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Backdrop Requests



Jun 200434GodOfCourage

Can you use Green Tarp to make a Green Screen?

Feb 200631JUIDAR

Flying Backdrop

Jun 200429mthoward

Backdrop Repository

Aug 200427KungSanGun

epic battle back drop

Jan 200427Waser

star wars

May 200926FXhomer61116

News studio backdrop

Aug 200726FXhomer34069

In need for Jungle Background.

Mar 200726Sacristic

Win a free stock footage volume from Motiondrops

Jun 200624motiondrops

flying over water?

Oct 200421Mugsy42

Actual Matrix Greenscreen footage

Jan 200421BDOG

Matrix Backgrounds and Quicktime VR

Jan 200421Brettsta

yet another flying through sky request

Jan 200619Stepladder

Tatooine Video

Apr 200519sk8street65

Hypno Brainwash Background

Oct 200419The Artur

Jedi Temple Grand Corridor Backdrops for you.

Jan 200418padawanNick

Need view from city building roof.

Jan 200717mikeh

World War II Backround

Nov 200617Thrawn


Aug 200617Black Ink Productions

Two cool pics

Dec 200417The Artur

VR Environments

Jun 200416LionHeart


Apr 200416Evman

Backdrops for Indiana Jones flicks

Mar 200416juancfig


Jan 200415Brettsta

inside hangar

Sep 200714nevill

Futuristic landscapes

Jan 200714Black Ink Productions

X Wing Cockpit

May 200414Jealous Flesh

SPACE movie shots

Mar 201013Toruk Macto

Battlefield (Empty)

Nov 200713Link123456

Brick wall

Jun 200713SlickV19

starwars backgrounds

Feb 200413Anonymous

Stone steps leading to temple

Apr 200712Link123456

Wings Like Xmen 3

May 200612Art Video

Has anyone put themselves in a Blockbuster film???

Feb 200512johnatkins

different sky backrounds??

Dec 200412jmill8886

FX Members only.

Mar 200412Sharp

Star Wars: Hologram Scan Lines

Jan 200412Brettsta

Flaming Pear's Lunar Cell Filter (Mac)

Jan 200412MaineMike

Magazine Backdrop/backgrounds

Mar 201111michelob

I need 3d plane.

Jul 200711RodyPolis

Planet explosion

Mar 200511geigel1

here are some

Jan 200511rdelavega

Need sky backdrop?..

May 200910jshrz

Intro Logo

May 200810IPresents

Any star wars backdrops

Oct 200710Tubby Studios


Mar 200710Zea

view from high up (having fight scene on crane)

Jan 200710joshh

Affordable Stock Footage for Video Proffesionals

May 200610motiondrops

Back To The Future!!

May 200510cjbalways

Cockpit Backgrounds

Apr 200510gallion311

White Room

Mar 200410Brettsta

MAtrix Building Jump

Jan 200410Brettsta

Draculas Castle

Jan 200410Howloween18

I need heaven backgrounds

Dec 20079RodyPolis

Needing devastation

May 20079Josh3B

star wars ships

Oct 20069Matrix Revamped

Yavin IV

Sep 20059rstudios

sci-fi tunnel

Aug 20049otteypm

front view of beach

Mar 20049blaine

Starwars backgrounds please

Jan 20049jessy

virtual sets

Mar 20088riftmaster

Desert Backdrop

Apr 20078Quvoo

WWII Back-drops needed

Jan 20078SilverDragon7

Ocarina of Time: Navi

Jan 20078Link123456

Baltimore, MD Skyline

Mar 20068DjfunkmasterG

Shadows & Reflections on Virtual sets

Mar 20058littleone

anyonew have moving backgrounds?

Mar 20058johnatkins

3d backdrops

May 20048cdolsen

Matrix Reloaded Great Hall Backdrops

Jan 20048TAP2

FXHome backgrounds

Nov 20107Warnezllc

New to FXHome Pro2

Jun 20097tomsphotographics

Sci Fi 3D

May 20097Benbru

Casino Backdrop

Jan 20097tool time

Studio Backdrop

Jul 20087FXhomer45971

looking for free stock footage on the internet

Feb 20087FX500

Backdrops for a Batman Movie

Dec 20077Superman09

Mos isley cantina background

Oct 20077Tubby Studios

Jedi City - Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop

Aug 20077FilmakerDude

CSI backroudns

Jul 20077The Nemesis2161

I would like some smoke and fog stock footage.

Jun 20077RodyPolis

moving corusant

May 20077Elliptical Productions

Movie 300 Bakdrops?

Mar 20077theillestmc12

Can someone make a military hangar for me ?

Jan 20077Naruto

Helicopter Crash

Aug 20067Multiwagon

Non-Profit Film needs an Arena

Feb 20067JUIDAR

Fortress of Solitude

Jan 20067ForeverYoung8

planet/space generator?

Jan 20067kalos

moving sky

Aug 20057RP Hoogle


Jul 20057geigel1

MGM Logo without the lion

May 20057bmonger

parachute jump

Feb 20057be56

Holodeck Needed

May 20047Jealous Flesh


Apr 20047Anonymous

Dojo background

Mar 20047fertesz

Lord of the rings backround

Jan 20047rmw

Assault on Igneous

May 20116matchyman


Apr 20096Terminal Velocity


Mar 20096UnrealProductions

invisible without green screen

Dec 20086cavickers


Aug 20086movieprodigy

sci-fi 3d problem

Jul 20086FXhomer54352

Animated Arena

Jun 20076JUIDAR


Jun 20076SANbadboy


Jun 20076greengrass

Green Screening BackDrops Help

Feb 20076FXhomer11387


Jan 20076rstudios

Can some one help I need a simple jungle clearing backround?

Jan 20076Naruto

Starfield background plates

Jan 20076pscamm

background question (starwars)

Nov 20066FXhomer34433

NEW AT THIS...need some help with greenscreening advise.

Nov 20066FXhomer34433

request asylum backdrop

Mar 20066GlennS

Ice bridge

Dec 20056darthmaul21

Water bursts in Effects Lab

Jun 20056Retromedia

Any one need moving backgrounds

Apr 20056sk8street65

3d Stage

Feb 20056hippa03

Large repository of Virtual sets

Feb 20056littleone

Fake Skin to Make myself look like an Old man

Dec 20046jimmyscriddle

Driving Background

Jul 20046mthoward

a big hall

Apr 20046DEAN

Some more backgrounds!

Jan 20046CoolKabe

Christmass theams

Dec 20095FXhomer92078

star wars backgrounds

May 20085Darth Stazz the Powerful

Heroes Title Sequence

May 20085FXhomer51394


Mar 20085FXhomer72726

alien worlds

Jan 20085riftmaster

Visual FX and Stock Footage for Video Editors | Free Clips!

Jan 20085motiondrops

Wintery, snowy, holiday, cartoony backdrops

Jan 20085BrnDmgInc

Major Highway Driving

Nov 20075DaFlea

Fast sky

Jun 20075whelshizer

Moving train

May 20075Tubby Studios


Apr 20075Quvoo


Mar 20075Link123456

Stunt people?

Feb 20075FXhomer12624

United Nations

Oct 20065SteveW

city ruins

Oct 20065Snaffle J. Bean

Greenscreen Background Movies

Sep 20065Spikex

moving backdrops

May 20065FXhomer6296

Composite lab Flash demo

Jan 20065irishcult

Snow Background

Dec 20055sciman

JAmes bond Intro???

Jun 20055theillestmc12

Buildings wizz by...

Aug 20045rstudios

I Need A Rock Concert Stage Backdrop

Apr 20045jkiel

Star wars backgrounds

Mar 20045mthoward

American Idol background

Feb 20045Anonymous

Falling Roses and Fire around it

Oct 20104JemarcusOgletree


Mar 20094UnrealProductions

Jedi Knights...

Sep 20084Dawnoflife7218


Aug 20084matchyman

Broken glass.

Jun 20084Chaofanatic

Green Screen

May 20084FXhomer64468

Anyone know where i can find these?

Mar 20084RyanZ

Need free stock footage of car chase

Feb 20084Rockstudios

Un-keyed footage

Feb 20084riftmaster

Need a Background

Feb 20084Snaffle J. Bean

Need castle interior background for greenscreen

Feb 20084rocketman


Jan 20084White Eagle Entertainment

Zoom Out Sky

Jan 20084SlikProductions

stock footage

Dec 20074999333

Classic james bond intro

Aug 20074Rotentatorsalad

jedi hangar

Aug 20074nevill

moving space background

Jul 20074BEEF

time tunnel including tardis?

Jun 20074Elliptical Productions

Snowy destroyed city

Jun 20074Rotentatorsalad

Hospital Interior Corridors + Operation Rooms

May 20074rstudios

Majora's mask images

Dec 20064Link123456

3d backgrounds of mustifar

Nov 20064FXhomer34433

Front page Backdrops?

Oct 20064jgtrox2

Earth-Like Effect

Sep 20064FXhomer16933

UFO / Flying Saucer

Sep 20064RobotFish

Need Jungle/mexican grocery backgrounds for web show

Aug 20064Avenger111


Aug 20064Black Ink Productions

An enormous valley and battle field

Jul 20064VRBstudios

Desert Backdrop

Apr 20044JAD7272

Need Batcave background for Chromanator!

Mar 20044carda

Zelda Backgrounds

Jan 20044Serpent

CG backgrounds

Apr 20113JemarcusOgletree

music backgrounds for music video

Oct 20103JemarcusOgletree

Indiana Jones Boulder

Sep 20093Kie77

stage help?

Jun 20093FXhomer61116

Some cool background

Jul 20083Z films


May 20083MoltenWhale

star wars soldiers needed

Feb 20083FXhomer10313

Big hole in ground

Jan 20083Bucees

Metal elevator backgrounds + office lobby and hallway

Jan 20083mpstrex

Ufo flying backdrops

Jan 20083DVStudio

Desert, Valley, forrest, and mountain backdrops!

Jan 20083DVStudio

sarlacc pit

Nov 20073Tubby Studios

People running video backdrop

Sep 20073January82000

Star Wars Interiors

Aug 20073The Duelist

Inside UFO

Aug 20073Snook360


Aug 20073Phantom48

fog,mist stock footage

Aug 20073d1rector


Jul 20073FXhomer17851

Moving Train backrounds

Jul 20073The Nemesis2161

Empire state top and a cliff

May 20073The Editing Room

shuttle launch

Apr 20073Elliptical Productions

Mustafar Backdrops

Apr 20073Pixel edit

Alien Type spaceship cockpit

Feb 20073Ste

Star Trek Bridge

Feb 20073FXhomer12624

I need a millitary base backdrop for my movies

Jan 20073Naruto

heart and veins stock footage

Oct 20063RobotFish

Interior Helicopters

Jul 20063SteveW

Need Flying backdrop. Flying forward through buildings

Jul 20063TomFlanagan

BBC News

Jul 20063rstudios

In need of metal wall.

Jun 20063xperiment


May 20063FXhomer6296

Greenscreen Background : Office

Apr 20063rstudios

Warship (sunken) or shipwreck backgrounds?

Feb 20063blh

A Spinging CD

Jan 20063cjbalways

Looking for tank interiors

Sep 20053ashman

Wwi Biplane Cockpit Views

Jan 20053iggy88


Aug 20043Ersie OHard


Jun 20043Atom

Some Chromanator sky backgrounds

Jan 20043montego

Doctor Who: 11th Doctor Tardis Interior

Jul 20112spder15

Any free stuff out there? Moving desert footage?

Mar 20112adairdc

Grand theft auto

Jan 20112JemarcusOgletree

Star Wars Temple

May 20102jedimasteralex1138

School bus interior

Feb 20102BST1Productions

Easter and Spring Backdrops

Jan 20102jonivroy

stills needed

Nov 20092vslg1


Jun 20092Dawnoflife7218

WW1 Tank

Jun 20092Dawnoflife7218

Background Requests

Jun 20092Faceless Productions


Mar 20092Terminal Velocity

Anyoen know where I can find some cool city backrounds?

Jan 20092The Nemesis2161

Need cool moving blue background?

Nov 20082FXhomer37584

Web Series with Representation needs cool Space Backdrops

Aug 20082LaserWilliams

Need custom studio backdrop

May 20082GunLeg3nd

chase vid

Mar 20082FXhomer45478


Feb 20082Rockstudios

HD Fxhome Credit movies?

Jan 20082A Pickle

Animated sky

Jan 20082ROBOJO2007

vue atmospheres

Aug 20072d1rector

A jet cockpit

Aug 20072Weeboo

Shuttle Craft cockpit?

Mar 20072FXhomer12624

Space Station Base

Feb 20072FXhomer12624

News Studio Backdrops?

Nov 20062Jazzmanian

Zooming around an Alien Planet

Aug 20062CaptainAwesome


Jul 20062Jazzmanian

Rose ona greenbackground

Apr 20062cjbalways

Rooftop at night

Jan 20062ForeverYoung8

Epic Battle Scene

Jan 20062irishcult

I am sorry but what is a backdrop

Nov 20052Marcopolo1

Millenium Falcon Interior

May 20052sk8street65

school broadcast

May 20052Greg Webb

Background for "wall of weapons"

Feb 20052RudyPicardo

matrix shots....

Oct 20042jmill8886

Star Wars Death Star Battle

Oct 20042cjbalways


Mar 200424Jex


Jan 20042Brettsta

Star Wars DeathStar Trench

Aug 20111matchyman

Need video of an audience- prefer teens at a convention

Apr 20111Josh3B

Some music vid backdrops.

Nov 20101Azulon'sAssassin

im making a music video for this song

Oct 20101JemarcusOgletree

50's, diner or Sock Hop theme?

Mar 20101LABDAD

Alice in Wonderland

Mar 20101Obispo

Arkham Asylum

Jun 20091CONA H

Image Series - Interrogation room

Mar 20091Goldenjabba


Feb 20081regrettably

stock footage

Jan 20081riftmaster

Can sombody get me a moving coruscant background

Jun 20071FXhomer14176

Free Background...

Feb 20071Videoace123

Disco Backdrops

Aug 20061Zea

Civil war Backdrop

Jul 20061MagikGraphix5878

If I have video would anyone alter to fit desired BG specs?

Feb 20061Avenger111

Animated Ocean Waves/Pipeline

Jun 20051Coop

Manga/anime backdrop

May 20051Klut

Please help me out

Mar 20051hatsoff2halford

Moving backgrounds

Mar 20051hatsoff2halford

3d Morgue Setting

Jan 20051digitalshadowfilms

Bird's Eye View tracks zoom out

Nov 20041Cypher

Sleepyhollow backdrops

Oct 20041jedicowboys

Backgrounds - no watermark

Jan 20041BDOG

Up in The Clouds and Driving the car

Jan 20041Brettsta

Film & TV

Jan 20041Oily

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