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Importing presets - where do they go? [ANSWER]

Dec 200569isazaly

How do I use an image stream [ANSWER]

Feb 200637FXhomer1369

How do you add alpha channels? [TIPS]

Oct 200533jmc042

Make a good flamethrower [TIPS]

Dec 200532SGB

video tutorials don't make any sense to me...

Mar 201028Phalanx Films

Plans on a universal binary for the mac versions? [ANSWER]

Mar 200728kevin laing

Can't add presets in EffectsLab Pro

Dec 200927thomasbatelaan

Render holds at 30 frames and will not continue...

Jan 201026CTFPlaya360

Adobe After Effects quality lightsabers with Effectslab.

Feb 200726DJP444

Clean reinstall instructions

Jan 200626Simon K Jones

Footage from camera to computer? [ANSWER]

May 200523alexanderj

READ THIS: List of Video Editing Software Compatibility

Nov 200722NickF

3d modeling

Jan 200722DJP444

beam of light

Oct 200622Underdog Productions

making of a light sabre

Jun 201021rick58201

Sky Looks Artificial-Small Square Pixels After Effects Added

Jul 200921FXhomerTony

Does EffectsLab Pro run on Intel Macs? [ANSWER]

Jun 200621Ferrit

i'm having trouble importing my movies

Jan 201120rdevai

renders about 200 frames and terminates

Dec 200920FXhomer73516

star wars force effect [ANSWER]

May 200620Xaritor

Is it possible to create a shifting fog?

Jun 200919FXhomer120904

How do I change particle speed? [ANSWER]

Jun 200719Jocka

Making Luke Skywalker's lightsaber? [ANSWER]

Dec 200519GeneralGrievous

Can It Do

Jul 201018Micah master studios

edit multiple clips

Jun 200918Gunshot

Resetting the mask every frame? [ANSWER]

May 200518Obi Wan Kenobi

What render settings should I use for high quality?

Feb 201017Silverwing

Smooth edges in masking

Apr 200717Chinook

Burning building effects?

Jan 200717BringPopcorn

Q movie files

Jan 201016goldebgraham

Alpha Trouble

Jul 200816Black Ink Productions

Flying (help found )

Jul 200716Bucees

Bullet Trail Preset Question [ANSWER]

Feb 200616Greybro

How do interlaced frames work? [ANSWER]

Dec 200516GeneralGrievous

cant import movies without error messages

Jul 201115crazyeights

Animating A Fly

Feb 201115chrisg68

Effects distorted

Jun 201015intentmultimedia

Video keeps repeating in Effects Lab

May 201015mm2580

Rendering problems

Apr 201015mantella56

Error: I/O Error

Dec 200915The FE

Help, Good Blood and Bullet hits

May 200815IPresents

FXhome logo in credits for owners of effects [ANSWER]

Feb 200715FXhomer21127

Cloning [ANSWER]

Feb 200715Dark Pivot Productions

Using Jedi "force" on a lightsaber [ANSWER]

Jun 200615jgtrox2

Glowing letters? [ANSWER]

May 200615Spirit

iMovie Users Having Problems With Effects Lab Pro?


FX Lab Pro Problems (Again)

Jun 201014BIMO

Help with adding clipart to my videos..

Aug 200914ZackGavin

Right Clicking?

Jun 200814Black Ink Productions

Creating the image of 3D space. [ANSWER]

Oct 200714Dead Iris

Cutting off limbs and stabbing people :P

May 200614AntiGrav

Smoking particles? [ANSWER]

Nov 200514Z28Jerry

magic energy spell

Jul 201113EJR32123

more trouble

Jun 201113Kacezero

Is it worth the money?

Aug 200913CTFPlaya360

Frames get skipped when building effects

Apr 200913meast1431

Harry Potter magic duel

Jun 200813FXhomer51589

compositing a character from existing footage

Jun 200713alien slayer

Using Particle Engine For Arrows

Jan 200713DavidLittlefield

One More Important Question of Cloning [ANSWER]

Oct 200613Silentfox

Need Help and Tips for Setting a Head on Fire [ANSWER]

Sep 200613FXhomer4609

Help changing to emitter attributes toolset [ANSWER]

Aug 200613Greybro

Installing on multiple computers [ANSWER]

Jun 200613jgtrox2

Can I save my movie as a WMV file? [ANSWER]

May 200613win93

How to slow down an effect? [ANSWER]

Feb 200613FXhomer1369

Multiple layers of glow?

Dec 200513JediMaster33

Vanishing into thin air? [ANSWER]

Sep 200513carda

Making force lightning? [TIPS]

Sep 200513anton04

wont let me import my movies D:


Script error

Aug 201012BST1Productions

Stock Footage: Gore FX Assistance please :)

Jan 201012DylanSchnitker

importing still images that last longer than 1 frame!

Dec 200912somenun

Effects not showing up on Editing software

Oct 200912FXhomer77666

My Frames Flicker and i need help!

Sep 200912Fudge Dog

How to create realistic effects

Jun 200912FXhomer46539

Good Blood and Explosions (ELab)

Jan 200912CTFPlaya360

No lightning or Electric fx in Effectslab pro, its a shame

Aug 200812Wishing Staff Studios

Light sword glow disappeared [ANSWER]

Sep 200712Ballistix

light sword

Mar 200712Effects master

Lightsaber is jagged after render. [ANSWER]

Aug 200612FXhomer8532

Leaving color, sin city style, in elab [ANSWER]

Jul 200612macminiman

Creating kick dust? [ANSWER]

Sep 200512ashman

Lightsaber clashing, lighting up room? [ANSWER]

Aug 200512alexcull

only renders beggining

Nov 201111crazyeights

animated ping pong ball

Sep 201011FXhomer44431

How do I move the Dr. Who Time Tunnel?

Aug 201011MDTVProductionz

Windows 7 & XP

Jan 201011TheOutlawAmbulance

Still Image larger than video resolution

Jan 201011voiceoverwizard

Effectslab Pro and Windows 7 compatibility?

Dec 200911x0220

Runtime Error?

Oct 200911aceydeuce

lightsaber rotoscope help

Dec 200811Filmguy2008

explosion help

May 200811UnrealProductions

Still Problems With Detonation Films Effects [ANSWER]

Apr 200811tgj311

Lightsaber Sound Effects [ANSWER]

Sep 200711Glitch

Interruption in FX - "Spray of Water" [ANSWER]

Dec 200611FXhomer11853

Where do I put the program key after I download it? [ANSWER]

Nov 200611Mumblefilms

Should I deinterlace? [ANSWER]

Jun 200511Richard Summers

EffectsLab Pro not compatible with Mac OSX Lion?

Jul 201110JoKron

With my optics my point of origin dont schow or work ?

Jul 201110FXhomer86455

No Sound!

May 201110Pilgrim1998

Presets don't appear in my toolbox

Jan 201110Fanofscifi

Downloading a Preset Effect to a Mac

Oct 201010FXhomer105132

Sound... Again

Aug 201010MDTVProductionz

EffectsLab frozen

May 201010Oyarsa

Scaling Issues When Rendering

Feb 201010FXhomer53003

Effectslab Pro Update: New Presets Missing

Jan 201010CTFPlaya360

Rendered Film is abnormally fast

Nov 200910TheCoyote

Exported movie looks wavy when burnt to DVD.

Nov 200910Jedi77

Urgent help needed to get El.P working [bought cd on amazon]

Aug 200910Geary

Problems with effects being deleted

Jun 200910lone wolf

How do i make cigarette smoke actualy visible?

Jul 200810FXhomer72371

Tweening for animation

May 200810cottonproductions

Mushroom cloud effect

Oct 200710Bucees

Muzzle flashes, moving too fast [ANSWER]

Apr 200710The FE

Help...Change Color Of Saber!

Apr 200710The Editing Room

EffectsLab Pro snow distortion [ANSWER]

Feb 200710ger360

Particle positioning question

Feb 200710Jabooza

How do I use the ghostbusters stream? [ANSWER]

Nov 200610Protonstream

Two cloning questions. [ANSWER]

Oct 200610Tommy92L

rendering problems- large file size [ANSWER]

Jun 200610jgtrox2

Making lightsaber more visible [ANSWER]

May 200610FXhomer1369


Mar 200610Oeyvind

How to put effect behind an object? [ANSWER]

Mar 200610geigel1

How to retain quality when converting formats?

Nov 20109WWIIZombies

Cameras and Formats

Nov 20109StormyKnight

Gore stock footage

Nov 20109FXhomer129135

Color Change

Oct 20109FXhomer51922

kodak playsport

Oct 20109FXhomer129135


Aug 20109FXhomer129135

adding another clip

Aug 20109FXhomer129135

Effectslab crash

Jun 20109tobothehobo

That dreaded string expected <void> message!

Apr 20109Fergo

Compositing stock footage

Mar 20109FXhomer35532


Dec 20099lman694

how do you create fire.

Dec 20099pig

Special Effects- Stock Footage

Dec 20099FXhomerTony

Interlace problem

Nov 20099cooldude


Nov 20099RussN

Just bought gore FX

Aug 20099FXhomer82812

worth the extra money?

Aug 20099joe billy

Comercial uses?

Jun 20099Paradox Pictures

How to do Lightning Energy

Apr 20099Torrit

How to submit a preset?

Jan 20099FXstudios99

How do I use downloaded stock footage

Nov 20089The FE

where do i get some good stock footege

Sep 20089UnrealProductions

crossfading tracks

Jun 20089nw316

Importing White BG footage?

Mar 20089Direktor

Tweening a mask in EffectsLab Pro? [ANSWER]


Would it be possible to create explosion? [ANSWER]

Jul 20079Phantom48

Make preset out of stock footage [ANSWER]

Jun 20079SlickV19

can fx home products do this? . . .

Jun 20079battlecam182

stoping time

Jun 20079battlecam182

Stepping Over The Laser Beam... First Attempt

May 20079FXhomer19268

Question regarding crediting[ANSWER]

May 20079Motoman

Shaky Lightsword

Apr 20079Luke Skyfocker

Scorch marks staying in place [ANSWER]

Apr 20079Dark Pivot

Designing effects from scratch [ANSWER]

Feb 20079morph5690

How do I make a head transperant? [WIP]

Feb 20079Effects master

Particles - Blockers? [ANSWER]

Jan 20079ccirelli

Heat vision? [ANSWER]

Dec 20069biohazardxbw

How can I make an explosion

Oct 20069Silentfox

Install EffectsLab on 2 computers? [ANSWER]

Sep 20069RigomrtsFX

How do you create a lightning for storms or magic? [ANSWER]

Aug 20069The Duelist

Sound sync problem with 24P footage? [ANSWER]

Jul 20069Lior

Transparent muzzle flash! [ANSWER]

Jul 20069newpornographer

Basic steps for developing the Muzzle flashes [ANSWER]

Feb 20069FXhomer9244

Can I make still clouds? [ANSWER]

Jan 20069Stepladder

Lasers and Blasters in EffectsLab? [ANSWER]

Jul 20059alexcull

What do I use for lightsword clashes? [ANSWER]

May 20059blazeneon

Adding lightning to video scene

Oct 20118sumthinwong

Effectslab pro or Hitfilm standard?

Oct 20118xzarbonx

No sound

Jun 20118speedproductions101

Video quality

Apr 20118FXhomer53903

Video Gone

Feb 20118FXhomer211957

I am needing help with editing my videos help please!

Oct 20108JDMayo83

How to create effects for beginners

Sep 20108DirectorKid1031

Project file question

Sep 20108FX Stopmotion CGI Films

FX Presets won't import into effectslab pro

Aug 20108Snorkelstink

Object Mask tool to add a glow?

Dec 20098Struker

Cannot Install Update.

Oct 20098FXhomerTony

Copying set of key Frames (Contrast pro Filter)

Sep 20098Redg

Faster Way To Create A Lightsaber

Jan 20098EvansCinemas

How to make textures?

Jan 20098FXstudios99

All of my vid files on my comp suddenly became interlaced!?

Dec 20088CTFPlaya360

Help with Animation / Media

Aug 20088Rid3r

Is there a Muzzle flash LIGHTING tutorial?

May 20088Rook3


Apr 20088321

Bodnificator, changing text [ANSWER]

Feb 20088Filmguy2008

Invisible Man

Feb 20088Filmguy2008

Teach Me Episode 1:explosion/flying back

Jan 20088Qbeck

Car explosion [ANSWER]

Nov 20078darthmaul21

Help on Stock Footage with White Background (ANSWER)

Oct 20078Madrond101

taking out a person from movie

Jun 20078battlecam182

Light saber clash / lens flare [ANSWER]

Mar 20078petet2

Difference between Download/Amazon Version? [ANSWER]

Jan 20078Tuffy

When animating a Lightsaber

Jan 20078ZoiN

Bullettrail - "Matrix-Move" possible? [ANSWER]

Dec 20068Tuffy

Rotoscoping Lightsabers [ANSWER]

Nov 20068DavidLittlefield

Interactive lighting for lightsabers [ANSWER]

Nov 20068Black Ink Productions

Can I install on another PC without internet? [ANSWER]

Oct 20068AndyJones

Smoke help! -Controlling particles [ANSWER]

Sep 20068Underdog Productions

How much RAM do I need? [ANSWER]

Jul 20068FXhomer5428

Need some advice for muzzle flashes [ANSWER]

May 20068Jack422

How to do shell casings

May 20068Razeer

Composite filters only on effects objects? [ANSWER]

Apr 20068Woolgie

Action effects, inc. slow motion muzzle flashes? [ANSWER]

Jan 20068alpha54

Can I write EffectsLab to a CD? [ANSWER]

May 20058chase

Questions about Hitfilm and Effectslab

Oct 20117xzarbonx

EffectsLab Pro crashes on Startup Windows 7

Jul 20117MichaelOmegatron

Particle Speed Help

Jul 20117FXhomer132239

realistic muzzle flash

May 20117EJR32123

effectslab pro - pictures

May 20117speedproductions101

Muzzle Flash directly at camera

Apr 20117MProducer

Transperant video.

Feb 20117Micah master studios


Jan 20117FXhomer127846

Particles dying out?

Oct 20107DirectorKid1031

Hopefully a Simple Question

Mar 20107IV Shadow IV

Lightning effects don't show up on my effects browser.

Feb 20107Silverwing

Reconstructing an image sequence

Feb 20107Chris Nelthorpe

Can freehand masks do this?

Jan 20107Struker

problem with saving video

Jan 20107link5

Rendering stops at frame 26.

Dec 20097Sam Green

How do I slow down a particle effect in Effectslab Pro?

Nov 20097MythDreamer

Instruction Manual?

Oct 20097FXhomer52285

Hi, in effects lab pro how do i change the length of an effe

Sep 20097DavidGottlieb

My Film jumps frames!

Aug 20097Fudge Dog

Using Fx Software and AVCHD Format with Sony Vegas Platinum

Jul 20097Godzilla

Partical effect colors

Jul 20097Chaofanatic

Help with HD

Jun 20097TSHADproductions

Need tutorial in Burbank ca

May 20097FXhomer69053

Can't import high def footage

Apr 20097Venture

alamdv2 "Bamf" isn't working

Mar 20097joe billy

Difference between demo and full version

Feb 20097movin forward

Covenant energy ball

Jan 20097Buchanan Brothers Films

How to remove preset from an object (e.g. beretta m/flash)

Jan 20097enemybury

Free Hand Neon Lights

Dec 20087FX Stopmotion CGI Films

Blood Splat Plugin too big

Oct 20087FXhomer17132

neon effect question

Oct 20087mm2580

FX home meteor

Jul 20087Efxdude132

lightsaber connected to hilt

May 20087MichaelOmegatron

Vegas MSP - How to use alpha channel from Elab xportd footag

Apr 20087Krazy Killer Biker

making muzzle flash background transparent [ANSWER]

Apr 20087tally

Model Exploding

Mar 20087The Editing Room

Open new project

Mar 20087Filmguy2008

Star Wars like blaster [ANSWER]

Feb 20087Filmguy2008

Bullet Hits, Blood Spurt, Muzzle Flash [ANSWER]

Feb 20087JDawssk8er98

Lightsaber clash [ANSWER]

Feb 20087Filmguy2008

Matte option [ANSWER]

Dec 20077FXhomer47229

Can EffectsLab do titling? [ANSWER]

Dec 20077Shanghai

Decapitation [ANSWER]

Nov 20077JKG

Can I export my muzzle flashes? [ANSWER]

Nov 20077FXhomer14945

how do you make make better blood effects? [ANSWER]

Nov 20077reckless productions

Enegery ball doesn't fit film [ANSWER]

Nov 20077FXhomer12989

Help with keyframes of rotoscoping a lightsword [ANSWER]

Sep 20077steve1966

Clones Playing Catch

Sep 20077Dark Pivot

Help! I want to animate my company logo [ANSWER]

Jul 20077Josh3B

Tutorial - How to make the day to night effect in Elab Lite

Jun 20077RodyPolis

Amazing Saber Setings! Tutorial

Jun 20077The Editing Room

Can't render frames?

Jun 20077Sterling

Do you need internet? [ANSWER]

May 20077FreeZ

charmed effects [ANSWER]

Apr 20077NorrisProductions


Apr 20077The FE

High tech binoculars

Apr 20077Kinsinger1

Using masks to cut out footage. [ANSWER]

Mar 20077Whitelion

I can't make a light saber with a curve on the top [ANSWER]

Feb 20077Effects master

Optics shapes

Feb 20077Mandalorian

How do you save and submit a created particle. [ANSWER]

Dec 20067Videoace123

Force Lightning

Dec 20067dkalvaisdsen

Need help about making an arm "invisible" [ANSWER]

Nov 20067NineShadows

Wires for moves [ANSWER]

Oct 20067Silentfox

Where can i get gun cartridges for EffectsLab Pro [ANSWER]

Sep 20067Christian Lang

how can i move a keyed object with all keyframes? [ANSWER]

Aug 20067Auron

Adding preset straight to a grading object? [ANSWER]

Jul 20067outerringz

Can you add sounds with EffectsLab Pro? [ANSWER]

May 20067Xaritor

Moving effects [ANSWER]

May 20067Forbes

Displacement mapping [ANSWER]

May 20067madhammy

Beginners tutorial on masking? [ANSWER]

Feb 20067ChromeHeart

How can I make a particle missile smoke trail? [ANSWER]

Aug 20057JT9

How to create blood particle effects? [ANSWER]

Jul 20057MoonlightFilms

Effectslab pro to Hitfilm Ultimate

Nov 20116xzarbonx

Problem with the render

Jul 20116FXhomer35532

Why is my movie blury

May 20116NickMorrison88


May 20116EJR32123


Apr 20116MDTVProductionz

Adding sound effects to a project in EffectSLabPro

Mar 20116AlexanderLucero

Blow Up A House

Mar 20116ocjedi


Feb 20116ocjedi

Importing to Windows Movie Maker

Feb 20116gclem

Major Timing/Audio Problems.

Jan 20116Macon Magic Productions

Director Player error when rendering

Jan 20116Naynay521

What happened to the force lightning presets?

Dec 20106Venture

How-to make a classic branch lightning effect?

Nov 20106AvatarZen

putting E-Lab on another computer

Nov 20106BST1Productions

Supported video formats

Oct 20106AWEntertainment

how to get presets for effects lab pro

Sep 20106jsteelers95

Frame order question

Sep 20106Serenarules

Post-production Shaky Cam

Sep 20106joe billy


Aug 20106FXhomer118939

Space Scene tutorial?

Aug 20106FireBrickFilms

Energy Ball

Aug 20106AFYTXR

Help with effects duration

Aug 20106JoshKelhoffer

rendered file size

Jul 20106sparky1167

About to buy Pinnacle Studio HD

Jul 20106CTFPlaya360

what happened to the aspect ratio?

Jul 20106FXhomer50820

Audio is messed up when I render my movie

May 20106Silverwing

Action Essentials 2 HELP!

May 20106WBarnett

Effectslab Pro or individual software

May 20106Manicor

Copying and Pasting Muzzle Flash...

Apr 20106KoBaCaaTT

Resolution issues

Apr 20106gerv

duel video layering problem

Mar 20106FXhomer3846

How do you import sound effects?

Feb 20106dills18

Uncompressed Render results in black bars / squashed picture

Jan 20106alienux

Testing the Flip Ultra HD (How can I get it into FxHome?)

Jan 20106CTFPlaya360

Pinnacle compatibilty

Dec 20096FXhomer94080

Couple pre-purchase questions...

Nov 20096CodeDog

how to get rid of the words on the screen when using demo

Oct 20096FXhomer83094

Titles in EffectsLab

Oct 20096FXhomer133192

Will compositelabpro and effectslabpro work with windows 7?

Oct 20096richardray

Rendering Problem with demo version

Sep 20096FXhomer92108

I cant figure out how to upload a preset.

Jul 20096Vedigo productions

Update On Not Being Able To Render Effects

Jun 20096FXhomerTony

Cannot Get Special Effects to Render

Jun 20096FXhomerTony

How do I do a super speed effect?

May 20096FXhomer57396

Figuring out the timing of effects

May 20096richardray

How Long Do The Demos Last?

Mar 20096ADHaase7

rendering with a clear background

Feb 20096sir alex

Huge Files! ->Help please

Feb 20096Madsen

Masking - any way to improve visibility?

Feb 20096Oyarsa

Wind Effect

Dec 20086mm2580

Multiple effects following a single path?

Dec 20086SuperSonic67

Lightsaber passing

Oct 20086Darth Fughog

Switching OS

Sep 20086Movie

Move Light

Sep 20086arteimagem

Make effects longer

Aug 20086mrfrosty1234

Falcon Punch preset?

Aug 20086Efxdude132

how do I make 'blood slash' slow mo

Jul 20086jediknightben

How to control Emitter Velocity ?

Jun 20086Shooter


Apr 20086Darth Fughog


Apr 20086austinfd

way to make preset into stock footage? [ANSWER]

Jan 20086Qbeck

shaken cmaera effect [ANSWER]

Jan 20086White Eagle Entertainment

Masking Neon Light Question [ANSWER]

Dec 20076carda

Tip for speeding up renders

Dec 20076troyesleygann

256 x 256 pixel icon for Vista... [ANSWER]

Nov 20076A Pickle

When you recorded your Tutorlials, what program used..?

Aug 20076JonasKs

Camera Rain Drops Effect Help

Aug 20076Ryan And Ryan Productions

good lightsaber by accident

Aug 20076JJStudios

Fire Letters How To [ANSWER]

Jul 20076Greybro

I can't make a flame which is firing towards camera [ANSWER]

Jun 20076Effects master

super jump

May 20076whelshizer

making the actor's eyes glow or change coloe

May 20076filmguy415

Bullet Effects

May 20076Matt DY

Ricochet and Smoke Effects...

Mar 20076Lazarus

how can you render in HD

Mar 20076DJP444

'Grade Object' in effects lab lite [ANSWER]

Feb 20076Link123456


Feb 20076FXhomer15448

is there a way to reverse video... [ANSWER]

Feb 20076morph5690

Lightsaber duel with a mask .

Jan 20076FXhomer12989

Applying Gleam Composite Using FXLab Pro? [ANSWER]

Nov 20066DanHayden

Effects move upwards as movie progresses [ANSWER]

Oct 20066Luke Skyfocker

Can I add a displacement map? [ANSWER]

Sep 20066Multiwagon

Force Lightning [ANSWER]

Aug 20066FXhomer2091

How to change composite method? [ANSWER]

Aug 20066The Duelist

Unit K stock footage [ANSWER]

Jul 20066newpornographer

Setting in and out points for retaining sound [ANSWER]

Jun 20066AaronP

I can't import .FXpreset_pack [ANSWER]

May 20066mikeNite

How to animate fireball [ANSWER]

Mar 20066DjfunkmasterG

Presets Installation Question [ANSWER]

Feb 20066tropikeins

Where can I get textures? [ANSWER]

Jun 20056knutish


Jul 20115EJR32123

light saber

May 20115EJR32123

Particle engine help 2

May 20115EJR32123

preset help

Apr 20115EJR32123

key framing presets

Apr 20115lsander

Render Freezing - Help

Feb 20115Doc001

See through video layer

Feb 20115speedproductions101

i lose quality when i render

Jan 20115FXhomer135946

Play back of rendered shot is slow and jerky.

Dec 20105chrisg68

compositing smoke...

Dec 20105pauly

What web browsers download presets properly

Nov 20105FXhomer98905

HD in, HD out?

Oct 20105pauly

work with anima?

Sep 20105dbyrns

force jump/ flying

Aug 20105FXhomer129135

ALamDV2 Plugins?

Aug 20105TristanYoshi

Render/exporting problems

Jul 20105Eldrazi

How to cover effects?

Jun 20105TristanYoshi

How to install fxpresets

Jun 20105csacuff

Avoiding viruses on a new computer

Jun 20105themikeguy

Changing Default Text?

May 20105mark411

Dual Monitor Support?

Mar 20105Dimebag

Stock footage

Mar 20105carthusian

effects lab cropping my video. please help

Feb 20105FXhomer92108

Canvas change help!

Jan 20105smoores

Stock Footage

Jan 20105JJPhi80541

Can't see Particles on Youtube

Jan 20105MichaelOmegatron

Director Player Error!?

Jan 20105DX6channel

need help making a light saber

Nov 20095jesseborchert

Explosion ground effect

Sep 20095smoores

Exporting to picture?

Aug 20095DX6channel

Virtual Dub

Aug 20095CTFPlaya360

Cropping the size of a video (not length)

Jul 20095joe billy

Footage: Gore

Jul 20095gamesmaster369

Muzzle Flashes are random, how do I make them consistant?

Jul 20095sir alex

Can you add wings to a person?

Jun 20095FXhomer120904

Choosing Render Method

Jun 20095CTFPlaya360

Using Presets in Effects Lab

May 20095camerabuddha

Installing FxLab on another PC

May 20095jediexluke

Police car lights

May 20095MetroCityMayor

Gun flashes

Apr 20095mm2580

HELP effectslab will only render the first 284 frames.

Apr 20095csavoy1

how to use the program

Mar 20095FXhomer125641

Neon Light Effects Invisible in Rendered Mode?

Feb 20095FXhomer71589

playing backwords?

Feb 20095sir alex

Black neon lights and muzzle flashes

Jan 20095FX Stopmotion CGI Films

Making a cloud

Jan 20095castek

Changing from Demo to Full version...HELP! [ANSWER]

Dec 20085TheCoyote


Nov 20085marcel

Blood splatting effects

Oct 20085Josh3B

Night Vision Effects

Oct 20085MoltenWhale

Moving a particle effect without changing it

Oct 20085boavampire

New at fxhome

Aug 20085FXhomer13107

How do you stop particle movement?

Aug 20085DarkOwl5

Camera Raindrops Preset Problem

Aug 20085owen rixon


Jul 20085Z films

Interrogation Grading

Jul 20085Z films

Buying programs help

Jul 20085futurefilmmaker

how do you make an image stream? (e.g. software used, etc.)

Jul 20085futurefilmmaker

Duel Monitor problem

Jun 20085Kin-Char Bamin

Camera Shake Explosion

Jun 20085Mattex Films HD

Changing the colour of a preset

Jun 20085hippa03

Grading trouble

Jun 20085mitchnesbitt

Upgrading EL

May 20085IPresents

Lightsaber help

Apr 20085Darth Fughog

Edit single photo in ELP? [ANSWER]

Apr 20085Filmguy2008

Gasoline Effects [ANSWER]


Where are the cool explosions? [ANSWER]

Mar 20085FXhomer73789

Anyone know how to slice in half? [ANSWER]

Feb 20085Filmguy2008

Changing particle speed [ANSWER]

Feb 20085exPLODEsion

Billowing smoke from 'Power comet' particle? [ANSWER]

Feb 20085FXhomer54971

Moving energy ball [ANSWER]

Feb 20085Filmguy2008

How do I change the speed of an effect?

Feb 20085Aurora0

Comet tail ? I cant find in Effects pro in particles..

Feb 20085FXhomer54971

Reversing the dirt explode present [ANSWER]

Jan 20085troyesleygann

can i crop an image [ANSWER]

Jan 20085gliderguider

Why is matte section on my toolbar thing? [ANSWER]

Nov 20075gleeson85

Do you get more effects if you buy the full version [ANSWER]

Oct 20075FXhomer20935

Muzzle Flash Weapon Lighting [ANSWER]

Oct 20075FXhomer19708

How can I increase particle length [ANSWER]

Sep 20075Cerberes

Fire Letters like fxhome logo [ANSWER]

Sep 20075Rpareyon

Need help with spesial effects. Magic Fire Ball.

Sep 20075JonasKs

effects lab pro with vista? [ANSWER]

Aug 20075szczepanski

Dissapearing muzzle flash? [ANSWER]

Aug 20075gcgipson

Detonation Films Blood Help [ANSWER]

Aug 20075Dark Pivot

Flaming text [ANSWER]

Jul 20075ioannes

making someone invisible [ANSWER]

Jul 20075battlecam182

Trading products [ANSWER]

Jun 20075RodyPolis


Jun 20075klaymen95

Question about masking

Jun 20075Phantom48

Masking Muzzle flashes

Jun 20075Matt DY

make my own stock footage?

Jun 20075Dorl

Turning off a mask at a specific keyframe

Jun 20075Gustofusion

fire swords

Jun 20075win93

Cutting off limbs [ANSWER]

Apr 20075Hartman

Downloading software on dial-up. [ANSWER]

Mar 20075griffus21

Difficulty adjusting Smoke Wave

Mar 20075Jimmy Gee

Expanding (Increasing) Glow in Lightsaber [ANSWER]

Mar 20075AddictedToMac

Difficulty changing direction of Fireball [ANSWER]

Mar 20075Jimmy Gee

How do you create smoke after fire explosions?

Mar 20075M60 Gunner

cloning help. the lighting is weird between the two clones [

Mar 20075FXhomer12192

Creating Blood Splatter

Feb 20075nuyawk

Trying to make a cloud/Particle speed... [WIP]

Jan 20075Jodo Kast

If only you could fix the position of a neon light...

Jan 20075petet2

Help using particles to burn coal through skin [ANSWER]

Nov 20065Silentfox

Are the particle textures saved in the FXpresets? [ANSWER]

Oct 20065pixelboy

Slicing in Half [ANSWER]

Oct 20065Silentfox

main page fx meteor crash [ANSWER]

Sep 20065RigomrtsFX

Smallville heat vision effect [ANSWER]

Aug 20065FXhomer6590

Mask a lightsaber while retaining edge glow? [ANSWER]

Aug 20065frodo1987

Compositing blender exports into Elab [ANSWER]

Aug 20065Gman 007

Masking problems with lightswords... [ANSWER]

May 20065730 Studios

Cutting objects in half within the frame... [ANSWER]

May 20065ryanprickle

Comparing EffectsLab to VisionLab [ANSWER]

Jan 20065terrortopher

Any good stock media links? [ANSWER]

Jan 20065jrg2134

Converting AlamDV2 plugins to work in EffectsLab [ANSWER]

Aug 20055JT9

Quicktime problem?

Apr 20124FXhomer66995

Action Essentials Stock Footage trouble

Apr 20124djjohnsongeek

Cannot devide by Zero?

Mar 20124ajburr

String Expected <Void> prob;e,

Mar 20124FXhomer146175

the evil 'string expected'error plus another strange message

Oct 20114getjaked

ILM Lightsaber (part 1 and 2)

Aug 20114ajburr

Scope crosshair view

Jul 20114sonofagun97

can the plugins work with effectslab

May 20114jediknight1997

How do I get a video from fxlab to windows movie maker?

May 20114thething

Help Masking

May 20114prfctdark

Bluring/pixelating just one thing in a clip?

Apr 20114Josh3B

Need a bit of muzzle flash help- trying to learn.

Apr 20114Josh3B

Maintaining aspect ratio when rendering

Mar 20114FXhomer98905

help with effects length

Mar 20114rusty316

my videos r not loading

Mar 20114rusty316

Compressed vs. Uncompressed

Feb 20114ocjedi

High (Anti-Aliased) vs. Basic

Feb 20114ocjedi

Lightsabers - One Color at a Time?

Feb 20114ocjedi

Lite vs. Pro

Feb 20114CTLW83

How to move presets?

Feb 20114Pivotcrafter

Audio as video

Jan 20114FXhomer76426

grade object help

Dec 20104dubs

How Can You Make Weapon Lighting With The Muzzle Flare FX

Nov 20104FXhomer98905

Rendering with sound issue

Nov 20104FXhomer45405

How to make a .mov file?

Oct 20104The Archive

Aspect ratios

Sep 20104Lefty44

I lost my serial number and can't get a preset

Sep 20104Zatiac

EffectsLab Demo - Image Blend Modes (Composite)

Sep 20104Helge

screen effect

Sep 20104FXhomer129135

EffectsLab Serial

Sep 20104ZaZaster

Installing on Snow Leopard OS X?

Aug 20104Direktor

stock footage

Aug 20104FXhomer52866

Activation succesfull but not effective

Aug 20104Eodynn

Where did my sound go?

Jul 20104MDTVProductionz

Can't Import Video

Jun 20104FXhomer99411

Does anyone give lessons?

Jun 20104csacuff

3-D conversion in effectslab.

Jun 20104imaginefx

How can I add vignette in EffectsLab Pro

Jun 20104greyhound

I am using only effectslab pro but I need lightning.

Jun 20104Jandar

How to make a shield effect on fxhome effectslab pro?

Jun 20104Jandar

can't drag or double click presets onto timeline

May 20104Macon Magic Productions

Rendering Issues...

Apr 20104FOBWebProductions

Program installed not sure if corrrectly? Zip files?

Apr 20104FXhomer98826

MAJOR particle trouble

Apr 20104Macon Magic Productions

Rendering Speed!

Apr 20104EmpireTen

AlamDV2 Plugins- HELP!

Mar 20104Stove Pictures

Unwanted wavy distortion on moving objects in video HELP!

Mar 20104FXhomer79644

Adding muzzle flash to exact frame

Mar 20104camerabuddha

Help please i have no idea how to move effects or anything

Feb 20104Vertex

Error Problem.

Feb 20104DX6channel

Laser sight beam

Feb 20104Chris Nelthorpe

Can't Find MagCore.dll

Jan 20104Fudge Dog

Getting sound back after editing your video

Jan 20104FXhomer78848

Transfer project objects from demo to full version

Jan 20104alienux

The Flip™

Jan 20104CTFPlaya360

Newbie - Emitter Object Tracking

Dec 20094Dazzy1975

How do I download presets in fx home effects lab pro?

Dec 20094WBarnett

The video imports..but won't play

Dec 20094FXhomer37023

Help with Free Gift Stock Footage

Dec 20094TheCoyote

Lost presets after switching computers

Dec 20094FXhomer52285

all my muzzle flashes have dissapeared

Nov 20094FXhomer60215

long rendering

Nov 20094AceBobcat

Can't download new update/ can't find presets.

Nov 20094MichaelOmegatron

Why won't EffectPro let me upload a clip from my camera?

Nov 20094FXhomer106991

How do I limit the time a mask is on the screen

Oct 20094FXhomer98358

Compositing Problems

Oct 20094Flick

copying animated masks?

Sep 20094joe billy

Need help for shiny light glow effect ( newbie Qestion)

Sep 20094Redg

Can you install EffectsLab on more than one computer?

Aug 20094nissan5678

Help Getting Started

Aug 20094AJHPants

introductions or text?

Jun 20094FXhomer98644

Framerate issue

Jun 20094FXhomer121430

How to move the effect

Jun 20094iMakeVids

Does the full version take as long to alter effects?

May 20094FXhomer91520

Can I get EffectsLab to work with 1920x1080p video?

May 20094FXhomer83224

High Quality Lightsabers

May 20094csavoy1

Coordinate issue with 2 point lightsaber preset

Apr 20094meast1431

Rendered video doesn't play back smoothly

Apr 20094FXstudios99

When I upload a video onto EL, will the quality decrease?

Mar 20094Airsoft Studios

Help! Emitter origin issues

Mar 20094mantascorp

Disabling Tweening

Mar 20094firejunknetwork

how do you render a single picture

Feb 20094Meehan10

Matte option missing in my object view

Feb 20094FXhomer66028

BUY effects lab pro in germany

Jan 20094yasin

Dramatic Zoom?

Jan 20094themikeguy

no laser presets

Jan 20094fraud

Need Help with muzzle flash

Jan 20094FXhomer56724

alpha import problem

Jan 20094TriangularFilms

help with a demon effect

Dec 20084FXhomer60085

How do I make a smoke cloud grow from small to large.

Nov 20084camerabuddha

Blood question

Sep 20084FXhomer63208

i need help with preset effect e.g preset particles

Aug 20084nightmare pro

Two Monitors

Aug 20084Mattex Films HD

Masking Out Part of the Video

Aug 20084Springerdude11

Bullet Casings, Where do I find them?

Aug 20084camerabuddha

Realistic fire?

Aug 20084Z films

Fxhome Software - Very Slow

Aug 20084IPresents

rendering mask color change

Jul 20084WheresmyPBProductions

Help with compositing a white background shot

Jul 20084futurefilmmaker

Quick way to resize Neon shapes?

Jul 20084FXhomer15295

Cloning Issues!

Jul 20084Mattex Films HD

Saving presets

Jun 20084Hunterrox

Garbage Mattes

Jun 20084FXhomer35083

Extending preset durations

May 20084Regor Hammer

Meteor strike problems [ANSWER]

May 20084Drmeow

4 point neon shape trouble [ANSWER]

May 20084Drumsofdoom5943

What does rotoscoping mean? [ANSWER]

May 20084Darth Fughog

lightsaber movement

Apr 20084FXhomer46184


Apr 20084Angrygirlproductions

Stock Footage, dirt hit [ANSWER]

Apr 20084tgj311

Grading Help!

Apr 20084FXhomer2910

Two Field Flashes

Mar 20084tgj311


Mar 20084Phantom48

Lightsaber rotoscoping [ANSWER]

Mar 20084Filmguy2008

effects size [ANSWER]

Mar 20084FXhomer32918

Lightsaber Flicker preset

Feb 20084Filmguy2008

How to size the main window (Vista) [ANSWER]

Feb 20084FXhomer43184

Question about Masking [ANSWER]

Feb 20084hofmae

Creating presets on the Mac [ANSWER]

Jan 20084BIMO

Swapping particle textures [ANSWER]

Jan 20084Indiana Bond

Need a missile effect - can't find any - Where to find?

Jan 20084JonasKs

whispy smoke effects

Jan 20084griffus21

How do you make a good explosion? [ANSWER]

Jan 20084RoFrie Films

Deleting individual frames [ANSWER]

Dec 20074JKG

How can I incease EffectsLab Pro's playback speed? [ANSWER]

Dec 20074FlamingMonkeysProductions

force/super jump [ANSWER]

Nov 20074Qbeck

Effects masking on their own [ANSWER]

Oct 20074LeekoTV

Sparks, red hot metal [ANSWER]

Oct 20074JKG

Is EffectsLab Pro compatible with Intel iMacs? [ANSWER]

Oct 20074FXhomer10246

Energy Shackles

Oct 20074FXhomer25151

Using the Lightsaber Part 2 effect [ANSWER]

Sep 20074Ballistix

sith eyes [ANSWER]

Aug 20074nevill

Just a quick mask question [ANSWER]

Jul 20074FXhomer29051

Muzzle flashes change when I don't want them to [ANSWER]

Jun 20074FXhomer34104

Cool effect question

Jun 20074Mandalorian

RAM playback speed [ANSWER]

Jun 20074Randomlard101

I just bought a MAC but have effects lab pro for windows

Jun 20074FXhomer7169

Zooming in from space [ANSWER]

Jun 20074Phantom48


Jun 20074battlecam182

Copying keyframes

May 20074DJP444

Rendering with HUGE file space [ANSWER]

Apr 20074FXhomer10582

Moving the muzzle flash origin [ANSWER]

Apr 20074The FE

Pre-Keying in effects lab

Mar 20074Dark Pivot

How do you scorch ground after fire, expolsions and impacts?

Mar 20074M60 Gunner

example meteor in ELab advertisment

Feb 20074DJP444

muzzle flashes in dark scenes [ANSWER]

Feb 20074A Man

Nightcralwer Fight

Feb 20074DJP444

Terminator 2 liquid metal person

Jan 20074DJP444

How can I make my muzzle flashes look different? [ANSWER]

Jan 20074petet2

Fractal Noise Filter [ANSWER]

Jan 20074Mandalorian

Fade from one color to another [ANSWER]

Dec 20064Darth Stazz the Powerful

FXhome logo in flames was it tough to make [ANSWER]

Dec 20064RigomrtsFX

How can you do 'artificial camera shake' in elab [ANSWER]

Dec 20064StrikeEmStudios

Masking Bushes [ANSWER]

Nov 20064CTLW83

Help with EffectsLab sound and lightsabres. [ANSWER]

Nov 20064mastersmithson

How to gradually add an effect. [ANSWER]

Jul 20064geigel1

Help with creating blood spurt [ANSWER]

Jul 20064geigel1

Where do I go after adding lightsabers. [ANSWER]

Jun 20064AntiGrav

Speed Control [ANSWER]

May 20064Clintorules

Does effects lab have the explosions? [ANSWER]

May 20064FXhomer32360

artificial depth of field [ANSWER]

Apr 20064FXhomer2679

What is that project view selection bar... [ANSWER]

Feb 20064Clintorules

Can particles fade? [ANSWER]

Feb 20064pcremag

Creating a realistic flamethrower

Feb 20064Daarzak

What does Rate Of Fire mean? [ANSWER]

May 20054Hamm Media

Why has my frame count doubled inside EffectsLab? [ANSWER]

May 20054Harvey

Legal questions

Mar 20123FXhomer98905

Help with Masks!

Dec 20113RodgerDodger

editing presets

Nov 20113Belle

cant move or trim media files

Nov 20113crazyeights

Bodnificator preset question

Oct 20113Belle

Cannot Move Presets!

Oct 20113Deepster

Upgrade to Hitfilm?

Sep 20113TheOutlawAmbulance

how to keep video quality

Jun 20113Kacezero

How do you work the Green Screen?!

Jun 20113FXhomer121069

Oh Lord, please help me!

May 20113pauly

White back ground on stock footage wont go away

May 20113FXhomer43306


May 20113FXhomer93279

What do YOU render your videos as?

May 20113prfctdark

Effective particle smoke trail

May 20113Sean04

Video renders too fast

May 20113prfctdark

Effectslab Pro frames going back and forth

Apr 20113TOTBFilms

Why is black automaticly removed from imported Media?

Apr 20113FXhomer113118

macromedia problem

Apr 20113FXhomer10942

muzzle flash

Apr 20113EJR32123

My effects list is missing.

Apr 20113FXhomer43306

Effects Lab Pro-Costomize effects

Mar 20113AlexanderLucero

Creating a flying insect effect

Feb 20113chrisg68

Final Cut Express Compatibility?


Importing Different Types of Footage

Feb 20113mattfx

Rendering problems


New problem with Importing.

Jan 20113Silvertie

Fxhome free gift

Jan 20113speedproductions101

MuzzlePlug eror.

Jan 20113FXhomer131387

Runtime error

Jan 20113chrisg68

Motion Tracking

Jan 20113futurefilmmaker

String expected Error

Jan 20113Levi09

where are the introductions

Jan 20113alexAVFC96

Move multiple masks at once?

Jan 20113Swaza13

Hide Emitter.

Dec 20103Anise

help with effects lab pro

Dec 20103nintendick

Error When Updating Effectslab

Dec 20103Cartmanpuffs91

Need a little help here

Dec 20103Darkscreamer785

Importing a single still

Nov 20103FXhomer98905

how do i save files on effects lab pro

Nov 20103getjaked

I need to render in 16:9 wide in 1080p

Nov 20103FXhomer98905

MP4 won't open?

Nov 20103Swaza13

Retaining full quality when rendering

Nov 20103FXhomer41269

Something on YouTube that interested me...

Oct 20103CTFPlaya360

downloading extra footage

Oct 20103FXhomer104981

Effect/Particel speed?

Oct 20103Skopernikus

Getting started with animation

Oct 20103FXhomer148487


Sep 20103FXhomer52866

Visible lines around clip art with effects.

Sep 20103StormyKnight

Help with Explosion Effect

Sep 20103FXhomer45405

AlamDV2 plugins help

Aug 20103Swaza13

can I convert lab products

Aug 20103Micah master studios


Aug 20103FXhomer129135


Aug 20103FXhomer98826

Commercial License for Presets/ALamDV2 Plugins?

Aug 20103TristanYoshi

Can I move Elab/Vlab from one pc to another?

Aug 20103XaGe

Problems with Black Edges on Footage and Widescreen Probs

Aug 20103samoac

Inverting Mask?

Aug 20103TristanYoshi

Please Help Me

Jul 20103JustinHayward

No FXpreset tool

Jul 20103FXhomer62672


Jul 20103MDTVProductionz

creating custom particle effects

Jul 20103Eldrazi

opening a vlab file in elab

Jul 20103Videomakeer24

3D composting

Jun 20103FXhomer81151

Having trouble with .mov in Effectslab Pro! Urgent!

Jun 20103Grendal

Help video has lines in it

Jun 20103bosch

why does effectslab make my clips have bad quality

Jun 20103Jimmy Wolak

rendering settings?

Jun 20103FXhomer97149

How do I put text in my movie?

May 20103FXhomer51464

super smooth slo mo

May 20103wjktpro

No Audio! Please Help!

May 20103bosch

Tears effect

May 20103Torrit

Script Read Error

May 2010310291987


Apr 20103IPresents

Combining Two Effects of the Same Kind

Mar 20103Chao2

Extending effects

Mar 20103FXhomer94862

EffectsLab Noob back ahh i fail so badly

Mar 20103FXhomer68639

Adding stock footage to videos?

Mar 20103FXstudios99

A lot of questions

Mar 20103Obispo

Image stream

Mar 20103FXhomer53198


Mar 20103Chaofanatic

detonationfilms help

Mar 20103FXhomer53198

Importing from WMM

Mar 20103leprocorn8

Changing 'Misty Fog' preset

Feb 20103Chris Nelthorpe

Emitter help

Feb 20103Tgdrake

Problem with using rendered footage in Pinnicle Studio :)

Jan 20103DylanSchnitker

Layers and colours

Jan 20103FXhomer89849

I have no presets!

Jan 20103Coconut Monkey Studios

Exporting to imovie from effects lab pro

Jan 20103FXhomer129693

Microsoft Video 1 ?

Jan 20103CTFPlaya360

Relinking Footage Problem

Dec 20093aaffoster

Composite mode changes to Darken when project renders/opens

Dec 20093aaffoster

Added Layers Cause Deterioration of Picture Quality

Nov 20093FXhomerTony

making image streams opaque

Nov 20093Hunterrox

Need updating assistance

Nov 20093BIMO

Import HDV 1920x1080i video

Nov 20093FXhomer2224

I can't add my videos to effects lab pro how do i do it?

Sep 20093BrickBoy222

What I the Difference Between Interlaced and progressive...

Sep 20093Fudge Dog

Previous Effect Showing up in later frames

Sep 20093preston3271

When i save a movie it doesnt save the full original length?

Aug 20093dansss

Star Wars Blaster Guns

Aug 20093chris95

still frame

Aug 20093joe billy


Aug 20093FXhomer116356

How to do a smoke effect...?

Aug 20093TB Inc

Inferno rendering issue

Jul 20093Indypendent Studios

Pencil and Eraser?

Jul 20093FXhomerTony

How to create canvas only 100 x 100 pixels ?

Jul 20093iAndy

Need help w/ a spaceship scene.

Jul 20093FXhomer133192

transfer to dvd

Jul 20093FXhomer103256

mask problems, I'm confused...

Jul 20093Kris Kind

my effects lab shows the catagoryi but wont work

Jun 20093spder15

photo images

Jun 20093FXhomer80026

Video Frozen

Jun 20093TrentonBlack

Switching from PC to Mac - Can I use the same license?

Jun 20093Torrit

Delay or sticking of frame advance or frame back keys.

Jun 20093FXhomerTony

Newb help with adding effects

May 20093Shuttler

how do i make lava?

May 20093FXhomer61116

I would like to know if I can create body parts like

May 20093Reh Dogg

Do the presets come with Sound Fx?

May 20093FXhomer55044

Neon Light Masking

May 20093sir alex

advice on making titles

Apr 20093C92094

Why did keyframing slow down for me?

Mar 20093FXhomer5678

what does "Invalid program key file" mean?

Mar 20093djswallow

i am unable to load or run the expample projects

Mar 20093FXhomer23762

Adding in clips and pics

Feb 20093FXstudios99

flickering image

Jan 20093bford

Glass Break

Jan 20093CoolBeans Studio

Fx Lab Demo (ANSWER)

Jan 20093FXhomer61849

Trouble making muzzle flash stay put on first pass.

Dec 20083mantan

light saber

Dec 20083FXhomer60085

Looping frames

Dec 20083Efxdude132

converting image streams on a mac

Dec 20083DJP444

help with masking

Nov 20083mitchnesbitt

Placing items within the film

Nov 20083FXRICH


Oct 20083djswallow


Oct 20083IPresents

Help with mirroring

Oct 20083Chaofanatic

Realistic Blood Stock Footage

Sep 20083WeirdScience

Force Push effect from The Force Unleashed game

Sep 20083mm2580

A ghost

Sep 20083John99

clear cache

Sep 20083calvinljames

Can't figure out how to move a particle effect. [ANSWER]

Sep 20083FXhomer34039

Help with greenscreen and layers

Sep 20083FXhomer57093

shaky camera movement

Jul 20083Z films


Jul 20083JasonX1024

Library of sprites? (Bullet hits, etc.)

Jul 20083FXhomer15295

close shape

Jul 20083barnito99

Any Way of an AutoSave?

Jul 20083Springerdude11


Jul 20083Airius

object attributes help

Jun 20083jediknightben

shortening/expanding FX

Jun 20083The FE

Exploding Building

Jun 20083SlikProductions

Ricochet effect

Jun 200832001Graduate

How do you animate key frames smoothly?

Jun 20083ChampMM JRMMA

no color when drawing freehand

Jun 20083The FE

light saber burn effect

Jun 20083JediMaster567

mass copying/merging masks?

Jun 20083fertesz


Jun 20083JediMaster567

I now have a mac instead of a PC [ANSWER]

Jun 20083giyanks22

Removing Frames

May 20083Movie

Neon light color

May 20083Drumsofdoom5943

rendering current frame?

May 20083Qbeck

the effect wear lightsabers or lightswords turn on or off

May 20083JediMaster567

Particle origin problems

May 20083Drumsofdoom5943

Chezy Lightsabers HELP!

Apr 20083Darth Fughog

How do you use Day to Night with Effects Lab

Mar 20083dangerzone15

Ghost Glow

Mar 20083ther2kglitch

2 Lightsaber in One Clip and Many Frames...HELP PLZ!

Mar 20083FXhomer44438

how to do a head pop off effect

Mar 20083LeekoTV

Increasing Performance/Eliminating Lag?

Mar 20083NeverWake

Is there a way to make "add" in the particle effec

Feb 20083exPLODEsion

Battle Scene

Feb 20083FXhomer17851

Covenant power help

Feb 20083darthmaul21

Mask length, removing [ANSWER]

Feb 20083take12tom

how 2change seasons from summer to winter in like 3 seconds

Feb 20083LeekoTV

cut off limbs tutorial?

Feb 20083FXhomer48773

cloning help!

Feb 20083FXhomer48773

Where do I get Lightsabers Sound Effects? [ANSWER]

Feb 20083mirrormoonfilms

Change speed of "short gunsmoke" in particles? [AN

Feb 20083bartman

Rarely Seen Lightsaber effect [ANSWER]

Jan 20083DJP444

Bullet hit

Jan 20083White Eagle Entertainment

Windows to Mac [ANSWER]

Jan 20083White Eagle Entertainment

Laying down smoke fx to simulate smokey bar. [ANSWER]

Jan 20083take12tom

Only adds default muzzle flash [ANSWER]

Jan 20083FXhomer28877

Creating censoring effect, with masking and grading [ANSWER]

Dec 20073FXhomer36397

How can I move an effect? [ANSWER]

Dec 20073FXhomer28363

Masking Help! [ANSWER]

Dec 20073FXhomer85

Will there be any gruesome effects added? [ANSWER]

Nov 20073Reh Dogg

Muzzle animation help [ANSWER]

Nov 20073FXhomer14945

copy keyframes to another project? [ANSWER]

Nov 20073shidiac

Animating sith seeker droid [ANSWER]

Oct 20073TK421

Creating an Image Stream [ANSWER]

Oct 20073Paulcan38

Transfering program to Mac Pro [ANSWER]

Oct 20073FXhomer26871

Problems applying pixel effect [ANSWER]

Oct 20073TK421

Particle color help [ANSWER]

Oct 20073Bucees

I have many questions, moving effects on footage,increasing

Sep 20073Reh Dogg

I need help creating blood for a gunshot.

Sep 20073FXhomer21652

Creating a flame [ANSWER]

Sep 20073DarkDream

Flying On Effectslab Lite Help! [ANSWER]

Aug 20073Rpareyon

Discount for a Homeschooled High School student? [ANSWER]

Aug 20073Madrond101

problems with muzzle flashes [ANSWER]

Jul 20073FXhomer22258

is there a glass reflection setting? [ANSWER]

Jul 20073nevill

Effects with moving camera [ANSWER]

Jul 20073FXhomer10569

Trouble Installing FX Presets & Explosion Tutorials [ANS

Jul 20073teamtigerawesome

Moods and colors... how do they work?! [ANSWER]

Jul 20073L3Wi5

Effects Help [ANSWER]

Jul 20073FXhomer19059

Effects with a moving camera... [ANSWER]

Jul 20073zjsisgreat

how do you render out fx only[ANSWER]

Jun 20073davlin

Comet Effects...

Jun 20073Motoman

lightsaber sounds

Jun 20073FXhomer25395

how do i make a flying effect?

May 20073whelshizer

how to make a meteor with tight trails

May 20073BrnDmgInc

cutting off body parts

May 20073battlecam182

Fixing dark footage

May 20073Josh3B

Presets Moving Too Fast?

May 20073Robert K

questions about creating fx (using the engines)

May 20073A Man

Help with applying second layer of lightsabers onto first?

Apr 20073Elliptical Productions

Manipulating Magical Arrow Preset [ANSWERED]

Apr 20073Greybro

Composite mode help.

Apr 20073Merrick

Meteors coming from above the camera?

Apr 20073mercianfilm

Slow to fast tweening?

Apr 20073King K

Moving effects

Mar 20073The Editing Room

Can I purchase EffectsLab from the USA [ANSWER]

Mar 20073FXhomer34171

How do I select effects?

Mar 20073FXhomer28877

Blade Ashing

Feb 20073Invisibleman88

How do I move the optics around the canvas? [ANSWER]

Feb 20073Whitelion

Clone Troopers

Feb 20073FXhomer34433

adding layers

Feb 20073JJStudios

Gleam effect [ANSWER]

Feb 20073Ianb93


Feb 20073Mr asger

how can i create a nuclear explosion effect?

Jan 20073FXhomer57979

Can you rotate a particle emitter? [ANSWER]

Jan 20073petet2

Groundexplosion 7 v2

Dec 20063Mr asger

I need a "twinkle" effect [ANSWER]

Dec 20063AKEyBabe

How do I render my whole movie, not just a section [ANSWER]

Oct 20063Kinsinger1

About Preset Bullt Tracer ROF Settings [ANSWER]

Aug 20063Greybro

Stab Hole with a lightsaber [ANSWER]

Jul 20063FXhomer2091

How do I make a Mask so it's only in ONE frame? [ANSWER]

Jul 20063Brinks

Setting Muzzle Flash position [ANSWER]

Jun 20063Giulez111

Some tips on weather presets! [TIP]

Dec 20053SlothPaladin

How do I create rain? [ANSWER]

Oct 20053robertov

DSLR and 7D export help

Apr 20122Angrygirlproductions

Need help!

Mar 20122FXhomer109382

effects lab pro

Feb 20122Jaa

File Import Problem

Jan 20122BST1Productions

Keep FXhome ALIVE

Jan 20122SillanStudios

Achieving a Brocken Spectre Effect

Dec 20112FXhomer86054

Can EffectsLab do any green screen composoting?

Oct 20112xzarbonx

String <void> message, lost a ton of work?

Oct 20112MichaelOmegatron

Applying Plugins

Sep 20112mark411

What do masks do?

Jun 20112NickMorrison88

How to save a movie to a disc

May 20112NickMorrison88

New to FX: Transitions and text

May 20112FXhomer113832

Editing Effects

May 20112johnnyrico

particle engine help

May 20112EJR32123

When Exporting Movie only a couple second clip is exported

May 20112FXhomer101299


Apr 20112MDTVProductionz

Get lost smoke monster

Apr 20112EJR32123

Neon shapes issues

Apr 20112FXhomer91723

Zooming in

Apr 20112AlexanderLucero

how can u render pictures after you add a special effect?

Apr 20112Angrygirlproductions

Failure to initiate quicktime media layer error HELP

Apr 20112Robo Reiko

Directors player error

Apr 20112Robo Reiko

Moved: keyframing attributes (previously 'presets')

Apr 20112lsander

My Video Dosn't play!

Mar 20112FXhomer75198

Problems Making your Temp folder?

Mar 20112wesheart

electricity on effects lab

Mar 20112Scarecrow

Changing the framerate when importing

Feb 20112The FE

rendering in widescreen

Feb 20112speedproductions101

After importing a video, I try to play it but it is black.

Dec 20102Silverwing


Dec 20102bmccauleyb

JPG use as Partikel?

Dec 20102Skopernikus

effectlab tracking

Nov 20102FXhomer129135

Repositioning window?

Nov 20102digitalsea33

could use some help w/ masking

Nov 20102A Man


Nov 20102FXhomer116879

Effectslab Pro Problems

Oct 20102ComediTv37

HD Video Help

Oct 20102Swaza13

Effectslab Lite installation

Sep 20102hippa03

Old/New EffectsLabLite

Sep 20102Tay

Superman superspeed trail?

Sep 20102FXhomer126441

Masking in EffectsLab

Sep 20102ronnieward1973

Green Screen in Effectslab Pro?

Sep 20102Home video films

size topic

Sep 20102FXhomer129135

Ser# Help

Aug 20102WKR Publishing

how to get effectlab projects into windows movie maker

Aug 20102FXhomer52866

Making Alam plugin move around

Aug 20102FXhomer88711

Comersial Licence

Jul 20102TristanYoshi

Presets seem faded in day light?!

Jul 20102WBarnett

Creating a ship's wake

Jun 20102csacuff

Problems with the fxpresets

Jun 20102FXhomer173875

3 questions...render, moving to new commputer and a program

Jun 20102SimianCro

Render uncompressed problems?

Jun 20102FXhomer97149

how to render Video in HD?

Jun 20102FXhomer97149

freezing while rendering, help!

Jun 20102FXhomer12238

video starts to lag when i put the effect. help!

Jun 20102FXhomer150927

Audio doesn't match with picture when rendered

Jun 20102FXhomer118343

I downloaded the software (demo) and it won't work...


Ergent HELP !

May 20102IPresents

Some basic questions...

May 20102FXhomer38358

Stock Footage gore

May 20102WBarnett

Problem with stretching time line on neon glow

Apr 20102Torrit

Only renders first frame?

Apr 20102KoBaCaaTT

are fxhome presents free?

Apr 20102Macon Magic Productions

Tilt shift with effects lab pro

Apr 20102greyhound

Installing New Mask Shapes

Apr 20102Chao2

placing and moving effects!

Mar 20102Darkwatch321

Earthquake or Shakey

Mar 20102FXhomer007

Is there a way to put two products together?

Mar 20102helenb_cs

Effects Lab & Final Cut Pro

Mar 20102antwin89

Please Help!

Feb 20102CoolBeans Studio

can't import any media

Feb 20102adrian.ahlquist

Noob help with fireball

Feb 20102jonnybravo

How can I fix an effect

Feb 20102Cavolfiore

can't uninstall from my imac

Jan 20102julesarts

HELP ! Windows Movie maker crashes ?

Jan 20102IPresents

Read, Need Help Quick. News Report

Jan 20102IPresents

how to make effetcs

Jan 20102CyberHysteria

Action Essentials 2

Jan 20102smoores

strange error message

Jan 20102lman694

I can't activate!

Dec 20092FXhomer101554

can someone explain to me how to add effects to FXhome Effec

Dec 20092zburas985

Blood Footage

Dec 20092gamesmaster369


Dec 20092lman694

Importing problems

Dec 20092FXhomer90800

My presets have disappeared

Dec 20092BIMO

Muzzle flashes missing

Nov 20092Barlights

Fire in EffectsLab

Nov 20092ajburr

Interlacing lines in my muzzle flashes

Oct 20092FXhomer105058

sin sonido

Oct 20092FXhomer7829

Advanced projection effect?

Oct 20092FXhomer46539

Creating basic shapes

Sep 20092FXhomer73950

1080i vs 1080p footage

Sep 20092CTFPlaya360

How to add two 4-point neon glows

Aug 20092FXhomer98720

iMovie09 list of proceedures to do first/when/where?

Aug 20092EclipseNow


Aug 20092FXhomer91556

The Origin?

Aug 20092FXhomer62269

Freehand Tool

Jul 20092AJHPants

Double layer laser?

Jul 20092DX6channel

How do I change the file format?

Jul 20092TinMan1

My Imported Video will not move when i goto next frame

Jul 20092Cartmanpuffs91

Main Concept Watermark

Jul 20092Warhawkwv

Render Quality with Final Cut

Jun 20092filmfun14

Some muzzle flashes are semi-transparent...

Jun 20092FXhomer74070

how do i make an explosion?

May 20092FXhomer61116

New Computer

May 20092FXhomer55044


May 20092CharliDee

Will EffectsLab work with my computer?

Mar 20092heywoodfloyd

What is render cache For

Mar 20092nuthing2luse

Creating textures

Mar 20092CoolBeans Studio

Optics attributes are non-keyframeable - why?

Feb 20092FXhomer66677

Fallout 3 VATS effect?

Feb 20092WheresmyPBProductions

Eyes of fire... If I get it the wife will "approve

Feb 20092icemanrulz

Moving a Grade object

Jan 20092nuthing2luse

Building Explosions

Jan 20092CoolBeans Studio

Lightsaber clashes

Jan 20092Cyan

Back Flashes for lighsabers

Jan 20092FXhomer61849

Black Smoke

Jan 20092mm2580

Need help with making a realistic building explosion

Jan 20092MetroCityMayor

creating super speed

Dec 20082FXhomer60085

Cinematic Grade

Dec 20082Filmaker92

movie clips as textures

Dec 20082Darth Stazz the Powerful

making a PNG picture additive?

Dec 20082SuperSonic67

25 layers too many?

Dec 20082Filmguy2008

Do all effects work with moving or still video?

Nov 20082FXhomer52636

Creating yourself

Oct 20082Sam Green

How do you save a preset?

Oct 20082boavampire

How do you create ALAMDV2 plugins? [ANSWER]

Oct 20082boavampire

Blood Still Image

Sep 20082Dorl

Reintalling fxhome on a new pc permitted?

Sep 20082FXhomer36313

how do i make a super speed effect is that on composite lab?

Sep 20082FXhomer30201

Lightsword Help!

Aug 20082Springerdude11


Aug 20082calvinljames

effects don't move

Aug 20082FXhomer92332

I can't figure out how to change the emitter point

Aug 20082FXhomer47453

muzzle-blast help

Aug 20082Skulltear

How many computers can you put this on

Jul 20082owenjs9

Particle speed

Jun 20082nw316

Energy Ball

Jun 20082jediexluke

Timeline and workspace

Jun 20082nw316

Animating Garbage Mattes

Jun 20082nw316

A Problem with Particle Effect

May 20082Bit Image Not Avaiable

Bourne Ultimatum title

May 20082PLANB

Fire swords

May 20082Drumsofdoom5943

24 logo-change text

Apr 20082FXhomer56041

stationary lightsaber hilt and tip curve [ANSWER]

Apr 20082Filmguy2008

Triming effect length [ANSWER]

Apr 20082austinfd

Turning mask off [ANSWER]

Apr 20082austinfd

Ejected Shells Casings

Apr 20082Krazy Killer Biker

Effects from detonationfilms(dot)com

Apr 20082tgj311

Demo restrictions [ANSWER]

Mar 20082austinfd

Keeping a particle still [ANSWER]

Mar 20082FlamingMonkeysProductions

sound effects pre-added?

Mar 20082x0220

Effects Lab on TWO computers? [ANSWER]

Feb 20082Filmguy2008

Render process vs. the iMac [ANSWER]

Feb 20082Filmguy2008

Can't find saved project

Feb 20082Filmguy2008

Missing buttons in new version [ANSWER]

Feb 20082Filmguy2008

How do I change the language? [ANSWER]

Feb 20082Effects master

Positioning Muzzle Flashes [ANSWER]

Jan 20082FXhomer48316

Deleting frames [ANSWER]

Jan 20082JKG

Masking in version 1.5 [ANSWER]

Jan 20082Joecool1081

rag doll

Jan 20082gliderguider

Day For Night filter? [ANSWER]

Jan 20082hynesa02

Positioning particle effects [ANSWER]

Dec 20072FXhomer36248

How do you add a preset? [ANSWER]

Dec 20072Poseidon1231

Can you animate presets in EffectsLab? [ANSWER]

Dec 20072Niall Horn

Particle help [ANSWER]

Nov 20072Rocinante

Can blood effects be done with effects?[ANSWER]

Nov 20072reckless productions

Talking animals [ANSWER]

Nov 20072gcjennings

Glowing Effect [ANSWER]

Oct 20072Frosty G

X & Y axis not showing..?

Oct 20072mikeb8

I Need a DV2 Plugin for a flamethrower

Aug 20072Movie maker 2

Lightsaber help! [ANSWER]

Aug 20072FXhomer26294

invisibility effect [ANSWER]

Aug 20072limerick

Help, using my downloaded presets [ANSWER]

Aug 20072RyanMichael

Help with slomotion [ANSWER]

Aug 20072movie maker

what's the point of grid and TV [ANSWER]

Jul 20072JJStudios

power for dark side

Jul 20072FXhomer15120

Video is moving where keyframes aren't

Jul 20072Jabooza

making preset play in reverse

Jun 20072alphaman757

Flaming Meteor in Homepage [ANSWER]

Jun 20072Lattestone671

Help with lazers

May 20072FilmClub

How to change the frame rate?

Mar 20072JoeHart42

Can you? or how do you? remove objects or shadows

Mar 20072M60 Gunner

Fireball particle lifetime length probs

Mar 20072Underdog Productions

Fire Stock Footage: Fire special effect in video

Feb 20072FXhomer12192

Warp Effect

Feb 20072LP2D

TIP: How to sync muzzle flashes with existing soundtrack

Jan 20072petet2

How do I add sounds to me lightsabers? [ANSWER]

Dec 20062FXhomer15696

Muzzle Randomizer [ANSWER]

Oct 20062Black Ink Productions

How do I export just one frame as an image? [ANSWER]

Jul 20062FXhomer2091

Cloning in elab [ANSWER]

Jun 20062Gman 007

Day to night preset... How to make them work? [ANSWER]

Jun 20062Ushammalamiumiumu

missing presets in any catergory!

Mar 20121FXhomer137821

Force Lightning

Dec 20111manyymedia

An update to my post in thread below.

Sep 20111Anise

EffectsLab and Mac OS X Lion

Aug 20111Axeman

Disappearing Presets

Jul 20111FXhomer132239

moving objects and red hot metal effect

Jul 20111sonofagun97

stock footage

Jul 20111EJR32123

Competition idea? Presets competition

Aug 20101Mad Mike

Doctor Who Time Tunnel

Aug 20101MDTVProductionz


Jun 20101FXhomer98811

Presets won't import

Apr 20101Jam Pot Studios

Urgent: Please Help!

Apr 20101FXhomer12238

SUPPORT: Frequently Asked Support Questions

Dec 20091Axeman

Smallville Meteor

Mar 20081Filmguy2008

Not getting expected results with a mask [ANSWER]

Feb 20081bartman

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