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AlamDV2 Plugin Requests


Marvel / DC effects

Apr 200282Seven

Exploding bottle

May 200248Wild Thing

Making Objects Float/ Fly Like in StarWars (The Force)

May 200347Vault FX

Star Wars Text Scroll

Jun 200247DigiSm89

Basic Plug-in tutorial

Nov 200241Axeman

samus visor plugin

Nov 200237Mason

Basketball plugin

Nov 200336mod_007

DBZ Dragon

Oct 200236ada1989

A paintball plug-in

Jul 200233Xfurball

More Spidey

Aug 200430Robersdee

Lots of plug-in ideas for you, plug-in makers!

Aug 200230cerveaupro

SUGGESTION : Kryptonite !!!

Oct 200229Sokar

HOW TO: Create Alpha Channels for your plug-in images.

Jun 200229Axeman


Oct 200328bundi

A really good looking bullet :)

Oct 200228er-no

Need plugin for lego guys mouths to move!!!

Aug 2002271007


Jun 200426Rogue428

Universal Pictures Movie

Apr 200326Joshua OX Miller

Gun plugins!!!!! meshes anyone?

Aug 2002261007

Magazine falling plugin

Mar 200325Ouellette

Plug-in Request: Imperial Probe Droid

Feb 200325JediMaster33

Explosions Explosions Explosion! These Things Are Sweet!

Jan 200325DarkJedi07

squirrel plug-in

Oct 200225ZergDestroyer

Asteroid hit

Oct 200225ada1989

Exploding Door

Sep 200225Morris Boris

Please make a hellboy flame or sci-ops psi flame>

Aug 200424homedogjedi


Feb 200424Vault FX

Matrix Bullet Trail

Nov 200324robholtby

Alamdv: NOT a 3d application.

Jun 200324Marek

Plug in request SW lovers, answer here!

Jun 2003244036Douglas

Liquid Metal People Plugin

Aug 200224asbestix

A smashing glass pane

Jun 200224majordirector


Dec 200423KGTPuck

More Matrix stuff

May 200323gpmovies

I Got My First Plugin Award Ever!!!!

Dec 200223DarkJedi07

How we made this plug-ins.

Oct 200223ada1989

Star war legos

Jun 200223empire

I need more air/space explosion variations

Jan 200422blank

Light Saber Request

Nov 200322zeocom8

WW2 Halftrack

Nov 200222be56

T-Rex Standing Still and Roaring to Itself

Sep 200222curran

Cartoony Muzzle Flash

Dec 200321SFX-Spaz

Terminator Easy plugins!

Jul 200321gpmovies

More X2!

May 200321fertesz

requested: Landspeeder plugin and

Oct 200221jedicowboys

plugger problems (animation)

Oct 200221wpl

spinning saber

Sep 200221wpl

blured faces plugin????

Jun 200420jmill8886

qui gons lightsaber

Feb 200420Evman

A Vampire Bat Plug-In

Aug 200320Howloween18

How to make award winning plug-ins...

Nov 200220DarkJedi07


Sep 200220beyond_studios

Bullets hitting sand effect

May 200220KermZ

Large, powdery/cloudy blood impact

Jan 200519GavSalkeld


Feb 200419devilskater

Cyclops Blast

Jan 200419fertesz

Charmed Effects

Jun 200319Vault FX

Snakes or beatles

Jan 200319jstow222

solthar need help

Dec 200219learner

need a plugin for legoman eyebrows

Aug 200219Bondfan

Request for an F18

Jun 200219slipstreampictures

Naboo Star Fighter Request

Jun 200219DigiSm89

Sword plugin

Feb 200518XDanTheManX


Sep 200418TimmyD

Forest Planet

Jan 200418aaron 99

More Humor , Fantasy and Characters

Sep 200318CndyKthy

Battle droid

Sep 200318Sarkilas

plugger question

Nov 200218wpl

James Bond Plugins..

Oct 200218Andreas

Soccer ball (Both Still and Spinning)

Jul 200218moebius


Jul 200218ggbros


May 200517starfan

Sonic Boom

Jan 200517swatdojo


Oct 200417Cirian

good smoke plugin,

Aug 200417xbreaka

boat plug in

May 200417ectoace

Can someone make clone trooper plugins?

Feb 200317TayTayMa17

Star Trek Ships

Jan 200317Diamond621

One more boulder

Jan 200317rmendoza

Alpha Channels

Nov 200217owen rixon

Cheapest Bluescreen Program

Oct 200217Redhawksrymmer

dbz powerup overlay

Sep 200217Mason

motion blur for more realistic effects

Aug 200217paulpeach

Medusa needed (or snakes I guess)

Aug 200217rob

New Star Wars like weapon

Jun 200217BrickMovies4U

need an independance day plugin

Apr 200516Ashley

Smoke And Explosion Effect

Nov 200416shiftd

Need a Great Bullet Hit Body plugin with a smoke trail

Mar 200416mmmprod

star wars temple ruins

Aug 200316obi one

Making people turn into dust or disintegrate

Jun 200316Vault FX

Mushroom cloud

Jun 200316bjpage

Alpha Channels / Transparency in Paint Shop Pro

Feb 200316Equinox


Jan 200316MidnightJester

new plug-ins coming...

Dec 200216wpl

One man has made the impossible plugin.

Dec 200216b4uask30male

A vortex please

Nov 200216b4uask30male

Smoke plug-ins

Oct 200216ada1989

frodo's sword glow

Oct 200216wpl

Lord of the Rings Plugin...

Sep 200216smier33

Birds2 a different take

Sep 200216arch evil

this is to, b4uask30male

Aug 200216be56

star trek animations

Aug 200216ensignrobert

x-men effect gambit

Mar 200415raven100

Digital Countdown

Jan 200415fatdu4

Starwars Hologram mask, pleas!!

Jan 200415Cirian

aerial hunter-killer from T2

Dec 200315chuter

How can i make the lightsaber effect longer without having

Nov 200315robholtby

Scooby Doo

Jun 200315spookbuster2

need kid hanging from helicopter

May 200315TayTayMa17

Muzzle flash slomo

May 200315Coureur de Bois

bigger snow overlay needed

Feb 200315scobbs

What Program Should I Get?

Nov 200215Majicman

well done Slayer1441 on your plugin

Oct 200215b4uask30male

Star Wars opening (NOT the crawl)

Sep 200215starX

A flying DeLorean

Jul 200215Andreas


Jul 200215Mike_D

Star Wars Cockpit

Jun 200215starX

Plugger will not load. Please help.

Jun 200215milo_2112

Ghostbusters II Proton Beam's Effect

Jan 200514quingon


Dec 200414NickD


May 200414mastersmithson

I'd love a close up of a match being lit.

Jan 200414turin

Wrestling Ring

Nov 200314newfoundmass


Sep 200314trapjaw

Matrix...Bullet waves!

Mar 200314Mupp

Blood Question

Feb 200314MidnightJester

ceiling debris

Feb 200314cotsosdel

A wee idea.

Jan 200314owen rixon

Good 3d Modelling Programs

Jan 200314ciabt

To all DBZ fan

Jan 200314ada1989

barrel 2nd. v.

Oct 200214wpl

Still lightsaber hilts

Sep 200214Robersdee

Burning flying matel thing right after an explotion

Sep 200214ada1989

Spider Sense

Sep 200214Captain_Kirk

Could someone help me with webspace.

Sep 200214b4uask30male

Plugin placement a thought.

Aug 200214davlin

Plugin ideas(not that they are good)

Aug 2002141007

Wow - Just Can't Believe It

Jul 200214KermZ

Cockpit views

Mar 200214Riese

Sacred Lightsaber

Jan 200513Lord Soth

Alien Blood!!!!!!!

Dec 200413Hamm Media

Buffy Scythe/Axe

Oct 200413b r o k e n f a i t h

"Powdery" blood plugin needed

Jun 200413GavSalkeld

castle in a gurry

Mar 200413PalmTreeLTD

Simple melting face overlay required

Mar 200413GavSalkeld

Star Wars Scenery

Nov 200313Superman

Night Filter

Jul 200313be56

Real Smoke or Dust Hits

Apr 200313billy3d

Tis true. Portals are needed!!!¬¬¬

Jan 200313er-no

plugin request whoooosssh

Dec 200213b4uask30male

redo a plugin or 2,

Dec 200213b4uask30male

I might get a medal but I had to reinstall Windows XP :( :(

Dec 200213DarkJedi07

Disposable Kodak camera

Nov 200213DarkJedi07

5 Points Goes To The Person Who..............

Nov 200213Majicman

Predator plugin

Oct 200213danial_02

halo plugins

Oct 200213ZergDestroyer

I fire thingy, cool tho!

Oct 200213Dereksplace

Dbz Aura

Oct 200213ada1989

Apology from KermZ

Sep 200213KermZ

Stuntman Blown Side ways REQUEST - CHANGE OF CLOTHING

Sep 200213majordirector

Metal Gear REX and a brighter frame request

Aug 200213punkmisfitsguy

World War 2 Tanks

Aug 200213be56

Matrix code

Jul 200213Seven

Gory Neck-Stump Plug-in

Jul 200213moebius

Star Trek Ships?

Jul 200213Kram1563

star wars background traffic

Jan 200512NickF

Charmed !!!!

Nov 200412wopper

Animated Basketball

Nov 200412s and j team

Lost in Space Robot

Sep 200412Atom

Problems creating the Alpha Channel for Plugins

May 200412HandGrenades

Muzzle Smoke

Apr 200412gent23mj

Runny blood wound plugin

Apr 200412GavSalkeld


Apr 200412Cirian

forest cottage type house

Jan 200412MidnightBlue

Stabbing weapon fx

Oct 200312Wild Thing

Need WWII plugins badly.

Oct 200312punkmisfitsguy

Transforming objects and people into different things

Jun 200312Vault FX

X-2 Plugins We All Want

May 200312Greybro

Falling Fire and a Lion

Feb 200312jstow222

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" boulder

Jan 200312rmendoza

someone help me with making a animated plugin!!!

Nov 200212divaid2001

Im about to give up with Photoshp, the Plugger, and all this

Nov 200212DarkJedi07

A request : Fire Phoenix & Electric Tiger

Nov 200212Sokar

Police Siren...

Oct 200212smier33

night vision?

Oct 200212wpl

How long..

Oct 200212devilskater

I Love you Plugins WiRyPoCkEtLiNt!

Oct 200212domdino

new and easyer plugin maker requested

Oct 200212nickcelestin

More Twixtor Plug-ins Please, Mecha

Oct 200212moebius

The Teddy Bear from A.I.

Sep 200212andrewlogan

Spinning Propeller Animation

Aug 200212mr.spyguy

Spaceship Exhaust when landing

Aug 200212X

Bullet Time Ripple

Aug 200212CoolKabe

made holographic skeletons

Aug 200212raider


Aug 200212be56

Blaster Hits

Jul 200212X

REQUEST: bill and teds phonebooth

Jul 200212TMM

Rain and Fog

Jan 200511digitalshadowfilms

The Last Dragon Glow

Dec 200411DPUMA8

Alien Head talking

Oct 200411DragonGuy1

Light Cards

Sep 200411Captain_Kirk

[Q]What do you render out of 3DS as?

Feb 200411KimPossible

Car Explosion!

Jan 200411c R a Z y

Halo plugin request

Aug 200311webhog421

matrix selves coming

Jun 200311cotsosdel

Matrix Plugin

Apr 200311Greybro

Request: New Vampire Dust

Mar 200311BackOfTheHearse

legend of zelda plugins

Feb 200311Mason

New 3D Animations

Feb 200311KermZ

Another GB stream please

Feb 200311spookbuster2

Other super heroes

Feb 200311TayTayMa17

For Malone or Schwar, quad problems, how to solve them

Jan 200311b4uask30male

Yoda Bowing & Yoda Ducking & Yoda Punching and Yoda

Dec 200211curran

Jump Jet Challenge

Dec 200211beyond_studios

Exploding Window

Dec 200211beyond_studios

Bullet Hit body

Dec 200211ada1989

Want more Bullet Hits?

Nov 200211DarkJedi07

Free 3d Jedi Meshes

Nov 200211Majicman

Getting hit by a car????

Nov 200211danial_02

Another blood plugin request.

Nov 200211neo_man89


Oct 200211wpl

Not a request, but some good ideas for plugins...

Oct 200211CB2001

Star Wars Opening - I found the old plugin!!!!!

Oct 200211DarkJedi07

godzilla typ plugins

Oct 200211Dereksplace

Blade ll cape

Sep 2002111007

Matrix core

Sep 200211devilskater


Sep 200211GavSalkeld

Bodies flying away from an explosion.

Aug 200211majordirector

"Terminator" Ships

Jul 200211majordirector

World War 2 Halftracks

Jul 200211billthefish

Predator Blood

Jul 200211bigjgrimz

More handgun bullets.

Jun 200211SirDex

Light Saber Clash from Episode III

Mar 200510jrg2134

An Explosion like the one in Episode IV A NEW HOPE

Mar 200510jrg2134

Van Helsing Werewolf and Vampire Bride Pluggins

Jan 200510johnatkins

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap's Effect

Jan 200510quingon

Good looking dark smoke

Oct 200410Klut

more zombies

Oct 200410boffa86

Snow mobile plug in

Sep 200410goldy

Halo stuff.

Aug 200410Calminaion


Aug 200410Cirian

Dirt Explosions and Bullet tracers

Feb 200410RFSFilms

[Q]What resolution?

Jan 200410KimPossible

Axeman's Tornado2 & 3

Dec 200310Marquat


Nov 200310SciDog

Film burn effect

Oct 200310cotsosdel

Animated Starfield

Sep 200310juancfig


Jul 200310gpmovies

More Bullet Hits!!!

Jun 200310bhladeoghrass

Quantum Leap: Experienced Help Required

Jun 200310Jealous Flesh

3-d Fx???

Jun 200310fertesz

Be4uask30male... Think you could do more stuntmen?

May 200310blank

Waiter please?

May 200310LtMcMurphy

Plugins DV2 and DV3

Apr 200310bgtphil

bullet hits on wood

Feb 200310SPCDixon

Start Trek Hall / Inside

Feb 200310beyond_studios

Idea for Street Fighter plug-in

Dec 200210ada1989

If someone is interesting in a gold award...

Dec 200210Bob Page

Mission Impossible Mask...

Dec 200210Seven

I need a plug in for the changeable 20th century fox trailer

Dec 200210witzler

Old Film Effect Plug-In

Nov 200210JediDrew

Requesting a green flame like in Harry Potter 2

Nov 200210Tiberius

3-D Jet Fighter Animated and Bollywood

Nov 200210curran

Large Wave

Oct 200210Hadgical

Flaming Arrow (was:Just read the Post!!)

Oct 2002101007

Plugins slowed down?

Oct 200210domdino

Looking like ur running really fast

Sep 200210Majicman

Hey KermZ

Sep 200210PalmTreeLTD

How about an exploding car?

Sep 200210CoolKabe

Ghostbusters Slimer

Sep 200210TIE_ACE_JCH

Matrix Code

Sep 200210PalmTreeLTD

Freddy Slash

Sep 200210EmpireSB

spaceship engine glow

Sep 200210wpl

That Machine Gun Hit plugin . . .

Sep 200210MechaForce

X-men Effects!!!

Sep 200210CoolKabe

Zombie Plugins

Aug 200210UndeadInTheHead

Molotov cocktails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 2002101007

throwing knife plugins!!!Urgent!!!

Aug 2002101007

bullet trail plugin!!!

Aug 2002101007

Request : Skeleton Plug-In

Aug 200210Sokar

A Reign Of Fire Dragon

Aug 200210Dereksplace

Futuristic video borders

Jul 200210kidjas

Holographic Computers, and Snow

Jul 200210kidjas

Shark Fin

Jul 200210GeeksGoneBad


Jun 200210Kram1563

Pearl Harbour Bomb

Jun 200210majordirector

Ghostbusters Ghost

Apr 200210Timwoodman

How to make a real safe explosion!

Nov 20049sazdmz77

Bullet help

Oct 20049xx101neo101xx

New Jimmy Bond Gunbarrel

Sep 20049mi6agent12

A new Bamf!

Aug 20049CX3

Static Shock Look

Jul 20049Atom

Star Wars (again:D)

Apr 20049mastersmithson

Blood hitting wall

Apr 20049pgrenier

Lord of the Rings building plugins

Feb 20049shadowhawk

Plugger Options

Dec 20039Brettsta


Dec 20039Brettsta

Bullet casing requested for upcoming film

Nov 20039Serdar3500

Yellow Electroburst/Energy Ball

Nov 20039CX3

rain effect

Sep 20039Ciremi

Power Ranger Effects?

Aug 20039titantiger

Stargate liquid wall crossing

Jun 20039tuato

lego mask

Jun 20039ineedhelp

REQUEST: Black Flubber plugin, or similar

May 20039BackOfTheHearse

Fireplace Burning...

Apr 20039smier33

Transparent Beam?

Mar 20039Retromedia

Many new explosions to come, hopefully..

Jan 20039DarkJedi07

SPAS12 Shotgun

Dec 20029trevinator13

UFO Needed

Dec 20029fanfare96

Someone getting hit in the stomach then kicked in face

Nov 20029curran

A Building

Oct 20029jstow222

Battle Droid Plugin w/ Guns

Oct 20029Kyeju

Using 3d models for plug-ins...

Oct 20029sidewinder

Swirling souls

Sep 20029moebius

Like my new Coruscant Background Plug-in?

Sep 20029DarkJedi07

matrix phone transport thing

Sep 20029wpl

A new Fogoverlay!

Aug 20029Andreas

Mud/Gravel Explosions?

Aug 20029domdino

T.V. / Computer Overlay

Jul 20029Hajiku_Flip

Lord of the Rings

Jul 20029ggbros

ww2 flak gun

Jul 20029billthefish

Tornado Plugin Redux

Jul 20029bigjgrimz


Jul 20029Majicman

Melting Door With Lightsaber Plugin. Is it possible?

Jul 20029Majicman

Sonar blast type weapon

Jul 20029Cypher

Old Video Camera Plugin

Jun 20029slipstreampictures

I need help on the PLUGGER!

Mar 20058jrg2134

more smokers

Feb 20058Vertigo38

Fireball Plugin

Jan 20058Vault FX

Spider-Man Plugins

Dec 20048tropikeins

brain and/or heart

Sep 20048Klut

Bullets hitting trees?

Aug 20048Ersie OHard

I want a static electricity plugin

Aug 20048Atom

Spit Plugin

Aug 20048mthoward

Noah's Arc! or other boats....

Jun 20048domdino

Head explosion

Jun 20048Klut


Mar 20048Cirian

Lightsword Request!

Mar 20048carda

Can someone make a plugin of an exploding car

Feb 20048LANCER

Hole in the wall

Feb 20048krazyk9999

Complete documentation for Plugger?

Feb 20048KimPossible

A Few CSB Plugins Appear to Be Faulty

Jan 20048Brettsta

Car Skid

Jan 20048Brettsta

A Huge Sound Archive!!!! Please Read!!!!

Dec 20038smallanditalian5

Some Sort Of Matrix Revolutions Shockwave

Nov 20038robholtby

Marching ants

Oct 20038jstow222

person burning

Sep 20038Spider

xmen plugins

Sep 20038Thegame826


Sep 20038fertesz

stuntmen, a bit more acrobatic

Aug 20038arch evil

a black stone tower plug in

Aug 20038MidnightBlue

make a plugin

Jul 200384036Douglas

Crow plugin

May 20038Marc R Gannon

Need Terminator Future War Robot Plugins

May 20038punkmisfitsguy


Apr 200381007

"Help me, I'm in Hell" writing (was:Plugin Request

Apr 20038Mark P Warman

Didnt we have a COuntdown Plug in?

Feb 20038Jealous Flesh


Feb 20038Mellifluous

Looking for a T-800

Jan 20038Spike

Inside the mouth

Jan 20038Mark P Warman


Jan 20038cmgoetz

Body getting kicked through window

Dec 20028Robersdee

Heavy Fire Plugin / Trade...

Dec 20028Tino

Glass Bottle

Dec 20028trevinator13

I'm making a James Bond type of car that drives by.

Dec 20028DarkJedi07

Final Fantasy Plug-ins

Nov 20028Kram1563

Is this bullet trail good?

Nov 20028billy3d

moebius you rock!

Nov 20028Xfurball

guinipigs mouth moving (was:PLugin request)

Nov 20028devilskater

The truth about alam sabers

Nov 20028Majicman


Nov 20028PalmTreeLTD

Battletech/MechWarrior plug-ins?

Oct 20028Frinky

Music Notes in the Proccess

Oct 20028DarkJedi07

Plugin Request Time Tunnel

Oct 20028Heimdall

Problems with 2 plug ins

Oct 20028b4uask30male

A tree request

Oct 20028devilskater

Plugin requests

Oct 20028devilskater

Matrix style bullet ripple Plugin

Oct 20028ironside82

Fast & Furious Cars

Oct 20028andrewlogan

green screen

Oct 20028nickcelestin

Lens Flare

Oct 20028neo_man89

Hand blowing off

Oct 20028dude123

Star Wars Force Fields

Sep 20028ada1989

space ship cockpit

Sep 20028TheLiggi

A Barbarian

Sep 20028be56

Buffy plugins

Sep 20028arch evil

Star Wars Stormtrooper blasters?

Sep 20028MerlynNY

making clones of urself!

Sep 20028billy3d

A request : A HEART for a fangirlfriend movie !!

Sep 20028Sokar

Monkey Island Glowing Pirate Ship!

Sep 20028domdino


Sep 20028owen rixon

Haunted House

Aug 20028dgulbransen

bullet casings

Aug 20028Succubus


Aug 20028kidjas

Need export pluggers: need disolving skeleton

Aug 20028Dereksplace

Starship Troopers Drop Ships

Aug 20028majordirector

In need of star wars coruscant ships!!

Aug 200281007

We need more realistic guns!

Aug 20028metellius

Star wars animation

Jun 20028Rawree


May 20028scoop70

BACK TO THE FUTURE: College STyle. Suggestions?

Mar 20057cjbalways

Spider-man Costume and Web

Jan 20057johnatkins

Plugins to beginners (Like me...)

Jan 20057Lord Soth


Oct 20047domdino

Breaking piano

Aug 20047Klut

HALO characters

Jul 20047be56

Gun Plugin

Jun 20047JoelM

animal heads

Jun 20047ectoace

Where is this plugin?

Jun 20047HandGrenades

rain effect on lens

Apr 20047ncbball317

Darth Sidius

Feb 20047Cirian

Idea For Gun smoke Plugin

Jan 20047Brettsta

Gruesome head shot

Jan 20047fatdu4


Jan 20047fertesz

Bladerunner Spinner Requested

Jan 20047HindSight Films

'Hidden" Files

Jan 20047Brettsta

robot with gun..... :)

Jan 20047c R a Z y


Dec 20037robholtby

Explosion - Trailing Black Smoke

Dec 20037SFX-Spaz

Christmas stuff

Nov 20037Haichi321

Movie Plug in

Oct 20037jake steiner


Sep 20037Sarkilas

Submarine & torpedo

Sep 20037biomaten3

Lava plugin

Jun 20037Bob Page

matrix style bullet trail

Jun 20037Movie_Manic

cloud footage request

Jun 20037cotsosdel

Jump to Hyperspace

Jun 20037blaine

AE masking

May 20037cotsosdel

Final Fantasy plug-ins!!!

May 20037Bryn


Apr 20037EmpireSB

Human HUD, Visor display.

Feb 20037er-no

Can't figure out Layers using Plugger

Feb 20037xencade

plugins work on some machines and not others

Jan 20037b4uask30male

Black Powder Muzzle Flash

Jan 20037MechaForce

A new Plugin...?

Jan 20037CoolKabe

REQ: Larger Plane Cockpit

Jan 20037domdino

Any more war of the worlds plug's out there?

Dec 20027Spike


Dec 20027JediDrew

Plug-in maker, what.....

Dec 20027ada1989

Smoke Request. av11d/billy3d

Dec 20027X

Metroid Plugin

Dec 20027Mason

4 New Bullet Hits!!!

Nov 20027DarkJedi07

Battle Droid stills problem!

Nov 20027neo_man89

War Of The Worlds Plug-in Suggestion

Nov 20027Spike

New Bullet-trail effects

Nov 20027Robersdee

a couple of suggestions

Nov 20027jvany

An easy 1...

Nov 20027owen rixon


Nov 20027Xfurball

Glass shattering plugin!

Oct 20027neo_man89

Animated Clock

Oct 20027Mark P Warman

T Rex running at camera

Oct 20027rmendoza

Starship Troopers

Oct 20027Kram1563

body part plugins

Oct 20027nickcelestin

Is it really so ?

Oct 20027Agathon

! Ideas !

Sep 20027Captain_Kirk

Kerm Z...animations

Sep 20027owen rixon

I Still need a metal gear rex gundam type bot!

Sep 20027punkmisfitsguy


Aug 20027fullthrottle888


Aug 20027EmpireSB

Matrix Trail Effect

Aug 20027PalmTreeLTD

Plug in ideas

Aug 20027jMoney13

Crowd animation???

Aug 20027owen rixon

Bullwhip Plugins?

Aug 200271007

Halo ships?Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 200271007


Jul 20027Rawree

Tidal Wave

Jul 20027owen rixon

Saint Seiya AURA COSMO

Jul 20027Sokar

Request: Heads Exploding

Jul 20027UndeadInTheHead

Important REQUEST: Soft Fog Overlay

Jul 20027Lionh34rt

Destroyer Droids

Jun 20027Majicman

Super Star Destroyer

Jun 20027starX

battle+destroyer droids

Jun 20027darthwilliam87

I Need Slimer!!!!!!!!

Jun 20027BrickMovies4U

Pod racers

Apr 20056sk8street65

More Stormtrooper Plugins from KermZ!

Mar 20056Duck Studios

Mortal Kombat

Feb 20056trapjaw

A Guide to Requesting Plugins

Dec 20046Rawree

Shadow plug in?

Nov 20046lunamask

Mission Impossibe motion tracker

Nov 20046juancfig


Oct 20046JPW

Alien Tracker HUD

Oct 20046juancfig

Plugin Request


Script Error?

Aug 20046FiveIronFrenzy

Ghosts Please

Jun 20046KGTPuck

Paranormal Fire

Jun 20046SWOukie

Stuntman! *Lock this one, please*

May 20046rglaf

Wavy mirage on the horizon effect

Apr 20046WhiteDragonLBP

Star Wars X-Wing Sideview Cockpit

Dec 20036juancfig

Angel's or multitude of Angel's

Dec 20036swhitlow

xmen2 intro dna strand request

Nov 20036Thegame826

muddy bang bang

Nov 20036l w greenwood

German WW2 Hand Grenade

Aug 20036be56

Front on POV shots

Aug 20036jstow222

News Bar!

Aug 20036Raider99


Jul 20036spookbuster2

WW2 Halftrack

Jul 20036be56

Jabba the Hutt

Jun 20036TayTayMa17

Cool Matrix Code plugin

Jun 20036neo_man89

is it hard to make Pluggins?

Apr 20036Sk8erbud

black around my plugins

Apr 20036static2k

Apollo Lander?

Apr 20036Jealous Flesh


Apr 20036Aculag

Person plug-in

Mar 20036EmpireSB


Mar 20036jstow222

Moving Starfield

Mar 20036Michael Suzor

ive create a decent blood plugin

Mar 20036peter huish

Dome Explosions Magic or othewise

Mar 20036arch evil

Teleportation - the Nightcrawler way plugin request!!!!

Mar 20036neo_man89

Fire Extinguisher Request

Mar 20036tegrapple

Spinning Animated Shuriken

Feb 20036curran

Plug-in i need

Feb 20036bauza

3D Ninja

Jan 20036Garrett Lofgren

I would like to see a plugin of a storm trooper shooting.

Jan 20036Anonymous

people just milling around

Jan 20036voiceoverwizard


Jan 20036jstow222


Jan 20036bauza

Stargate Models

Jan 20036KermZ

Fog and Video Malfunction

Jan 20036goj

New Plug-in: A Lightsaber where the Blade Changes size

Dec 20026JediMaster33

plugin request, watery force field

Dec 20026b4uask30male

Car missile

Dec 20026neo_man89

3 days and it still won't work.

Dec 20026DarkJedi07

Dragon plugin, please!!!

Dec 20026lee1osborne

Taking forever to update the plug-in section?

Dec 20026DarkJedi07

Hey, I'm new, and i hav a request...

Nov 20026spookbuster2

A shadow plugin is there one already

Nov 20026b4uask30male

Starwars Porps And Costumes

Nov 20026Majicman

Kermz - UFO and Cylon fighters

Nov 20026montego

Can we hit 1000 plugins this year?

Oct 20026CoolKabe

NEW Muzzle Flash

Oct 20026BrickMovies4U


Oct 20026GavSalkeld

legend of legaia terra meta ozma plugins

Oct 20026nickcelestin

Chopping Off Heads And Blowing Off PArnt OF Buildings

Oct 20026Majicman

make a 3d dart please??

Oct 20026xXchiMeraXx

Hellraiser Puzzle Box

Oct 20026maximus

My plugins have transparent alpha channel things

Oct 20026DarkJedi07

War ship

Oct 20026Mark P Warman

Star Wars Opening (before crawl)

Sep 20026DarkJedi07

Pumpkin Bombs Request

Sep 20026Mysterio

ship lines

Sep 20026ggbros

How about another laser_gun that comeing toward

Sep 20026ada1989

Skeleton Plugin request

Sep 20026Mysterio

Creating the army of the dead

Sep 20026b4uask30male

SLOW rotating Death Star

Sep 20026MerlynNY

S.O.S Angel Wings needed to finish my project. Help!!

Sep 20026lostnfound

space ship plug-ins

Sep 20026paulpeach

I really need a rotor blade spinning

Sep 20026majordirector

lost in space plugins, anyone interested???

Sep 20026TMM

Control Panel

Sep 20026rmw

Robo Vision

Aug 20026JOHNNY H

Music Notes that fly away from an instrument!

Aug 20026cerveaupro

request: djinn tail

Aug 20026jarar1

Request: Moon

Aug 20026BackOfTheHearse

REQUEST : Samurai Blade ( For Highlander type movies )

Aug 20026Sokar

3D artists

Jul 20026owen rixon

DBZ Energy Field

Jul 20026jirwin

Glowing Runes and Glyphs, phosphorous rain and luminous fog

Jul 20026arch evil

Guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, guns...bullets.

Jun 20026MechaForce

TIP: Size of plugins using TIF Images

Jun 20026KermZ

Inability to download plugins

Jun 20026DigiSm89

spaceship mid shot

Jun 20026yoda26377

Military Helicopter Gunship Plug-in!

Jun 20026dawg338

Hoping for a movable skeleton

Mar 20055DPUMA8

Charmed Plug-in Please

Mar 20055magicmatty7

Magic stuff!

Jan 20055Lord Soth

Back to the future

Oct 20045cjbalways


Oct 20045swatdojo

Metal Gear Solid exclamation

Sep 20045silversnake

Requesting Plugin

Aug 20045goldy

ghost plugins ??

Aug 20045jmill8886

leaves plugin please??

Aug 20045jmill8886

The 24 Clock effect.

Jul 20045Wizard

Demon's, Vampires, etc - Plugins - Who's done them well?

Jul 20045wanderingsoles

Worm hole but like stargate plugin

Jun 20045b4uask30male

Need Fireworks!!!!

Jun 20045KGTPuck

Chrome Gun Parts

Jun 20045JoelM

More Terminator please

Jun 20045firstsoul

Airwaves plugin

May 20045fertesz

New Lightswords

May 20045Vertigo38


Feb 20045boffa86

I could use a pinocchio plugin

Feb 20045tap5s

Indiana Jones red line and dot...

Jan 20045jfbiscardi


Jan 20045robholtby

can someone make a shooting battle droid from star wars?

Dec 20035robholtby

Tree Branch

Nov 20035Brettsta

Bullets hitting wood objects

Nov 20035juancfig

Exploding windows and doors

Oct 20035skyphoenix

Aliens can't walk

Sep 20035Sarkilas

Rock or Boulder

Sep 20035sonysony

SG-1 Zat gun fire

Sep 20035MasterKenobi


Aug 20035chuter

Blood pouring from neck

Aug 20035kotram

Floating Genie effect

Aug 20035MrBungle

model buildings

Jul 20035ari

I made a Quantum Leap Plugin, But there is ONE problem..

Jun 20035Jealous Flesh

explosion that explodes outwards

Jun 20035peter huish

AXEMAN's Plug in maker tutorial

Jun 20035ziprr_uk

3D effects

Jun 20035jstow222

Matrix Plugin needed!

May 20035Jagg


May 20035TayTayMa17

Need Director's "Take" Sequence

Apr 20035Kenneth Schulz

vapourize plugin

Apr 20035madmardy

Butterfly Plugin

Apr 20035Joshua OX Miller

Bullet, without casing?

Mar 20035George Matthews

Request: Castles

Mar 20035BackOfTheHearse

Old AlamDV Clone Tutorial...

Mar 20035DarkJedi07

SIGNS the movie alien please!!!

Feb 20035spookbuster2

more of a utility than plugin

Jan 20035cdolsen

Ghostly Figure

Jan 20035Kram1563

Cauterized Saber wounds?

Jan 20035Robersdee

New Sci-Fi 3D

Jan 20035Kyeju

Bullet trail

Jan 20035ihateemo

A questions on making plugins (removing background, etc.)

Jan 20035BackOfTheHearse

How to create a plugin

Jan 20035JLowey91

Newz report mask

Jan 20035Mark P Warman

Ninja Getting Shot and falling over

Dec 20025curran

Bird Plugin

Dec 20025Hajiku_Flip

meteor trail non moving.

Dec 20025chadp

Emoticon plugins

Dec 20025Greyo

Following in Ada1989's footsteps is.........

Dec 20025DarkJedi07


Dec 20025jstow222

Cylon Raider and UFO request again

Dec 20025montego

Want a Spotlight?

Dec 20025DarkJedi07

Helecopter Matrix Bullets Plugin?

Nov 20025owen rixon

Metroid Prime Samus Visor (was: seriously)

Nov 20025Mason

I need some star wars stuff!

Nov 20025gpmovies

Way too fast

Nov 20025bjpage

Censor box

Nov 20025neo_man89

Hindu Goddess of War & Disease - Kali

Nov 20025curran

lightsaber wounds?

Nov 20025VengeanceGOD

plug-in download

Oct 20025brettfahrer

Ok i have 2 questions

Oct 20025Majicman

About Adobe Products

Oct 20025Majicman

Ok im making a starwars movie!!!

Oct 20025Majicman

Shadow plug-in

Oct 20025ada1989

Mib Weapons And Golden Snitch

Oct 20025francesco

tell me if this can work as a wallbullet or ground hit?

Oct 20025billy3d

spiderman webbing

Oct 20025Mason

POLL: What is your Favourite type of plugin?

Oct 20025beyond_studios

Vampire Dust like in Blade

Oct 20025majordirector

Hand plugin

Oct 20025Redhawksrymmer

Plugin suggestions (mainly balls)

Oct 20025devilskater

a few things i need made!!!!

Oct 20025Majicman

Clip board thing (clapboard)

Oct 20025owen rixon

story boards!

Sep 20025paulpeach

I was watching Ghostbusters last night..........

Sep 20025Mark P Warman

DarkJedi07, where's my Rhino??

Sep 20025Morris Boris

The Batmobile

Sep 20025Mike_D

zombie plugin ideas and clothes change request

Sep 20025Morris Boris

Back to the Future plugins....

Sep 20025greatsave9

helpful plugin

Sep 20025JD7

Blood Omen

Sep 20025_MOUSE_

Time Travel like in Time Cop

Sep 20025Captain_Kirk

glass shatering

Sep 20025beyond_studios


Sep 20025Natrix


Aug 20025fullthrottle888

much star trek vessels

Aug 20025ensignrobert

warhammer effects

Aug 20025ensignrobert

Twister and a Tsunami wave

Aug 20025zironi

REQUEST : Highlander I Final Quickening

Aug 20025Sokar

Battle Droid cut in half

Aug 20025rmw

Organic Plugins

Aug 20025owen rixon

Thank God For Energy Plug Ins

Aug 20025Jealous Flesh

Effects From Dungeons And Dragons

Jul 20025Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

Kermz-- more Artoo/threes?

Jul 20025Tessek

Semi-transparent computer outputs!!!!!

Jul 20025majordirector

Important Ghostbusters Plugins

Jul 20025GBVA

Landspeeder and Elec. Binocs.

Jul 20025Tessek

Heat effect? and Rain

Jun 20025Kram1563

New Plug ins

Jun 20025b4uask30male

Really important request: WWII Aircraft & Miscellania

May 20025LordDickerd

Heat Vision

May 20054pixelboy

bullet hole

Apr 20054robosays21

Anyone interested in making a Sliders Vortex/wormhole Plugin

Mar 20054Smates Studios

Space console panels

Mar 20054hippa03

james bond

Dec 20044Hesham

Star Wars Explosion!!!

Dec 20044knubs

Rotating Spiral

Dec 20044hypnotic01

Demonic Bat or Gargoyle

Dec 20044guyblackcat


Nov 20044anim8tor

Need some help getting a jack-0-lanter like from ...

Oct 20044jedicowboys

Plugin approval time frame

Oct 20044greenfireproductions

3d Plugin for all effects - has it already been done?

Aug 20044KevinPowis

Big hit spiderman effects.

Aug 20044Wizard


Jul 20044raider

Water Plugins

Jul 20044stocklandandson

Ice trower.

Jun 20044Klut

EKG display

Jun 20044HindSight Films

real blood

Jun 20044chuter

American Civil War

May 20044PalmTreeLTD

A super multi hit attack

Apr 20044Nytmaer

Coming Attraction/Preview

Apr 20044vicodin

Sideways shattering glass

Apr 20044Sting939

REQUEST: First-person shooter (was: Can somebody make...)

Feb 20044foxikus

WIDESCREEN / 16x9 overlays

Feb 20044deren


Jan 20044FiveIronFrenzy

Water ripple

Jan 20044Brettsta

Jurassic Park Fan Movie

Dec 20034Anonymous

Super 8 look

Nov 20034terrytate

Help making a clear area on animations made in flash

Nov 20034zeocom8

how to make a mask in alamdv?

Oct 200344036Douglas


Oct 20034DarthAss

Particle Illusion plug in request

Oct 20034TheLiggi

Director Script Error in my plugin

Aug 20034xaviermm

Where's the single bullet effect?

Jun 20034gamesfx

perticle plugin request

Jun 20034cdolsen

film burn effect

Jun 20034cotsosdel

Hummer (was:Cool plug-in)

Jun 20034bauza

Cracks in the Pavement

Jun 20034curran

Wolverine's Claw in the making

May 20034ada1989


Apr 200341007

Skeleton diggin

Apr 20034hawkhawk76

I'm either a genius or an ingnoramus

Apr 20034Mr_E_Man

Glyph Gate

Mar 20034codec3

Sweat Drop

Mar 20034Bob Page

Help,Hi Res VIZ Overlays is not working.

Mar 20034CWRProductions

throwing blades

Mar 20034sidewinder


Mar 20034EmpireSB

a sugjestion

Feb 20034nickcelestin


Feb 20034ManUtdRcks

LOTR models

Feb 20034wpl

Predator Object / Stills / Animations

Feb 20034KG

American Beauty Flowers

Feb 20034UndeadInTheHead

medium sized demon

Jan 20034nickcelestin


Jan 20034ZergDestroyer

does TGA files work with plugger

Jan 20034b4uask30male

Bludger and Quaffel

Jan 20034spookbuster2

I need two dbz like plugins

Dec 20024Dereksplace

Could the ChromaKeying filter be redone?

Dec 20024blank

Bullet Trail

Dec 20024Robersdee

little energy-sucking jerk....

Dec 20024Mason


Dec 20024Draco429

plug in help..!!

Dec 20024learner

Ice Age Crack

Dec 20024berlin2232

3d Christmas Items

Dec 20024mofleyga

Where do you get the resources for your plug-ins?

Dec 20024Gunshot2099

Exploding house

Dec 20024trevinator13

James Bond Boat

Dec 20024devilskater

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish-tree?

Dec 200241007

Request for a flipping cigarette

Dec 20024Chudphantom

James Bond

Nov 20024devilskater

Search Lights

Nov 20024berlin2232

James Bond Car

Nov 20024devilskater

TOWEL plug in needed! PLEASE HELP!

Nov 20024trevinator13

There is no spoon

Nov 20024neo_man89

Plugin Help

Nov 20024danial_02

Ice / Snow Pluggin Pack

Nov 20024ironside82

Breaking glas

Oct 20024Animator


Oct 20024be56

Shotgun muzzle "flash"

Oct 20024GavSalkeld

star wars gun ship

Oct 20024wpl

the sound of the lightsabers

Oct 20024Majicman

A Saber Clash

Oct 20024Majicman

Writing on the wall

Oct 20024Mark P Warman

Re:Tornado plugin

Oct 20024Elopezf

CHANGE OF CLOTHING for parachute

Oct 20024beyond_studios

B4uasks Raptor Walking on the sot plugin...

Oct 20024owen rixon

Storm Plugin...

Oct 20024smier33

About The Cyborg!!!!

Oct 20024Majicman

Plugin Quality Issues

Sep 20024MechaForce

Toad's tongue

Sep 20024danmec


Sep 20024Tim

T2 Plugin

Sep 20024Andreas

Sorting in plugins? Malone?

Sep 20024DVAce

Skeleton Armies

Sep 20024Kram1563

Help making a plugin!

Sep 20024TheLiggi

Blurred Heat---is this even possible? I NEED IT

Sep 20024jirwin

Another good'ole meteor req.

Sep 20024domdino

Making Transparent Plug-ins-HELP!!!

Sep 20024DarkJedi07

plugin request for more dinosaurs or different views

Sep 20024be56

Red Dwarf Plug-ins + Robocop

Sep 20024Kram1563

basketball plugin

Aug 20024zman

Rhino plugin request

Aug 20024Morris Boris

A Gigantic robot

Aug 20024devilskater

Hair Plugin / New Shockwave Plugin...

Aug 20024domdino

Animated Star Wars Characters

Aug 20024KermZ

bullets going into water!!!

Aug 200241007


Aug 20024Dereksplace

Smoke plugins

Aug 20024Lorax

more Star trek effects, please

Jul 20024ensignrobert

Idea/Request: Bee Swarm

Jul 20024Megasteakman

Smoke plugin

Jul 20024rmw

Warhammer 40k Vehicles / Machines

Jul 20024moebius

Cutting A tree down

Jul 20024Majicman

Robocop plugins, Ed 209???

Jul 20024Kram1563

Mechwarrior like Robot

Jun 20024HBKDinobot

Limbs Falling Off

Jun 20024Majicman

X Files

Jun 20024Kram1563

Starship troopers

Jun 20024majordirector


Jun 20024bigjgrimz

Matrix Bullet Hits

Jun 20024Blakestone

WWII Tanks

Jun 20024jibboo

Urgetnt request!! Black billowing smoke!

Jun 20024sidewinder

Bullet Exit Wounds

Apr 20024Skital

Mouth movement

May 20053gonzoish79

sword slicing blood plugin.....

Apr 20053jmill8886

Coming out of hyperspace

Apr 20053sk8street65

3D work needed

Mar 20053Duck Studios

request for anime plugins?

Dec 20043jmill8886


Oct 20043jedicowboys

stargate water effect

Sep 20043Hesham

more blood

Jul 20043boffa86

Can you make a plugin from this?

Jun 20043HandGrenades

Dirt Explosion

Jun 20043DRAYKO


Feb 20043fertesz

Star Trek Shield Effect?

Feb 20043Kram1563

steam jets

Feb 20043poopnoodle

rebel alliance ships (possibly mon calamari)

Feb 20043poopnoodle

Batman type plug ins

Feb 20043rickblackmon

Star Trek Voyager style Transporter

Jan 20043matgrimard

christmas tree ornaments

Dec 20033nickcelestin

UFO Lights

Nov 20033slipstreampictures

Looking for a santa clauses plug with

Nov 20033jedicowboys

wedding themes

Nov 20033raider


Nov 20033trapjaw

bullet tracer

Nov 20033cotsosdel

muddy explotions needed

Oct 20033l w greenwood

Heatwave Plugin

Oct 20033skyphoenix

audio filter help

Oct 20033cotsosdel

Magic Particle - Body Disappearing

Sep 20033Vault FX

Text Mask

Aug 20033Mr_E_Man

Lightsaber Cut

Aug 20033fertesz

Binoculars plug-in

Jul 20033gamesdv

whiting out eyes and better bullet hits

Jun 20033daigoro

Startrek Sparks

May 20033beyond_studios


May 20033Exclamation

Dinosaur Plugins !!

May 20033curran

Request: Jedi Starfighter

May 20033Regina Holdren

Jedi Halo Effect

Apr 20033VengeanceGOD

Anyone in here from Lincoln, Nebraska?

Apr 20033Marek

Falling glass debris?

Apr 20033Ciremi

Plugin Request for building

Apr 20033curran

requesting a normal font

Mar 20033raven100

puddle of blood

Mar 20033peter huish

decent blood

Mar 20033peter huish

Eternal Darkness?

Mar 20033SugahSean

Donnie Darko water ripples?

Mar 20033amessier

Superman Plugin

Feb 20033Joshua OX Miller

Stargate plug-in

Feb 20033wpl

Ww2 C-47

Feb 20033be56

Quantum Leap

Feb 20033Jealous Flesh

cool breath mist

Jan 20033MattP702

Matrix Bullets

Jan 20033StarWars_The_Sith_War

Planet Glow

Jan 20033Master Yoda

Dog And Tree Plug-in

Jan 20033Ouellette


Jan 20033skippy_crunch


Jan 20033Spork Knight

Spark/Ash Type Plugin

Dec 20023Kyeju

Will Adobe After Effects add alpha channels?

Dec 20023DarkJedi07

Invisible car question

Dec 20023neo_man89

Has anyone had a problem with the flame thrower

Dec 20023b4uask30male

Need Star Wars Droid Animation

Nov 20023StarWars_The_Sith_War

Lightsaber question

Nov 20023neo_man89

Flaming Crow

Nov 20023BackOfTheHearse

Request of the parachute plugin

Nov 20023be56

Star wars lightning

Nov 20023Majicman

Back to the Future plugins

Oct 20023CTLW83

can someone make me a WW2 Flak88 cannon???

Oct 20023divaid2001

cracked lens

Oct 20023Mason

Props and Costumes

Oct 20023danial_02

Lost in Space type Helmet plugin

Oct 20023danial_02

cuts and breaking the skin

Oct 20023learner

STAR WARS TEXT CRAWL would be a good plugin!

Oct 20023JoeCartoon131

REQUEST : Color variation Kryptonite

Oct 20023Sokar

QUESTION U SOLTHER did i spell it right?

Oct 20023Majicman

Energy draining fingers plugin request

Oct 20023TheLiggi

Bullet and Trail

Oct 20023ironside82

Request: Barbarians in a war (was plug-ins)

Oct 20023ari

edit plugins

Oct 20023nickcelestin

Dragon Ball Z energy orbs that move

Oct 20023nickcelestin

Blade ll effects!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please respond!!!!!!!!

Sep 200231007

Ski like background.

Sep 20023ada1989

3D sci fi plugins

Sep 20023rmw

Explosion with Glass Debris

Sep 20023majordirector

Battle Droid in attacking position with gun plug-in

Sep 20023ada1989

a new twist on the bullet trail

Sep 20023TheLiggi

Help Alamdv get noticed.

Sep 20023b4uask30male

Shotgun bullet caseings

Sep 20023neo_man89

Crater Plugin needed please !

Sep 20023neo_man89


Sep 20023UndeadInTheHead

blod drip

Sep 20023naile

Bullet shot into the camera

Sep 20023Mark P Warman

Angel Wings, I need a set of animated white wings

Sep 20023lostnfound

Request : Lighting Powers aka "He-Man MOTU transformati

Sep 20023Sokar

Good Shuttle Kermz!!! But heres an idea!!!.........

Aug 20023JediDrew

shell casings, please read.

Aug 20023dude123

Ghostly Wipe

Aug 20023Timescape


Aug 20023Timescape

Star Wars Characters

Aug 20023namrekca

Helicopter blades

Aug 20023zironi

Holo Vader

Aug 20023JOHNNY H

Should we have more organic plugins.

Aug 20023owen rixon

I found 3D car meshes

Aug 20023ensignrobert

Grenades (Still and exploding)

Aug 20023BrickMovies4U

Magical Sword clashes...

Jul 20023Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

paratrooper for normandy

Jul 20023billthefish

Bullet trails!

Jul 20023majordirector

I need a spirit type thing for my new movie Illbleed/Starwar

Jun 20023Majicman

Space Ships, Planes, Helicopters

Jun 20023wingman2003

ETA on helicopters

Jun 20023majordirector

Bloody slashes

Jun 20023Wild Thing

REQUEST: Rebel Transport

Jun 20023Master Yoda

Star Wars Views for Blue Screening

Jun 20023DigiSm89

agent Z plugins

Jun 20023billy3d

Energy wave

Jun 20023jarar1


Jun 20023sfbmovieco

Need Lambada Shuttle multiple veiws

Mar 20052Duck Studios

Need Millenium Falcon landing and taking off

Mar 20052Duck Studios

alpha channel whit adobe photoshop elements 2.0

Mar 20052najziageno

How to not see through plugin images

Mar 20052najziageno

Film Damage,scratches/dirt plug in...

Mar 20052BuriedinSweet666

Effect from the movie Daywalker

Jan 20052xx101neo101xx

Aliens VS Predator

Dec 20042zeno

Teen Titans effect

Nov 20042homedogjedi

matrix bullet trail

Oct 20042swatdojo

Zat effect from stargate.

Aug 20042Super Man


Jul 20042mthoward

nuclear blast,

Jul 20042xbreaka

Multiply Equivilent...

Jul 20042Cutty201

Muzzle flashes

Jun 20042HandGrenades


Mar 20042tavitooo

holo emitter light

Feb 20042poopnoodle

Futuristic Turret

Jan 20042Brenton

Casings Blur

Jan 20042Brettsta


Jan 20042robholtby

Zelda Plugins Please!

Jan 20042Serpent

Blade style vampire combustion

Dec 20032format-slut

Script Error After Loading My Custom Plug In

Nov 20032Superman

slot machine eyes

Nov 20032cotsosdel

Ambiant flash for muzzle flashes

Oct 20032HindSight Films

Walking through walls

Sep 20032tommach

Muzzle Flash

Sep 20032MidnightBlue

Bullet Shells

Aug 20032Succubus

plug-ins needed

Jul 20032bauza

Cool Matrix code falling plugin!!!!!

Jun 20032neo_man89

Mummy Plugin

Jun 20032curran

Going through letters plugin

Jun 20032neo_man89

Solthar: More Glass Smashing

May 20032Exclamation

Mortal Combat "Get Over Here"

May 20032zacdaddie

hair cheveux

May 20032Gaetan Gauthier


May 20032hawkhawk76

more intense rain overlay?

Apr 20032Ben

Charmed Plugins

Mar 20032Exclamation

Opaque Adjustments

Mar 20032joshmc

blowing sand

Mar 20032Serdar3500

Buffy "Dust" effect

Mar 20032bpetton

photoshop major prob

Mar 20032peter huish

Arrow shower

Mar 20032Whose Line Is It Now

force if yah can help

Mar 20032Bubbles1233

Yoda different pose needed

Feb 20032rob

Glass Plugin Question

Feb 20032EmpireSB

Ghostbusters Trap

Feb 20032spookbuster2

Special Fire Plugin Needed!

Feb 20032rob


Jan 20032bauza

help have you tried this plugin

Jan 20032b4uask30male

The One security guards

Jan 20032tegrapple

Solution to quad problem particle illusion

Jan 20032b4uask30male


Jan 20032jflaherty13

More with the glass!

Jan 20032asbestix

Frame mover fx

Dec 20022ada1989

Real shell casing

Dec 20022trevinator13

poser army gear

Nov 20022b4uask30male

Create an army from above with AlamDV

Nov 20022majordirector


Nov 20022Xfurball

Plugin Rights

Nov 20022danial_02

Count Dooku lightning

Nov 20022neo_man89

Lightsaber Bluring.

Nov 20022Majicman

Hellraiser: The puzzle Box

Nov 20022Mike_D

Battle Droid Cut by Lightsaber

Nov 20022danial_02

I cant download plugins. Help

Nov 20022arve28

How about a Monsters Inc. "Boo" character?

Nov 20022Tiberius

Sliders Plug-In

Nov 20022macdude22

I just saw shammy boys.......

Oct 20022Majicman


Oct 20022francesco

question on destroying a building with photoshop

Oct 20022Majicman

To all plugin makers

Oct 20022b4uask30male

Meteor Crashing to Earth

Oct 20022ironside82

Smoke plug-ins missing

Oct 20022ada1989

Electronics: PDA's, Moniters, Boom Boxes

Oct 20022DarkJedi07

Front flip

Oct 20022Redhawksrymmer

energy disc

Oct 20022nickcelestin

James Bond "control board"

Sep 20022mr.spyguy

StreetFighter life-left..

Sep 20022Andreas

convert a to a plug-in

Sep 20022wpl

Guy Falling back as he gets kungfu kicked in the stomach

Sep 20022curran


Sep 20022Kram1563

Some plugins I wish to be made

Sep 20022neo_man89

can some one help me?

Sep 20022naile

Blender 3D question

Sep 20022paulpeach

important for every gun film ever

Aug 20022Succubus

Missle warhead exhaust

Aug 20022berlin2232

REQUEST: Animated Brain Slug

Aug 20022Master Yoda

Miib gun blasts

Aug 20022Movie_Manic

More Droids!

Jul 20022Rawree

Jedi Starfighter Animation

Jun 20022flpsd

Sith Probe Droid

Jun 20022flpsd

Flashing Lightning

Jun 20022Kram1563

A request just for billy

Jun 20022sfbmovieco

Blood dripping

Jun 20022Wild Thing

Help with PLUGGER

May 20051twitchstudios

Help with Baseball style plugins.

Apr 20051DPUMA8

Alternave Lightning Effect

Mar 20051jrg2134

Spider web...w/o spider

Sep 20041Mr_E_Man

white dove

Jun 20041ectoace

Legends of Zelda

May 20041robin p sakla

voyager transporter effect

Apr 20041Shredder

Jet Force Gemini - SS Anubis

Apr 20041shadowhawk

Problems With Plugin

Jan 20041Brettsta

Terminator Model

Jul 20031bauza

WW2 Nazi Cargo Truck

Jul 20031be56

m1 abram tank shot

Jun 20031ZergDestroyer

Plug job needed doing please.

Jun 20031Spike

Inverted Masks and that AWESOME bullet trail

Jun 20031PalmTreeLTD

help installing plugin

Jun 20031KultMovie

Solthar: More Glass Smashing

May 20031Exclamation

Simple Plugin Needed

May 20031Sting939


Apr 20031Mr_E_Man

Oilys Alphas

Apr 20031Oily

Harry Potter: Flying Keys

Apr 20031Exclamation

Blood, chunky real blood!

Sep 20021arch evil

1,020 topics