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US presidential election discussion

Aug 20081492Atom

James Cameron's Avatar *Spoilers*

Aug 2009865Staff Only

Are guns cool? Debate!

Jan 2007388CurtinParloe

Three Word Story

Jan 2005328TheRenegade

The Passion of Christ

Feb 2004327FiveIronFrenzy

Fahrenheit 9/11

Jun 2004283CX3

Christopher Nolan's Inception

Aug 2009267Staff Only

Halo 2!!!!

Nov 2004233Xog2

College Applications: anyone else freaking out?

Aug 2007232ben3308

Whos loving Modern Warfare 2!?

Nov 2009231doppelganger

The TimmyD + Miker ACTION! Contest

Jul 2006219TimmyD

gun debate

Sep 20032124036Douglas

The Matrix Reloaded

May 2003208Ice_Man

Half Life 2 (NO spoilers)

Nov 2004205Hybrid-Halo

World Trade Center movie trailer

May 2006196Redhawksrymmer

2008 election!

Nov 2007191DVStudio

LOST Season Six [UK Folks, There Be Spoilers Here Tuesdays]

Feb 2010189Aculag

Money/e pics, the sequel!

Apr 2003182sidewinder

Just Saw The Dark Knight... **SPOILERS!!!**

Jul 2008176Bugclimber

The Riddle Game

Jan 2007176King of Blades

The Travesty of Marijuana Prohibition

Mar 2005172Coureur de Bois

The Matrix Relaoded Official Trailer

Apr 2003170THEent


Sep 2006168TimmyD

Republican or Democrat?

May 2004166Evman

Acclaimed Director, Clint Eastwood, tragically dies...

Apr 2007165Atom

Nintendo DS Updates

Sep 2004165Serpent

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

May 2008164Jabooza

Ryan vs Dorkman 2

Mar 2007164Redhawksrymmer

Against Racism !!!

Oct 2005163devilskater

The power of the GOP compells me!

Jul 2004163sfbmovieco

boo hoo

Sep 2002159arniie

Kanye West's 30-Minute Music Video - 'Runaway'

Oct 2010158Atom

Final Harry Potter Trailer

Apr 2009155jawajohnny

Primaries close in Texas, Clinton draws closer...

Feb 2008155ben3308

Matrix Revolutions Opinions/Spoilers

Nov 2003155CX3

President Barack Obama

Jan 2009154Coureur de Bois

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Discussion Topic

Jan 2008153film freak

Explosions in London

Jul 2005153jotoki

Transformers are ALIVE!

Jun 2006150Gman 007

Show us your video editing setup/studio, or your lunch

Aug 2006146visualchaos

Mel Gibson's new film "The Passion"

Jan 2003146Greyo

Xbox 360 Hype

Nov 2005145TommyB

Revolution Renamed Nintendo 'Wii'

Apr 2006144Zea

Spider-Man 3

May 2007141Orin Warren

Star Trek *Possible Spoilers*

May 2009134Joecool1081

War of the Worlds

Jun 2005134Waser

PS3 controller has tilt sensing!

May 2006131Pooky

Final Cut Pro X Announced-Footage Included

Apr 2011129Garrison


Nov 2004129Atom

Michael Moore...any thoughts about him?

Jan 2004129elementcinema


Aug 2004127LtMcMurphy

I Am 13 :)

Oct 2002127ada1989

RealTime FX Cards for Avid Xpress Pro and PPRO???

Dec 2003124SunriseSeagull

"Frontiers" -Game Development thread

Nov 2010122Sollthar

Actual Video Proof Of Alien Life?

May 2008122film freak

Oscars 2011 nominations!

Jan 2011121Simon K Jones

"The One-Word Sentence Story"

Dec 2006121King of Blades


Nov 2005120Klausky

Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed!

Sep 2005120cantaclaro

Bane and Selina Kyle in Dark Knight Rises

Jan 2011118Joecool1081

Transformers 2

Jun 2009118Simon K Jones

SL:FX 3D Challenge - November 25th

Nov 2004116Rawree

Halo 2

May 2004116aaron 99

Superman Returns~ <SPOILERS> Clips,Trailers,Ect.

May 2006115SyroVision

Video ipod vs PSP

Dec 200511403ruby

Web Site Re-Desiging Help

Mar 2005114Vault FX

Happy Earth Day

Apr 2009113Paradox Pictures

Left 4 Dead

Oct 2008113Simon K Jones


Jan 2008113Multiwagon

Muse: The Resistance

Sep 2009112Fill

District 9

Aug 2009112Evman

this is amazing

Mar 2008110videofxuniverse

Where are you from?

Jan 2004110er-no

SL:FX 3D Challenge - January 18th

Jan 2005109Rawree

Speed Racer

May 2008108Evman

WGA Strike

Nov 2007108Evman

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith Reviews Thread

May 2005108BackOfTheHearse

Jennifer's Body AKA Megan Fox's Body

Aug 2009106Staff Only

What do you like better, dogs or cats?

Jul 2006106Jabooza

Spot The Photoshop! [UPDATED NEW PIC]

Apr 2006106SyroVision

Halloween Avatar/Sig Contest

Oct 2005105Serpent

(American) Football!

Jan 2010104Thrawn

America no longer the Fattest in the World

Jun 2008104ben3308

Show Us Your Setup Peeps!

Feb 2008104Adman

100 Forcepoints for a name

May 2003104Sollthar

High School

Aug 2005103Bugclimber

SL:FX Bimonthly 3D Challenge

Nov 2004103Rawree

FXhome Awards 2010 incoming!

Feb 2010102Simon K Jones

December 21, 2012 - World Ends?

Feb 2008102CX3

Santas Packed a Brand New Bag: What's on Your X-Mas List!?

Dec 2004102wdy


Sep 2007101Atom

World Cup

Jun 2006101Serpent

Star Wars Trilogy - 2004 DVD Changes

Sep 2004101ZukoVega

Leopard Release Date Announced! (with poll!)

Oct 2007100NickF

Weta vs. ILM

Jan 2005100JoelM

Assassin's Creed II

Nov 200999Staff Only

Got my PSP today.

Mar 200599Sharp

Halo 3 [No Spoilers]

Sep 200798CX3

We're DONE!* Atomic at the Dallas 48-Hour!

Jul 200798ben3308


Oct 200997Xcession

force dosent mean your the best

Aug 200696jgtrox2

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest

Jul 200696coldside

Kick Ass

Mar 201095Simon K Jones

FXhomers: do you like your Internets?

Nov 200995Simon K Jones

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - LOOK SIR, SPOILERS!

Jul 200795Plainly

Windows Vista

Feb 200694irishcult


Sep 200594Frozenpede

Favorite Bands

Aug 200594Zea

How many Mac/Windows Users do we have here?

Mar 200594Sisko Kid

Sollthars 3rd Person Shooter Project!

Jul 201093Sollthar

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Trailer

Dec 200993jawajohnny

Oblivion : This game will destroy your life.

Mar 200693SyroVision

Negative Ratings

Feb 200992Paradox Pictures

Show Us Your Setup!

Mar 200792NickD

Girl Boy is out!

Aug 200492ssjaaron

Santa's packed an EVEN NEWER BAG! What's on your X-mas List?

Nov 200591Atom


Mar 201190spydurhank

Clash of the Titans

Mar 201090DX6channel

FXhome Awards 2010 NOMINATIONS

Mar 201090Simon K Jones

Iron Man 2

Apr 201089Staff Only

John Malkovich is The Vulture in Spiderman 4 (NOT!)

Jan 201089ben3308

see my matrix web site

Jun 200389darth_paul_goku

What do you think of the USA?

Sep 200289wpl

Guillermo Del Toro Officially not directing The Hobbit

May 201088Joecool1081

Geography Game

May 200788King of Blades

This place is gone

Sep 201187Atom

Dragon Age and Bioware games

Feb 201187Staff Only

September 11, 2010

Sep 201087ben3308

Ian Paterson's HOUSE OF HELL

Aug 201087ben3308

Sonic the Hedgehog CONFIRMED for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Oct 200787film freak

Sin City Cast and Crew Premiere

Mar 200587cantaclaro

Found a camera in the woods. PICS! *56k Warning!*

Aug 200487Hajiku_Flip

Favorite TV Shows?

Mar 200986jawajohnny


Nov 200786hatsoff2halford

What do you think is the worst movie ever?

Apr 200786Penguin

Apple release bootcamp: MacOSX and Windows on one machine!

Apr 200686cantaclaro

Fun little fact for everyone to know :)

Sep 200586DarkJedi07

Bill O'Reilly doesn't deserve a tv show..

Feb 200486Anonymous

Its Halloween Time Which Means New Avatar/sig Time

Oct 200485LtMcMurphy

Which game should be made into a movie?

Oct 200385er-no

Tron Legacy

Nov 201084Staff Only

Borat and America: possible spoilers

Nov 200684nanafanboy

MOVIE TRAILER - BROKEN ($8000 Action Short - 100 Vfx Shots)

Aug 200583BROKEN2005

FX 3D Challenge!!!

Jun 200583ssj john

Recieved a Canon GL2 :Updated:

Jun 200483Slick

Arnold for Governor

Aug 2003834036Douglas

BackyardFX viewers should read this...

Mar 201182Azulon'sAssassin

SL:FX 3D Challenge - December 8th

Dec 200482Rawree

ILM vs WETA digital

Nov 200581Gnome326

X-Men: First Class SPOILERS

Apr 201180Staff Only


Mar 200980PLANB

X-Men: The Last Stand - MAJOR SPOILERS

May 200680Harvey

Third Star Trek Trailer

Mar 200979jawajohnny

Senator Obama's World Tour

Jul 200879petet2

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (SPOILERS INSIDE!!!)

Jul 200579Bugclimber

DS users, silver no more!

Feb 200579Atom

Hollywood in crisis????

Oct 200578ashman

Hollow Earth

Nov 200378Slick

E3 2008

Jul 200877Serpent

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Movie)

Jul 200777Evman

King Kong

Dec 200577rogolo

E3 2005

May 200577Serpent

William Hung is a Moron

May 200477jaycoolyea

Fringe Season 2 (Spoilers, episodes air on Thursdays)

Sep 200976Staff Only

Heroes volume 5 Redemtion

Sep 200976ahartwig01

Terminator Salvation New Trailer(2 of them)

Dec 200876RodyPolis

What System will you get?

May 200676CX3

Terri Schiavo Dies

Mar 200576cinemafreak

Tops and Flops of 2002

Jan 200376Sollthar

Transformers Reviews

Jul 200775Bryce007


Mar 200775Plainly

Hurricane Katrina

Aug 200575DarkJedi07

Star Wars: Episode III Trailer

Mar 200575VisualFXGuy

Video Ipod Afterall...

Oct 200574Zea

Sollthar Sightings...

Oct 200374Kid

RVD, RVD2, RVB or, Alternate lightsaber duel

Nov 200873Paradox Pictures

Home Schoolers

Nov 200773Tommy92L

kingofbladeslv Presents: "The Everlasting Story!"

Dec 200673King of Blades

Where Do You Live?

Apr 200373Exclamation

Where are YOU from?

Jan 201172Bryce007

Fred has 1,000,000 subscribers.

Apr 200972Paradox Pictures

Digital art

Jun 200772B3N

Ryan VS Dorkman ][

Jul 200672destron

Is this real?! (Sony ad)

Jul 200672Fill

Forum Game- "Q&A"

Jul 200771King of Blades

Show us your Photos!

Jun 200771Evman

Santa's packed a brand new bag: What's You X-Mas List?

Nov 200671Atom

The Movies of 2005 - A Year in Review

Dec 200571Waser

So what did you get for (insert holiday of choice here)?

Dec 200571Slick

Major movie mistakes

Apr 200571steelglass

Best movie action sequence EVER?

Dec 200471Mellifluous

Why I Go Mac

Jan 200471CX3

2010 FIFA World Cup

Jun 201070Bolbi

5 Years

May 200970Atom

Who's the oldest geezer here? Who's the youngest?

Sep 200870Tim L

Santa's packed a brand new bag: Whats On Your Christmas List

Nov 200770rmw


Mar 200770Waser

The Halo movie?

Jan 200770Orin Warren

Leopard sneek peek now on apple!

Aug 200670film freak

I, Robot <---- Good Movie or not?

Jul 200470DigiSm89

Signutare Shop

Aug 200370Slick

"Like" The Brocial Network on Facebook!

Jan 201169Atom

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Trailer Debut High Quality

Nov 200969Joecool1081

Upgrading. Need some help on new computer parts.

Nov 200569steelglass

iPod Nano

Sep 200569cantaclaro

The Village

Aug 200469FiveIronFrenzy

Usernames - how did you choose yours?

Feb 200868pdrg

Halloween Party!

Oct 200768film freak

Windows, Mac, Linux

Jun 200768Adman

Lost season 3

Sep 200668Maxy

"WarioWare: Touched!" It's so's fun!

Feb 200568Atom

What's the worst film you've EVER seen?

Jan 200568TommyB

For Blade II fans (if any)

Jan 200368moebius

Best/Worst Movies of 2010

Dec 201067Biblmac

The Apple iPad Tablet

Jan 201067Atom

broke my arm

Jan 200967futurefilmmaker

The Movies of 2008: A Year In Review

Jan 200967Atom

H A U N T F E S T : Submission Thread

Oct 200667miker

Sneaking Into Theaters: Ever Bother You?

Feb 200667cinemafreak

try and make me laugh

Dec 200567starfan

Oh snap! Another awesome iPod knockoff!

Sep 200567ben3308

Company Site

Feb 200467jaycoolyea


Mar 200367Sollthar


Feb 200367Venger

Scope Entertainment Present: ScopeFest!

Jul 200267Hajiku_Flip

FXhome Awards 2010 WINNERS

Apr 201066Simon K Jones


Nov 200966jawajohnny

Watchmen *Spoilers... So Don't Complain If You Read*

Mar 200966CX3

HAUNTFEST '07: Official Kickoff

Sep 200766TimmyD

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Dec 200666Garrison

Sam Fisher or Solid Snake?

May 200666Fill

Michael Jackson

Feb 200566MovieGuy334

Xbox vs. PS2 vs. Gamecube

Jul 200266sidewinder

Apple's Insomnia 24hour Film Festival

Oct 200765Fill

Gears Of War - ROUND 2 16/12/06

Nov 200665ashman

*LOST* NEW PIC [Spoilers]

Dec 200565TommyB

Desktops and Desktops! *PICS*

Sep 200565Atom

President of TubeTape just offered to give me a free...

Feb 201164TvReagan

New MacBook Air

Jan 200864Dancamfx

Spiderman 3 Villains

Sep 200564NuttyBanana

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Oct 200963CX3

The Skinny Peter Jackson

Dec 200563FiveIronFrenzy

HL2: Lost Coast.

Oct 200563A Pickle

Cool 2004 movies comming

Jan 200463ssjaaron

Anbody Related To Someone Famous?

Apr 201162FXhomer136658

FXhome Awards 2010 VOTING

Mar 201062Simon K Jones

Haiti Earthquake

Jan 201062RodyPolis

Terminator Salvation 4 minute Trailer

May 200962RodyPolis

Show off your site

Jan 200962Paradox Pictures

All hail the NEW YORK GIANTS!

Feb 200862ben3308

Top ten best ghost photographs ever taken.

Oct 200662drspin98

Future Games... my hands-on opinions. (updated)

Sep 200462er-no

Filmmaking is an art.

Oct 200362mod_007

Political Correctness

Sep 200362sidewinder

New macbook

Oct 200861PSFreak

The XXIX Olympiad in Beijing

Aug 200861Coureur de Bois


Sep 200761Rockfilmers

V for Vendetta

Mar 200661Waser

Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith For PS2 & Star Wars In Pla

May 200561johnatkins

Who is the best director?

Jan 200461FiveIronFrenzy

Top 10 movies of all time - The Thread

Dec 200860Pooky

Freaky secret movie

Jul 200760VRBstudios


Mar 200760ajjax44

Superman Returns - *SPOILERS* What did you Think?

Jun 200660Magic_man12

E3 Topic! Lovely!

Apr 200660er-no

The Almighty (CHIN!) "Domino"

Oct 200560cantaclaro

Are you smart enough to figure this out?

May 200560wpl

2012 Trailer

Jun 200959jawajohnny

Euro Cup 2008

Jun 200859Bolbi

The new iPod Family (IMAGES)

Sep 200759rogolo

Pirates of the carribean 3

May 200759Elliptical Productions

The Official Super Bowl Thread

Jan 200759NickD

The most fun flash game EVER!

Jul 200659film freak

Indy 4

Mar 200659shadowninja1028

What TV shows are you a regular watcher of?

Feb 200659Deepcoiler

New Gizzmos and Gadgets from Apple

Oct 200559Xog2

A boatload of Episode 3 stills (Spoiler Warning!)

Feb 200559Coureur de Bois


Aug 200459Aculag

scary movies

Jun 200459wpl

Bulletproof Monk

Apr 200359Aculag

Your Top-Ten worst movies ever?

Apr 201158Azulon'sAssassin

Emma Stone to Play Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man!

Oct 201058Joecool1081

BEST logos

Feb 200958cavickers

The Jena Six: what are your thoughts?

Sep 200758ben3308

Contacts in Hollywood Or BBC

Jun 200358Anonymous

'Total Frat Move' Original Promo - New from Atomic

Mar 201157Atom

Panic Attack! (was Amazing!?)

Dec 200957doppelganger

Just Cause 2 Gameplay footage

Nov 200957Staff Only

The Unofficial Halo 3 FXhome Tournament Thread [Event Over]

Nov 200757FreshMentos

Why I love the british...

Oct 200757devilskater

"The Everlasting Story Episode II: A Better Storyline

Jan 200757King of Blades

The TimmyD + Miker ACTION! Contest - WE HAVE A WINNER!

Sep 200657TimmyD


Nov 200357TAP2

My face as a 3d model

May 200357sidewinder

Your American Idol faveo-orites?

Feb 201156Azulon'sAssassin

FXhome Awards 2011 - VOTING OPEN!

Feb 201156Simon K Jones

Apple releases new laptop without keyboard!

Jan 200956sfbmovieco

What do you think of these ads for my site?

Nov 200856DVStudio

For us Americans :)

May 200856Rockfilmers

Grand Theft Auto 4

May 200856Aculag

Editing Desktop Machine. Advice!

Jan 200856Atom

Will Smith now a Raging Crazy (Scientologist)

Jan 200856Atom

FXhome Gaming: Team Fortress 2 on Friday 19/10 [Event over]

Oct 200756Redhawksrymmer

NEWS!> So, I just got a Microsoft Zune...

Dec 200656ben3308

Is this a scam?

Jul 200656FXhomer12891

War of the Worlds Teaser!

Dec 200456Pooky

Take this weird test.

Oct 200456CX3

Hey Spike... About GTA3

Mar 200356TAP2

Howdy! (the thread)

Nov 200955MechaForce

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Aug 200955FreshMentos

WDC 2008 - iPhone 3G

Jun 200855er-no

Favorite/Best Band of all time?

Feb 200855sfbmovieco

The Dark Knight New Trailer

Dec 200755NickF

physics theories

Jan 200655bizzardstick

Oh My! Half-Life 2 Death Match!

Dec 200455Aculag

Canon GL-1!!!!

Oct 200455Serpent

Nintendo E3

May 200455Serpent

I don't care what you say...

Oct 200255The Great One

world cup?

Jun 200255arniie

Harry Potter 7 Pt. II

Jul 201154Atom

Retribution, TX (The Atomic Western) -Production Thread

Apr 201154Atom

Atomic in the Austin 48 Hour

Jun 201054Atom

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Sep 200954Pooky

Summer Vacation!

May 200954No Degradation

Do You Own Any Movie Replicas?

Feb 200854film freak

Movies of 2007- A Year in Review

Dec 200754Atom

Forum Game: "Guess That Quote"

Oct 200754King of Blades

RECON 2 Pics

Feb 200654JohnCarter

what music do you listen too?

Dec 200554starfan

Are you playing an instrument ?

Dec 200554Remco Gerritsen

Pre-ordered an XBOX 360?

Oct 200554DarkJedi07


Jul 200554pzgamer825

Tune In!

Mar 200554Aculag

Who here's at school?

Apr 200354LtMcMurphy

Important: Protecting Chromanator and DigiGrade from piracy

Jan 200354Joshua Davies

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Trailer

Dec 200953Evman

Non Animated Logo Request

Jun 200953PillowBruise

Left 4 Dead Gaming Night! This Saturday!

Jan 200953B3N

Apple's iPhone

Jan 200753Garrison

Cover's Story hits the press! And so do we...

Jul 200653Atom

High School Kids

Oct 200553Jeremy Davidson

Do you all believe this??

Jun 200553CX3

The Ring Two

Mar 200553Waser

So what did you get?

Dec 200453Klut

September 11th

Sep 200453Evman

Hope I'm welcomed?!

Sep 200453Charles King

What are YOU listening to RIGHT now?

Mar 200453elementcinema

how old r u?

Oct 200353kungfukid

Xbox Live - Gamertag Listing

Nov 200253Hajiku_Flip

Who thinks the word S**T should be legalised in the forum!

Sep 200253domdino

How did you get your nick?

Jul 200253X

real UFO? best ever footage close up of ship.

Jan 201052b4uask30male

E.T filming locations (AMAZING COMPOSITING) then and now.

Jun 200952nitrox


Jan 200852fxmaniac

Snakes on a Plane

Aug 200652Serpent

Jobs vs Gates (no debate... honest)

Jan 200652Pooky

Ipod Color 4th Generation Now..or Wait for 5th Generation

Oct 200552Zea

DS Hacks- anyone know any? At all?

Aug 200552ben3308

Windows Vista

Jul 200552MrShmoe

All You Romantics

Feb 200552wdy


Dec 200452FiveIronFrenzy

What happens after DigiGrade?

Dec 200452Thonhaugen

Anyone else got tickets to Blink182?

Apr 200452wdy

Game Time

Jul 200352Exclamation

Merry Christmas!

Dec 200951Staff Only

Most/Least disappointing movie of far.

Sep 200951RodyPolis

X-men Origins *Spoiler Warning*

May 200951Thrawn

Chuck Norris VS. Bruce Lee

Mar 200951TheOutlawAmbulance

"300" Theatrical Trailer

Oct 200651Redhawksrymmer

Do you think Movies are losing their touch?

Sep 200651Garfield Street

Sony's Latest Stunt... Pathetic

Nov 200551TommyB

Sony PSP!!!!!!! can play videos

Mar 20055103ruby

Johnny Ramone Dead

Sep 200451Mr Pencil

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Jun 200451Evman

Power Mac G5

Jun 200451Serpent

Microsoft lose judge's ruling 24/12/02

Dec 200251er-no


Feb 201150Staff Only

Hurt Locker wins all, pleases Atom

Mar 201050Atom

"Show off your site" nominees

Feb 200950Paradox Pictures

Costume sugestions (Updated - A winner is YOU!)

Aug 200750Arktic

On the Lot Premiere Episode

May 200750Anne

Fantastic Four trailer fantastic?

Jan 200550elementcinema

MY Birthday!!

Oct 200450ssjaaron

Christmas Goodies!

Dec 200350Bowie

Kill Bill is my God.

Oct 200350LtMcMurphy

Sucker Punch

Nov 201049Aculag

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman 3?

Jul 201049Joecool1081

Which superhero would you like to see?

Nov 200849The FE

Design A Movie Poster For A Movie You'd Wanna See

Apr 200849CX3

Casino Royale

Nov 200649Orin Warren

The Dynamic Duos of FXHome!

Jul 200649ben3308

Happy Halloween!

Oct 200549er-no

Napolean Dynamite

Dec 200449LtMcMurphy

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Dec 200948jawajohnny

Harry Potter 6

Jul 200948Atom

NOW IN CINEMA! >The Atomic Videorace 2009

May 200948Atom

Heath Ledger is Dead...

Jan 200848Evman

I Am Legend

Dec 200748Fill

Superbowl XLI

Jan 200748Kid

Fake Future Versions of FXhome

Nov 200648NickF

Prey Demo!

Jun 200648Zea

Modelling the FXHOME merchandise (Shirts)

Feb 200648pcremag

How did you find FXhome?

Dec 200548Jedimaster7889

Books that Should be Movies

Dec 200548Frozenpede

The Worst Dialogue/Lines in a Movie.

Nov 200548Bryce007

Studio names?

Oct 200548Zero767

Saw 2!!!!!!

Aug 200548Atom

Ashlee Simpson's SNL screwup

Oct 200448Coureur de Bois

LOTR ROTK Extended dvd Trailer.

Oct 200448xbreaka

Are you registered to vote? If so win $100,000

Sep 200448Cutty201

Zion (Matrix Reloaded spoilers)

May 200348curran

What do you think of my newest avatar?

Apr 200348Aculag

I'm spying on a robin - and you can too!

May 201147Aculag

New Green Lantern Wonder-con Footage

Apr 201147Joecool1081

Best and Worst Movie Moments

May 200947Terminal Velocity

Red Dead Redemption - Trailer

May 200947ashman

Alcohol Thread (minors not admitted)

Dec 200847Coureur de Bois

Oscars-Transformers lost! To THE GOLDEN COMPASS?!

Feb 200847Atom

Who is your favorite director?

Jan 200847Frozenpede

Which side of your brain do you use?

Oct 200747er-no


Jul 200747ben3308

iPhone's here! So...who got one?

Jun 200747Atom

Harrison Ford as Indianna Jones (in costume)

Jun 200747Rawree

"It's Coming..."

Jun 200747Evman

Have you got a Wii? First impressions please...

Nov 200647petet2

Did you know...?

Apr 200647Arktic

Worst trailer. Period.

Jan 200647TimmyD

College is Out of Hand

Sep 200547Zeolahn

Michael Jackson: Agree with the Verdict?

Jun 200547wdy

Project Idea!

Apr 200547swatdojo

IQ Tests

Jan 200547ben3308

URGENT! Important information about virus! FXHome related!

Oct 200447ben3308

FX Home studios

Sep 200447The Artur

Your Fav. Movie And Why!?

Jan 200447elementcinema

Words of Wisdom - Go For What U Want In Life

Dec 200247curran

Who has the best CPU?

Nov 200247Magic_man12

Aculag's 8000th Post Party

Feb 201146Aculag

Guillermo Del Toro to direct Disney's Haunted Mansion Reboot

Jul 201046miker

Video footage of my broke arm

Jun 200846jgtrox2

Star Wars Animated TV Series

Feb 200846jawajohnny

You Mocked Me,... You Despised Me

May 200646lennydee

Spiderman 3

Feb 200646boffa86

Nintendo DS is redesigned

Jan 200646Klut

my huge party

Oct 200546starfan

Battlefield 2 Demo

Jun 200546boffa86

I saw Star Wars 3 and I am confused. Explanation? Spoilers

Jun 200546DPUMA8

HL2 (SPOILER thread)

Nov 200446Simon K Jones

Pirate Day!

Sep 200446Serpent

My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance

Feb 200446Brettsta

Who would you like to Direct Superman?

Sep 201045Joecool1081

How Many 5 Year Olds...

Feb 200845Frosty G


Jan 200845Bucees

The Bourne Ultimatum

Jul 200745Fill

Does money make happiness? Vote and debate!

May 200745Plainly

Your greatest movie?

Mar 200745mercianfilm

Who got Windows Vista? Share your first impressions please

Jan 200745Jabooza

How do you guys come up with ideas?

Aug 200645no_hole

Blu Ray Launching Next Week

Jun 200645Garrison

Diet Coke

Jan 200645Serpent

Mario 64 in 20 minutes!

Aug 200545boffa86

Happy Slapping

May 200545callum_slade

New Halo 2 Trailer

Jul 200445CoolKabe

Revolution, blue sky and a ship ?

Oct 200345Andreas

VGA game trailers! (Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Batman etc)

Dec 201044Staff Only

Modern Warfare 2 Fanfilm

Apr 201044The Siege

Doctor Who

Apr 201044JonnyT93

New iPod Nano

Sep 200844chchaisson

I've Graduated!

May 200844Atom

Best Computer on Market

Mar 200844DVStudio

It's my Birthday!

Nov 200744Fill

What did everybody get?

Dec 200644Multiwagon

Who has a website?

Nov 200644Orin Warren

Burnout Revenge

Sep 200544Fill

Convince Me Why I Should Convert From Windows To Mac!

May 200544callum_slade

Holy Crap!

Feb 200544sidewinder

Spider Man 2 Premire!

Jun 200444ssjaaron

Time Travel!!!

Mar 200344ihateemo

Statistics Show: Mac users are smarter!

Jul 200244av11d

Who is your favourite film music composer.

Oct 200943Mattex Films HD

Indy 5?!

Sep 200943DVStudio

Your favorite movie soundtracks...

Mar 200943jawajohnny

Best logo NOMINEES!

Feb 200943cavickers


Nov 200743Atom

Best Video Game Ever.

Jul 200743Phantom48

Spider-man 3 teaser is here...

Jun 200643vilhelm nielsen

Which films are you looking forward to this year?

Jan 200643Alex Reeve

Halo Movie

May 200543LilCaesars

AMD 64bit 2.2Ghz or P4 3Ghz HT

Dec 200443TheRenegade

Halo The Movie Anybody?

Nov 200443CX3

best comercial ever?

Oct 200443boffa86

3ds max

Aug 200443ssj john

Director Demo Reel - Advice Please.

Feb 200443JohnCarter

Happy B-Day, B4uask!

Jun 200343moebius


Apr 200343er-no

Clubs in London

Dec 200243curran

Official "Make Me Laugh" thread

Oct 200243BrickMovies4U

Best Avatar?

Jun 200243Hajiku_Flip

Portal 2 discussion here. You monster.

Apr 201142alienux

if you were a god...

Mar 201142videofxuniverse


May 201042Joecool1081

Why I Hate 3D Movies (And Why You Should Too)

May 201042Arktic

New Avatar: The Last Airbender Trailer

May 201042Atom

Michael Jackson Reported To have died from a heart attack

Jun 200942videofxuniverse

Tag Team: Part Deux

Jun 200942ben3308

Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglorious Basterds' Trailer

Feb 200942Atom

Star Trek Trailer... with a bonus!

Nov 200842Pooky

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 announced

Sep 200842jawajohnny

New Video Games

Nov 200742Frosty G

How Old are You?

Jul 200642destron

Superbowl XL

Feb 200642wdy

Merry Christmas

Dec 200542er-no

Talk To "God"

Sep 200542ChrisMac

Driving Incident

Mar 200442Slick

foppaf stop trying to get people to send you plugins

Dec 200342Xcession

Aliens Vs Predator movie teaser

Oct 200342Simon K Jones

What is your middle name?

Jun 200342wpl

Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas or pirates?

Mar 200342LtMcMurphy

Emoticon --> Test Tube Baby Warning: Graphic Images!

Jul 200242Hajiku_Flip

UPDATED: Live Action Street Fighter 4 Ultra Combos

Feb 201141CX3

E3 2010

Jun 201041Pooky


Nov 200941CX3

what videogame do you like better halo or gears of war

Jul 200941RigomrtsFX

new transformers trailer

May 200941jawajohnny

green screen question

Nov 200841jgtrox2

50 states in 10 minutes

Jun 200841The FE

Time to meet the newbies

Jun 200741NickD

Release Date Announced for Harry Potter 7

Feb 200741Anne is up

Sep 200641Redhawksrymmer

Stopped by the police...

May 200641er-no

Picture Editing Contest (NO MORE ENTRIES PLEASE !)

Mar 200641devilskater

The Big Question: What would you do if zombies took over?

Oct 200541Jrad

laptop quest

Feb 200541wpl

Baaby Pixstures

Nov 200441Evman

Breakdancing Transformers

Jun 200441sidewinder

Coffee Blues

Apr 200441Ryan

Super Bowl XXXVIII

Jan 200441Brettsta

Should the Matrix2 be R?

Apr 200341CoolKabe

Enter the Matrix videogame

Feb 2003411007

All good things...

Apr 201040Simon K Jones

Calling all FXhomers!

Nov 200940Simon K Jones

Knowing *Spoilers*

Mar 200940Aculag

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Dec 200840Thrawn

Santas Packed A Brand New Bag: Whats on your Christmas list?

Nov 200840film freak


Jul 200840The FE

Films you must see

May 200740Jimmy Gee

Children of Men

Jan 200740Waser

What do you do to kill time?

Aug 200640ssj john

Government Out to Get FXHome Crew Once Again...

Jul 200640sfbmovieco

Corpse Bride

Sep 200540Waser

SL:FX 3D Challenge - December 28th

Dec 200440Rawree

New write up on Halo 2 ...Now with added 4th part goodness !

Sep 200440Vega70


Sep 200440Pooky


Aug 200440billy3d

Helping out csb

Aug 200440sfbmovieco

Email Obfuscator

Jul 200440goober99

Monkey Men

Jul 200440PhLogan

Discuss films that have made an impact on you recently

Mar 200440Mellifluous

Need writing help?

Feb 200440sfbmovieco

California's "Three Strikes" Policy

Jan 200440elementcinema

Spider Man 2 Trailer!!!

Dec 200340blaine

What would you do with 18 mil...

Nov 200340Hockey07

Battle Royale, 28 Days After!?

Apr 200340TAP2

Die Another Day

Nov 2002401007

First Battle Los Angeles Trailer

Nov 201039Joecool1081

Toy Story 3

Jun 201039miker

Terminator Salvation (spoilers)

May 200939jawajohnny

New Gore and Smoke-Explosions Stock Footage

Dec 200839Sollthar

Jar Jar to the Rescue

Nov 200839jawajohnny

Windows 7

Sep 200839PSFreak

The Orange Box - yippeeee! (NO SPOILERS)

Oct 200739Frank Grimes

Allmost finished with my green room

Oct 200739DaFlea

Should Halo 2 be XP Compatible?

Aug 200739JUIDAR

Microsoft's lastest computer: A touch-controlled computer

Jun 200739film freak

Youtube Channels

May 200739Frosty G

The Smoking Ban

May 200739Fill

FXHome Desert Island Discs

Apr 200739Rawree

Pirates 3 trailer is out!

Mar 200739Christofer Matthias

Steven Spielberg's On the Lot

Jan 200739Gnome326

The Shmede And Woolgie Comedycon

Nov 200639shmede

Steve Irwin "Crocodile Hunter" Dies Age 44

Sep 200639Serpent

Mac and Windows

Feb 200639Daarzak

Problems with my iPod video...

Jan 200639TommyB

The offical Harry Potter 4 Thread!

Nov 200539film freak

X3 - The Reunion, is due out soon. Screenies ....

Oct 200539Nagual

Alam Dv Last Respects

Apr 200539swatdojo

SW episode III + TV ads = NEW footage!

Apr 200539boffa86

Family Guy Is Coming Back!

Jul 200439Evman

Xbox 2 specs, translate please.

Jun 200439sidewinder

Hard Drive

Jun 200439Ryan

Your opinion is requested

Oct 200239sidewinder

Magic The Gathering?

Oct 201038The FE

VFX Oscar longlist

Dec 200938Simon K Jones

The best horror film?

Oct 200938Malthar

New Star Trek Trailer

Nov 200838Fill

New Games Coming Out!

Aug 200838JasonX1024

The Happening

Jun 200838Joecool1081

The Incredible Hulk

Jun 200838FreshMentos

Xp Or Vista?

May 200838mad eye123

300 - PG Version!

Mar 200738er-no

So who made it in to On the Lot?

Feb 200738ben3308

Your Favorite Opening Credits Sequences

Jan 200738jmax

All-time Best Films in the FXhome community

Jul 200638Bryce007

Ever been on set of a movie, watching the pro's?

Mar 200538The Artur

I'd like to introduce mattaudio

Dec 200438Coureur de Bois

Tired of Zed giving you problems?

Feb 200438AndrewtheActorMan

Free web server for a website

Feb 200438elementcinema

MiniDisk or MP3 Player

May 200338TAP2

Pirates 4 - Seriously, was it that bad?

May 201137Staff Only

'Bury The Hatchet' (New Atomic Short)

Apr 201137Atom

End of projectionists

Apr 201137Staff Only

When is it coming?

Dec 201037Micah master studios

avatar 3d dvd pushed back

Apr 201037RigomrtsFX

What is the Luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?

Jan 201037Bryce007

Inglourious Basterds

Aug 200937Evman

How to Build a Computer- Tutorial [UPDATES!]

Jul 200937DVStudio

iPhone 3G[S]

Jun 200937Bolbi


Dec 200837CX3

What's your battle cry!

Nov 200837MoltenWhale

Star Wars 7 8 and 9?

Feb 200837AXE

3 years and wifi (two topics in one)

Sep 200737film freak

What are some of your Favorite songs?

Apr 200737carda

The Last Harry Potter Title

Dec 200637NickF

OUCH! I broke my leg!

Sep 200637Evman

Farwell FXhome friends!

Sep 200637ssjaaron

Max Payne Movie

May 200637pcremag

people famous that went to your school

Jan 200637starfan

Fx Site Randomly Closeing

Dec 200537alexcull

Halo movie's executive producer announced... Guess who!

Oct 200537ssj john

Battlefront 2 beta gone puplic

Oct 200537vilhelm nielsen

Batman Begins...

Jun 200537LtMcMurphy

Evan Scott

Jan 200537Atom

Spaceballs Lives Again? !

Jan 200537blaine

X-box Live names?

Dec 200437ssjaaron

New sony hd cam

Sep 200437sfbmovieco

Fun for bored people!

Jan 200437Slick

No school today...

Jan 200437Mr Anderson

Your Top Five (Or 10 I guess...) Films

Jun 200337Aculag

March 8, 2003...

Mar 200337Hajiku_Flip

NFL Playoffs

Jan 201136rogolo

Tom Hardy Reteaming with Nolan for Batman 3

Oct 201036Joecool1081

Tarn is Engaged.

Sep 201036ben3308

My newest Music Video UPDATED: 11/16/10

Jul 201036RodyPolis

whats your hobby if your not film making

May 201036RigomrtsFX

Tis The Season! -What's on your holiday wish list?

Dec 200936film freak

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 200936DX6channel

Fantastic Mr Fox Trailer released

Jul 200936Hybrid-Halo

Windows 7 beta available 1/9/09

Jan 200936aenigma


Feb 200836ChiCK0

Spiderman 4 - No Sam Raimi? Maguire? Dunst?

Apr 200736Garrison

Poll for superheros

Feb 200736Videoace123

Movie Director Wanted!

Aug 200636StarZ

Spideys lookin Emo

May 200636CX3

Mac Mini - Now with Intel

Mar 200636rogolo

New Apple IMac G5

Oct 200536wdy

MY 18th Birthday!

Oct 200536ssjaaron

You'll never guess what happened to me today

Jul 200536neo_man89

2012 olympics

Jul 200536Kid

Hot Diggity! Nintendo did it Again! New DS's!

Mar 200536ben3308

The Buried Secret Of M. Night Shyalaman

Jun 200436ari


May 200436CX3

The Song Game..

Mar 200436elementcinema

Ut 2004

Mar 200436Mellifluous

AlamDV not too expensive (for student)

Mar 200336Ali

Battleship Trailer

Jul 201135Evman

Is this a good computer?

May 201135RodyPolis

Rockstar's L.A. Noire - Update: Gameplay video

Nov 201035Pooky

Who was your inspiration

Oct 201035Doom Digital

I started my website.

Jun 201035RodyPolis

Party In The USA

Nov 200935Atom

Product placement in movies

Jun 200935Staff Only

St. Patricks Day!

Mar 200935JasonX1024

im back!

Dec 200835AwesomeFist

The Dark Knight Curse Strikes Again..

Aug 200835Thrawn

i'm feeling generous... AND THE WINNER IS...

Apr 200835nitrox

Girls in this forum

Dec 200735RodyPolis

Lucifer Project

Aug 200735jgtrox2

Just me or...

May 200735doppelganger

funny videos

Aug 200635shmede

Employee of the Month

Jul 200635ben3308

Ghost Rider

May 200635Garrison

Computer Poll

Apr 200635epeterson

Okay... Celebrities you have MET

Apr 200635Garrison

what football team do you support?

Jan 200635Hillsong London505

Favorite Photo

Oct 200535Klausky

Hurricane Wilma survivor - LONG STORY (pictures on page 2)

Oct 200535DarkJedi07

Do you do anything else while editing videos?

Jul 200535Skellington

Episode 3 Soundtrack

Apr 200535Evman

Photoshop Phun! (56k... not so phun)

Nov 200435Aculag

Would you?

Jul 200435tmaynard

who is your favorite composer?

Jun 200435Frozenpetasse

Pepsi or Coke?

Jan 200435AndrewtheActorMan

Got a Mac - finally

Oct 200335Magic_man12

BLADE RUNNER (and also post for most influencal films)

Sep 200335Coldfuse

Music file swappers sued!!!

Sep 200335cantaclaro

Who is this guy?

Jul 200335CX3

The Bomb

May 200335Aculag

Microsoft Works for you.

Mar 200335er-no

Gold Rasperries

Feb 200335Sollthar

microsoft jokes

Sep 200235wpl

Playstation Move

Oct 201034alienux

Music of 2010

Oct 201034FreshMentos

Mortal Combat trailer?

Jun 201034Bryce007

Top 10 DVD's In Your Collection

Apr 201034fxmaniac

Something Needs to be Said!

May 200934TSHADproductions

Lefty alternatives to the right handed stuff

Mar 200934Crazy Director

Pixar's: UP

Mar 200934Staff Only

So you're on death row...

Nov 200834Limey

how can i film a car chase?

Oct 200834djswallow

Iron Man

May 200834CX3

How Long can You Survive in the Vacuum of Space?

Mar 200834Fill

Second TF2 Gaming Event

Jan 200834B3N

Cloverfield revealed at last?

Jul 200734mercianfilm

Death Proof or Planet Terror

Apr 200734nanafanboy

Twisted Studios: where have you gone?

Nov 200634nanafanboy

4 Years at

Aug 200634Redhawksrymmer

Any got any good "Emo" Jokes?

Aug 200634Professsor

Favourite film scores?

Mar 200634chipmandoo

Microsoft Origami

Mar 200634Harvey

Episode 3 DVD Cover

Jul 200534Evman

King Kong Teaser Trailer

Jun 200534Redhawksrymmer

05/06/05 I'm 21!!!!!!

May 200534CX3

Casino Royale is next Bond movie

Feb 200534er-no

David Copperfield

Nov 200434The Artur

Christopher Reeve is dead.

Oct 200434sidewinder

Who is your favorite director?

Sep 200434Frozenpetasse

Kerry's twin?

Jun 200434wpl

b4uask's b'day today!

Jun 200434billy3d

AJPictures New Design, Need Tips please.

May 200434Andreas

Holy Crap! Spiders...

May 200434Aculag

Xbox Live

Dec 200334neo_man89

Learning Russian

Dec 200334LtMcMurphy

who's your most influental director/s?

Aug 200334Spanish Prisoner

Image Competition

Oct 200234ada1989


Jul 200234Xfurball

best sfx film

Jun 200234arniie

London Riots.

Aug 201133B3N

The Fxhome network

Aug 201033DigiSm89

Street Fighter: Beginnings End - Our New Short

May 201033CX3

gollum creature discovered and killed

Sep 200933videofxuniverse

Star Trek sequel will be a modern-day allegory...

Sep 200933jawajohnny

Bye! (for a week)

Aug 200933Biblmac

Fun game - 'Your Random Imaginary Band'

Feb 200933Arktic

Adding CG cables

Jan 200933ben3308

my website

Dec 200833AwesomeFist

Musical Instruments?

Dec 200833Penguin

Golden Globe Ceremony Cancelled

Jan 200833SteveW

Looking for a New PC

Jul 200733japan1

Crap Videos from NoControl Cinema! :)

May 200733Sollthar


Feb 200733CurtinParloe

a scanner darkly (comic book effect)

Feb 20063303ruby

Star Wars Episode III DVD

Oct 200533rogolo

Happy Birthday Tarn!

Oct 200533Hybrid-Halo

Windows Vista Preview

Aug 200533jerryfastcash

Ouch - (semi-gross mouth picture inside :P)

Jul 200533DarkJedi07

PC is dead, no idea why. Please help.

Jun 200533Pooky

Land of the Dead

Jun 200533Zea

Any World of Warcraft fans here?

May 200533Tommy Gundersen


Mar 200533sk8npirate

Constantine (SPOILERS !!!)

Feb 200533devilskater

The Son of Mask

Feb 200533PhLogan

Oscars 2005: Best Picture

Jan 200533Simon K Jones

What? this guy got halo all wrong!

Nov 200433LtMcMurphy

family guy!

Oct 200433knives666

If you like the 80's post here

Sep 200433TheRenegade

Holy COW !!!! Check this out.

Jul 200433Sharp

Digi's Rebel Alliance Thread!!!

Jun 200433DigiSm89

Football - England lose

Jun 200433Mellifluous

Dual P4 Motherboards??

Mar 200433DigiSm89

The FXhome Awards?

Feb 200433callum_slade

Who would go to a site like this???

Feb 200433elementcinema

Canon gl2

Nov 200333SFX-Spaz

Arnold Wins!!

Oct 200333Hajiku_Flip

The Forum Guide

Jul 200333Simon K Jones

"The AniMatrix"

Feb 200333Andreas

I got Splinter Cell!!

Dec 200233DarkJedi07

Idea to stop the vote rigging

Oct 200233b4uask30male

Video/Photography Business Site

Jun 201032Serpent

So did anyone watch Flashforward?

May 201032RodyPolis

Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers

Apr 201032jawajohnny

My First iPhone App! I need YOUR help

Feb 201032JackPot

Battlefield Bad company 2

Feb 201032Fxhome Dude

Happy New Year!

Dec 200932JamesPineStudios

Xbox 360 video issue- help needed

Nov 200932DVStudio


Sep 200932No Respite Productions

RIP The 1980s

Sep 200932Aculag

Best/Worst Movie Quotes

May 200932Terminal Velocity

Obama related help

Mar 200932RodyPolis

MUSIC. Video. Watch.

Sep 200832Bryce007

Bigfoot Discovered! Details on Friday-

Aug 200832Bryan M Block

Worlds Smallest political quize

Jun 200832Rockfilmers

I got a tattoo, would you like to see? Do you have one?

May 200832Waser

NightCast declared "DVD Highlight of the month"

Apr 200832Sollthar

The Computer I bought (look inside)

Mar 200832EvilDonut

My 18th Birthday!

Dec 200732Atom

HAUNTFEST '07: And so it begins...

Aug 200732TimmyD

video games

May 200732epeterson

Ever Heard of Declan Galbraith?

Apr 200732carda

FINGERMAN* Teaser now online

Feb 200732ajjax44

Best Albums of 2006

Jan 200732Mellifluous

James Bond FanFilm

Nov 200632Goldwing Productions

unwanted gift cards

Oct 200632Dancamfx

Your heroes

Oct 200632Remco Gerritsen

Pet Peeves

Aug 200632rogolo

Awesome new 9/11 online documentary

Mar 200632Stoker

Raise you hand if you think John Stewart sucks at this?

Mar 200632JoelM

VERY Hard - Test your Mouse Ability!

Feb 200632Magic_man12

My 13th Birthday! :)

Jan 200632film freak

Best Albums Of 2005 (In My Opinion)

Jan 200632Aculag

The IZ! New ipod speaker and cool gadget!

Nov 200532film freak

Want a Dry Ice Fog but don’t have access to Dry Ice.

Oct 200532Sharp

Join The Marine Corp!

Sep 200532LtMcMurphy

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Jul 200532Bugclimber

Xbox 360 in 30 minutes!

May 200532LilCaesars

john paul II (pope) is dead

Apr 200532boffa86

Simple Questions

Jan 200532changedname

How Do They Do It???

Jan 200532TommyB

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster!

Nov 200432cantaclaro

What Has This World Come To?

Aug 200432Serpent

My new logo

Jul 200432Ryan

The new batmobile (its fantastic.... or is it?)

Jul 200432Atom

Annoying Coincidence

Apr 200432jstow222

Hellboy apparently kicks ***

Apr 200432cantaclaro

Do you or you family know anyone famous ?

Mar 200432b4uask30male

Hulk or Gollum

Feb 200432owen rixon

Donnie Darko

May 200332er-no

Where are all the Chicks ? - Your Comments Please ?

Jan 200332curran

The greatest story ever told

Jul 200232arniie

Fast Five

Apr 201131Atom

Where'd your username come from?

Feb 201131Biblmac

Product Unboxing: TubeTape Green Screen Pro Video Studio.

Jan 201131TvReagan

Is this a good or bad idea?

Dec 201031Azulon'sAssassin

Thor - Trailer

Dec 201031jawajohnny

First Footage of the Green Lantern!

Nov 201031Joecool1081

School Shooting at UT

Sep 201031Atom

Star Wars becomes a sit-com (no joke)

Apr 201031Staff Only

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Trailer new Edgar Wright Film

Mar 201031Joecool1081

Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood"

Dec 200931Coureur de Bois

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Oct 200931jawajohnny

Anakin is not ten anymore

Jul 200931Rockfilmers

40th Anniversary - Apollo 11

Jul 200931Evman

Best Concert Experience

Jul 200931Thrawn

5000 Posts, w00t!

Mar 200931ben3308

Super Bowl TV Spots

Feb 200931RodyPolis

Anyone near New York?

Jan 200931JasonX1024

Most ridiculous moments of 2008

Dec 200831jawajohnny

Twisted Studios GL1 Leaving

Sep 200831Serpent

GTA IV coming to PC in November

Aug 200831aenigma

worse film of '08

Jun 200831drspin98

Who To Hire? -Fun Game (Maybe?)

Jan 200831CX3

The Office Thread

Jan 200831Videoace123

A new camcorder, what one should I get?

May 200731Big Rob

X3i: Divinity Extended Trailer - (The Last Trailer)

Jan 200731CX3

Battlefield 2142 Demo

Oct 200631Serpent

The Descent (2006)

Aug 200631JoelM

New Wii details now on IGN!

Jul 200631film freak

Milestones in Special Effects

May 200631Garrison


Apr 200631Harvey

Apple on Intel, iLife 06

Jan 200631TheRenegade

The Big One - it is......

Nov 200531jjuerss

Mario Kart DS: are you buying it?

Nov 200531film freak

Been to any concerts lately?

Oct 200531Deepcoiler

Hurricane Wilma

Oct 200531DarkJedi07

Hurricaine Rita

Sep 200531Frozenpede

3D CONTEST: submit entries here

Jul 200531swatdojo

Tom Cruise gets hosed...literally

Jun 200531ben3308

Boring Job

Jun 200531sk8npirate

Hey guys, I need your help to win on!

May 200531sidewinder

Another insanely addictive game: Fly the Copter!

Apr 200531Mellifluous

How many ladies and how many gents are we here?

Feb 200531Sisko Kid

You Wanna Look Old?

Jan 200531er-no

Earning points?

Jan 200531silencer

The NQ Test

Jan 200531stqagehanduk

Computer performence Q

Jan 200531rmw

Star Wars Revelations

Nov 200431Frozenpede

The Incredibles

Nov 200431Waser

What is DigiGrade?

Oct 200431RafalK

The Return

Jul 200431FiveIronFrenzy

Happy Birthday Aculag!

Jul 200431cantaclaro

Anyone see Shrek2?

Jun 200431baillingskater

"Girl Boy"

May 200431ssjaaron

This Community Rocks!

Mar 200431boffa86

Mind Test - Guaranteed to make you go 'WTF'...

Nov 200331Hajiku_Flip


Nov 200331Sollthar

Jesus Illusion - Must See!

Nov 200331callum_slade

URGENT need of voice actors! (F2F)

Aug 200331Sollthar

My brother wants to be in 1 of my movies but he cant act

Jun 200331darth_paul_goku

B4UASK has done it again !!

May 200331curran


Mar 200331Sollthar

females required to star in horror movie

Jan 200331Anonymous

What do boys want for Christmas?

Dec 200231Anonymous

Can you help a man in need? YES? well help me then :)

Aug 200231TMM

dvd of your film.

Aug 200231b4uask30male

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Trailer

Apr 201130jawajohnny

fxhome needs

Jul 201030Micah master studios

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Jul 201030iFilmer

Pirates of the Carribbean 4: Strange Tides

May 201030Bryan M Block

Gaming Night December Edition!

Nov 200930B3N

House MD

Sep 200930ahartwig01

Who here's starting high school?

Aug 200930Terminal Velocity

Tarn's Spiffing Review (review of KICK ASS)

Jul 200930Simon K Jones

video game cinematics

Jul 200930fertesz

Atomic in the Austin 48 Hour

Jun 200930ben3308

DC Elseworlds Pt 4 Teaser/Promo

Feb 200930CX3

video capture device

Dec 200830AwesomeFist

Favorite Chuck Norris joke

Jul 200830RodyPolis

Where the Hell is Matt?

Jun 200830ben3308

Me Smashing A Guitar

Jun 200830The FE

OMG New RED Cams Revealed!

Apr 200830FreshMentos

Prison Break

Mar 200830Thrawn

The Most Spoiled Girl Ever?

Feb 200830Fill

How to Cool Down your Macbook / Macbook Pro

Aug 200730Dancamfx

FXhome Latest News Widget (1.0.5)

Jul 200730NickF

100 ways to kill lewis

Jul 200730fxmaniac

Woman in Dallas tries to buy EVERY iPhone in store...

Jul 200730Atom

Signature Request

May 200730Slayerking

24-Hour Video Race!

May 200730ben3308

Early Review of NightCast

Mar 200730Greybro

Anyone play World of Warcraft?

Feb 200730B3N

Happy Birthday Sollthar!

Feb 200730ashman

Bootcamp on the Mac?

Jan 200730TommyB

Marco von Moos nude scenes

May 200630Sollthar

New Foot-work Productions Website

Apr 200630JDC

Senior Prank Ideas

Mar 200630JoelM


Dec 200530robertov

Space Cadets - IT'LL NEVER WORK

Dec 200530Frank Grimes

19 Year Old Director Signed..

Oct 200530CX3

Iraqi Idol

Sep 200530Frozenpede

"CHAV!" Promo trailer now available!

Jun 200530Arktic

What NASA get up to in their spare time

Apr 200530Mellifluous

Favorite Websites?

Feb 200530Z28Jerry

No Submissions In 7 Days !!!

Feb 200530Stoker

SW episode III teaser

Nov 200430boffa86

Woohar! Look I got a GL2!

Sep 200430Evman

New website looking for writers

Aug 200430sfbmovieco

Check it out! APPLE!!

Apr 200430Bowie

What is your favorite style of music?

Jan 200430FiveIronFrenzy

American? Male? Want to do a voice over?

Jan 200430AndrewtheActorMan

So what decent films haven't I seen...

Jul 200330TAP2

Mr.Bean Rules

Jun 200330Bobbert


Jun 200330Aculag

3d animation (this is really bad please help me !!!!)

May 200330ada1989

Gas Prices

Mar 200330sfbmovieco

The Hulk

Jan 200330owen rixon

Favourite film trailers?

Jan 200330Klown

And what did you get for Christmas? Another AlamDV?

Dec 200230DarkJedi07

Mecha, that was funny :)

Dec 200230ada1989

Signs You Are Addicted to AlamDV

Jun 200230sfbmovieco

Does anyone else think this Coen Bros trailer looks amazing?

Oct 201029Pooky

CSS/HTML Troubleshooter

Sep 201029Serpent

What has been your favorite game so far in 2010?

May 201029Fxhome Dude

Bungie and Activsion +Halo: Reach beta

Apr 201029Fxhome Dude

Bad Movie Endings (Long)

Jan 201029Aculag

One of the best TV band performances OF ALL TIME.

Nov 200929Pooky

Atomic in the 72-Hour National Film Challenge

Oct 200929ben3308

50 Movie Money Shots

Oct 200929Staff Only

The Last Airbender

Jun 200929ahartwig01

Economics Help!

Mar 200929ADHaase7

What is FXPerience?

Mar 200929clement

Big Bang Day!

Sep 200829IPresents

And the upgrade to Vista sucks worse than I had hoped...

Aug 200829Bryan M Block

New Free-Running Video (Re-Edited!)

Jul 200829FreshMentos

xbox live anyone?

Jul 200829The FE

UPDATE (6/30/08): DC Elseworlds - Part Three Online

Jun 200829CX3

PLAYSTATION 3 - the great debate!

Jun 200829JUIDAR

Hey, I'm going to be a wrestler!

Apr 200829jgtrox2


Mar 200829Jabooza

Is it better to leave PC on 24/7 or turn it off each night?

Mar 200829DVStudio

All-Time Best Movies of FXhome

Feb 200829ben3308

Komikarate - Curtis Cartwright (New Skit)

Feb 200829CX3

Who would win in a fight

Feb 200829Videoace123

FXhome Americanisation [LOCKED]

Oct 200729Richard Summers

Why are people stereotyped?

Sep 200729NickF

Iron Man The Movie Trailer!

Sep 200729Atom

First posts to grace Fxhome *SMILEY*

Jul 200729ssj john

HDD video cameras.

Mar 200729xanetia

Prehistoric Shark

Jan 200729Garrison

Can you paint? I can...sorta.

Jan 200729ben3308

The Movies of 2007 - What are you waiting for?

Jan 200729Harvey

Your top 15 video games of all time

Nov 200629nanafanboy

Are horror movies going over the edge?

Nov 200629JoelM

Halloween is upon us!

Oct 200629Squid

Favorite Commerical?

Aug 200629Garfield Street

The fxhome Spring 2006 Sig Contest!

Apr 200629film freak

Celebrity Look-A-Like

Dec 200529sfbmovieco

Film school

Dec 200529devilskater

Guess who i met last nite!

Dec 20052903ruby

Desktop Layout (Windows is and can be cool)

Nov 200529SMB

Hell Render

Aug 200529The Chosen One

V for Vendetta Trailer

Jul 200529Redhawksrymmer

Changing The Name Awarding FORCE

Jun 200529sk8street65

Firefox predicted by the stars

May 200529boffa86

After 4 years I'm back!

Apr 200529Chrislad

Windows 64 bit edition - Professional

Apr 200529Zea

Pinnacle Studio Plus v9 vs Adobe Premier

Apr 200529Gnome326

Dennis & Ronnie Dot Com Goes Live!

Mar 200529Aculag

Star Wars "Revelations" Premiere event news

Feb 200529panicstruckpro

New iPods

Oct 200429ben3308

The Number 11 ( WEIRD!!)

Oct 200429Magic_man12

FastPlay Ultra

Sep 200429TAP2

Episode 3 on DVD

Sep 200429Rawree

Playable PS3 at E3 2005

Jul 200429Slick

Roland Emmerich movies

May 200429JohnCarter

Best program for websites

Jan 200429ssj john

Strangest Hour Ever. :S

Jun 200329er-no

The Matrix: Reloaded New Trailer

Jan 200329Master Yoda

Object Origins - (Force!)

Jan 200329Hajiku_Flip

What might cause halogen bulbs to stop working?

Feb 201128RodyPolis

What are you guys currently listening to?

Dec 201028AwesomeFist

Epic "Rap News" video (Not as lame as it sounds)

Oct 201028Pooky

Red Dead Redemption - FXh online session! (PS3)

Aug 201028Arktic

PS3 Games that I can't live without?

Jun 201028Arktic

New Xbox 360 console

May 201028Zorn8

Metamorphosis a book in the works by Me

Apr 201028Moviemaker222

Tron Legacy - Teaser Trailer

Mar 201028Redhawksrymmer

Mass Effect 2 launch trailer

Jan 201028Simon K Jones

Is The Forum Bot Protected?

Jun 200928rayj00

Shortfilms wanted, any tips?

May 200928Sollthar

Five Dollar Foot Long - Komikarate

Jan 200928CX3

Ace Ventura 3... please god nooooooo

Jan 200928danielchallans

Clay aiken is gay..are you suprised?

Sep 200828ssj john

Metalcore anyone?

Aug 200828Singwolf

Not using digital software...

Jul 200828Poseidon1231

Marek Hath Returned

Mar 200828Marek

It's Christmas Eve!

Dec 200728Videoace123


Sep 200728Serpent

I'm married!

Sep 200728ashman

Lucid dreaming?

Jun 200728hatsoff2halford

The Golden Compass - Trailer released!

May 200728er-no

Ben's New Project: "The Triangle"

Apr 200728ben3308

Creating a Futuristic City

Jan 200728Jabooza

finally have a mac

Dec 200628devilskater

ELab on Intel iMac?

May 200628NickD

If I Could Be A Jedi -=) Picture Fabrication Contest (=-

Apr 200628SyroVision


Dec 200528bizzardstick

Apple iBook G4 questions

Dec 200528FiveIronFrenzy

Link Exchanging/Topsite

Dec 200528sfbmovieco

Moving Avatars?

Sep 200528Fill

How are you going to buy Battlefront II?

Sep 200528jrg2134

Spark Stock Footage [Now Available]

Jun 200528AndrewtheActorMan

Place to start

May 200528drspin98

Habemus Papam!

Apr 200528pzgamer825

SW episodeIII official poster!

Mar 200528boffa86

GTA:San Andreas

Nov 20042803ruby

Do you want it?

Oct 200428TimmyD

spare time movie

Oct 200428jedimastermonkey

Mighty impressive fan film

Jul 200428JohnCarter

Pre-order your Star Wars DVD

Jul 200428BackOfTheHearse

Does this java web page take a long time to load?

Jun 200428Mellifluous

An Epic Classic Update

Jun 200428DeezNutz24

Samurai Swords?

Apr 200428Brettsta

My website is close to completion

Apr 200428wpl

The truth about the moon?

Jan 200428devilskater

What is "The Bride's" name on Kill Bill?

Nov 200328ilykdp

"Struggle" a poem

Nov 200328kungfukid

Charlie's angels full throttle one of the best!

Jun 200328blaine

Utter Disgust

Jun 200328Anonymous

5 years jail for a BB GUN!

Jan 200328domdino

10 reasons to switch...

Jan 200328fallen

Just got back from seeing Star Trek Nemesis

Jan 200328Kram1563


Jun 200228Radar

The Future of the Fxhome Forums

Jul 201127Biblmac

'British Movie' SNL Movie Trailer Sketch

Feb 201127Atom

Taken (2008)

Jan 201127Biblmac

Sherlock repeated!

Nov 201027pdrg

Kinect Hacking

Nov 201027pdrg

Would appreciate feedback on this design - EDIT: IT IS DONE!

Oct 201027Pooky

I am your father...

Sep 201027er-no

Atomic Productions - For Your Consideration

Mar 201027Atom

Twilighters on The Wolfman and Stephen King

Feb 201027Staff Only

L.A. Noire

Feb 201027ashman

Christopher Nolan reportedly put in charge of Superman

Feb 201027Aculag

Terminator Salvation : Final Trailer

Mar 200927Mantra

Kotor MMO

Oct 200827jawajohnny

Farcry movie?

Aug 200827The Nemesis2161


Jun 200827miker

Wow, things have changed

Mar 200827NickD

What did you get for the holidays?

Jan 200827DVStudio

'The Atomic Hour' DVD

Dec 200727Atom

What I did on Thanksgiving

Nov 200727Bucees

Desktops and Desktops 2! *pics*

Aug 200727film freak

Please help me by digging!

Jul 200727sfbmovieco

Transformers CG

Jul 200727JTGFIlms

Small MB3 Production Update

Jul 200727NickD

Birthday Time

Jun 200727SilverDragon7

I wanna film a movie NOW, need an idea!

Jun 200727ben3308

It's my birthday!

Jun 200727TimmyD

Transformers: Final Trailer

May 200727Mantra

Head Render - Cinema4D

Apr 200727SMB

Maybe I'll Pass on the 360 and PS3

Feb 200727Gnome326

Green Lantern Fanfilm Trailer

Jan 200727CX3

High School Filmmakers Beware!

Nov 200627Jazzmanian

Amazing new Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailer!

Nov 200627film freak

The new bond movie

Oct 200627Orin Warren

getting movies into theaters

Oct 200627Peace Maker

Children of Men: One to watch out for!

Jul 200627er-no

A day in the Life of ME and how FxHome effects it!

Jul 200627Professsor

show us your airsoft gun(s)

Jun 200627alexanderj

Getting my wisdom teeth pulled later today...

Apr 200627JoelM

Back to the future fan film

Mar 20062703ruby

fx lightsaber

Dec 200527starfan

Final Trailer for "The Hit" With release date

Jul 200527Bryce007

My poser render of Angelina Jolie

Jul 200527Sharp


Jun 200527Arktic

OK webmasters... need some final opinions...

Jun 200527Madmanmatty

The best/worst movies of 2004 (In my opinion durka)

Jan 200527Waser

How steep is lightwave's learning curve?

Dec 200427Vampiricyouthv

Paintball People Check This Out.

Dec 200427Hamm Media

Halloween Par-tay...... AKA Impending disaster.

Oct 200427joylessdissolution

good movies

Oct 200427wpl

Overclocking FAQ and gneral tweak guide

Jul 200427xbreaka

WoW European Beta

Jun 200427Hybrid-Halo

Style XP

May 200427elementcinema

Potential "FREE" music for your movies

May 200427RudyPicardo

Computers to servers.....

Feb 200427DigiSm89

anyone here into Martial Arts?

Jan 200427kungfukid

Whats your opinion Skiing or snowboarding

Jan 200427ssj john

Rate my new intro/website

Jan 200427Serdar3500

if you are interested in ai and gamemaking read this

Dec 200327nickcelestin

Logo Thread

Jul 200327sfbmovieco

And the winner is....

Mar 200327er-no

Birth of my son...

Feb 200327Spike

The Top Film of 2002

Jan 200327Simon K Jones

Meeting up for a Beer and A Laugh

Nov 200227curran

Watch out for racec, he wants ur serial!!!

Aug 200227TMM

Batman being rebooted... again?!

Mar 201126Arktic

Re-Imagined Movie Posters (BLACK & ORANGE PROJECT!)

Nov 201026Joecool1081

Mafia 2

Aug 201026Simon K Jones

Indiana Jones 4: VINDICATION!

May 201026Bryan M Block

doritos video contest. important*

Mar 201026Bacon Boy

TRON Legacy Comic Con Trailer/Visual FX Test

Jul 200926ajjax44

Dropped external hard drive- can it be recovered? Plz HELP!

Jun 200926DVStudio

Talk in 3rd Person?

Feb 200926MoltenWhale

Tron 2 aka. "Tr2n" is Coming Out

Jul 200826Fill

Better Logo

Jul 200826Bolbi

Stuck with website

Jun 200826Travis Kunze


May 200826CX3

The Splinter Cell movie hath come...

Apr 200826Atom

Oh, dear, look at what the HP producers are going to do next

Mar 200826Plainly

Gonna be a DJ for a party - Need recommendations from YOU :)

Feb 200826Tommy Gundersen

Favorite Movie Still Frame

Dec 200726Fill

I purchased an AR-15.

Oct 200726A Pickle

What's Up? My Name Is...

Aug 200726WorldFamousFilms

Hot Fuzz

Feb 200726Jaster

What's in your DVD collection?

Jan 200726NickD

What type of music do you like?

Jan 200726Penguin

So what else do you guys do?

Jan 200726Multiwagon

Spiderman 3 Trailer!

Nov 200626nanafanboy

Eragon Trailer Released

Oct 200626Multiwagon

Two photos of my <80mW Laser.

Oct 200626Sharp

anybody here on myspace ?

Sep 200626mystical media

Vintage Sigs! (56k warning)

Jul 200626ben3308

Happy Birthday schwar!

Jun 200626JT9

FXhome Range: Mac or Windows?

Mar 200626JDC

world jump day

Mar 200626JackPot

PC to iMac

Dec 200526Jrad

Do you Plan on Pursuing Film making as a Career?

Dec 200526Bryce007

New web setup

Dec 200526ashman

Aim Virus!

Oct 200526Serpent

Lady Croft (version 3)

Sep 200526Sharp

Star Wars Screwups

Jun 200526Zea

Will Chromy Redux have Motion Tracking?

May 200526anim8tor

Awesome Flash Animation

May 200526Bugclimber

Costume choices.

Apr 200526Wizard

Chat Down or Is It Just Me?

Feb 200526jstow222

Oscars 2005: Visual Effects

Jan 200526Simon K Jones

Why do we say "X-mas"?

Dec 200426ben3308

SW: Episode III trailer

Nov 200426sidewinder

Shaun of the Dead (US Release) *Spoilers*

Sep 200426Waser

How about a 10 second showcase?

Sep 200426Katsu

New IMac G5 Worth Purchasing?

Sep 200426wdy

A Sad day where I am glad to have my own Notebook...

Aug 200426ben3308

Car Camera Mount

Jul 200426RichieRich

This is a sad day

May 200426Pooky

Cinema Ticket Prices : Outrageous?

Apr 200426TAP2

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Mar 200426Anonymous

What's the oldest computer you have that is still running?

Mar 200426DigiSm89

Artificial Intelligence

Mar 200426DigiSm89

Big Pixar News!

Jan 200426CoolKabe

Force Points

Jan 200426Serpent

Post Name Suggestions

Nov 200326MidnightJester

Map of the Internet

Oct 200326Slick

FXHOME.COM Gaming Clan?

Aug 200326TAP2

Web Design Competition

Jul 200326MidnightJester

Warcraft 3

Jul 200326Greyo

My question.. wheres the force?

Jun 200326DarkJedi07

An Idea

Jun 200326TAP2

Trivia question

May 200326LtMcMurphy


Apr 200326hellraiser7400

New Splinter Cell Demo

Feb 200326Bob Page

Police search for guns and find stargate

Feb 200326b4uask30male

The reason alamdv is a great community

Jan 200326sfbmovieco


Sep 200226jfbiscardi

Force Points

Jun 200226Movie_Manic

Wahooo 3000 have registered

Jun 200226arniie

First look at Henry Cavill as Superman

Aug 201125Joecool1081

Need a concept for a short film.

Jan 201125RodyPolis

It's that Time Again- What's on Your Wishlist?

Dec 201025DVStudio

Starcraft 2

Aug 201025Kid

Most Overrated Directors

Jan 201025Simon K Jones

NaNoWriMo - any writers out there?

Oct 200925Simon K Jones

30 worst blockbusters ever

Sep 200925Simon K Jones

intro making program?

May 200925AwesomeFist

The most awesome freeze you will ever see

Apr 200925nfsbuff

Interesting but weird history

Mar 200925DVStudio

Size does matter

Nov 200825drspin98

Braid - XBLA

Aug 200825CX3

Happy 4th of July!

Jul 200825Atom

What do you think of this?

Jun 200825Travis Kunze

LCD, Plasma or wait?

Jun 200825petet2

Is Ben3308 "Joe" from Blues Clues?

Mar 200825neoglitz

Happy New Year !

Dec 200725NickF

New iMac!

Aug 200725Atom

Simpsons Movie

Jul 200725Poseidon1231

would this be brakeing copyright laws?

Jun 200725fxmaniac

New Action Short: My Submission To The John Woo Competition

Jun 200725CX3

Harry Potter 5 - Teaser Trailer

Nov 200625Redhawksrymmer

My Daughter is Here

Sep 200625sfbmovieco

Star Wars: What's the difference?

Sep 200625Zea

You will be Amazed, then go insane!

Aug 200625SyroVision

Paul Walker's "Running Scared"

Jun 200625the new godfather

Director Steven Spielberg dies at 60

Apr 200625JoelM

star wars kid.

Jan 200625drspin98

X-Men 3 Teaser, AWESOME!

Dec 200525Atom

Just saw Jarhead!

Nov 200525Jrad


Oct 200525A Pickle


Oct 200525shiftd

checking fxhome

Sep 200525film freak

Windows XP Virus/Spyware Problem...

Sep 200525TimmyD

NTL upgrades broadband to 10Mbps (And about time too!)

Aug 200525jjuerss

H.264 vs Sorenson3

May 200525CX3

I'm thinking about buyin Chromanator, Help

Apr 200525sk8street65

New Sin City Trailer!

Mar 200525BountyHunter185

Funny Tutorial

Mar 200525Steeb

Support a fellow film maker

Feb 200525Frozenpede

SL:FX 3D Challenge - February 11th 2005

Feb 200525Rawree

Oscar nominations

Jan 200525Waser

Mac for video editing

Jan 20052503ruby

All the more reason that X-mas rocks!

Dec 200425Atom

White Noise

Nov 200425CX3

First Annual Atom Awards (you just may be in here!)

Sep 200425Atom

three Episode III Promotional Posters from Comic Con

Aug 200425boffa86

Wack Internet, Please Help!

May 200425jstow222

Subliminal Messages in Stairway to Heaven!!! very freaky..

Apr 200425elementcinema

Just Buy it Yourself!!

Jan 200425Rawree

Mario Bros. 3 BEATEN IN 11 MINUTES!!!

Dec 200325ilykdp


Dec 200325Aculag

It Came From The Sky!

Jun 200325Sollthar

Best Film deaths

Jun 200325Greyo

A Few Questions (about you)

Apr 200325TAP2

Missing GB's and 2 scams

Jan 200325b4uask30male

Best soundtrack to make your life more epic?

Sep 201024danielgwood

Halo Reach

Sep 201024Fxhome Dude

Stop Motion

Aug 201024Micah master studios

Go watch my TV show!

Jul 201024Arktic

For Your Consideration - swintonmaximilian

Mar 201024Aculag

My Canon 7D Fight Choreograpy Test

Mar 201024CX3

Shutter Island

Feb 201024Atom

College Football > BCS 2009

Dec 200924ben3308

I'm Batman! Brilliant.

Nov 200924ashman

Once you glimpse the future, can you change it?

Oct 200924Staff Only

Water Slide

Aug 200924TemporalCoder


Jul 200924Aculag

MOD files don't play in Mac

May 200924RodyPolis

Snuggy Commercial Parody- FUNNY- Warning! Language used!

Mar 200924DVStudio

My band is available on iTunes!

Jan 200924Axeman

Edited pic in after effects

Nov 200824The NEW VRBstudios

HUGE Spider Pic (warning... it's pretty gross)

Nov 200824DVStudio

OMG someone hacked the HV20/30!

Nov 200824Mellifluous

Call of Duty: World at War

Nov 200824Bolbi

Fall Movie Review Round-Up

Oct 200824Atom

Got my Temps

Jul 200824Travis Kunze

questions for all you guys on the other side of the pond

Jun 200824The FE

A must for Back to the future fans

May 200824b4uask30male

Max Payne

Mar 200824Bflat5

John McLane v. Indiana Jones

Feb 200824Coureur de Bois

'Speed Racer' (Wachowski Bros.) Trailer!

Dec 200724Atom

No CG for Indy 4

Jul 200724wahwahweewah

Finally about to order my Macbook Pro!

Jun 200724TommyB

UPDATE!) My band has recorded a song.

Apr 200724Klut

What makes a good Horror movie?

Apr 200724Orin Warren


Mar 200724Atom

The games of 2007: What are you looking forward to?

Jan 200724film freak

FXhome Icons for your Object Dock!

Oct 200624the Fiddler

The Eurovision song contest 2006

May 200624Hybrid-Halo

New Superman Returns Screens

Apr 200624Joshwa

Who is looking forward to Narnia?

Apr 200624carda

Scary Movie 4

Feb 200624Klut

5 Windows Live Messenger Invites (CLOSED)

Jan 200624wdy

Firefox 1.5 Released

Nov 200524TimmyD

Anyone here from the UK? NORTH WEST even?

Nov 200524mjdixon

New harry potter video reveiled! Click here for a link!

Oct 200524film freak

30 Gig Email...Free

Oct 200524Zea

Happy birthday to me :)

Jun 200524DarkJedi07

Quicktime 7 Windows Public Preview

Jun 200524jstow222

Battle Royale UK

May 200524Gourangaman656

Ocean’s Twelve DVD :P

Apr 200524aenigma

My server...

Mar 200524Tommy Gundersen

Buying a new PC

Mar 200524billy3d

Lets read count of monte cristo

Feb 200524LtMcMurphy

I, Robot

Jan 200524TommyB

New Movie - Fields of Freedom

Dec 200424The Artur

The Clone (now with FX picture)

Sep 200424Mantra

Malone, any chance of an FXHome RSS feed?

Sep 200424aenigma

A couple of new videos on

Sep 200424ssjaaron

Funny Quote

Aug 200424wpl

Need a host?

Jul 200424sfbmovieco

Initial Productions New! webpage!

Jul 200424ssjaaron

Need to host some pictures? Use Imageshack!

Jun 200424LtMcMurphy

Apple Motion demonstration video

May 200424JohnCarter

Storage website

May 200424Evman

Skyline Armageddon (Test Clips)!!!!

Apr 200424cantaclaro

Jurassic Park can you comment

Mar 200424b4uask30male

DVD Camcorders good?

Mar 200424DigiSm89

Beyoncé for Lois Lane in new upcoming superman movie...

Feb 200424elementcinema

I am now 18, woo, hoo

Jan 200424darth_paul_goku

Merry Christmas from Conspiracy Studios

Dec 200324Conspiracy Studios


Dec 200324kungfukid

Flame On

Sep 200324sfbmovieco

Making a Zombie Movie In London

Jun 200324Anonymous

loneliness please help i hate myself

May 200324Anonymous

Birthday For Moebius

May 200324davlin

A Composite Test

Feb 200324learner

Japanese Invisible Cloak !

Feb 200324Hajiku_Flip

First High Res Xmen First Class photo

Jan 201123Joecool1081

Best/Worst Ads of 2010

Dec 201023rogolo

Nolan (kind of) explains Inception

Dec 201023Staff Only

When Andrew Kramer will do a Tutorial for FXhome

Nov 201023Utuayey

Scariest thing you have done? My bungee!

Aug 201023StupidLikeAFox

Batman 3 finally sets release date

Apr 201023Joecool1081

camera for beginner

Apr 201023maniac1068

Alice in Wonderland

Mar 201023Thrawn

Alice & Wonderland Trailer

Dec 200923Atom

48 Hour INTERNATIONAL SHOOTOUT - anyone else competing?

Dec 200923Arktic

How good is Fxhome?

Nov 200923David Dixon

Who is going to be buying Halo reach?

Oct 200923Fxhome Dude

Call of Duty 3 for Wii

Sep 200923BST1Productions

How many "War of the Worlds" ?

Jul 200923FXhomerTony

Speakers (on computer) don't admit sound

Apr 200923TheOutlawAmbulance

SciFi Channel's new name

Mar 200923jawajohnny

New Transformers 2 Trailer (2 minutes!)

Feb 200923Atom

Sony Releases New Stupid Thing

Feb 200923Fill

transformers 2 teaser

Feb 200923danielchallans

Panasonic PV GS320

Jan 200923The Chosen One

Check Your Reaction Time

Dec 200823Fill


Oct 200823The Chosen One

Who wants to read a screenplay?

Oct 200823The FE

Film News.

Jun 200823B3N

what do u know about amnesia

Mar 200823RodyPolis

Wanted - Jolie's silliest film to date?

Mar 200823Simon K Jones

Happy Birthday Hybrid!

Nov 200723Arktic

jmpr movie

Oct 200723xanetia

I got in!

Sep 200723Multiwagon

What is your favorite typ of horror?

Sep 200723VRBstudios

Minot Base Airman Dies While on Leave

Sep 200723sfbmovieco

Ok My Wallet is getting lighter

Sep 200723DaFlea

Our Latest Spoof - Cobra Productions

Aug 200723CX3


Aug 200723Quvoo

Is Nightcast good?

Jul 200723The Nemesis2161

Official Cartoon Live Contest Entry Form.

Jun 200723skywalker dan

New Teaser from Atomic!

Jun 200723ben3308

Which Company Would You Work For?

Jun 200723King of Blades

Want a New Editing Computer

Jan 200723mattio

24 Season 6 *spoilers*

Jan 200723film freak

The Movies of 2006 - A Year in Review

Dec 200623Waser

Like me? Like podcasts? Then you might like this:

Dec 200623Waser

40 Things That Only Happen in the Movies

Nov 200623Jazzmanian

Internet Explorer 7 is out

Oct 200623Fill

Hauntfest Sigs! Custom ones for everyone!

Sep 200623ben3308

Effectslab DV name query

Aug 200623FXhomer8325

Is the Ipod worthwile?

Jul 200623carda

Pi Day

Mar 200623Serpent

First look at Sollthar in RECON 2

Feb 200623JohnCarter

Dose any one here like to sk8.

Oct 200523JT9

Review on my new mist maker.

Oct 200523Sharp

My bands music - mp3s!

Jul 200523Chrislad

Mac OS X "Tiger"

Apr 200523Brettsta

Turtles Can Fly

Jan 200523Frozenpede

DS News

Jan 200523Serpent

3D Render – I’m going for real looking here.

Jan 200523Sharp

Green Screen - £10!

Jan 200523Equinox

Which Mobile Do You Have?

Dec 200423billy3d

AlamDV3 downloading queue..(?)

Dec 200423iggy88

Does my computer have an AGP slot?

Dec 200423sidewinder

Funny Situation

Oct 200423CX3

Expert Ebayers

Oct 200423Deepcoiler

need blue/green screen help

Oct 200423jedimastermonkey

Ferrari Logo

Oct 200423Deepcoiler

Hello all...

Oct 200423superdoink

FINALLY, Ordered my Mac...

Sep 200423Coureur de Bois

Sin City.

Sep 200423Two Gunned Saint

One of my first 3d is it?

Jul 200423streetsk8erdc

er-no's knee breaking, an epic film.

Jul 200423Hybrid-Halo

Need new Company Name

Jun 200423DigiSm89

Google Troubles

Jun 200423jstow222

Windows Media Player 10

Jun 200423Pooky

Potential Spoilers Batman Begins Suit

Apr 200423Kram1563

Computer help!

Apr 200423mod_007

Hard Drive Troubles

Feb 200423DaShadow

Have Flash? I need your help!

Feb 200423Brettsta

Dark clouds video

Jan 200423webhog421

The age of 13/14...

Jan 200423FiveIronFrenzy

It Had To Be You...

Dec 200323Aculag

Dare to take the test

Nov 200323Slick

equilibrium... the movie!

Aug 200323johnson5jr

Google Easter Eggs

Jul 200323Hajiku_Flip

I'm out finally!

May 200323LtMcMurphy

Funny words

Apr 200323Marek

Fave, film Genre?

Feb 200323turbanator

Must See Film Trailers!!!

Dec 200223Timescape

Need dumb facts

Dec 200223BrickMovies4U

Is AlamDV European (was: totally random)

Nov 200223CaptHowdy

Post Ratings?

Sep 200223MerlynNY

Time for fun

Aug 200223Haichi321

What are people up to (a.k.a I am going on a summer holiday)

Jul 200223Movie_Manic


Mar 201122ben3308

Teaser Trailer for the Hangover part II

Feb 201122Joecool1081

New radiohead album - The King of Limbs

Feb 201122alienux

Low budget film profits

Jan 201122Koradin

Transformers 3 Teaser

Dec 201022jawajohnny

Help INEBRIATION get to one MILLION views!

Dec 201022Atom

BluRay - not all that, apparently ;-)

Nov 201022pdrg

And Bilbo Baggins will be portrayed by...

Oct 201022Staff Only

Free 3D Animation Software

Mar 201022BIMO


Jan 201022Thrawn

Online Computer Speed Test

Jan 201022The Chosen One

Web Design websites

Jun 200922mattio

Angels and Demons (Possible Spoilers)

May 200922Thrawn

If someone ripped your work and or idea?

Apr 200922spydurhank

Transformers 2

Dec 200822RodyPolis

Hinhem virus

Dec 200822RodyPolis

Knight Rider

Oct 200822MoltenWhale

Time in movies

Sep 200822RodyPolis

See You Again > Music Video from Atomic

May 200822ben3308


May 200822Biblmac

are you insane?

Apr 200822videofxuniverse

IGN Presents: The Legend of Zelda Movie!

Apr 200822Fill

Invisible Visual Effects

Mar 200822Jabooza


Aug 200722Frozenpede

Favorite movie posters

Jun 200722doppelganger

Which was the best worst ending? (SPOILERS)

May 200722CX3

So I just bought Vista...

Apr 200722Fill

Shameless request to help my band

Apr 200722Xcession

Favourite Movie Compagnie

Apr 200722Plainly

Music video My band made

Mar 200722jgtrox2

looking for effects artists

Mar 200722David Henson

Rollin' with Bob Saget > HILARIOUS!

Jun 200622ben3308

What do you like most about making films?

May 200622NickD

Mission Impossible 3.

May 200622Bryce007

Unaltered theatrical Star Wars DVDs

May 200622Waser

Mind bender!

Mar 200622Professsor

Best Trailer of 2005 Awards

Jan 200622Redhawksrymmer

Happy New Year! (What are *your* resolutions?)

Jan 200622Arktic

Holiday Trees SUCK

Dec 200522Jedimaster7889

Mission Impossible 3 Trailer

Dec 200522Redhawksrymmer

Snow Day!

Dec 200522Atom

My Birthday Today...

Nov 200522DigiSm89

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Trailer

Nov 200522Serpent

HELP i keep getting ads and i can't get rid of them

Nov 200522ashman

PowerMac Issue

Oct 200522Serpent


Oct 200522film freak

World Jump Day!

Oct 200522irishcult

DS news

Sep 200522film freak

"Planet-dissolving chaos cloud...headed to Earth!"

Sep 200522Lithium Kraft

Some script ideas

Sep 200522sfbmovieco

My first 3d model

Jul 200522DarkJedi07

The Future of Movies....

Jul 200522Magic_man12

Address Bar Logo

Jul 200522Serpent

Google Earth

Jul 200522Joshwa

Battlefield 2 Clan

Jun 200522Zea

Shoot the Crazy Frog Game

Jun 200522Anonymous Tipster

Gun Experts

Jun 200522TommyB

George Lucas On 60 Minutes.

Mar 200522Serpent


Dec 200422shiftd

Blade Trinity

Dec 200422Z28Jerry

Rodney Dangerfield Dies...

Oct 200422CX3

Take another wierd test.

Oct 200422Evman

digital art input

Sep 200422wpl

hola hay alguien por aqui de SPAIN o ke hable español.?

Aug 200422hanubisfilms

Happy Friendships Day!

Aug 200422billy3d

More SW DVD info

Jul 200422CoolKabe

Commercial we just made

Jul 200422CX3

Happy Fourth!

Jul 200422Evman


Jun 200422Serpent

did anyone see van Helsing?

Jun 200422Frozenpetasse

My Short Films... In Retrospect.

Mar 200422Aculag

Howdi all - newbie here

Mar 200422MarkB

does anyone have a trv950?

Mar 200422streetsk8erdc

Judas - movie

Mar 200422Frozenpede

You're soaking in it...

Mar 200422Aculag

Andrew Leitch Films

Feb 200422AndrewtheActorMan

Do you watch every movie that is uploded to FXHOME?

Feb 200422Waser

Intro Music

Jan 200422coolpugs

Sam Spade: The Low, Down Of It

Jan 200422Aculag

Sword Choreography

Oct 200322rmendoza

a cool game: seven steps to Kevin Bacon

Sep 200322Spanish Prisoner

What is your limit people?

Jul 200322CX3

A little bit into the MIND of MATT PUGH

Jul 200322MATT PUGH

Calling all female alam dv-ers!!! the debate begins....

Jun 200322Anonymous

my gas prices rant continues

Mar 200322wpl

if you laugh then give me some force points!

Mar 200322aaron 99

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