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Great update Composite Pro! -movie plug ;-)

Dec 20073jdmkenji

Screenplay co-worker wanted!

Dec 20073Eargrove Productions

Rainy Title

Dec 20073PLANB

iMovies and Final Cut Express help

Dec 20073MrGoodbomb

Star Wars effect question

Nov 20073DVStudio

Old Sci-fi music

Nov 20073BringPopcorn

extending the effect

Nov 20073FXhomer24158

Movie competition

Nov 20073FredeJyll

Title Sequence

Nov 20073Torched Entertainment

vacation sound clip

Nov 20073johnnyvee

Student Films...

Nov 20073Jrad

Vegas 8.0 problem.

Nov 20073Ste

Perfecting that greenscreen

Oct 20073Lukemax

Title making program

Oct 20073RodyPolis


Oct 20073RyanMichael

Liquid latex neck, throat, and skin rips

Oct 20073MrGoodbomb

Aiptek A-HD

Oct 20073Armageddon1212

help o fxhome

Oct 20073dazzmos

Visual Effects person wanted!

Oct 20073TMR

Those montages that create a sense of the passing of time

Oct 20073Anne

iMovie Output Problem - Green Haze

Oct 20073A l e x

Script Writers

Oct 20073PLANB

Shotgun Mics

Oct 20073xanetia


Oct 20073crumble72

Can someone explain how you animate things in Greenscreening

Oct 20073tictacattack123

The Last Stand Official Forum

Sep 20073Ste

Teaser* for upcoming film

Sep 20073doppelganger

Custom Lower Thirds in FCE

Sep 20073Anne

need pics!

Sep 20073Bucees


Sep 20073FXhomer19559


Sep 20073nevill

My youtube videos

Sep 20073whelshizer

Advice on using stock fire/explosion footage

Sep 20073Neophyte

Software Demo - Magnet

Sep 20073tyguy2021

After some free explosions

Sep 20073videofxuniverse

URGENT - Trailer Music

Sep 20073SGB

watch our videos

Sep 20073RyanMichael

What are some realistic places to ask for Grant Money?

Sep 20073JUIDAR

reelhouse stock- 24 hours for 199$

Sep 20073rudemen

Xinachee Offical Thread

Sep 20073notoriusc

American Football Scoreboard Design

Sep 20073epeterson

Looking to hire somebody to do special effects

Sep 20073January82000

site devoted to microfilms

Sep 20073cdolsen

Free Stuff For Movie Makers

Sep 20073The Chosen One

help with audio-walkie talkie effect

Sep 20073skywalker dan

Meteor shower footage

Sep 20073BringPopcorn

Controls Not Responding

Aug 20073StrABullet

Film definiton Glossary Where abouts

Aug 20073DaFlea

Understanding Copyrights and Copyright Infringment

Aug 20073Frosty G

Toon Boom Animation

Aug 20073Joecool1081

video slowing down

Aug 20073RodyPolis

Zippo Lighter in Mid-Air? Stockfootage?

Aug 20073SyroVision

Reboot - the tv series SOUND EFFECT

Aug 20073JUIDAR

Omni-directional camera

Aug 20073The Siege

Green screen using Sony Vegas movie studio platinum 6.0

Aug 20073Joecool1081

Heinz Commercial

Aug 20073FXhomer20395

Erasing wires

Aug 20073lunamask

Use of Finalight effects in Fx Home effects lab

Aug 20073DavDxn

24p AND Narrow Depth of field simulation?

Jul 20073RicanJoe

star feild back ground and moving camera

Jul 20073AzGunrunner

After Effects

Jul 20073TAH

How to make Ghost Rider\Human Torch FX in other programs?

Jul 20073TheAba

film maker magazine

Jul 20073Horcruxes88

Nice Site

Jul 20073The Chosen One

Sound effects

Jul 20073Joecool1081

Imovie Music

Jul 20073The Nemesis2161

Can Fx be used with Avid Express Pro

Jul 20073FXhomer16844

Tatical Police Clothing

Jul 20073PLANB

This is a short movie I made.

Jul 20073RodyPolis

sound effect from smosh + other horror films

Jul 20073whelshizer

Making sets

Jul 20073Elliptical Productions

The Library Series 2 trailer - opinions wanted

Jun 20073Andysykes

Can i trust this?

Jun 20073Mosk

Tim Kring's Heroes sound FX or Soundtrack?

Jun 20073jrg2134

A Request

Jun 20073Phantom48

Small (kinda random) movie

Jun 20073SilverDragon7

Saving sound files with WMM

Jun 20073hawkeye

Virtual dub cropping

Jun 20073RicanJoe

The Sleepover

Jun 20073hatsoff2halford


Jun 20073Joecool1081

Free Animated Logo

Jun 20073Maxy

ATTN: swatdojo or anyone else... (Effect shot quesiton)

May 20073JesusMcJesus

Camera jib

May 20073Rockfilmers

Cant Figure Out How To Fix This

May 20073Slayerking


May 20073Rockfilmers

Here's a quick thing-

May 20073Bryan M Block

BARGAIN: Lavalier Mics on ebay

May 20073Avenging Eagle

deinterlacing issues

May 20073Horcruxes88

"Crossing The Line" Extract - Peter Jackson (RED)

May 20073SteveW

poor video capture

May 20073Horcruxes88

Official Film Studio Name List

May 20073Zea

Scanner Darkly

Apr 20073Joecool1081

Need robot walking sound effect

Apr 20073rocketman

bryce 4

Apr 20073FXhomer17851

Shaky Picture

Apr 20073Merrick

special effects artists wanted for a tripods short

Apr 20073philip

Script input

Apr 20073juneau

Sky Painting

Apr 20073SlothPaladin

Cinemetic Sounds

Apr 20073PLANB

looking to buy a camera

Apr 200735280 Productions

Best wide angle lens for GL2?

Apr 20073HandsomeScholars

Anyone else off to Cannes this year?

Apr 20073pdrg

Help: Alpha Channel, Alpha Transparency & Stock Footage

Apr 20073WeirdScience

Help: Free Explosion Stock Footage Needed

Apr 20073WeirdScience

Wire removal

Apr 20073Sepulcretum

Alien 3D

Apr 20073Joecool1081

How To: Quicktime Reel Download?

Apr 20073Thriller

Adobe Premiere and Photoshop DVD

Apr 20073Pixel edit

Need help with identifying an Effect [ANSWER]

Apr 20073FXhomer22360

Help! What do you show your HDV films on?

Apr 20073b4uask30male

Old man voice

Apr 20073Jucemar

displacement mapping problem

Mar 20073lonesn1per

Logo help

Mar 20073notoriusc

Possible $ for 3D Assistance..!

Mar 20073iggy88

Camera Advice

Mar 20073Frosty

Two Sabers in a frame

Mar 20073The Editing Room

Making Orchestra-like Music with FLStudio?

Mar 20073Super Cameraman

a place to get stock footage

Mar 20073morph5690

peoples demoreels

Mar 20073fxmaniac

demo help

Feb 20073fxmaniac


Feb 20073Horcruxes88

Film Credits Explained

Feb 20073rocketman

Floating Cat

Feb 20073AG Productions

Quick job I did for a school . . .

Feb 20073NickD

FREE 3D title, credit, logo, animation software for you

Feb 20073Bryan M Block

Request for reviews

Feb 20073FXhomer22544

How would YOU achieve this effect?

Feb 20073BackOfTheHearse

A roll up greenscreen?

Feb 20073Fill


Feb 20073Thrawn

VKTRS Teaser

Feb 20073Arktic

Final Cut Pro

Feb 20073SGB

Bryan Strikes again! FREE motion backgrounds & StockFoot

Jan 20073Bryan M Block

Image Stream repeating?

Jan 20073mojaba

Video clips placed into glowing orbe

Jan 20073MarkBray1970

Stiff Tripod Pan

Jan 20073NickD

Does Premiere open .MOD Files?

Jan 20073mikeh

What is the frequency of camera hum?

Jan 20073NickD

CeltX Question

Jan 20073NickD

Stage Curtain Video?

Jan 20073Aculag

Breaking Glass Effect

Jan 20073TheMightyThor

Using Motion/Livetype for FCP

Jan 20073Anne


Jan 20073Horcruxes88

Making blue jeans not... blue

Jan 20073Big Man

Cool Extra for Mac Movie Making

Jan 20073NickD

Music Test

Jan 20073swatdojo

Credits in FCE

Jan 20073NickD

Mic For TRV-19 (Typical, I know)

Jan 20073NickD

Single layer media in dual layer DVD burner?

Jan 20073rocketman

From Script to Film-Looking for Help

Jan 20073sfbmovieco

Help with production LOGO

Jan 20073RedLynx908

Explosian Presets

Jan 20073KA Productions

Need list of movie studio positions

Dec 20063Roozer

Pong video game sound effects

Dec 20063petet2

DV field order question

Dec 20063petet2

need a sound

Dec 20063tommynator

chi 2 battle scene

Dec 20063Greg Webb

Broken Links

Dec 20063NoClue

Top 50 Music Videos of 2006

Dec 20063Hendo

After Effects Video Tutorial

Dec 20063lonepigs

What's the best way to organize projects?

Dec 20063chase

Two Questions: DVD Burner and Voice Over Mic

Dec 20063Thrawn

Widescreen Problem

Dec 20063Penguin

Hard disks for movie editing?

Dec 20063Armageddon1212

theres a voice changer software

Dec 20063RigomrtsFX

thanks to: dancam fx, mattio, nick d

Dec 20063skywalker dan

best camera for $800?

Dec 20063Roboticinfo

Cheap Airsoft Guns in Canada

Nov 20063lonepigs

Contest some of you might find Interesting

Nov 20063epeterson

My digital camcorder died. :(

Nov 20063A Pickle

Sound Issues on Premiere Pro

Oct 20063Jucemar

WMM won't accept QuickTime files [ANSWER]

Oct 20063Tommy92L

Effects help (about transformation)

Oct 20063Jamie yu

Adding sound to the movie...

Oct 20063Luke Skyfocker

Detonation Films tutorial contest!

Oct 20063film freak

Helpful Tools for filmmakers

Oct 20063ashman

Converting MPEG2>MPEG1 help

Oct 20063Kael78

looking for a new movie to direct but dont know what kind?

Oct 20063StarZ

Motion Perfect for Mac?

Oct 20063SGB

filters day to night

Oct 20063rathgeber films

How to Playback HD?

Oct 20063Lior

La chasse commence / The hunt beging

Oct 20063shadu

Need writers...

Oct 20063TMR

Semi-transparent images for spy film

Sep 20063mojaba

sound effects for indie film

Sep 20063mystical media

Looking for a camera

Sep 20063rathgeber films

Grading Help

Sep 20063SlothPaladin

seeking effects with sony vegas 5 for our film

Sep 20063mystical media

Primal Rage Photoshop Test

Sep 20063Big Man

"smoky" bullet hits

Sep 20063demoncheeseball101

Extracting Audio...

Sep 20063ryanprickle

Hanging from a cliff via green screen

Sep 20063geigel1

Rode Videomic /

Sep 20063mattio

WMM question and camera

Sep 20063B3N

Anyone got a HC3 camera? need a little advice

Sep 20063b4uask30male

Is there an FX Home movie contest/challenge?

Sep 20063WithSwissCheese

Matrix film [script]

Sep 20063B3N

Sony Vegas 6 Video Editing Software for 99 Dollars at B&

Sep 20063RodgerDodger

Music Recording?

Aug 20063AAAx2

More free stuff - 3D skeleton and zombie models

Aug 20063petet2

Web Hosting

Aug 20063Penguin


Aug 20063Maxy


Aug 20063bcghawk

The Best Forum in the World... Wide Web!

Aug 20063Professsor

need 3d animation help

Aug 20063VRBstudios

Sabre fighting

Aug 20063Spirit

A certain sound effect!

Jul 20063Garfield Street

Old Film Beginning Stock Footage

Jul 20063Jeremy Davidson

The "Framed" Podcast

Jul 20063Jazzmanian

DV to film"look" product

Jul 20063ashman


Jul 20063FXhomer7462

Any filmmakers from Harlow, Essex?

Jul 20063Professsor

Need help starting animation

Jul 20063EVW2K

Q:What is the best super SUPER cheap DV cam I can get?

Jul 20063marcus u


Jul 20063xperiment

Flame sounds

Jul 20063Gman 007

TG2 Website Updates (Sorry Not Out Yet)

Jul 20063JT9

external hard drive help

Jul 20063rathgeber films

Educational parody film I made

Jun 20063Ferox13

DivX player for Quicktime

Jun 20063ther2kglitch

Awesome photoshop tutorials!

Jun 20063film freak

Adobe Encore step by step tutorials

Jun 20063druguer


Jun 20063BuckskinBelly

My first rotroscopnig

Jun 20063PillowBruise

Premiere Pro expendable files

Jun 20063druguer

Uploading Videos to Zed

Jun 20063badkerning

Movie theme Music

Jun 20063VRBstudios

Pulp Fiction Montage Clip

Jun 20063jonky64

Editing Online

Jun 2006390hitpoints

need yoda doll

Jun 20063Gman 007

Jay Sanders Film Festival

Jun 2006390hitpoints

Name of Song

Jun 20063epeterson

Dramatic music

Jun 20063Gman 007

Blending CG and live action together

Jun 20063Gman 007

Spider-man 3 Production videos

Jun 20063film freak

The Siberian Farce-Over 40,000 views-Check this short out

Jun 20063the new godfather

Stabilization Software.

Jun 20063Bryce007

spinning thru the floor...

Jun 20063ogrus

Thinking about buying Elura 100

Jun 20063NickD

Path on Map

Jun 20063Roozer

Need help with file converting!

Jun 20063alltheshway

Funny "Get Firefox" Movie

Jun 20063Lithium Kraft

sound fx in lost?

Jun 20063Maxy

Giant Files?

Jun 20063Xaritor

Video and audio quality.

Jun 20063FXhomer26937

Film experiment, please help

May 2006303ruby

3d camera, green screen

May 20063evenmu

War Movie

May 20063VRBstudios

The great cheap camera lighting test film.

May 20063Jazzmanian

Wall running

May 20063Xaritor


May 20063druguer

Me Against The Stormtroopers

May 20063alexanderj

What do I need!

May 20063Dilly2

The Armistice

May 20063PillowBruise

Icarus license

May 20063lwmedia

Anyone ever used

May 20063Clintorules

Advice needed on AlamDV Plugins into Elab, And Squibs!

May 20063videofxuniverse

Using Blender for you're movie

May 20063Gman 007

Quality/Movie problem

May 20063Spirit

Ryan V Dorkman Unrotoed 24sec clip!

May 20063mattio

Camera - Tripod Mount

May 20063Jazzmanian

laser gun shooting questions

May 20063FXhomer3921

Sony DCRTRV140 Digital8 Camcorder?

May 20063xperiment

Three Minute Thriller.

May 20063Nagual

What is the difference between blue and greenscreen?

May 20063AntiGrav

Looking for a website

May 20063cooldude

Internal HD in External Case

May 20063NickD

Stock Footage in effectslab

May 20063Farroosi

New Camera and capture problems

May 20063Z28Jerry

trying to find a short film on here before

May 20063cooldude

Writer Needed

May 20063irishcult

Old Man Trailer/Chop Tests

May 20063Limey

Polishing your output footage

May 20063druguer

Looking for a fake beard

Apr 20063b4uask30male

Help for Sony DCR-HC30

Apr 20063Christofer Matthias

See myself on the big screen and Star Trek casting...

Apr 20063Bryan M Block

Screenplay Writers Guide

Apr 20063Zea

Title Creation

Apr 20063knubs

Need some help with gun stuff...

Apr 20063Big Man

Cheap, portable video monitor at Circuit City

Apr 20063rocketman

scar makeup

Apr 20063notoriusc

Panasonic NV-GS180b?

Apr 20063mattio

CD pictures

Apr 20063B3N

Fxhome Credit Page Codec

Apr 20063pcremag

Need Some CGI Done for Horror Film...

Mar 20063EyerisProductions

DETONATOR - Explosion FX Sounds

Mar 20063MikeNovy

What is better

Mar 20063SUP159

Film Festivals

Mar 2006390hitpoints

Wanted: Old "Indian" TV test pattern image

Mar 20063rocketman

Tale Of Two Cities (My latest project)

Mar 20063pcremag

Greenscreen Footage

Mar 20063Thriller

Vue 5 Infinite (awesome)

Mar 20063rathgeber films

3D Invigorator for AE

Mar 20063cinemafreak

what program would you use to compress a mov video file

Mar 20063airhead1790

Compression without noticeable loss of quality.

Mar 20063blh

Old Movie I made-Used underwater camera case

Mar 20063filmmakerfinley

Where is that star wars green screen footage?

Mar 20063hulkis2001

Does it play for you?

Feb 20063knubs

Italian Songs

Feb 20063viper3139

Ad making competition

Feb 20063CurtinParloe

I just finished a short film but I have a question

Feb 20063visualchaos

Editing HDV with Premiere Pro 2.0?

Feb 20063hatsoff2halford

Cinema 4D depth of field,

Feb 20063SMB

New ident for comments

Feb 20063CurtinParloe

The Shining

Feb 20063PhLogan

Avid 60 Second Video Contest (Winner goes to NAB!)

Feb 20063outsiderlookingin

Screenplay Format Guide

Feb 20063wdy

Movie fonts

Feb 20063Klausky

how do explosion makeup?

Feb 20063notoriusc

breakable wall?

Feb 20063notoriusc

Video of high powered rifles, and some muzzle flash pics.

Feb 20063BuckskinBelly

Question on expanding effects for alamdv2

Feb 20063Spawnn

Animated GIFs Size

Feb 20063The Artur

3D in Movies

Feb 20063wickedwolf56

Movie software

Feb 20063cjbalways

Space ship models and sci fi weapons from household items

Feb 20063Empty Lunchbox

Question regarding slow motion and the sony HDR-FX1

Jan 20063ChromeHeart

Software for making text for movies

Jan 20063cjbalways

Lightsaber Blade Size

Jan 20063dorrito2001

Hd and mini Dv edition

Jan 20063bmx-men_

Help with Titles

Jan 20063wdy

Whats different about effects in Adobe Premier Elem v2 &

Jan 20063Gnome326

Premiere Pro 2.0, After Effects 7.0 out!

Jan 20063Pooky

movie planner/script writing/audio editor FREEBIES

Jan 20063ashman

looking for free motion capture software

Jan 20063ashman

cg tutorials for everything (pretty much)

Jan 20063ashman

Is Google Video good for hosting your movie?

Jan 20063lwmedia

Digital Film Camp or Regular Film Camp?

Jan 20063Klausky

The Saber fight!

Jan 20063cjbalways

Opinons on this problem?

Jan 20063Bryan M Block

Flying effect and taking off

Jan 20063ForeverYoung8

Need specific sound fxs!

Jan 20063jrg2134

"The Face" in production....

Jan 20063aggies2005

is greenscreening hard and how/where do you do it?

Jan 20063Hillsong London505

video hosting!

Jan 20063the new godfather

server space

Jan 20063GeneralGrievous

Free stock photos resources

Dec 20053Empty Lunchbox

Predator Effect with no masking!

Dec 20053SGB

Need short arty movies asap!

Dec 20053Chrislad

Cropping Letterboxes in Final Cut Tutorial

Dec 20053MovieGuy334

Windows Program Like Garage Band

Dec 20053LilCaesars

ntsc and pal help

Dec 20053magic mat

how is the DCR-PC1000 compared to the HC1?

Dec 20053Ouellette

meteor Impact/dents

Dec 20053EddieOue5

Alpha matte to C4D?

Dec 20053Kristian

Dirt Cheap Royalty Free Pictures

Dec 20053rogolo

Song from the Trailer 'Stay'

Dec 20053wdy

Some more CGI

Dec 20053SMB

Rigging and 3d Converting

Dec 20053magic mat

Need help with script and idea....

Dec 20053aggies2005

Force Push test

Dec 20053alexanderj

Action Tools for Adobe Photoshop

Dec 20053wdy

Looking For "ESCAPE"

Nov 20053iggy88

Dead Effect?

Nov 20053Frozenpede

Anyone Use Sounddogs

Nov 20053cinemafreak

Wake The Dead Released!

Nov 20053neo_man89

Joanns Greenscreen

Nov 20053SGB

Animation on background mattes

Nov 20053lilphil212

How to reverse a clip

Nov 20053lilphil212

Asking for ideas for movie with storm

Nov 20053guarddog

How do you make realistic news interview shadowed faces

Oct 20053guarddog

M1 Carbine dimensions or blueprints

Oct 20053blink81588


Oct 20053MovieGuy334

Me BoXing!!

Oct 20053jessy

convert to .asf

Oct 20053knubs

Ghostly Stcok Footage

Oct 20053Jeremy Davidson

Advice: Stabs/Slashing/Wounds Effects (Pratical and SFX)

Oct 20053EyerisProductions

Adding a simple spaceship

Oct 20053hydraman

No firewire connection on laptop - Help

Oct 20053The Artur

Need someone to host my test clip please

Oct 20053ashman

Vegas video 6 or other editing proggy effect....

Oct 20053shiftd

Sony Vegas - Making your own Stock Footage.

Oct 20053Thriller

Tutorial On Recording Your PC Screen

Oct 20053mattio


Oct 20053Zeolahn

Autodesk buys Alias; now owns Maya and 3D Studio

Oct 20053Hendo

Get That Annoying Divx Logo Off The Right Hand Corner

Oct 20053mattio

Lightsaber sound placement

Sep 20053FalcoArgentato442

Please review my lightsword test clip

Sep 20053alexanderj

Different kind of Film

Sep 20053SSMedia

Prop Exchange

Sep 20053chipmandoo

Request for those who have a Tivo or tv recorder

Sep 20053tomekkr

HD camcorders

Sep 20053marko508

Aircraft Carrier 3D Model

Sep 20053JT9

Make an Awesome Nuke in 3d Studio Max

Sep 20053nanafanboy

songs recorded with dv camera and soundtrack pro

Sep 20053rypcat

Car scale models with real actors

Sep 20053cotsosdel

Need a score.

Sep 20053marko508

Part 1 of THE WARNING now online!

Sep 20053alecrossel

Attention Uk Based Animators/film Makers! Big Oppotunity

Sep 20053boardley007

Problem with

Sep 20053AAAx2

Shakey video when burnt to DVD

Sep 20053JoeyLawrence

Paseo Trailer

Aug 20053SFX-Spaz

RPG Pics

Aug 20053viper3139

Force Lightning Sound

Aug 20053Jeremy Davidson

cinema 4d help?

Aug 20053Maxy

How do you make the clash effect with lightsabers?

Aug 20053marko508

What is RFU DC Out ?

Aug 20053GuitarsRule89

Documentary - looking for some guidelines.

Aug 20053Chrislad

Soundtrack Composer/Producer Available

Aug 20053dezk

Star War Themes

Aug 20053Jeremy Davidson

How much RAM!

Aug 20053Underdog Productions

Practical Effects Tutorials

Aug 20053Z28Jerry

ALIAS Sounds

Jul 20053angelx

Call for Graphic Artist

Jul 20053Madmanmatty

Some Useful Sites

Jul 20053The Chosen One

Check out these dutch film-makers : Baaah Productions

Jul 20053gekjas

Another Quick Stock Footage Question!

Jul 20053JDC

Camera comparison article

Jul 20053Thechess

LEMONY SNICKET'S End Credit Sequence

Jul 20053kidschlocko

Military Blueprints

Jul 20053Chris Grant

Killing Playmates

Jul 20053Greybro

Which Microphone?

Jul 20053LilCaesars

Here is a Blood Hit sound effect I made for anyone...

Jul 20053Bryan M Block

Walking Through a Wall effect?

Jul 20053RedMenace

firelight Movies - Stock Media

Jul 20053Vault FX

Clip from superhero harry

Jul 20053b4uask30male

Anyone Know What a Filter Is?

Jul 20053cooldude

Moon's surface texture

Jun 20053billy3d

Touching Is Good Contest

Jun 20053tmaynard

Cameras and Lightsabers

Jun 20053Obi Wan Kenobi

Universal Studios stock footage

Jun 20053NuttyBanana

DivX 6 is out!

Jun 20053Pooky

realistic bullets

Jun 20053alexanderj

Haunted Productions Needs Logo!

Jun 20053Justin10139

firelight movies Stock Media - COMING SOON

Jun 20053Vault FX

Using EffectLab DV and Sony Vegas 6?

Jun 20053Thriller

An Egypt documentary?

Jun 20053ustedalen

Sound ripping

Jun 20053Kaede11

Clip Exporting Problem - Premiere

Jun 20053xefx

chroma key and computer game

May 20053yellowmello

Volume Levelling Across Videos

May 20053LightsCameraAction

Van Helsing Q?

May 20053coldside

Linux and Dvd authoring..

May 20053elementcinema

More Free Good Music

May 20053Serpent

Free Upgrade

May 20053Bugclimber

Paseo - Sneak Peak - **UPDATE** Trailer Available

May 20053SFX-Spaz

Stupid Quicktime Issue

Apr 20053MovieGuy334

Special NYC 24 Hour Filmmaking Event | May 13-14, 2005

Apr 20053NYC Midnight

Quality in Terragen

Apr 20053pzgamer825

How to determine whether a video picture is good or poor

Apr 20053Hendo

Where to find force lightning sounds?

Apr 20053spidey

Walkthroughs for Plug in making?

Apr 20053DPUMA8

qt coversion problem, other little problems, help!

Apr 20053boco007

For Website designers: not sure how useful...

Apr 20053coldside

Applying effects to a filmstrip in Photoshop

Mar 20053joel eeriepa

**X3i 2nd Episode: "Fools Rush Out"**

Mar 20053CX3

need reasonably priced fluid head

Mar 20053rocketman

looking for blue's clues type sets

Mar 20053johnatkins

Capturing Video from MiniDV Camcorder without Premiere?

Mar 20053mikey156

Importing blender objects..

Mar 20053obidean

Insomniac Film Challenge -- Call for teams

Mar 20053russ1510

Compressing Windows Media Videos

Mar 20053mikey156

Fxhome Film Makers Wanted!!!!!!!!

Mar 20053johnatkins

Green Screen Footage

Mar 20053johnatkins


Mar 20053mikey156

Could someone translate this website from Spanish?

Mar 20053tomekkr

effect help

Mar 20053theone

Another sound question

Mar 20053GuitarsRule89

Fantastic Gun Props

Feb 20053monty

Easy Artificial Lightning

Feb 20053Zea

Urgent! : Compressing for DVD Full Quality

Feb 20053wdy

shooting in different fps

Feb 20053shapiro

Have searched hi and low for a specific .wav

Feb 20053Taniko

Help needed to figure out AE title problem

Feb 20053tomekkr

Free Software

Feb 20053PhLogan

Mulitples of one actor

Feb 20053fanofthepeople

A Film by fans

Jan 20053tlosoft

Better Line In

Jan 20053GuitarsRule89

Unseen Evil Teaser Trailer

Jan 20053silencer

3D MAX vs MAYA (Not the usual topic...)

Jan 20053ogrus

Luminosity Key for Smoke

Jan 20053jstow222

Pixels 3D;work with live action film?

Jan 20053Chop Suke

Uncompressed am i doing this right HELP

Jan 20053silencer

best preset for shooting basketball with canon GL2???

Jan 20053jmill8886

AF presents...

Jan 20053Serdar3500

2 EPIC segment 4

Jan 20053b4uask30male

is this a good cheap mic for film

Jan 20053silencer

Stuck again...

Jan 20053silencer

DVgarage 3DToolkit

Jan 20053Vampiricyouthv

Effect from Minority Report

Jan 20053I3i9 Ni9

Vegas 5 Project files

Jan 20053steelglass

Premiere Pro Question

Dec 20043Rocenos

AlamDV2 won't install new plug ins

Dec 20043grazio

Bleach Bypass/Silver retention tutorial for Chromanator

Dec 20043The video machine

Wax and Winmorph plugins for vegas

Dec 20043steelglass

Vegas and Blender Tutorials

Dec 20043steelglass

DVD Ripping Software

Dec 20043steelglass

ISSues With Premeire content:Anyone else

Nov 20043demonix

Electric blowback guns - not airsoft

Nov 20043tomekkr

DVD Inserts.

Nov 20043tmaynard

Ulead Video Studio 8 Question

Nov 20043yosterman

Condenser V Shotgun

Nov 20043Mr_E_Man

Military Helicopter Radio

Nov 20043viper3139

Shotgun Mics

Nov 20043NickD

Vampire Teeth

Nov 20043Mr_E_Man

Color Grading

Nov 20043SuperFly

Call For Entries

Nov 20043genesismedia

Widescreen Exporting

Nov 20043MovieGuy334

Problems mixing sound FX, music and dialogue

Oct 20043rocketman

Free Scripts?

Oct 20043chase

Commercial Licenses?

Oct 20043A Pickle

Need some help with finding good musical parts to DL :)

Oct 20043n00bster

To buy or not to buy ?

Oct 20043sciedou

converting mac files to pc

Oct 20043TheLiggi

Stock footage contest

Oct 20043xbreaka

About stabilizers, arms and other film making stuff

Sep 20043sciedou

Problem with analog capture from VHS using Roxio Video Wave

Sep 20043rocketman

How to make high quality landscapes

Sep 20043sciedou

List of Small Cable Channels

Sep 20043Frozenpetasse

2 mics on XL1S

Sep 20043marinosC

Light effects!

Sep 20043inkfish

Another links page

Sep 20043GeeksGoneBad

Jerky slow-mo suddenly started happening - why?

Sep 20043GavSalkeld

Need Hosting for Film

Sep 20043sk8npirate

3D bird model

Sep 20043shadu

Oh no...

Aug 20043Calminaion

Authorized Camera Dealers

Aug 20043Blissman

List of film jobs?

Aug 20043wdy

Sound FX

Aug 20043Clapter


Aug 20043Evman

Cameraman Needed

Aug 20043JBProductions

Really Useful iMovie Plugins

Aug 20043Serpent

Tap2's Moon Contest!!!

Aug 20043TAP2

Need a new 3D artist with film

Jul 20043cmgoetz

half a frame mussle flash ?

Jul 20043b4uask30male

OS 9 or OS classic?

Jul 20043Deepcoiler

Heart Beating Sound Effect

Jul 20043brendanf

How can I de-interlace my footage in premiere?

Jul 20043wdy

Video Download Problems

Jul 20043owen rixon

Suggestions/Comments for site & film?

Jul 20043Master Yoda

GL-2 Night Shooting

Jul 20043wdy

General Help!

Jul 20043cjbalways

Photogrammetry Technique? NEED YA HELP BILL!

Jul 20043dirtygeeza

Blood Tie

Jun 20043Kaede11

How to create a "binocular" effect ?

Jun 20043rocketman

Home page

Jun 20043Klut

tv spot contest - our movie

Jun 20043Spanish Prisoner

Blind Swordsman Zatoichi Blood Effects

Jun 20043Stormgiraffe

TV snow hi-res footage..

Jun 20043elementcinema


Jun 20043TAP2

3CCD vs 1CCD Click on this thread it isn't a Question!!!

Jun 20043Cutty201

ambient occlusion tutorial

May 20043billy3d

My first greenscreen attempt

May 20043rdelavega

File Type For Posting

May 20043mthoward

How can I create a TV/film reel breaking down effect?

May 20043Solidus

Dirty talk 2004

May 20043dirtygeeza

Matrix Screens

May 20043The Muffin Man

What is ZED?

May 20043ben3308

Crane Camera!

May 20043Calibretto

Canon GL2 Lens

May 20043gent23mj

Script Feedback

May 20043Greyo

Vietnam Video for school

May 20043loky

images quality and uploading

May 20043mastersmithson

The Cost to transfer to FILM?

May 20043SunriseSeagull

premiere suggestions?

May 20043thecarpets

Adobe After Effects

May 20043LightsCameraAction


May 20043cantaclaro

Capturing part of a DVD

May 20043LightsCameraAction

More Fun with Photo-Realistic Renders

May 20043cantaclaro

First film in planning: Geek Wars

Apr 20043Calminaion


Apr 20043Howloween18

cheap hosting

Apr 20043Maurice1705

Survivor Logo

Apr 20043MovieGuy334

Questions about Digitizing

Apr 20043SunriseSeagull

Maya Texturing

Apr 20043rmw

Capturing in Premiere 6.0

Apr 20043Evman

I'd like to share my good news!

Apr 20043wdy

Importance of Lighting and getting your rights for Music

Apr 20043wdy

Check this filmmaker out...

Apr 20043Kevo

Quicktime Player

Apr 20043Denise CookXClam

TV mode on GL-2?

Apr 20043wdy

Premiere Pro Timeline Question

Apr 20043Gibs

web hostess

Apr 20043mthoward

imovie error

Apr 20043mthoward

Changing codecs in Windows Movie Maker

Apr 20043DEAN


Apr 20043Sting939


Mar 20043MovieGuy334

quicktime and imovie

Mar 20043Anonymous

Sound Capture..

Mar 20043elementcinema

Movie Posting Q

Mar 20043mthoward

Tripod hosting?

Mar 20043Denise CookXClam

Who's up for a job?

Mar 20043Anonymous

western music

Mar 20043Anonymous

Firearm blueprints

Mar 20043Anonymous

Our 30 second Animation

Mar 20043av11d

Pinnacle Studio 9 review

Mar 20043MarkB

Chroma Key Help

Mar 20043Serpent


Mar 20043mthoward

How to transfer DIVx files to DVD writable

Mar 20043hippa03

Chromanator Key File

Mar 20043mthoward

Attn UK Greenscreeners!

Mar 20043jjuerss

Movie link rejected !?!

Mar 20043blaine


Mar 20043Anonymous

difference between minidv and dvcam?

Mar 20043starX

How to compress video?

Mar 20043DeezNutz24

The Passion of the Christ Soundtrack

Mar 20043Riese

WWII Aircraft textures NEEDED!!!

Mar 20043Anonymous

good lighting

Mar 20043Maurice1705

How can I add sand trails.....

Feb 20043Bowie

moving filmstrip

Feb 20043Anonymous

short film

Feb 20043IxLoc

BBC film article

Feb 20043Mantra

Cheap Server

Feb 20043Jagg

Editor needed

Feb 20043b4uask30male

Career in Crime

Feb 20043movieguy5

Unified Film Organization

Feb 20043Frozenpede

Ca Me Ra

Feb 20043Anonymous

perfect 3D combination???

Feb 20043Anonymous

Free web hosting (was: Does anyone know where)

Feb 20043The8thRemover

Basic Fight Test

Feb 20043hahoozhafax

The World

Feb 20043arch evil

rotating earth

Feb 20043kotram

You may have missed this film.

Feb 20043b4uask30male

DVD labels?

Feb 20043Gerd

Upload a movie

Jan 20043hippa03

Looking for a song from 28 Days Later

Jan 20043wdy

imovie wrecked my file!

Jan 20043Anonymous

Sound FX question...

Jan 20043turin

It looks too good! How to "dirty up" a render plug

Jan 20043Troy

Best option for improving OpenGL performance

Jan 20043jjuerss

Zed problems...

Jan 20043FiveIronFrenzy

Compositing pro wrestling scene

Jan 20043bodybuildingbs

AE Help

Jan 20043jstow222

Grainy footage.

Jan 20043Two Gunned Saint

Short film competition for the UK

Jan 20043b4uask30male

Yes, another test

Jan 20043Brettsta

Movies won't Work

Jan 20043Serpent

Garbage Matte Vs. Mask

Jan 20043Brettsta

Copy effects from one 2 another (AfterFX)

Jan 20043Andreas

If you were me...

Dec 20033krazyk9999

3D model question

Dec 20033neo_man89

if you have a big wallet, then check this out! special FX

Dec 20033elementcinema + Digital Grading in LOTR

Dec 20033TAP2

Easy 3D and CGI

Dec 20033pboniface


Dec 20033obi191

block sounds

Dec 20033Kaede11

Really quick and easy question

Dec 20033Anonymous

Film industry

Dec 20033Anonymous

How do you make Alamdv2 screen larger?

Dec 20033Anonymous

interlacing de-interlacing avoided topic

Dec 20033Anonymous

my pluggin loader has a script error. help?

Nov 20033batman303705

Music/voice spliting

Nov 20033fertesz

Vcr To Pc

Nov 20033ggbros


Nov 20033TAP2

Advanced transitions, i.e. Explosions, etc.

Nov 20033taejin

Film making sitesand fun flash sites

Nov 20033ssjaaron

Something for a new movie

Nov 20033cyclone3000

light saber movement

Nov 20033Brettsta

props and costumes more for movies. and a cool animation

Nov 20033ssjaaron

Audio Questions

Nov 20033CX3

PAL - Even Or Odd First?

Nov 20033TAP2

need the matrix text

Nov 20033FroDittyBro

Using AlamDV2 with Premiere 6.5 in Windows XP

Nov 20033rocketman

Yet another camera question...

Nov 20033Trailer Park Boys

"Attack of the Trashcan" Vol. 1

Nov 20033zeocom8

Props to buy

Nov 20033Ichi The Killer

New "Test Footage" for our Batman Beyond fan film

Nov 20033Anonymous

Where to find cheap mask?

Nov 20033shadu

Light Meters

Nov 20033Anonymous

Undead makeup

Oct 20033tommach

high quality sounds

Oct 20033ssjaaron

Really Funny Videos!!!

Oct 20033Sting939

Time and Effort to produce the best stuff

Oct 20033skyphoenix

Microphone help

Oct 20033Anonymous

lightsabre and other star wars weapons sounds

Oct 20033obi one

Realviz Retimer and Motion Perfect

Oct 20033Viper54

how can i bluescreen?

Oct 20033nickcelestin

Final Cut Pro 4 and AlamDV

Oct 20033polemarch

How to make hard hitting lightsabers

Oct 20033xencade

neighbours... hummm

Oct 20033ericgui


Oct 20033jstow222

Arri Tungsten Lighting?

Sep 20033Ichi The Killer

Star Wars Lighting?

Sep 20033Redhawksrymmer

GL1 To Frame or not to Frame??

Sep 20033cantaclaro

missing film

Sep 20033wpl

The best sound effect cds?

Sep 20033rudnert

need help with effect please!

Sep 20033Coldfuse

Someone Must Known This

Sep 20033ihateemo

Realistic Guns and Gear

Sep 20033Sting939

Resin Casting

Sep 20033Phage

Trailer as Short Movie???

Aug 20033devilskater

Movie down for a couple of days.

Aug 20033Redhawksrymmer

How Much Video?

Aug 20033ihateemo

Anyone know how to make wire euipment? To lift people?

Aug 20033Gunn

How Can This Shot Be Made???

Aug 20033Retromedia

cheap chroma green paint

Aug 20033wpl

(Ultimate FAQ III Article) - Recording Your Own Sound FX -

Aug 20033Hajiku_Flip

Pingpong movie

Aug 20033BDOG

Rate my movie!

Aug 20033Tobbger

Making a Flying Car Explode

Aug 20033Sonecor

Actors needed in England.

Aug 20033b4uask30male

toy guns

Jul 200334036Douglas

Matrix Code High Res Pic

Jul 20033rob

3ds max question

Jul 20033jessy

Camera Mapping & Enviroment Stiching

Jul 20033optikal

Focus lenses for ur dv camera

Jul 20033Coldfuse

Ultimate 3D Solution

Jul 20033scythefalcon

3D Animated Logo

Jul 20033LightsCameraAction

"Ditty" Sounds

Jul 20033LightsCameraAction

question about sound effects

Jul 20033Anonymous

tips on using a steady cam...

Jul 20033justakid

Movie not showing in new movies...

Jul 20033beyond_studios

Adobe Premiere 6 LE

Jul 20033devilskater

My next film

Jul 20033Sith_Knight

"this is not a test" sound

Jul 20033danmec

Animated Background

Jul 20033LightsCameraAction

Nightcast... Is it in 3D????

Jul 20033TAP2


Jul 20033MATT PUGH

Animation Help Needed...

Jul 20033smier33

Help Plz

Jul 20033CX3

vhs-c and super-vhs-c

Jul 20033saiyan84

Alam Soundtracks

Jun 20033CX3

Sony TRV22... How does it Compare...

Jun 20033ripascbr

JVC's New ground-breaking JY-HD10U

Jun 20033wdy

After Effects question....

Jun 20033Klown

ZR 50MC & ZR 70

Jun 20033jstow222

hieght width

Jun 20033jessy

Kid? or someone explain this?

Jun 20033TAP2

free video clips

Jun 20033jessy

is this dvd-r any good?

Jun 20033Greyo

The First And Last Bluescreen Question...

Jun 20033Anonymous

Poser 5 questions

Jun 20033neo_man89

uploading movies

Jun 20033design_pro

Where can I get the Agent Smith instrumental rift?

Jun 20033blank

How can I do this?

Jun 20033jstow222


Jun 20033av11d

Barn Doors for your crappy lights

Jun 20033Aculag

Where is a good list of short film comps?

May 20033photogeek

Magic Sound Effects

May 20033Anonymous

Cant get my fire wire card to capture ?

May 20033curran

Shooting in the Woods (question for Sollthar...)

May 20033Professor X

Whats the diff. between these Canons?

May 20033Anonymous

.sit format?????????

May 20033Anonymous

what does NTSC DVD player play audio, mpg-2 or ac3

May 20033b4uask30male

please help. winmorph problem

May 20033ckossoyan


May 20033gent23mj

bullettime plug for maya.

May 20033Andreas

Matrix style font needed!

May 20033neo_man89

Fuller's Earth

May 20033Aculag

Glidecam Website

May 20033devilskater

Which camera?

May 20033Jagg

Looking for a Grant, Please Help

May 20033wdy

Please Someone Advice !!!

May 20033Anonymous

Greenscreen lighting

May 20033Gibs

MPEG Export in Premiere

Apr 20033LightsCameraAction

Trouble keeping Logged in.

Apr 20033Aculag

Questions about effects..

Apr 20033El-Diablo


Apr 20033davidmalyn


Apr 20033neo_man89

chroma key

Apr 20033Anonymous

I found out how to do the mask effect in After Effects!!!!!

Mar 20033neo_man89

Good fight sound FX

Mar 20033Klown

Encoding woes!

Mar 20033Obi

Tutorial AlamDv French

Mar 20033ApwaL

Help with 3DSMAX!!!!!!!!!

Mar 20033Anonymous

Wires / Aerial Rig

Mar 20033MNSpectre

Good Suspense Sound Effects? Where to find them?

Mar 20033smier33

How long?

Mar 20033Aculag

Help with Converting

Mar 20033wdy

Making subjects or objects disappear

Mar 20033xencade

Help with masks in AE.

Mar 20033Andreas

star wars hologram tute.

Mar 20033jfbiscardi

Make your footage look like the movies. Where'd it go?

Mar 20033Kid

star trek beam in

Mar 20033admiralty

Help changing something in 3ds

Mar 20033b4uask30male

Halo Productions Update

Mar 20033Halo_Staff

Something cool

Feb 20033Redhawksrymmer

Earth Rotation Movie???

Feb 20033supersmasher

Need help in creating the Armageddon destruction of Earth

Feb 20033blank

Monitor type.

Feb 20033darthsidious143

new Music Video

Feb 20033Predinator

Fading in without blue screen

Feb 20033Anonymous

Have to open Quicktime Player before downloading?

Feb 20033voiceoverwizard

please help me

Feb 20033Anonymous

Contest with a Prize!

Feb 20033DW Peters

Watch it please... ;-)

Feb 20033Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

top ten problem

Feb 20033Anonymous

Lord Of The Onion Rings Weapon Tests Successful

Feb 20033Seth

Im talking about ultra-smooth slow motion?

Feb 20033TAP2

Commerical Ideas wanted :) Im having designers block damnit

Feb 20033amblix

Digital Video Retucsh

Feb 20033Animator

Sound Problem

Feb 20033gpmovies

T-800 question

Feb 20033neo_man89


Feb 20033LightsCameraAction

Short scripts website

Feb 20033Greyo

Useful emails 4 filmmakers!

Feb 20033Mellifluous

New Film Planned!

Feb 20033Seth

Adobe Premiere Help!!!?

Jan 20033wdy

darkness falls

Jan 20033RCG81187

Video for on a website...

Jan 20033wdy

Part 1 of my star trek project

Jan 20033jfbiscardi

poser help

Jan 20033Anonymous

Knife slashing and blood dripping from someones arm

Jan 20033Anonymous

Film Making Resource

Jan 20033Tasblades

little help with compression

Jan 20033leok

Video Editing for Linux

Jan 20033goober99

Cheap & SAFE pyrotechnics

Jan 20033Rawree

Exporting to VHS

Jan 20033KermZ

"frame-skip" special effect - what is this called?

Jan 20033Anonymous

New amazing version "Worst Case Scenario"

Jan 20033Bob Page

Converting a MPEG or AVI to WMF ?

Dec 20023curran

A sweet deal

Dec 20023jontaz1000


Dec 20023Anonymous

Yet another JWO disaster

Dec 20023John Harrower

How many record the sound..

Dec 20023Andreas

Question: How to make the camera whooshing sound

Dec 20023Anonymous

Stupid Lightsaber Question

Dec 20023Anonymous

Lightsabers with 3d Max.

Nov 20023Majicman

Ghostbusters Particle Stream Sound?

Nov 20023slervaag

Royalty Free Horror Music...?

Nov 20023smier33

Adobe Illustrator problems!

Nov 20023Anonymous

MPG4 viewing

Nov 20023billy3d

Yet another question from the video trenches

Nov 20023CTLW83

Keeping the dream alive...

Nov 20023codabar

How to create cool looking title text

Nov 20023Anonymous

The Mother of All Visual Effects Directories

Nov 20023moebius

Directing and Movie making tips

Nov 20023X

check out this star wars short!

Nov 20023paulpeach

Found a site

Nov 20023danial_02

Go to the Fan Films Discussion Forum

Oct 20023DarkJedi07

Lightsaber disappearing

Oct 20023ragnar

How do you add sound effects to imovie2 ?

Oct 20023be56

Please help! Wierd motion blur/ghosting problem.

Oct 20023Chaser

Capturing Still Images...

Oct 20023smier33

serve my movies???

Oct 20023Mason

3D Studio MAX question

Oct 20023neo_man89

Where is my action movie "Marie" ?

Oct 20023Anonymous

Our film...

Oct 20023sutton

Cool Link

Oct 20023devilskater

Helicopter Plug in

Oct 20023Anonymous

Hey b4uask30male

Oct 20023TheLiggi

Firewire N Color Bars

Oct 20023dirtygeeza


Sep 20023devilskater

How do you turn someone into dust (was:How do U......)

Sep 20023Mysterio

Friends as actors

Sep 20023Greyo

Scoring your film....

Sep 20023Bryan M Block

My useful film links

Sep 20023av11d

Film making links

Sep 20023owen rixon !

Sep 20023Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Competition Question, The Music

Sep 20023Jealous Flesh

Where can I find the the theme music to the Iron Chef show?

Sep 20023CoolKabe

a couple of things of interest !

Aug 20023b4uask30male

Shot List Help

Aug 20023Greyo

Minority Report Look?

Aug 20023Greyo

8th Day And Florida FX

Aug 20023kingpiin

Im blue cause i am struggling with bluescreen!

Aug 20023John Harrower

movies resolutions??

Aug 20023zironi

Screenplay formatting.

Aug 20023spotless

My first live-action movie

Aug 20023BrickMovies4U

Star Wars Tutorials

Jul 20023Andreas

DBZ Sounds

Jul 20023Sith_Knight

SVCD frame sizes?

Jul 20023Anonymous

How to find almost any software, models, etc you need

Jul 20023codabar

A prop maker's Eden

Jul 20023Match

Free Hosting

Jul 20023rmw

help with Premiere!

Jul 20023X


Jul 20023ggbros

Work Experience

Jul 20023Lawrie

Use the Force

Jul 20023Haichi321


Jul 20023spotless

Question about SoftImage XSI

Jun 20023DigiSm89

question of Kerm Z

Jun 20023billy3d

3d Max Camera

Jun 20023X

Sony Camcorder

Jun 20023Spork Knight

Star wars Blue Screen Views

Jun 20023DigiSm89

Giving DV video that "Cinema" look & feel usin

Jun 20023smier33

Anyone know of any Film Contests?

Jun 20023X

Star Wars lightsabre prop making sites...

Jun 20023TMM

Triplex trailer song

Jun 20023warwind45

Silicon Grail

Jun 20023codec3

lightning effect

Jun 20023bosco

Blender 3D??

Jun 20023Azrael

Looking for 3d Car model (not plugin)

May 20023X

3d Program Question

May 20023Magic_man12

More rotations in movies...

May 20023timoteobc

Digital Video Editing 3 chip camera

May 20023Cptnchaos

big files

May 20023raider

excellent Star Wars fonts

Apr 20023ChillFactor

HELP! How do I get my movie on to the computer?!?

Apr 20023Anonymous

Star Wars Outfits!!

Apr 20023fenris35

Where can i get Cheep Double Shoulder Holsters?

Apr 20023MrComputerGuy

starwars text effects

Apr 20023abdarrules


Apr 20023fishboy_uk

AlamDV2 Lightsabers

Apr 20023wingman2003

Compliment for Host test

Apr 20023Sollthar

Any where to get free animated backgrounds?

Mar 20023amblix

The TFN Lightsaber Competition Test Video

Mar 20023warwind45

A Humble Plea for Support

Mar 20023AshamanHo

questions for a mac computer

Mar 20023billy3d


Mar 20023Anonymous

sound effect where do u get them from ?

Mar 20023Anonymous

Help with Alpha channals....

Mar 20023Vega70


Mar 20023Anonymous

microphone help!

Mar 20023Anonymous

Bad Quicktime Quality

Mar 20023av11d

Blue Green screen

Mar 20023Anonymous

AE Composition Size

Mar 20023Robbie

Mouse on wires but need to remove wires from movie

Mar 20023Anonymous

Student Discounts on Software

Mar 20023Axeman

need software help!

Mar 20023karan


Mar 20023Cypher


Mar 20023MechaForce

getting back the audio

Feb 20023Anonymous

More AlamDV1 Plugins?

Feb 20023karan

Alamdv 2 plugins

Feb 20023lopezf

High FPS Cameras

Feb 20023Robbie

Lightsaber Help

Feb 20023Anonymous

Length of muzzle flashes?

Jan 20023Mapper

Filters on the computer

Jan 20023allyse

"Cut of head" effect :-) ?

Jan 20023davidian

Grants for films

Jan 20023MechaForce

Would this "exploding head" effect look good likely?

Jan 20023davidian

Bullet Trails

Jan 20023Rex Cramer

The Matrix Effects?

Jan 20023Defcon1

neeeeeed help!!!!!!!

Jan 20023billy3d

Good SFX Tutorial websites? ...and CG Blood

Jan 20023Anonymous

Adobe Premiere

Jan 20023Anonymous

Best Premiere codec and how to change captured video size...

Jan 20023Anonymous

after effects question....

Jan 20023Anonymous

Any good sounds for that explosion?

Jan 20023av11d

mixing 3d with real footage in 3dmax

Jan 20023billy3d

Gryphon morph

Dec 20013echoproof

Installing Plugins and AlamDV problems.

Dec 20013Joshua Davies

Dskop Cam

Dec 20013Lawrie

Import/Export Question 2100

Dec 20013GodDjango

One more question...

Nov 20013CableGuy316

Setting up a website for viewing Video demos

Nov 20013tedstriker


Nov 20013JOHNNY H

white screeen??

Oct 20013Eqvaliser

Alamdv Windows & Mac version: any difference?

Sep 20013EBE

Draw a certain object

Sep 20013Anonymous

Nebula Effect

Sep 20013ChrisNYC

black and white effects...

Aug 20013sidewinder


Aug 20013stan913

hey codec3!

Jun 20013maelstrom

Need help outputting

May 20013Spawn

Tips editing interviews recorded in a differnet language

Mar 20122Horcruxes88


Mar 20122wdy

Uncanny X-Men Fan Series

Feb 20122evg2005

Sexy Trash | Short Comedy Film

Feb 20122ctbullet

SHORT FILM = Downfall

Feb 20122PLANB

Free Sound Effects?

Feb 20122filmfan716

New visual effects tips and tutorials web series from Dastol

Jan 20122dastolidigital

If a S.A.G. actor plays himself his 'acting' is not governed

Dec 20112JackSkyyler

Uncanny X-Men Web Series

Dec 20112evg2005

MPEG Streamclip Compression Error

Dec 20112FXstudios99

How to submit a film?

Dec 20112gamesfx

Beginner advice wanted: HD lens for a Sony XDCAM PDW-350L

Nov 20112FredrikR

here's an interesting site

Oct 20112cdolsen

SketchWork TV CH1 "E6: The Break In"

Oct 20112SketchWork

CAN'T STOP ME: Film in Development (Teaser)

Oct 20112Yahvel

Guide to working with a film composer

Sep 20112Robin84

Playing It Safe - Short Film

Sep 20112FCRabbath

Mirror Ball effect ?

Sep 20112Gino East

Tanner Productions' 7th Birthday

Sep 20112Avenging Eagle

CALL for Film Festival Screened Pictures for DISTRIBUTION

Aug 20112Ben@MouseTrap

New Indie Web Series!

Aug 20112heykiller

Has anyone tried to make a film before?

Aug 20112leatherheather

HitFilm Ultimate Discount Contest

Jul 20112EJR32123

Visual Effects Advice and Effectively Compositing Stock

Jul 20112RisingTideStudios

Muzzle flashes with compositelab and action essentials 2?

Jul 20112FXhomer177113

falling shell cases in compositelab pro?

Jul 20112FXhomer177113

Check out my heroes versus Robot

Jul 20112evg2005

Godzilla: Battle Royale (Teaser Trailer)

Jul 20112rockstarbd82

Torbay Music Video

Jun 20112ashman

Open Forum: Helpful Websites?

Jun 20112benjaminwesley

Good quality Gun shot sounds

Jun 20112Dancamfx

FXpresets not showing

Jun 20112speedproductions101

SketchWork TV - Episode Two "SIGNS"

Jun 20112SketchWork

Blank Guns

May 20112The Chosen One


May 20112matchyman

Making a stock footage library

May 20112RodyPolis

AFTER YOU'VE GONE! \short film. (Arktic voice over?)

May 20112doppelganger

Looking to buy a Fisheye lense for my canon hg10

Apr 20112Gnome326

Background Help

Apr 201122xZProductions

Sound "Surprisers"

Mar 20112Darth Stazz the Powerful

Get Out Alive

Mar 20112cdrummer41

Original Music And Score For Film/Short Film

Mar 20112benjaminwesley

New Rode VideoMic Pro - Compact Shotgun Mic

Feb 20112Tim L

Need Help: Kickstarter Short Film

Feb 20112FXhomer100907

Need help making text for movie poster.

Feb 20112JUIDAR

Animated Club Visuals Feedback?

Jan 20112fxmaniac

Stupid 2.0 (bullying PSA) -HV30

Dec 20102Breadfish

Books for Almost-No-Budget-Beginning-Filmakers?

Dec 20102FXstudios99

AIDAN 5 the series sneak preview weekend!

Dec 20102Bryan M Block

Amazon Studios

Nov 20102jawajohnny

Panasonic TM700 anyone?

Nov 20102chbaum

Leviathan Chronicles Draft Trailer

Nov 20102NovaProducteur

Sony Nex 3

Nov 20102JonnyT93

Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel In A London Office

Oct 20102Kie77

Here is my first greenscreen music video

Oct 20102JemarcusOgletree

lightsaber colours

Oct 20102Pivotcrafter

how do i save my fxhome video lab edited film?

Oct 20102michael5593

The impact of online video

Sep 20102Simon K Jones

What is the best compression format for web?

Sep 20102StrikeEmStudios

seeking guidance to perfecting film project

Sep 20102GNC Productions

SHORT: Alone (HD)

Sep 20102Justin10139

Harry Potter Logo Effect

Sep 201022xZProductions

B.O.B. Ladd (b-boy dance project)

Sep 20102IVYBetty

Converting video files to .exe files

Aug 20102nitrox

How to Build A Hard Drive Bay?

Aug 20102cooldude

Make a Spooky Forest for Your Video Indoors

Aug 20102MyCreationTV com

Tutorials, Templates, Interviews

Aug 20102Animus

Chromakey Green Suit

Jul 20102austin44

Mic for DXG

Jul 20102iFilmer

Short Zombie movie

Jul 20102ZackGavin

sculptris 3d modeling making

Jul 20102RigomrtsFX

Need help from a flash/AI type person - 10 sec loop

Jun 20102pdrg

550D & 7D Cool Tutorial videos

Jun 20102nitrox

T-Day. When Toys Invade My Backyard (Slightly animated)

Jun 20102Tommy92L

Who loves Goodfellas?

May 20102ctbullet

Small War Short Film

May 20102Tommy92L


May 20102JemarcusOgletree

Live Chat with NATIONAL TREASURE executive producer

May 20102SneakOnTheLot

Cloned Fight Scene

May 20102PLANB

Anyone Good with Graphics?

May 20102Josh3B

Serpent's Equipment fo' Sale

Apr 20102Serpent

Super Jump Tutorial

Apr 20102StupidLikeAFox

"Do Unto Others" (teaser for now)

Apr 20102doppelganger

Looking for fx artist to enhance action scenes. Trailer here

Apr 20102evg2005

Motion Blur Using a Velocity Pass

Mar 20102pscamm

Normalizing audio

Feb 20102Horcruxes88

Opinions about the Sony HVR-A1U 1/3" Professional HDV

Feb 20102JUIDAR

what program should i use to add sound effects

Feb 20102deathbylemons

Why do my avi's play then pause when i try to add fx?

Feb 20102wjktpro

animation and bvh files

Jan 20102RigomrtsFX

Jospeh Gordon-Levitt Invites World to Collaborate

Jan 20102rogolo

VisionLabs Update

Jan 20102evg2005

Shaky camera effect

Jan 20102ErikGambill

Realistic Gun smoke

Jan 20102WBarnett

Light swirl effect

Jan 20102ErikGambill

Airsoft Spec Commercial

Dec 20092Jrad

Vixia Hg21?

Dec 20092Zea

Netflix - Any Luck?

Nov 20092Captain Amazingly Incredi

My ED 209

Nov 20092videofxuniverse

Asteroid Belt test render

Nov 20092The Chosen One

Astray - New Short Film

Nov 20092Shadow013

RNG35 DOF adapter

Oct 20092ChromeHeart

Is there any good CGI programs for mac out there?

Oct 20092Rambunkshizzle

Feature Length Editing Tutorial

Oct 20092Underdog Productions

Best Camera for VSL Work

Oct 20092Sagerman

Recreating a scene from a video game

Oct 20092Sick Boy

blast effect

Oct 20092ani4hp

Extremely Useful Site

Sep 20092pscamm

Clip on Worklights in the UK?

Sep 20092Underdog Productions

Free Name Generator App (Mac Only)

Aug 20092MoltenWhale

freelance fixer in egypt

Aug 20092FXhomer48639

Video Contests

Aug 20092rogolo

A New Creation...

Aug 20092Gino East

AlamDV2 Plugins

Aug 20092Viktorious

Rate for renting out a digital camera to someone

Jul 20092ChromeHeart

please delete

Jul 20092CliffWeinstein


Jul 20092Poseidon1231


Jul 20092Poseidon1231

U.K. “Second Unit” Wanted

Jul 20092Christofer Matthias

Requesting a voice over please.

Jun 20092flyinghockeystar


Jun 20092rudemen

stop motion/claymation

Jun 20092RyanMichael

Free Teleprompter Software for PC and Mac

May 20092pdrg

Green Screen Accessories

May 20092pscamm

The Fiver(2009): Short Comedy Film

May 20092ctbullet

Sing along software?

May 20092MoltenWhale

2009 Austin Film Festival Deadline Extensions!

May 20092AustinFilmFestival

Interesting article on Audio for video

May 20092Axeman

Train fight

May 20092FXhomer110874

New Video I did

May 20092Poseidon1231

Does framerate and interleaving matter?

Apr 20092Crazy Director

Production Company

Apr 20092Howe Studios

Im after a Empty gym or deserted beach footage

Apr 20092FXhomer144792

Subway Set Mock-ups

Apr 20092FXhomer73498

HOMO FINALIS-Matte Painting, Composting and Color Correction

Apr 20092StupidLikeAFox

New Film Project- Teaser Trailer!

Apr 20092bartonct

Is this Panasonic PV-GS31 a good/clear camcorder?

Apr 20092No Degradation

AVCHD downconverting with Final Cut Pro

Apr 20092Pooky

LED Light Panels

Apr 20092pscamm

Need predator sounds

Mar 20092videofxuniverse

Star-Spangled Banner Contest

Mar 20092Moonloon1

Alam DV Plugins?

Mar 20092Lerman Productions

Film makers needed

Mar 20092FXhomer107355

Wire Removal - How ?

Mar 20092pscamm

Kenya documentary

Feb 20092cavickers

A funny Short Video.

Feb 20092FXhomer95626

Anyone use Pond5?

Feb 20092Rockfilmers

Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI?

Feb 20092HandsomeScholars

ASA for Canon XH A1

Feb 20092Dancamfx

Ventura Film Festival

Feb 20092FXhomer60287

Lazy Weekdays by ThinkBig Productions

Feb 20092KennyCouch

conopus edius and fxhome special effects

Feb 20092Jaa

Did you help make IKARI I need names for credits!

Feb 20092JUIDAR


Feb 20092StupidLikeAFox

Looking for a COMPOSER for epic film!

Jan 20092JUIDAR

Python 3.0 For Blender

Jan 20092Joecool1081


Jan 20092Junuc Kleen

"So Alone" (New Zombie Film Trailer)

Jan 20092doppelganger coming back

Jan 20092cdolsen

Im looking for a sound effect

Jan 20092MoltenWhale

Need terminator sounds

Jan 20092videofxuniverse

teaching site

Jan 20092cdolsen

Teenage Film

Jan 20092PLANB

green screen lights

Jan 20092matchyman

First Try at Motion Tracking

Dec 20082FXhomer60487

Cry by Losing September (my first HD music video)

Dec 20082nanafanboy

SHFF Call for Entries

Dec 20082timlogik

Bald Caps

Dec 20082sfbmovieco

Easy, easy timelapse - Product Review

Dec 20082pdrg

Waltz with Bashir

Dec 20082er-no

AVCHD authoring software

Dec 20082FXhomer66329

Plugins for After Effects?

Dec 20082SGB


Nov 20082Singwolf

New Maya Video Tutorial- Creating a Liquid Metal Man

Nov 20082coldside

Calling all who know Afterburn 3.2

Nov 20082Bucees

Interested in Film contests?

Nov 20082Whong

what are matte boxes

Nov 20082prokidsfilms

Filming stock footage

Nov 20082Koradin

IED Explosion (making pyro better with FXHome)

Nov 20082LeeMaisel

Sky Captain Laser effect

Nov 20082FXhomer88905

New Tutorials

Nov 20082Mojokdirector

Website update

Nov 20082ashman

A Bunch of Random Stuff 1&2. please read more inside

Nov 20082BobsUrUncle

Anyone ever use any tracks from "Immediate Music"?

Nov 20082Josh3B

Cut test

Oct 20082Poseidon1231


Oct 20082StupidLikeAFox

The Summoning

Oct 20082Ste

Close Up Test 2

Oct 20082Poseidon1231

Music Video for "Weekend Wars" by MGMT

Oct 20082doppelganger

Vietnam+ Prop and Costume Resources

Sep 20082JasonX1024


Sep 20082soadfan978506

26 free AAE presets I made!

Sep 20082Tommy92L

A Mexican Standoff - A brief, fun test

Sep 20082The Strider

What sound effects are free?

Sep 20082Quadsworth

new animation

Sep 20082razerlazer2

Bad tape

Sep 20082Bflat5

Best machine gun stock footage?

Aug 20082mikeh

Sniper Scope with Crosshairs

Aug 20082on the prowl

Teenage Sith 2 production blog

Aug 20082DarthKomar

701HDV vs 501HDV

Aug 20082rogolo

Bloody Post

Aug 20082JasonX1024

Free BG/Pics If you like them

Aug 20082Snook360

English Riviera International Comedy Film Festival

Aug 20082ashman

How to put a video on hard drive

Aug 20082FXhomer73379

Anyone have Anime Studio 5?

Jul 20082RyanZ

Action movie book

Jul 20082RodyPolis

FXHome Cinema

Jul 20082MoltenWhale

Xlr to 1/4

Jul 20082Horcruxes88


Jul 20082legoricardo

Free Television Production Course

Jul 20082Xanikoo

Teaser for our new film, Nightcaller! (1st post, need advice

Jul 20082FXhomer11964

Filmmaking video

Jul 20082The Siege

cut out stuff

Jul 20082Shameless

Importing footage

Jul 20082Joecool1081

How can you put 2 videos together?

Jun 20082FXhomer57122

Upcoming Stop Motion dance video

Jun 20082Cerberes

Revenge of Winnie-the-Pooh

Jun 20082MillerBros

Need Filmmakers in UK URGENT

Jun 20082FXhomer50697

Convert File

Jun 20082new kid

AMPS film festival 2008

May 20082NitroBob

Soldier and Shepherd

May 20082D3L3T10N

Still Offering Free Music

May 20082FXhomer30944

Black Magic

May 20082Ste

3d planets

May 20082riftmaster

Force jump Test

May 20082Poseidon1231

Meteor hits earth

Apr 20082Tommy92L


Apr 20082BlackIceFilms

need help coriagraphing?

Apr 20082Brokensamurai

doritos advert

Apr 20082razerlazer2

Short Film...

Apr 20082FXhomer60048

Rushes Log

Apr 20082cjbalways

Doom 1st Person View

Mar 20082FXhomer17851

Help with names

Mar 20082Nuke Shower

Photoshop Help

Mar 20082Joecool1081

Green Screen Info

Mar 20082NeverWake

Reviews to my new movie - VISIONS

Mar 20082fisher

How do you do the "Jumper Effect"?

Feb 20082KingPumkin

Video Help

Feb 20082FXhomer35296

FXhome cinima question

Feb 20082T L O A C P

Achieving better scene continuity?

Feb 20082rocketman

2008 Sacramento Horror Film Festival accepting submissions

Feb 20082timlogik

Wide Angle Lens ?

Feb 20082pscamm

Need Help With A Sound Effect

Feb 20082Ben Whelan

Cool Links

Feb 20082JUIDAR

Inexpensive 3D software

Jan 20082Dalemations

Need magical text intro for my film

Jan 20082JUIDAR

Green Screening Videos

Jan 20082AXE

How to do that

Jan 20082White Eagle Entertainment

blade vampire death effect

Jan 20082nitrox

Audio Help

Jan 20082Joecool1081

Voice Effect

Jan 20082Joecool1081


Jan 20082White Eagle Entertainment

3d for MAC

Jan 20082D3L3T10N

Best Greenscreen Material?

Jan 20082Lukemax

3d Stuntman

Jan 20082White Eagle Entertainment

My first two Fx demo films

Jan 20082AugustCA1984

Copier Machine Effect

Jan 20082epeterson

What should a filmmaker know about FX before shot 'lockin'?

Jan 20082FXhomer20014

I have an easy question

Jan 20082Horror Maker

Forum Topics

Jan 20082Joecool1081

free editing software

Jan 20082RodyPolis


Jan 20082DVStudio

pro-cinema look on the cheap(ish) what do you think?

Dec 20072nitrox

capturing problem with final cut pro

Dec 20072nitrox

Earth Zoom

Dec 20072Sjfielding

Making a shadow for a green screened person

Dec 20072RodyPolis

MakeHuman, just found it

Dec 20072Quvoo

Buying Nightcast and Between the Lines

Dec 20072Videoace123

Burn Mark On A Wall

Dec 20072The Editing Room

Making Stock footage

Dec 20072losiek1993

A Pet Sitter and Compositor's Dream Run Amok? You Decide!

Dec 20072RodgerDodger

Urgent Request

Dec 20072Avenging Eagle

Stupid question, trouble with iMovie

Dec 20072MrGoodbomb


Dec 20072Joecool1081

Keying Smoke effects

Dec 20072Mr_E_Man

Wanted: Films and movies to finish for free!

Nov 20072DVStudio

Whip Pan Sound Effects

Nov 20072A l e x

Making an illusion

Nov 20072RodyPolis

Gun Shot Spurt - On Set?

Nov 20072rstudios

Additional No-Cost Music and Score options for films...

Nov 20072Microfilmmaker Magazine

Need some cameos for my film..

Nov 20072evg2005

You Asked For it - CG on live footage - Hi Res with sound

Nov 20072pscamm

recording high quality sound effects?

Nov 20072fxmaniac

After Effects CS3

Nov 20072Joecool1081

I found something

Oct 20072RodyPolis

Someone good at Green Screening

Oct 20072TMR

What is a good cheap camra?

Oct 20072Pixel edit


Oct 20072angelx

007 short

Oct 20072Greg Webb

Five $1000 Film Scholarships for Teens!

Oct 20072philknight

Easy question about the lightsaber

Oct 20072evg2005

How do I do a Huge Jump?

Oct 20072FXhomer37083

Paypal question

Oct 20072RodyPolis

Making Your own Stock Footage

Oct 20072RodyPolis

Problems uploding my movie to the cinema

Sep 20072Hugo3

Any 3d animator available?

Sep 20072Horcruxes88

spllitting an avi then burning it

Sep 20072cdolsen

Film background music from me

Sep 20072FXhomer42384

Special Effects Guide Links

Sep 20072Digital Boy


Sep 20072RyanMichael

yet another greenscreen question.

Sep 20072Bflat5

AlamDV plugins

Sep 20072Poseidon1231

music similar to...

Sep 20072The FE

Problem with mp4 soundtrack in Windows Movie Maker

Sep 20072limerick


Sep 20072DaFlea

My First Film submitted to Fxhome

Sep 20072Avenging Eagle

star wars hangar shot

Sep 20072nevill

Alarm2 Dv plugins

Sep 20072Tommy92L

What PAL Camera?

Aug 20072Adman

Premiere audio problem

Aug 20072Josh3B

Turn up the Music...

Aug 20072AzGunrunner

How do you mask out parts of a footage?

Aug 20072hulkis2001

Intructions for Building a Boom Pole

Aug 20072Christofer Matthias

Sound Site

Aug 20072The Chosen One

When is Music in the Public Domain

Aug 20072The Chosen One

HDK Preview Snippet

Aug 20072ashman

flying sky background and cloud stuff

Aug 20072fxmaniac

The Tronborgs return...

Aug 20072NinjaBros

Which Microphone is better?

Aug 20072Dancamfx


Aug 20072FXhomer17851

cinema 4D rigging help

Aug 20072Phileep

New MTV on live Now! *

Aug 20072FXhomer42384

FX home logo

Aug 20072lunamask

Software Help (again!) :Frame Interpolation Software

Aug 20072A l e x

Problems viewing QuickTime with Mozilla

Aug 20072RodgerDodger

Where to get public domain/stock footage/soundtracks/etc

Jul 20072MrGoodbomb

Creating lower thirds...whats the best way?

Jul 20072Anne

Help with sound effects

Jul 20072RodyPolis

It has been a long time...Hello!

Jul 20072Thriller

Comic mood music

Jul 20072hippa03

Green screen vs blue screen

Jul 20072Tryst

AlamDV2 Stills

Jul 20072Joecool1081

Stillframe animation - who needs fancy cameras?

Jul 20072pdrg

Sound presets

Jul 20072Tryst

Inside Track Workshop for Screenwriting

Jul 20072Super Cameraman


Jul 20072FXhomer17304

Jacket Illustrations

Jul 20072SlickV19

superpowers topic?

Jul 20072notoriusc

Sound fx

Jul 20072whelshizer

Silver.Dragon7's Music

Jul 20072SilverDragon7

The Azureus VUZE network. (HOT!) Check it out!

Jun 20072Adam Ullstrom


Jun 20072Biblmac

Does anyone know where to get sound effects?

Jun 20072Biblmac

Lightsaber Trouble!

Jun 20072Biblmac

anyone every use a video backpack

Jun 20072cooldude

Adding new fonts to 3ds max 9

Jun 20072druguer

Music for Horror suspense type

Jun 20072lonepigs

Tidal Waves and other water effects

Jun 20072Weeboo


Jun 20072Poseidon12

Zombie Speical FX how-to video

Jun 20072film freak

Flames download

Jun 20072The Chosen One

Your Location (GER)

May 20072Tuffy

Movie Mugul Fund

May 20072pdrg

Green screen trouble

May 20072Rockfilmers

Star Wars / Indy artist Drew Struzan and me...

May 20072Bryan M Block

Test Footage - Check it

May 20072RedLynx908

Shoot help

May 20072RedLynx908

selling stock footage?

May 20072dungmeister

Rendered Daleks

May 20072The Editing Room

Mic for ADR

May 20072Hugo3

Utah High School Film festival

May 20072ssj john

Please Help Me!

Apr 20072FXhomer4594

3D mesh from a wooden model

Apr 20072hippa03

Canon Panasonic Jvc Sony Camcorder for 1000 sterling budget

Apr 20072hippa03

Spiderman sound FX + music...

Apr 20072JDC

Photoshop & The Gimp

Apr 20072doppelganger

Moving from FCE to FCP

Apr 20072NickD

Alien sound effect

Apr 20072Joecool1081

Sound/Music for Intro

Apr 20072lonepigs

Carnival scene

Apr 20072Horcruxes88

Energy Blast Question

Apr 20072ZiComInc

How do I add sound effects to my videos?

Mar 20072FXhomer6789

Calibrating monitor for Photoshop!

Mar 20072SunriseSeagull

2007 Star Wars Atomfilms fan film challenge

Mar 20072casey


Mar 20072Horcruxes88

Amandus filmcontest

Mar 20072tuck2001

My current projects- Update

Mar 20072Bryan M Block

Help me please!

Mar 20072FXhomer44542

Motion key effect (similar to BorrisFX )

Mar 20072cotsosdel

BBC filmmaking guide

Mar 20072B3N

Network Render / Render Farm Help

Mar 20072Magic_man12

3D Newbie - Texture Mapping Basics?

Feb 20072iggy88

Good Site to Help with Film-Making.

Feb 20072pingpeppy

how do you get limbs to fly off of your actor

Feb 20072JTGFIlms

how do i upload a film

Feb 20072Ianb93


Feb 20072Black Ink Productions

Need some help with EffectsLab...

Feb 20072Hakon


Feb 20072Horcruxes88

problem with adobe premiere pro

Jan 20072tommynator

creating a coloured bar above video and below it

Jan 20072MarkBray1970


Jan 20072WSN Productions

freeze frame

Jan 20072FXhomer2191

Building A Coldshoe Accessory

Jan 20072Super Cameraman

video tutorials

Jan 20072cdolsen

News-like Graphics

Jan 20072Super Cameraman

Request for virtal movie sets

Jan 20072PLANB

FCE Question

Jan 20072NickD

Problems with Playback on my ZR 70

Jan 20072Anne

Firefox Build for Intel Macs

Jan 20072NickD

How do i get my film onto my computer?

Jan 20072mercianfilm


Jan 20072drspin98

Anyone from the greater Sacramento area

Jan 20072sfbmovieco

youtube on creating a pinhead

Jan 20072cdolsen

Looking for 3D artist to help with a few shots on film.

Dec 20062the Fiddler

Problems with Codecs

Dec 20062FXhomer22269


Dec 20062Goldwing Productions

NEWS: Sony Vegas 7c update released!

Dec 20062the Fiddler

I need to simulate a golfer being zapped with electricity

Dec 20062FXhomer15954

Know of any good Logo Sound Fxs?

Nov 20062jrg2134

Trailer for my new movie - Humour [Random Text]

Nov 20062Malthar

HDV editing conundrum

Nov 20062CurtinParloe

Calling on all 3d artists using Maya

Nov 20062Lior


Nov 20062Zero767

cool stuff for final cut pro

Nov 20062skywalker dan

free script editor

Nov 20062cdolsen

Film Made from a Play.

Oct 20062oscarjunk25

Capturing flim problem

Oct 20062Orin Warren

Anthology of Blood: Production blog 1

Oct 20062nanafanboy

Bryce 6.0 for only 6 bux.

Oct 20062Lior

cool bullet hit

Oct 20062demoncheeseball101

Making a film

Oct 20062jojodungy92

Licence for use of copyright music - UK members look here

Oct 20062petet2

New 1Bit Portable Recorders.

Oct 20062Sharp

Finally deciding on a camera to buy, need advice!

Oct 20062RedLynx908

Film making site

Sep 20062B3N

Dragon Ball Z sound effects

Sep 20062colton

Premiere 1.5 Color Grading

Sep 20062lonepigs

Blurred frames after rendering to WMV

Sep 20062moneyball32

HD question, do I need a special capture card?

Sep 20062b4uask30male

energy ball sounds

Sep 20062Darth Stazz the Powerful

just a quick question on crediting FXhome

Sep 20062VRBstudios

Timecode template

Aug 20062ashman


Aug 20062Horcruxes88

how to import a porject into pinacle?

Aug 20062FXhomer35647

lightsaber props

Aug 20062Josh the Squash

Rendering Help

Aug 20062moneyball32


Aug 20062xperiment

issue with new pc and priemer pro

Aug 20062dawookiehunter

appling sound effects

Aug 20062Josh the Squash

Sound Designer

Aug 20062AudioMusic

Audio Wave effect

Aug 20062irishcult

Free Drinks for Filmmakers!

Aug 20062Professsor

For fans of the classics

Jul 20062Jazzmanian

Some free/trial software...

Jul 20062Garrison

Help with making a short vignette using minatures

Jul 20062RudyPicardo

high video quality?

Jul 20062haythem2005


Jul 20062Mam122884

Anyone use Avid Media Composer?

Jul 20062GuitarsRule89

what do you think about my new logo

Jul 20062jgtrox2

BTS Question...

Jul 20062angelx

Some helpful tips

Jun 20062Klausky

MPEG2 in Adobe

Jun 20062GuitarsRule89

Difference Between Panasonic DVX100A and DVX100BE

Jun 20062Balketh

Render Problem Some1 Answer Me!

Jun 20062VRBstudios

Videoimport mac

Jun 20062newguy

Advice on which product to get

Jun 20062PillowBruise

Vue Sidegrades

Jun 20062lwmedia

Posting movies in the cinema

Jun 20062Gman 007

Microphone Question

Jun 20062darkroomproductions

Camera Advice

Jun 20062Professsor

Music Info

Jun 20062Obi Wan Kenobi

trailer for adolf teddy

Jun 20062PillowBruise

Video Game Documentary

Jun 20062the new godfather


Jun 20062Giulez111

Recommended Movies

May 20062ashman

Frame Fx - Stock Footage

May 20062Vault FX

Production name registering

May 20062Mr Joe DeSantis

Special Effects

May 20062VRBstudios

Elura 85/90?

May 20062NickD


May 20062Dilly2

Help with Aspect changing on effects

May 20062FXhomer26937

Anyone want to help out?

May 20062Ashley

A load of ideas in my head.

May 20062Fill


May 20062AntiGrav

Footage for people to rotoscope

May 20062NickF

Metal Gear Genesis

May 20062alfredbang

Help Error Message

May 20062epeterson

A Short Film

May 20062Jazzmanian

Help w/ 3DSMAX

Apr 20062neo_man89

Transformer voices!

Apr 20062druguer

Vampire Dusting Plug-In... Where to get it?

Apr 20062SyroVision

Would you like to help out Clean Cut Studios?

Apr 20062Zea

On camera lighting

Apr 20062viper3139

new test SHOOTOUT

Apr 20062alexanderj

Low-Budget DIY Lighting Kit

Apr 20062Hendo

Later Than It Seems Feature Film

Apr 20062rypcat


Apr 20062B3N

Shooting in the USA

Apr 20062FXhomer258

Maniac 2 Short Film

Apr 20062FXhomer906

Spielberg Exec Produce "On The Lot" film contest

Apr 20062ajjax44

Useful link?

Apr 20062Spirit

Dv Help!

Apr 20062Thriller

3d magazine help

Apr 20062Lior

Puch and slap sounds

Apr 20062Professsor

Hammer-To-Metal sound effect

Apr 20062pcremag

Longer Animations

Apr 20062gertjan

Do these two work?

Apr 20062Klausky

look what I found!

Apr 20062coldside

Paid gig for great CG/VFX artist!

Mar 20062FXhomer3869

Check Out These Camera Mounts

Mar 20062FXhomer2855

Prosthetic/Latex face: UK

Mar 20062Underdog Productions

Shatter Glass / Sugar Glass... Any one with Experiance?

Mar 20062SyroVision

Film Locations Library BeNeLux

Mar 20062GlennS

FREE photoshop type of program

Mar 20062Bryan M Block

Charmed Orbing Effect

Mar 20062Vault FX

2 Video Podcasts on Digital Video

Mar 20062ragnar

Making a Cribs Spoof

Mar 20062LilCaesars

MTVE animation competition. Nordic Only!

Mar 20062Andreas

Can someone help me with sounds

Mar 20062Spawnn

The Conclusion of THE BAG

Mar 20062alecrossel

Query: USB analogue capture device for a mac?

Mar 20062CurtinParloe

Apple MacBook Pro - Intel Duo Chip - question

Mar 20062Adam Ullstrom

Compact HD Camera

Mar 20062Obi Wan Kenobi

Need help! Lo-res Mini-DV frames -> printable pix?

Mar 20062FXhomer6633

My gun fight test.

Feb 20062Big Man

IFC Media Lab

Feb 2006290hitpoints

Compressing as a quicktime, Adobe Media Encoder

Feb 20062JoeyLawrence

Ideas and tips on funding/Sponsorship?

Feb 20062Rehab

Where do i get the sound fx?

Feb 20062airhead1790

Hello Everyone!

Feb 20062VisualFXGuy

Help! left channel audio into left/right mono

Feb 20062b4uask30male

QuickTime compression tutorial

Feb 20062Hendo

Weekend Digital Film Festival

Feb 20062digitalshadowfilms

Question about DV Avi and Microsoft AVI

Feb 20062Spawnn

Looking For People To Do Makeup Fx

Feb 20062ashman

CX3's Gun sound effects???

Jan 20062mattio

Night Filming Query

Jan 20062eladrin

Poser 6, Vue 5 Esprit

Jan 20062lwmedia

Some filmmaking tips

Jan 20062Daarzak

Your films on SKY TV (Propeller tv)

Jan 20062b4uask30male

Our people

Jan 20062knubs

Roll Bounce effect help please

Jan 20062silencer

Pearls of Wisdom

Jan 20062CurtinParloe

cigarette smoke shapes

Jan 20062cotsosdel

Tutorial: Fake Vignette effect in CLab/Vlab

Jan 20062Arktic

"Frame Skip" Effect

Jan 20062FXhomer4331

Anybody needs a sound designer or composer?

Jan 20062FXhomer5206

The ARRI Lighting Handbook

Jan 20062Alex Reeve

Where do you store movies on the web?

Jan 20062lwmedia

Increasing the size of my video

Jan 20062obidean

Protective filters for the VX2100

Dec 20052viper3139

Some blender tuts, (compositing, shocwaves and more)

Dec 20052magic mat

Magic Bullet FPS Problem

Dec 20052jessy

Making Stock Footage

Dec 20052JT9

EffectsLab Pro "bullet trails"?

Dec 20052pcremag

Tell me what you think

Dec 20052Lord_Xor

adobe audition any good?

Dec 20052ashman

Mic for the Panasonic GS250

Dec 20052Remco Gerritsen

WAR OF THE WORLDS remake, remake ;)

Dec 20052ashman

for all your 3d needs

Dec 20052ashman

Ideas for Title Sequence?

Dec 20052mojaba

UK supplier of pyrotechnics/grenades etc...

Dec 20052JDC

Quentin Tarantino

Dec 2005290hitpoints

Scary Sounds and Music from A-Z

Dec 20052Jeremy Davidson

Explosions from angles....

Dec 20052JDC

Zooming In From Outer Space To Your City?

Nov 20052ogrus

Natural motion with bvh files,

Nov 20052b4uask30male

Tripod dolly

Nov 20052Sniped

A list of sites for sounds.

Nov 20052Sharp

Background ub3r loopage!!!

Nov 20052A Pickle

New Intro/Logo - TNT - Productions

Nov 20052SMB

What do you think about the GZ-MG50

Nov 20052GuitarsRule89

Matrox RTX.10

Nov 20052ashman

Stepladder Online

Nov 20052Stepladder

How to Make Virtual Bluescreen??

Nov 20052Julitium

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