I use.

Oct 20094Fxhome Dude

Understanding cloning

Oct 20094Sick Boy

how to enlarge the preview screen

Oct 20094C92094

Website widgets

Sep 20094TheOutlawAmbulance

Pal to Ntsc

Sep 20094teenagelobotomy

Canon XL1 service / repairs

Sep 20094Overthefields

Sony Vegas Widescreen?

Aug 20094Biblmac

Film I was in several years ago, finally up online

Aug 20094Bryan M Block

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