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Chromanator Help


TUTORIAL: Grading & Effects: Lighting enhancements

May 200425Simon K Jones

Question about editing and tracks

Jan 200524johnatkins

Chromanator will not Open

May 200423Vault FX

Nothing but frustration so far...

Jun 200521alfonzo

green or blue??

Sep 200520drspin98

Not sure to buy Chromanator...

Aug 200520mattio

Upgrade for recent format

Aug 200518hippa03

iRobot needs help

Mar 200518johnatkins

High res pics? & help with uneven green

Sep 200418CMBmovies

TUTORIAL: Chromanator Misc: Creating the TRON glow

Aug 200418Simon K Jones

Flying Q

Jun 200418mthoward

QUESTION: DirectX requirements?

Apr 200417pitch

QUESTION: Progressive mode

Apr 200417Evman

Green Screen FAQ

Dec 200516film freak

Green Screening

Aug 200416Tobias Langbein

TUTORIAL: Compositing: Greenscreen keying

Apr 200416Simon K Jones

Compositing Together 3D Elements

Jan 200515bobzilla

chromy won't open; mac version

Nov 200415Fireheart

Chromanator Quitting

Apr 200514BlueSmudge

Rendering questions

Oct 200414haklia

QUESTION: Rendering problem, video all black (PR2)

Mar 200414nomadscout

Fishing String And Greenscreen!!

Apr 200513cjbalways

Buying Chromanator

Sep 200413ben3308

Green Screen Effects Odd look?

Aug 200413Wicked4u2c

Rapid movement Tutorial Request

May 200413Evman

PROBLEM: Unable to start, IML32.dll issue [RESOLVED]

May 200413mmmprod

TUTORIAL: Chromanator Misc: Classic hologram effect

May 200413Simon K Jones

trying out the product

Sep 200512ashman

Adding color

Sep 200412Giacone

TUTORIAL: Ghost trails

Sep 200412Simon K Jones

Chromanator Mac Startup

Aug 200412fwerbin

OS X User Switching

May 200412Mr_E_Man

QUESTION: How do I clone with Chromanator?

Mar 200412Arcwave

Chromanator crashes when rendering

Nov 200511robertov

Predator effect[ANSWER]

Nov 200511shadowninja1028

moving greenscreen plate?

Sep 200511ashman

just starting - help appreciated :)

Dec 200411TimScott

How TO make a City Backdrop

Aug 200411andrewwhalen

Hitting someone far

May 200411mthoward

TUTORIAL: G Matte: Simple cloning with split screen

Apr 200411Simon K Jones

QUESTION: Exporting from AlamDV2 to Chromanator

Apr 200411Evman

Invisible Heads...

May 200510TimmyD

Is there a way to blackscreen????

Feb 200510johnatkins

chormo activation...

Jan 200510NuttyBanana

My actor is flickering, help me!

Nov 200410Underdog Productions


Oct 200410JPW

How to import a high quality image/video showing software

Jun 200410t303rnj

TUTORIAL: Compositing: Setting up a greenscreen

Apr 200410Simon K Jones

QUESTION: Buying greenscreens

Apr 200410suzuki123

IMPORTANT : Chromanator Expiry Just Passed

Nov 20059Hybrid-Halo

could chromanator take out wires from a shot?

Oct 20059Saulofuentes

Major chromanator problem with a deadline.

Aug 20059geigel1

Green Screen Fabric

May 20059sk8street65


Mar 20059hatsoff2halford

Usefull or not? One step to the cinema-look? (Warning: Pics)

Jan 20059Katsu

1st time Chromanator User Needs Help

Jul 20049LionHeart

TUTORIAL: Chromanator Misc: Using split fields for slow-mo

Jul 20049Simon K Jones

Smallville Super Speed

Jun 20049vins

Predator Invisbility Effect and Thermal Imaging

Jun 20049agentprovo

2 Quick Pre-Purchase Questions

May 20049bobzilla

QUESTION: Keying out black/'Add' compositing

Apr 20049wpl

Light auras

Nov 20058PalmTreeLTD

Can't start chromanator anymore! Weird Error Message!

Sep 20058BlueSmudge

animating paths in chromanator

Aug 20058steve1966

Green screen question?

Mar 20058johnatkins

Forest Gump Type Film Needs Tips

Jan 20058johnatkins

Tutorial - Removing Colors

Nov 20048vesicant

Chromanator Dual Monitor Support

Nov 20048vesicant

Easy Bluescreen

Sep 20048The Artur

PROBLEM: Chromanator Freezes

Sep 20048wpl

Losing the green edge

Aug 20048bmirman

Key File Problems!!

Jul 20048jessy

Chromanator and bluecreen

Jul 20048boffa86

image quality

Jun 20048liquid

Some Comments

May 20048MarkB

Render Problems

May 20048Dispatch

New to Chroma but am having problems keying...

May 20048Dispatch

Tutorial request

May 20048Mugsy42

How To...effects

May 20048mthoward

QUESTION: Retaining/creating shadows when compositing

Apr 20048Brenton

Is this a bad green screen?

Nov 20057SlothPaladin

I have a greenscreen question

Oct 20057wildstorm

24p and 24pa footage in Cromanator. How?

Sep 20057AlexGg

Chromanator demo

Aug 20057drspin98

green screen practice

Aug 20057trakked

If you already own Chromanator 1...

Aug 20057Mercury149

How Good Is Chromanator?

Jul 20057carda

Image Stream, creating error

Jul 20057Vault FX

How Big????

Jun 20057Bugclimber

cutting someone in half

May 20057robosays21

Lighting enhancement

May 20057hatsoff2halford


Mar 20057hatsoff2halford

Chromanator Demo Restrictions???

Mar 20057Daniel Shattuck

Greenscreen clone

Mar 20057hatsoff2halford

Anamorphic 16:9 in Chromanator

Jan 20057BlueSmudge

No black in the color difference key.

Jan 20057BlueSmudge

when to add lighsabers

Jan 20057silencer

Blinking and flickering animation?

Oct 20047doug2691

unable to view

Jun 20047bbking

Chrom and Alam PROB

Jun 20047Denise CookXClam

Chromanator Render Problem

May 20047mthoward

QUESTION: exporting single frame

May 20047fertesz

TUTORIAL: Grading & Effects: Soft focus and Elfglow

Apr 20047Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: G Matte: Shooting footage for split screen

Apr 20047Simon K Jones

serial code

Sep 20066FXhomer18150

Chromanator won't work... at all!!!

Nov 20056Zephlon

Just got a new comp, i need my "csb key"

Sep 20056jessy

Lego Animation with Chromanator

Aug 20056gekjas

A Quick Chromanator Question...Inserting a background layer?

Aug 20056Fill

Spill supression problem

Aug 20056geigel1

Color Correction

Jun 20056Sniped

Chromanator Manual

Apr 20056sk8street65

Chromanator new installation problem

Apr 20056hippa03

changing folder for temp renders

Apr 20056fertesz

Driving in a green screen movie

Mar 20056Gaz

Gardenstate effect

Mar 20056hatsoff2halford

Lines through rendered image

Dec 20046The Artur

Timeline duration of garbage mattes

Dec 20046SFX-Spaz

Importing media desn't work

Sep 20046andrdeco

QUESTION: Being in a model

Aug 20046Stoneman

1.0.4 ??

Aug 20046fwerbin

Strange Rendering Problem

Jun 20046Denise CookXClam

Problem with the Key Ressender

Jun 20046pitch

What's better ..

May 20046rdelavega

HELP :How to import a .tga

May 20046hippa03

Chromanator gold not starting properly

May 20046kaytow

How do I key out explosions?

Apr 20046Redhawksrymmer

QUESTION: The quickstart isn't giving the expected results?

Apr 20046MarkB

Green screen quality with cheap mini DV

Apr 20075kontrast

Updated version of Chromanator

Apr 20065hippa03

Moving Chromy from PC to Mac

Dec 20055sfbmovieco

Should I buy now? Also...

Nov 20055Marcopolo1

Can't install Chromanator 1.0.9

Nov 20055SGB

Question about backdrops.

Oct 20055Zero767

black lines??????

Sep 20055ashman

Ntsc doubling the amount of frame.

Aug 20055trakked

Version/user problem (XP)

Jun 20055fertesz

motion blur with Chromanator?

Jun 20055thoro

Camera Shake Help

May 20055Underdog Productions

Blur a car registration number , box blur help please

Apr 20055Gaz

To those people that helped me on chat

Mar 20055redab

MiniDV problem

Mar 20055lectrcman

Macromedia Projector

Mar 20055hippa03

Not sure

Mar 20055hatsoff2halford

green screen aditional help please

Mar 20055johnatkins

How do i create an overlay

Mar 20055silencer

Can i save pictures instead of movie files?

Feb 20055Deathstalker

How do you import your media?

Feb 20055be56

Chromy key help

Feb 20055Greg Webb

Can you use a regular picture as a track?

Jan 20055johnatkins

Can I define an area that will not be keyed out?

Jan 20055Hendo

Question about chromy

Jan 20055enlightened

Chromanator Will Not Accept Key

Dec 20045Denise CookXClam

render with alpha?

Dec 20045GrayMatter

Green screening problems.

Oct 20045cjbalways

i want my chromonator please

Oct 20045supersam

directshow dv or uncompressed

Aug 20045Klut

Macromedia projector error

Aug 20045rmw

How Many Masks

Jul 20045donkey

Scale fine tuning is not fine enough, quick question!

Jul 20045Unbreakable

TUTORIAL: Grading & Effects: Disguising faces

Jul 20045Simon K Jones

Where is the key resender?

Jun 20045Jealous Flesh

mini dv cam

Jun 20045Klut

Green screen question

Jun 20045Klut

Alert Message On Opening Chromanator

Jun 20045AndrewtheActorMan

buy chromanator again??

May 20045jmill8886

No Audio

May 20045Dispatch

Temp Render Problem

Apr 20045Philip Folkins

QUESTION: Masking capabilities

Apr 20045Escaped Madman

TUTORIAL: Animation: Artificial movement

Apr 20045Simon K Jones

BUG: Save file error (PR2)

Apr 20045Aculag

I know Chromanator is dead but I need my copy to work.

Jun 20074BlueSmudge

J/W before i buy

Apr 20064JD367

smooth animations for space flying scenes(like in star wars)

Mar 20064master anakin

Where is the Chromanator download? [ANSWER]

Feb 20064deren

I need some help in the animated part

Dec 20054steve1966

I lost my chromanator programkey :(

Nov 20054TheFilmMaker

Rendered output has the jitters

Nov 20054jimwoodruff

macromedia problems

Nov 20054solhex

Registration without internet

Oct 20054heylo

need help with hologram tutorial

Oct 20054j e hicks

chromanator compositing question

Oct 20054Vortex677

Can Chromanator work with bad greenscreens?

Aug 20054Kaede11

is it possible to zoom out on the track levels

Aug 20054trakked

grading in chronamator

Aug 20054trakked

Transparant problems

May 20054Remco Gerritsen

stop living in the past

Apr 20054anim8tor

Movie behind greenscreen

Apr 20054Remco Gerritsen

quick question on green screening

Mar 20054johnatkins

Takeing something out of a movie

Mar 20054Dragon5287

adobe photoshop

Mar 20054hatsoff2halford


Mar 20054hatsoff2halford

Importing Files

Feb 20054hatsoff2halford

blur or smudge

Feb 20054jstow222

can't figure out program

Jan 20054johnatkins

More black backdrop problems

Jan 20054silencer

Green screen actor size in shot HELP

Jan 20054silencer

Weird key problem

Jan 20054Sniped

Rendering Problem

Dec 20044BlueSmudge

depth of field issue

Dec 20044zoharo

Alpha mask in Chromonator?

Nov 20044Katsu

Can't use Chromanator (problem with version... with 1.0.6)

Sep 20044cerveaupro

QUESTION: .avi render quality

Sep 20044richshep

A green screen question and suggestion...

Sep 20044CurtinParloe

Importing completed scene into Avid Xpress DV

Aug 20044bmirman

A Quick Question

Jul 20044Atom

Key File issues

Jun 20044andrdeco

Pauses in rendered movie

Jun 20044t303rnj

transparent clones!!!

May 20044jmill8886

Installation with the Key File

May 20044Jealous Flesh

Clone Problem

May 20044mthoward

Export Problem

May 20044Serpent

Where is the Quickstart guide for the Mac Demo?

May 20044bobzilla

Uncompressed in Chromy

May 20044Ryan

White HUE inbetween small detail

Apr 20044Coop

PROBLEM: Invalid Key File/AOL mail problems

Apr 20044figone

QUESTION: Rendering speed query

Apr 20044cyber1

QUESTION: Quicktime 6.5 required?

Apr 20044hippa03

QUESTION: Where is spill supression?

Apr 20044RafalK

PROBLEM: Offline date error with 1.0.1

Apr 20044CoolKabe

Chromanator forum

Jun 20073SilverDragon7

Would a green screen look better against blue material?

May 20073mercianfilm

My eyes open - Chromanator is dead, long live CompositeLab!

May 20063Avenger111

Greenscreen TV

Feb 20063terrortopher

Chromanator expired?

Feb 20063Caronte

Rendering Message

Jan 20063Philip Schneider

Water Battle Tutorial

Dec 20053SlothPaladin

finished render slow and jerky

Dec 20053ashman

how disappear but behind green suit

Nov 20053ByronRegpi

mixing CG and live action

Nov 20053solhex

How do I remove files from the Media list?

Nov 20053jimwoodruff

Problem with disappearing People.

Oct 20053gekjas

layers in chrom

Sep 20053ashman


Sep 20053ashman

wheres the download for the demo???

Sep 20053ashman

Render Resolution?

Sep 20053SlothPaladin

Chromanator Gleam Effect

Aug 20053mattio

Is Chromanator Currently Worth it?

Aug 20053alexcull

Chromanator problem with a deadline- footage

Aug 20053geigel1

where is the ADD" button?

Jul 20053mcvideo

I Never Got The Email!!

May 20053robosays21

Manuals and Guides

May 20053scowles

Shark jumping out of hot tub

May 20053Mattq

getting sound back

May 20053robosays21

bullet time

May 20053robosays21

troubles during installation

May 20053anim8tor

Need Help Finding Chromanator Update

Apr 20053FiveIronFrenzy

do chromanator key files expire

Apr 20053jotoki

problem with rendering 16:9 video

Apr 20053guerilla

Rendered Sequence in Demo looks jaggy

Mar 20053Janho

Shadows and antialiasing

Mar 20053dvvidpro

I'm stumped

Mar 20053hatsoff2halford

Render quality same as in chromy?

Mar 20053hatsoff2halford

green screen advice

Mar 20053johnatkins

Chromanator vs. dvMatte Pro and Seriuos Magic Ultra?

Mar 20053rocketman

need help with sizing!

Mar 20053johnatkins


Mar 20053hatsoff2halford

Super Speed, and jumpyness

Feb 20053The Artur

Mac Chromanator Demo - Media won't appear

Feb 20053majordirector

Loading preset nightmare!

Feb 20053Underdog Productions

A new shaking problem; possibly to do with animation

Jan 20053BlueSmudge

Custom Project Setting

Jan 20053mattgray

Error Message

Jan 20053mattgray

Windows Me

Dec 20043SamusAran

loading up a pre-set

Nov 20043Underdog Productions

why does nothing ever work on this site!!!!!!!!!

Nov 20043supersam

Chromy OSX update question...

Sep 20043iggy88

Color and Black and White

Aug 20043bmirman

New Chrom Version?

Jul 20043Denise CookXClam

Image as alpha

Jul 20043rmw

Feature Request

Jul 20043Evman

Rendering Alpha

Jul 20043testosteron

Stretch JPG

Jul 20043donkey

smoothing out harsh lines

Jun 20043daigoro

Chromonator Has Completely Broke

Jun 20043Jealous Flesh

instal error

Jun 20043Klut

Is Chromanator compatible with Pinnacle

Jun 20043Gladius

Chromanator Clone Q

May 20043mthoward

Star Wars Hologram Trouble

May 20043Serpent

TUTORIAL: Animation: Artificial camera shake

May 20043Simon K Jones

Image stretching error (fix coming in 1.0.4)

Apr 20043MarkB

TUTORIAL: G Matte: Fixing poor greenscreens

Apr 20043Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: G Matte: Introduction to garbage mattes

Apr 20043Simon K Jones

QUESTION: How do I export?

Apr 20043spyannel

cutting off limbs

Apr 20072FXhomer17851

chromonator [ANSWER]

Apr 20072FXhomer17851

Is Chromanator free?

Feb 20062ryanprickle

Greenscreen and minidvd cameras

Jan 20062jojodungy92

Buying chromanator

Jan 20062cjbalways

Greenscreen on a tv

Dec 20052LordKevin

scale in chromanator?

Dec 20052ashman

Changing the size of backgrounds to fit my video footage

Nov 20052lilphil212

moving media to canvas

Nov 20052lilphil212

JVC Everio HDD format

Oct 20052H M Lang

Ultra vs Chromanator

Sep 20052Vortex677


Jul 20052Rabbit Hole Pictures

Quicktime 6.5 or higher message

Jun 20052Duck Studios

keying out black

Jun 20052robosays21

Tarnsparent Surrounding

May 20052chuckzee2

jumping from high distances

May 20052robosays21

Chromanator Bug

Apr 20052Redhawksrymmer

can't preview some avi files

Apr 20052GeneralGrievous

Do you need a green screen to clone?

Mar 20052DPUMA8

Chromanator tutorials

Mar 20052The video machine

Chromy Zooming

Mar 20052vesicant

Green Screen Question!!

Feb 20052cjbalways


Feb 20052be56

How do you put the footage in where your greenscreen is?

Feb 20052be56

White Eyed Peaz - Hey Sollthar background help

Jan 20052johnatkins

Remove an object from the Media Browser?

Jan 20052Hendo

keying difficulties

Oct 20042cjbalways

product information please

Oct 20042supersam

Pinnacle Studio 9

Oct 20042Huntercda

Resizing image

Aug 20042bmirman

Chromanator Help With My Scene

Aug 20042mthoward

A Second Quick Question

Jul 20042Atom

Depth of Field

Jul 20042donkey


Jul 20042donkey

QUESTION: Alpha channel from clips for masks

Apr 20042Brettsta

inter progressive

Nov 20051solhex

Scale in green screen models.

Oct 20051ashman

Mask Bug

Aug 20051thyphoon

Applying a preset to multiple objects?

Apr 20051Troy

Project settings

Apr 20051Mr_E_Man

Analog capture

Mar 20051hatsoff2halford

Shimmer after applying colour grading

Mar 20051Hendo

Alpha Matte

Nov 20041Tobias Langbein

TUTORIAL: Chromanator Misc: Using presets

May 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Compositing: Shadows

May 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Compositing: Key Grading

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Grading & Effects: Artificial depth-of-field

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Compositing: Explosions and light

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Masks: An introduction to masks

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Masks: Basic use - creating depth

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: G Matte: Tidying a composite using a garbage matte

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

TUTORIAL: Animation: Introduction to keyframing and tweening

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

READ FIRST: common questions & download location

Apr 20041Simon K Jones

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