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Star Wars Roll

Nov 20052cinemafreak

KoRn Music Video

Nov 20052TommyB

Free H264 Converter and also free webspace

Nov 20052CX3

Alien Artifact in Terragen

Nov 20052JT9

Vegas 5.0 mp3 error

Oct 20052mattio

Saving Graphics for PC and MAC

Oct 20052wdy

how long??

Oct 20052ashman


Oct 20052Serpent

free grading programs

Oct 20052Rabbit Hole Pictures

"Light - A Detailed Tutorial"

Oct 20052Hendo

Great Free Movie Music!!!

Sep 20052mattio

Riot, News, Fight Footage

Sep 20052irishcult

Cheaper Than Dirt

Sep 20052JT9

She's The One... Music Video

Sep 20052cjbalways

Good deal?

Sep 20052wdy

Calibrate your PC monitor for video editing

Sep 20052Hendo

Best way to post movie clips on my web-site?

Sep 20052rocketman

Best Windows Media settings for web?

Aug 20052rocketman

Help with a logo

Aug 20052BackOfTheHearse

"Movie look" and other kool things somewhat answer

Aug 20052Jrad

Help with Premiere capture from VHS-C camera

Aug 20052Big Man

Lightsaber clash sound effects

Aug 20052marko508

Does Vegas 6.0 work with SP2?

Aug 20052DPUMA8

Wreck Beach Film Festival Review

Aug 20052Madmanmatty

Head On RPG

Aug 20052viper3139

School Life Teaser Trailer

Aug 20052mattio

free resources

Aug 20052sonnyboo

Optura Xi

Jul 20052Klausky

Another Splinter Cell fanfilm question

Jul 20052Zea

Want to meet filmmakers in MONTREAL, canada

Jul 20052trakked

article on motion tracking

Jul 20052cdolsen

Digital Matte Paintings

Jul 20052Vault FX

Quicktime Codec

Jul 20052spartacus

scary new film to watch

Jul 20052daddybunchee

another sound effect request

Jul 20052alexanderj

Sounds, Sounds and more Sounds.

Jul 20052Jeremy Davidson

HP Ad?

Jul 20052coldside

Final Cut Pro....External hard drive issues

Jul 20052Deathstalker

Starfields in Blender

Jun 20052Chris Grant

Ultimate Guide to Stock Footage

Jun 20052Sniped

How do I make an earthquake in Sony Vegas 6.0?

Jun 20052DPUMA8

Shadow Sight

Jun 20052guarddog

Motion Blurs

Jun 20052BBHPi


Jun 20052Bugclimber

Help: Can i create a ntsc dvd using pal files

Jun 20052b4uask30male

Convertin programs?

Jun 20052knubs

favor for a newbie to Maya (converting lwo files for Maya)

Jun 20052OneDanShow

What prop could I use umm very interesting!

Jun 20052cjbalways

lightsword length

Jun 20052Richard Summers

New Filmidea

Jun 20052devilskater

A 3D City...

Jun 20052xWilliamSchultzx

festival submission

May 20052cdolsen

Changing username?

May 20052coldside

The Hunt for Panasonic NVGS200B!

May 20052Underdog Productions

Zoom transition?

May 20052peter huish

Cheap Video Hosting at MPEG Nation

May 20052Jagg

Screen Capture in Premiere Pro

Apr 20052jstow222

Help with Difference Matte Keying

Apr 20052stantheeman

Panasonic Camcorder (AG-DVC7)

Apr 20052Bugclimber

Free program found for making drum loops

Apr 20052Zeroman

Need Moving Backgrounds

Apr 20052sk8street65

Sound help!

Apr 20052Kristian

Interested In Learning About Widescreen?

Apr 20052hypnotic01

problem with alamdv2, conversion and use

Apr 20052boco007

Midi programs / Voice reduce

Apr 20052Remco Gerritsen

Publicity Photo's

Apr 20052coldside

Here is some Free Stuff on the web for you film makers...

Apr 20052Bryan M Block

Roxio DVD creator Themes

Apr 20052Remco Gerritsen

3D Apps List/Review..?

Mar 20052iggy88

2 EPIC segment 10

Mar 20052b4uask30male

Amatures in blender..

Mar 20052obidean

Question about title effect in Ryan Vs. Dorkman

Mar 20052tomekkr

Noise Reduction

Mar 20052Blissman

kung fu hustle special effects

Mar 20052jmill8886

3d max glowlight and good surfaces

Mar 20052hippa03

Australian Screenwriters

Mar 20052coldside

Lego Animation Set to 10cc

Mar 20052ragnar

Need tips for voice overs

Mar 20052mikey156

FCP and photoshop

Mar 20052viper3139

Blender Script

Mar 20052LilCaesars

Cinema 4D GI Plugin

Mar 20052Vault FX

Unseen Evil 3 Weeks to release!

Mar 20052silencer

I don't understand what 'compression' is.

Mar 20052DPUMA8


Mar 20052cyborg

The same old Camera ??

Mar 20052hatsoff2halford

How do I create subtitles

Mar 20052silencer

How to do different wipes

Feb 20052silencer

Zatgun Effect

Feb 20052shadu

filter issues

Feb 20052Empty Lunchbox

Story block

Feb 20052Maetrix66

Skin/Cell animation

Feb 20052tomekkr


Feb 20052theone

Short film competition on the net

Jan 20052b4uask30male

Neal Acree

Jan 20052Frozenpede

Photoshop and/or cg expertise needed

Jan 20052daigoro

My first movie...

Jan 20052Lord Soth

3ds Keying question

Jan 20052whoseline

Grayson Fan film music

Jan 20052nanafanboy

What kind of microphone?

Jan 20052Vampiricyouthv

Message for all composers...

Jan 20052filmcomposer

canon gl-2 low light footage???

Jan 20052jmill8886

Help with 3Ds Max 7 Video Post

Jan 20052Vampiricyouthv

Alam DV film fests and making it big!!!!

Dec 20042mikec10305

Premiere Guru's

Dec 20042brendanf

Virtual VCR problem?

Dec 20042Vampiricyouthv

Upload questions

Dec 20042nanafanboy

Timecode Capture Issues

Dec 20042SFX-Spaz

Video feedback

Dec 20042WithSwissCheese

2 EPIC segment 3 online now

Dec 20042b4uask30male

Call it a 28 seconds demoreel...

Dec 20042Katsu

Spider Sense sound effect

Dec 20042tomekkr

Submissions Must Be Postmarked By Nov 30

Nov 20042genesismedia


Nov 20042homedogjedi

light streaks on old video

Nov 20042Ben

pulp movies

Nov 20042jstow222

How to put movies online?

Nov 20042Stoker

Final Entry Deadline Is One Week Away

Nov 20042genesismedia

2 EPIC segment 2 online now

Nov 20042b4uask30male

Music Video for Hartsfield from Ottawa, Canada

Nov 20042wdy

Blender avi export?

Nov 20042Thechess

Camera and mic help

Nov 20042saiyan84

Amazon Films

Nov 20042Mantra

Genesis 2004 Film Competition-early Bird Deadline Nov 15

Nov 20042genesismedia

Affordable Lighting Kits/ Mike kits: How Where When

Nov 20042sazdmz77

Recording (SP/LP) issue

Oct 20042gent23mj

Haven't been here in a while! Super8 filmmaking woes...

Oct 20042Obi

Best site for us!

Oct 20042TimmyD

Need help to add sound clips in movies

Oct 20042jedicowboys

Great Short Films

Oct 20042NYC Midnight

Beaming Lights

Oct 20042cjbalways

video formats

Oct 20042knives666

One Minute Film Festival 16-20 Year Olds

Sep 20042ragnar

Any good teen Film Festivals coming up?

Sep 20042ssjaaron


Sep 20042sk8npirate

Matrix Agent

Sep 20042tomekkr

Film Competitions/ Festivals

Sep 20042Frozenpetasse

Blender 2.34 is out!

Sep 20042Ryan

Camera Reviews

Sep 20042sfbmovieco

What lightsaber settings do you use?

Aug 20042Calminaion

Prop Guns....

Aug 20042TimmyD

Help!!! - Problem rendering biped in 3DSMAX6

Aug 20042Barbalora

how do i show a 6 second clip

Aug 20042Clapter

Adobe Encore help

Aug 20042Denise CookXClam

stock footage

Aug 20042ectoace

Title for a Musical Film...

Jul 20042domdino

Pinnacle Studio 9

Jul 20042Achron

Force perspective

Jul 20042shadu

For the love I need help finding blueprints!!!

Jul 20042I3i9 Ni9

canon xl1 help

Jul 20042geigel1

SMPTE – How to sync video and sound from different sources.

Jul 20042Sharp

First chromantor clip?

Jul 20042krazyk9999

lenses for panasonic pv-gs120

Jul 20042filmfromhell

Lighting Program

Jul 20042Vault FX

Can you make a movie in 2 weeks?

Jun 20042NYC Midnight

Blender Tutorials

Jun 20042simon603

Dr. Divx HELP!!!

Jun 20042gent23mj

Cut, first 4 minutes

Jun 20042jessy

Virtual Skies

Jun 20042TAP2

Live Type - Text Effects

Jun 20042gent23mj

3d software

Jun 20042batman303705

3ds max 6 particle systems

Jun 20042arch evil

video codecs

Jun 20042WorJa

Object under water

May 20042Pooky

sharps's sound effects

May 20042The Muffin Man

Help With Scene

May 20042mthoward

Wide Angle lens question...

May 20042Klown

Zed still not up?

May 20042jessy


May 20042Tobbger

3D Bus

May 20042neo_man89

Space craft take-off

May 20042hippa03

Queer Eye intro need help

Apr 20042daigoro

Rendering multiple times

Apr 20042Denise CookXClam

Time ReMapping In Adobe After Effects

Apr 20042tsm615

imovie problem

Apr 20042Serpent

Ultimate FAQ: What do I need to edit on my computer?

Apr 20042elementcinema

web Host for movies

Apr 20042mod_007

Subtitled Movies

Mar 20042MarkB

Sound FX site

Mar 20042elementcinema


Mar 20042MovieGuy334

Tv Sound

Mar 20042MovieGuy334

logo etc. sounds

Mar 20042fertesz

Apprentice Music

Mar 20042hahoozhafax

cloning people again!!

Mar 20042fanofthepeople

editing out items

Mar 20042Anonymous

Any VirtualDub filter writers here... I have an idea!

Mar 20042jjuerss

DVD Inlay

Mar 20042LightsCameraAction

Differences between the XL1 and the XL1S

Mar 20042Erico

Vegas Video 4.0 Render Problem

Mar 20042gent23mj

The Prelinger Archives: Free Stock Footage

Mar 20042ragnar

SONY video camera

Feb 20042Anonymous


Feb 20042Erico

Date problems on Sony Hi8..

Feb 20042elementcinema

3d character modeling software

Feb 20042robholtby

Premiere Chroma Key

Feb 20042Serpent


Feb 20042Anonymous

(Photoshop : Accurate Colours)

Feb 20042TAP2


Feb 20042Frozenpede

Gothic Music

Feb 20042Howloween18

The Best Song

Feb 20042billy3d

imovie 3 exporting help

Feb 20042Serpent

missing frame affect....

Feb 20042justakid

The film course I took in the summer

Feb 20042wdy

Video Organizing

Jan 20042MovieGuy334

Particle Emitters For Swirl Effect

Jan 20042EddieOue5

New test/New website help

Jan 20042FiveIronFrenzy

How they make a hollywood film

Jan 20042wdy

Sonic Foundry Video Factory 2 = Nova Video Explosion?

Jan 20042jimsteele

Question about compression

Jan 20042wdy


Dec 20032cyclone3000

Looking for 3D spacecraft (was: can anyone reccomend)

Dec 20032EddieOue5

Crane Plans

Dec 20032MovieGuy334

DVD decrypter problems..

Dec 20032elementcinema

Get your video shorts in a London Gallery for free

Dec 20032b4uask30male

3ds max animatable materials

Dec 20032arch evil

where can i buy to download good soundfx?

Nov 20032jolibog

BuSted 2 Trailer

Nov 20032blaine

3DS MAX 4 query

Nov 20032arch evil

Where can I find free stock (DV) footage?

Nov 20032Anonymous

qk question on paintshop filmstrip

Nov 20032Anonymous

Amateur Movie Portal

Nov 20032cdolsen

Upload film here ?

Oct 20032b4uask30male

OZ Fest Two Weeks Away!

Oct 20032wdy

How to make a person headless with vegas

Oct 20032jessy

Day to Night in a Scene!!?!!

Oct 20032SunriseSeagull

bullet trail help please.

Oct 20032ckossoyan

mpeg-4 codec

Oct 20032ckossoyan

Premiere Edge Preserving Smooth Filter

Oct 20032John Harrower

Canon MX600/MX600i

Sep 20032callum_slade

Wiping a DV Tape

Sep 20032Glyn

Teasers and Trailers

Sep 20032Nachtfalke

Old lady/devil trick

Sep 20032AndrewtheActorMan

Photoshop filmstrip

Sep 20032Mysterio

Minor Slow-motion technique for Premiere

Sep 20032Serdar3500

Reusing Mini-DV Tapes

Sep 20032ragnar

Urgent Advice Needed!

Sep 20032jjuerss


Sep 20032donkey

Scripts from TV's shows here.

Sep 20032b4uask30male

Dose Netbanx Except "Solo"?

Aug 20032callum_slade

Help with trailer.

Aug 20032Mancha de Grasa

cgi bulletime thingie effect

Aug 20032b4uask30male

Animation Effects

Jul 20032LightsCameraAction

What program do you use for light saber sound effects?

Jul 20032Tyresian

BBC Blast website

Jul 20032jjuerss

What configurations for best render quality?

Jul 20032comandoran

A rectangle in ULead Studio 3D

Jul 20032LightsCameraAction

Ready for Midnight Movie Making Madness?

Jul 20032Anonymous

making quicktime clips that stream?

Jul 20032Klown

Ripper tutorials???

Jul 20032eoquedawg

does anyone know what font is used on movie posters?

Jul 20032Anonymous

Getting the Best Green- and Bluescreen Results with DV

Jul 20032jasonripp

Some questions about Poser 4

Jul 20032blank

External microphone for my ZR60

Jun 20032bhladeoghrass

Cinema 4D question

Jun 20032neo_man89

How is the Sony TRV70?

Jun 20032ZikoSuave


Jun 20032Obi

Updating Movie Info

Jun 20032Robersdee

Audience Sounds

Jun 20032CX3

Vote button stuck ?

Jun 20032b4uask30male

Free Sounds and What Not...

Jun 20032jstow222


Jun 20032jessy

Icarus question

Jun 20032neo_man89

Buffy Dusting

Jun 20032Movie_Manic

Heads Everywhere!

Jun 20032AndrewtheActorMan

every sound effect you could need

Jun 20032jessy

Adobe Premiere question

Jun 20032neo_man89

Some New Films...

Jun 20032Robersdee

Sound FX other than bullets and the like

May 20032Lord_Xor

Ragtime Piano

May 20032Aculag


May 20032Sting939

Matrix Script needed for fan film!

May 20032neo_man89

frame export in premiere

May 20032ckossoyan

creating split screen effect with FCP

May 20032gamesdv

Forgot where this post was

May 20032neo_man89

film making site

May 20032wpl

Media EZ Cleaner

May 20032Anonymous

Save to AVI

May 20032jstow222

What movie programs can alamdv read?

Apr 20032Vertigo38

DivX Help

Apr 20032wdy


Apr 20032bauza

Great Music Site

Apr 20032Gibs

Looking at a new camera

Apr 20032wdy

Another music question!

Apr 20032domdino

Premiere slo-mo question...

Apr 20032Klown


Apr 20032Cypher

Gucamole Gun

Apr 20032davidmalyn

My video machine has died

Apr 20032TAP2

Got my Video Capture Card!

Apr 20032davidmalyn

Applying Maps to models in 3DSMAX

Apr 20032neo_man89


Apr 20032Aculag

It's a contest: Strutt your Stuff!

Apr 20032codec3

rubber feet

Mar 20032Marek

I'm sorry for all of the 3DSMAX questions but...

Mar 20032neo_man89

Jittery Export

Mar 20032Chev

Pinocchio is Coming!

Mar 20032ihateemo


Mar 20032Anonymous

Fixing link in cinema?

Mar 20032Robersdee

Help in 3D Studio MAX!!!! the sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 20032Anonymous

HD MiniDV Camera from JVC!

Mar 20032dprendergast

plug-in reguest

Mar 20032bauza

This is how to encode DivX in OSX

Mar 20032fallen

Matrix Core effect

Mar 20032Serdar3500

Sound Effect Requests..MUCHO FORCE'O!

Mar 20032Hajiku_Flip

Winamp visuals to AVI

Mar 20032JOHNNY H

3d program Question

Mar 20032bauza

Advanced Windows Media in Adobe 6.5

Mar 20032wdy

helpful link

Feb 20032wpl

Stuck in a Jam...

Feb 20032smier33

I forgot... (to finish this subject line)

Feb 20032neo_man89

lego talkers

Feb 20032Anonymous

Matrix type effect

Feb 20032Anonymous

How do you clone yourself in Photoshop ?

Feb 20032curran

T-800 model

Feb 20032Anonymous

URGENT QUESTION: How should I export my FCP movie? Help!

Feb 20032Anonymous


Feb 20032goober99

New Filmmaking website

Feb 20032macdude22

3d Chess Models

Feb 20032ijohnson33

Plugin: SW Search Probe Droid, Problems using it

Feb 20032Anonymous

Anyone modeled a high polygon bullet?

Jan 20032TAP2

Dead Pixel fixer for DV footage!

Jan 20032mr.spyguy

Adobe Premiere 6.5 Plugins

Jan 20032wdy

quality of footage

Jan 20032Anonymous

A question about THE MASK OF ZORRO effect

Jan 20032Sokar

W've All Had Nights Like This. . .

Jan 20032Ice_Man

Guess who's back

Jan 20032Anonymous

Where can I find good quality sounds from Star Wars?

Jan 20032blank

Making laser fire???

Dec 20022blank

Shadow Controle

Dec 20022billy3d

Poser help

Dec 20022neo_man89

Alamdv 2 Trailer Clips?

Dec 20022Anonymous

For all you sound designers out there....

Dec 20022danial_02

Rebel Alliance Unavailable until Sunday

Nov 20022X

Compression is the devil

Nov 20022CaptHowdy

Sounds of Jet Fighters and them crashing and exploding ?

Nov 20022Anonymous

Poser question

Nov 20022Anonymous

Poser help

Nov 20022neo_man89


Nov 20022jstow222

Movie Contest

Nov 20022Cptnchaos

Ascendence titles

Oct 20022Anonymous

Great Lightsaber Film

Oct 20022CTLW83

I hate to ask this again!

Oct 20022neo_man89

DragonBall Z Sound effects

Oct 20022rmw

Which movie has the best quality looking lightsaber

Oct 20022Majicman


Oct 20022billy3d

Graffiti writing?

Oct 20022andrewlogan

For Your Halloween Enjoyment: Legacy of the Spellmaster

Oct 20022Jealous Flesh

Wheres my film?

Sep 20022paulpeach

transition question.

Sep 20022Anonymous


Sep 20022_MOUSE_

Time Warp

Aug 20022_MOUSE_

Tips from the best of the best

Aug 20022owen rixon

Movie Ideas

Aug 20022Anonymous

Type of things.....

Aug 20022Timescape

Holograms, Jedi/Sith Ghosts, and lasers

Aug 20022Student Studios

Hey X...

Aug 20022Anonymous

film festivals

Aug 20022raider

Red blood cell texture?

Aug 20022Greyo

help make the first online film

Aug 20022b4uask30male

I'll host your stuff

Aug 20022metellius

Film Help Needed

Jul 20022Anonymous

Links a go-go

Jul 20022codabar

Keeping the dream alive

Jul 20022codabar

Camera modes (built in special effects)

Jul 20022codabar

Cinema Mode use or do in post?

Jul 20022X

Surround sound Stargate trailer

Jul 20022b4uask30male

Staged “Lightsaber” Combat

Jul 20022bigjgrimz

Lucasfilm Logo Tutorial

Jul 20022bigjgrimz


Jul 20022sfbmovieco

stripes in the final movie when using Premiere 6

Jul 20022Darth Maul

Star Wars text crawl in Final Cut

Jul 20022novaHunter

Help, advice please

Jun 20022b4uask30male

Monday Night Football Parody...

Jun 20022Anonymous

call me an Friend

Jun 20022b4uask30male

Black and white or Colour?

Jun 20022Chrislad

background removal

Jun 20022tyme

FX Sites.

Jun 20022X

Scam Alert! Don't Be Suckered!!!!

Jun 20022PoloKuo

How do you export from Premiere as a filmstrip file?

Jun 20022Anonymous

Premiere Question

Jun 20022jarar1

Web hosting problems - Violating CoC?!?

Jun 20022Hajiku_Flip


May 20022AFireInside22

3D Program, what goes into it

May 20022Magic_man12

Proggy 4 cool titles?

May 20022domdino

Better Resolution

May 20022Anonymous

Star Wars Scrolling Title

May 20022KermZ

Need better lightning effect for short Highlander film

May 20022Anonymous

need to install a tv tuner in a laptop

May 20022billy3d

key framing?

Apr 20022Ben

3d creation, PLEASE HELP

Apr 20022mighty_joe

Do any other Mac users get annoyed with non .mov movies

Apr 20022Dan545

For everyone who liked 'all your base' its Yatta!

Apr 20022Kid

CG Bullet hits?

Apr 20022Anonymous

my new movie

Apr 20022ensignrobert

star wars titles

Apr 20022robust282

How can i use 3DS Max Models in my movie?

Apr 20022Yawa

Fly - stop- kick

Apr 20022allyse

lightsword trouble

Apr 20022Anonymous


Apr 20022Anonymous

making a sweet action trilogy. help if you can

Apr 20022Anonymous

bluescreen lighting

Apr 20022Anonymous

the ONE (moved)

Apr 20022vagus


Mar 20022vagus

Hoping to find some tips or or help using this "other" softw

Mar 20022Inker

Please Help ! AVI Files and DVD Stuff

Mar 20022Anonymous


Mar 20022Anonymous

I'm in awe by "TheTest" more tutorials wanted :)

Mar 20022amblix

.mov to iMovie - can I do it?

Mar 20022iMyles

How can I make the slomo bullet traveling thru the air

Mar 20022lucas

3D Modeler

Mar 20022Anonymous

Best Quicktime compression?

Mar 20022Anonymous

Is this a good first camera?

Mar 20022iMyles

Reply to action movies: Frame Rates

Mar 20022domdino


Mar 20022Anonymous

any good dvd ripping software?

Mar 20022billy3d

For some reason files aren't opening in Premiere 6 anymore.

Mar 20022Anonymous

Bullet Holes in wall

Mar 20022Anonymous


Mar 20022billy3d

Opening scroll

Mar 20022Orion

Adobe Premier 6.02

Mar 20022Scuba

star wars 3d seeker

Mar 20022Anonymous

Music used on that anhialation trailer (number 1)

Feb 20022domdino


Feb 20022Anonymous

Check this out

Feb 20022BDOG

General quality ANSWERS

Feb 20022SFDex

Need help with movie formats...

Feb 20022Anonymous


Jan 20022karan

importing video in alamdv

Jan 20022mrbug

How to make the awsome "panning"-effect.. ??

Jan 20022davidian

transferring project to a different computer

Jan 20022Anonymous


Dec 20012neo36uk

Morphing tools

Dec 20012baylor

Maitrix effects

Dec 20012Strider

What's onion skin?

Dec 20012baylor


Dec 20012baylor

Sound Effects

Dec 20012riceroy2

I've got a film ready

Dec 20012CableGuy316

lightsaber help

Nov 20012Anonymous

Bluescreen tutorial

Nov 20012Animaster

Here's a possibilty for a good cheap Morph program

Nov 20012singer8794


Oct 20012stan913

Frame Movie Mode

Sep 20012roxics

Copy and Paste

Aug 20012stan913

Transparencys, anyone?

Jul 20012Spawn

Compressed QT movies for the Web (and the AlamDV web site)..

Jul 20012Joshua Davies

Copyright-free music.

Jun 20012Anatoly

SIT files?

May 20012mighty_joe2001

indie film contest...

May 20012codec3

Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday Trailer 1

Apr 20121evg2005

Long Boats (London Sci-Fi Challenge 2012) on SketchWork TV

Apr 20121SketchWork

Lens FX - Film Burn Transitions

Apr 20121RodyPolis

Youtube Audience :D

Apr 20121WilliesVFX

Loud Sound While Using Premiere CS5.5 on an iMac.

Mar 20121The Mastermind

Andy Robinson's "Music Bucket" Video Contest

Mar 20121andyr

Uncanny X-Men: Dazzler

Mar 20121evg2005

Free Action Pack, like Video Copilot Action Essentials!

Mar 20121marcusduprat

Uncanny X-Men: Shadowcat

Mar 20121evg2005

Test footage for potential pilot/short film

Feb 20121risingson

Convert SD800 AVCHD Recordings to AIC for FCE editing

Feb 20121FXhomer199906

film ideas

Feb 20121karlaa

Video - A Tilt Shift View of Charleston, SC

Feb 20121BungToad

Adding time/date

Feb 20121drspin98

The Only Way is Garioch (Comedy Series) -Episode 2

Feb 20121ReelMoonProductions

Free Software?

Feb 20121FXhomer102127

Staffordshire Film Festival 2012

Feb 20121StaffordshireFilmFestival

CRUMBS - Trailer (SHAME Parody)

Feb 20121ReelMoonProductions

Staffordshire Film Festival 2012

Feb 20121StaffordshireFilmFestival

Orchestral Composer

Jan 20121jamesdunlopmusic


Jan 20121mibtp

Santa Hats Murder People

Jan 20121Lerman Productions

The No Film Film Festival

Jan 20121nofilmfestival

A Silly Happy Holiday Video Message from SWTV

Dec 20111SketchWork

My Creation

Dec 20111MyCreationTV com

Worx Energy Parody

Nov 20111Darth Stazz the Powerful

Moving Day: New Comedy Sketch

Nov 20111ctbullet

The Tide - a short film inspired by Limbo

Nov 20111alienux

Glidecam HD1000 Chase Film

Nov 20111ctbullet

Shooting Action on limited Budget

Nov 20111KyleOlson86

Seeking Short Scripts

Nov 20111FilmColchester

Pre-Keyed Stock Footage

Nov 20111RodyPolis

A short stop motion animation...

Oct 20111Gino East

SketchWork TV CH1 "E8: Halloween Special - Visions

Oct 20111SketchWork

First short film: "Lullaby"

Oct 20111chbaum

All Tied Up: Short Kidnapping Comedy Film

Oct 20111ctbullet

Once a Week Online Film Festival Call for Entries

Oct 20111FXhomer101754

My Creation

Oct 20111MyCreationTV com

SketchWork TV "E5: TERMINATED"

Sep 20111SketchWork

The Cradle Will Fall: Short Thriller Film

Sep 20111ctbullet

HDV NTSC to PAL frame rate conversion issues

Sep 20111petet2

SoCal Film Fes 9/28-10/2

Sep 20111socalfilmfest

Our new project.

Sep 20111dhepayne

Whong's Catalogue - 3D model Show Reel

Aug 20111Whong

Living Doll 3

Aug 20111Kie77!

Aug 20111MyCreationTV com

Your forgotten Shot - musicvideoproject

Aug 20111357grad

2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition CALL FOR ENTRIES!

Jul 20111bluecatscreenwriting

Call for entries : Int. Short Film Festival Leuven (Belgium)

Jul 20111Int. short Film Festival

New film in production

Jul 20111matchyman

2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition CALL FOR ENTRIES

Jul 20111bluecatscreenwriting

Godzilla: Battle Royale & G-Fantis Worlds Collide!

Jul 20111rockstarbd82

Shatt Happens - short film

Jul 20111juneau

There Is A Monster In The House - short film

Jul 20111juneau

The Case of the Missing Eye

Jul 20111ZackGavin

Final Submission Deadline for The Valley Film Festival

Jul 20111818FILM

Film Script Structure Videos

Jul 20111FXhomer154896

Playing It Safe - Production

Jul 20111FCRabbath

some works!

Jul 20111djengala

FREE Online HD DSLR Filmmaking course with Gale Tattersall

Jun 20111Axeman

Best Cheap Radio mic?

Jun 20111Ste

Life Just Is Feature - Artist required

Jun 20111ashman

Dark Comedy Film Festival - Now Accepting Submissions!

Jun 20111ladarkcomedy

Corpse Blimey: Short Comedy Film

Jun 20111ctbullet

An episode from a sci-fi webseries, made it longer

Jun 20111evg2005

Hardboiled Filmmakers Wanted - May 27 Deadline

May 20111mibtp

4 Walls - Short Film

May 20111FXhomer104430

SketchWork TV Promo Online

May 20111SketchWork

Build a Backpack Guacamole Gun?

May 20111BackOfTheHearse

Seeking film footage for a blog article/experiment

May 20111NEM_Stuart

Film Contests On Line

May 20111Viktorious

Interpreting a film

May 20111JoergensenMBS

Halo Mansion Episode

May 20111evg2005

DP/30 Interviews

May 20111Limey

My First Episode for Super Hero

May 20111evg2005

The Storm in the Teacup: A Sci Fi Short

Apr 20111Movie_Manic

Teaser Trailer for my Super Hero Webseries

Apr 20111evg2005

Filmaka's Harbor Freight Tools Pitch Contest

Mar 20111FXhomer167658

canon eos 600d / t3i vs 7d

Mar 20111Mad Mike

Free Stock-Pack from

Feb 20111RigomrtsFX

Official Release Date announced!

Jan 20111Bryan M Block

Before the fall act 2

Jan 20111Secrios

Netflix > Babies - Poptent Netflix contest entry

Jan 20111Breadfish

Canon HF G10/XA10

Jan 20111matthewfuller999

Last Chance To Submit To The Newport Beach Film Festival!

Jan 20111newport

Need some help with Terminator battle! Any CGI animators?

Dec 20101JUIDAR

Feb 5th 2011 - CINE short film screening.

Dec 20101ashman

Dust - Short Film

Dec 20101Gibs

Short film 'Stay on Track' finished

Dec 20101Rockfilmers

New Video!

Nov 20101Randomlard101

Two Days - Short Web Series

Nov 20101Shadow013

Boomtown Film Festival 2011 - Call for Entries

Nov 20101boomtownfest


Nov 20101MyCreationTV com

Chronicles of the leviathan, spacecraft

Nov 20101moranatol

"The Hollow Men" Production Journal

Nov 20101Adman

Buy a new Sony camcorder, get €500 Vegas for free

Nov 20101pdrg

Old Time Radio Shows (Behind The Scenes)

Oct 20101The Chosen One

Chain Killer Movie Trailer

Oct 20101JemarcusOgletree

site for internet tv

Oct 20101cdolsen

Short Horror Film (HD) -Hysteria

Oct 20101samhendi

LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2011

Oct 20101LA Comedy Shorts

Western X - VFX done with FXHome - Beverly Hills Festival

Oct 20101spaghetti man

New video

Oct 20101watterwalker

CINE Event - Submit your films for screening.

Sep 20101ashman

Creatania - Taking your Creativity to the Masses

Sep 20101Creatania

interesting site

Sep 20101cdolsen

sound effects - foley site

Aug 20101cdolsen

Free CG Animator Wanted

Aug 20101PLANB

How to Build a Large Blue/Greenscreen for SFX

Aug 20101MyCreationTV com

Acefest 2010 Nyc

Aug 20101tempokpr

Boulder International Film Festival - Deadline Coming Up!

Jul 20101FXhomer137497

free VST plugins

Jul 20101RigomrtsFX

Filmmakers Production Guides

Jul 20101FXhomer94459

VisionLab has been very very good to me. :-)

Jul 20101nuyawk

Bororo 3D Plug-In

Jul 20101RigomrtsFX

EffectsLab Pro - Fireworks Tutorial

Jun 20101TubeTape

My project Jack Cage The movie A tale of Two Brothers

Jun 20101Mad Mike

The American GameR Web Series (Teaser #1) feedback please!

Jun 20101IVYBetty

Call for Entries: Electric Cinema

Jun 20101talenthouse

The Violinist - DVX100B with SGBLADE and Nikon 50mm

Jun 20101pinnaclepoint

Invulnerable Productions

Jun 20101PLANB

Live Chat with Top DISNEY Creative Executive

Jun 20101SneakOnTheLot

SneakOn Writers Contest

May 20101SneakOnTheLot

Olympus Video Contest

May 20101Bucees

Skin Deep - Movie Trailer in HD

May 20101er-no

New music video we shot on the Canon 5D Mark II

May 20101rcstudios_film

ParaPug- Omaha Drop Scene, All Greenscreen/Funny

May 20101Tommy92L

My videos...

May 20101ZackGavin

requesting a "radio show" quick voiceover

May 20101retardchimp

Wide angle adapter

May 20101Mike Q

Introducing the GFFISFCF - Sci-Fi Comedies Wanted!

May 20101Captain Amazingly Incredi

Bloopers, outtakes and... monkey impressions?

Apr 20101parkesproductions

Post-production tips: CG, clearance and premieres

Apr 20101parkesproductions

Call for entries!

Apr 20101talenthouse

Messing with green screen

Apr 20101Poseidon1231

Night shoots and filming rain -practical production tips

Apr 20101parkesproductions

Achieving a cinematic (35mm) look on a budget

Mar 20101parkesproductions

3d fighting robots request

Mar 20101evg2005

Film Industry Bash in NYC - Presented by Back Stage™

Mar 20101ACEFEST 2010

How to hold effective auditions and getting a named actor

Mar 20101parkesproductions

Cerebero from X-Men FX

Mar 20101evg2005

2010: Composer for Trailer, Reels, and everything else that

Mar 20101mtheripper

How to make a high budget film on next-to-nothing

Mar 20101parkesproductions

Submit your films to OIFA

Mar 20101TMR

Under Fire short war film

Feb 20101StrikeEmStudios

Rogue Pictures calling for Fx submissions

Feb 20101FXhomer116165

FX Makeup Tutorial

Feb 20101Nuwanda

Official selection of the Beverly Hills Short film festival

Feb 20101Bryan M Block

icarus matchmoving/tracker site

Feb 20101cdolsen

"Brevis"- A Short Film

Feb 20101Adman

My New Movies

Feb 20101Duck Studios

Looking for Special FX artists 2 help with Action/SciFi Film

Jan 20101evg2005

tutorial site

Jan 20101cdolsen

Mofilm Competition

Jan 20101Kevin Filmtelly

IKARI - Just For Fun Trailer

Jan 20101JUIDAR

Do you know of a cool spell?

Jan 20101JUIDAR

Celtx 2.7 released...FREE

Jan 20101Bryan M Block

Faux Trailer

Dec 20091BIMO

Filmaka Accepting Pitches For DRG GameShow Competition

Dec 20091FXhomer66877

My 1st claymation/stop motion

Dec 20091doppelganger

10 OFF Film Submissions to Going Green Film Festival

Dec 20091GoingGreenFF

Movie Trailer Hits and Swooshes

Dec 20091Garrison

Connection Problem

Dec 20091SuburbanElement

Just to let you all know...

Dec 20091Ban Danna

Very USeful Stock Everything site(s)

Nov 20091Mattex Films HD

Needing original music?

Nov 20091FXhomer86320

Audio Post Production Specialist ready to make sfx for you

Nov 20091PeterSFX

New to effects editing. Here are some tests.

Nov 20091Watermark

Mountain Biking Promo Edit

Nov 20091ctbullet

Quick question for GarageBand Jam Pack users

Nov 20091Jabooza

Forest of Fear Trailer.

Oct 20091b4uask30male

Ohio Film Chatter :-)

Oct 20091Bryan M Block

Music for your Trailer, Demo- or Show-Reels

Oct 20091mtheripper

Horror Film Research

Oct 20091Phileep

dancing swat in concert

Oct 20091videofxuniverse

The Blythe Avenger

Oct 20091davlin

Create an Intense Movie Poster in Photoshop

Oct 20091SteveW

Lord of the rings spoof

Sep 20091Kie77

50 Best Websites by Moviemaker Magazine - 2009

Sep 20091Garrison

"War of the Worlds": PART 2 Has Been Removed From

Sep 20091FXhomerTony

The Light Bomb Saber Fight II Teaser now out

Aug 20091Mattex Films HD

FilmFellas - Roundtable Webisodes

Aug 20091Garrison

New video I did

Aug 20091Poseidon1231

Quality Filmscore for your Film !

Aug 20091roamin (New/Used film equipment site)

Jul 20091baza4k

My new intro slide

Jun 20091AwesomeFist

War of the Worlds Diary #1

Jun 20091FXhomerTony

Call for Entries: Be Discovered in Hollywood!

Jun 20091hollywoodfilmfestival

Anyone has photos or small video clips of actors as Witches?

Jun 20091evg2005

Barton Police Trailer

Jun 20091bartonct

oscar site with tutorials

Jun 20091cdolsen

The Ninth Circle < Short Film

Jun 20091FCRabbath

Public domain Stock footage.

May 20091Paradox Pictures

Fan Work.

May 20091FCRabbath

Your Favorite Comedy

May 20091FCRabbath

Alternate "Think" Road Safety Advert lol

Apr 20091videofxuniverse

Cool Page w/ Useful Links

Apr 20091The Chosen One

Premiere 2009

Apr 20091FCRabbath

A Film-makers Podcast

Apr 20091ctbullet

Excessive Force: New film Coming soon

Mar 20091StrikeEmStudios

Forced Theatre (Full Film)

Mar 20091doppelganger

Music Video, Shot With a Cheapo Aiptek HD Camera

Mar 20091FXhomer120488

Any Modo 302 users out there?

Mar 20091MoltenWhale

"Cine Forzado" (Forced Theatre) first scene/traile

Mar 20091doppelganger

A bit of fun and nonsense for filmmakers

Mar 20091pdrg

Harbinger of War Teaser

Mar 20091Singwolf

Rumply - mini action movie in 7 minutes

Feb 20091magnaprods

The Baby Problem, Foiled, and Kleenex

Feb 20091HandsomeScholars

"Toxic Betrayal" is completed

Feb 20091FXhomer42638

My short comedy

Feb 20091clement

DVD & CD Cover Archive

Feb 20091The Chosen One

Female voice-actors wanted!

Jan 20091Avenging Eagle

Looking for some help with a film project. Get involved!

Jan 20091Fever

Want to play a part in IKARI as a tv reporter?

Jan 20091JUIDAR

New Tutorial

Jan 20091StupidLikeAFox

Quick test

Dec 20081Poseidon1231

The Sam Jenkins Show! Live Internet Show

Dec 20081Ste

Gnomon online schooling

Dec 20081Simon K Jones


Dec 20081Mattex Films HD

rode videomic test

Dec 20081JornLavoll

Addiction (2008)- 5 min short film

Nov 20081ctbullet

Adobe Encore Problem

Nov 20081KKB-FILM

35mm for my nv-gs280?

Nov 20081nitrox

Composers Wanted!

Nov 20081Avenging Eagle

3rd Annual Roslyn Film Festival - Call for submissions

Nov 20081supermarc

Contribution to a commercial contest for

Nov 20081KKB-FILM

Wrath Of The Undead

Nov 20081ctbullet

HV20 External Mic Questions

Nov 20081sfbmovieco

Competition to create music video.

Nov 20081FXhomer54317

Timer Countdown

Nov 20081The Chosen One

Broken Doll

Nov 20081Alcoholic Artist

Anyone have any thunderstorm footage laying around?

Oct 20081Josh3B

how to's - updated site

Oct 20081cdolsen

Working with preset effects

Oct 20081FXhomer49335

Indiana Macgyver

Oct 20081Travis Kunze

New Short Film: Evergreen

Oct 20081ogdog


Sep 20081StupidLikeAFox

Extinction preview

Sep 20081videofxuniverse

Terror In The Barber Shop

Sep 20081Tripod

Royalty Free sound and photo sites

Sep 20081DVStudio

The Thought of Death

Sep 20081RyanMichael

dragonball Z Sound FX

Sep 20081druguer

Indiana Macgyver

Sep 20081Travis Kunze

Music for "documentary" for school.

Sep 20081Mattex Films HD

Anyone heard of Selfcast?

Aug 20081RodgerDodger

access potentially every music maker on the planet

Aug 20081humtoo

Demo/Showreel's Wanted

Aug 20081potman

My rayfire plugin demonstration video

Aug 20081videofxuniverse

A Sketch Comedy - THE ELECTRONICS FIRM! Please comment!

Aug 20081Whong

check out these vids

Aug 20081matchyman

Interview with Ben Bays about THE HORSEMAN online now

Aug 20081Bryan M Block

Lyric Media

Aug 20081Bolbi

"Thought" Short Film

Aug 20081FXhomer906

True GAMER! an itty bitty skit from us.

Jul 20081doppelganger

Heroes TV show opening credit effect request.

Jul 20081evg2005

Camera stabilizer: build one or buy one?

Jul 20081druguer

Request for Night of the Sandman movie

Jul 20081cottonproductions

George Lucas Interview

Jul 20081Tommy92L

Ideas for making "fusion gun" look like it's revvi

Jul 20081FXhomer15295

filming in Egypt

Jul 20081FXhomer48639

Disposable Film Fest: Call for Entries!

Jul 20081Disposable Film Fest

How to do 16:9 Aspect Ratio in Windows Movie Maker

Jul 20081Mattex Films HD

How to create a Meteor Strike effect as a beginner?

Jul 20081Crazy Williams Starseeker

Create your own musical Score

Jul 20081No Respite Productions

Win An All Expense Paid Trip to the AFI Film Festival!

Jul 20081FXhomer31190

Filmmakers Wanted! $7,500 Grand Prize

Jul 20081FXhomer31190

Free videos of lava and volcanoes

Jun 20081goddard996

Free sound effects

Jun 20081Poseidon1231

Call for entries - 40° Bolzano ShortFilmFestival

Jun 20081FXhomer81912

A site that list lots of links to sites for sound effects

May 20081The Chosen One

IKARI - update and new teaser

May 20081JUIDAR

More free stock...

May 20081Bryan M Block

Another Sound effects/music website

May 20081DVStudio

Sound effect help wanted.

May 20081MetroCityMayor

New Assassin Mini series

May 20081videofxuniverse

Urgent Request: Need to convert .DWG to .3DS

May 20081Woolgie


May 20081White Eagle Entertainment

WSIB Safety Video Contest

May 20081The FE

Some test i made

Apr 20081Poseidon1231

animatrics - 3dantics and sketchup

Apr 20081cdolsen

Doing the Gambit effect from X-Men

Apr 20081evg2005

Firewire Card advice

Apr 20081SilverDragon7

music video contest entry made with vision lab

Apr 20081daigoro

Cool site

Apr 20081DVStudio

Voice overs needed for a Friday the 13th fan film

Apr 20081FXhomer25705

time tunnel

Mar 20081riftmaster

Rivingtonfilm Muzzle Pack ... FREE

Mar 20081Ste

Anyone used CreateSpace yet? (print-on demand DVDs)

Mar 20081jfreedan

ref: short film trailer inspired by the tripods

Feb 20081philip

Online Film Competition

Feb 20081TSFilm


Jan 20081White Eagle Entertainment

I need a logo title for my new film Undawear Man, help?

Jan 20081evg2005

Magic Sound Effects

Jan 20081PSFreak

Star Wars

Jan 20081White Eagle Entertainment

TXK is coming - quick, stockpile food!

Jan 20081pdrg

Filmmaking Course: Will be updated

Jan 20081NickF

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: Spoof

Jan 20081Movie_Manic

3d software

Jan 20081White Eagle Entertainment

New Resource for Filmmakers - Need Input

Jan 20081ReelConnect

Animated Logo Help Please?

Jan 20081JUIDAR

As I Hear It... Exhaustive Link to Microphones

Jan 20081Garrison

a cool giant video

Jan 20081RodyPolis

Babelgum Online Film Festival

Jan 20081neoglitz

UPLOAD: Small collection of newly designed SFX.

Jan 20081Sharp

digital juice free stock

Dec 20071rudemen

Film I'm working on right now

Dec 20071Goldwing Productions

Beast Movie:

Dec 20071RyanMichael

Footagefirm doing another cheap dvd of stock footage

Nov 20071Koradin

indi european site for STARWRECK, scifi parody and how to

Nov 20071cdolsen

Chuck Parello Horror Directors Interview with Ultra Violent

Nov 20071cpH

Final Cut Express 4.0

Nov 20071NickF

Lights, Camera, POM!

Nov 20071FXhomer23750

Film Festival Short: Later Than It Seems

Nov 20071rypcat

Audio Technica ATR-55 Shotgun Mic

Nov 20071Zero767

New Webdoc and T-Shirts for Who Stole the Electric Car?

Nov 20071dastolidigital

Picture Perfect < 24 Hour Film Fest

Nov 20071FCRabbath

D.I.Y. or DIE: How to Survive as an Independent Artist

Nov 20071Empty Lunchbox

Who Here Is Good With Foley?

Oct 20071chase

Need Help

Oct 20071balushyno1


Oct 20071RyanMichael

burning to dvd problem

Oct 20071ChromeHeart

Sony Silver Service.

Oct 20071er-no

harry potter spell sound effects

Oct 20071mad eye

green screen moving hand on floor

Oct 20071RigomrtsFX

Youtube Project: Direct

Oct 20071PSFreak

My Video Gallery

Oct 20071the Fiddler

Charmed Orbing

Sep 20071FXhomer35329

Buck Gordon- Concept miniseries

Sep 20071NinjaBros

Music Video

Sep 20071CurtinParloe

Where to get stock footage and library music legally

Sep 20071MrGoodbomb

sony vegas 8 question

Sep 20071RodyPolis

problem with soundtrack

Sep 20071limerick

any one interested in helping me

Sep 20071Horcruxes88

Quicktime Gamma Output

Sep 20071nfsbuff


Aug 20071fxmaniac

Film Festivals

Aug 20071Adman

Win a Wii and/or get your film on TV

Aug 20071Kid

wig question

Aug 20071notoriusc

Need Help With Fruity Loops

Jul 20071FXhomer67930 requesting submissions

Jul 20071pdrg

Hosting Site

Jul 20071The Chosen One


Jul 20071SlothPaladin

Help needed for short film

Jul 20071jotoki

More free stock footage

Jul 20071petet2

Davlin has found his voice

Jun 20071davlin

New Videos

Jun 20071Joecool1081

The Journal -Production Blog

Jun 20071KA Productions

Mojito Lighting?

Jun 20071FXhomer7743

Great site to gain exposure

Jun 20071epeterson

CG Artist wanted.

Jun 20071ashman

Check out my movie in The Flux Film Festival!

May 20071Christofer Matthias

One on One with Ed Solomon: Confirmed Panelist for AFF 2007

May 20071Austin Film Festival 2007

3D models/animations needed- relatively SIMPLE-

May 20071Bryan M Block

cool film competition

Apr 20071skywalker dan

Camera questions..

Apr 20071mikeh

Calling all 3ds Max users...Help needed!

Apr 20071druguer

2007 Austin Film Festival Panelists

Apr 20071Austin Film Festival 2007

My Quick 1-Minute Cell Phone Movie.

Apr 20071FreshMentos

A good place to buy a prosumer camcorder?

Apr 20071Ballowall

How to use my source without loose resolution? (Combustion)

Apr 20071FXhomer19811

Movie Making Downloads

Apr 20071The Chosen One could be Right For You!

Mar 20071RodgerDodger

Battlestar Galactica "Videomaker Toolkit" Contest

Mar 20071ccirelli

film making website

Mar 20071skywalker dan

decent site for equipment

Feb 20071skywalker dan

Looking for 3D modeler for a film series (no animation req.)

Feb 20071cmgoetz

Camera Suggestions

Feb 20071SilverDragon7

Good price on some audio tools.

Feb 20071the Fiddler

review - USB shuttle and jog for most NLE's

Feb 20071pdrg

Music Ideas?

Feb 20071Garfield Street

oFFERING: Cheap filming location Cowboy Town in the UK.

Feb 20071b4uask30male

Professional Sennheiser Shotgun Mic

Jan 20071andrewzennfilms

Detonation Films unit K-6 added!

Jan 20071film freak

Grindhouse Trailer Contest

Jan 20071Andreas

Script editor / writer required for Feature film

Jan 20071blh

Mud... EVERYWHERE. Shooting on location

Jan 20071Jazzmanian

any fxhome users in bend oregon area

Jan 20071RigomrtsFX


Dec 20061Chinook

Claymation filmmakers starting early

Dec 20061Jazzmanian

Full Line Of Vue 6 Products is now out.

Dec 20061JT9

Weekend Vid

Nov 20061NinjaBros

Decemberists Music Video contest

Nov 20061Axeman

AE Tutorial Links

Nov 20061The Chosen One

Vegas wins another convert from Premiere.

Nov 20061the Fiddler


Nov 20061cjbalways

Great Site With Lots of Tips

Nov 20061NickD

awesome deal for anyone who got the free Poser 5

Nov 20061nanafanboy

Chromakeying on a low budget? Or have great lighting?

Nov 20061mattio

New Movie Spoof 3 Trailers Released

Nov 20061NickD

200 Video Questions eBook

Oct 20061Garrison

Sound Sale!

Oct 20061Ceramite

Portable Film Festival Seeking Short Films!

Oct 20061FXhomer10445

C&C Movie "Silence Hit"

Oct 20061Christian Lang

stock video footage

Oct 20061NuttyBanana

any fxlab pro users in bend oregon

Oct 20061RigomrtsFX

Render Elements & After Effects

Sep 20061FXhomer3441

Chicago Filmmakers needed for Strange Project

Sep 20061funches


Sep 20061kichiku

Conventioneers - ISA - NYC Premier

Sep 20061FXhomer10193

FREE MP3 Converter - OSX

Sep 20061CX3

Just a little helper...

Sep 20061Thriller

How to Use Quicktime VR's?

Sep 20061justaddwater

Share a great website about making invisible man effect

Aug 20061Jamie yu

Moviefone Film Festival

Aug 20061The Chosen One

Another Possible Film Hosting option

Aug 20061Jazzmanian

ironstyle and eaglehawk the movie

Aug 20061skywalker dan

A couple new websites I found

Aug 20061Thriller

Excellent audio article

Aug 20061Hendo

HDV CompositeLab footage

Aug 20061jjuerss

Need Help With Vegas Video (capturing HDV video)

Jul 20061marko508

Panasonic AG-DVX100 conversion (if you have enough cash)

Jul 20061CurtinParloe

Re-launch of my website and Motor Lodge update

Jul 20061Bryan M Block

Sound Ideas Summer Sale

Jul 20061Garrison

Dead Like Me SFX features

Jul 20061Jazzmanian

TIP: (Idea) Pro, Backlit style greenscreen idea...

Jul 20061marcus u

Clip Problem

Jul 20061jmc042

Terragen and Terranim tutorials

Jul 20061film freak

Looking for a matchmover

Jul 20061lwmedia

31st Annual St. Ignace Car Show

Jun 20061visualchaos

Image stream renaming

Jun 20061Roozer

New/Updated Website

Jun 20061filmcomposer

XL2 EF Adapter with 35mm vs. Letus35 adapter with 35mm lens?

Jun 20061SNI BRI

Our National 48 film is online!

Jun 20061mavic19

Padawans the trailer

Jun 20061Gman 007

Does anyone know the name of this song?!

Jun 20061Maxy

Frank Sidebottom Stop - Motion

Jun 20061Dalemations

Ultimate list of freeware!

Jun 20061Maxy

Who was the sick, sarcastic, son-of-a-gun...

May 20061Jazzmanian

Great Actor

May 20061Jrad

Teaser for my first short film

May 20061MikY

missing movie in archive

May 20061Frank Grimes

QuickTime 7.1 released

May 20061Hendo

Interested in Documentary Films?

May 20061FXhomer14732

External Microphone for DV Camera

Apr 20061Obi Wan Kenobi

Movie Spoof Trilogy

Apr 20061NickD

New Movie Of Mine Coming Out Need Help

Apr 20061alexanderj

Digital Video Book

Apr 20061shadowninja1028

I <3 freeware - new video converter.

Apr 20061A Pickle

Lighting Seminar

Apr 20061Underdog Productions

2d vfx artist research paper

Apr 20061axemaster

Untitled film Underway

Apr 20061B3N

ILM facilities

Mar 20061Hendo

Screen Composer

Mar 20061FXhomer941

Should I buy the Panasonic NV-DX100?

Mar 20061mattio

The Call - Short film with Malkovich

Mar 20061Andreas

Entry for PGMG Music Video Contest

Mar 20061guarddog

ANIMADNESS 2006 | Challenging All Animators!

Mar 20061NYC Midnight

Cheap editing software

Mar 20061CurtinParloe

Undertker, south park, family guy, others?

Mar 20061hulkis2001

Mafioso clips Trailer

Mar 20061Rehab

BBC competition for UK filmmakers

Mar 20061Simon K Jones

Part 1 of THE BAG is online!

Mar 20061alecrossel

Independent Film In Need Of Animator(S)

Mar 20061JUIDAR

Looking for CG Animator/modeler for BTL

Feb 20061ashman

Current Studio?

Feb 20061yellowmello

Camera Rigs

Feb 20061Roozer

Music Video Contest

Feb 20061sk8npirate

A newbie’s strange script - ask for constructive criticism

Feb 20061FXhomer9234

Any on have this Samsung Camera

Feb 20061cooldude

Thermal Goggles In Photo Shop Elements

Feb 20061JT9

Converting Quicktime VR's into somthing useful!

Feb 20061blh

Whats up with the fogloop plugin for Alamdv2???

Feb 20061Spawnn

THE BAG Trailer online

Feb 20061alecrossel

Article on DV movie distribution

Jan 20061Hendo

X3i Promo Part 2 of however many I make..

Jan 20061CX3

Free camera work guides

Jan 20061Daarzak

Maxim film contest

Jan 20061drspin98

Mycho Pictures

Jan 20061mjdixon

HD Video Primer

Jan 20061Hendo

Fog Tips Website

Jan 20061irishcult

For all indis buying cams

Jan 20061Lior

james arnett's guerrillia filmbook

Dec 20051theone


Dec 20051bizzardstick and my films

Dec 20051wiggy

Castle Builder for Terragen

Dec 20051Kolchin

New Short: Miracle at Sea

Dec 20051guarddog

Caught In The Crossfire Teaser Trailer

Nov 20051Justin10139

Armed Penguin. TeaserTrailer.

Nov 20051obidean

Canon GL2 Mini-DV Bundle

Nov 20051andrewzennfilms

Final Fantasy 7: Regeneration

Nov 20051Zeolahn

Could someone render me a script in Max?

Nov 20051obidean

Lonesome Jim. shot on DV

Nov 20051Andreas

WOW!! Check out this FREE 3D and FX software

Nov 20051Bryan M Block

sniper scope with defects plugin help

Nov 20051ashman

Linux versions?

Nov 20051xbreaka

New short for the 'wolves'

Nov 20051Zirk


Oct 20051Zea

Traditional hand-drawn (2D) animation

Oct 20051iggy88

VirtualDub plugin request

Oct 20051Ryan

Great site with News sound/intro videos/graphics/etc.

Oct 20051tomekkr

Oct 20051JT9

Job Position

Sep 20051coldside

Part 2 of THE WARNING is online!

Sep 20051alecrossel

Lord of the Rings Big Version Available

Sep 20051rypcat

Need 3d model for a futuristic room

Sep 20051guarddog

Trailer::Parkside G's -boxinG- ::Trailer

Sep 20051jessy

Old Republic Serials

Sep 20051Frozenpede

Seeking producer/business person for start-up production co.

Sep 20051strangeface

your movies on TV!!!!

Aug 20051Maxy

Video:Boxing Knockout

Aug 20051jessy

Mortal Kombat logo

Aug 20051yosterman

Testing Day Two - I need Some ideas

Aug 20051SMB

Sound Effects Maker

Aug 20051The Chosen One

Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum

Aug 20051pzgamer825

Links for the Stop Motion Film Maker

Aug 20051The Chosen One

Some Great Advice and tips on using digital!

Aug 20051JDC

Looking for CG animator

Aug 20051Ultimate gamer


Jul 20051The Chosen One

A documentary music question...

Jul 20051Unbreakable

Need help making effects on new film

Jul 20051Redhawksrymmer

2005 New York Minute Film Festival Call For Entries

Jul 20051nymadmin

X-CAD: FREE Mechanical Design Software

Jul 20051Empty Lunchbox

Funny parkour video made by me.

Jul 20051bnahrwold

Lunch Chat! Internet Series

Jul 20051Justin10139

massive library of sound effects.....unfortunately not free

Jul 20051alexanderj

How would I be able to do the exit the matrix effect?

Jul 20051bnahrwold

FREE Screenwriting Ebook and Resources

Jun 20051wskel

Glass Particle Textures.

Jun 20051obidean

Starters Buying Guide to Camcorders

Jun 20051wdy

Triggerstreet, anyone?

Jun 20051SPCDixon

Cell Phone Cinema - FREE ENTRY FEE

Jun 20051jtrussell

Materials for bryce and other 3daps

Jun 20051yellowmello

Dolly cam!!

Jun 20051mod_007

cinema 4d caustics not working

Jun 20051peter huish

Cinema 4D

Jun 20051TommyB

3D model wanted

Jun 20051Remco Gerritsen

Have experience using Premier EDL with Avid Xpress pro?

Jun 20051Greyo

Choice: The Story Of Chance Mongomery TT

May 20051Justin10139

Sony's Hdv Camera: Read Before U Buy

May 20051MovieGuy334

Panasonic repair

May 20051hippa03

Big Check Out Alert!!!!! Check These Scifi Sites!!!!!

May 20051TVwriter23

Need help with finding this...

May 20051xWilliamSchultzx

Cable vs. Audio Adapter

May 20051BlueSmudge

The Party- Short Film

Apr 20051Justin10139

Anyone used the Panasonic NV-MX350

Apr 20051silencer

Tips on Lighting

Apr 20051Hendo

production software

Apr 20051cdolsen

Best ever Star wars competition!!!!!!!!!

Apr 2005103ruby

UK Filmmakers: Creative Archive License

Apr 20051Hendo

Current TV

Apr 20051jnjosh

USA Today Article

Apr 20051LilCaesars

Unseen Evil Premiere Wednesday 30th March

Mar 20051silencer

Realisitc Planet in Blender

Mar 20051LilCaesars

Estranger Wins

Mar 20051Frozenpede

Lords of chaos teaser trailer

Mar 20051b4uask30male

Winner Gets There Movie Made

Mar 20051Frozenpede

Need help calibrating a Sony PVM 14L2 monitor...

Feb 20051SunriseSeagull

great prices on software

Feb 20051NickD

for those interested in sound/music/ in movies, UK workshops

Jan 20051Mellifluous

Serious project

Jan 20051TiCy

DCR-TRV22 vs. DCR-65 (PLEASE help)

Jan 20051Frozenpede

Photoshop Help

Jan 20051Greyo

Good Student Filmmaking Website

Jan 20051Deepcoiler

Is Premiere good for getting rid of mice teeth/combing?

Jan 20051Vampiricyouthv

FREE! New video conversion utility most formats

Dec 20041voiceoverwizard

Brands of Wide-Angle/Telephoto Lenses?

Dec 20041Steeb

Films Wanted

Nov 20041stqagehanduk

Terragen image overlay help

Nov 20041shadu

2 1/2d modeling

Nov 20041greatsdfilms

Upcoming Events: Filmmaking events- Film School- Contests

Nov 20041sazdmz77

filmmakers in the SE

Sep 20041Shredder

xl1s mic extension?

Aug 20041thecarpets

Useful software links..

Aug 20041Nagual

Free Script Editor Software available for download

Aug 20041DB2472U

Anybody experienced with sound editing/design? Help!

Aug 20041Amir

super fighting legends

Aug 20041aenigma

Creating a digital portfolio for casting

Aug 20041wdy

Apple Codec comparisons

Jul 20041JohnCarter

Cs Website.........

Jul 20041Conspiracy Studios

Literature on Sound in Film

Jul 20041gent23mj

Want to make a movie this Sat. Night?

Jul 20041NYC Midnight

Pinnacle Liquid Edition Help Needed!

Jul 20041neo_man89

Premiere Question

Jul 20041Ryan

Jul 20041Kevo

Need Martial Artists in UK for film.

Jun 20041ghevans


Jun 20041neo_man89

A way to convert 30fps to 24fps

Jun 20041Ryan

DEADLY NAM - Northern Germany Trash Movie

Jun 20041tougheye

Awsome site, cool videos

Jun 20041ssjaaron

Studio1 productions... Quality?

Jun 20041starX

does anyone know this web site - it discussed blue screen...

May 20041justakid

HTBM Filmmaker Program

May 20041HiTekElvis

Tutorial Forum

May 20041mthoward

Premiere Pro Screen/Multiply Key Bug Fix

May 20041Cutty201

different way of bullet time

May 20041Viper54

Just a quick question...

May 20041Axel

Anvil Studio

Apr 20041Frozenpede

Story Board Program

Apr 20041Evman

need free codec downloads

Apr 20041Anonymous

Made A Teaser Trailer

Apr 20041Cutty201

Maya and Softimage updats

Apr 20041owen rixon

Generic Batteries

Mar 20041MovieGuy334

Debug Mode Wax

Mar 20041billy3d

Final Cut Pro to Windows

Mar 20041Gibs

Another Title Thread..

Mar 20041elementcinema

Help for potential 3D buyers

Mar 20041owen rixon


Feb 20041Frozenpede

new cinematography

Feb 20041ari

Australian - wanting to purchase vx2100 in US

Feb 20041justakid

festivals in N.C

Feb 20041Frozenpede

Adobe Premiere solution, for some of you...

Feb 20041Unbreakable

Final Cut Express

Feb 20041MovieGuy334

Why sony is the current leader in prosumer video..

Jan 20041Bryce007

Cast and Crew Wanted (Riverside CA)

Jan 20041Anonymous

Saints and Soldiers

Jan 20041ssjaaron

How can i make my (3d)ball fitt my fottige?

Jan 20041Jonis

VP3 Codec

Jan 20041wdy

Capturing Your Screen into Video AVI

Jan 20041wdy

archive footage

Jan 20041chuter

Blender bug?

Jan 20041OneDanShow

Player for .rm .mov. .avi etc. DL!

Jan 20041Andreas


Dec 20031Tobbger

Beyond TV

Dec 20031beyond_studios

Vegas Video Tutorials

Dec 20031jstow222

Texture Maps Question

Dec 20031neo_man89

What NLE Features do you use?

Dec 20031padawanNick

Audio "pop" when exporting

Nov 20031Cyi101

Clouds Flying

Nov 20031Pooky

Calling all CGIers

Oct 20031tommach

A good site for horror movies(music, props, costumes ect.

Oct 20031jessy

Awsome Film makeing sites!!! (props,fx,etc.)

Oct 20031kungfukid

Can you make a movie in 24 hours? See who can...

Oct 20031Anonymous

Film hosting help from members

Aug 20031Simon K Jones

Canadian Film Festival Guide

Aug 20031wdy

Scope-Films Site Update

Aug 20031Cypher

Can you make a movie in 24 hours?

Aug 20031Anonymous

(Ultimate FAQ III Article) - Camera FAQ -

Aug 20031Hajiku_Flip

I want to purchase a NEW lavalier microphone

Aug 20031RudyPicardo

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

Jul 20031Cypher

Anyone going to CSTC Workshop in Ottawa, Ontario?

Jul 20031wdy

Quicktime problem

Jul 20031wdy

tutorial wanted from author Encheval

Jun 20031Coldfuse

Canon Multimedia Contest

Jun 20031wdy

XSI question

Jun 20031neo_man89

Recommended settings in AE & Premiere...

Jun 20031Anonymous

Free sound EfFeCtS

Jun 20031Anonymous


Jun 20031Andreas

Looking for film pictures

Jun 20031wdy

Please help us with our upcoming video production

May 20031wdy

Something Cool for Film-Makers

May 20031wdy

DivX Problem Two

Apr 20031wdy

CMJ Film Fest

Apr 20031Anonymous

Upcommin movie, will be good for CSB to !

Mar 20031Andreas

filming license

Mar 20031peter huish

Hybrid - Zombie anthology

Mar 20031jarar1

I need THE Cloud City Sound

Feb 20031Jealous Flesh

Dinosuar film for someone

Feb 20031b4uask30male

Music for you

Feb 20031Oily

Sorry, heres the tut...

Feb 20031neo_man89

Animating My New Movie. Sollthar HELP!!

Feb 20031Majicman


Feb 20031moebius

Lords Of The Ring MORDOR SKY

Feb 20031Sokar

Free place to host your film

Feb 20031b4uask30male

Trailer improvement

Feb 20031Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Gameshow backround pics

Feb 20031neo_man89

The Matrix: Escape - Chapter 1

Feb 20031CMHS

Matrix Reloads With AlamDVers.

Jan 20031CMHS

Need Breakaway glass?

Jan 20031BackOfTheHearse

a link for uploading files free

Jan 20031b4uask30male

Star trek script

Jan 20031Greyo


Nov 20021owen rixon

death rattles

Oct 20021Anonymous

Free music from BMG-Zomba

Oct 20021Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Amusing costume supplier

Sep 20021codabar

A useful link for rotoscoping

Sep 20021devilskater

Benny. Ans his helpful links.

Sep 20021Two Gunned Saint

The art of compression

Sep 20021moebius

Filmlook 2nd tip !!!

Sep 20021Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Video and Links

Aug 20021owen rixon

60s Batman Sound Effects.

Aug 20021Dasher

Making Explosion PlugIns

Aug 20021embi

Making of MBF2

Aug 20021Anonymous

Build a Cockpitt out of Junk!

Jul 20021Andreas

Screenwrtiing help

Jul 20021Greyo

Dundee - The film-makers' paradise

Jul 20021codabar

Fields and frames

Jul 20021codabar

Prop woodsman Axe

Jun 20021Wild Thing

R2D2 prop making...

Jun 20021TMM

Can someone help me out with axogon?

Jun 20021DigiSm89

Vegas Video Plugins...

Jun 20021Anonymous

anyone know where i can get 30mm-43mm step ring pref in aust

May 20021justakid

New Guy Film Tip #1 - Filming an explosion

May 20021Azrael

Good field monitor??? only $120, need electrical advice

Apr 20021amblix

Good prices on lighting (link inside)

Apr 20021amblix

THe GReatest LIghtsaber Fight Tutorial

Apr 20021warwind45

The Thumb movies..

Apr 20021Anonymous

is it an alamdv plugin?

Apr 20021picklemanjones

Non Linear Keys in ELASTIC REALITY

Mar 20021mako_moulage

"wendigo" independant movie on the cheap..

Feb 20021Gizmo_melb

AlamDV2 Lightsabers

Feb 20021wingman2003

TmpgEnc 2.52

Feb 20021Scuba

Just Something but Nothing Real

Feb 20021codec3

Hologram How-To!

Jan 20021codec3

Pinnacle Pro-One Vs. Canopus DV Storm

Jan 20021Scuba

SUGGESTION: AlamDV2 Microsoft DV Problems

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

New versions for Nero and TmpgEnc

Dec 20011Scuba

Free Macintosh Software

Nov 20011codec3

New Spanish Tutorial Available!

Jul 20011ulysess

Free Drive

Jun 20011The Tick

Radius EditDV for free (Macintosh)

May 20011codec3

Need a good audio application?

May 20011codec3

Banner Exchange

Apr 20011The Great One

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