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Aug 20094TheOutlawAmbulance

Audio and Video out of synch

Aug 20094Bucees

Liquid latex.

Aug 20094Viktorious

Sharing video editing files between computers?

Aug 20094Airsoft Studios

Color Theory for Cinematographers

Jul 20094The Chosen One

artist/photoshop expert needed for short film project.

Jul 20094daigoro

Extra...quiet blanks?

Jul 20094druguer

HELP! with lighting.

Jul 20094doppelganger

Futuristic Fingrint GUI Intro

Jul 20094JustinL

The Stepford Wives Recut Trailer

Jul 20094A l e x

HV20 flip hack.

Jul 20094doppelganger

Thrown Away - Experimental Short

Jun 20094FCRabbath

Request : Crowd sounds =D

Jun 20094amoor1995

A LANC for under $25.00 (US)? Are You Kiddin' Me?

Jun 20094RodgerDodger

War of the Worlds Request

Jun 20094FXhomerTony

HD camcorders

Jun 20094videofxuniverse

Green Screen Tests

Jun 20094Poseidon1231

Terminator Salvation script?

Jun 20094MoltenWhale

How could I create something similar to this?

Jun 20094No Degradation

Question with film editing, "motion control blend"

May 20094JoelM

Gamer - Trailer

May 20094No Respite Productions

Fuelled - A Level Media Film

May 20094Phileep

Sci fi gear

May 20094druguer

AE CS3 project

May 20094Richard Summers

New Human Torch

May 20094Poseidon1231

Green Screen Bakgrounds

May 20094Benbru

Preset program

May 20094Poseidon1231

New Film I did

May 20094Poseidon1231

Amazing fan film

May 20094Bryan M Block


May 20094sir alex

I went to Premeire of RECON 2023 SCI FI LONDON

May 20094b4uask30male

Need Logo/Poster for Short Film

May 20094Snook360

Old West Themed Music Video for Folk rock band

Apr 20094Shearer30

Magician On A Mission

Apr 20094Phileep

Good Microphone for Sound Recording?

Apr 20094No Degradation

.TOD file method

Apr 20094Torrit

Somersault and land on ground without stuntman!

Apr 20094Lowhelan

RED SKY - Teaser

Apr 20094FCRabbath

Create a plug in

Apr 20094steve1966

Help with vector graphics in After Effects CS3

Apr 20094Coureur de Bois

Copyright Details for Documentary

Apr 20094Thrawn

Making a title become part of the background?

Mar 20094Airsoft Studios

Free Music Files for use in your films

Mar 20094No Respite Productions

Bravo Rising - An Elite Sci-fi short film

Mar 20094ctbullet

HV30 & YouTube Formatting issue

Mar 20094MoltenWhale

Need A Camera, Now Nothing About Them?

Mar 20094Rollercoasterfreak

Working with strangers?

Mar 20094Horcruxes88

Trying to achieve the "Perfect Scene"

Mar 20094fisher

Original Quality Music for your Film !

Mar 20094roamin

Chavular - Trailer for upcoming short film

Mar 20094No Respite Productions

Snow explosions?

Mar 20094Cougar

CELTX issues a new release 2.0

Mar 20094Bryan M Block

SoundSnap no longer free!

Mar 20094mikeh

Are there any widescreen 720 by 480 stock footages?

Feb 20094Lerman Productions

Need a white background

Feb 20094Lerman Productions

Video Hosting

Feb 20094FXstudios99

Nature Valley commercial effect

Feb 20094ElDiablo

Awesome music video

Feb 20094Mellifluous

video we shot on the RED

Feb 20094KennyCouch


Jan 20094Rockfilmers

1000's Of Photoshop Brushs

Jan 20094The Chosen One

Random 24p question...

Jan 20094aargh

Super Speed Sound Please

Jan 20094Darth Fughog

New LED panel lights

Jan 20094FXhomer61785

Final Submission Deadline For Nbff- Jan 30

Jan 20094newport

green or blue with sand

Jan 20094Rockfilmers

Video i did

Jan 20094Poseidon1231

Anyone know if this is a good website?

Jan 20094MoltenWhale

Moroi - Trailer (my first short movie) Feedback?

Jan 20094Walt

Syntheyes match move help.

Dec 20084danielchallans

Transparent Background on the Web

Dec 20084MarkinMN56374

Got a GL2! -Some Shooting Questions

Dec 20084Snook360

Fxhome Movie Maker?!

Dec 20084GBP4563

CG Fireworks

Dec 20084StupidLikeAFox

Female voice over

Nov 20084MoltenWhale

Quick Question! (Can Be Deleted When Answered)

Nov 20084CX3

Hitlist episode 1 beta

Nov 20084videofxuniverse

Using Blood Stock Footage

Nov 20084cinemafreak

Undercranking/ Jarred effect in Premiere

Nov 20084mikeh

Good, Cheap Tripod

Nov 20084Adman

Filmmaking FOR Dummies BY Dummies

Nov 20084Howcast Filmmakers

Studio Headphones Anyone?

Nov 20084SGB

World war 2 weapons website i found

Nov 20084goddard996

SH Productions presents 'Nightfall - Pilot' Production Diary

Oct 20084Balketh

Read my script!

Oct 20084Mellifluous

Lens Flare

Oct 20084Bolbi

Did you take any of these courses at Uni?

Oct 20084Avenging Eagle

Lightsaber Ignition

Oct 20084Joecool1081

Movie Effects?

Oct 20084MoltenWhale

Halloween Hole

Oct 20084iggy35


Oct 20084jmax

I restarted my channel

Oct 20084Lerman Productions

Splitting the footage

Oct 20084FXhomer85895

URGENT help required

Oct 20084Avenging Eagle

how to Smokin' Aces/Snatch intro?

Oct 20084Floro Solo

Free HD xp software?

Oct 20084PSFreak

Youtube feedback

Sep 20084MoltenWhale

software for recording a specific timeframe of a dvd

Sep 20084druguer

New movie trailer

Sep 20084hippa03

Which camera is better?

Sep 20084prokidsfilms

Canon XH A1

Sep 20084RyanMichael

quantmm leap returns and help needed!

Sep 20084frankimagic

What do you think

Sep 20084Tommy92L

Adobe Premiere Elements HD Export?

Sep 20084mikeh

New Camera

Sep 20084thevidkid66

Linking VIMEO video as FXhome Cinema

Sep 20084cottonproductions

Earth Gets hit by a fire storm!

Sep 20084Tommy92L

Pinnacle 12

Aug 20084JasonX1024


Aug 20084Tommy92L

Adobe After Effects

Aug 20084PSFreak

The stuff they don't teach you in Media Studies...

Aug 20084pdrg

GREMLINS professional FAN FILM !

Aug 20084Sacha Feiner

Converting .AVI file into an uncompressed Quicktime

Aug 20084FilthyRichy

cool site for green screen backgrounds

Aug 20084RigomrtsFX


Aug 20084MoltenWhale

Apocalypse Now?

Aug 20084JasonX1024

after effects tutorials

Aug 20084matchyman

slow motion

Aug 20084Artic

Questions Regarding Shooting and Selling Stock Footage

Aug 20084Snook360

Vietnam Movie!

Aug 20084JasonX1024

Starting a hobby of film making...

Aug 20084str4bullet

Adding objects to backgrounds

Aug 20084rocketman

Anyone want $20 for a simple thing?

Aug 20084RyanZ

My first video...Help!

Jul 20084Magothy Entertainment

Vine sound effect

Jul 20084RodyPolis


Jul 20084White Eagle Entertainment

how to create thunder or stop time?

Jul 20084FXhomer41070

I finally found a 48hour Film race

Jul 20084Horcruxes88

Free Font for Movie Posters

Jul 20084Bryan M Block

Pixelated Colors in Final Cut...please Help!

Jul 20084chase

Star Wars Dark Resurrection movie!

Jul 20084Mellifluous

Will this work- green screen effect

Jul 20084RyanZ

Looking for a tip

Jul 20084RyanZ

Stock Footage

Jun 20084Travis Kunze

Buying Fireworks for Miniature Explosions

Jun 20084Snook360


Jun 20084Shanghai

Raw Footage

Jun 20084Singwolf

Semi-pro quality camcorders for around £500

Jun 20084Ste

Free Stock Photo Sites

Jun 20084The Chosen One

Stephen Colbert's new contest

Jun 20084Qbeck

Level 7, KOM II, and At The Top production diary

Jun 20084The Nemesis2161

You make the call...what should i add to my movie!?

Jun 20084RyanZ

Unofficial FX ShowCase Thread

Jun 20084Tommy92L

Bryan brings you another FREE plugin for your NLE:

Jun 20084Bryan M Block

Need Sony Mic Adapter (VMC K100)

Jun 20084BlackIceFilms

After Effects help

Jun 20084Joecool1081

More Free stock footage

Jun 20084Jambuster

The Murder..My New Short Movie!

Jun 20084FXhomer2191

Sony HDR-SR10E

Jun 20084new kid


May 20084JasonX1024

Doritos: Beats Any Snack!

May 20084Junuc Kleen

pro camera firewire?

May 20084The FE

My Doritos Ad

May 20084Avenging Eagle


May 20084riftmaster

Best way of rendering for youtube

May 20084cottonproductions

Using Handbrake Files to Import Into FinalCut

May 20084cooldude

Requesting Star Trek sound effects

May 20084cottonproductions

Can Someone create this for me?

May 20084The Nemesis2161

A short little test

May 20084RodyPolis

Realistic effects and Stock footage

Apr 20084Singwolf

Phone Calls

Apr 20084whelshizer

Cinematic sound effects

Apr 20084PLANB

3d object

Apr 20084jesseborchert

replica guns

Apr 20084stevehawking

Video Trace- Really Neat Program

Apr 20084epeterson

Anyone From La?

Apr 20084chase


Apr 20084jesseborchert

Importing files

Apr 20084Preston11

Flying Text

Apr 20084Z films


Apr 20084White Eagle Entertainment

Interactive Horror Short

Apr 20084Supadave

Green-Screen Monitor

Mar 20084FXhomer36282

Create a scene involving shooting.

Mar 20084FXhomer59508

Update on IKARI

Mar 20084JUIDAR

Who Needs a Movie?

Mar 20084Atom

Feeling on Comedy

Mar 20084RelaxRelapse

getting new camcorder

Mar 20084Nate F

Exporting from Demo Version

Mar 20084DVStudio

External Mic

Mar 20084RodyPolis

Xbox 360...

Mar 20084D3L3T10N

FXHome Should make a Vent on http:/

Mar 20084samaltman

Movie i made

Feb 20084Poseidon1231

apple motion or adobe after effects

Feb 20084Darth Stazz the Powerful


Feb 20084White Eagle Entertainment

Gun laws...

Feb 20084D3L3T10N

help with set design

Feb 20084Artic

Adding Wings

Feb 20084RelaxRelapse

Video Reviews

Feb 20084Joecool1081

Documentary research

Feb 20084cjbalways

Lasers in 3ds Max

Feb 20084druguer

Youtube Short Movie

Feb 20084Ben Whelan

Apple Shake 4 Help

Feb 20084KA Productions

Need someone for some small FX work... EDIT: Help found!

Feb 20084angelx

Interesting site that you may find useful...

Feb 20084Thrawn

Anyone here use YouSendIt?

Feb 20084RodgerDodger

Ten Minute Film School

Feb 20084RodgerDodger

World's End Production Diary

Feb 20084mad eye123

Some music for my new film...

Jan 20084The Nemesis2161


Jan 20084AXE

HD Footage onto DVDs Help

Jan 20084Dancamfx

What is the best Codec to use?

Jan 20084Fugly

Cracked LCD moniter

Jan 20084Shadowlord

Converting to Widescreen?

Jan 20084Sudrunk Monkey

Error while installing photoshop

Jan 20084SGB


Jan 20084D3L3T10N

Stock Footage?

Jan 20084SlikProductions

can this be done Motion Phase filter

Jan 20084RigomrtsFX

Effect help

Jan 20084Joecool1081

Story Help!

Jan 20084Shadowlord

James Bond

Jan 20084White Eagle Entertainment

starting war movie project

Jan 20084wahwahweewah

Get HDV camera donated?

Jan 20084Cougar

Iam Using Windows Movie Maker For Vista And ..

Jan 20084djomid1

Sound effects website

Dec 20074Ben Whelan

Vision Lab Studio vs Fusion

Dec 20074AquariunGuru

Canon Xh A1 footage into Vision Lab Studio - Formats

Dec 20074AquariunGuru

Dead Christmas - Video

Dec 20074A l e x

Need help finding a piece of audio (surprise, scare, shock)

Dec 20074JoelM

Firewire 800 vs SATA?

Dec 20074the Fiddler

LOST intertitle animation how to?

Dec 20074gcjennings

Final Cut Express Problem

Dec 20074be56

Funding for under 18's (UK)

Dec 20074Avenging Eagle

Need Ideas

Dec 20074be56

In Production: Stargate Fan Film!

Dec 20074Travis Kunze

Interviews 101?

Dec 20074Oboys

halo diorama figures

Dec 20074druguer

capture software

Dec 20074drspin98

I need help with green screen

Dec 20074RodyPolis

Which is the most usefull to you?

Nov 20074Mr_E_Man

Lighting Green Screen

Nov 20074Xanikoo

School Project

Nov 20074TAH

encoding time

Nov 20074DVStudio

new idea for film

Nov 20074joshh

Sad music in need

Nov 20074Tommy92L

Need some good earth photos

Nov 20074video fx universe

Implementing Stock Footage

Nov 20074cinemafreak

need help with importng files!

Nov 20074DVStudio


Nov 20074Mr_E_Man

Trouble with Vue 6 PLE

Nov 20074cinemafreak

Stay Safe - Short Film / Advert Spoof

Nov 20074A l e x

Air compressor problems

Nov 20074MrGoodbomb

Are rubber latex and liquid latex (uncolored) the same?

Oct 20074MrGoodbomb

The song "Ready Steady Go!"

Oct 20074Rockfilmers

My 3D Studio Max BMW

Oct 20074video fx universe

Mac and Fxhome Please Respond

Oct 20074RyanMichael


Oct 20074RodyPolis

Cockpit Filming

Oct 20074Lukemax

I need to make my mouth go away...

Oct 20074FXhomer40134

SAW 4 rips off Bears Be Scared?

Oct 20074gamesdv

How TV Really Works

Oct 20074pdrg


Oct 20074108077854

3d question

Oct 20074The Nemesis2161

Noise reducer

Oct 20074RodyPolis

Film Racing Grand Prix 2007 | Can you make a film in 100hrs?

Oct 20074NYC Midnight

Import file degrades

Oct 20074mikeb8

horror music?

Oct 20074Tommy92L

Mac OSX Camcorder Capture

Oct 20074A l e x

HDV camera for cheap price in USA?

Oct 20074Ste

digital juice tutorials

Oct 20074cdolsen

You Like?

Sep 20074Cerberes

PSA - Freedom of Expression

Sep 20074KA Productions

Letter of intent! ?help!

Sep 20074b4uask30male

Car explosion Update

Sep 20074RodyPolis

Any suggestions on encasing someone or something in ice?

Sep 20074RustyHale

MIDI to WAV convertion

Sep 20074Rockfilmers

EP Budgeting vs. all other budgeting software

Sep 20074LoveMinusZero

Compositing - Cop Spoof

Sep 20074heeeeeresjonny

sony vegas 7.0 tutorials

Sep 20074whelshizer

Fish Animation

Sep 20074Rockfilmers

Color In Grey Video Effect

Sep 20074WorldFamousFilms

Free Stock Footage

Sep 20074szczepanski

Need Everyone's Opinion!

Sep 20074aargh

web slinging

Sep 20074FXhomer24158

Raising budget with 20k? Composer Thomas Rydell

Aug 20074FXhomer25626

Transparent Display Monitors

Aug 20074DaFlea

Why does it never have sound?!

Aug 20074Link123456

check out ma 35mm adapter!

Aug 20074RicanJoe

Making your own LENSES

Aug 20074The Nemesis2161

Where did that button go?

Aug 20074JUIDAR

ok, modelling advice needed

Aug 20074NeoMatrix

Gleam effect needed

Aug 20074RodyPolis

Put in a skin cut in post

Aug 20074RedLynx908

How to make this effect?

Aug 20074Jamie yu

Sound Design

Aug 20074The Nemesis2161

New video upsizing plugin for After Effects

Aug 20074Dee Mon

Free 3D models

Aug 20074SilverDragon7

Title Sequence maker

Aug 20074The Nemesis2161


Aug 20074Poseidon1231

Wondering how to grade parts of large clips from FC in FXL..

Jul 20074cooldude

making stock footage

Jul 20074fxmaniac

Green Screen?

Jul 20074coolxloser

Anybody have any experiences?

Jul 20074Phantom48

A fly actor.

Jul 20074KA Productions

SFX - Blowing up a building...

Jul 20074The Nemesis2161

logos help?

Jul 20074notoriusc

stop animation

Jul 20074joshh


Jul 20074Biblmac

speeder sounds

Jul 20074BEEF

300Watt Video light?

Jul 20074RicanJoe

Horror hits?

Jul 20074KA Productions

exporting from final cut

Jul 20074cooldude

Royalty Free Music

Jul 20074SlickV19

Vegas 7 tutorials

Jun 20074KA Productions


Jun 20074FXhomer33001

Critisism of a Film Wanted

Jun 20074Quvoo

Trailer sounds needed

Jun 20074videofxuniverse

A fun little movie

Jun 20074SilverDragon7


Jun 20074PLANB

Particle explosion

Jun 20074Joecool1081

Jvc Gy Hd

Jun 20074dawookiehunter

Good NLE's

Jun 20074Biblmac

What kind of material should i use? help

Jun 20074doppelganger


Jun 20074klaymen95


Jun 20074Joecool1081

Video hosting question

Jun 20074drspin98

im looking for a 3D tracker.

Jun 20074morph5690

Saving Privat Ryan effects

Jun 20074FXhomer2224

Your friendly Neighborhood VO guy

Jun 20074The Skull Hunter

A YouTube-Like for Cinema Tutorials

Jun 20074Zea


Jun 20074Joecool1081

Be a dead body... CORPSE IT UP!

Jun 20074nanafanboy

special effects material

Jun 20074cdolsen

Stock fotage

May 20074Rockfilmers

Film production software : Making a shot list for your film

May 20074jnjosh

Morphing software

May 20074RedLynx908

best way to layer something on screen

May 20074RedLynx908

Hi all! I need some help ='( +anyone with an JVC Everio?

May 20074Katelyn

Music Videos

May 20074fxmaniac

looking for help in shoots

May 20074RedLynx908

Severed Limbs


cinema 4D question

May 20074jeroen1234


May 20074Joecool1081

Sound editing.

May 20074Regor Hammer


Apr 20074FXhomer17851

Stock Footage Help...

Apr 20074mikeh

New site + vfx shots

Apr 20074mattio

two cameras, one choice

Apr 20074cooldude

Voice effect

Apr 20074Joecool1081

direct link from

Apr 20074doppelganger

Musicvideo & Film Competitions

Apr 20074Andreas

Making cheap movie armor links

Apr 20074Bryan M Block


Apr 20074Joecool1081

looking for a £300 camcorder

Apr 20074japan1

Animation assistance...

Apr 20074smier33

Roles of a film industry

Apr 20074B3N

over another person

Apr 20074lewisbates1991

more people

Apr 20074lewisbates1991

transform effect?

Apr 20074doppelganger

Need A Clip, Can You Shoot It?

Apr 20074SpaDeKo


Apr 20074The Editing Room

Blender people help

Mar 20074doppelganger

AlamDV Q

Mar 20074morph5690

I want to teach myself

Mar 20074RedLynx908

Ideas for a Glowing Ley Line Effect ala The Dresden Files

Mar 20074Greybro

HELP with Wide-angle adapter

Mar 20074BringPopcorn

"The Movies" game as a storyboarding tool?

Mar 20074jjuerss

SLIGHTLY URGENT: Using an XL2 Mic with a different camera

Mar 20074Super Cameraman

Terminator Overlay

Mar 20074gulfy32

film makers website

Mar 20074peter huish

Adding blades to BYB Sabers

Mar 20074NickD

D for Dragon Trailer/teaser

Mar 20074shadu

Vegas and a secondary display

Feb 20074The Siege

uniforms and outfits

Feb 20074japan1

How to write a proper formal letter to gain right to music?

Feb 20074wdy

light saber Q

Feb 20074morph5690

Problem opening video into Pinicle Studio

Feb 20074jumpin joe

Tutorial Writing

Feb 20074The Duelist

AVI compressor

Feb 20074Paulcan38

Camera ain't working...kinda. Help?

Feb 20074Clintorules

My series.

Feb 20074KA Productions

Film to Shadow

Feb 20074Spency

Neon Lasers Mask Help

Jan 20074PLANB

URGENT: Please Help! -Looking For Tutorial Of TEXT ON WALL

Jan 20074TVK

Just a quick sound question

Jan 20074Adman

Free Stock Footage Resource and project update...

Jan 20074Bryan M Block

Mounting RODE on a Tripod

Jan 20074NickD

downloading stuff from detonation films

Jan 20074Christofer Matthias

The power of sound/editing. Clip - Scary Seinfeld

Jan 20074miker


Jan 20074Goldwing Productions

Bad footage , Camcorder suggestion ?

Jan 20074FXhomer12989

Music for Film !

Jan 20074roamin


Jan 20074Horcruxes88

describing how hard it is to handle movieset prices

Jan 20074PLANB

Hand held JIB, brand new! check it out!

Jan 20074b4uask30male


Jan 20074Goldwing Productions

That Commercial Look...

Jan 20074Thriller

Cinema 4d render to Final Cut (or any NLE i guess)

Jan 20074NuttyBanana

Tips or Tricks for music videos?

Jan 200744Starters

Is it good or awfull?

Jan 20074Halivud Estevez

New Site

Jan 20074FCRabbath

Need effects help for 'classic' scifi movie

Jan 20074ChapelGroveFilms

BTTF Effect need some help?

Jan 20074Trekdude

Free Adobe software for photos and sound

Jan 20074petet2

iPod used as mics? Cheap alternative?

Jan 200744Starters

what do you think to this mic?

Jan 20074skywalker dan

my logo, what do you think?

Jan 20074skywalker dan

fx home/effects lab pro/composit lab pro logos

Dec 20064Underdog Productions

Fire test

Dec 20064visualchaos

Puzuki | Public Domain Stock Footage Project

Dec 20064Puzuki

Chroma vs. Difference

Dec 20064cinemafreak

Episode 3 keying footage

Dec 20064michelerusso

Muzzle Flash Visibility Question

Dec 20064Jazzmanian


Dec 20064sgtsubmarine

houdini almost free

Dec 20064cdolsen

Need movie ideas PLEASE!

Dec 20064Jrad

i cut my own arm off!

Dec 20064Snaffle J. Bean


Dec 20064chipmandoo

Request for help with animation

Dec 20064smier33

HD important question

Dec 20064jgtrox2

Where to find HDV camcorders?

Dec 20064CurtinParloe

Vision lab laser blasts,

Dec 20064leonado2

Camera Effect

Dec 20064jojodungy92

make up effects products

Nov 20064Regor Hammer

need help with a white room

Nov 20064tommynator

Cinema Tools?

Nov 20064Jrad

Another (!) camera question.

Nov 20064drspin98

Good camera?

Nov 20064FXhomer18521

Blowing up miniatures. . .safely :)

Nov 20064Christofer Matthias

need some help

Nov 20064rathgeber films

Having difficulty copying my own DVD..

Nov 20064Regor Hammer

uk location finder

Nov 20064cdolsen

Question on the Sony DCR-TRV130

Nov 20064Jazzmanian

Sin City Effect

Oct 20064Blanche and Stella

greenscreen fabric?

Oct 20064jojodungy92


Oct 20064Orin Warren

Question about widescreen etc.

Oct 20064Malthar

Horror Stock Footage?

Oct 20064Thriller

Die Hard 12!

Oct 20064mattio

Getting Started with Filmmaking

Oct 20064Anne

File hosting

Oct 20064Multiwagon

Hosting for FXhome cinema movie?

Oct 20064rathgeber films

Portable lighting

Oct 20064Orange3289


Oct 20064Dancamfx

Im back with some questions.

Sep 20064HandsomeScholars

Rough Cut of 1st vid

Sep 20064Justawallet


Sep 20064owen rixon

cheap and easy filters

Sep 20064ectoace

Capturing Video With Vegas 6 - A Couple Questions

Sep 20064Harvey

someone posted your link on our forums

Sep 20064studentfilmmakers

Rode Videomic Headphone Audio?

Sep 20064mattio

Lens Question

Sep 20064Jazzmanian

UK filmmakers needed for innovative musical project!

Sep 20064Chrislad

Green screen

Sep 20064hippa03

TV For grading

Sep 20064epeterson

green screen question

Sep 20064geigel1

3D test

Sep 20064CurtinParloe

Azden SGM-X microphone?

Sep 20064mattio

Render farms or a new bad-ass p.c.?

Sep 20064druguer

Photoshop help...! Grrr1

Sep 20064Professsor

Filming. At last. Guns and strippers. Need people. Over.

Sep 20064Two Gunned Saint

The Good Things

Aug 20064Jazzmanian

stock footage

Aug 20064Madfork2002

Terminator Short

Aug 20064Mugsy42

Fireball Sound Effect

Aug 20064moneyball32

compressing video files

Aug 20064Gman 007

Sometimes you just want to cry!

Aug 20064TommyB

The Care and Feeding of your Monitor

Aug 20064Jazzmanian

NEW! National Exposure! New Orleans FF Competition

Aug 20064FXhomer16795

The Dumb Alien Movie!

Jul 20064Big Man

People in the UK - selling a cam?

Jul 20064Chrislad

"Backlash" Production Journal

Jul 20064EVW2K

Effects Test Trailer

Jul 20064TSFilm

Very Random Commercial

Jul 20064viper3139

Funding application.

Jul 20064Two Gunned Saint

Using Icarus with Premiere Pro on PC

Jul 20064EVW2K

Q:Challenge:How would you create a scene like this today?

Jul 20064marcus u

Site that pays you to upload

Jul 20064B3N

Q:Here is the maximum I need to do, now, what is the minimum

Jul 20064marcus u

Advice on capturing footage on a p.c.

Jul 20064druguer

I Found It! The Universal Sound Library!

Jul 20064Balketh

Dear sweet lord, are there any programs like this for pc...

Jul 20064marcus u

Anyone a writer?

Jul 20064Garfield Street

Trouble Capturing Video

Jul 20064Christofer Matthias

Greenscreen Lighting

Jul 20064brennanmceachran

How do I sumbit My own effects so that others can use them?

Jun 20064VRBstudios

Opening in Pinnacle or Adobe

Jun 20064DED Studios

Painting a wall green

Jun 20064ForeverYoung8

Worth upgrading to VisionLab from ELab and CLab Pro?

Jun 20064A Man

Creating realistic stage blood (7 recipes)

Jun 20064film freak

audio recording question

Jun 20064Empty Lunchbox

Generic Camera Problems.

Jun 20064Balketh

Scratchbuilding Sci-Fi Models Tutorial: Part 4

Jun 20064Empty Lunchbox

For Those Filmmakers who have money... this sites for you!

Jun 20064Professsor

Downloading plug-ins

Jun 20064Garfield Street

48 hour effects film

Jun 20064Tomfoolery Pictures

The FLYING ASS KICK BROTHERS! Production journal.

Jun 20064AAAx2

Making Film Titles and Credits, As Well As Animated Logos...

Jun 20064TVK

Dark Times poster 2

Jun 20064Maxy

prop gun replicas

Jun 20064shmede

Can i save my project to a disc

Jun 20064Gman 007

Need someone to convert a file for me...

Jun 20064alltheshway

2 important questions to start first film.

Jun 20064ChromeHeart

Detonations Films - UnitK-3

Jun 20064Vault FX

Replica guns

Jun 20064Mr Joe DeSantis

My Election Video

Jun 20064brennanmceachran

Lightsaber Ricochet Sounds

Jun 20064The World Is Yours

Comedy Central Test Pilot Contest

Jun 20064Jazzmanian

Selling films with a name

Jun 20064lwmedia

This is a very cool short movie

Jun 20064Jazzmanian

Need sound clip

May 20064marko508

Magic - Spells - Charmed SFX.

May 20064Sharp

Getting good audio gear

May 20064SlothPaladin

voice over

May 20064rathgeber films

Decrease Graniness

May 20064xperiment

Blury image

May 20064VRBstudios

How do you Incorperate Blender into Effectslab?

May 20064Gman 007

What is in your studio?

May 20064Darkest Hour

New Camcorder

May 20064NickD

Uncooperative Forces of Nature

May 20064Jazzmanian

How do you make you lightsword look like it is igniting

May 20064Gman 007

Urgent help from the professionals

May 20064Dilly2

Screen capture to video file output?

May 20064Jazzmanian

Coffee and Carnage Trailer

May 20064jonky64

I need sound bytes help, and I need it now. HELP!

May 20064ben3308

where can i upload my short film

May 20064FXhomer9244

using a NTSC camera in the uk

May 2006403ruby

Small scale buildings and terrains

Apr 20064druguer

Reverse Walk Help

Apr 20064epeterson

The orgin of Star Wars sound effects

Apr 20064film freak

Didn't back up to DV tape, rip from the DVD, Advice please?

Apr 20064Gaz

Tips on faking a car accident

Apr 20064Rocenos

Any ebooks about acting?

Apr 20064Kolchin

My dog singing, again

Apr 20064pixel876

When to grade?

Apr 20064petet2

Need sad song for my movie.

Apr 20064Remco Gerritsen

Saving Skye

Apr 20064sfbmovieco

Urgent Cast Needed!

Apr 20064TMR

Tarantinos My Best Friends Birthday (1987)

Apr 20064Andreas

Footage Color Problem

Apr 20064LilCaesars

Been gone for a while & need a few suggestions...

Apr 20064Taniko

Screenplay help

Mar 2006490hitpoints

Need a camera for a serious student filmmaker

Mar 20064Anth619

Action shooting, anyone interested?

Mar 20064Two Gunned Saint

requesting raw footage

Mar 20064starfan

movie Tittles

Mar 20064Justttt

I made a new movie

Mar 20064pixel876

Film Locations Library

Mar 20064blh

Whats the difference on these Panasonic cameras?

Mar 20064mattio

Fire needed!

Mar 20064cjbalways

an ancient vid site resurrected

Mar 20064cdolsen

Help! Background object appears in foreground!

Mar 20064rocketman

Where can I purchase a cd of high quality sound effects?

Mar 20064Squid

Can Premiere Elements support a widescreen format?

Mar 20064justaddwater

Reduce framerate in Final Cut?

Mar 20064starX

Star Wars credit roll

Mar 20064rathgeber films

xm2 batteries of ebay

Mar 20064ashman

Trailer* I remember...1837"

Feb 20064joebine

VX-2100 w/ glidecam

Feb 20064viper3139

Camera opperation under different temperatures

Feb 20064viper3139

People dancing in a nightclub

Feb 20064blh

Need an Arena

Feb 20064JUIDAR

Panasonic DVX100b

Feb 20064VisualFXGuy

Great new stock media website

Feb 20064Thriller

Video Hosting

Feb 20064Jeremy Davidson

Understanding Device Aspect Ratio and NTSC video

Feb 20064cinemafreak

Hyperscore - super simple music making program (for real)

Feb 20064Pooky

4 minutes short film need effects please help!

Feb 20064FXhomer9244

Magic Bullet Editors 2

Feb 20064Redhawksrymmer

The Dual video

Feb 20064Rehab

Looking for some documentary ideas..

Feb 20064wdy

Cinema 4D help

Feb 20064SMB

3d window needed please help

Feb 20064silencer

mpeg 4 convertor

Feb 20064sonysony

Opinions wanted on my antitobacco short

Feb 20064sk8npirate

My Godzilla Test fight

Feb 20064Big Man

Prop Ammunition Wanted

Feb 20064Arktic

Making Your Own Textures?

Feb 20064shadowninja1028

Here is something for everybody.

Feb 20064Lior

Need an Old Fashioned Countdown Timer

Feb 20064Cjad the Nord

Shrinking animation in Cinema 4d?

Feb 20064Klausky

1st 3D Model made

Feb 20064Klausky

Free 3d Program

Jan 20064carda

Question about movie credits.

Jan 20064jrg2134

Movie Production Help

Jan 20064dorrito2001

Should i get into movie making business or CGI stuff? Which?

Jan 20064hulkis2001

FXhome credit movies

Jan 20064Thriller

HELP! Premiere 6.0 madness!

Jan 20064terrytate

Looking for a video host (64 megs)

Jan 20064Hajiku_Flip

Music License

Jan 20064Roozer

filmmaking tips

Jan 20064ashman

Royalty free music

Jan 2006490hitpoints

video 2 images

Dec 20054fertesz

Euphoria Editing software

Dec 20054irishcult

Map effect

Dec 20054Clintorules

background screen

Dec 20054drspin98

Ramp in premiere

Dec 20054Underdog Productions

Need Feedback

Dec 20054Lord_Xor

A Maya question.

Dec 20054Lior

Please Critique my 64 Second Animation

Dec 20054Lord_Xor

New York Film Academy

Dec 20054dorrito2001

WMV to MOV or DV format?

Dec 20054pcremag

Advice on Pre-production timeline.

Dec 20054RudyPicardo

Military Stuff on Sale

Dec 20054Frozenpede

Another Good Link From Mr.Conspiracy

Dec 20054Thriller

Panasonic NV-MX300 3CCD Camera

Dec 20054mattio

Sony HDR-HC1

Dec 20054marko508

Making 3D Video.

Dec 20054Sharp

Cloud moving sequence

Dec 2005403ruby

ZR200 problem with importing footage using USB.

Nov 20054Fill

Ps2 Spastic Movement Add

Nov 20054ogrus

Terragen Pics

Nov 20054JT9

Neo's entrance...

Nov 20054Tommy Gundersen

Yes, another stock footage question :-)

Nov 20054CX3

Home Made Studios in the news + Bar Wars Pictures

Nov 20054Jeremy Davidson

Quake 4 VR backdrops

Nov 20054nanafanboy

Terragen help wanted

Nov 20054guarddog

Having Lightsword problems

Nov 20054pcremag

Awesome FREE Scriptwriting/Pre-Prod software

Nov 20054Deepcoiler

adobe premiere

Nov 20054Sensenmann

Broken Gets Publicity

Nov 20054Bugclimber

2CCD differences??

Nov 20054Julitium

Chromanator Tutorial: Converting 60i to 24p!!!!!!!!!

Nov 20054Ryan

Star trek transporting help

Nov 20054bat25

looking for stock footage of a moon

Oct 20054ashman

check out my new vid!!!!!

Oct 20054shiftd

Image based lightning (HDRI) how to do it?

Oct 20054shadu

looking to buy stock footage to compostie

Oct 20054ashman

The Admin Project WIP

Oct 20054swatdojo

Ghost soldier stuff..

Oct 20054shiftd

Starting camera

Oct 20054Kolchin

Questions about title creation

Oct 20054mikec10305

Sound, looking for a symbol from drum kit

Oct 20054ashman

Sony Vegas 6, Mpeg-2 audio Sync Problems... HELP!!!!

Oct 20054CowboyClippy

Going HD

Oct 20054TommyB

FX Films on TV?

Oct 20054ogrus

Clerks2 Video Journal

Oct 20054Andreas

Some Great Sound Effects

Sep 20054mattio

Do You Need Sounds Or Music? I Got Some.

Sep 20054Thriller

Blood stuff

Sep 20054ashman

I need your feedback on one of my film

Sep 20054mmmprod

Creating a believable alien

Sep 20054Klausky

I Need Germans!!!

Sep 20054ashman

Looking for music

Sep 20054ashman

"The Masterful Ferrari" - IN SPACE!

Sep 20054Lithium Kraft

Ww2 Guns

Sep 20054ashman

Movie title intro test

Sep 20054JoeyLawrence

does anyone know settings for BEST quality?

Sep 20054alexanderj

Export as widescreen from Windows Movie Maker

Sep 20054Rabbit Hole Pictures

Good camera for $700 or less- Panasonic GS150 or GS250?

Aug 20054DarkJedi07

adobe after effects theres no sound!

Aug 20054alexanderj

After Effects Clone Test

Aug 20054jerryfastcash

Cut and export problems

Aug 20054Sensenmann

DVD Authoring - Cannot see DVD name/chapters in WM Player

Aug 20054sthach83

Film Credit

Jul 20054geigel1

Fast and Free file storage

Jul 20054Zea


Jul 20054kimmer

Any Free Composers Out there

Jul 20054Justin10139

Whats best for filming

Jul 20054Vault FX

Need a specific 3D model if anyone can help...

Jul 20054Bryan M Block

iPod Flea Spoof Ad

Jul 20054ragnar

The Lego Clan

Jul 20054jonky64

Video Hosts

Jul 20054Rabbit Hole Pictures


Jul 20054tylerw

CG backgrounds for new movie

Jul 20054nanafanboy

EDIT: (download time faster) Innovation Studios animation

Jul 20054swatdojo

air compressor

Jul 20054anim8tor

cg stuff

Jul 20054swatdojo

Using Public Access Cameras

Jun 20054pzgamer825

Venom effect in spiderman

Jun 20054saiyan84

Need a logo for ELPRODUCTIONS

Jun 20054AAAx2

Canon Ultura

Jun 20054Bugclimber

Help, capture dv direct to DVD

Jun 20054b4uask30male

Color Question

Jun 20054Roozer

can someone help me

Jun 20054lennydee1

Composting into 3d: Tips

Jun 20054coldside

Building your own dolly.

Jun 20054Kentertainment Pictures


Jun 20054cjbalways

Check This out!

Jun 20054AAAx2

Broadcast Machine - Watch TV over Torrent

Jun 20054yellowmello

Animated Title



Jun 20054robosays21

Title Fading

Jun 20054kdehart

Lighting the Scene Right

Jun 20054Zea

Project Mayhem

Jun 20054anim8tor

Poor quality AVI's in Premiere

May 20054LightsCameraAction

How do You Stream Wmv

May 20054Justin10139

How do I convet Wmv to Mov

May 20054Justin10139

low compression?

May 20054shidiac

Seeking Free Noise Removal Program/Plugin

May 20054TheRenegade

Website for blood stains on walls

May 20054Anonymous Tipster

An Idea For A Plugin

May 20054xoric

how to get more force points

May 20054xoric


May 20054mastersmithson

Chromanator Q?

May 20054coldside

SOLDOR - Intro

May 20054Tommy Gundersen

Medieval / Roman type village graphics needed.

May 20054Nagual

Moving and Flying Objects...

Apr 20054b r o k e n f a i t h

Character Creation Software

Apr 20054Vault FX

Anyone seen "Intermezzo Dualis - Reloaded"?

Apr 20054BackOfTheHearse

What is LANC ?

Apr 20054GuitarsRule89

Hair in C4d??

Apr 20054Maetrix66

Compositing with camera movement.

Apr 20054Stoker

Cinema 4d help

Apr 20054NuttyBanana

Where can i find this attachment?

Apr 20054Sniped

digital audio recorders

Mar 20054thewizzard25

Opportunity to show your film!

Mar 20054coldside

Good/inexpensive external mic recommendations

Mar 20054I3i9 Ni9

Stupid question about PHP BB...

Mar 20054Remco Gerritsen questions...

Mar 20054wattofan

Adding rather than removing Audio noise

Mar 20054pboniface

Droids Plug-in Questions

Mar 20054wattofan

Help creating star wars text

Mar 20054silencer

Cheap, effective, online visual effects training: PixelCorps

Mar 20054padawanNick

3D animation

Mar 2005403ruby

different Motion in a single Clip

Mar 20054Kal

3D Text for OSX

Mar 20054iggy88

Faster edit tricks.

Mar 20054Two Gunned Saint

About Chromanator...

Mar 20054A Pickle

Photoshop Firstimer

Mar 20054viper3139

Slow motion

Mar 20054trottd02

recording sound to computer

Mar 20054cyborg

Deinterlace panning motion - Jerks a lot!!?? =(

Mar 20054nicmar

Somebody help this poor kid out, lol

Mar 20054Z28Jerry

How to waste your time correctly.

Mar 20054Katsu

War movie tips and ideas from verterans or anyone

Mar 20054Pathfinder

what the name of this music?

Mar 20054justangel2

Road Stunts

Feb 20054GuitarsRule89

A New Short

Feb 20054CX3

Countdown Effect

Feb 20054Xe2

Help with choosing right action music

Feb 20054tomekkr

Have you ever had this problem with a quicktime file?

Feb 20054Taniko

Event Video Intro - criticism please!

Feb 20054jjuerss

Multipull editors?

Feb 20054coldside

Movie Hosting

Feb 20054NuttyBanana

Plugin or 3D? Help!

Feb 20054coldside

Glare Removal

Feb 20054jstow222

**Costumes commentary ....

Feb 20054joebine

blender on my movies

Feb 20054obidean

Posibly a great deal on DCR VX2100

Jan 20054Pugz

Gl2 problems.....

Jan 20054jmill8886

How Do You Get Grants???

Jan 20054cinemafreak


Jan 20054gent23mj

CG Rain.

Jan 20054Two Gunned Saint

FUNGLISOFT, a french team which makes amateur movies

Jan 20054Vengeur

Which camera?

Jan 20054Godfather

Help out a starving artist

Jan 20054aargh

Putting edited movie back to camcorder with Vegas

Jan 20054obidean

Gradual Slow down of footage in Premiere Pro

Jan 20054Riese

Best Sound Effects Sites?

Jan 20054Vampiricyouthv

Sony TR-913e users rejoice! White-balance/aperture unlocked!

Jan 20054adamlightandmagic

Zombie Flicks....Tricks for doing them?

Dec 20044Deathstalker

panasonic NV-GS120

Dec 20044Vampiricyouthv

How about this idea

Dec 20044rdelavega

Need help (with starwars CG figures)

Dec 20044marcel

FCP Question

Dec 20044Coolguy4747

5.1 Surround and the Web

Dec 20044ragnar

Need image to finish bottom of severed head

Dec 20044lands

lightning effect question

Nov 20044geigel1

Killzone Sounds

Nov 20044Redhawksrymmer

did my thread about trackin things off screen get deleted?

Nov 20044justakid

Nov 20044ben3308

Interlacing my terrible looking footage? or what?

Nov 20044Denise CookXClam

home built dolly

Nov 20044wozzo

Capturing straight to HD?

Nov 20044TimmyD

Old British Uniform ??

Oct 20044joebine

compressing problems

Oct 20044angelir3cc

anyone create music for new series intro ?

Oct 20044b4uask30male

FX Cinema hosting a movie?

Oct 2004403ruby

Bullet Shirt Ripples: Help!

Oct 20044TimmyD


Oct 20044A Pickle

DVD burning help, multi angles

Oct 20044b4uask30male

Hey i have a test video, need host

Oct 20044baseer

Student film/educational Grants?

Oct 20044Thechess


Sep 20044anim8tor

Good Places to Get All Kinds of Music

Sep 20044Frozenpetasse

winmorph problem

Sep 20044Klut

Having a little fun on the long weekend

Sep 20044wdy

.m2v and .wav not in sync

Sep 20044sk8npirate

Online Visual Effects Training - PixelCorps

Sep 20044padawanNick

Chromanator and the real world in 360°

Aug 20044Sharp

Noise Reduction help with Goldwave

Aug 20044Denise CookXClam

Text to Speech

Aug 20044cott4477

Grading FX

Aug 20044Mr_E_Man

production company name in release forms?

Aug 20044thecarpets

Need feedback on a special effect

Aug 20044Kerfin

Minidisc Recording

Aug 20044Denise CookXClam

Advice Please

Aug 20044IMC

Walking Through Wall Effect

Aug 20044IMC

Adobe Premiere 6.5 Audio Problem

Aug 20044Serpent

Exporting to mini-dv tape

Aug 20044Greyo

I can't find it!

Aug 20044Underdog Productions

Does it really look like I'm flying?

Aug 20044rdelavega

"Crow" fanfilm. Have screenplay, looking for direc

Jul 20044birdmad girl

Wide screen look

Jul 20044hippa03

website help

Jul 20044batman303705

Legality of showing copyrighted materials in a movie

Jul 20044stix

UK residents ONLY: BBC talent New Filmmakers opportunity

Jul 20044Mellifluous

Need Little Explosion Sound Very Very Quickly

Jun 20044spidey

will a cd-rom with AVI on play on a MAC ?

Jun 20044b4uask30male


Jun 20044tylerw

credit logos needed

Jun 20044rocketman

How to do blood spurting effect

Jun 20044geigel1

Need rotoscoping practice

Jun 20044vaiovann

broadcast wave software....

Jun 20044justakid

Simple ageing technique.

Jun 20044Animator

Mpeg2 movies to a DVDR

Jun 20044boffa86

punch and exploisons sounds

Jun 20044Klut

Liquid Edition users?

Jun 20044jfigura

Cinema 4D Cloth

Jun 20044AndrewtheActorMan

Portable Phantom Power Source?

Jun 20044Aculag

Blade Runner Fan Film in production

Jun 20044HindSight Films

Canon GL2 Settings for greenscreening

Jun 20044Coop

radio voice

May 20044mthoward


May 20044Ryan

Old Commercial Jingle

May 20044Artifex

lightsaber glow

May 20044dakevil

Home-Made Green Screen

May 20044The Muffin Man

Morphing Program

May 20044RomBagProductions

Lighting Question

May 20044Serdar3500

Production looking for help from Fxhome community

May 20044wdy

How would i do this?

May 20044Viper54

Sound effects recording

May 20044gent23mj

Premier transparency

May 20044Denise CookXClam

Resident Evil Poster Contest

May 20044Mellifluous

need help

Apr 20044MovieGuy334

Blood: Kill Bill Style?

Apr 20044Brettsta

Creative Costuming

Apr 20044pboniface

After Effects Help

Apr 20044krazyk9999


Apr 20044static2k

Multi-Pass Rendering

Apr 20044neo_man89

lightning effect

Apr 20044donkey

Video to image series

Apr 20044Anonymous

texturing a record...

Apr 20044arch evil

music from radio

Apr 20044Spanish Prisoner

3D work

Mar 20044Serpent

Films made without alamdv

Mar 20044patrickmagic

Film look!

Mar 20044mardock

Text Software?

Mar 20044davidmalyn

"No cameras" sign.

Mar 20044Animator

FREE Screening opportiunity for your film/music video

Mar 20044Anonymous

My first short film

Mar 20044krazyk9999


Mar 20044mthoward

Wind Removal

Mar 20044jstow222

Filtering out a certain frequency in a sound clip

Mar 20044TAP2

Chromanator Background

Mar 20044mthoward

Apple's Soundtrack Software

Mar 20044Mantra

Looking for parts located in the UK

Mar 20044Anonymous

Cinema 4D CE 6

Mar 20044AndrewtheActorMan

Looking for grudgy black/white old footage look Premiere

Mar 20044wdy

Shield effect

Mar 20044shadu

Help on Animation Master!

Mar 20044carda

How can I stop the footage looking Pixelated?

Mar 20044cjbalways

greenscreen + 3d work

Mar 20044Anonymous

Golden Knight Film and Video Festival

Mar 20044hippa03

surpassing the profesionals

Mar 20044ssjaaron

Cinematography advancements

Feb 20044Bryce007

Cleaning cam lens?

Feb 20044Klown

Using my mousewheel as a Jog dial?

Feb 20044jjuerss

My new DVD burner is blinking , and will not eject, HELP!!!

Feb 20044LANCER

3D models?

Feb 20044carda

Visual FX for Independent Filmmaking (Article)

Feb 20044drdespair

DaTa Problem

Feb 20044MovieGuy334

Generic Camera Batteries

Feb 20044Coureur de Bois

Chromanator-Me getting shot in Hawaii-

Feb 20044jessy

Starwars force effeckts, which program besides Alamdv2?

Feb 20044Cirian

3d equalizer

Feb 20044billy3d

Is this effect possible with Chromanator?

Feb 20044Arktic

LOGO Sound Effects

Feb 20044MovieGuy334

Intro Music

Feb 20044Serpent


Feb 20044Mellifluous

upcoming projects

Feb 20044Frozenpede

3D Compositing help

Feb 20044tdmonster99

Problem with Ulead Moviefactory

Jan 20044jjuerss

FireWire cards

Jan 20044rmw

Help Required in Adobe Product to Blue screen

Jan 20044Anonymous


Jan 20044wdy

This may be helpful...

Jan 20044FiveIronFrenzy

What does CG stand for and/or mean? (yes im stupid)

Jan 20044fatdu4

Circular swirl on Horizontal Axis

Jan 20044EddieOue5

3d test

Jan 20044ari

Chromanator and how's doing

Jan 20044ssjaaron

Quicktime MOV encoding

Jan 20044masoud

Question for all you movie editors

Jan 20044Howloween18

Bright Light

Jan 20044TAP2


Jan 20044FiveIronFrenzy

uncompressed video problems..

Jan 20044elementcinema

Upload Video!

Jan 20044FiveIronFrenzy

Export Filmstrip In Final Cut??

Jan 20044Brettsta

I need help...

Dec 20034MovieGuy334

USB or IE cord?

Dec 20034krazyk9999

Cyclops Sound Effect

Dec 20034Brettsta

Compression - File Size ratios! Recommended formats.

Dec 20034Conspiracy Studios

Animated Blur

Dec 20034jstow222

how to make a teletype text effect

Dec 20034RedMenace

music video filming technique/effect

Dec 20034Anonymous

Help on Backdropping

Dec 20034Anonymous

Logo animation

Dec 20034jstow222


Dec 20034Riese


Dec 20034Brettsta

A extremly 3d funny cartoon

Dec 20034Andreas


Dec 20034kungfukid


Dec 20034Anonymous

ideas for green/blue screens

Nov 20034Anonymous

voice/sound question

Nov 20034Anonymous

Vintage Sci-Fi/ labratory backgrounds needed

Nov 20034rocketman

Where can I find sound that will go with AlamDV plugins

Nov 20034Brettsta

Masking things out

Nov 20034Thegame826

Put yourself in the Matrix.

Nov 20034OneDanShow

Feedback on movie!

Nov 20034blaine

Hiding support wires for "flying" miniature

Nov 20034rocketman

Finding a Scripts

Nov 20034LightsCameraAction

Looking at a Canon GL-2 or Canon XL-1

Nov 20034wdy

3d model

Nov 20034Viper54

Digital Blood

Nov 20034Anonymous

Bullet Time Test

Nov 20034neo_man89

Knife flying through chest test

Nov 20034jessy

how do i go about doin a career in special visual effects

Nov 20034raven100

Need Any Film Making Props?

Nov 20034callum_slade

Final Cut Pro

Oct 20034Anonymous

Superman logo (Intro movie) question

Oct 20034Sokar

QUICKTIME VR, Were can i get it??

Oct 20034ckossoyan

I need some actors for my movie

Oct 20034kungfukid

[For Sale] Panasonic DVC200 Full Size Camcorder + Batteries

Oct 20034polemarch

Film Noir Questions

Oct 20034Anonymous

Need help finding a sound

Oct 20034Coldfuse

Swat trailer music?

Oct 20034jessy

My first proper film!

Oct 20034jjuerss

Night Shooting

Oct 20034davidnagel

Working with AE

Oct 20034static2k

Dvd R £1 Each

Oct 20034b4uask30male

canu help me find this matrix sound effect

Sep 20034streetsk8erdc

bluescreening puppeteers

Sep 20034tommach

Firewire card, Cheap,Expensive Much diffrent?

Sep 20034Andreas

Need costume help!!!

Sep 20034Anonymous

How do you make blood digitally?

Sep 20034geigel1


Sep 20034shadu

Adding effects

Sep 20034Sting939


Aug 20034ggbros

The only unrated, uncommented movie in the cinema section...

Aug 20034Marsupilami

Help with After Effects

Aug 20034memphisrainz

Host needed

Aug 20034owen rixon

Preparing a Script for Production

Aug 20034goober99

Hosting movies at

Aug 20034nicmar

looking for a city making tutorial

Aug 20034ZergDestroyer

Talking animals

Aug 20034Viper54


Aug 20034Gunn

compression problems

Aug 20034Mysterio

ne1 know where i can buy premade saber handles in Australia?

Aug 20034justakid

Making a blue-screen

Aug 20034Black Knight

Question about Ulead Media Studio Pro 7.0

Aug 20034neo_man89

Low Budget Motion Control

Aug 20034ragnar

2 sound questions

Jul 20034Pooky


Jul 20034LightsCameraAction

how do u make a hand water pump?

Jul 20034Coldfuse

How to do shadows in 3DSmax

Jul 20034MATT PUGH

SUGGESTION for Your DIGESTION (The HULK soundtrack)

Jul 20034MATT PUGH

The contract

Jul 20034Marsupilami

3D Tutorials That Rock

Jul 20034sfbmovieco

need help

Jul 20034TheLiggi

3D Studio MAX 5.1

Jul 20034neo_man89

Calling all Premiere Ninjas ........

Jul 20034LightsCameraAction

Frame-export in iMovie?

Jul 20034Tobbger

Title effects

Jul 20034devilskater

Font List

Jul 20034LightsCameraAction

AE Photocopy effect?

Jul 20034X

Home made accessary shoe

Jul 20034Ben

matrix type ground ripple

Jul 20034Anonymous

video camera stabilizers?

Jul 20034cyborg

Blender 3D Tutorials

Jul 20034wdy

Blender Help (making a nice scary snake) :)

Jul 20034Anonymous

need to do the following fx

Jul 20034saiyan84

No sound in AlamDV2

Jun 20034Black Knight

Interlaced... Deinterlaced.. What does it all mean Basil!?

Jun 20034Obi

Please Check Out My New Studio Website

Jun 20034Conspiracy Studios

Sound Effects

Jun 20034Sith_Knight

you guys check my beginning of myupcoming trailer

Jun 20034divaid2001

My site is ALMOST done!

Jun 20034Obi

Insurance for amatuer film-makers.

Jun 20034er-no

For all of you who want bullet time

Jun 20034AndrewtheActorMan

Stretch 16:9!!??!!??

Jun 20034cantaclaro

action music for free (matrix)

Jun 20034jessy

shorten effects

Jun 20034jessy

how do you capture video

Jun 20034jessy

Sound Effects

Jun 20034Mr_E_Man

The green matrix

May 20034owen rixon

wire work tips

May 20034Anonymous

Film Funding

May 20034wdy

Some Ninja stuff

May 20034CoolKabe

I need help finding a camera!!!!!!!

May 20034Anonymous

Lighting for white background

May 20034Anonymous

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.5 questions

May 20034neo_man89

Senior Video

May 20034goober99

Blender 3d Models

May 20034Anonymous

Sound effects?

May 20034jstow222

Adobe Premier Adding Multiple Sounds

May 20034curran


May 20034shadu

I need lightsaber sounds 4 use in my new movie please help

Apr 20034neo36uk

3D gun model

Apr 20034cantaclaro


Apr 20034wdy

What next?

Apr 20034davidmalyn

Video Cards?

Apr 20034w-o-o-d-y

Is there going to be an amateur video explosion?

Apr 20034Telescope

Footage & AlamDV2 Demo Q's!

Apr 20034davidmalyn

Lens & Filters!

Apr 20034davidmalyn

Full Frames

Apr 20034DissolvedBoy

Animation Master

Apr 20034TAP2

Need backround for project

Apr 20034neo_man89

Question for sollthar about Turricon

Apr 20034Klown

Creating a night vision effect

Apr 20034Riese

technical advisor

Mar 20034Marek

Question about my cam! =D

Mar 20034Andreas

A few questions...

Mar 20034El-Diablo


Mar 20034LightsCameraAction

Mask question

Mar 20034neo_man89

makeing certain objects color in a black and white video

Mar 20034ckossoyan

How do you get the sound effects for the Lightsaber?

Mar 20034El-Diablo

matrix agent effect

Mar 20034ckossoyan

specific colours in black and white?

Mar 20034Greyo

AVI Smaller in size

Mar 20034Anonymous

Film Maker of the Month

Mar 20034Anonymous

You just gotta watch this trailer *wow*

Mar 20034Andreas

Script Writing Contests?

Mar 20034Anonymous

Softimage or Lightwave

Feb 20034billy3d

"One Of A Kind" An upcoming fanfilm in production.

Feb 20034Predinator

mighty morphin'

Feb 20034Sid Von Dagger

Does anyone...

Feb 20034neo_man89

Sci-Fi Sound Effects...

Feb 20034smier33

Home-Made Microphone Boom set-up

Feb 20034The Great One

New Dinosaur Film

Feb 20034ManUtdRcks

Lucas arts logo

Feb 20034wpl

Creating an effect without wires ?

Feb 20034curran

DVD Video Resolution...

Feb 20034Anonymous


Feb 20034bauza

Star wars fan films here, Where are you guys movies?

Feb 20034voiceoverwizard

Whats wrong with the servers

Feb 20034TAP2

The Matrix: Escape - Chapter Two

Feb 20034CMHS

Easier way to paint background blue?

Jan 20034wdy

Good Quality Input

Jan 20034Bob Page

How do you do Jedi sinking into floor death effect?

Jan 20034Anonymous

real media converter

Jan 20034BrickMovies4U

Script for Internet's Cupid

Jan 20034Greyo

Video Duplication, some boring information for you.

Jan 20034b4uask30male

Links for the Guns used in my stargate films

Jan 20034b4uask30male


Jan 20034Hajiku_Flip

Space Animations

Jan 20034cyclone3000

Explosions Help

Jan 20034cyclone3000

Speaking of the Civil War

Jan 20034montego

Merry Christmas!

Dec 20024gpmovies

More animation films

Dec 20024b4uask30male

Enabling Dual Monitor in XP Pro

Dec 20024Anonymous

MiniDV Tapes--Which One?

Dec 20024Anonymous

Hello again everyone! I have a sound question!

Dec 20024Chrislad

Purchasing ALAMDV

Nov 20024gpmovies

Matte or Mask?

Nov 20024ragnar

Important information about some plugins

Nov 20024b4uask30male

Color range - PB ONLY?!

Nov 20024Andreas

Sound Effects of Animals & Reptiles Breathing

Nov 20024curran

Guide to become... A FILM-MAKER *bam bam*

Nov 20024Andreas


Nov 20024billy3d

Panic Room question

Oct 20024b4uask30male

Rebel Alliance Clip Released

Oct 20024X

Filmscore, background music, where to find it or buy it?

Oct 20024BlackSabre

Stop motion Link

Oct 20024JBOX

Live Broadcasting Equipment

Oct 20024Gibs

New movie/ possible help with my modem

Oct 20024Robersdee

a reminder for the ppl who need help

Oct 20024metellius

DVD+RW Burner...

Oct 20024smier33

AlamDV2 and video sound

Oct 20024Anonymous

Just experimenting

Oct 20024TheLiggi

A funny movie? -help-

Sep 20024Andreas

Speed in Premiere/resolution problem

Sep 20024X

Photoshop Question...

Sep 20024smier33

Announcing... REBEL ALLIANCE

Sep 20024X

Audio visualisation recorder

Sep 20024The Tardy Fellow

once again...

Sep 20024Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Star Wars Text tips FORCE POINTS!

Sep 20024andrewlogan

Where can I find realistic gun props?

Sep 20024CoolKabe

Filmlook ??

Sep 20024Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Would like to upload movie....

Aug 20024Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

ambient sounds

Aug 20024metellius

Lots of special effects links

Aug 20024metellius

Water Splashes?

Aug 20024Cypher

Movies to the web

Aug 20024berlin2232

Some film competitions!

Aug 20024domdino

Does Anyone Know How To Use Divx Compression???

Aug 20024Seth

3ds Max Studio for less?

Aug 20024Haichi321

Lsk Productions

Aug 20024LskProductions

Whizzing and Zipping Sounds

Aug 20024Hajiku_Flip

Movie effects site

Jul 20024BDOG

Scope-Fest! Scope-Fest!

Jul 20024X

More links (very long list)

Jul 20024codabar

Official Star Wars Fan Film Network

Jul 20024andrewlogan

3Dvideo with link

Jul 20024b4uask30male

Plug in idea

Jul 20024b4uask30male


Jul 20024Anonymous

Alpha channel

Jul 20024rmw

Newcoming film composer

Jul 20024thedjscore

Star Wars Costumes

Jul 20024Haichi321

Hologram Tutorial

Jul 20024bigjgrimz

Tutorial on melting things with a lightsaber...

Jul 20024TMM

Countdown to Muffy & Jebediah 2

Jul 20024X

Helpful Links

Jul 20024sfbmovieco

SW scroll tutorial w/ Adobe AfterFX

Jul 20024raider

Hunting through your music for a song? Try this.

Jun 20024Pooch

White light?

Jun 20024BrickMovies4U

Stock Footage Site?

Jun 20024Greyo

image with effects in video

Jun 20024Foxbat

How to get a movie transfered to film reel (was:Question...)

Jun 20024Anonymous

Film Opinions

Jun 20024sfbmovieco

Compression of files

Jun 20024sfbmovieco

Update on "Power of the Sith" fan film.

May 20024unclepain

v6proz website is up!

May 20024v6proz

Entrance Ramp

May 20024bigjgrimz

Spy Game Effect

May 20024sfbmovieco

Transparency?? How does it work?

May 20024Idgas

Best realtime video editing program

May 20024domdino

need a host for my movie... (18MB)

May 20024Anonymous

Film FX

May 20024Hobbes

lightsabors sounds

May 20024Anonymous

camera boom and dolly

Apr 20024robust282

Anything else other than Gryphon Morph??

Apr 20024Alien_2k

Blender Help


Breakaway Props

Apr 20024Robbie

v6Proz and your (film feel in Flameman)

Apr 20024amblix

Web Site about Tutorials for special effects...

Apr 20024Lord Dugall

ColdNews Needs British Filmmakers!

Apr 20024Chrislad

Where i can get some weaponsounds?

Apr 20024embi

Need a cinema 4d model of a nabu fighter and a background

Apr 20024X

Interlacing and deinterlacing? What do the experts say?

Apr 20024Anonymous

Widescreen filming/effect?

Apr 20024Yawa


Apr 20024Chev

Anyone use Kazaa ?

Apr 20024Vega70

How do you use AlamDV2 Masks? I need to find out really quic

Apr 20024The Game

Apr 20024fanflicks

Magazines and full version software

Mar 20024av11d

Anybody help me on using this "other" 3D software

Mar 20024Inker

Camcorder Noise

Mar 20024wingman2003

Questions about holograms

Mar 20024Magic_man12

Posting Movies - Bored VS. Crazy

Mar 20024wingman2003

a very annoyed person

Mar 20024Anonymous

yahoo photoshop 7 is gonna be out!

Mar 20024billy3d

Star Wars Fan Film

Mar 20024totalufo

Using swf files in movies

Mar 20024Orion

Light Saber Test

Mar 20024Timescape

3D studio max

Mar 20024Anonymous

Quicktime alternative?

Mar 20024Orion

how to make flashes

Mar 20024justakid

advanced fx

Mar 20024Anonymous

Where can I purchase real lightsabers

Mar 20024Anonymous

Problems With ALAM that I need fixed

Feb 20024Jughead17

Going from old version to new version?????

Feb 20024Anonymous

Is there any webpages that you can put your video on for fre

Feb 20024RCG81187

Which codec is best?

Feb 20024Anonymous


Feb 20024Anonymous

Movies over a still image

Feb 20024kevinmcpoland

General Compliments

Feb 20024Sollthar

Anywhere I can download freeware sound effects?

Feb 20024davidian

For all the CrAzY Mac users out there

Jan 20024Scuba

Vampire Transformation help needed.

Jan 20024BackOfTheHearse

Adobe Premiere 6 Question...

Jan 20024Anonymous

ALAMDV on Windows 2000 workstation

Jan 20024Anonymous

DINKY: AlamDV2 Crack - NOT...

Jan 20024Joshua Davies


Jan 20024lupo

what programes do i need

Jan 20024Anonymous

"ROSE" How did you guys do that invisible effect?

Dec 20014sidewinder

Video Compression :(

Dec 20014Chev

Long Distance Battle Scene

Dec 20014Anonymous

Explosions, Please Respond

Dec 20014Spawn

other software

Oct 20014stan913

Quicktime Upload Help!

Sep 20014Spawn

Compression & Interlacing

Sep 20014sutton

Notable achievments

Aug 20014The Tick

AlamDV and DV-codec!

Aug 20014allyse

Send the tutes to TFN

Aug 20014averagejoe

WormHole tutorial

Aug 20014Vega70

Muzzle flash placement made easier

Jul 20014jamesstone

Jun 20014codec3

Video Compression

May 20014otteypm

Why reinvent the wheel?

May 20014codec3

What is the best way to simulate movement in a stop motion.

Mar 20123beadbeed

Magic Threshold Function...

Feb 20123WedgeOz

Reap (Youtube Short Movie )

Feb 20123acdramon

How to achieve this look?

Nov 20113wdy

Production: Town Foolery

Oct 20113Rockfilmers

Importing 3dsMax

Oct 20113Learning FX 12

First Taste - Short Film

Oct 20113FCRabbath

New short film competition: The Nativity Factor

Oct 20113ITN Productions

can you make stop motion animations in hitfilm?

Oct 20113FXhomer166830

Adobe premiere elements 9 vs Hit film standard?

Oct 20113FXhomer166830

Computer Selection - help

Sep 20113TheOutlawAmbulance

Magic Bullet Looks and Vegas Studio 11

Sep 20113FXstudios99

Hand-to-hand combat tips

Sep 20113djjohnsongeek

vFX showreel 2011 - Seeking feedbacks

Aug 20113dhepayne

You tube conversion

Aug 20113drspin98

Canon Picture Styles break down

Aug 20113Rockfilmers

Visionlab Crashes When I Render

Jul 20113evg2005

What should the width and height in my videos be in VL

Jul 20113Viktorious

Bleder Tutorials

Jul 20113Viktorious


Jul 20113SketchWork

Tanner Productions' Showreel 2011

Jul 20113Avenging Eagle


Jun 20113Scribblez

Tips for bullet holes?

Jun 20113djjohnsongeek

New DIY (landscape) Car-Dolly Technique - My latest video!

Jun 20113miker

Looking to help out.

Jun 20113ninemadcows

WEB SERIES | Nice Guys Finish Last | Production Thread |

Jun 20113Biblmac

Need help with Zombie Blog

Jun 20113videofxuniverse

Some basic Blender help.

Jun 20113Azulon'sAssassin

importing a video

May 20113tmpbay

Stop Motion Animator needed

May 20113pdrg

GODZILLA FAN FILM: need some input/filter advice please

May 20113rockstarbd82

Zhengfú -The first film from film school I'm proud of!

Apr 20113Avenging Eagle

short film to my son as gift for his 11th Birthday

Mar 20113Mad Mike

Film Contests

Mar 20113Darth Stazz the Powerful

Sound Effects Pack

Feb 20113DX6channel

Sound Effects

Feb 20113chrisg68

Inquiry: EffectsLab Pro, Composite Lab... and Mocha?

Feb 20113Sudrunk Monkey

Scores for your Productions

Feb 20113PJ Entertainment

Music Video - Shot on Canon 5D Mark II

Jan 20113rcstudios_film

Audio and Sound Effects

Jan 20113DX6channel

How to achieve this post-production effect

Jan 20113wdy

Serious question for CGI animators!

Jan 20113JUIDAR

How To...

Jan 20113Sufian796z

Help on Greenscreen backround

Jan 20113Shorts279

Mixing day light with tungsten.

Jan 20113RodyPolis

How to make good explosion effect with effectslab

Jan 20113Jimmy Wolak

fx home and other peoples projects

Dec 20103A Anthony Fixter

Need help making new company logo intro!

Dec 20103JUIDAR

Harry Potter Effects Compiliation

Nov 201032xZProductions

Monster creation

Nov 20103moranatol

Dead Rude: Short Zombie Comedy

Nov 20103ctbullet

How do I use this budget sheet template?

Nov 20103FXhomer130439

How to remove video noise and grain

Oct 20103MyCreationTV com

Render only effect, not the black background

Oct 20103Jimmy Wolak

What camera

Oct 20103teenagelobotomy

Flying effect

Sep 20103rjf0909

Beautiful Documentary about Signmaking.

Sep 20103ashman

Nikon D7000 Announced

Sep 201033dmus

Using regular lights as HMI lights?

Sep 20103RodyPolis

Free Sci-Fi Stock Footage

Aug 20103StencilMedia

Where to find keyed out pictures (buildings, trees, etc)

Aug 20103evg2005

Choices: The life of Herman Krautinskij

Aug 20103Zoid

Interlaced Freeze Frames - FCP

Aug 20103wdy

HDSLRs takes over TV industry

Aug 20103AlexMaragos

3Ds max texture

Aug 20103moranatol

New serious short film teaser - "Spacious"

Aug 20103doppelganger

vxf site you might find interesting

Jul 20103cdolsen

'September Sun': Read my script please!

Jul 20103Avenging Eagle

Workshop in Production Sound Recording for Film and Video

Jul 20103Lunachic2k6

Shadows for a keyed-in CGI character in Visionlab?

Jul 20103SuperSonic67

Free music for video

Jun 20103Dancamfx

Free on-line film school

Jun 20103parkesproductions

Can Anyone Help ?

Jun 20103pscamm

Final Entry Deadline is TODAY: ACEFEST (MovieMaker TOP 25!)

Jun 20103AceFest

Need some actors for a short scene in my new tv series!

May 20103JUIDAR

Brand-spanking New and Improved Website

May 20103owen rixon

can I buy a laser ecstention for Composite Lab Pro

May 20103Micah master studios

Best camera under $500

May 20103PSFreak

Call for films! No entry fee!

Apr 20103FXhomer150312

1950's Cheesy Instructional Film Music?

Apr 20103Rotentatorsalad

Infiltration - Short Movie

Apr 20103StupidLikeAFox

Jumper Short Movie

Apr 20103StupidLikeAFox

Getting high quality music for your film -even for free

Apr 20103parkesproductions

Action Movie TRAILER

Apr 20103BIMO

Composit Lab Pro in realtime?

Apr 20103Ricky Garcia

dat 80808 music video

Apr 20103Rockfilmers

Ideas for Matrix effects

Mar 20103Commander C


Mar 20103Viktorious

Funny Silence of the Lambs Sketch

Mar 20103ctbullet


Mar 20103Nick McCooey

Film Riot

Mar 20103Paradox Pictures

Bioshock Video Games Effects

Mar 20103BIMO

important question...

Feb 20103Toruk Macto

Gun Blow Back Video Tutorial - Essential for action movies

Feb 20103StupidLikeAFox

My cinematography demo reel... sorta

Feb 20103doppelganger

DIY version - Prodigy "Smack My B?tch Up"

Feb 20103pdrg

My Action, horror, adventure, film

Feb 20103evg2005

Behind the scenes of Avatar

Jan 20103Rockfilmers

Terrorists/Para-Military Costumes

Jan 20103The Nemesis2161

Whats a good Movie Maker to put together my movie?

Jan 20103FXhomer52361

A Spaceship Of Need

Jan 20103ZekeCraft655

Watchmen-Like Sound Effects

Jan 20103The Nemesis2161

District 9 "Lightning Gun" attempt

Jan 20103Paul DeNinno Braun

Scare FX 2 - State-of-the-Art Horror Sounds

Dec 20093MikeN


Dec 20093Rockfilmers

Professional Music Composer Available

Dec 20093FXhomer79512

New Film Maker

Dec 20093Liberty Films

3D models downloaded from google.

Dec 20093Viktorious

DVD Architect 4.5

Nov 20093Biblmac

Using EffectsLab to cover objects in a scene

Nov 20093RodgerDodger

Creating digital vampire faces

Nov 20093evg2005

Elevator Music PLZ HELP

Nov 20093Joecool1081

film composer available

Nov 20093Nuno Cruz

Should I write this book?

Nov 20093Avenging Eagle

Explosion Flash/Glow

Nov 20093DX6channel

AlamDV2 Plugin help?

Oct 20093SuburbanElement

Living Doll (my halloween video)

Oct 20093Kie77

List of all credits for a film (checklist)

Oct 20093evg2005

Freebie! -Timecode download for your programmes

Oct 20093pdrg

Live Actor Composite into Simple CG Scene

Oct 20093pscamm

Upgrading software

Oct 20093SuburbanElement

lighting set-up

Oct 20093drspin98

Need Special FX/Visual FX artist to help out with my film.

Oct 20093evg2005


Oct 20093gamesmaster369

I need a good external microphone

Oct 20093NovaProducteur

VMA Effect Suggestions?

Oct 20093Mason25

Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees. "Stayin' Al

Oct 20093Paul DeNinno Braun

Dastoli Digital's "Who Stole the Electric Car?"

Oct 20093dastolidigital

Taking files from one program to another.

Sep 20093Viktorious

Storyboard Template 3X3

Sep 20093The Chosen One

new effect

Aug 20093Lyle

opening credits

Aug 20093Lyle

Miniature photos from Alien

Aug 20093Simon K Jones

Lighting at night?

Jul 20093mwmoviemaker

70's music for 1970's film. Help

Jul 20093evg2005

Is this video good?

Jul 20093Lerman Productions

Handy interactive tutorial on depth of field

Jul 20093Simon K Jones

Prop Surgical Tools

Jul 20093Singwolf

Criticisms on new film please (fairytale/horror)

Jun 20093doppelganger

Canon VIXIA HF200 is it worth it?

Jun 20093Horcruxes88

How would you credit an actor who is only seen in a photo?

Jun 20093evg2005

bamf sound

Jun 20093Prograde Productions

Behind The Scenes

Jun 20093Randomlard101

Guns and magic

Jun 20093Poseidon1231

cheep airsoft props

Jun 20093cdolsen

Production Title Introduction

Jun 20093Garfield Street

TubeTape Help?

May 20093No Degradation

Stock footage Problem

May 20093Ufbasser

CALL FOR ENTRIES] 41° BolzanoShortFilmFestival

May 20093FXhomer81912

DVX100B question

May 20093Josh3B

Effects Test, Looking for feedback

May 20093FXhomer60487

Vegas 8 will not render

Apr 20093doppelganger

Possible Getting After Effects Question?

Apr 20093JasonX1024

Question (Brandnames, Trademarks, Logo's) Filming

Apr 20093Viking

A bit off topic, but y'all are my last hope!

Apr 20093Taniko

Video of awards ceremonies?

Apr 20093Sephis85

Remember going to the cinema in the 70's & 80's ?

Apr 20093pscamm

Silenced Weapon Sound Effect.

Apr 20093Mattex Films HD

Keyframing Bézier Mask in Sony Vegas

Apr 20093Christofer Matthias

Drawing textures

Apr 20093Terminal Velocity

Audio with Audacity...

Mar 20093FXstudios99

I surgically attached buttons on my arm

Mar 20093Poseidon1231

First dream of my short film "Forced Theatre"

Mar 20093doppelganger

Nikon Camera Problems?

Mar 20093Airsoft Studios

Sony vegas, help!

Mar 20093sir alex

Tv Project needs VFX, Animators, Compositors...

Mar 20093blh

Looking For Help Wigh Alam DV Plugins

Mar 20093luke774

Designer Sound FX and Pro Scores Compatability

Mar 20093JasonX1024

Movie Posters

Mar 20093JRPT

Any filmmakers in Miami FL area?

Mar 20093Bryan M Block

Quick Question About An Effect...

Mar 20093luke774

How do I use AlamDV2 Plugins (stock footage)?

Feb 20093Lerman Productions

360 degree head turn

Feb 20093ErikGambill

South Eastern Studios Demo

Feb 20093Rockfilmers

Can someone mail me this sound effect?

Feb 20093Lerman Productions

Any Cheetah3D users here?

Feb 20093MoltenWhale

'4:02' on 2-Disc DVD! *

Feb 20093Avenging Eagle

The Final Room - Art coursework final piece

Feb 20093Avenging Eagle

3D max help

Feb 20093cavickers

High Pass Filter Question

Jan 20093Dancamfx

Hi quality loops and samples to create music/sountrack

Jan 20093druguer

Catalyst The Series

Jan 20093chase

Rendering HDV in Divx

Jan 20093jotoki

Grading / Colour correction ideas

Jan 20093pscamm

Outdoor Greenscreen Test.

Jan 20093Moonloon1

Deals on Sony Creative Products!

Jan 20093the Fiddler

Clone interaction test.

Jan 20093spydurhank

3d Bullet

Jan 20093RodyPolis

Our 2009 Preview

Dec 20083fxmaniac

Anyone using Vegas Movie Studio?

Dec 20083bartman

Need Help With Meteor

Dec 20083luke774

Asbestosfield, up on youtube.

Dec 20083Singwolf

3D Challenger 2 composite scene

Dec 20083ctbullet

Why a vibrating lens?

Dec 20083Moonloon1

Good shotgun mic for the Panasonic GS500

Dec 20083MillerBros

Manipulating The Vision Lab Studio

Dec 20083Nath01

Animated GIF

Dec 20083Superfresh

Camrea Question

Nov 20083teenagelobotomy

Wrath Of The Undead Directors Commentary

Nov 20083ctbullet

Buy DVD Studio Pro?

Nov 20083MoltenWhale

Any Tips?

Nov 20083Randomlard101

Making a Mask/helmet

Nov 20083druguer

After effects trouble

Nov 20083Rockfilmers

"Exposure" teaser

Nov 20083BobsUrUncle

Best guns for movies.

Nov 20083Kolbe Productions

need supplies - or a job?

Oct 20083FXhomer77493

Dallas/Fort Worth People: Killing Holly premiere

Oct 20083goodluck

A Poser disaster

Oct 20083davlin

How do you use .wmv's to upload onto the web?

Oct 20083cinemafreak

VisionLab in Premiere Pro, HD

Oct 20083FXhomer49335

Another "Family Values"...Tarn have a peep

Oct 20083davlin

Boom Mic Questions - XLR and Mic Adapters

Oct 20083Dead Iris

Canon XL1s vs XL2

Oct 20083RyanMichael

VoiceOver Guy - if you need one

Oct 20083RyanZ

Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 on Sale

Oct 20083RyanZ

FXHome logos

Oct 20083hippa03

Star Trek: The Composite Tests update

Sep 20083cottonproductions

The Horseman showing in Los Angeles

Sep 20083Bryan M Block

Finale Notepad Urgent Announcement

Sep 20083Quadsworth

Canon HV20 - PAL or NTSC?

Sep 20083mattio

Animation software (By the way, its FREE)

Sep 20083DVStudio

Canon GL1 Help!

Sep 20083WSN Productions

Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD w/ Vegas 7 on Vista

Sep 20083cinemafreak

FREE animation software

Sep 20083Bryan M Block

Behind The Scenes

Sep 20083The Chosen One

Plug-ins missing?

Sep 20083notoriusc

Free FX filter

Sep 20083Bryan M Block

Sep 20083umran


Sep 20083ashman

gun sound effects

Aug 20083DVStudio

Filming in brigh sun

Aug 20083RodyPolis

Dark and Exotic Music for your Film

Aug 20083FXhomer64615

Photoshop GIF

Aug 20083Bolbi

New videos - The Pedro - The Ad

Aug 20083RyanMichael

reversible chroma-key-green-and-blue-collapsible

Aug 20083RigomrtsFX

Grading tutorial with Sony Vegas

Aug 20083RodyPolis

Sony vegas

Aug 20083RodyPolis

dum question but how do you make a movie downloadable cinema

Aug 20083Sam Larsen

My latest production online

Aug 20083Wishing Staff Studios

FAINTHEART soon on cinemas

Aug 20083FXhomer57942

Box office top ten list?

Aug 20083cottonproductions

How's the color correction with Final Cut Express 4?

Aug 20083MrGoodbomb

Looking for advice/information about boom microphone

Aug 20083pixelboy

How to make 3D renders?

Jul 20083Crackerjack

Handycam 11+Sony Vegas 8.0 platinum edition render questions

Jul 20083ChampMM JRMMA

Fxhome visual effects video - crediting

Jul 20083futurefilmmaker

Help with stereoscopic 3D

Jul 20083Howe Studios

Minority Report style Screens

Jul 20083Ahnkniel

Fighter Jet flyby

Jul 20083darthmaul21

army of ghosts

Jul 20083riftmaster

Stock footage wanted by Footage Firm

Jul 20083petet2

Free stock footage website from Footage Firm

Jul 20083petet2

anybody have popcorn popping sound effect?

Jul 20083RyanZ

Anyone have any good spooky, creepy background footage?

Jul 20083RyanZ

"Rubbish Day" Short Film

Jul 20083A l e x

Replicating Actors

Jul 20083JasonX1024

Widescreen setting in Composite lab

Jul 20083hippa03

HD Help

Jul 20083Joecool1081

Lots and lots of clones...

Jul 20083StupidLikeAFox

Movie Topic...

Jun 20083JasonX1024

My movie idea I challenged my mom with

Jun 20083FXhomer39048

Micro Cameras

Jun 20083Bolbi

Cropping Help Please

Jun 20083Tommy92L

The results are in for...

Jun 20083enoonsti

Talented Ball- Maya Animation

Jun 20083coldside


Jun 20083NinjaBros

How do you do backdrops in ELab?

Jun 20083Poseidon1231

Open Source PReviz or Animatic software?

Jun 20083Wishing Staff Studios

How To: Broadcast a live video and or audio web event (FREE)

Jun 20083Travis Kunze

Good quality fighting (punch impacts) sounds

Jun 20083PLANB

Prop Labels

Jun 20083The Chosen One

how to make sparks

Jun 20083FXhomer29489

Green Screen>

Jun 20083JasonX1024

Where is that Force Jump/Super Jump tutorial?

Jun 20083notoriusc

Vegas Pro Training Videos

May 20083DaFlea

From filmaker's perspective: New Indiana Jones SUCKS!

May 20083Bryan M Block

Free .avi to .gif conversion programs? Anyone?

May 20083RodgerDodger

Urgent* -Composer Wanted (could win £1000!)

May 20083Avenging Eagle

Software Program for Rolling Credits

May 20083evg2005

Finding more presets

Apr 20083evg2005

Hereos Effects

Apr 20083Z films


Apr 20083Brokensamurai

The Kidnap..Check it out! (VFX)

Apr 20083FXhomer27378

Constructive criticism wanted

Apr 20083whelshizer

Short Trailer

Apr 20083Poseidon1231

Short Trailer i made

Apr 20083Poseidon1231

b&w silent short film (5 min)

Apr 20083ExFilms

An Unjust Confession- 3 min short film

Apr 20083ctbullet

Poor downloaded audio sound...

Apr 20083ryanprickle

Hang Up (A Short Movie In The Making.)

Apr 20083AXE


Apr 20083DJMO

3D- Animation

Apr 20083fisher

Any reviews on this camera

Apr 20083hippa03

"Ink, Water & Video"

Mar 20083Avenging Eagle

Aspect Ratio Help

Mar 20083Penguin

short video

Mar 20083Horcruxes88

video fx site

Mar 20083cdolsen

Timecode 'd'? [ANSWER]

Mar 20083Dinoman

software license's...whats the difference?

Mar 20083nitrox

How do I export from Vision lab back to Final Cut Pro?

Mar 20083FXhomer18906

Can You Help?

Mar 20083Mattex Films HD

Sony HVR-Z1U HDV question

Feb 20083juneau

Metal Gear CODEC layer?

Feb 20083Sudrunk Monkey

Music for Lightsaber Battle

Feb 20083Tuffy

2008: A Space Odyssey

Feb 20083videofxuniverse

A how-to foley sound effect site

Feb 20083cdolsen

Sony Vegas Print To Tape Problem

Feb 20083DavidLittlefield

Need of advice on filming

Feb 20083RodyPolis

My new youtube video

Feb 20083Ben Whelan

need some advice on cheap 3d software

Jan 20083matchyman

My DIY 35mm adapter/ test shots

Jan 20083RicanJoe

TopCat Movie

Jan 20083Vault FX


Jan 20083Cougar

AlamDV2 Help

Jan 20083Joecool1081


Jan 20083White Eagle Entertainment

16 bit to 8 bit

Jan 20083johnXpaul


Jan 20083White Eagle Entertainment

James Bond

Jan 20083White Eagle Entertainment

family fortunes sound effects needed

Jan 20083nitrox

New Green Screen!

Jan 20083Rocinante

AlamDv2 plugin help: framerate

Dec 20073Rocinante

Sound effect need please

Dec 20073Horcruxes88

Need ideas for sequel

Dec 20073Ben Whelan

recommended camera

Dec 20073FXhomer12185

Tripod as steadi-cam test Video

Dec 20073RicanJoe

Goonies parody

Dec 20073video fx universe

Old TV sign-off footage?

Dec 20073rocketman

green screening

Dec 20073firefly mcqueen

Raising budget with 20k? Composer Thomas Rydell

Dec 20073FXhomer25626

Need help with making Silver Surfer

Dec 20073Cougar

3.5mm/1/4 Inch Jack Mics: Decent Ones Please

Dec 20073Balketh

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