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X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer

Jan 200912fertesz


Jan 200912fxmaniac

Make A snowman

Dec 200812Paradox Pictures

Ipod Problems.

Dec 200812ssj john

Author Michael Crichton Dead

Nov 200812sfbmovieco

sound effects help for a newbie

Oct 200812Beast75

UPDATE* New Video - Christian Dance

Sep 200812CX3


Sep 200812The Siege

Quantum of Solace thread

Sep 200812Serpent

Boom Pole Anyone?

Sep 200812Adman

Need Web Design Advice (Well... Not me... A Friend)

Aug 200812CX3

A Very Important Announcement!

Aug 200812Travis Kunze


Aug 200812jgtrox2

Whats that smell?

Jul 200812Kid

Getting married tomorrow

Jul 200812videofxuniverse


Jun 200812The FE

Charlton Heston Dies

Apr 200812Serpent

Do you want your videos on youtube to look better?

Mar 200812FreshMentos

Update: Two new skits... Check'm out!

Mar 200812CX3

Ashes to Ashes

Feb 200812pdrg

Anybody Brought Anything From These Guys?

Jan 200812Adman

Age limits

Jan 200812Dinoman


Jan 200812fxmaniac

Nightcast competitor...

Dec 200712Bryce007

Christmas Avatars, get them here!

Dec 200712pixel876

w00t crowned word of the year and is now in the dictionary!

Dec 200712film freak

Photography question. Please help

Dec 200712RodyPolis

Short film idea's

Dec 200712ssj john

Super Suit

Nov 200712Serpent

Another Halo film topic!

Nov 200712mercianfilm

" my skirt!" says Miss America

Oct 200712DigiSm89

On the upgrades warpath.

Oct 200712A Pickle

Swapping from Video to Photography

Sep 200712NoClue

free software that can Liquid and water fxs ?

Aug 200712RigomrtsFX

Excellent CG UFO

Aug 200712Sharp

"The Straight Guy" from Atomic

Aug 200712ben3308

nvidia sli? any good?

Jul 20071203ruby

Updated Website

Jul 200712SilverDragon7

demo reel/ effects test parts

Jul 200712fxmaniac

My New Website

Jun 200712Quvoo

i am legend. teaser

Jun 200712skywalker dan

Which Mac to get?

Jun 200712NickF

Starcraft II

May 200712SlothPaladin

Gunfight action sequence...on ice!

May 200712Jabooza

NO, check THIS out! :D

May 200712A Pickle

illegal effects lab

May 200712fxmaniac

Hilarious Lord of the Rings Music Video (Remix)

Apr 200712carda

Looking for CompositeLab Users

Apr 200712PillowBruise

What font is this? HELP!

Mar 200712ben3308

Captain America is DEAD!

Mar 200712Garrison

Meta Cafe

Mar 200712Multiwagon

Production COmpany needs CG Intro !

Feb 200712jamespiteri

"Blackout" -feedbacks anyone?

Feb 200712Janco

Today's my 14th birthday

Jan 200712film freak


Jan 200712Anne

How many fonts is too many in XP?

Dec 200612petet2

Halo 3 trailer

Dec 200612Zephlon

Announcing the Key Pixel Independent Movie Marathon

Dec 200612Kovacs

Wii gamers beware!

Nov 200612Hybrid-Halo

Mobs for PS3!

Nov 200612Penguin

Comedy Anyone?

Oct 200612shmede

Grindhouse "Planet Terror" Trailer!

Oct 200612Andreas

Important! Final Light Selling, Sollthars stock footage!

Oct 200612mattio


Oct 200612Orin Warren

Fantastic animation

Sep 200612er-no


Sep 200612Multiwagon

Digital Camera Question

Aug 200612devilskater

Garage band

Aug 200612Pyromarius

Please have another look and tell me i'ts a good site so far

Jun 200612lennydee

PC Hardware Pros advice needed

Jun 200612Sollthar

Reality vs Documentary

May 200612CX3

My Birthday

May 200612NickD

Halo 3 Announcement Trailer

May 200612LilCaesars

Why are so many people called FXHomer?

May 200612petet2

Computer Help

May 200612epeterson

My website

Apr 200612Ryan

Weird Things With My Speakers

Jan 200612LilCaesars

whats your fav ?

Dec 200512justhereforfun


Dec 200512Arktic

EffectsLab or FXHOME AIM Icons?

Nov 200512pcremag

Map our location

Nov 200512NickF

Apple releases Aperture

Oct 200512TimmyD

3D Hallway! (have a look, Need advice)

Sep 200512devilskater

Itunes 5

Sep 200512Slick

Empty DVD Cases

Aug 200512TommyB

Original Zelda Trailer

Aug 200512Serpent

(Hosting) Would anyone host my movie?

Jul 200512TommyB

Convert WMV to AVI

Jul 200512Jeremy Davidson

Very strange email *WARNING WEIRDNESS*

Jun 200512sk8npirate

Essay On Next Gen Gaming

May 200512Zea

Dancin' Kid

May 200512Redhawksrymmer

h.264 for windows - try it out, amazing

May 200512Nagual

What Makes A Website Professional?

Apr 200512LilCaesars

My New Website - Check It Out

Apr 200512callum_slade

Star Wars Episode 3 Spoiler Thread

Apr 200512Evman

The sims 2-Eminem Music video-Business

Apr 200512Zea

WWII costume help

Mar 200512Pooky

FXHome Forum RSS Feeds

Mar 200512DigiSm89

Splinter Cell 3 SP Demo

Feb 200512Redhawksrymmer

Cheap Airsoft Guns!!!

Jan 200512JoelM

Oscars 2005: Cinematography

Jan 200512Simon K Jones

3d stage

Jan 200512hippa03

Hitler the disco fhurer

Nov 200412boffa86

ATI Driver Issue

Nov 200412sk8npirate

getting a free website to host movies

Nov 200412steelglass

Effect Challenge!

Nov 200412Atom

National day of Excellence today!

Nov 200412Hybrid-Halo


Nov 200412Redhawksrymmer

Saw (possible spoilers)

Oct 200412Waser

How to "Texture Hook"?

Oct 200412neo_man89

Dancing Bush

Oct 200412film freak

What happening with you?

Oct 200412N8man

Dawn Of The Dead

Sep 200412mod_007

Garden State

Aug 200412Aculag

Nowheresville, Texas- the lows of being at a remote location

Aug 200412ben3308

What is your ultimate goal as a filmmaker?

Jul 200412Waser

Had my film shown last night in cinema.

Jul 200412Two Gunned Saint

Texas Holdem Tournament

Jul 200412sfbmovieco

Goodbye Pinnacle!

Jun 200412Gibs

Trailer Music..

Jun 200412elementcinema


Jun 200412Serpent

Firewire Card.....Installed or not????

Jun 200412DigiSm89


May 200412Mellifluous

check this out IMMEDIATELY!

May 200412Mellifluous

Introduction (Hi!)

Apr 200412Xel

Redhawk Productions new website is up!

Apr 200412Redhawksrymmer

Need HELP on removing Nimda.E

Apr 200412DigiSm89

Premiere 6.5. help

Apr 200412blaine


Mar 200412Magic_man12

1asp host problems

Mar 200412DeezNutz24

Friends or Film ?

Mar 200412Andreas

Pocket PC games

Feb 200412wpl

DVD Recorders

Feb 200412TAP2

Dvd help

Feb 200412devilskater

iPod... More Games?

Feb 200412Brettsta

Am I the only one?

Feb 200412Frozenpede

Nccinema New webpage layout!

Feb 200412ssjaaron

Adrenaline music?

Jan 200412TMM


Dec 200312Bowie

Dreamweaver mx or frontpage 2000

Dec 200312jessy

ROTK - Midnight Tonight!

Dec 200312ZukoVega

FREE Cinema 4D!!!!!!

Nov 200312SciDog


Nov 200312owen rixon

Recreating the fxhome wall paper

Nov 200312Slick

I Need A Free Forum.

Nov 200312callum_slade

Do you live in Washington

Nov 200312Vertigo38

Virtual Chroma Backgrounds

Nov 200312Coop

Wow...sand is fun...

Oct 200312sfbmovieco

Martial Arts Weapon Request

Oct 200312Whose Line Is It Now

I laughed so hard, but ouch. . . .

Sep 200312Ice_Man


Sep 200312Magic_man12

No more movies.

Aug 200312Redhawksrymmer

Need somone to convert model

Aug 200312rmw

It tastes like brain...

Aug 200312er-no


Aug 200312jjuerss

secure passwords

Jul 200312andrewlogan

Matrix Text????

Jul 200312PalmTreeLTD

Films in cinemas.

Jul 200312Two Gunned Saint

alamdv counter-strike clan

Jul 200312wpl

CounterStrike vs. Rainbow Six

Jun 200312gent23mj

what do u all do with old games/videos?

Jun 200312TAP2

MTV speech

Jun 200312owen rixon

WMV -> Avi?

Jun 200312TAP2

My Case Study on Kinji Fukasaku.

Apr 200312er-no

How Movies Affect People

Apr 200312goober99

Mellifluous the pic has to go

Apr 200312voiceoverwizard

The Coolest Instrument Ever!!! Terrorists could use them!!

Mar 200312MechaForce

did my DarkJedi07 account get deleted?

Mar 200312Anonymous

Funny post of the week....

Mar 200312Spike

website design imput

Mar 200312wpl

Don't take my word for it...

Mar 200312er-no

GTA3 Multiplayer Function, true and legal!

Feb 200312Bob Page

Computer Estimate

Feb 200312Hajiku_Flip


Feb 200312Bowie


Jan 200312Anonymous


Jan 200312MechaForce

How do I add my movie to the cinema? (was: nother question)

Dec 200212gpmovies

I don't like blue!

Dec 200212gpmovies

***Your first force points. From where did you get them?***

Dec 200212DarkJedi07

24 Days Left Or so......

Nov 200212DarkJedi07

Website hosting

Oct 200212rmw

van dyke or oakenfold?

Oct 200212xXchiMeraXx

Big Brain Excercise !!

Oct 200212Trinity-Studios-Gmbh

UK Earthquake

Sep 200212otteypm


Sep 200212ggbros


Sep 200212Andreas

SOLDAT (very fun game!)

Aug 200212Sollthar

Graphic Program Tutorials

Jul 200212Xfurball

Should I keep my beard?

Jul 200212Simon K Jones

Any guitarists here?

Jul 200212Anonymous

Forum Spirit

Jun 200212arniie


Jun 200212Radar

Kung Fu Panda 2

May 201111Biblmac

Troll Hunter

Apr 201111NuttyBanana

Hard Drive Recovery help

Apr 201111Serpent

2 New Music Videos!

Apr 201111RodyPolis

Import Paint.exe as audio data and you get...

Mar 201111Pooky

X-Men First Class Trailer

Feb 201111CX3

Some more Blender help

Jan 201111Azulon'sAssassin

RED MX Footage - No CG

Jan 201111ajjax44

Learning Objective-c

Jan 201111BST1Productions


Jan 201111Micah master studios

Komplete 7 Elements Help

Jan 201111FXstudios99

ITV-The Cube sound fx.

Jan 201111FXhomer93368

Kodak PlaySport and VMS10HD-P

Dec 201011bartman

The Expendables

Sep 201011Terminal Velocity

"Dot" -very cool miniature stop-motion animation

Sep 201011Arktic

Cold Blade

Sep 201011FCRabbath

drive by download hit your pc

Apr 201011RigomrtsFX

April Fool's Day Prank Contained Within

Apr 201011Aculag

Need FX help with Darth Bane project

Jan 201011rick johnson

Do YOU need B-roll?

Jan 201011Arktic

Watch the 5:19 Show!

Dec 200911Arktic

(500) Days of Summer

Nov 200911Pooky

Another Helpful Staff/Member- Simon Jones!

Oct 200911FXhomerTony

Terminator - How It Should End

Oct 200911Staff Only

New Music Video

Sep 200911Jrad

Stereoscopic (3D) Film Making

Sep 200911Rockfilmers

Modern Warfare 2

Sep 200911The Siege

New Website

Aug 200911owen rixon

massive attack

Aug 200911davlin

HomeMade CardBoard Thompson M1A1

Jul 200911RisingTideStudios

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Jul 200911CX3

How do you make monsters.

Jun 200911Viktorious

Toy Story 3 Teaser

Jun 200911Staff Only

New Free Running Video I'm Working On

May 200911FreshMentos

Alot More than there Looks!

May 200911TSHADproductions

My Photoshop Work

May 200911Joecool1081

ZOMBLIES - short film.

Apr 200911ashman


Mar 200911PLANB

'Monroe' Short Film on Oswald/JFK

Mar 200911Atom

New iPod Shuffle

Mar 200911Xcession

Alesis MultiMix 8USB Mixer with USB and DSP

Feb 200911Pixel edit


Jan 200911fertesz

Death Star Over London

Dec 200811Kie77

Okay College Boys... (or University Boys...) (Or Girls...)

Nov 200811Tim L

Videowrap & the cinema

Nov 200811sfbmovieco

Apple Insomnia Film Festival

Nov 200811FreshMentos

Another Scenario

Nov 200811Adman

Project One DVD

Nov 200811PLANB

gateway laptop /tv connection issue

Nov 200811DVStudio

Enlightening service Oppurtunity

Oct 200811DVStudio

slow motion

Oct 200811FXhomer50216

X3i... Back In Your Eye... Again?

Oct 200811CX3

"My X Girlfriend" Short Film- UPDATE

Oct 200811Adman

US Constitution for Sale - hurry before it goes!

Sep 200811Arktic

RIP Don LaFontaine

Sep 200811Mantra

Tropic Thunder

Aug 200811SilverDragon7

Lucas 2 re-release the 6 star wars films with new technology

Aug 200811Bryan M Block

Downloading Youtube Vids

Jul 200811IPresents

Halo The Movie?

Jul 200811Big Rob

Blog hosting > need help!

Jul 200811ben3308

Logo idea

Jul 200811RodyPolis

Question for programmers and other pro geeks-

Jul 200811Bryan M Block

New Video- Creature Sighting

Jun 200811VRBstudios

Trailer for Action Sports video I'm working on

Jun 200811FreshMentos

"That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream"

Jun 200811NickF

Alas, I leave for Film School.

Jun 200811ben3308

can't believe this actually exists

May 200811The FE

A GREAT Collection of Wallpapers

Apr 200811NickD

Mario - Komikarate (New Skit)

Mar 200811CX3

How to behave on an internet forum

Mar 200811The Siege

Copyright? (3ds max models being charged)

Mar 200811videofxuniverse

New Musicvideo !

Jan 200811devilskater


Jan 200811Multiwagon

Win32/Fotomoto (Trojan Virus) -Suggestions welcomed

Jan 200811JoelM

request: logo

Dec 200711gangsta


Dec 200711FXhomer13107

AVP:Requiem - Opening 5 minutes online

Dec 200711Mantra

The How-To Thread

Dec 200711film freak

are you working with a new 3d software

Dec 200711RigomrtsFX


Dec 200711clarky104

making a website with a forum

Nov 200711fxmaniac

Message To our friends across the pond

Nov 200711pscamm

Vector Portrait

Nov 200711Fill

Tornado In Arizona!

Nov 200711VRBstudios

I Really Need Your Help!

Nov 200711CX3

LCD Monitor on my GS 200 gone white

Oct 200711hippa03

Is vision lab a good value?

Oct 200711Pixel edit

How to "cut and paste" music to make your version?

Oct 200711Demonicy

Tripod Recommendation

Oct 200711DaFlea

Cant believe this!

Sep 200711The Nemesis2161

Scary video

Sep 200711Rockfilmers

Harry Potter RPG

Aug 200711Elliptical Productions

MM^2, It's time!

Aug 200711Klut

Mac mmorpgs or fps

Aug 200711iFuture


Jul 200711Biblmac

Camcorder question. which is better?

Jul 200711VRBstudios

Canon GL2 camera

Jul 200711VRBstudios

Live Free or Die Hard - Reviews

Jun 200711Coureur de Bois

US Fxhomers: Able to help me replace my Zune?

Jun 200711Mellifluous

NEW Google Street View

Jun 200711Dancamfx

what makes a good comedy

Apr 200711fxmaniac

Eli Roth's Fake Grindhouse Trailer

Apr 200711sfbmovieco

"Grindhouse" to be seperated.

Feb 200711vilhelm nielsen

Superbowl Ads

Feb 200711Orin Warren

Off To New York

Jan 200711SteveW

new test vids(tell me where to improve)

Dec 200611StrikeEmStudios

Xbox 360 gamers

Nov 200611ashman

3D software help!

Nov 200611jpnaranjo

Ready to order MacBook Pro

Nov 200611TommyB

Free quicktime compression

Oct 200611Multiwagon

Tsunami Simulation - Hawaii Quake

Oct 200611Garrison

Great saber Store!

Oct 200611King of Blades

Klut Tribute Music Video

Oct 200611shmede

Redhawksrymmer, 100 presets

Oct 200611Axeman

Guess whos playin Iron Man?

Oct 200611CX3

redhawksrymmer tribute song

Sep 200611shmede

FXhome Xbox 360 Gamertags

Sep 200611Redhawksrymmer

Make A Commercial

Sep 200611sfbmovieco

A Challenge

Sep 200611Frozenpede

The Grudge 2

Sep 200611miker

The Apple expo!

Sep 200611film freak

Head Model

Sep 200611SMB

Do me a favor (if you want)

Aug 200611Zea

Anyone with an iPod Nano - help

Jul 200611Pooky

Bill Gates out by '08?

Jun 200611sfbmovieco

Changing my username

May 200611AntiGrav

I need help with web design

Apr 200611GuitarsRule89

Movie Cliches

Apr 200611Garrison

Panasonic AG-DVC60E

Apr 200611Spency

Airsoft gun choices (Spring or Electric?)

Mar 200611pcremag

Ad blockers

Mar 200611Fill

Intel is back in the game. (And long time no see. :D)

Mar 200611A Pickle

request for any 3d modelers

Mar 200611JadenKepp

Apple parody - iLaces

Mar 200611Colincsl

my banner

Feb 200611Thriller

Why is my iPod so slow?

Dec 200511TommyB

Our website....

Dec 200511JDC

It's ma B-Day !

Dec 200511Remco Gerritsen

starting some 3d stuff

Nov 200511jfbiscardi

Call Of Duty 2

Nov 200511ashman


Nov 200511Zea

Anybody live in Maine

Nov 200511shadowninja1028

Terragen animation clips

Nov 200511Underdog Productions

Amish Paradise Video

Oct 200511Redhawksrymmer

USB 2.0 Through Firewire?

Oct 200511BlueSmudge

Please Help! Sony or Panasonic?

Sep 200511TommyB

Hosting, Server, FTP!?!?!?!?

Sep 200511irishcult - temporal shutdown

Sep 200511Remco Gerritsen

Heliodisplay - holographic display

Sep 200511Fill

Fancy a 6.8GHz laptop with 1TB RAM and 2TB storage?

Sep 200511Hendo

Initial Productions Tricks and Flips (preview)

Aug 200511ssjaaron

The Island Soundtrack

Aug 200511devilskater

Lamp indicator problem with Mercedes Benz car

Aug 200511hatsoff2halford

Looking for a notebook computer that will do video.

Aug 200511FractalGirl

Counter Strike: Source (fxhome Server)

Aug 200511FiveIronFrenzy

Windows xp 64 Bit Edition

Aug 200511Zea

Computer and Video Problem

Jul 200511selkcir

Using Dreamweaver for new website

Jul 200511LilCaesars

Opinion on pictures *New Pic!* *56k warning*...

Jul 200511neo_man89

EffectsLab Roto Test

Jul 200511Serpent

Time For an Upgrade

Jun 200511jstow222

Can Anyone Do Voice Editing?

Jun 200511callum_slade

Scary music. Listen to this stuff. Led Zeppelin

Jun 200511DPUMA8

Switch Parody

Jun 200511SMB

Sin City

May 200511TommyB

Ransom Virus

May 200511Zea

Crap. I have spyware. I have questions

May 200511DPUMA8

Kingdom Of Heaven

May 200511Arktic

The Heckler (Rough Cut) **Feedback plz**

May 200511CX3

Kung Fu Hustle

Apr 200511Stoker

Can i submit...

Apr 200511robertcull

Cell modders in da hizhouse

Apr 200511aenigma


Mar 200511Frozenpede

Broadband speeds from a dialup connection.

Mar 200511Sharp

Happy St Patricks Day!

Mar 200511Coureur de Bois

Web Storage

Feb 200511Zea


Jan 200511LilCaesars

Pirates sequels.

Dec 200411Two Gunned Saint

MSN vs Google

Dec 200411blaine

Is this the best Movie ever????

Dec 200411Two Gunned Saint

Free Video Hosting

Dec 200411jackpea

New hard drive opinions

Dec 200411sk8npirate

I'm Addicted

Nov 200411The Artur update

Nov 200411CoolKabe

Cinema 4D : Very Frustrating Problem?

Oct 200411TAP2

Website Feedback

Oct 200411Redhawksrymmer

Computer Help ?!?!?

Oct 200411mthoward

Website help

Oct 200411wdy

Please Help Recovering Files From An External Hd!

Oct 200411SunriseSeagull

Hybrid's camera Hunt!

Sep 200411Hybrid-Halo

Happy Tree Friends

Sep 200411Frozenpetasse

Thermal Scope or Binocs Effect

Sep 200411CX3

Any Quicktime Pro Users (urgent)

Aug 200411Serpent

Darth vader voice?

Aug 200411Cirian

Mozilla ThunderBird

Aug 200411FiveIronFrenzy

The first ever Apple Commercial

Aug 200411Serpent

Rick James Is Dead

Aug 200411cantaclaro

My Filmmaking Society General Filmmaking Talk - advice?

Aug 200411Mellifluous

BRUK may be coming back!

Aug 200411ben3308

A Good Find for You Actors...

Jul 200411FiveIronFrenzy

The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra!

Jul 200411Aculag

90 second short script and 2 tests

Jul 200411Despin

My First Ten (Or Some Odd) Pages...

Jun 200411Aculag

Video Clips

Jun 200411baillingskater

Do Not Instal Wmp 10

Jun 200411TAP2

Hostony Problem, Again

Jun 200411Serpent

Quick Maths Help

May 200411TAP2

Change Font Color on Desktop?

May 200411jstow222

Non Presidential Topic

May 200411gent23mj

jetAudio player!

May 200411Pooky

Super Shady Website?

May 200411jstow222

Freeplay Music

May 200411Serpent

Making a globe of an image? (Photoshop Q)

Mar 200411TAP2

HTML Question

Mar 200411FiveIronFrenzy

AMC... OH yeah

Mar 200411N8man

Oscar Predictions: Writing (original screenplay)

Feb 200411Simon K Jones

Judge rules software for copying DVDs is illegal

Feb 200411scobbs

DVD Software

Feb 200411NoClue

3Ds to blender

Feb 200411webhog421

Group Therapy

Feb 200411Frozenpede

Sequal to the neat pinguin game!

Feb 200411Andreas


Feb 200411shadu

Forest fire footage, hurricane/tornado footage?

Feb 200411Pooky

Math prob help

Jan 200411rbc

Peace and Love!

Jan 200411LtMcMurphy

Message board saber

Jan 200411FiveIronFrenzy

Spanish to english, english to spanish translation

Jan 200411Brettsta

Mars fancy?

Jan 200411Bowie

Hyde technique in LXG

Jan 200411memphisrainz

website update

Jan 200411owen rixon

Test Video i made

Dec 200311Kram1563

Super User

Dec 200311obi191


Dec 200311Andreas

Blender Raytracer!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 200311Anonymous

Dv codec

Nov 200311devilskater

Site hosting!

Oct 200311Pooky

How to tie a harness with just rope!

Oct 200311wpl

Indy on DVD

Oct 200311LtMcMurphy

help, re-install xp while drive still in laptop ?

Oct 200311b4uask30male

Weapons Arsenals

Oct 200311cantaclaro

I need a quick opinion....

Oct 200311Aculag

A Brief Hiatus

Oct 200311LtMcMurphy

Anyone know about websites ?

Oct 200311b4uask30male

Going pro (kinda)

Aug 200311HandsomeScholars

Buying a Canon XM-2 in the UK

Aug 200311jjuerss

How Do I Delete My Username?

Aug 200311callum_slade


Aug 200311Aculag

Just start modeling the envi

Jul 200311ada1989

Media Gadget Ready

Jul 200311TAP2

Looking for Wire Harness to do some Wire Works for the movie

Jul 200311SunriseSeagull

Spiderman 2 Poster

Jul 200311Kyeju

Batman: Dead End

Jul 200311Simon K Jones


Jul 200311HandsomeScholars

Stereotyping British Asians in Movies

Jul 200311curran

A New Sculpt for a Half-Mask

Jul 200311moebius

DVD Burner - What is the best one? ;)

Jun 200311er-no

Help needed on a new Star Wars website.

Jun 200311infomaniacTaylor

my birthday

Jun 200311Anonymous

I just purchased Alamdv!

Jun 200311Obi

Site update!!!

Jun 200311darth_paul_goku

Can someone create a TITLES for me.?

May 200311b4uask30male

Too Early?

May 200311Equinox

Enter The Matrix Review

May 200311LtMcMurphy

Newest T3 Trailer

May 200311Kram1563

I Need Wolverine Claws!

May 200311Majicman


May 200311Anonymous

Sweden totaly rocks!

May 200311Andreas

The Hulk Trailer

May 200311owen rixon

Nintendo computer!

Apr 200311CoolKabe

WHY NOT top ten?

Apr 200311jirwin

CSB-Digital in my school booklet thingy

Apr 200311DarkJedi07

Psycho Christmas

Apr 200311Sollthar

I am Building a website

Apr 200311bjpage

Need a Mesh Badly!!!!!!

Apr 200311Neo

Check my Edit machine...

Apr 200311codec3

Someone asking for Plugin's to be sent via e-mail

Apr 200311Spike

Would you like to play Outwar?

Apr 200311andrewlogan

remember me?

Mar 200311metellius

Tears of the Sun

Mar 2003111007

I am the queen of France

Feb 200311Phage

Favourite auteurs?

Jan 200311Greyo

The Boondock Saints

Jan 200311Ice_Man


Jan 200311Magic_man12

Need your help.

Jan 200311er-no

HELP!!! DV cam dv out not working???

Jan 200311justakid

Glass shattering plugin

Dec 200211Michael Suzor

I failed today :(

Nov 200211er-no

Best Street Fighter game on PS1?

Nov 200211spotless


Nov 200211Andreas

Vice City

Oct 200211Cypher

Is there any martial art i can go to to learn...

Oct 200211Xfurball

Does it worth it to buy AlamDV2 ?????

Oct 200211Anonymous

10 Swedish Tips to have fun.

Oct 200211Andreas

Which avator?

Oct 200211rmw


Oct 200211Mark P Warman

Script review of the latest Superman film

Sep 200211Simon K Jones

One Hour Photo

Sep 200211sfbmovieco

What not to make a website about

Aug 200211sfbmovieco

Zelda GC

Aug 2002111007

Congrats Again!

Aug 200211Andreas


Aug 200211sfbmovieco

Who Wants Force Powers?!

Aug 200211Andreas

...and the square root of that is, eh?

Aug 200211danmec

Lightsaber Handle

Aug 200211Rawree

AlamDV Winamp Skin

Jun 200211Hajiku_Flip

Malone has his own college!

Jun 200211arniie

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

Jul 201110Staff Only

Daily Zombie blog

Jun 201110videofxuniverse

Real Steel (The rock 'em sock 'em robots movie)

May 201110NuttyBanana

2011 Newport Beach Film Festival TICKETS ON SALE!

Apr 201110newport

The FXhome PSN thread

Apr 201110Staff Only

Joss Whedon backing out of the Avengers

Apr 201110DX6channel

"Rubber" -An homage to nonsense.

Mar 201110Pooky

Find Makarov - Modern Warfare Fan Trailer

Mar 201110mattio

1000w x 3 Lighting + Cost of use.

Feb 201110TvReagan

Live clip of Klut and some of his friends performing!

Nov 201010Klut

How can I create a Death Eater apparation effect?

Nov 201010Azulon'sAssassin

My most recent movie

Nov 201010acproductions

2011 Newport Beach Film Festival Open For Submissions!

Oct 201010newport

Boardwalk Empire

Sep 201010Pooky

Cool Site-Cheap Stuff

Sep 201010The Chosen One

School Laptop "Fun"

Aug 201010jgtrox2

We Won!

Aug 201010Bolbi

Shortest ghost story?

Aug 201010pdrg

scientists invent touchable holograms

Jul 201010videofxuniverse

Who is Mark Apsolon?

Jul 201010Micah master studios

Muse at Glasto

Jun 201010pdrg

The Immerz Kor-FX wearable subwoofer

Jun 201010futurefilmmaker

Pop promo/music video commission for Deadmau5 - $960 fee.

May 201010pdrg

New MACHETE Trailer

May 201010ajjax44

Adobe After effects CS4

May 201010Poseidon1231

Apr 201010RodyPolis

Gundersen goes John Williams

Apr 201010Tommy Gundersen

Little Something

Apr 201010Jrad

Sexy Shades 2- Funny Music Video!

Nov 200910mikeh

Computer Sound Card NOT Working

Nov 200910ZekeCraft655

Hello to all

Oct 200910FXhomer78535

Can my HV20 record my PS2 videogame?

Oct 200910TheOutlawAmbulance

If Star Wars was made by environmentalists...

Sep 200910Staff Only

World's Longest Basketball Shot

Sep 200910Biblmac

Xgames 3d

Aug 200910Rockfilmers

Zombie Sculpt

Aug 200910The Chosen One

2010 Newport Beach Film Festival Announces Call For Entries!

Aug 200910newport

Modest Mouse "King Rat" -Directed by Heath Ledger

Aug 200910Staff Only

Problem with apple mac display

Jun 200910nitrox

Selling my DVX100B

Jun 200910Bryce007

Auto start-shut down pc?

May 200910DVStudio

Airsoft Help

May 200910CoolBeans Studio


Apr 200910trydeezz1

Recent Movie Project

Mar 200910DVStudio

Jedi gym.

Mar 200910spydurhank

Actors for hire

Feb 200910Jonnie

Syobon Action - The most difficult game EVER

Feb 200910futurefilmmaker

Any idea about shipping times across the pond?

Dec 200810v3rlon

Animated .Gif

Dec 200810Paradox Pictures

Fire ball

Dec 200810Poseidon1231

Youtube Extra-super-duper-high-quality

Nov 200810The Siege

My new blog

Nov 200810Rockfilmers

how do I get my Films on youtube?

Oct 200810Pyrosilverfish

Hey A new video i made

Oct 200810jgtrox2

Filmmakers Wanted to Produce How-To Shorts (

Sep 200810Howcast Filmmakers

does HD footage take up more memory?

Aug 200810The FE

Best Movie Ever! *pics*

Aug 200810doppelganger

PC Ram upgrade issue- please help!

Aug 200810DVStudio

Tech question Vista / AMD / Intel

Aug 200810Bryan M Block

prison break

Jul 200810videofxuniverse


Jun 200810Fill

Anybody from Vancouver?

Jun 200810Coureur de Bois

The Movies of 2008: Mid-Year Review

Jun 200810ben3308

Get Smart

Jun 200810epeterson

Looking for a job...

Jun 200810Travis Kunze

Animusic - Trippy and Amazing

May 200810CX3


May 200810ssj john

I need a "film" buddy

May 200810ikmalrawks

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (Video, details, etc.)

May 200810film freak

Sequel to Donnie Darko...

May 200810Mellifluous

Placing A 3D Model Behind An Actor Without Using Greenscreen

May 200810chrisakamagic83

mp3 to mid?

Apr 200810knubs

Indie/Hobbiest game maker seeks advice

Apr 200810NateDog

squibs...just say no.

Apr 200810nitrox

Vue 6 and VisionLab

Apr 2008101luckydog

Coming Soon Internet: "The Grid"

Apr 200810film freak

Trackmania Event Is Nearing

Apr 200810B3N

Spectacular footage of new penguin breed

Apr 200810Xcession

Children of Men to become a TV show?

Mar 200810Harvey

Scary much? (Pic) Oh my god...

Mar 200810film freak

Editing software

Feb 200810Mazzman004

Need a free photo editing software

Feb 200810gangsta

Worst fightscene ever

Feb 200810The Siege

after effects test video

Jan 200810fxmaniac

A Christmas greeting.

Dec 200710B3N

After Effects question

Dec 200710VRBstudios

resident evil the movie again ...yep

Nov 200710RigomrtsFX

Return Of the Ghostbusters

Nov 200710clarky104

My birthday in a few hours!

Oct 200710VRBstudios

Goiing to Brazil

Oct 200710Rockfilmers


Sep 200710xanetia

JT9 says hello!

Aug 200710er-no

leaving fxhome for a while

Aug 200710fxmaniac

AVP2 Leaked trailer

Aug 200710Frosty G

Fantastic Buffalo clip

Aug 200710B3N

The iphone: My impressions

Aug 200710film freak

First Video

Aug 200710Poseidon1231

300 2 disk not-so special addition dvd

Jul 200710wahwahweewah

new guys lots of questions

Jul 200710AzGunrunner

The Bourne Ultimatum Trailer 2

Jul 200710carda

What should I do

Jun 200710KA Productions

Brand New Die Hard 4 Trailer!

Jun 200710carda

What is this music from?

Jun 200710RodgerDodger

For Those Camera Proffesionals...

Jun 200710StrABullet

NightCast Language

Jun 200710SlickV19

Keynote Discussion

Jun 200710NickD

COBRA PRODS Music Video Starring NBC Heroes' Eric Roberts

Jun 200710ajjax44

Rate my cover!

May 200710The Blue Devil

It's time for me to get a Laptop

May 200710Zea

Newer Version

May 200710The Editing Room

wireless internet

Feb 200710cooldude


Feb 200710JTGFIlms


Feb 200710BringPopcorn

jump or fly effect

Feb 200710FXhomer2191

Smokin' Aces

Jan 200710ben3308

Wohoo! Just purchased VisionLab Studio!

Jan 200710Tuffy

Recomendations for new computer please

Jan 200710FreshMentos

psychology term

Dec 200610jotoki

Call of Duty 2...

Dec 200610A Pickle

I Laughed Until I Cried

Dec 200610jmax

A Short Film

Dec 200610Goldwing Productions

movie rip offs at your local video rental store

Nov 200610Dancamfx

FXhome Christmas Wallpapers and more!

Nov 200610Redhawksrymmer

I have an announcement

Sep 200610visualchaos

Connecting PC to TV

Sep 200610devilskater

Flyboys/All the Kings Men

Sep 200610Frozenpede

Help with OS reinstall.

Sep 200610Arktic

18/07/06 - New Trailers!

Aug 200610Redhawksrymmer

Crazy Stunt

Aug 200610epeterson

Site navigation update: could use some comments

Jul 200610Pooky

Military Hand Signals

Jul 200610Jrad

Angry Chef

Jul 200610SlothPaladin

Spiderman 3 Teaser Description~

Jun 200610SyroVision

Is this site trust worthy?

Jun 200610alexanderj

Just Graduated !

Jun 200610devilskater

Casino Royale trailer now availible on apple

Jun 200610film freak

Graphics card, which one to buy? *anwsered*

Jun 20061003ruby

Ferrari Rude Awakening - TV Add? Movie? What?

Jun 200610SyroVision

New extended Pirates of the Carribean 2 trailers

Jun 200610film freak

Impressive Honda commercial video 'Cog'

May 200610Roozer

Hitman: Blood Money Demo now available

May 200610Redhawksrymmer

Oops! Special Effect Mistake in Superman Trailer!

May 200610SyroVision

Caption Game - Quoting Fun

May 200610SyroVision

Wiping HD

May 200610SGB

You guys gotta see this small video clip!

Mar 200610visualchaos

SL:FX 3D Challenge Thread

Feb 200610Rawree

AlamDV/Effects Lab Combo question

Jan 200610greenfireproductions

Software to copy DVD Movies?

Jan 200610cjbalways

Empire at war demo

Jan 200610Kolchin

Dungeon Siege -- Movie Trailer

Jan 200610Framen Noodles

Best way to learn 3D

Jan 200610Deepcoiler

Writing reviews/tuts/articles

Jan 200610sfbmovieco

EffectsLab Logo

Dec 200510pcremag

The line btween games and films gets finer

Dec 200510fallen

Dreamweaver Question

Dec 200510nanafanboy

FXhome Gift Cards

Dec 200510rogolo

Changing avi files to .mov

Nov 200510cjbalways

Still have Signature problem

Oct 200510carda

Advantages/Disadvantages of Imported PSP

Oct 200510ChrisMac

Creative Jucie

Sep 200510irishcult

moving picture?

Sep 200510knubs

Computer Crash. Help!

Sep 200510Andreas


Sep 200510wdy

A new song I wrote.

Aug 200510Sharp

Did anyone get into Universty?

Aug 20051003ruby


Aug 200510Rawree

Monty Vader and the Holy Lightsaber

Aug 200510anim8tor

What is the cheapest, great quality camera???

Aug 200510Mercury149

Muzzle Flash Contest

Aug 200510mattio

Help Undeleting Files

Jul 200510TommyB

UKers - Anyone know about Currys Coverplans? :)

Jul 200510Mellifluous


Jul 200510RP Hoogle

Effects/Compositioning Shot (Updated)

Jul 200510Bugclimber

Anyone know of a good College?

Jul 200510Jeremy Davidson

Dark Water Trailer...any thoughts?

Jun 200510Zea

where can i find The Friendship full movie?

Jun 200510bmx-men_

Virus feeds on Jackson suicide rumor

Jun 200510Zea

A Segway-Style Skateboard! Whoa!

Jun 200510ben3308

Computer Monitor Whine

Jun 200510Squid

Sony USB cable-What should I do?

May 200510Atom

My First ELDV Test

May 200510Serpent

Episode Three Behind the Scenes Featurettes (Light Spoilers)

May 200510Evman

capturing to external hard drive problem.. help!

May 200510leok

The new Doctor Who?????

Apr 20051003ruby

fun lego guy creation

Apr 200510Zea

Storm The House!! - soo much fun haha

Apr 200510Magic_man12


Apr 200510Frozenpede

clone wars volume 2 5first chapters

Mar 200510boffa86


Jan 200510TimmyD

Independent Films to Get Excited About

Jan 200510Frozenpede

MovMak - the Film Making resource for teens

Jan 200510pzgamer825

HL2 gfx adjustments?

Dec 200410jstow222

Canon GL2 Screen Caps

Dec 200410sk8npirate

Sin City Trailer

Dec 200410Aculag

Free Song I made

Dec 200410TheRenegade

Errr, just wondering...

Dec 200410Calminaion

At long last...a Dawn of the Dead game!

Dec 200410Vega70

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - DC

Dec 200410aenigma

Cheers, cheers, cheers.

Dec 200410Andreas

ROTK EE Trailer #2

Nov 200410Redhawksrymmer

Animation in photoshop

Nov 200410jstow222

Laptop Recommendation

Nov 200410billy3d

Where NOT to buy something

Nov 200410Mr Anderson

old detective movies

Nov 200410Andreas

Residuck Evil

Oct 200410boffa86

Need help setting up a home network.

Oct 200410SunriseSeagull

Cool Rocket Video

Oct 200410blaine

Panasonic NV-GS200

Oct 200410Klut

Serious Magic VS Chrominator..

Oct 200410sciman

How do you properly put a border image around your quicktime

Sep 200410wdy

Anyone seen The Forgotten?....

Sep 200410KungSanGun

Do you wanna have a two day competition?

Sep 200410Frozenpetasse

My First "Gig"

Sep 200410Brettsta

This is the NOOOOOZE

Sep 200410Vega70

FCP HD DVD making help

Aug 200410Brettsta

3D wannabees, looky here

Aug 200410otteypm on radio

Aug 200410Leecher


Aug 200410Serpent

The Life Aquatic Trailer

Aug 200410Waser

Cinema Compression Suggestion : Please Read

Jul 200410TAP2

Best Counter-Strike Video ever

Jul 200410PhLogan

Things girls should know about guys

Jun 200410Frozenpetasse

My Digital Double (WIP)

Jun 200410Rawree


Jun 200410wdy

Express cameras

Jun 200410Slick

Anyone here like Star Wars, cant wait for the new movies?

Jun 200410Volcomcs07

Free Stuff

Jun 200410wdy

FREE Movie Captioning program

May 200410RudyPicardo

how to make wolverine claws

May 200410wpl

Sort out those viruses!

May 200410Mellifluous

Please Help!

Apr 200410Anonymous

hit me

Apr 200410raider


Apr 200410Thuan

Lord Of The Rings Trilogy All 3 Moives In One Day

Apr 200410Mugsy42

The complications of learning.

Apr 200410Slick

Johnny Whoopass!

Apr 200410elementcinema

A Short Movie I made

Apr 200410Waser

Problems deleting a folder in win xp!

Apr 200410SunriseSeagull

Maddox has been takin over! or has he?

Apr 200410elementcinema

Realistic Saber

Mar 200410Serpent

funny tv commercial

Mar 200410wpl

Audigy Sound Cards : Built in 5.1 Decoding???

Mar 200410TAP2

AMD or Intel P4

Mar 200410jjuerss

NoControl Cinema 1993 to 1998

Mar 200410Sollthar

Angel series CUT

Mar 200410raven100

Simple Maths

Mar 200410TAP2

The Sun is Cool

Mar 200410Pooky

3d industry

Mar 200410rmw

Exporting movies in 3ds max(with alpha channel)

Feb 200410Colincsl


Feb 200410mardock

Its Finally Done

Feb 200410wdy

Whats Coming?

Feb 200410Frozenpede

Question on Serial Numbers

Feb 200410Howloween18

How do I become a gold member?

Jan 200410Waser

Capture Screen

Jan 200410Brettsta

Max Payne: Hero

Dec 200310Two Gunned Saint

5.1 in Premiere 6.5??

Dec 200310devilskater

Make your own msn emoticons

Nov 200310blaine

PHPBB Help Needed!

Nov 200310callum_slade

Looks to be another great day...

Nov 200310LtMcMurphy

Fallenstar Logo #2 What do you think?

Oct 200310wdy

No Comment...

Oct 200310TAP2


Oct 200310wdy

My first ever blender web base realtime :D

Oct 200310ada1989

One year and counting.

Sep 200310Two Gunned Saint

To my absolute horror....

Aug 200310TAP2

Versus Films

Aug 200310Timescape

Web Attack?!

Jul 200310Anonymous

Pulleys and wires for wire works!~!

Jul 200310SunriseSeagull

My dirty room

Jul 200310HandsomeScholars

Where can I buy cheap camcorder dollies and booms?!?

Jul 200310SunriseSeagull

Pirates of the caribbean

Jul 200310Riese

Saving .mov movies?

Jun 200310rmw

3d Photographs

Jun 200310gruby

Jun 200310Andreas

Selling equipment to fund film

Jun 200310Jagg

Everyone just take a step back and read... please

Jun 200310Obi

The Internets most annoying/greatest game?!

Jun 200310er-no

Dennis & Ronnie Films Update

Jun 200310Aculag

free web hosting space for your movies

May 200310nickcelestin

File Extension Convertor

Apr 200310TAP2

Die Another Day DVD

Apr 200310Redhawksrymmer

Productions Company name

Mar 200310Serdar3500

Sad Pet Day

Mar 200310davlin

website search engine listing

Feb 200310wpl

Cool Illusions!

Feb 200310er-no


Jan 200310oliciv

Fighting Scene

Jan 200310sfbmovieco

How Good Is Your Vision?

Jan 200310oliciv

A great joke for you all, to keep you warm in the snow

Jan 200310Spike

I am amazed!

Jan 200310Spike

Advertising for your movie on the internet

Jan 200310gpmovies

DVD burning help please

Dec 200210b4uask30male

Merry Xmas Everybody!

Dec 200210domdino

Textures... Textures Who wants Textures????

Dec 200210danial_02

(sorry ) call it a stargate file size smaller

Dec 200210b4uask30male

Greenscreen Paint

Nov 200210Magic_man12

No Geekshelf

Nov 200210Andreas

Bring back the " have you seen " from the cinema

Oct 200210b4uask30male

free sound effects

Oct 200210xXchiMeraXx

network help.

Oct 200210Andreas

Computer Cleaning Equipment

Sep 200210av11d


Sep 200210arniie

Finaly i got an avatar =)

Sep 200210Stiltman

FX, Props Shop..

Sep 200210Stiltman

peas are deadly

Sep 200210wpl

Damn Firewalls!!!!

Sep 200210Chev

Bullet Time For Dummies(Tutorial)

Aug 200210andrewlogan

type text, like on military movies

Aug 200210Anonymous

Audio Galaxy's gone....what now?

Aug 200210danmec


Aug 200210Gibs

It's been years

Oct 20119wpl

The Legend of Zelda

Aug 20119RisingTideStudios

Red Tails - Trailer

Jul 20119jawajohnny

I made a movie for the 48 Hour Film Project

Jul 20119Waser

Haven't been here in a while

Jun 20119jgtrox2

Blender help: Textures

May 20119Terminal Velocity

Wanted HD Camcoder

May 20119matchyman

DX6channel's Short films and VFX tests *Edit-new video*

Apr 20119DX6channel

Check out my latest project - Defected TV (18 years+)

Mar 20119Arktic

Amazing 3D work

Mar 20119Sollthar

Superbowl Trailers

Feb 20119RodyPolis

Audio Doesnt Match With Video

Jan 20119Nate32

RIP Pete Postlethwaite

Jan 20119videofxuniverse

Hi there!

Jan 20119Helge

Merry Christmas FXhome!

Dec 20109Arktic

Canon EOS 7D

Dec 20109NuttyBanana

The Ambush

Nov 20109acproductions

So what about this trailer?

Nov 20109Staff Only

Tim Burton fans

Nov 20109ToDieFor

Kill Ranch Doritos!

Oct 20109ZackGavin

Visionlab crashing on new pc

Oct 20109Mad Mike

The Night Chronicles - Devil (2010)

Sep 20109miker

Airsoft...Who plays?

Sep 20109nitrox

De-Evolution Studios Presents: "This is Unfortunate

Aug 20109Evman

Multifunction printer

Aug 20109Staff Only

Justin Bieber slowed down by 800% =Haunting 36-minute epic

Aug 20109Pooky

Entertaining FreddieW gunbattle vid (Very cool)

Aug 20109Tim L

Blender 3D animater

Jul 20109Micah master studios

Wanted - webdesigner & composer (paid comissions)

Jul 20109Arktic

Star Wars saga gets a Blu-Ray release

May 20109RigomrtsFX


Apr 20109Simon K Jones

British Voice for very short video

Mar 20109Serpent

has any one see this before its crazy

Feb 20109RigomrtsFX

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Feb 20109Coureur de Bois

3d model test

Feb 20109RigomrtsFX

Paranormal Activety in OUR FXhome Cinema?

Dec 20099davlin

College Children In Need Broadcast Friday!

Nov 20099B3N


Oct 20099Staff Only

do U need another movie program to do non green screen work

Jul 20099FXhomer50115

Does any one use Blender.

Jul 20099Viktorious

Paint Ball gun

Jun 20099Poseidon1231


Jun 20099BIMO

pro's and con's for vegas movie studio and premere elements

Jun 20099AwesomeFist

Youtube channels beta

May 20099AwesomeFist

Sherlock Holmes Trailer!

May 20099Sephis85

Free virus and anti-spyware software?

Apr 20099mikeh

Scene From My New Movie "Back In Time"

Mar 20099Thrawn

Need help finding website.

Mar 20099jgtrox2

low memory problem

Mar 20099RodyPolis

Rollercoaster massacre

Feb 20099pdrg

Street Fighter IV / Nice Intro

Feb 20099CX3

ATTN Mac Users* Codeweaver's Crossover free this month!

Jan 20099Serpent

Stock Footage in FCE

Dec 20089The FE

Free college- no joke :)

Dec 20089DVStudio

Human contact

Dec 20089Alcoholic Artist


Dec 20089Travis Kunze

Long time

Dec 20089sk8npirate

The acronym game!

Nov 20089MoltenWhale

New Music Video I Made

Nov 20089FreshMentos

Deja Vu

Nov 20089Bryan M Block

Iron Man helmet

Oct 20089Bolbi

Short Soundtrack Demo

Oct 20089Tommy Gundersen

Serial Movie Poster request

Oct 20089DaFlea

Cheap games

Oct 20089PSFreak

My first Motion tracking test

Oct 20089videofxuniverse

I am issuing a challenge to any and all FXHomers

Sep 20089The FE

Microsoft bites back...finally.

Sep 20089ssj john


Aug 20089fertesz

Happy face test thing

Aug 20089Poseidon1231

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Jul 20089jawajohnny

Online Store

Jul 20089Vault FX

Anyone able to create a song for Intro to show

Jul 20089epeterson

Dillon's Ridge

Jun 20089Klausky

My Trip to the Movieum In London (Photos)

Jun 20089videofxuniverse

Anyone know about the Panasonic PV-GS320 camcorder?

May 20089RyanZ

Flash Gordon

May 20089B3N

New Tropic Thunder trailer!

May 20089Mellifluous


May 20089B3N

My new website

May 20089SlothPaladin

macs on audio

May 20089The FE

"Inside a Cult", Nat Geo Channel (Shameless plug!)

May 20089Arktic

Field Report - Cirque du Soleil's Delirium at the O2

Apr 20089pdrg

Transformers 2 Already?

Mar 20089NickF

NEW FanFilm: Vengeance of the Jedi

Mar 20089Ziga

for all mac users

Mar 20089The FE

Twilight Princess - GC vs Wii

Mar 20089JUIDAR

EniTech attacked? HandHeld footage recovered 27/2/08

Feb 20089Hybrid-Halo

Gotta watch "Bent Bond"!

Feb 20089FredeJyll


Feb 20089B3N

Problems with quicktime

Feb 20089film freak

What virus protection / fire wall do you recommend?

Feb 20089petet2

New Rambo movie!

Feb 20089JUIDAR

The new Chronicles of Narnia

Feb 20089Jabooza

The Kingdom (just released on rental)...dah

Jan 20089davlin

As You Like It

Jan 20089Merrick

your mac...on a diet

Jan 20089nitrox

Movie Trailer/Preview Copyright

Jan 20089Adman

The Golden Glober "Winner Special"

Jan 20089Atom

New 'Jumper' Trailer

Dec 20079Atom

Posters For Sale

Nov 20079Adman

Lighting Kit

Nov 20079VRBstudios

Need Logo Design

Nov 20079Xanikoo

Fall Movies

Nov 20079Atom

Cant get my signature to appear correctly

Nov 20079Pixel edit

The Long Good Friday (or: Why do they keep doing this?!)

Oct 20079Arktic

Ok here is the real problem with my jagged edges

Oct 20079chrisakamagic83

A TV show idea - opinions please

Oct 20079Frank Grimes

How do I make shadows conform to the contours of the land?

Oct 20079chrisakamagic83

camera tracking in 3d app to use for greenscreening

Sep 20079chrisakamagic83

The Descendants

Sep 20079fxmaniac

BioShock - Awsome

Aug 20079Gnome326

New to the group...

Aug 20079DaFlea

Character design - not sure if I should use it

Aug 20079Plainly


Jul 20079mercianfilm

I've made the switch...

Jul 20079A Pickle

Who likes swashbuckling?

Jul 20079Kovacs

nccinema stockfootage composition

Jul 20079fxmaniac

See you in a bit

Jun 20079NickF

Hitman Movie Trailer

Jun 20079boffa86

My LOTR fanfilm

Jun 20079drspin98

Calling TRACKMANIA UNITED players!

Jun 20079Sollthar

Splinter cell: Conviction

Jun 20079B3N

looking for 3ds max Tutorial

Jun 20079devilskater

the death of a video crew.

Jun 20079morph5690

Sony Vx2100 Camera for sale.

May 20079Bryce007

Heres a video a made:

May 20079Videoace123


Apr 20079Serpent

Games workshop

Apr 20079mercianfilm

Spider-man 3 Final Trailer

Apr 20079carda

Mac Pro Quad C... no... 8 Core!

Apr 20079Garrison

Children of Men Uk DVD Amnesty

Apr 20079Mantra

Metropolitan Film School

Mar 20079Jaster

How Your Work Has Affected Others

Mar 20079sfbmovieco

i'm moving house and job- check out these pics!

Mar 20079skywalker dan

Creature trailer

Mar 20079VRBstudios

My film Written, Filmed, Directed, Edited in less than 24hrs

Mar 20079TVK

Help With Final CUt Pro

Feb 20079JTGFIlms

Adding Audio in Post

Feb 20079DavidLittlefield

Metadata, anyone?

Jan 20079ben3308

anyone watch CSI?

Jan 20079Orin Warren

Dead Pixel

Dec 20069Zea

Video of fastest Rubik's Cube solve

Dec 20069film freak

Terragen TGD (Technology Preview) aviable on December 15

Dec 20069Landon

Home Theatre Question

Nov 20069knubs

Terminator 4 fan made trailer

Nov 20069VRBstudios

FX make-up

Nov 20069Nutbar

Airsoft Guns: Need Purchasing Advice!

Oct 20069alpha54

submitting films on fxhome

Oct 20069StrikeEmStudios

AlamDV2 question... yep, you read right ;)

Oct 20069JoelM

Tutorial: Drawing the VisionLab Logo

Oct 20069NickF

Line Rider: The funnest waste of time EVER INVENTED!

Oct 20069Penguin

15 Top Movie Mistakes

Oct 20069Jazzmanian

Company Logo

Sep 20069StarZ

New Site Compatability issues

Sep 20069Serpent

my little clay animation with stop motion

Aug 20069jgtrox2

Cool lightsaber videos

Aug 20069Jabooza

Borat is back...with a vengeance!

Aug 20069Redhawksrymmer

Opinions on Logos

Aug 20069sfbmovieco

My kids reviewing Superman Returns

Jul 20069jnjosh

PCI express! is there 2 types ?

Jun 20069b4uask30male

Gamemaker: Free game programming software

Jun 20069film freak

Box Office

Jun 20069Penguin

Fxhome banners to include on websites/myspace?

May 2006903ruby

Backing up my files

May 20069NickD

Anyone know where I could get a Good Electric Stunt Saber?

May 20069carda

having fun with software!

May 20069FXhomer2102

Starting up a new TV station!?

May 20069SunriseSeagull

Google's Free 3D Animation Package

May 20069A Pickle

FireFox Flicks

Apr 20069brennanmceachran


Apr 20069KindWalker

Where can i find creatures/monsters pictures or drawings?

Apr 20069hulkis2001

Gaming & Movie Franchises - A Step To Far?

Mar 20069SyroVision

Winter sports

Mar 20069Oeyvind

What Movie Is This?

Mar 20069FXhomer2855

Resevoir Dogs... Why is it such a classic?

Mar 20069Gnome326

Movie Poster on the Comp

Mar 20069Serpent

The Simpsons - Real Life Opening

Mar 20069er-no

Inconceivable casting proposition

Feb 20069aenigma

Opera on DS and more!

Feb 20069Serpent

LOTR cartoon

Feb 20069drspin98

Attention iPod Video Owners!

Feb 20069rogolo

Jan 20069Zea

Silent hill poster contest

Jan 20069Stoker

RECON 2 Production Diaries

Jan 20069JohnCarter


Dec 20059justhereforfun


Dec 20059shadowninja1028

Best of FXhome DVD

Dec 20059Frozenpede

Motioned Avatar... How???

Dec 20059CX3

MTV & MSFT Music Store

Dec 20059TimmyD

My bands page

Dec 20059Stoker

King Kong Special

Dec 20059steelglass

Historical Question

Nov 20059angelx

Sound Pros Help!

Nov 20059TommyB

It's My Birthday!!

Nov 20059Fill

How to find Ethernet HostID?

Oct 20059SunriseSeagull

on LSU

Oct 20059Kolchin

Trip to Hollywood

Oct 20059Jeremy Davidson


Oct 20059Klausky

tax-free country, how does it work?

Oct 20059Andreas

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Weir-Rabbit

Oct 20059Bugclimber

Xbox Linking

Sep 20059steelglass

N..........A great game

Sep 20059Klausky

Cry Wolf

Sep 20059Sniped

My Chromanator Tests...

Sep 20059mikeysnipaa

Free ipod or game console anyone?

Sep 20059NuttyBanana

How to play DivX in Quicktime (OSX)

Aug 20059oliverwaters

Recording From TV

Aug 20059Serpent

Art Of the Sabre on Spiked Humor?

Aug 20059Zea

Is this deal too good to be true?

Aug 20059Arktic

Internet Explorer causing pop-up ads...

Aug 20059TimmyD

OLED Computer Keyboard

Aug 20059Sharp

Macbeth 3000 Press Release

Aug 20059Madmanmatty

SLI, Crossfire, how do I NOT love thee...

Aug 20059A Pickle

Some amazing drawings!

Jul 2005903ruby

Doom teaser trailer

Jul 20059boffa86

New Website Up, looking for Critique

Jul 20059ben3308

Anyone have any clue what's wrong with

Jul 20059ben3308

Caption Chat Game

Jul 20059Serpent

LivePlasma (beta)

Jul 20059Slick

Pentium or Athlon?

Jul 20059sk8npirate

"Hey Let's Go for a Ride" - Music video

Jul 20059Colincsl


Jul 20059Evman

Danny Way & the Great Wall of China

Jul 20059aenigma

Thank You.

Jul 20059Jeremy Davidson

FX TEST - comments?

Jul 20059Magic_man12

Oceanscape Wallpapers

Jun 20059TommyB

to make a pop up javascript window

Jun 20059Buddy

How to record sound from your PC

Jun 20059Remco Gerritsen

Multi Theft Auto

May 2005903ruby

I HATE norwegian service!

May 20059Tommy Gundersen

Stunt City advert

May 20059Mellifluous

Google Releases Personalized Front Pages...

May 20059TimmyD

Ipod question.

May 20059Slick

Episode 3 Non-spoiler Review

May 20059SugahSean

MD Writers – Just like you see in the movies.

May 20059Sharp

Do you think this looks real? *Warning GRAPHIC*

Apr 20059neo_man89

New superman costume

Apr 20059owen rixon

200 free songs to download from Amazon!

Apr 20059Mellifluous

Scaling an Image to Window Size

Apr 20059Deepcoiler

New TV Spots for Episode 3

Apr 20059Redhawksrymmer

Need help networking and forwarding ports....

Apr 20059SunriseSeagull

Batman: New Times

Mar 20059b r o k e n f a i t h

Digital Camera recommendations?

Mar 20059Pooky

How to compress a movie (was: My movie)

Mar 20059Tommy Gundersen

A New World

Feb 20059Frozenpede

win an scd 107

Feb 20059Zea

Stargate SG1

Feb 20059TommyB

Icarus Skewed Script Angle in 3ds max

Feb 20059Mellifluous

Toy Wars is finally.....where?

Feb 20059Atom


Feb 20059Magic_man12

"Delusions of Grandeur" Check out my new trailer

Feb 20059Coureur de Bois

Oscars 2005: Film Editing

Jan 20059Simon K Jones

Make plug ins...:S

Jan 20059Tommy Gundersen

Michael K Powell resigns

Jan 20059Frozenpede

A store that can ship Camcorders from Uk to overseas

Jan 20059hippa03

If im not the forum tomorrow then i want to say

Dec 20049boffa86

DVD Insert Dimensions

Oct 20049Deepcoiler

DVD Writing... Could thay make it more confusing?

Oct 20049TAP2

Steve Vai and HALO2

Oct 20049Mantra

DXM makes Trojan Vision

Oct 20049MidnightJester

Is Sollthar Going To The Big Screen?

Sep 20049Frozenpetasse

Blade Trinity

Sep 20049BountyHunter185

Old Man Phico Project

Sep 20049tmaynard

My toyota is fantasic...

Sep 20049boffa86


Aug 20049Klut

Cinema 4d animation question

Aug 20049ssjaaron

Warcraft 3 or Diablo 2?

Aug 20049mod_007

Good, reliable webspace provider?

Aug 20049rob

RECON 2020 Making of sneak peak

Aug 20049JohnCarter

Cell Phone Wallpaper

Aug 20049Evman

An Article on Professional Logo Design

Aug 20049Hajiku_Flip

Model FX test for upcoming movie

Aug 20049JohnCarter

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

Aug 20049Cutty201

Live play script

Aug 20049rmw

World's Finest

Jul 20049AndrewtheActorMan

Discuss Mystic River

Jul 20049Mellifluous

Mark and the Gist

Jul 20049wdy

jerry goldsmith died

Jul 20049b4uask30male

People Copying Your Ideas

Jul 20049TAP2


Jul 20049sfbmovieco

Pencilmation and HomeRun

Jun 20049er-no

Muzzle Flash Test

Jun 20049JoelM

just an idea

Jun 20049Frozenpetasse

A Few Days Left, Then Off!

Jun 20049Brettsta

I Robot Japanese trailer

Jun 20049JohnCarter

Has anyone seen Super Size Me?

Jun 20049Waser

Rolland Emmerich is in trouble!

Jun 20049sfbmovieco

vote which one is the best duck tape creation

Jun 20049wpl


May 20049elementcinema

Festival de Cannes winners

May 20049Waser

Help finding a song.

May 20049Howloween18

100 force for transaction

May 20049jaycoolyea

Influential Film Music

May 20049Mantra

Vegas 5 And Dvd Arct 2.0 Check It

May 20049greenfireproductions

How much do you rely on computers?

May 20049DigiSm89

Cloud Car 3D render.

May 20049Rawree

Mac Or PC?

May 20049jstow222

Working with kids in film

Apr 20049gent23mj

ALAMDV 2 Plug-in Quality, or lack there of...

Apr 20049elementcinema

File converter

Apr 20049mod_007

Camera "A" R.I.P.

Apr 20049Two Gunned Saint

Information Needed On Importing Films From America

Apr 20049callum_slade

You must all see this!!!

Apr 20049Leecher

I have a few questions I need answered

Mar 20049Serpent

Photoshop Image into Painting

Mar 20049Magic_man12

Eternal Sunshine at Deadly Dawn

Mar 20049cantaclaro

A Parchment For A Penny

Mar 20049Aculag

End Of The World

Mar 20049wpl

morphing question

Mar 20049shadu

zed is gone and i got a solution

Mar 20049ssjaaron

March Third, 2004

Mar 20049Aculag


Mar 20049Arktic

Sweet stuff!

Mar 20049Frozenpede

Virus Help

Feb 20049jaycoolyea

If someone could record this...

Feb 20049Pooky

Oscar Predictions: Music (score)

Feb 20049Simon K Jones

Fan Game

Feb 20049Serpent

my websites

Feb 20049Mellifluous


Jan 20049Serpent

Check out my website!

Jan 20049jessy

London South Bank University Interview

Jan 20049TMM

"Sam Spade: The Low Down Of It" Poster

Jan 20049Aculag

Back from Switzerland...

Jan 20049jjuerss


Jan 20049collijulio

Copyright Information

Dec 20039Aculag

Making Plugins Confusion - Complex :-)

Dec 20039TAP2

Where are the Plug-ins!!!

Dec 20039Underdog Productions

Fellowship of the Boomstick and the Two, King-like Barrels

Dec 20039Cypher

Picture of paper from the latest days. US/ENG (homework)

Nov 20039Andreas

Its the Deus Ex 2 demo!

Nov 20039er-no


Nov 20039Coureur de Bois

End of the World - haha

Nov 20039Magic_man12


Nov 20039owen rixon

Fxhome logo test (Slick Desktop test)

Oct 20039Slick

when good tv goes bad

Oct 20039meridianrising

Something fun to do (and I don't know why)

Oct 20039LtMcMurphy

Contest idea

Oct 20039Magic_man12

Return Of The King

Sep 20039Redhawksrymmer

Amazing Football/Soccer Save

Sep 20039Exclamation

Putting up a server

Sep 20039Andreas

Just Wanna Say "Hi"

Aug 20039Glyn

BBFC Templates?

Aug 20039TAP2

TheManMountain's back in business...

Aug 20039TMM

Happy 18 th birthday me

Aug 20039Movie_Manic

Sollthar, mean and evil :)

Jul 20039Sollthar

Problem - Please Help

Jul 20039TAP2


Jun 20039N8man


Jun 20039gpmovies

driving theory test

May 20039Movie_Manic


May 20039Redhawksrymmer

computerized pranks

May 20039wpl

Matrix Reloaded: The Album

May 20039wdy

How could I forget?!

May 20039moebius

How about I give you six bucks and you give me the whole pie

May 20039Kyeju

Blender ver 2.27 out

May 20039ada1989

AlamDV X?

May 20039scythefalcon

Battle Royale 2 Trailer!

Apr 20039er-no

Swords, axes, and daggers oh my!

Apr 20039Coureur de Bois

Funny Commercial Parodies

Apr 20039goober99

Sum Of All Fears : (Spoiler)

Apr 20039TAP2

Will Anyone Sponser Me A CS Server?

Apr 20039callumslade

please help!!!!!

Apr 20039hellraiser7400

Really need help quick! - to spanish talkin' peps.

Apr 20039Andreas

Someone asking for an AlamDV serial

Apr 20039Obi


Apr 20039Andreas


Mar 20039aaron 99


Mar 20039fallen

Handy Film Viewing Tip

Feb 20039Equinox

New Site

Feb 20039cyclone3000

We Like The Moon

Feb 20039Hajiku_Flip

God works in mysterious ways :)

Feb 20039Sollthar

make your pc look like mac

Jan 20039wpl

Nintendo Announce New GBA!

Jan 20039er-no

Happy New Year!

Dec 20029er-no

nerd tests

Dec 20029wpl

royal crown?

Dec 20029starX


Dec 20029Xfurball

Little Ninjai

Dec 20029Kram1563


Dec 20029Xfurball

Most Important Notice Ever (MINE)

Dec 20029Xfurball

how do u archive your footage (completed and raw)

Nov 20029justakid

Choreographing Fight Scenes

Nov 20029curran

Conceptual Art ISU help anyone?

Nov 20029Magic_man12

After Effects

Oct 20029BigDog


Oct 20029ada1989

Force colors?

Oct 20029CoolKabe

Imax Atoc!!

Oct 20029CoolKabe

ftp site to upload movies to

Oct 20029TheLiggi

Sound Fx Source?

Jul 20029ZeusRa2

What are people doing

Jun 20029Movie_Manic

The New Atomic Parody

Jul 20118Atom

Captain America: The First Avenger

Jul 20118DX6channel

A bit late, I know but...

May 20118Azulon'sAssassin

Attack the Block!

May 20118The Flying Fox

Abduction Trailer

Apr 20118RodyPolis

Battlefield 3

Mar 20118Aculag

New Music Video Preview!

Feb 20118RodyPolis

Call Of Duty Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3

Feb 20118RisingTideStudios

My latest video - Ibiza in the Winter

Feb 20118Arktic

Killzone 3 and the Move

Feb 20118alienux

Clone interaction.

Feb 20118Micah master studios

Bending Foam board

Feb 20118Azulon'sAssassin

Chosen/RodyPolis: For Your Consideration!

Feb 20118RodyPolis

HomoRobotic Trailer: A De-Evolution Studios Teaser

Jan 20118Evman

Robin Williams as Hugo Strange in Dark knight Rises?

Jan 20118Joecool1081

Can"T Find A Topic!

Dec 20108Azulon'sAssassin

blender 3D program problem.

Dec 20108Micah master studios

RIP Irvin Kershner

Nov 20108Thrawn

Company Logo...Ideas?

Nov 20108nitrox

Web Concept- thoughts?

Oct 20108DVStudio

Independence Day 2 and 3

Sep 20108videofxuniverse

Does anyone have any experience with stage lighting?

Sep 20108Arktic

Halo Reach - Soundtrack tribute by Tommy Gundersen

Sep 20108Tommy Gundersen

My new directorial record - I'm proud!

Aug 20108pdrg

New laptop can't render video.

Aug 20108RodyPolis

sales value of camcorders

Aug 20108jotoki


Jun 201082xZProductions

Question about a older Camera

Jun 20108DaFlea

Age of Empires

May 20108FXstudios99

Pixels by Patrick Jean - Brilliant short

May 20108Serpent

Me trying to jump over a car

Apr 20108Poseidon1231

The Cube of transportation

Apr 20108acproductions

Youtube's new layout

Apr 20108Rockfilmers

Competition idea

Feb 20108Junuc Kleen

New Camcorder

Jan 20108fastj31

OnLive - New Gaming "Platform"

Dec 20098CX3

Sherlock Holmes

Dec 20098Atom

Brittany Murphy

Dec 20098davlin

Blender Question

Dec 20098Poseidon1231

The 49 Films That Will Define 2010

Dec 20098Thrawn

Heroes of the North

Nov 20098JohnCarter

Best settings to export out of sony vegas 9 platinum.

Oct 20098spydurhank

Word Association

Oct 20098gamesmaster369

Turbo: Short film

Oct 20098RodyPolis

Set Processor Priotirty [tutorial]

Aug 20098DVStudio

Frames Per Second

Aug 20098Preston11

Wiiiiidescreen TV

Jul 20098pdrg

Our way of life has been changed forever.

Jul 20098davlin

How to make movie blood.

Jul 20098Viktorious

District 9

Jun 20098Joecool1081

GOOD Gore/Blood Sound Effects

May 20098BIMO


May 20098Evman

The Prodigy - OMEN live video

May 20098Arktic

JW Media Player Help

May 20098Paradox Pictures

Happy 21st Birthday to ME! :)

May 20098Dancamfx

Blender 3D?

Apr 20098Paradox Pictures

Passion of Christ

Apr 20098Terminal Velocity

Observe and Report Mini Review

Apr 20098sfbmovieco

Nikon P80 mov. problem

Apr 20098The FE

The Guardian Switches to Twitter!

Apr 20098Fill

CompUSA closes?

Mar 20098MoltenWhale

My posters

Mar 20098PLANB

The Vampire.

Mar 20098Paradox Pictures

Funny Technology

Feb 20098DVStudio

Check out my band

Feb 20098Rockfilmers


Feb 20098Poseidon1231

Star Wrs The musical

Jan 20098videofxuniverse

How do you guys put photo's in your forums?

Jan 20098Moonloon1

Microsoft Surface Parody

Jan 20098Jrad


Jan 20098Poseidon1231


Dec 20088Rockfilmers

My Video Blog - DOF Adapters

Nov 20088sfbmovieco


Nov 20088Bolbi

Buying a projector- Done!

Oct 20088DVStudio

MLB Playoffs

Oct 20088jawajohnny

Its VRBstudios, i lost my password...

Oct 20088The NEW VRBstudios

Logo Symbol Help!

Oct 20088Mattex Films HD

Jail picture

Oct 20088RodyPolis

Any Northern California filmmakers?

Oct 20088sfbmovieco

Big computer problem need help

Sep 20088jgtrox2

Eagle Eye

Sep 20088RodyPolis

How much memory does ELab take up?

Sep 20088The FE

Help with MySpace?

Sep 20088Bryan M Block

do i need fxhome's permistion to make and sell tutorials

Sep 20088Sam Larsen

If I get adobe after effects can i still upload videos here

Sep 20088Sam Larsen

On The Lot?

Aug 20088The FE

A great white shark in the river Thames?

Jul 20088Kie77

Be Glad You Didn't Wake Up to This

Jun 20088Fill

New techno music myspace

Jun 20088Rockfilmers

DC Elseworlds - Part One

May 20088CX3

Airport Customs

May 20088mad eye123

mummy 3 trailer

May 20088nitrox

A Goat Without Horns Teaser (a movie I've been working on)

Apr 20088Waser

Blood For Freedom movie trailer

Apr 20088The FE

Suggestions for absolute beginners

Apr 200882 New Directors

a stock footage centre i cam across

Mar 20088fxmaniac

testing the speed of my webpage

Mar 20088Zephlon

Comedy Movie Contest!

Mar 20088Videoace123

Submitting Video from Youtube or other Vid sites

Feb 20088Goldwing Productions

How to downlaod You Tube videos

Jan 20088petet2

Anyone with a HD camera - preferably high speed able to help

Jan 20088blh

3ds max help

Jan 20088Bucees

Haven't and wont be around for a while... like you care

Jan 20088doppelganger


Jan 20088AugustCA1984

my new camera!

Dec 20078Phantom48

Hey Im New Here!

Dec 20078Travis Kunze

New hard drive very slow

Dec 20078petet2

Buying a new digital still camera, have some questions...

Nov 20078pixelboy

Be Kind Rewind

Oct 20078sfbmovieco

24 Hour Film Festival

Oct 20078hatsoff2halford

Is tubeTape legal?

Oct 20078VRBstudios


Oct 20078nevill

Will my monitor support the HV10?

Sep 20078VRBstudios

T2 Puddle person

Sep 20078chrisakamagic83

The DMS/Goldwing Productions Sound FX Vol. 1

Sep 20078Goldwing Productions

Direction To Detection news!

Sep 20078Klut

Google Sketch Up

Sep 20078The Chosen One

MacBook Pro Left Speaker Issues

Sep 20078NickF

Photo of three beers

Sep 20078SlothPaladin

StarCraft 2

Aug 20078Quvoo

Comment on my Minefield movie

Aug 20078movie maker

lightsaber sound effects

Jul 20078dudewitmoves12

Blender Users

Jul 20078Quvoo

Evans Digitals New Website

Jun 20078mattio

Hilarious MTV spoof video

Jun 20078FreshMentos

Wedding Filmers

Jun 20078Dancamfx

this film looks like genius

Jun 20078skywalker dan


May 20078B3N

The One Ring in 3d

May 20078carda


May 20078The FE

War of the mages trailer

May 20078VRBstudios

Will this be copyright?

Apr 20078mercianfilm

html help

Apr 20078wdy

The New Black Plague - New Short Film

Apr 20078CX3


Apr 20078Merrick

Help my little site get noticed :)

Apr 20078Stepladder

Very cool interactive website

Apr 20078film freak

First ever James Bond dies age 84

Apr 20078B3N

My short The Wild West in Film Festival

Apr 20078Christofer Matthias

Need custom "V" space ships-will buy

Mar 20078trevinator13

For those who couldn’t make it to the Key Pixel Moviethon

Mar 20078Kovacs

how far is pushing animation on the net , blood & guts

Mar 20078RigomrtsFX

Aqua Teen The Movie! Underdog! The Movie!

Mar 20078Atom

20th Century Fox/Star Wars crawl generator

Mar 20078JohnCarter

Just saying " Hi "

Mar 20078Jimmy Gee

Blender 3d Question

Mar 20078Bugclimber

Effects lab review

Feb 20078xanetia

The Number 23

Feb 20078Atom

i've won a contest

Feb 20078skywalker dan

When you accept your Academy Award.

Feb 20078Gnome326

Building Collapse shot

Feb 20078FXhomer21476

Hillarious Video

Feb 20078Arktic

Aqua Teen ad campaign mistaken for BOMB THREAT.

Feb 20078ben3308

FXhome Wallpapers #5!

Jan 20078Redhawksrymmer

How to build a Lightsaber gripe?

Jan 20078Tuffy

Help! -camera reccomendations?

Jan 20078mercianfilm

I Introduce...Myself!

Jan 20078RedLynx908

New Simpson's movie trailer

Dec 20068film freak

Stop Motion Film Done on Chalkboard

Dec 20068Jazzmanian

Keep watchin!

Dec 20068Zero767

Halo Wars Trailer!

Dec 20068VRBstudios

Film Productions

Dec 20068Orin Warren

About Blender

Dec 20068The Duelist

Need a new motherboard... HELP!

Nov 20068BackOfTheHearse

Possibly the best worst trailer ever... Black Christmas

Nov 20068Pooky

What is the name of this song?

Nov 20068neo_man89

Wii hunting (I know , it sounds wrong)

Nov 20068Tommy92L


Nov 20068bobo14025


Nov 20068Kinsinger1 has been Launched

Oct 20068Zea

Universities: UK

Oct 20068Anne

Home-made lego flamethrower

Oct 20068film freak

Halloween Avatar/Sig Contest 2006

Oct 20068Serpent

Editing systems

Oct 20068Orin Warren

FXhome Wallpapers and Banners yet again!

Oct 20068Redhawksrymmer

Domain name help

Sep 20068Multiwagon

3ds max Render settings Screw up :S

Sep 20068devilskater

Bored With -> Critisism Wanted : )

Sep 20068Magic_man12

Saving online files

Aug 20068Jazzmanian

Saber duel by me...but mostly Darth Penguin

Aug 20068Jabooza

Portfolio website

Aug 20068SMB

F.E.A.R: combat

Aug 20068boffa86

david beckham gets the boot

Aug 20068shmede

Miami Vice.

Jul 20068Bryce007

Looking for a CPA in Orange or LA county!

Jul 20068SunriseSeagull

Sony Bravia advert - are the balls real?

Jul 20068petet2

Batracer FXhome Touring Car Season

Jun 20068Kid

Reliable web site

Jun 20068Gman 007

Speed Demos archive: Tons of video game speed runs! Awesome!

Jun 20068film freak

Keep up the great work all Fx users

Jun 20068FXhomer2102

Can editing film ruin your enjoyment of "regular"

Jun 20068Jazzmanian

Mac Book Pro

Jun 20068hatsoff2halford

Paris Hilton strikes again at E3

May 20068JoelM

New MGS4 Trailer!

May 20068JT9

FXHome Credits

May 20068Zieg

Raising Boys (or 25 things you do not want to know)

May 20068NickD

are you sure your ready?

Apr 20068starfan

HD dvd question

Mar 20068carda

Firefox Problems

Mar 20068KindWalker

Ipod Video Problems

Mar 20068ssj john

New site! is it good?

Mar 20068Zephlon

Clay sculpture I made

Mar 20068SlothPaladin

Selling my Bass

Feb 20068The Artur


Feb 20068KindWalker

Need help with Dreamweaver...

Feb 20068Remco Gerritsen

Chris Penn R I P

Jan 20068Vega70

Website Designing

Jan 20068sfbmovieco

iPod shuffle is hatin'

Dec 20058Fill

Abstract Rendering

Dec 20058Serpent

Franz Ferdinand

Dec 20058Fill

Encrypting images in Microsoft Word

Dec 20058FiveIronFrenzy

Scratch Text

Dec 20058irishcult

Connect iMac to PC monitor

Dec 20058Jrad

Windows Live Ideas

Dec 20058wdy

Film/ Viedo Hosting Help

Nov 20058t3productions

Singature creation program?

Nov 20058Marcopolo1

Rambo 4

Nov 20058boffa86

Is there a way to capture video and save it using a web cam

Nov 20058Marcopolo1


Nov 20058Serpent

The ULTIMATE Terragen tutorial list!

Oct 20058film freak

Another new 'Harry Potter' clip

Oct 20058Deepcoiler

Why doesn't my Signature work?

Oct 20058carda

The Man

Sep 20058jerryfastcash

My Old Cameras

Aug 20058The Chosen One

Super Mario help

Aug 20058film freak

Double Edge Films launches short "SPIN"

Aug 20058Double Edge Films

A Futuristic render.

Aug 20058Sharp

Supergun Site Updated: Reviews, Articles, Bruce Campbell

Aug 20058Madmanmatty

The Brothers Grimm

Jul 20058Serpent

Chris Cunningham's "Rubber Johnny"

Jul 20058Squid

Please help if you know anything about Sega CD!

Jul 20058Bugclimber

iPod Users

Jul 20058TommyB

New trailer to My Movie!!

Jun 20058Stoker

Rendering with an Alpha Channel in Vegas

Jun 20058ben3308

Effects Lab Teaser Trailer Voice Over

Jun 20058Dimebag


Jun 20058Bugclimber

a good program

Jun 20058alexanderj

free websites

Jun 20058wiggy

won the lottery?

Jun 20058nickcelestin

Dvd recorders

Jun 20058Underdog Productions

Star Wars Episode III: A lost hope

Jun 20058Squid

Question about Adobe

May 20058Whitey04

Camera Used to film "Revelations" for sale on eBay

May 20058ben3308

Gigabyte Four Times Graphics Card Mobo *Whew*

May 20058Zea

Play Station Three: Nice Video

May 20058TimmyD

Another new TV Spot for Episode III

May 20058Redhawksrymmer

SL:FX 3D Contest - Lightsaber Special

May 20058Rawree

Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe Trailer

Apr 20058Kram1563

The Masters

Apr 20058Landon


Apr 20058Frozenpede

Share your DeviantArt

Apr 20058Slick

Dennis & Ronnie Classics Collection

Mar 20058Aculag

How To Make My Own Forum

Mar 20058LilCaesars

Need help on finding a price on Geforce 6600GT for Canada

Mar 20058Pooky

Need help deciding on Editing PC!!

Mar 20058Yash

"Viva La Sasquatch!" - My latest Film

Feb 20058Coureur de Bois

Image maps problem

Feb 20058Deepcoiler

Sound problem...:S

Jan 20058Tommy Gundersen

Sudden Slow Down of PC

Jan 20058jstow222

Pats win w00t(only americans or informed euros will know)

Jan 20058xbreaka

How did you guys learn to model/animate?

Jan 20058Vampiricyouthv

Bruce Lee sound Effects

Dec 20048homedogjedi

Dimebag Darrell Shot Dead

Dec 20048Dimebag

My first 3D Model!!!

Dec 20048JoelM

ummm... I forgot my username

Nov 20048Spartacus1337

I went to the Clinton Library today....

Nov 20048ben3308

New Citroen Ad

Nov 20048otteypm

Calling Photoshop Gods

Nov 20048TAP2

Acouple of new videos you might wanna see

Nov 20048ssjaaron


Nov 20048cantaclaro

Future Boys II movie poster

Nov 20048The Artur

Film Studies as a career?

Oct 20048Denise CookXClam

Media Player Decision

Oct 20048billy3d


Oct 20048ustedalen

Looking for links or banners for your sites

Oct 20048b4uask30male

Happy U.N day!

Oct 20048Frozenpede


Oct 20048Calminaion


Oct 20048chipmandoo

FastPlay BETA Release

Sep 20048TAP2

Is this a legit site???

Sep 20048CX3

Canon GL2 Resolution Question

Sep 20048Coop

Has .tk left us?

Aug 20048Redhawksrymmer


Aug 20048jstow222

SoundFX dont work in Premiere PRO

Aug 20048devilskater

What happened to the old AlamDV Greats???

Aug 20048ilykdp

look like something you've seen before?

Aug 20048Atom

Elektronic Supersonik

Jul 20048PhLogan

MySQL Problem with Message Board.

Jul 20048tmaynard


Jul 20048Mr_E_Man

Shrek 2

Jul 20048owen rixon

How Many Avatar Points I Need?

Jun 20048baillingskater

Eamon music vid

Jun 20048letoursur

Beauty Spots

Jun 20048owen rixon


Jun 20048Ryan

Amazing E3 footage!

Jun 20048CoolKabe

New To FXhome

Jun 20048SWOukie

VR6 Video ( Production pics inside )

May 20048Slick

Is it ok?

May 20048SunriseSeagull

The old Alamdv ( screenshot )

May 20048Slick


May 20048Serpent

Great old camera

May 200484036Douglas

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