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To-do list

Jan 2005477Simon K Jones

The Name Game

Apr 2005291Simon K Jones

AlamDV3 Progress Report

Oct 2004198Simon K Jones

Forum Force Update

Jun 2002196malone

EffectsLab DV now available - special discount prices!

May 2005174Simon K Jones

Introducing VisionLab HD and the FXhome Pro range

Dec 2005164Simon K Jones

Mammoth Lab products Update!!

Dec 2007152Simon K Jones

Review: The Return of the King

Dec 2003147Simon K Jones

Improving FXhome - feedback needed!

Mar 2006132Simon K Jones

Chromanator release news and video clip

Jan 2004131Simon K Jones

Twisted Studios now available on DVD!

Jul 2004123Simon K Jones

Approaching critical mass (EL teaser trailer)

May 2005119Simon K Jones

The new name is revealed!

Apr 2005113Simon K Jones

Competition: Make a fanfilm, win incredible software!

Dec 2005108Simon K Jones

Introducing CompositeLab DV and EffectsLab DV (complete)

Nov 2005108Simon K Jones

FXhome - the 2006 makeover

Jan 2006103Simon K Jones

Welcome to the new!

Aug 2007102Simon K Jones

NightCast Premiere Video Diary!

Apr 200792Simon K Jones

Pre-visualisation: preview of the next FXhome tutorial DVD!

Jun 200988Simon K Jones

The Movie Trailer Challenge - win prizes worth over $2000!

Oct 201087Simon K Jones

Sad news

Apr 200987Simon K Jones

Final chance to win $1000!!!

Mar 200887Simon K Jones

Who is the avatar?

Aug 200787Simon K Jones

Chromanator pre-ordering

Dec 200385Simon K Jones

Attack of the Clones (spoilers)

May 200285Joshua Davies

NightCast World Premiere

Feb 200784Simon K Jones

Hacker Warning

Mar 200584Simon K Jones

FXhome and the Paris Apple Expo 2006

Sep 200678Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Penguin

Dec 200475Simon K Jones

The Rebirth...

Feb 200374Joshua Davies

The Two Towers

Dec 200273Simon K Jones

FXhome's new product revealed

May 201171Simon K Jones

Spotlight: AlamDV3 lightsword system

May 200471Simon K Jones

Contacts: Calling all American FXhomers!

Jul 200469Simon K Jones

AlamDV3 First Look and Chromanator Update!

May 200468Simon K Jones

HitFilm pricing details announced!

May 201167Simon K Jones

Oscars 2006

Jan 200664Simon K Jones

Be part of the FXhome Xmas Video 2010!!

Nov 201063Simon K Jones

New stock footage from NC Cinema!

Nov 200661Simon K Jones

Music video opportunity

Aug 200461Simon K Jones

Oscars 2010 Best Picture noms

Feb 201059Simon K Jones

Unforeseen complications

Dec 200359Simon K Jones

Competition: List of contestants!

Feb 200658Simon K Jones

Particles in action

Apr 200557Simon K Jones

Movie Trailer Challenge shortlist - VOTE NOW!

Nov 201056Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Project One unveiled - DVD now available!

May 200656Simon K Jones

Spotlight: The FXhome Team

Oct 200556Simon K Jones

What is it?

Apr 201155Simon K Jones

Win a greenscreen suit worth $225!!

Nov 200755Simon K Jones

FXhome releases new video converter software: VideoWrap

Sep 200755Simon K Jones

Happy Xmas to all FXhomers!

Dec 200455Simon K Jones

Chromanator Pre-Release 2 and Mac version available

Jan 200454Simon K Jones

HitFilm loyalty vouchers for FXhomers!

Jun 201153Simon K Jones

The New FXhome HQ

Oct 200653Simon K Jones

Indy 4 trailer online!

Feb 200851Simon K Jones

Boxed FXhome products now available from!

Nov 200651Simon K Jones

New software now available! re-launches!

Dec 200551Simon K Jones

FXhome Xmas Greeting & Gifts!

Dec 201050Simon K Jones

Video tutorials incoming!

May 200650Simon K Jones

How new is your computer?

Feb 200949Simon K Jones

Vote FXhome for a chance to win a Mac Pro!

Jul 200749Simon K Jones

Chromanator Pre-Release 1 now available

Jan 200448Joshua Davies

Paramount gets in a panic about HD-DVD

Aug 200747Simon K Jones

Webchat: The Big One

Nov 200547Simon K Jones

Chromanator Gold Release

Apr 200447Simon K Jones

10th birthday: FXhomers talk about the first 10 years

Mar 201146Simon K Jones

HD-DVD is dead, long live Blu-ray!

Feb 200846Simon K Jones

Win $1000 in The Big VideoWrap Competition!

Jan 200846Simon K Jones

The X-Men are back!

May 200346Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Flare

Dec 200445Simon K Jones

Using 3D camera tracking data in HitFilm

May 201144Simon K Jones

Rowling vs unofficial fan material

Apr 200844Simon K Jones

AlamDV3 spotted in Naboo conflict

Mar 200544Simon K Jones

The making of the CSB-Digital G6 Promotional Video

Oct 200344Simon K Jones

Happy Birthday

Apr 200344Simon K Jones

Competition: The winners are announced!

Mar 200643Simon K Jones

Merry Christmas and pre-order news!

Dec 200343Simon K Jones

FXhome Awards 2009 - results!

Feb 200942Simon K Jones

End of 2003 Movie Round-up

Oct 200342Simon K Jones

New FXhome stock images and videos!

Mar 200941Simon K Jones

FXhome Awards 2009 NOMINEES

Feb 200941Simon K Jones

Spotlight: The Filter Playground

Nov 200441Simon K Jones

FXhome Xmas Video 2009!

Dec 200940Simon K Jones

FXhome banners & reward system!

Jan 200740Simon K Jones

Competition: Deadline change to February! New credit clips!

Jan 200640Simon K Jones

EffectsLab update (870) and presets first-look

Jun 200540Simon K Jones

Photos of the new office!

Mar 200939Simon K Jones

Captain Amazingly Incredible: The Shoot

Apr 200738Simon K Jones

FXhome's Christmas gift - the amazing v1.2.0 update!

Nov 200638Joshua Davies

Update: v1.0.947 update, new contest & Project One

Apr 200638Simon K Jones

New Stereoscopic Website

Apr 200338malone

First look at HitFilm's interface in action

May 201137Simon K Jones

Something approaches...

Dec 200737Simon K Jones

AlamDV3 Webchat report and transcript

Aug 200437Simon K Jones

Batman actors: Cast your vote!

Sep 200337Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Schwar, CSB-Digital Managing Director

Mar 200337Simon K Jones

Cinema Update (Voting System)

Apr 200237malone

Original creators slam US Spaced remake

Mar 200836Simon K Jones

Webchat: The Big One - TODAY!

Nov 200536Simon K Jones

Spotlight: FXhomers visit the Nightcast set

Sep 200536Simon K Jones

Major explosion takes temporarily offline

Jun 200835Simon K Jones

A brief video tour of Chromanator

Jan 200435Simon K Jones

Server Issues

May 200235malone

Ross and Adrian join FXhome!

Apr 201034Simon K Jones

Competition: Win Spider-Man 2.1 DVDs!

Apr 200734Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Adam Kirley, FXhome's resident stuntman

Aug 200434Simon K Jones

HitFilm system requirements

Jun 201133Simon K Jones

10 Years in 3 Minutes

Mar 201133Simon K Jones

The Dark Knight moves into the light

Aug 200733Joshua Davies

EffectsLab DV timestamp update.

Nov 200533Joshua Davies

EffectsLab release 3.000.882

Jul 200533Simon K Jones

Chromanator demo released and future upgrade details

Jan 200433Simon K Jones

Simon turns the big 2-9

Oct 200932Joshua Davies

The Dark Knight reveals new poster

Apr 200832Simon K Jones

Empire's 50 greatest TV shows of all-time

Apr 200832Simon K Jones

Quicktime 7 problems on PC

Sep 200532Simon K Jones

Two new tutorials and more AlamDV3 news coming soon!

May 200432Simon K Jones

Chromanator on final approach & FXhome wallpapers

Oct 200332Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Malone, CSB-Digital webmaster

Feb 200332Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Twisted Studios

Feb 200332Simon K Jones

FXhome Awards nominations NOW OPEN!

Jan 200931Simon K Jones

First glimpse of the Prince

Aug 200831Simon K Jones

Hendo joins FXhome!

Feb 200731Simon K Jones

Nightcast video diary

Mar 200531Simon K Jones

Server downtime

Feb 200531Simon K Jones

Live webchat with the AlamDV3 programmers

Aug 200431Simon K Jones

Plugin Awards and update

Nov 200231Simon K Jones

Dodgy Email.

Oct 200231Joshua Davies

The Big VideoWrap Contest shortlist

Mar 200830Simon K Jones

Best Hobbit news ever

Jan 200830Simon K Jones

FXhome HQ - building the new office

Sep 200730Simon K Jones

RECON 2022 UK premiere screenings!

Apr 200730Simon K Jones

Update: Massive updates to all programs - out now!!

Jun 200630Simon K Jones

Big product updates on the way & Store revamp

May 200630Simon K Jones

Oscar Report

Mar 200430Simon K Jones

Malone's got a baby!

Jun 200929Simon K Jones

It's Schwar's 30th birthday! (well, almost)

Jun 200929Simon K Jones

Blooming typical

Apr 200829Simon K Jones

Interview: Neil Oseman, director of Soul Searcher

Jun 200729Simon K Jones

Merry Christmas the discounts are nearly over...

Dec 200529Joshua Davies

Dark Knight rating dispute

Aug 200828Simon K Jones

Marvel lays the foundations

Jun 200828Simon K Jones

Competition: Win Between the Lines on DVD!

May 200728Simon K Jones

LIVE WEBCHAT - EffectsLab Debriefing!

May 200528Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Dennis & Ronnie Films

Jun 200428Simon K Jones

Chromanator tutorials and forthcoming IRC events

Apr 200428Simon K Jones

Chromanator feature focus: Colour difference key

Jan 200428Simon K Jones

The State of Play

Jul 200328Simon K Jones

Competition: Win a copy of Clerks II

Feb 200727Simon K Jones

Competition: FINAL WEEK for submissions!

Feb 200627Simon K Jones

Chromanator Update and AlamDV3 News; Asia earthquake

Dec 200427Joshua Davies

Spotlight: The Fanfilm

May 200327Simon K Jones

Best of 2002 and the first big trailer of 2003...

Jan 200327Simon K Jones

Scope Entertainment Live

May 200227malone

Assault on Igneos premieres online!

Nov 200926Simon K Jones

Oscars prediction time!

Jan 200926Simon K Jones

er-no releases Skin Deep teaser trailer

Aug 200726Simon K Jones

EffectsLab wins an award!

Feb 200726Simon K Jones

Brand new FXhome clothing and merchandise!

Dec 200526Simon K Jones

Webchat: The Big One instructions and details

Nov 200526Simon K Jones

Chromanator Mac Gold Release & PC Update 1.0.2

Apr 200426Simon K Jones

The Sneak Peek

Apr 200326Simon K Jones

Details on new programs coming soon...

Jan 200326Simon K Jones

Spotlight: NoControl Cinema

Jan 200326Simon K Jones

AlamDV Frenzy

Aug 200226Joshua Davies

New faces...

Aug 200226Joshua Davies

BAFTA VFX nominations

Jan 201025Simon K Jones

Oscar nominees announced

Jan 200825Simon K Jones

The Hobbit is coming

Dec 200725Simon K Jones

Indiana Jones and the...?

Aug 200725Simon K Jones

American FXhomers: we need your help!

Dec 200625Simon K Jones

Christmas starts here! Special discounts!

Nov 200625Simon K Jones

Procedural fire in HitFilm!

Jun 201124Simon K Jones

Jack attacked by monkeys & Spotlights incoming!

May 201024Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 3 and PhotoKey 3 Pro coming soon

Oct 200924Simon K Jones

Ben3308 reaches 3308 FXperience points

Sep 200924Simon K Jones

Introducing Lucy Burton, Operations Manager

Apr 200824Simon K Jones

Download Chromanator timestamp update

Mar 200424Simon K Jones

Chromanator feature focus: Masking

Dec 200324Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 4 coming soon! (plus upgrade info)

Oct 201023Simon K Jones

Rebecca joins FXhome!

Apr 201023Simon K Jones

Voting now closed

Feb 200923Simon K Jones

The Dark Knight score ineligible for Oscar

Nov 200823Simon K Jones

Calling all FXhomers: your vote is needed!

Jan 200823Simon K Jones

Sweeney Todd trailer

Oct 200723Simon K Jones

Announcing the Between the Lines online premiere!

Mar 200723Simon K Jones

Office diary #1: Showbiz Simon!

Oct 200623Simon K Jones

Competition: Win software worth $500+ - Deadline reminder!

Jan 200623Simon K Jones

Spotlight: FXhome - Behind the scenes (+ Chromanator update)

Nov 200523Joshua Davies

Spotlight: The Last Days

Jul 200523Simon K Jones

EffectsLab update (868) now available!

May 200523Joshua Davies

21st century company

Jan 200323Simon K Jones

The Competition

Aug 200223Joshua Davies

HitFilm is now available!

Jun 201122Simon K Jones

Film damage & particle deflector preview

Jun 201122Simon K Jones

Light and shadow in HitFilm

Jun 201122Simon K Jones

FXhome now on twitter!

Feb 200922Simon K Jones

Incredible Hulk actually....good?

Jun 200822Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Stop-motion in the digital age

Jan 200722Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Following the Hollywood dream

Jul 200622Simon K Jones

UPDATE: Major updates for all products!

Feb 200622Joshua Davies

Apple fix Quicktime 7 problems

Oct 200522Simon K Jones

Rating System Mark II

Jul 200322malone

A successful launch

Jun 200322Simon K Jones

They are coming...

May 200322Simon K Jones

AlamDV2 "The Story So Far"

Nov 200122Joshua Davies

FXhome expands...again!

Jan 201021Simon K Jones

Daniel Price joins FXhome!

Aug 200921Simon K Jones

FXhome discounts & The Gadget Show

Mar 200921Simon K Jones

Fox watches the Watchmen

Aug 200821Simon K Jones

25% Discounts: Point of no return!

Jan 200721Simon K Jones

It's the Final Christmas!

Dec 200621Simon K Jones

New NightCast official trailer released!

Jul 200621Simon K Jones

EffectsLab update (866) now available!

May 200521Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Tarn, CSB-Digital writer

Mar 200321Simon K Jones

AlamDV2 released on CD-ROM in Europe

Dec 200221Simon K Jones

Small Force Update

Oct 200221malone

Batman: Gotham Knight trailer

May 200820Simon K Jones

FXhome at Comic-Con 2007!

Jul 200720Simon K Jones

EffectsLab installer update (865) now available!

May 200520Simon K Jones

Server downtime

Feb 200420Simon K Jones

Happy New Year

Jan 200320Joshua Davies

Site Update

Jun 200220malone

AlamDV2.0.9 Released (Mac & PC)

May 200220Joshua Davies

Light flares in HitFilm

May 201119Simon K Jones

Follow the FXhome 48 Hour Film teams!

Apr 201119Simon K Jones

US elections underway - get voting, American FXhomers!

Nov 200819Simon K Jones

Final Wall-E trailer

Mar 200819Simon K Jones

Introducing FXhome's After Effects plugins

Jan 200819Simon K Jones

Indy 4 production photos

Nov 200719Simon K Jones

Between the Lines in PDV Magazine!

Mar 200719Simon K Jones

New credit animation, update preview, competition month!

Feb 200619Simon K Jones

Update: v938 installers & software language translation

Jan 200619Simon K Jones

Nightcast Spotlight: It Begins

Aug 200519Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Superteam Productions

Aug 200319Simon K Jones

March Round-Up

Mar 200319Simon K Jones

New Cinema Rating System

Jan 200319malone

Competition Result

Sep 200219Simon K Jones

100th AlamDV2 Plugin

Mar 200219malone

FREE green screens for Thanksgiving!

Nov 201018Simon K Jones

Elliot White joins FXhome!

Sep 201018Simon K Jones

Jonathan Courtois joins FXhome!

Jul 201018Simon K Jones

Schwar's birthday and Daniel Wood joins the team!

Jun 201018Simon K Jones

FXhome continues to grow

Oct 200918Simon K Jones

Lucy gets married!

Aug 200818Simon K Jones

New IRON MAN TV spot

Feb 200818Simon K Jones

The one left behind

Aug 200718Simon K Jones

2007 begins - discounts soon to end!!

Jan 200718Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Tim Edwards, CSB Project Programmer

Jan 200318Simon K Jones

ScopeFest Film Competition

Jul 200218malone

New Usergroups

Apr 200218malone

HitFilm's 3D particle deflectors!

Jun 201117Simon K Jones

The HitFilm workflow

May 201117Simon K Jones

Biggest Ever Competition incoming

Sep 201017Simon K Jones

Malone turns 30 today!

Aug 200917Simon K Jones

Keep it secret, keep it safe

May 200917Simon K Jones

Visual Effects Master Stan Winston Dies

Jun 200817ben3308

Starship Troopers 3!!

Feb 200817Simon K Jones

PhotoKey - greenscreen compositing for photographers

Nov 200717Simon K Jones

Hitman - does it need a girl?

Aug 200717Simon K Jones

Everybody loves FXhome!

Feb 200717Simon K Jones

FXhome spreads the word!

Jan 200717Simon K Jones

FXhome Community Round-Up #4

Aug 200617Simon K Jones

Video tutorials update

Jun 200617Simon K Jones

Spotlight: RECON 2022: The Mezzo Incident

Jun 200617Simon K Jones

The FXhome Oscar Predictions

Feb 200417Simon K Jones

Sollthar's New Plugins

Jun 200317malone

The Season of Magic Approaches...

Sep 200217Simon K Jones

3D compositing in HitFilm

Jun 201116Simon K Jones

Owlship revealed

Aug 200816Simon K Jones

The Big VideoWrap Contest WINNERS!

Mar 200816Simon K Jones

Star Trek teaser online

Jan 200816Simon K Jones

Competition: Win a copy of Casino Royale on DVD!

Mar 200716Simon K Jones

Update: Version 1.001.010 now available for download!

Aug 200616Simon K Jones

Community update: Fire particle tutorial and MOVCreator!

Jan 200616Simon K Jones

EffectsLab release 3.000.882 for Mac

Jul 200516Simon K Jones

AlamDV3 Live Webchat Instructions

Aug 200416Simon K Jones

AlamDV 2.1.4 released

Nov 200216Simon K Jones

Lab products updated for Windows 7 compatibility

Dec 200915Simon K Jones

Magical combat preview!

Dec 200915Simon K Jones

Hendo in Henderson!

Apr 200915Simon K Jones

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince trailer

Oct 200815Simon K Jones

Massive VideoWrap sale on now!

Aug 200815Simon K Jones

Benjamin Button trailer

May 200815Simon K Jones

Hobbit gathers pace

May 200815Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Atomic Productions - behind the hype

Apr 200815Simon K Jones

Final Iron Man trailer

Feb 200815Simon K Jones

De-Evolution Studios

Oct 200715Simon K Jones

Competition: Win NightCast on DVD!

May 200715Simon K Jones

More press coverage!

Feb 200715Simon K Jones

Update: v1.0.945 now available - major improvements!

Mar 200615Simon K Jones

Only 2 weeks left on EffectsLab launch discounts!

Jun 200515Simon K Jones

Chromanator timestamp update

Apr 200515Simon K Jones

Oscar Report 2005

Feb 200515Simon K Jones

FXHome Web Server Software Upgrade

Jul 200415malone

A brave new world...

Jun 200315Joshua Davies


Feb 200315Simon K Jones

New Download Locations

Aug 200215malone

New AlamDV2.1 Releases

Jun 200215Joshua Davies

Spotlight: Joshua Davies, FXhome founder

Jul 201014Simon K Jones

Axeman in the UK

Jan 201014Simon K Jones

New support system!

Oct 200914Simon K Jones

Preparing for Vegas

Apr 200914Simon K Jones

FXhome 2009

Jan 200914Simon K Jones

Stock footage now available on DVD at!

Nov 200814Simon K Jones

Joe Johnston to direct Captain America

Nov 200814Simon K Jones

W. teaser trailer

Jul 200814Simon K Jones

Watchmen costumes revealed

Mar 200814Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Aaron Burns, from intern to VFX supervisor

Jan 200814Simon K Jones

Santa blames FXhome for chronic back pain

Dec 200714Simon K Jones

Southland Tales trailer

Sep 200714Simon K Jones

Review: Pan's Labyrinth

Mar 200714Simon K Jones

Jobs @ FXhome + DVT Magazine!!

Jan 200714Simon K Jones

New video tutorials!

Sep 200614Simon K Jones

Update: All products version 1.1.001 out now!

Jun 200614Simon K Jones

FXhome Community Round-Up #1

Mar 200614Simon K Jones

Update: New installers v937, all applications!

Jan 200614Simon K Jones

Chromanator 1.0.5 update

Jun 200414Simon K Jones

Columbia Space Shuttle Mission STS-107

Feb 200314Simon K Jones

Apple release new consumer tools

Jan 200314Simon K Jones

The New Awards

Oct 200214Simon K Jones

Creating animation rigs in HitFilm

Jun 201113Simon K Jones

It's April!

Apr 201113Simon K Jones

What was your favorite FXhome movie of 2010?

Jan 201113Simon K Jones

And the winner is...

Nov 201013Simon K Jones

FXhome moves offices! Again.

Sep 201013Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Corridor Digital

Jun 201013Simon K Jones

Give us feedback and win stuff!

May 201013Simon K Jones launched

Apr 201013Simon K Jones

Calling all FXhomers!

Nov 200913Simon K Jones

Tim turns the big 3-0

Oct 200913Simon K Jones

Rikki Carroll joins FXhome!

Jun 200913Simon K Jones

Vegas & NAB 2009 report

May 200913Simon K Jones

FXhome Hardware Test 1.0

Mar 200913Simon K Jones

Announcing the FXhome Awards

Jan 200913Simon K Jones

FXhome on Channel 5 (possible site slowdown)

Oct 200813Simon K Jones

Shy talks about Unbreakable 2

Oct 200813Simon K Jones

Soundwave in Transformers 2

May 200813Simon K Jones

Cloverfield goes into viral overload

Jan 200813Simon K Jones

Happy New Year!

Jan 200813Simon K Jones

Greenscreen suit competition winners!!

Dec 200713Simon K Jones

YouTube now supported on!

Oct 200713Simon K Jones

Jessica Biel in talks for live action JLA movie!

Sep 200713Simon K Jones

Update: v936 out now! T-shirt price drop! Website updates!

Dec 200513Simon K Jones

UK Student TV Awards

Apr 200513Simon K Jones

Chromanator 1.0.6 - Timestamp update

Aug 200413Joshua Davies

iPlugins Released

Jul 200213Joshua Davies

AlamDV2.0.8 Released

May 200213Joshua Davies

Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Challenge - are you in?

Mar 201112Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Matt Plummer, VFX artist

Aug 201012Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Jack Everitt, FXhome developer

Jul 201012Simon K Jones

All change at FXhome HQ!

Mar 200912Simon K Jones

Rachel Dawes' new look

Apr 200812Simon K Jones

X-Files teaser poster

Mar 200812Simon K Jones

FXhome reviews: NightCast

Feb 200812Simon K Jones

Jason Statham and Jet Li are at WAR!

Sep 200712Simon K Jones

Waser releases new DVDs!

Jun 200712Simon K Jones

Competition: Win a copy of Pulse on DVD!

Feb 200712Simon K Jones

Update: v1.0.946 installers released for all FXhome software

Apr 200612Simon K Jones

EffectsLab webchat transcript

May 200512Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Order of the Sith

Mar 200512Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Power Corps

Oct 200312Simon K Jones

AlamDV CD Getting Closer - HELP!!

Apr 200212Joshua Davies

Spotlight: Max Swinton, creator of Mr Fox

Jul 201011Simon K Jones

FXhome and Christmas

Dec 200911Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 3, new Movie Kits and holiday season discounts!

Nov 200911Simon K Jones

FXhome wants your old graphics cards!

Aug 200911Simon K Jones

Pegg as Scotty revealed

Aug 200811Simon K Jones

Aronofsky remaking Robocop??

Jul 200811Simon K Jones

The Spirit teaser trailer

Apr 200811Simon K Jones

Introducing biggydman

Feb 200811Simon K Jones

$1000 competition entries now arriving!

Feb 200811Simon K Jones

Christmas discounts extended!

Dec 200711Simon K Jones

Introducing the Voice of FXhome

Aug 200711Simon K Jones

Siggraph here we come!

Aug 200711Simon K Jones

Review: Highlander - Immortal Edition

Mar 200711Simon K Jones

Introducing Captain Amazingly Incredible

Feb 200711Simon K Jones

FXhome Community Round-Up #3

Jun 200611Simon K Jones

Server troubles

Sep 200311Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Geraint 'Arktic' Abbott

Aug 201010Simon K Jones

FXhome Awards 2010 winners announced! (April Fools)

Apr 201010Simon K Jones

Tubetape greenscreen contest

Feb 201010Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 Pro light spill poll

Mar 200910Simon K Jones

FXhome interviews Komikarate

Jun 200810Simon K Jones

Terminator 4 gathers speed

Feb 200810Simon K Jones

Join FXhome on Facebook!

Jan 200810Simon K Jones

FXhome VisionLab Studio nominated in MacUser Award 07

Oct 200710Simon K Jones

Competition: Win Babel on DVD!

May 200710Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Between the Lines

Aug 200610Simon K Jones

March at FXhome HQ

Mar 20109Simon K Jones

New bundles in the store!

Feb 20099Simon K Jones

Favreau to direct Iron Man 2

Jul 20089Simon K Jones

Babylon AD trailer - Vin Diesel returns!

Jun 20089Simon K Jones

Wesley Snipes goes to jail

Apr 20089Simon K Jones

Ledger's Joker performance to be cut?

Apr 20089Simon K Jones

FXhome cinema now open for FLV!

Jan 20089Simon K Jones

Join the FXhome Steam group!

Sep 20079Simon K Jones

Black Hawk Halo?

Aug 20079Simon K Jones

Siggraph 2007 report

Aug 20079Joshua Davies

A little bit different

Aug 20079Simon K Jones

Boxed software now available!

Aug 20079Simon K Jones

Competition: Win Soul Searcher on DVD!

May 20079Simon K Jones

Competition: Win Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVDs!

Apr 20079Simon K Jones

Apple Expo 2006: London

Oct 20069Simon K Jones

FXhome Community Round-Up #2

Apr 20069Simon K Jones

Spotlight: M.A.F.I.A.

Jan 20049Simon K Jones

PayPal ordering now available!

Jan 20049Simon K Jones

AlamDV2.1 has been released.

Jun 20029Joshua Davies

New film website (+ hosting available)

May 20029malone

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and you might win software!

Oct 20108Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Rebecca Vaughan, FXhome web creative

Jun 20108Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 3 sneak peek - text and hot folders!

Nov 20098Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 3 sneak peek: Pricing & Positioning

Oct 20098Simon K Jones

New tutorial DVDs now available!

Jun 20098Simon K Jones

Easter weekend

Apr 20098Simon K Jones

Awesome new presets

Jan 20098Simon K Jones

Worst Movie Monsters Ever

Apr 20088Simon K Jones

First Wolverine pic

Feb 20088Simon K Jones

New Iron Man photos

Jan 20088Simon K Jones

Future Week at FXhome, starring Hendo!

Sep 20078Simon K Jones

Incredible Hulk set pics

Sep 20078Simon K Jones

Amazing new filmmaking guide!

Jan 20078Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Art of the Saber

Nov 20038Simon K Jones

New Server

Sep 20038Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 in the press

Dec 20028Simon K Jones

Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Part 2 & Making Of!

Jun 20107Simon K Jones

FXhome Awards 2010 NOMINATIONS

Mar 20107Simon K Jones

New FXhome HQ layout!

Jan 20107Simon K Jones

FXhome PhotoKey Batch now available!

Jul 20087Simon K Jones

Y: The Last Man set for 2010

Jul 20087Simon K Jones

Doc Ock joins Prince of Persia

Jun 20087Simon K Jones

Marvel update

May 20087Simon K Jones

Spaced coming to DVD in the US

May 20087Simon K Jones

Update your Flash

Apr 20087Simon K Jones

New Watchmen photo

Feb 20087Simon K Jones

Roy Scheider's shot his last shark

Feb 20087Simon K Jones

PhotoKey gallery now online!

Jan 20087Simon K Jones

Preset fix for Mac users

Nov 20077Simon K Jones

Simon Pegg IS Scotty

Oct 20077Simon K Jones

New Beowulf trailer

Sep 20077Simon K Jones

Arktic at the Hot Fuzztival!

Jun 20077Simon K Jones

Competition: BAFTA 2007 + Xmas discounts update

Dec 20067Simon K Jones

EffectsLab update (869) now available!

May 20057Joshua Davies

Tutorial listing system online

May 20047Simon K Jones

Looking back, moving forward

Jan 20037Simon K Jones

The HitFilm 2011 showreel!

Oct 20116Simon K Jones

Misery Bear meets Kate Moss

Mar 20116Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Danny Price, software dev

Sep 20106Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Angie Symonds, customer wrangler

Aug 20106Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Rody Pierre-Louis, director of Carpe Diem

Jul 20106Simon K Jones

Stay informed with FXhome!

Oct 20096Simon K Jones

All FXhome Lab products updated

Sep 20096Simon K Jones

3-day weekend in the UK

May 20096Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 Pro released!

Mar 20096Simon K Jones

Beware of unauthorised resellers

Sep 20086Simon K Jones

Heroes season 3

Jul 20086Simon K Jones

Bumblebee getting an upgrade?

Jun 20086Simon K Jones

Jon Favreau not returning for Iron Man 2?

Jun 20086Simon K Jones

Extreme Two-Face

May 20086Simon K Jones

Comic book movie round-up

Apr 20086Simon K Jones

Iron Man trailer to be adapted into full-length film

Apr 20086Simon K Jones

Batman in NY Times

Mar 20086Simon K Jones

FXhome reviews: Blu-ray disc

Feb 20086Simon K Jones

Hobbit in trouble again

Feb 20086Simon K Jones

Doomsday trailer out!

Jan 20086Simon K Jones movie marathon

Nov 20076Simon K Jones

Jeff Bridges talks TRON 2

Nov 20076Simon K Jones

Fingerman: Dr London and The Triangle Force

Nov 20076Simon K Jones

New EffectsLab release for Mac and PC

Jul 20056Simon K Jones

New set of tutorials

Apr 20046Simon K Jones

Chromanator Gold Demo Releases

Apr 20046Joshua Davies

The British Academy Film Awards

Feb 20046Simon K Jones

The word spreads...

Dec 20026Simon K Jones

AlamDV2.1.1 Released

Aug 20026Joshua Davies

More AlamDV2.0.8

May 20026Joshua Davies


Apr 20026Joshua Davies

Spotlight: Scott Tanner, director of Roulette

Sep 20105Simon K Jones

Behind-the-scenes videos

Aug 20095Simon K Jones

Introducing the PhotoKey 2 Pro Bundle

Jun 20095Simon K Jones

FXhome jobs available!

May 20095Simon K Jones

Sci-Fi-London 48 hour film challenge

Mar 20095Simon K Jones

FXhome wants YOU!

Feb 20095Simon K Jones

Xmas Discounts update - last chance for delivery!

Dec 20085Simon K Jones

Production art from Dark Knight

Jul 20085Simon K Jones

Transformers 2 set pics

Jun 20085Simon K Jones

Gillian Anderson interview

Apr 20085Simon K Jones

Flying effects tutorial

Apr 20085Simon K Jones

WIN Zombie Love on DVD!

Mar 20085Simon K Jones

Win Spider-Man 3 on DVD!!

Oct 20075Simon K Jones

VideoWrap 1.0.0056 update

Oct 20075Simon K Jones

WALL-E promo video

Oct 20075Simon K Jones

Win A Hard Day's Knight on DVD!

Sep 20075Simon K Jones

JJ Abrams keeps Shatner waiting!

Aug 20075Simon K Jones

Win a JVC GY-HD111 camcorder worth over £5000!

Aug 20075Simon K Jones

Competition: Guardian Film

Aug 20055Simon K Jones

EffectsLab webchat instructions!

May 20055Simon K Jones

Oscars 2005 - cast your vote!

Jan 20055Simon K Jones

Competition Update...

Sep 20025Joshua Davies

PRISM, by Corridor Digital - the HitFilm launch film

Jul 20114rikkiloades

The FXhome Christmas Sale is here!

Nov 20104Simon K Jones

New FXhomer movies!

Sep 20104Simon K Jones

3-day weekend in the UK

Aug 20104rikkiloades

7 Day Summer Sale on ALL software, bundles and upgrades!

Aug 20104Simon K Jones

FXhome Thanksgiving Sale

Nov 20094Simon K Jones

FXhome at NAB Show 2009

Apr 20094Simon K Jones

Tubetape sponsors the FXhome Awards!

Feb 20094Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 and amazing Christmas deals now on!

Nov 20084Simon K Jones

Ridley returns to sci-fi

Oct 20084Simon K Jones

Jack Steel and the Starblade

Sep 20084Simon K Jones

Transformers 2 cast confirmed

May 20084Simon K Jones

Ronald D. Moore to write sci-fi movie trilogy

Apr 20084Simon K Jones

Favreau talks Internet and fans

Apr 20084Simon K Jones

James Cameron talks 3D

Apr 20084Simon K Jones

Simon Pegg talks Trek and McSpaced

Mar 20084Simon K Jones

FXhome interviews: Zombie Love director, Yfke van Berckelaer

Mar 20084Simon K Jones

Indy 4 trailer this week!!

Feb 20084Simon K Jones

The new Enterprise crew assembles...

Oct 20074Simon K Jones

Online press thanked over Indy 4 theft

Oct 20074Simon K Jones

The Pro Bundle discount to end soon!

Oct 20074Simon K Jones

Calling all TiVo, Treo and Blackberry owners!

Oct 20074Simon K Jones

Cannes Survival Guide

Aug 20074Simon K Jones

Cyn - review and interview!

Aug 20074Simon K Jones

Down with the kidz

Aug 20074Simon K Jones

The New News System

Aug 20074Simon K Jones

Closer Still....

May 20024Joshua Davies

AlamDV 2.0.5 Release Info

Jan 20024Joshua Davies

New Plug-ins RELEASED

Jan 20024Joshua Davies

Tuesdays Disasters

Sep 20014malone

AlamDV Version 1 final (Windows Version)

Aug 20014malone

ALAMDV Official Release

Mar 20014Xcession

Season's Greetings from FXhome (free stuff!)

Dec 20113Simon K Jones

HitFilm tutorial: Parenting layers

Oct 20113Simon K Jones

Last chance to get up to 40% off HitFilm!

Aug 20113Simon K Jones

FXhome Flickr Group!

Jan 20113Simon K Jones

Digital downloads: need a last minute Xmas gift?

Dec 20103Simon K Jones

Spotlight Round-up, 2007-2010

Sep 20103Simon K Jones

New feedback topics = new chances to win!

Jun 20103Simon K Jones

New storefront! Plus email glitch update

Sep 20093Simon K Jones

September update

Sep 20093Simon K Jones

New backdrop image packs from FXhome

Jun 20093Simon K Jones

Last chance to vote in the FXhome Awards!

Feb 20093Simon K Jones

FXhome PhotoKey 2 now available

Nov 20083Simon K Jones

McG talks T4

Aug 20083Simon K Jones

Rolling Stone reviews The Dark Knight

Jun 20083Simon K Jones

Robotech movie gathers pace

Jun 20083Simon K Jones

Hellboy 2 trailer

Apr 20083Simon K Jones

Director Anthony Minghella dies

Mar 20083Simon K Jones

Hellboy 2 interview with Del Toro

Feb 20083Simon K Jones

Empire 60-seconds film contest

Jan 20083Simon K Jones

PhotoKey update - new features!!

Jan 20083Simon K Jones

Interview with AJ Rickert-Epstein, director of Fingerman

Nov 20073Simon K Jones

Zachary Quinto as Spock

Nov 20073Simon K Jones

VideoWrap special deals

Oct 20073Simon K Jones

Pixar to do pulp sci-fi!

Oct 20073Simon K Jones

Renderosity Halloween Contest

Sep 20073Simon K Jones

VideoWrap update v1.0.0054 released!

Sep 20073Joshua Davies

CSB sponsor major student film festival

May 20033Simon K Jones

Who should be a SuperUser?

Jul 20023Joshua Davies

AlamDV2.0.7.2 Released

Apr 20023Joshua Davies

New Forum

Apr 20023malone

Sad News :(

Apr 20023malone

High quality backdrops for PhotoKey

Feb 20122Simon K Jones

January Sales

Jan 20112Simon K Jones

New features in PhotoKey 4 & 4 Pro

Nov 20102Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 4 & PhotoKey 4 Pro now available!

Nov 20102Simon K Jones

New stock image packs: Autumn, Halloween and Happy Holidays!

Oct 20102Simon K Jones

PhotoKey Quick Tip #1

Sep 20102Simon K Jones

Feedback prize draw #1

Jun 20102Simon K Jones

New PhotoKey video tutorials

Jun 20102Simon K Jones

Ross wins film competition!

May 20102Simon K Jones

Multi-part YouTube movies now allowed in User Movies

Apr 20102Simon K Jones

FXhome newsletters

Nov 20092Simon K Jones

Siggraph 2009

Aug 20092Simon K Jones

FXhome at PMA in Vegas

Feb 20092Simon K Jones

Star Trek characters revealed in posters

Jul 20082Simon K Jones

All FXhome products updated

Jul 20082Simon K Jones

Brian K. Vaughan is cool

May 20082Simon K Jones

Iron Man production photos

Apr 20082Simon K Jones

Lucas talks Star Wars on TV

Mar 20082Simon K Jones

FXhome reviews Zombie Love on DVD

Feb 20082Simon K Jones

Favreau on Iron Man

Feb 20082Simon K Jones

Sales Coordinator needed

Feb 20082Simon K Jones

FXhome sponsors Phoenix film fest

Jan 20082Simon K Jones

FXhome gift cards

Dec 20072Simon K Jones

Last chance to vote for FXhome in the MacUser awards!

Aug 20072Simon K Jones

Bringing sexy back

Aug 20072Simon K Jones

Quizzy Returns

May 20022malone

AlamDV Web Site 2

Dec 20012Joshua Davies

New Website w00t

Nov 20012malone

6 days left to get 20% off HitFilm!

Jan 20121Simon K Jones

Check out the latest HitFilm tutorials!

Sep 20111Simon K Jones

7 Day Sale on PhotoKey!

Jul 20111Simon K Jones

New PhotoKey 4 video tutorials!

Mar 20111Simon K Jones

FXhome's 10th Anniversary celebrations!

Mar 20111Simon K Jones

NEW - Kids Party pack for PhotoKey

Feb 20111Simon K Jones

Last chance for January Sale! 25-35% off

Jan 20111Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 4 and PhotoKey 4 Pro updated!

Dec 20101Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 4 pre-orders and upgrades!

Nov 20101Simon K Jones

New PhotoKey Quick Tips!

Sep 20101Simon K Jones

PhotoKey Quick Tip #2

Sep 20101Simon K Jones

Sollthar's Drama Guide: Script & Acting

Aug 20101Simon K Jones

iCreate reviews PhotoKey 3

Jul 20101Simon K Jones

Spotlight: Axel 'Axeman' Wilkinson

Jun 20101Simon K Jones

This weekend only: Special PhotoKey upgrade discounts

May 20101Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 3 and 3 Pro updates

May 20101Simon K Jones

Volcano disrupting FXhome shipments

Apr 20101Simon K Jones

Wizard Combat tutorials for VisionLab Studio

Mar 20101Simon K Jones

Buying products online safely

Mar 20101Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 & 3 updates

Nov 20091Simon K Jones

Jedi at college

Sep 20091Simon K Jones

FXhome video products 15% off!

Aug 20091Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 discount weekend begins!

Jul 20091Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 and PhotoKey 2 Pro free update available!

Apr 20091Simon K Jones

PhotoKey 2 update now available

Mar 20091Simon K Jones

VisionLab Complete Bundle

Feb 20091Simon K Jones

Final sale weekend!!

Jan 20091Simon K Jones

Don't miss the FXhome January sales!

Jan 20091Simon K Jones

Contacting FXhome during Christmas & New Year

Dec 20081Simon K Jones

FXhome's Xmas Bundle Deals

Nov 20081Joshua Davies

PhotoKey Batch update

Oct 20081Simon K Jones

Preparing for a shoot

Oct 20081Simon K Jones

Hulk 2 tidbits

Sep 20081Simon K Jones

Transformers not in disguise

Aug 20081Simon K Jones

Watchmen set visit

Jul 20081Simon K Jones

Interview round-up

Jun 20081Simon K Jones

Iron Man 2 tidbits

Jun 20081Simon K Jones

More Batman posters

May 20081Simon K Jones

Hulk movie on track after all?

Apr 20081Simon K Jones

Gar, thar be pirates!

Apr 20081Simon K Jones

Lucas and Spielberg have a chat

Apr 20081Simon K Jones

Shatner definitely out?

Apr 20081Simon K Jones

Terrence Howard on Iron Man

Apr 20081Simon K Jones

Watchmen video diary

Apr 20081Simon K Jones

Minor update to Lab products

Feb 20081Simon K Jones

VideoWrap discount ends this week!

Jan 20081Simon K Jones

FXhome at PMA 20008

Jan 20081Simon K Jones

Last chance on 30% discounts!

Jan 20081Simon K Jones

Peter Cullen interview

Oct 20071Simon K Jones

Where's the latest news??

Aug 20071Simon K Jones relaunched as major movie news portal

Aug 20071Simon K Jones

AlamDV2.1.4 for Mac now available

Nov 20021Simon K Jones

Important Poll

Apr 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2.0.7.1 Mac & PC

Apr 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2.0.7 PC

Apr 20021Joshua Davies


Apr 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 (2.0.7/2.1)

Mar 20021Joshua Davies

Website Speed Increase

Mar 20021malone

Next AlamDV2 Release

Mar 20021Joshua Davies

Tim joins csb-digital

Mar 20021Joshua Davies

Mac Tests Coming...

Mar 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 v2.0.6 Release

Feb 20021Joshua Davies

Problems with 2.0.6

Feb 20021Joshua Davies

Where we are going..

Feb 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 v2.0.5 Release

Feb 20021Joshua Davies

Competition Time!

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

All New Things!!!

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

Broken Plug-ins Fixed

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 2.0.4 Mac&PC RELEASED

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 2.0.4 Mac and PC RELEASED

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 2.0.3 RELEASED

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 2.0.3 PC Released

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

A Few Website Updates

Jan 20021malone

Happy New Year!

Jan 20021Joshua Davies

What's coming in v2.0.3

Dec 20011Joshua Davies


Dec 20011Joshua Davies

New Plugins

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 v2.0.2 (Mac & PC)

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV 2.0.2 (Windows)

Dec 20011malone

AlamDV2 Tutorial

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 Update

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 Problems

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV2 Release

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

Where is AlamDV2?

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

Teaser Trailer

Dec 20011malone

Is there a beta 3?

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

What is next?

Dec 20011Joshua Davies

New Site Activated

Dec 20011malone

New Google Site Search

Dec 20011malone

AlamDV Version 1 FINAL Patch 3

Oct 20011malone

AlamDV Version 1 FINAL Patch 2

Sep 20011malone

AlamDV Version 1 FINAL Patch 1

Sep 20011malone

AlamDV and the near future...

Sep 20011Joshua Davies

Macintosh Version Updated and Fixed...

Sep 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV Version 1 FINAL (Mac Version Removed)

Sep 20011malone

AlamDV Version 1 FINAL

Aug 20011malone

AlamDV 141 Macintosh PC Download...

Jun 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV build 140 ready for download (PC)

May 20011Joshua Davies

AlamDV Demo Expiry Fixed

May 20011malone

AlamDV Demo Expiry

May 20011Xcession

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